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tv   Today  NBC  May 11, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hey, everybody, welcome to wineay wednesday. >> love that day. >> hoda's favorite day, may 11, and that is "wild heart" by the vamp. >> we have a great show today. >> one of them is standing in the kitchen. >> i love this show. we talk about it all the time. from "veep, anna klum ski is here to talk about the new season. she looks bored. >> no, i was reading along! >> that's the first rule of television, you don't read along. >> i was just --
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[ laughter ] it's too early for me. >> she's expected her second child and she's a little sleep deprived. >> then country star cole swindle's emotional tribute to his father. the song is called "you should be here." it's gotten support from so many fans. >> i hope we get through that one. and lilliana is here with the download and the app that claims to be able to decrease your wrinkles. we'll test it out. >> what? >> yeah. >> would you like words of wisd wisdom? >> it's time. >> music. >> anna, anna, please. here we go. >> it's the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting. it is the possibility of having a dream come true that makes life interesting. that's from "the alchemist" that book by paulo coelho. [ laughter ] how do you pronounce that? >> coelho.
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>> how did you know that? >> because i speak portuguese. >> what else do you do? >> she's going to be correcting us throughout the show. >> don't you love his books? have you read them? >> lovely. >> you haven't read them. >> i have! >> allegedly. >> we're going to talk sharon osbourne. >> i don't know what's going on in their lives but she does look great. >> we heard she and her husband had split up. on her program "the talk" they discussed it. she and ozzy have been married for 33 years. she walked out holding cheryl's hand and carrying a glass of dem aid in which is significant, so please take note of that. we think -- sum aome are assumi- that it may be in reference to beyonce's album which is about infidelity. >> and she kept saying "i'm drinking lemonade, look at me drinking lemonade." anyway, she said she's doing
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well and appreciates everyone's concern and she confirmed she and ozzy had broken up. >> separated. >> she said first she kicked him out then she said she left the house. >> let's look at what she exactly said. >> okay. >> i honestly at this point today have no idea what i'm going to be doing with the rest of my life. i don't know where i'm going, who i'm going with and i just need time to think. >> just like every relationship i feel like you and ozzy have gone up and down like all of douse in our relationships but why do you feel like it's so different this time? >> because i'm 63 years of age and i can't keep living like this. [ applause ] >> is there a chance your marriage to ozzie won't end? is there a chance the two of you will stay married? >> i honestly don't know. at this point i cannot answer
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that because i don't know what i wan want. >> you can't make a decision until you know what you want. >> she has a good support system with the group there. >> yeah. i want some lemonade. [laughter] >> well, we have a wine bot. >> we have a wine bot today and it's not because hoda and i disagree on this subject but you want to set this one up? >> here's the deal. a few weeks ago justin bieber canceled one of his fan meet and greets and he said meet and greets made him feel drained because he said he gets filled with so many people's spiritual energy. anyway, yesterday -- actually, this morning i saw him on instagram. he says he doesn't want to take pictures with fans so he posted this announcement. he wrote "i'm done taking pictures. it has got on the the point that people won't even say hi to me or recognize me as a human. i feel like i am a zoo animal and i want to keep my sanity." he goes on to say he doesn't owe anybody a picture and he says --
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this is important, too -- when people say "but i bought your album" he says "it doesn't say in the fine print you also get a photo." he says he's setting boundaries. so we want to know what you think. is justin right which would be #yesjustin or justin wrong which is #nojustin. >> you know what's interesting? anna, as you were talking about it, was nodding. >> i need to duck. >> i'm watching you. i'm watching you. so you think what? >> i think that everyone's entitled to their privacy and that in kindergarten we were taught not to talk to strangers so, yeah, i i this good on him for setting his boundaries. i think it's fine. >> see i disagree. >> you two should have the wine bot. okay, if you are team anna, anna is with justin. you're red wine. i think it's okay at times to
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set boundaries with -- certain people get very aggressive, especially if you're around your children, or having a romantic meal with your husband or something like that. we're losing civility anyway. i get it a little bit but the tone he had is dismissive, i think. >> i think the tone is weird and i also think, too, it takes courage to walk up to someone and if you've ever -- you've been there a million times, someone walks up in the airport and they say "my gosh, do you mind if i take a picture?" it takes a lot of courage. i know there are bad apples. >> 99% of the people are lovely. >> so i say take the picture. >> anna? [ laughter ] >> so what is winning over there? >> right now it's -- wait, which one is -- >> red is he's got the right to say go away. and no means just take a picture with the poor kid. that's what i say. >> you know what i've done on occasion? if we're at a family event and
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we were with the kids and people come up right in the middle of a meal i'd say "listen, please, if you don't mind we're having a special time together as a fami family. i'll be happy to take it with you afterwards." but that takes as long as it would have been with the picture. if you take the picture, everybody else in the restaurant has seen you're amen to believe that and the next thing you know you're leaving the restaurant because you can't have private happy time with your family. >> oh. >> you see? >> no, i didn't think about that. >> because you don't think things through. >> i don't get that. i don't know what that means. >> you get stopped a lot. most people are wonderful. >> do they want to quote "veep"? >> most people are very lovely and when it's like a genuine "i love your work" that's a lovely thing to hear and it's an exchange and that's terrific. when it's waiting for you outside of work it's like you wouldn't do that for a real estate agent so why do you do that for an actor. >> you are getting more interesting by the day. [ laughter ]
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we're going to think on that. looks like most people are agreeing with justin. >> really? all righty, then. >> okay hump day hunks. we'll give you a triple threat right now. >> these guys are adorable. the hemsworths. >> did you know they're >> hemsorth. did you know they're a three pack. >> chris, liam and the other one. there's a littler one that's cute, too. >> his name is luke. he is the oldest. he is 35, he looks like a baby. >> he appeared in over a dozen, lots of movies. >> married with four kids. >> very cute. >> meghan trainor update. remember how they photo shopped her and made her too skinny, she yanked the video. the new video is out with her regular waist. which she looks hot. >> she looked like jessica
10:09 am
rabbit before. >> do not photo shop her. leave her alone. >> good for her. she has a song called "mom" and she plays some of her mom's voice mails on the songs. her mom is on the track, her mom is on the billboard charts. featuring? she's being featured. >> she's trending. >> can i show you this? i went to an event to help the kids and pediatric issues. i got some photos. but they made these beautiful, cute -- i wore that dress again. don't say it. >> i told you that's one of your best dresses. >> they did this. they made beautiful things. photo of a bunch of ladies honored holding that. thank you to the ladies you see in that picture and to everybody there that did a great job. >> we have to go, don't we? >> no.
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>> we have to do this first. you remember our sal from "today" show the musical. we love our sal. a short film he starred in, just won nie con european short film festival. we are so excited. it is titled not a pizza order. it takes on domestic abuse. you're the only one in the movie, you're the star of the movie. >> it is that short, they didn't have budget to fly me. >> you're the only one in the movie? >> yeah. >> it is very good. can people download it? >> go to youtube, not a pizza order. you'll find it there. >> you're a serious actor. thank you. >> thank you, honey. congratulations. if you happen to be in new york, 92nd street having an event. laura bush and jenna will be
10:11 am
there, i will moderate a conversation with them tonight at 7:30. >> hardest working woman in show business. all right. tomorrow we have a wedding. big day. the couple that met on the plaza a few years ago, looking in the window at our show, that's where they met waving. now they're getting married on our show tomorrow. >> exciting. >> does everybody understand they met on the show, now they're getting married on the show? >> yes. >> i guess so. are we ready to do this? >> dishes on the new season and bigger event coming up in her life after this. would you take a picture with me? >> no.
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chlumsky. >> chlumsky! >> coelho. >> yo. >> but there's an h behind it then it's yo. >> for the past five years she's played amy brookhaimer, the on again off again chief of staff to amy myers on the hit hbo comedy "veep." >> amy's relationship with dan -- he's the director of communications -- takes an interesting turn when she finds out he spent the night with her sister. what a jerk. >> take a listen. >> late night? >> somebody told you? >> what? no. gross! >> you didn't tell me she worked for cbs. >> oh. this is too good. she doesn't work for cbs, she works for cvs.
10:16 am
brand cough syrup. don't worry, she looks really cute in a blue vest. >> oh! he was with us the other day. he's such a sweetheart. >> a new dad. >> the opposite of what he plays. >> well, we're actors. >> did i say that right? >> it wasn't someone's last name so it's perfect. >> how much fun is shooting this show? >> it's so much fun. it's not without its challenges because we have long sessions of figuring out what's funniest and julia likes to say we take our comedy very seriously. but it's a joy, this cast and everyone's always game and we're really, really enjoying it. >> are you friends off camera? do you -- >> yeah! >> do you hang with julia and get your nails and stuff done? >> i've run into julia at the nail salon before. [ laughter ] but listen, it's good -- we're
10:17 am
great colleagues, i think. we'll text and check in with one another. ken simons gave me so much advice about my first baby and things like that. >> and now you're having your second. >> yeah! >> you figured out how to do it. >> oh, dear. >> good girl, anna. >> when did you finish shooting that season? was the pregnancy an issue while you were shooting? >> it was an issue just for the last few weeks, i guess. wardrobe and camera were supportive. >> they're geniuses at that. >> and you have a daughter right now? does she know -- what does she think about what's upcoming with the new baby? >> she's excited. i'll take it, i'm sure it won't last all the time. >> you know how to make it last, i can give you advice. >> please, please. >> my mom -- we knew we were having another baby and -- my sister and she used to say "our baby's coming. pretty soon our baby will be here. you want to help mommy clean the baby? wash the baby?" and you get so involved, it's
10:18 am
our baby. that really, really works. >> yeah, i need to do that. i've been saying "the baby." >> no! our. our baby is coming. >> should we play a little veep or creep. you have to decide. john calhoun. >> that's a veep. >> yes. the seventh vice president of the united states. calvin candy. >> i'm going to say veep. >> creep! he's the character in "django unchanged." >> and i didn't remember. i love that movie. >> bill cutting. >> i'm going to say veep again. >> creep. daniel day lewis in "gangs of new york." >> she was such a creep! >> charles fairbanks. >> creep. >> veep! he was the 26th vice president of the united states of america. >> but he might have been a creep. >> he seems like he would be. william king. >> that's a creep. >> that's a veep, baby!
10:19 am
[ laughter ] >> why is this so hard. >> she knows portuguese history, not american. coelho. >> frank booth. >> that is a creep. >> yes, it is. dennis hopper's character in "blue velvet." >> finally, elbridge jerry. >> who? >> elbridge. >> veep. >> yes he is. >> at least you ended well. >> yay! >> "veep" airs sunday on hbo. >> great to see you, honey. have a healthy, happy baby. >> thank you! and thank you for tolerating me. >> we love you to come. could an app help you get rid of wrinkles? lilliana shows you the fountain of youth at your fingertips right after this. oh, please. >> all righty! thank you!
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latches onto youry finger so hard, it's like she's saying i love you. that's why aveeno's oat formula is designed for your baby's sensitive skin. aveeno®. naturally beautiful babies. time for the download with our girl today, tribtor lilliana vazquez. >> she's here to bring you a hot
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beauty app you know about. >> what is it? >> we know there are a few anti-aging apps out there. but there's an app called facial massage that claims you can boost collagen and reduce wrinkles. >> it's an app? >> it's called facial massage. so you map your face so it gives you almost a turn by turn instruction on how to massage areas of your face. so you center the points right on your forehead, on your nose and then right on your chin then you hit next. then we are going to go to different massages, they have anti-aging, eye massages and facelift massages. look how cool this is. tells you how to remove your makeup. you only want to use your ring finger when you massage the delicate area around your eyes. then we hit start. can i have one of you hold this? point that camera at me, then i line up my eyes and the lady here in the corner is telling me exactly what to do -- >> where to rub! >> and where to rub. so alternate between the corners
10:24 am
and inner corners. it's five minutes a day, just stabbing and then you start to do this. do you want to try it with me? >> yes! >> can you hold this for us? >> you hold it and point it at hoda. >> this is never going to work. >> it is. see, look how cute you are. then follow the lady in the lower corner. so just five minutes a day, you can do morning or night -- look, you're using the wrong finger. there we go. see and it gives you fun tips. it tells you to drink more water, use your sunscreen. >> so just because it knows the points on your face, that's how it nose? >> it's like gps massage for your face. >> so it's stimulating collagen. >> the more blood flow you have in your face, the more rejuvenated it looks and that's what dermatologists claim help you look younger. >> let's check in with our wine bot shall we? the question is is it okay for justin beieber to stop taking photos with fans? red is winning. he's got the right to say no.
10:25 am
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10:27 am
and nbc bay area as well. a sinkhole that opened yesterday on san francisco's mission street continues to cause disruptions. a short time ago one lane in either direction did open. we'll have the latest on as well. we'll have weather and traffic after the break.
10:28 am
skies will clear very quickly today and warming temperatures, especially in the south bay. look at the high if in san jose.
10:29 am
up to 81 degrees. 78 degrees in palo alto. we could be hitting upper 70s for some inland areas like fairfield, up to 87. brentwood, 85. livermore expecting a high of 83. the onshore flow returns in time for the weekend bringing our temperature back down to average for this time of year. what's happening on the roadways now, mike? >> we're looking toward fremont where southbound 880 working better. hazy. it's not due to the haze, just the traffic dunbar ton bridge. the rest of the south bay, in fact, the rest of the bay looks great. we had an earlier fender-bender which has cleared. not a major concern. san mateo moves better and hills have cleared to around el camino. join us at 11:00 for our next newscast.
10:30 am
we'll see you then. [ cheers and applause ] it's a big winesday wednesday. we're about ready to play our weekly trivia game called request whot knew. requests since high school and college seniors are puttsing on caps and gowns, we wanted to test your knowledge on graduations and pop culture. kathie lee is across the street with the nbc studios at 30 rock with $100 to anyone who gets the question right and those who don't, hey, they get a wonderful signed cd. here we me in studio, editor-in-chief of, our friend jack rico. > how are you? >> do you remember who spoke at your college graduation? >> no. >> see, that's the weird thing, nobody remembers. >> i know! >> let's test our people.
10:31 am
>> they'll republicmember you i orleans, hoda woman. yes they are. >> you're from minnesota, right? >> minnesota, right. >> you even be cla. >> a 1980 film won the title track for best original song." was it "my bodyguard," "stand and deliver "or "fame"? >> c, fame. >> you're a good friend. [ cheers and applause ] >> the answer is "fame." >> the creator of "fame" is my next door neighbor, believe it or not. so he told me the original title of the film was called "hot lunch" but they couldn't use it so he decided to title it after a song in the sound track called "fame." a classic was born. >> brilliant. kath, over to you. >> young lady from santa cruz, california. this speak ears 2005 commencement speech has over 24 million views on youtube. is it stephen colbert, steve jobs or oprah winfrey? >> a, stephen colbert. [ buzzer sounding ]
10:32 am
>> no. do you have any children? >> no, i don't. >> well, you'll love it, too. [ cheers and applause ] >> the correct answer is steve jobs. that speech has been quoted a thousand times. >> stay hungry, stay foolish is probably the iconic quote out of that speech and what's special is that it gives people the courage to pursue what they love and i think, you know, when you kind of think about, that it's inspirational. "time" magazine named it the second best commencement speech over president kennedy and winston churchill. >> that right? >> that's true. >> and after he passed more people downloaded it. kath, over to you. >> from orlando, finish the lyric to one of "rolling stone" magazine's best graduation songs of the last 20 years. here it is. ♪ something unpredictable but in the end is right -- ♪ >>. ♪ i hope you had the time of your life ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >> oh, that is a -- what a great sthoong is. >> the name of the song is
10:33 am
called "good riddance" by a punk rock band called green day. this was their first attempt at doing a bald. talk about beginners luck. it was used in the "seinfeld" 1998 farewell broadcast. >> that's where i remember hearing that song. >> katt, to you! nice lady from texas. which beverly hills 90210 character almost didn't graduate after showing up to the prom drunk? was it brandon walsh, kelly taylor or donna martin. >> donna martin. >> good girl! [ cheers and applause ] >> she knows her "beverly hills 90210." >> tori spelling who played donna martin. this was a social statement episode they were well known for back in the '90s and the message was clear to exhort teenagers not to drink alcohol but when you look at the ten seasons of "beverly hills 9021" it was one of the more memorable seasons. >> jack, thank you for coming. kath is going to come back. we have a very special story
10:34 am
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there's a beautiful saying, nurses may not be angels but they are the next best thing and with almost four million nurses across the united states, you can often find them by a parents' side, even for the smallest ailment. >> but they also provide comfort and compassion for the patients' families and as we celebrate nurse appreciation week we found two nurses who have made many impressions on families. >> tracy and ann marie are long time neonatal intensive care units from philadelphia children's hospital, chop. hi, ladies. >> did you know we were here to appreciate you? >> yes, it's very nice. >> you guys are around babies and families all the time. what do you think the biggest challenge is for you as nurses? >> i think really
10:39 am
individualizing the care for each and every baby and family. >> they all have a different story, don't they? >> they do. >> and a little piece of your heart must go into every single child and family, is that right? >> absolutely, yes. >> you guys made such an impression on so many families, but you made a particular impression on one family we recently met ten years ago. you guys cared for their son chad catfull at nicu. they were so touched by your love, your kindness and care they have never, ever forgotten you and they thank you for your their miracle baby. let's take a look at that. before chad was even born his parents kelly and make learned that he suffered the a rare condition. >> in chad's case, his organs were in his chest cavity. he was missing his right lung. >> with only a 10% chance of survival, chad was brought immediately after he was born to the neonatal intensive care unit at the children's hospital of philadelphia. >> the hours turned into days.
10:40 am
in chad's case it turned into months. for almost a year. we were there for 318 days. >> a painful experience made more bearable by the incredible nurses who took care of both patients and families. >> they were our friends at the time when we didn't have time for friends. >> he was so sicked and hooked up to so many machines and tubes and wires. chad was 34 days old before i could hold him and when i did hold him it took a doctor and two nurses to place him in my arms. it was amazing. it was amazing. even thinking about it now. >> thankfully, chad made a remarkable recovery and today is an energetic 10-year-old, a tribute to the tireless efforts of those who cared for him. >> how do i express the gratitude i feel for them? >> they taught us an awful lot and that's why we were so successful with chad at home because of the education and the teaching and the patience, the patience of showing us and telling us and talking to us
10:41 am
every single day to make sure that we understood what we needed to do for chad. >> you guys remember chad? >> absolutely! oh, my goodness. >> they call him the president of the nicu or something like that? >> is that one of the longer stays you've ever had with a child? almost a year. >> it is one of the longest. >> it has been a long time but kelly, mike, and ten-year-old chad are here. >> oh, many i goodness. >> and i have a feeling they would like to say thank you. >> oh! >> hi! thank you, you guys! >> oh, my goodness. >> hi! how are you doing, sweetie? >> thing! >> right here, honey. right by the nurses. >> you don't remember them. >> how could you? >> you were an itty-bitty thing.
10:42 am
>> look at him. >> what is it like seeing him? >> oh, great. >> how are you feeling, buddy? everything's good? >> yeah. >> your little guy is okay? >> he's hanging in there. everyday he's hanging in there. >> it's so nice to be able to say thank you to wonderful nurses like you guys so thanks for coming to see us and thanks, chad, for coming, too. we love you. >> yeah. [ laughter ] congrats. >> are we going to read this, hoda? >> we're very grate for the wonderful service and support the nurses have provided by at the children's hospital of philly to provide the different families. as a small gesture, the people at shake shack and chick-fil-a have agreed to furnish lunch for you and several hundred of your nursing colleagues at chop. i know there are a lot of nurses there. >> over 500. >> they want to give you a little thank you. >> that is a lot. >> so if you know a nurse, take
10:43 am
the time to give thanks for all they do. i'm looking at you, mickey, you know what i mean. >> thanks so much, guys. country star cole swindell gets ready to sing a movie song to his dad. >> rig olay regenerist renews from within... plumping surface cells for a dramatic transformation without the need for fillers. your concert tee might show your age... your skin never will. olay regenerist, olay. ageless. and try the micro-sculpting cream you love now with lightweight spf 30. especially when it comes to snacking.g new. that's why we're introducing cheese dippers. the creamy cheese and crunchy breadsticks that go wherever you do. cheese dippers by the laughing cow. reinvent snacking.
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10:48 am
than is the very emotional new song called "you should be here" by country artist cole swindell which he wrote as a tribute to his late father william who passed away two and a half years ago. >> the song already has more than 16 million hits on youtube. hit number one on the billboard country charts and is the title track off his just released sophomore album". >> cole will sing in the a few minutes but first we want to say hey! >> hey! >> congratulations for everything. >> thank y'all, i've been waiting to meet y'all and talk
10:49 am
to you for a while so here's my day. >> we've been waiting for you, too. >> well, thank you so much. >> this song hits a chord with you, it hits a chord with kathie lee and me. did you realize how many people you would be touching when you wrote this song? >> i didn't. i just new how i felt and i knew it was time to write about that and the right title came along that day. "you should be here" the guy i wrote it with he said that and i said please let me write that. i was at a football stadium about to play a show and it was just one of those moments. that's what the song is about, moments. i know y'all know, they have moments where you know they would be so proud. but he's with me. i don't think i could get through that song live without him being here. >> you had such a special and great relationship with your dad. i can't wait to hear the song. >> well, i'm glad to be here at the "today" show getting to play it and the only time i've ever been it was early in the morning. i like y'all's segment, you're the fan. >> we're the happy hour. >> that's what i like. that's why i was like let me get
10:50 am
with hoda and kathie lee. >> we're going to take a break and when we come back cole will sing that beautiful new song "you should be here." >> but first, this is today on nbc.
10:51 am
10:52 am
10:53 am
before we go, tomorrow we are throwing a wedding for a couple that met on our plaza come bleat a very special performance. >> right now, you've been waiting for it, we've been waiting for it. here is country superstar cole swindell singing his newest number one hit that he wrote -- >> doesn't that sound great? >> -- for his dad. it's called "you should be here." >> so good to meet you. >> so happy you're here.
10:54 am
♪ it's perfect outside, it's like got let me ♪ dial up the weather, got the whole crew here, i ain't ♪ seen some of them in forever, it's one of those never ♪ forget it better stop and take it in ♪ kinda scenes, everything's just right ♪ except for one thing, you should be here standing with ♪ your arm around me here, cutting up cracking ♪ a cold beer, saying cheers, hey, y'all ♪ it's sure been a good year, it's one of those moments ♪ that's got your name written all over it ♪ and you know if i had just one wish it'd be that you
10:55 am
♪ didn't have to miss this, you should be here ♪ you'd be taking way too many pictures on your phone ♪ showing them off to everybody that you know back home ♪ and even some you don't, yeah, they say now ♪ you're in a better place and i would be, too ♪ if i could see your face, you should be here standing with ♪ your arm around me here, cutting up, cracking a cold beer ♪ saying cheers, hey, y'all, it's sure been a good year ♪ it's one of those moments that's got your name ♪ written all over it, and you know that if i had just one wish ♪ it'd be that you didn't have to miss this ♪ you should be here, you'd be
10:56 am
loving this, you'd be freaking ♪ out, you'd be smiling, i know you'd be all about ♪ what's going on right here right now ♪ god i wish somehow you could be here ♪ ♪ oh, you should be here ♪ yeah, this is one of those moments ♪ it's got your name written all over it ♪ and you know that if i had just one wish ♪ it'd be that you didn't have to miss this ♪ you should be here, oh, you should be here ♪ >> that goes out to anybody that's ever lost someone you loved. thank you [ cheers and applause ]
10:57 am
>> whoa! >> that's beautiful! >> wow. >> that was cole swindell, everybody. see you tomorrow, everybody. that breaking news in the south
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
bay. san jose police officers open fire on an a-elding that breaking news is in the south bay. san jose police officers opened fire on an ax-wielding man. good morning, everyone, thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. >> and i'm kris sanchez. we now know that the victim in that attack was the suspect's own mother. what we don't know is why the attack happened. >> this all happened at lansing avenue near highway 85 just after z7:00 this morning. damian, what can you tell us? >> reporter: still an active crime scene here, a lot of evidence markers here on the sidewalk at this part of the intersection that parallels highway 85


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