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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  May 11, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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that breaking news in the south bay. san jose police officers open fire on an a-elding that breaking news is in the south bay. san jose police officers opened fire on an ax-wielding man. good morning, everyone, thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. >> and i'm kris sanchez. we now know that the victim in that attack was the suspect's own mother. what we don't know is why the attack happened. >> this all happened at lansing avenue near highway 85 just after z7:00 this morning. damian, what can you tell us? >> reporter: still an active crime scene here, a lot of evidence markers here on the sidewalk at this part of the intersection that parallels highway 85 in south san jose.
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investigators still trying to determine why a son would allegedly attack his own mother here. officers happened to be on the scene after 7:00 this morning. they were responding to an unrelated call. when police arrived, they found the suspect's mom injured and her son holding an ax. police say to prevent more injuries and possibly death to the victim, commanders here say the officers fired their guns. both the mother and son are at area hospitals, expected to survive. their condition is stable at this point. the officers who fired their guns are at police headquarters right now being questioned. one of the commanders on scene says it's hard to explain the family on family violence over the last couple of weeks. >> it's a little frightening to see some of the violence that's occurring within the family situation. it's unfortunate. we'll be out there doing the best we can. >> reporter: as in all
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officer-involved shootings, the d.a.'s office was also here on scene earlier this morning to document what happened and to later determine if in fact the shooting was in fact justified. we just spoke to a family friend here on the scene. she arrived to find out what was the latest here. she says that the suspect in this case apparently suffered from mental illness. >> damian, thank you. i know you'll be continuing to follow that. we will be following it as well, bringing it to you online and on the air. you can download that nbc bay area app for the latest updates as well. happening now, crews are starting repairs on a nine-foot deep sinkhole in the heart of san francisco south of the market area after a sewer line busted and opened the ground under an suv that was carrying a family last night. >> stephanie chuang is live there now. traffic a big concern this morning. how's it looking now? >> reporter: yeah, good news, scott and kris.
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not as bad as was feared in first because one lane in effect direction opened up and an hour later muni buses started to go through. the city is targeting the oldest sewer lines and this one would qualify. it dates back to 1875. crews began the repairs in the hour and the work expected to last until around friday. >> welcome to san francisco. happy cinco de mayo. sinkhole de mayo. >> reporter: the sinkhole has become a punch line, but as you can see on this cell phone video, it wasn't so funny for the family sitting in this suv, the unlucky ones to feel the ground shift beneath them while at this intersection. one of the most congested stretches of roadway through here. >> a lot of traffic comes through here, the main thorough fare. what are we going to do? >> reporter: san francisco police helped guide traffic after the entire block closed down into the morning, reopening one lane in each direction to
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help ease the morning rush hour congestion, we watched as the first muni bus passed through around 9:00. >> we have muni overheadlines that are electric so that's an extra safety precaution we have to take. >> reporter: sinkholes have been popping up across the city. last month a sewer main busted opening up this sinkhole on sacramento street. in december there was another. the city says it's expediting its sewer system upgrade repair and replacement program as much as its time and resources allow. >> this is all paid for by san f franciscans. that's why we're going 15 miles a year and we're increasing and surpassing our goals. >> would you be willing as a taxpayer to spend more money on this kind of stuff? >> certaincertainly. i was born and bred here. anything to make the city livable, drivable, without having to worry about sink holes. we already pay a premium to live
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here. a little bit more is not going to kill us. >> reporter: back here live, jews have been jackhammering. they have to make sure the area doesn't collapse even more. they're going to replace the pipe, pave the street. if the puc determines there are more problems there will be more work to be done. as of now the closure between new montgomery and second street here on mission street. live here in san francisco, stephanie chuang, nbc bay area news. well, today could be a pivotal day in the case of two san jose brothers accused of killing their own parents. a judge may decide as early as today whether to allow the two brothers to be tried separately. the attorney seen here in court monday made the request. the 17-year-old brother, omar, has not been seen on camera. police say the pair shot and
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killed their parents, left disturbing messages scrawled on the walls and then went to a convention in oakland last month. each brother has pleaded not guilty. a man was hit and killed by a motorcycle in san francisco. police say this happened around 10:30 last night. the pedestrian, a man believed to be in his 70s, died at the scene. a motorcyclist, a 47-year-old man, was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. this happened on brotherhood way, an on-ramp to northbound uniprocera. the pedestrian was in the crosswalk when the man on the electric motorcycle hit him. we're learning more about a crash at linkedin headquarters overnight. you can see the car into the building. this happened just before midnight. police say the driver had a medical issue and lost control. the driver was not arrested or cited. drugs or alcohol not a factor. the driver had minor injuries and the build had minor damage. well, it's a big game for the warriors and of course for
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their loving fans. game five against the portland trailblazers and it is the first game since steph curry won that second mvp award. >> unanimously. here's a live look at oracle arena. tipoff at 7:30 tonight. bob redell was inside the arena and has more. >> reporter: tipoff tonight right here center court at the oracle arena, 7:30. the warriors taking on the portland trailblazers. they lead the series 3-1. if they win, they clinch the western conference semifinals. this as warriors superstar steph kcurry is making nba history again. now the only player to win the mvp award unanimously by all 131 voting members of the sports media. here's curry with head coach steve kerr, warriors top brass and oakland mayor libby shaft by his side as he received the award. the only other players coming close to winning unanimously, lebron james and shaquille o'neill who both missed by one
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vote. curry is also only the 11th player to win the mvp award in back-to-back years. in his typical fashion, curry was very humble about this honor. >> i looked at the list of everybody who was won an mvp before and legends. guys that their name are household names and they jump off the page. and to be the first unanimous mvp award winner is something that i don't even know how to put into words. thanks have been thanking me all day and i don't really know what to say. it's just a huge honor, something that obviously i'll remember for the rest of my life. >> reporter: this season curry led them to a record of 73 wins and when it came to three-point field goals, he surpassed his own record by 116. monday night you can see this video, this was in portland. he scored a record 17 points in overtime to give the warriors the win over the trailblazers in a game that golden state trailed
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at one point by 16 points. back here at the oracle arena, the warriors are expecting a sellout crowd again for tipoff tonight at 7:30 when the warriors could clinch the western conference semifinals and they clearly have enough rally towels and t-shirts for everyone in attendance. over 19,000 people. here at the oracle arena in oakland, bob redell, nbc bay area news. super bowl 50 was more than three months ago and san francisco is still looking at its books. we talked about this a little yesterday, but right now san francisco leaders are examining the fiscal impact as the host city for super bowl 50. last night the city of santa clara crunched its final numbers and just released them. no matter how you look at it, both cities came out ahead. our scott budman is in today's meeting in san francisco. he'll have a closer look tonight at 5:00 and 6:00. and we're following a developing story out of iraq. a car bomb ripped through a
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commercial area in baghdad on wednesday killing 63 people. isis quickly claiming responsibility. it happened during the rush hour in the sadr city part of the iraqi capital. the suv, packed with explosives, went off near a beauty salon. hospitals say that many of the victims were women, including several brides-to-be who appeared to be getting ready for their weddings. two other bombings in the iraqi capital later killed 28 other people. the yuu.s. military academy will not punish 16 cadets saying their gestures reminiscent of the black power salute were sbenged to show pride and did not violate regulations. they represent the largest group of african-american women to graduate west point. coming up, chipotle looks to its critics to rebuild its brand. the next move for the fast food
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chain after several e. coli outbreaks. plus the future of transportation gets a jump start in the nevada desert. the test for elon musk's hyperloop happening now. and we're starting to see some sunshine in parts of the bay area. temperatures warming up inland. i'll talk about that and we'll look ahead to the weekend coming up in the microclimate forecast.
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well, the dow giveth and the dow taketh away. all the rally we had yesterday has been erased as the dow falls 200 points. nasdaq down about 40. chipotle has hired two food safety experts to help it recover from several scares. they have hired david atkinson,
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a former fda official. he's been in the news in the past for criticizing the chain. he joins david thenno who was formerly with jack in the box. chipotle has had several incidents, including three cases of e. coli, three norovirus and one hepatitis scare. in the '90s more than 500 people got sick, four children died after eating at jack in the box. it almost ruined the company. now it's considered one of the most careful companies in fast food. republican senator john thune is sending a letter to facebook asking for more detail on how it chooses its trending news stories. you recall facebook is mired in controversy after a former employee said workers would sometimes quash news stories that favored conservatives. they're supposed to remain neutral. thune would like to see a copy
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of those rules. we warned you tsa lines will be awful this summer with some suggesting that you show up to the airport three hours early. some senators are suggesting the airlines drop their baggage fees in order to speed up the line. that makes sense. people carry their luggage with them to avoid that fee. that makes security checks longer. i'd like to point out, those pictures are from spud hilton who keeps track on twitter of people with ridiculous bags. the idea is if you just take a book or ipad on the airplane and put the bags underneath, we could go through security just like that. >> and everybody who carries on a bag doesn't want to carry on a bag. >> they're just trying to save their $25 and pretty much they're carrying a refrigerator box. >> a bag for yourself, bag for yourself spouse, bag to the kids. staples and office depot are scrapping their merger deal
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after a federal judge blocked the move in a ruling tuesday. the u.s. district court judge agreed with the federal trade commission's argument that the merger would hurt competition, especially for corporate customers who buy in bulk. the judge also agreed that the merger would not be in the public interest. representatives for office depot and staples said that they were disappointed but that the decision -- both companies said they plan to move on with new business strategies. a year-long nbc pay area investigation uncovered that california's in-home support service system often fails the very people it is intended to help. the state's own data shows hundreds of thousands of mistakes in the ihss time sheet system which adds up to delays in pay for tens of thousands of workers. some of those workers didn't get paid at all. our investigative unit found a system of antiquated rules, paper time sheets, and frustrated participants left in
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limbo, often with no money, and often with no recourse. one example, one woman told nbc bay area that she had to supervise and sign official time sheets for her caregivers, even though she was heavily medicated and barely conscious at the time. >> in other words, i'm supposed to take care of the hours and make sure the hours are okay on the time sheets and sign the time sheets for the people that i have working for me. i don't think i was capable of doing that job under the circumstances. >> the state's own data shows that nearly a half million mistakes with ihss time sheets that required human action to process in just one year. coming up tonight, senior investigative reporter stephen stock unveils this antiquated system and talks with people on the front lines who are the ones that are affected the most. that is tonight at 11:00 on nbc bay area. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call at 888-anyone 96-tips or
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send an e-mail to and that is the buzz, that is the sound of progress. today we will see the first public test of futuristic technology that would revolutionize transportation and it's happening in the nevada desert. dubbed the hyperloop it was fist proposed by elon musk. you know that guy from spacex and tesla. the idea was to create an air tight frictionless tube that shoots capsules carrying passengers or cargo more than twice as fast as any of today's fastest bullet trains. here's nbc's gadi schwartz. >> reporter: faster than a speeding bullet train, more powerful than an airplane. that's what elon musk was hoping for when he unveiled his idea for the hyperloop back in 2013. sparking an intense competition among rival firms to build the first working model.
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later this morning, one of those companies will unveil its version in the las vegas desert and demonstrate how it works. >> hyperloop is immediate, safe, efficient and sustainable. >> reporter: l.a.-based hyperloop one is presenting a ten-foot long sled they say will reach 350 miles per hour in just two seconds. >> we do this and we do it well. we'll take this design, we'll build two kilometers worth of it. we'll put it inside of a tube and accelerate a vehicle ten times heavier to a speed that's twice as high. >> by the end of the year we'll hit our kitty hawk moment and do the full-scale hyperloop test and they'll be able to handle cargo and people. >> reporter: some skeptics call the design impractical in terms of moving people over long distances. elon musk is not affiliated with any hyperloop companies, but his company, spacex, is hosting a contest among college students to design and build a hyperloop pod. other competitors are working on their own prototypes, all players in a race to zoom us into the future of travel.
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and if this test is successful, hyperloop one might be in the lead. >> we believe we're the one company that is actually building this, not just talking about it, and we're showing that today with the live test of our propulsion systems. >> that's a lot of g force. >> yeah. zero to 250 in three seconds. >> yeah, eventually the speed of sound. >> this is amazing. >> let's wait for our hyperloop and do the weather now. >> well, we're going to have some great weather today whether you're heading out for a nice slow walk or if you're getting on an airplane. even though we've had some delays at sfo because of the low clouds and the fog. looking now from at&t park toward the embarcadero, we've had the clouds hanging around with us all throughout the morning, but the giants game will be getting started here in an hour and 20 minutes, so i think we'll start to see a lot more activity on that camera there. we are still looking at a lot of
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low clouds for now, but check out sunol. it's clearing out there. the inland areas clearing out a lot more quickly than we've seen at the coast and that will be the case tomorrow as well. it's now 66 in the east bay, 62 in the south bay, and still 59 degrees in san francisco. upper 50s for the north bay. as we drop in and get a closer look, a wide range in temperatures there. san rafael at 64 degrees and it's 58 degrees now in napa. so our skies will gradually clear. we're in for a very warm and sunny afternoon. lunchtime temperatures will be in the mid to upper 60s. low 70s in the tri-valley. highs today there reaching 85 degrees while san francisco is up to 68 degrees. once again we have a midday game for the giants at at&t park. a lot of sunshine breaking out very quickly there here within the next hour. so it will be up to 68 degrees by the fifth inning and the end of the game at 67 degrees. and then later on this evening
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we have the warriors in oakland looking at 70 degrees by the time you head into oracle arena. it will be perfect out there. winds out of the west-southwest. so high pressure still in control, giving us those widespread 80s for our inland temperatures and still some 60s along the coast. by the weekend, the fog will return, we'll have more of an onshore flow that will help cool us down for friday into saturday and the inland areas will also feel cooler air as well. here's a look at walnut creek breaking it down for the next five days. tomorrow up to 84 degrees and then look at how it drops on friday. 76 degrees. the average is 75. we'll be below that on saturday and sunday. and then looking ahead to the weekend, it looks very nice. a lot of sunshine, comfortable air and all across the bay looking at more seasonable weather. in the mid-60s on sunday in san francisco. i'll have another look at the forecast coming up a little bit later. scott and kris.
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coming up, a social network accused of racial profiling. the steps the ceo of nextdoor is taking after concerns were raised in oakland. but first, happening now, las vegas mayor says she's confident the raiders will move to southern nevada if the state doesn't bungle the deal. the team's owner has pledged $500 million towards a new stadium. also on our website, our scott budman is tweeting about the los angeles police department testing tesla's mautle s. the social networking site "
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nextdoor" is tackling the not so neighborly. the social network site nextdoor is tackling the issue of racial profiling. accusations that it's often a tool for people to spread their racial bias has the ceo of the tech company speaking out. cheryl hurd has more on what nextdoor is doing to help stop profiling in other communities. >> our mission is to use technology to create stronger and safer neighborhoods and obviously racial profiling is counter to that mission. >> reporter: some believe that mission got lost when they felt racial profiling became an issue on the nextdoor website. >> we'd see black man walking by too slowly. there were a number of us that would challenge these posts and say this is unacceptable.
11:27 am
this is really dangerous. >> reporter: after two years of arguing with people online, neighbors for racial justice contacted nextdoor and oakland city council members demanding that something be done about it. >> what we've done is started to educate neighbors about what racial profiling is, which is when you are identifying someone just by their race. >> reporter: the social networking site is making changes on how to report suspicious activity without focusing on race. >> there will be a mandatory set of forms that you will have to go through to make sure that what you're posting is accurate, is helpful for the community and does not include the kind of discriminatory language that would include racial profiling. >> reporter: not an easy task, but a move that is getting attention in the 99,000 communities around the country that use nextdoor. the social networking ceo says this is only a first step, but he believes it's a step in the right direction. in oakland, cheryl hurd, nbc bay
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area news. the city of san jose says it will not try to fire a san jose police officer who sent inappropriate tweets. san jose fired philip white once but an arbiter reinstated him. the city council decided not to fight that reinstatement. the mayor disagrees, saying officer white should not be on the streets and should not have a gun. officer white has apologized and has been limited to desk duties. white tweeted threatening messages critical of the black lives matter movement. coming up, the investigative unit makes a big discovery that could impact you the next time you take your car to the shop. >> what did they tell you this noise was? >> they just said i don't know. >> coming up, what we found out that would lead to change in state law.
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a bizarre cover-up that now has the attorney welcome back. a few months ago we exposed a bizarre cover-up that now has the attorney general's office taking action against what it describes as fraud. >> if you've ever searched for a mechanic, we have new information that could impact you and consumers all across the state. investigative reporter first broke this story that could lead to change in the law. >> we're continuing our investigation into a state agency called the bureau of automotive repair. it was created to protect consumers from shady auto shops and dealerships. even when businesses are caught doing something wrong, we discovered their bad track record is often kept secret. and we're also exposing how millions of dollars that should be refunded to consumers may sometimes end up in the wrong hands. >> this is my first mitsubishi. >> when matt morris bought this used car, he thought it had everything he wanted. >> leather seats in the back. >> but he later discovered it
11:32 am
was missing something he didn't even know he needed. >> i did not have a catalytic converter. >> the car was just missing that completely? >> yeah, it was gone. >> the car's system relies on the catalytic converter to make toxic gases less harmful. but moore says when he took the vehicle into the shop to get the smog check, they couldn't find the catalytic converter. >> and your car wasn't going to pass without that. >> no, not a chance. >> the dealership denied selling him a faulty car so he filed a complaint with the bureau of automotive repairs. it was to hold the automotive industry accountable and receives roughly 12,000 repair complaints from consumers each year. in february we discovered that for about 97% of those complaints, auto repair shops never face any kind of discipline. >> so for 10,000 cases, you couldn't find anything? >> a lot of them are mediated and taken care of with
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educational conferences with the shop. >> reporter: he told us state law seriously limits when his agency can fine or cite auto repair shops, so he said bureau investigators mainly advocate for consumers by reaching out to auto repair shops on their behalf. he claims that mediation process won consumers over $5 million in refunds and auto repairs last year. but while auto shops may tell consumers they'll pay up, we discovered the state bureau doesn't actually confirm whether consumers are ever paid. morris says a bureau investigator told him the car dealership was going to pay $200 for his missing catalytic converter. >> how soon after that did you get the check? >> i never received the check. >> ever? >> no. they never even returned my phone calls. >> reporter: so morris reached out again to the bureau of automotive repair but says an employee told him the agency doesn't have the power to force businesses to pay up. >> so i asked her, they could
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outright lie to you and there's no repercussions? she said yes, we have no power to make them do anything. >> reporter: morris isn't the only one questioning the bureau's work. after watching our original investigation, a california assemblywoman began pushing for a new state law that would force major changes at the bureau. >> i think your investigative reporting kind of showed us there were some gaps here and that the consumer isn't as protected as they could be or should be. >> reporter: her bill aims to more clearly outline the bureau's power as a watchdog. it reinforces the agency's ability to issue more fines and requires the results of all the bureau's investigations be posted online. right now details surrounding thousands of complaints are kept secret from the public. even when the bureau confirms a repair shop took advantage of a consumer. >> if we posted information where we felt they violated the law and they didn't get a chance to defend themselves, we would be -- we would be in trouble as a government agency. >> is that an instance of your
11:35 am
office, though, siding with the auto repair industry over consumers? >> i wouldn't say we're siding with anyone. >> you have the ability to levy more fines, to affect the behavior of automotive repair shops, and you should probably be doing more of that. >> this wasn't never like this. >> albert wonders why the bureau didn't issue any fines after his car fell off a lift at an auto repair shop and the mechanics kept the damage secret. >> what did they tell you this noise was? >> they said -- they just said i don't know. >> after we aired his story, the attorney general's office got involved and is now accusing that shop of fraud and is working with the bureau of automotive repair to pull the shop's license, potentially shutting it down. meanwhile that possible change in state law could rattle the entire auto repair industry. lawmakers aren't expected to take up the legislation for
11:36 am
several more weeks, so matt morris said he was left with just one option on what to do about that missing car part. >> put it on my credit card. >> he paid about $1,000 but said he's more frustrated about the long-term costs to consumers across california, who he says are being neglected by a state agency that was solely created to protect them. >> i was expecting some action, to not be left out to dry. >> what did you think when you were told they didn't have any power to do anything? >> my initial thought is why are you even in existence then. >> reporter: the bureau won't comment on specific investigations but says it can reopen a case if consumers complain that an auto repair shop refused to pay what it previously promised. as for that car that fell off the lift, the owners of that repair shop now plan to sell the business but still intend to fight the fraud allegations when they go against the attorney general's office at a hearing in august. with the investigative unit, i'm
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bigad shaban. >> if you have a tip give us a call or sendi us an e-mail. well, the drought is not over but water will cost you less in the east bay. east bay mud is dropping its month ly drought surcharge that added about $8 to household water bills. mandatory rationing has also been cancelled but voluntary water rationing still strongly encouraged. our continuing coverage in concord and the plan to develop the old naval weapons station there. the city council will hold a special meeting tonight to discuss giving the lenar corporation development rights. under the plan the city of concord would get $20 million. that's if lenar makes its goal of a 20% profit on the development and commits $40 million towards affordable housing. it also includes tens of millions of dollars for schools, parks and road improvements. coming up, giving kids in juvenile detention a chance to
11:38 am
say "i love you" on mother's day. what one woman and her group of volunteers have been doing for the last 20 years. and temperatures are heating up. we're in for a couple of very bomber summer-like days. i'll detail that coming up in the microclimate forecast.
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mother's day last weekend? take mom to a restaurant or just visit with her at home? chances are you got to celebrate mother's day last weekend, maybe you got to go to a restaurant with your mom or perhaps you had a visit with your own children at home. >> some people couldn't do either of those, they were behind bars. that doesn't mean they couldn't do something nice. garvin thomas is here with today's bay area proud. >> megan williams came to the united states in 1979, a refugee from the vietnam war. she's grateful for all the opportunities this country has given her, though her reason for giving back to others on mother's day has much more personal roots. of all the places a mom wants to spend time with her kids on mother's day, juvenile hall cannot be anywhere near the top of that list. >> you know , - -- >> reporter: thanks to one mom, megan williams, that dim scenario has turned out a bit
11:42 am
brighter for thousands of other moms. you see on the saturday before mother's day for the past 20 years, megan has been coming here, bringing with her a handful of volunteers she's corralled and hundreds of flowers she's paid for herself. >> so you have to break it like this and you cover yourself. >> reporter: they spend the next few hours helping the inmates, both boys and girls, create floral arrangements. so even though they live behind bars, they have at least a little something to give their moms on mother's day. >> i want to give these kids an opportunity to say, mom, i love you. >> reporter: it's something, megan said, she's never done. one of 15 children growing up in war-torn vietnam, megan said she never had a close relationship with her mother. >> i never, ever gave my mom a hug. even i wanted to so much. >> reporter: it's what motivated her, she says, to do what she can so that these kids don't
11:43 am
find themselves saying the same thing later in their lives. >> i wish somebody had done that to me. >> reporter: just like the bouquets she helped create, her approach is a mixed arrangement. >> you're not alone. >> reporter: in her case of compassion. >> so you are a tough girl, huh? >> oh, yeah? >> hell yeah? what do you mean? >> reporter: for all the time and effort megan spends on this, she's not really concerned with what the arrangements look like when they're done. the flowers, she knows, won't last. she just hopes the bonds they strengthen will. we should add that megan doesn't just go to juvenile hall on mother's day, she's there every thanksgiving day as well, bringing all the young people a full thanksgiving meal. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> i always like to see those nice stories from garvin. >> especially for mother's day. >> absolutely. kari, flowers would be nice
11:44 am
today. >> yeah, a nice day to go out and pick some flowers too. well, we'll have a lot of sunshine, temperatures warming up. as we take a look at our microclimate forecast and a view at oracle arena, this will really be lit up tonight and a lot of people funneling in to enjoy the warriors game tonight. we are looking at nice weather for that and whatever you have planned. as the clouds start to peel away from the north bay, we can get a look at that mt. tam camera. it's now 60 degrees there. into the lower 60s for the south bay and the peninsula. and looking at highs today reaching into the mid-70s for the east bay and peninsula. san francisco still cloudy. it will take a little bit longer for those clouds to roll away. we're up to 80 degrees in the north bay and low 80s for the south bay and tri-valley. looking out at some of these temperatures, 60 in the north bay, san francisco 59 degrees. we're dropping in on the south bay to get a closer look from all of our weather underground sites.
11:45 am
santa teresa at 66, san martin at 61 degrees and santa clara at 68 degrees. so warming up in some spots. as we break it down for san francisco, a lot more sunshine and temperatures warming up into the upper 60s today by 2:00 this afternoon we see nothing but sunshine there. 68 degrees by 4:00 and during the drive home, a slow drive most likely, 65 degrees. mostly clear skies for tonight. we won't see as many clouds the next couple of mornings as we're seeing this morning. we're up to 81 degrees in san jose. redwood city 73 degrees and the castro at 68 degrees. 87 in fairfield. we have 77 in hayward and 85 in pleasanton. so a wide range in temperatures. we talked about oracle arena and 7:30 the game tonight. it will be 70 degrees with winds from the southwest at 10 to 15 miles an hour. still high pressure in control. that mainly keeps it dry. keeps the air sinking and also
11:46 am
that flow around the high pressure is always clockwise and forces our winds offshore. so looking at not much of an onshore flow until friday. when that happens, we'll have some cooler temperatures moving in, looking much better. so our temperature trend going down for san jose, actually being below average for the weekend. looking ahead to that weekend forecast for all of our microclimates, very comfortable with highs in the 70s and some 60s right along the coast so a nice weekend to make some plans and get outside once again. scott and kris. coming up, you see commercials every day, but do these products actually work? haven't you wondered? nbc's jeff rossen investigators next. we are following breaking news
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11:48 am
in pittsburg. all lanes of westbound highway 4 closed at ler welcome back with breaking news. we're following that breaking news out of pittsburg. live images from our helicopter. all lanes of westbound highway 4 closed at loveridge due to a major crash which also involved
11:49 am
a shooting. you can see this image from our helicopter. >> and you saw the bottleneck backing into that area as the chopper goes to where this crash and shooting actually happened. again, scott mentioned that it's near the love ridge exit. these are the westbound lanes. eastbound traffic still flowing. however, the traffic is just virtually stopped as people are trying to make their way off the freeway behind that love ridge exit. and you see a van there headed in the wrong direction. another vehicle there on the shoulder. we don't know how these two are related, but again, investigators there on the scene. we will have more tonight at 5:00 and 6:00 or if it develops during this newscast. of course we'll post it online as well and via our social media platforms. you know all those products you see in tv commercials. you wonder do they work? the pitches and products make big promises to solve problems. gadgets for your kitchen, your phone, beauty projects for women who want curls on the go.
11:50 am
>> we want to buy them all, but do they actually work? nbc's jeff rossen is putting them to the test. wait until you see the results. >> everything slides right off. >> reporter: it sounds so good. >> i can pour this on my phone and it still works. >> reporter: guaranteeing results. >> every girl wants the perfect curl and she can have it in 20 seconds. >> reporter: but is it too good to be true? first up, the gotham steel pan. the commercials air day and night. >> it's literally like cooking on air. use metal and never make a scratch ever. >> reporter: they say nothing sticks. >> shredded parmesan, right on the heat. >> reporter: but will it hold up in our tests? all right, they show burning parmesan in the pan in the commercial. we're going to do the same thing here. i've got some parmesan here. let's burn it up and see if it slides right now. >> hear that sizzle. >> reporter: it's supposed to slide right off. >> you can smell it burning now, so let me see if this works.
11:51 am
we'll shut that off. we'll see if it works. i'm bad at this anyway. wow, look at that, it did it. let me quickly wipe it off. and now we're going to test to see if it will scratch. in the commercial, they show the mixer, so let's try it. no scratches. it works! >> reporter: now on to your smartphone and these new extreme samsung commercials. the galaxy s 7 edge claims to be water resistant, even if you pour champagne all over it. >> all right, let's get this party started. we have the champagne here. we went to the store and brought a band new samsung smartphone. lindsay, are you hear me? >> hey, jeff, what's up? >> let's see if this works. i'm about to pour the champagne. here we go. this feels so wrong. once the bubbly is gone. lindsay?
11:52 am
>> i can still hear you. no way. >> by the way, the phone is drying itself. it still works, still looks perfect. >> i'm about to put you in a fish tank. >> reporter: and that's not all. in the commercial the phone works even after taking a dip. so we went out and bought a fish tank. >> lindsay, are you still there? >> i'm sticking you in water right snow. >> i can't believe this water is still working. >> it's beaded up, it's perfect. >> reporter: and we can't forget about beauty products. >> the revolutionary new styling tool that creates the perfect curl every time. >> reporter: the air curler promises curls in just seconds. >> it's never been so easy to create hair that looks so good. >> reporter: my producer, katherine, is about to take it for a spin. >> i just got it in the mail. in the instructions it says to connect with your home hair drier just like this.
11:53 am
>> you need damp hair. 20 seconds, warm air, high speed. >> the clock is ticking and her hair is spinning all over the place. >> now 20 seconds of cool air. then stop. >> how's it looking? >> i don't want to say anything mean. here's the mirror right here. >> let me tear a look. >> wow, this is my natural hair and this is the side the air curler just worked on. what do you think? >> there's a slight wave but no ringlets or curls. >> it's kinds of a mess. >> the maker telling nbc news it takes time and practice to perfect your technique to get excellent results, and they stand by the product. in the end, two of the three products we tested worked as advertised. but sometimes what you see on tv isn't always what you get. >> it kind of reminded me of the
11:54 am
flowbie. >> you don't want to confuse that with that one. >> we'll be right back. we are following breaking news
11:55 am
11:56 am
in pittsburg. all lanes of westbound highway 4 cl we continue to follow breaking news out of pittsburg. all lanes of westbound highway 4 are closed at love ridge due to a major crash and shooting. >> you can see the scene from our chopper. that appears to be from this untrained eye one of the vehicles that is involved in the crash there. we know that there is also a van
11:57 am
that is on the freeway. it is facing the wrong direction. we don't know if that van right there you see on the left-hand side is part of the accident or if it's part of the response. a lot of law enforcement officers there. you see the traffic not flowing in those westbound lanes because they are being diverted off the freeway. those drivers are near love ridge road or the exit right before that. eastbound traffic is not affected, though it's probably slowing as people take a look. >> lots more coverage at 5:00 and 6:00. in the meantime a final look at your weather. >> we're getting ready for the giants game that starts at 12:45 and beautiful weather for that. whatever you have planned today, temperatures in san francisco reaching the upper 60s and mostly sunny skies. >> fantastic. >> thank you so much for joining us. our next newscast is tonight at 5:00. of course you can get any -- all the latest breaking news online at or on our social media platforms. have a great day.
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. stand by billy and kit. stand by camera two. we're live. >> tmz didn't get it right. they said it was a very cold and frigid set at "live with kelly and michael." it is not that site, it's their set. >> they're saying michael strahan's last day is friday and that it's chilly over there. apparently kelly used to leave her make-up room door open -- bill, it's windy, very


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