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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  May 11, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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the two sheriffs deputies in alameda county -- accused of excessive force -- surrendered today -- and are now free on bail. the two sheriff's deputies at alameda county accused of excessive force surrendered today and are free on bail. deputies are charged with felonies stemming from this video. prosecutors say they're seen on surveillance video repeatedly striking a suspected car thief. the driver was hospitalized with a concussion and broken bones. the deputies claim they used force because they feared for their own lives. they've been suspended from the sheriff's department. the violence continues. another shooting on an east bay freeway. within the past hour, all lanes on westbound highway 4 in pittsburgh reopened after a shooting that left a would plan dead. the woman's family is now asking for help to figure out who killed her. nbc bay area's pete ser rat toes
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joins us. pete they're still looking for the suspect and this is a horrible development. >> reporter: this is an ongoing investigation with pittsburgh police. they are taking the lead on this investigation. really at this time they don't have a description of the suspect. not too long ago i spoke with the victim's uncle as he was leaving the police department. >> we are begging you. i'm begging you, please come forward. she has four kids, four kids! >> reporter: it was a plea for help by patrick johnson whose niece, 25-year-old shan neek marie was shot and killed on highway 4 on the highway this morning. police are not releasing the name of the victim at this time. >> somebody on that highway seen something. please come forward. she has four kids, four kids. >> reporter: pittsburg police say the shooting took place around 4:00 p.m. near railroad avenue. a white car who targeted this
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four-door sedan. shanik and the other male victim were taken to the hospital. he is expected to recover. there have been 20 shootings on highways and freeways since november. >> we're definitely concerned about the shootings that have concerned, not only in our city, but throughout our county. >> reporter: police say the suspect was driving a white car. we still don't have much information as far as description for that suspect. leave in pittsburg, pete surratt toes, nbc bay area news. new calls for the police chief to design. supervisors jane ken, david campos and john ave. loss say the department needs a new chief who can implement major reform. they say the decision is based on the findings of a review panel which criticized chief greg suhr. protesters have been calling for his resignation following a
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number of police shootings. repairs are under way on a large sinkhole in the heart of san francisco south of market district. crews stabilizing the area and shoring up that. 's a nine-foot-deep sinkhole. the next step will involve installing a temporary pipe to replace the broken sewer line. the busted pipe led to frightening moments when the sinkhole suddenly opened up and trapped the family inside an suv. firefighters arrested everyone inside that suv. sinkhole repairs are expected to last through the weekend. >> fixing our crumbling roads is a huge issue. it tops a new list of the most important transit projects in the bay area. national transportation research group released this new report today saying it's not enough funding to finish key projects to help ease our growing traffic. this excludes the expansion of express lanes, highway widening projects and even bringing b.a.r.t. to the south bay. >> when you look at the most critically needed transportation projects that will keep this
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system mobile, keep the economy moving, keep people moving and keeping them safe, most of those currently don't have adequate funding in place. >> the metropolitan transportation commission admits it needs to raise more money to fix the potholes and keep that b.a.r.t. plan moving along. a year-long nba bay area investigation confirms california's home support service system which provides home care to people in need often fails the very people it's supposed to be helping. investigative reporter stephen stock joins us. >> california's department of social services oversees this system of in-home support services or ihsf as it's known. it was designed to have the state pay for approved care delivered by qualified providers in recipient's homes. that way those people don't have to be institutionalized. we found the system adding antiquated rules, paper time
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sheets, frustrated participants often left in limbo with no recourse. the data shows hundreds of thousands of mistakes in time sheet systems which adds up to delays in pay for tens of thousands of workers. some of those workers did not get paid at all we found. for example, one lady told nbc bay area she had the supervisor sign official time sheets for her caregivers, even though she was heavily medicated and barely conscious at times. >> in other words, i'm supposed to take care of the hours and make sure the hours are okay on the time sheets and sign the time sheets for the people that i have working for me. i don't think i was capable of doing that job under the circumstances. >> now the state's data also shows nearly a half million mistakes with ihss time sheets that require human action to process in just one year. coming up tonight, we'll uncover the reality behind the antiquated system, plus the
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people directly involved including the people directly involved. that's ahead to night on nbc bay area news. decision 2016, fresh off a victory in west virginia, bernie sanders sets his sights on montana. the vermont senator campaigned in the state, courting voters ahead of the june 7 primary. sanders vowed to keep fighting to every vote and says he's the strongest to beat donald trump. clinton took aim at trump's tax plan and called him out for not releasing his personal tax return. donald trump said he would release his taxes when the audit was complete, but also stood by his stance that voters don't care about tax returns and that there is nothing to learn from it. political coverage continues on "nbc nightly news" tonight with lester holt including why trump is refusing to back down on his ban on muslims entering the country. get ready to cheer loudly.
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the most talked about team in the country is on the court right now. if the warriors win they'll advance to the western conference finals. let's take you outside. a live look at the oracle, about 20,000 fans paying top dollar heading to this game. warriors and the portland trailblazers. let's go courtside now, nbc bay area colin resch, maybe he's not there. there he is. colin, what's the buzz? >> reporter: it's been almost a month since steph curry played in front of home fans at oracle arena. game one of the first round against houston back on april 16. as we know, he's back and back for the first time as a two-time mvp. in his acceptance speech yesterday for that award, steph said he looked at the list of everyone who has won an mvp before and made note of the fact that they are all legends. that includes lebron james who is the last player before curry to win back-to-back mvp awards.
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lebron, almost the first unanimous mvp. he fell one vote shy of it in 2013. today the cavs star asked if steph deserved to be the unanimous winner. >> i think he definitely deserved it. you look at his numbers, look at his success. but i think there's a lot of valuable guys in our league that add value to their team. first of all, since i've been on social media, i haven't been able to do some of the things i do on my own, so congratulations to steph curry, the mvp. >> reporter: on monday night, shaun livingston inadvertently added to steph curry's legacy and got ejected. tonight at 6:00, the music he plans to listen to pregame to calm his nerves for tonight's game. reporting live at oracle arena, colin resch, nbc bay area. >> remember lebron james was not long ago the face of the nba. now it's steph curry.
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we've got a lot of action today, the sharks getting ready for game seven tomorrow night at the shark tank. if they beat nashville, the sharks will move on to the conference final. san jose police say a man attacked his own mother with an axe this morning. what led to this crime, the latest coming up from police headquarters. i'm damien trujillo. >> reporter: i'm marianne favro live in san jose. coming up, find out why neighbors are upset this landfill will soon be accepting trash from mig pedmilpitas. that story coming up. bicyclists hitting the road. i'm jeff ranieri. sunny skies, 80 degrees. tracking cooler chances heading into the weekend. i'll have my full micro climate
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forecast just ahead. (scal): good day, m'lady!
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i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at a man... seen a kir phiing scene in a south bay neighborhood as police shoot a man seen attacking his own mother with an axe. it happened in south san jose. damien trujillo is live at police headquarters where the police wrapped up a news conference. what did he have to say?
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>> he wrapped it up about 15 seconds ago. he said his officers today saved a life over in the south part of town by shooting the son who apparently was attacking the mother earlier this morning. family and friends say they are in shock. evidence markers littered the sidewalk and part of lansing avenue near highway 85 in san jose. officers were responding to an ununrelated call of a car accident when they witnessed a 26-year-old suspect charging at his mother with a large axe. that axe was left lying on the ground for hours while police investigated. >> officers were stopped in the street when they heard the commotion of a domestic incident. the suspect was chasing his mother out of the house. at some point the suspect had an axe in his hand and it struck the mother and then turned on the officers. that's when the officers had to discharge the firearm. >> reporter: family and friends showed up at the scene in shock after the accident.
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>> i cried already. it's so sad when someone you know goes through this. it touches home. >> reporter: trish harvey says the man suffers from mental illness. a recent string of family violence in shaig is troubling. >> i don't know what to tell you. it's a little frietd ening to see some of the violence that's occurring within the family situation. it's unfortunate. we're out there doing the best we can. >> reporter: the police chief just said about a minute and a half ago this police is being investigated by the homicide unit even though the suspect and victim are expected to survive. also, the d.a.'s office is investigating and the internal affairs unit of san jose pd. damian true jail low, nbc bay area news. an attempted home invasion in san jose ended with shots fired. tonight the suspects are still on the run. three men showed up at the home near hull and bird avenue around 10:30 a.m. they fired several shots outside of the home. thankfully no one was hurt. police say the suspect did
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assault a man inside that home. the suspects escaped before officers arrived. san francisco police investigating a deadly crash that involved a motorcycle. police say it happened around 10:30 last night. a pedestrian, a man believed to be in his 70s was killed. the cycle lift, a 47-year-old man was taken to the hospital with life-threatening injuries. this unfolded on brotherhood way on the ramp to northbound -- the man was on the crosswalk when the man on the electric motorcycle struck him. also learning more about a crash overnight. this car hit the building at linkedin. the driver was not arrested nor cited. drugs and alcohol were not a factor. the building did have some minor damage. the gar barge problem in
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mill mea mill ped tas plans on tracking nearly 200 tons of trash to san jose. marianne favro is in san jose with reaction from the people who live near that landfill. i can guess what they're thinking. >> reporter: well, the new contract will mean a lot more trucks are l come through on the way to the guadalupe landfill. neighbors are concerned about that additional traffic but also worried about the smell. expect more trash to pile up here at the guadalupe landfill next year, 220 tons a day more which means up to 22 more trucks a day will drive through this san jose neighborhood. it's all because the milpitas city council awarded waste management which runs the landfill a new contract. starting in 2017, trash from residents here in milpitas will be driven more than 20 miles to this landfill off camden avenue in san jose. >> when you look at the number of vehicles up and down this road every day with one way in
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and one way out, it's really dangerous. >> reporter: today neighbors went door to door passing out flyers, letting people know about their concerns which include odors from the dump. a waste management spokesman says the dump used to accept 2,000 tons of trash in 2012. the dump will only be at 1200 tons a day. as for the smell? >> there has been no complaints verified that come from us by the bay area air quality management in at least the last 2 1/2 years. >> reporter: neighbors here are frustrated. they say this is one issue they plan to raise a stink about. more than 5,000 people signed an on-line petition against bringing garbage from milpitas and plan to meet with coit city council on monday night. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. share the road.
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that's the reminder to everyone as thousands of cyclists hit the street tomorrow for the 22nd annual bike to work day. bay area cities are planning on having plenty of energizer stations where you can stop and filled up on snacks. bay area is offering free bikes for the day at 70 stations from san francisco to san jose. the question is what kind of day will you have to ride your bike al around? >> i knew this was coming a few weeks ago. >> you planned ahead. >> the bigger question, are you biking to work tomorrow? >> that's going to be a long bike ride. >> i don't know if i'd make it. >> we do have beautiful weather across the bay area. typical fog at the immediate coastline and sunshine also inland. our micro climate forecast will reflect that. currently we have 81 and blue skies for the east bay. san francisco now a chilly average of 58 degrees. you can see from our weather underground sky camera network
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in ingleside, the fog is pretty thick, particularly in this location, 64 degrees. down here to the south bay, this beautiful blue sky we've been under today. downtown right now 71 degrees. with that typical fog beginning to build back at the immediate coastline, that will give us more clouds for tomorrow morning. of course, returning to san francisco. we'll likely see a little drizzle and 53 to start. the north bay, our coldest temperature and 49. make sure you have a light jacket. as you take a look at the futurecast, you can see an overhead view of the fog will push you to contra costa and alameda counties. by afternoon, fog pushes back, cool day at the beach with patchy clouds. sunny skies inland. the only prab for the forecast for thursday is going to be the pollen. not super high. if you do suffer from allergies, mulberry, grass and also ash in the moderate. as you take a look at your micro
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climate forecast for tomorrow, you will notice temperatures coming down a few degrees. a storm system well offshore and gradually will start to drop temperatures. for tomorrow, beautiful weather in san jose and a sunny 78 degrees. for cupertino, 80. in the pen nins larks going down a few in palo alto, 76. pacifica with the fog lingering and 62. san francisco also a spring of 60s from the marina towards the financial district. for the north bay, east bay and also the tri-valley, instead of low 80s in napa, we go down to 79 tomorrow, santa rosa 77. mill valley a sunny 75. for the east bay, enjoyable 71 in oakland and over towards walnut creek, 81 degrees. we have a storm system developing offshore friday and saturday that will begin to show its impact here as this storm starts to get closer. it looks like a zero percent chance of any rainfall from this. we may get drizzle with fog developing at the immediate coastline. again, the largest thing will be
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the temperatures starting the drop. let's take a look at the friday, saturday and sunday forecast. you can see at the south bay instead of upper 70s and low 80s, 76 on friday, saturday 74 and sunday 73. the tri-valley going from low 80s tomorrow to 71 by sunday. raj, jess, everyone at home, maybe a few showers next week by friday. we'll monitor that as well. >> very nice weather. coming up at 5:00, is that hyper loop thing for real? it is. we'll show you today's test run. celebrating a birthday today.
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richard overton is 110 years old. his ts a man in texas believed to be the oldest veteran is celebrating his birthday. richard overton is 110 years young. his trips on longevity include a splash of whiskey. tom brady, the chef, has
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published a cookbook. it selsz for $200. check it out on our facebook page. selsz for $200. check it out on our facebook page. eselsz for $200. check it out on our facebook page. llsselsz for $200. check it out on our facebook page. no jail-time for some high-
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profile local protesters. ===take vo=== eight women who blocked a no jail time for high-profile local protesters. eight women who blocked off a highway ramp to 101 last december near sfo have agreed to community service and reimburse the highway patrol. the group represented the black
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lives matter movement. the women marched on to highway 101 two days before christmas and unfurled that banner saying justice for mario woods. woods was shot and killed by san francisco police earlier that month. was it worth it? that's what san francisco officials are asking after reports show the city turned a modest profit on super bowl 50. the good news according to the report, hotels pulled in more than $6 million. the city also made nearly $2 million from airport travel. the downside, most of the money was wiped away by millions in police and fire department over time. still officials say the publicity san francisco got from being part of the festivitied did make it worthwhile. >> this is an amazing time when we can welcome people to san francisco. at the end of the day we actually made money on the event itself. this is a win-win situation. it's something we should be celebrating and actively pursuing. >> controller's support states the net revenue gained during
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super bowl week was $792,000. [ cheers and applause ] short and sweet. but a good beginning they say. it could be the future of mass trance sit. the hyperloop system is one step closer to reality after this successful pass in the desert. hyperloop one cuz the concept from elon musk, the goal was to create super fast technology that would take us from san francisco to l.a. in about 35 minutes. the pods would zip by at speeds of more than 700 miles per hour. you sit in the pod and zip down to l.a. hyperloop one hopes to have a fully operational system in the next 40 years. >> i'll let you go first. >> i'll go first. from making rescues to making a journey, the unusual path of a coast guard boat in
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the bay area. we'll share that when we come back. (music plays from radio alarm clock) ♪
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one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette)
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news in vallejo. our nbc chopper is heading to a vegetation fire. it appears flames from a car fire spread to nearby grass. following breaking news in vallejo. our chopper is heading to a vegetation fire. it appears flames from a car fire spread to a grassy field,
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so far charred about 30 acres. right now the vallejo fire department is asking for help from cal fire. we'll update you on our 6:00 newscast and on also coming up tonight at 6:00, still too load. people living near leavy stadium say in spite of the changes made by the 49ers, noise from the team's practices are still too disruptive. we're learning why this became an issue just this year. finally, from making rescues to making history. that's the unusual journey of this motorboat from 1954. it served in the u.s. lifesaving service which predates the u.s. coast guard. now after three-year restoration, the boat is shipshape and back in the water. today it traveled from sausalito back to its original home in point reyes. it will be part of a working muse sem exhibit at the pointry yes, sir national sea shore. >> fantastic. very retro. thank you for joining us at
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5:00. lot lester holt is next. >> we hope to see you at 6:00. tonight, deadly expl bo a catastrophic blast that leveled part of a town, killing 15, wounding hundreds more. tonight a shocking new turn in a baffling mystery. planned parenthood rampage. late word of a twist in the case. why the accused cold-blooded killer may never face trial. what's in trump's taxes? will he or won't he release them before the election? a new uproar, and new pressure for the billionaire to open up the books. royal reprimand. the queen caught on tape. what she said on an open mic that has the palace doing damage control. and healthy foods. how is it that the government says sugary cereals are healthy while salmon and avocados don't make the cut. the fda is revisiting the question of what is healthy. "nightly news" begins r


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