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tv   Today in the Bay  KNTV  May 12, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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the driver is doing fine and he may have been racing and could face charges. >> get out there and help the man. dramatic rescues. one happened in san jose a few hours ago. wright this crash happened that may have saved the driver's life. i'm kris sanchez at redwood estates where a crime scene is under way. how it's connected to another scene on highway 17. >> mvp does it again. hitting the daggers. what's next? the dove's quest for back-to-back titles right now on "today in the bay." good morning to you. thanks for joining us.
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>> don't you love these family shots? high five, everyone all around. temperatures going up high one more day. >> especially as we go into the afternoon hours. we start out again this morning with the clouds and follow. taking a live look at san francisco. 60 in san francisco and 71 in the tri-valley. continues to go up from there. 82 in the tri-valley. south bay up to 81. we will have cooler temperatures in time for the weekend. i'll talk more about that in a few minutes. let's get a look at the san mateo bridge with mike. >> san mateo bridge moves well. i want to take you to the san jose crash.
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there is your commute. if you use 880 you cannot connect there right now that. connector is closed by a big rig crash. you'll exit 1, go north up to stevens creek boulevard or san carlos. will join up with 880 again. you saw the sensors on the left. more traffic hitting 280 about this time. the rest of the bay moves well. there is your build typical for 87 and 101. thank you very much. investigators are still trying to connect two different crime scenes miles apart in the south bay. we know that two people died and the violence started inside a home in the redwood estates area. it ended on highway 17 at hamilton avenue. >> kris sanchez is live near los gatos where authorities believe
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it started with a deadly shooting. chris? >> good morning. the road leading to that home is still closed this morning. investigators were here late into the night on that scene where neighbors say they heard gun shots around 11:00 yesterday morning. investigators were here gathering evidence at the home where a man was shot and killed. investigators describe the scene as bloody and hectic. neighbors say the man killed was a father of two. two other people were injured in that home, though it's not clear who they are. as investigators were rushing to this scene, another crime scene was developing 12 miles away. that is the kind of car they saw leaving redwood states around the time of the shooting. the driver crashed and fled on foot. investigators have not revealed
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how the two men who died are connected. >> he was a nice guy, nice kids. he played sports with them and stuff. >> the driver fled on foot and was later detained. >> it's unclear whether that passenger died because of the crash or died of some other injury. investigators are not naming the driver of that prius.ç >> firefighters sprang into action. it happened after 1:00 this morning in san jose at hill
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dale. firefighters from station nine just returned from another scene when they heard a car rolled over multiple times. the deliver was trapped in the wreckage. it took almost a half hour to remove him from the vehicle. >> the crew just returned from the call and were getting back when they heard the call. >> no update on the condition of the driver. >> portland trail blazers have been extinguished. bring on the san antonio spurs or oklahoma city thunder. oracle arena lit up this morning. warriors are resting up for the western conference finals. oracle arena was rocking last night. doves needed every ounce of energy from the hometown crowd
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to edge out the blazers, another close game. clay thompson led the dofbs with 33 points on the night. steph curry close behind with 29 of his own including that dagger of a three late in the fourth quarter. the warriors go up by five at that point. they win the game 125-121. >> that was a tough series. that's the team who continued to fight. a lot of talent. a lot of guys stepped up huge for them in this series. just looking at this series and seeing 4-1. >> it's only going to get tougher as we go forward. the intensity, the atmosphere, the pressure is going to build. just have to rely on the experience of this series, last series and what we learned about ourselves as we keep going. >> think they coordinated those outfits? >> we need a matching hat. >> before the game last night, steph curry was honored as the
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league's first unanimous mvp. maybe we'll do it for team teal. the wig eggs game of the year for the san jose sharks happens tonight. game seven in round two of the stanley cup playoffs against the national predators. the winner moves on to play the st. louis blues. a lot to be excited about in the sports world. 6:07 on your thursday morning. four san francisco supervisors are now calling to replace police chief greg suhr. a blue ribbon panel criticized the police department for targeting minorities.
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"the community has asked us to fastrack change and not put politics before police reports and that is exactly what this does." only the mayor or police commission can remove the police chief. chief suhr is not going to resign. it is 6:08. a santa clara's sheriff's deputy accused of sexually abusing a young girl will face a judge today. they arrested anthony diaz this week. he abused the girl in 2012 when living with the girl's mother. diaz who was a seven-year veteran of the force has been placed on unpaid leave. there have also been allegations of sexual misconduct leveled at three east bay police officers. the oakland police department's internal affairs division is on this case. officials won't say what that exact misconduct was. opd put those three officers on paid lead and released this statement that reads, "the open
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police department will not tolerate misconduct of any kind from its employees. the oakland police department holds all employees accountable for their actions on and off duty." two earthquakes struck the north bay within 45 minutes of each other. >> 3.5 quake hit three miles from the geysers. it happened 10:30 last night. then 2.6 rattled the area at 11:15. no injuries or damage reported. we are down in the south bay. that would have been a powerful earthquake. >> we are going to have another nice day. >> yes. i tweeted out that quake map on the check that out just in case you do think you feel something.
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it's 49 with patchy fog in the north bay. also in other parts of the bay area with cloudy skies. then it shapes up to be a beautiful day with mostly sunny skies. up to 81 in the south bay. low 80s in the tri-valley. san francisco is at 64. it does cool down for the weekend. details coming up on that in just a few minutes. let's head over to mike tracking two crashes in hayward. >> two new crashes. also the bay bridge backup. commute kicking in. let's show you what the issue is here. most of the bay moves well. calling on hayward and san jose. they seemed to move out of the roadway quickly. all that traffic jamming up. in the south bay, 280, 880 is still closed. the alternate i told you about,
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exit. transitioning off san carlos and you'll see a smoother drive there. we don't see the big backup on the freeway. >> a glimpse into the future of travel. the next step before the hyperloop can become a reality. >> heads up for parents. the reasons thousands of baby carriers are being recalled this morning. here is a crazy idea. could apple get rid of itunes? that possibility in business and tech. new this morning
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==sam/vo== brazil's president "dilma rousseff" has been impeached all new this morning, brazil's president has been impeached and officially ousted from office. the country senate took that action within the last two hours. here is what it means. brazil's vice president will take charge while the impeachment trial begins. the president has been accused of illegally concealing the nation's looming deficit ahead of her re-election campaign two years ago. 6:14. there is a nationwide recall of about 4,000 baby carriers. the company twingo is recalling
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the twingo original baby carrier. it's designed to carry one or two babies. the weight buckle can break causing a fall hazard for children being carried. it as 10 that broke in the u.s. research for cancer is getting a mega financial boost from oracle founder larry ellison who is donated $200 million to the university of southern california to help fund a new cancer research center. that is going to be located off campus in west los angeles and named after ellison. it matches the single largest donation usc has seen. a strange apple rumor this morning. the company might get rid of itunes downloadable music.
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>> that doesn't seem possible. >> that we are even talking about is a credit to spotify. if you don't listen to a lot of music, there are two primary ways to get it off the internet. first to buy it and download it, itunes model. the other is to pay a flat fee and listen to all the music you want practically any title ever recorded and do it over an internet stream, same quality, more music, $9 a month. apple launched apple music a streaming service, but a digital analyst says he is certain apple is going to end the downloadable buyable music on itunes. what you bought previously would still be yours. this is one analyst saying this, not apple. but let's use the wayback machine to take you back to 2004. the ipod mini. apple killed off the mini when it was their best-selling product. no company does that. it pushed apple and its
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customers toward something in the future, the ipod touch and iphone. killing off a great product line does have a precedence at apple. lyft settled its court case with drivers. they were taken to court. drivers wanted to be classified as employees, not contractors. the lyft settlement says they will remain contractors. steph curry wore a new pair of under armour shoes during warm-ups at last night's game. they call them back-to-back mvp shoes. they went on sale at the website for delivery in june but have already sold out. in about a half hour, we'll take a closer look at his shoe sponsorship. i want to point out i wear johnson and murphies.
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>> are you an mvp business tech reporter? >> the finest tech report on on nbc bay area in the morning. >> if we put on steph curry shoes we'll start hitting threes from 50 feet or maybe not? >> it seems to be the unstated promise. >> who knows what happens when you put on his wing tips. >> i do want to find out after the show. possible glimpse right now. not just into what it's like to walk in scott mcgrew's shoes but the future. the hyperloop first test in the desert a smashing success. hyperloop one was born from a concept by elon musk. the goal is to take from you san francisco to l.a. in over a half hour. trains would travel more than 700 miles per hour per hour more than double the bullet train speed. they hope to have a fully operational system in the next four years. >> that is super cool. i don't want to be the first one
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on it. >> let's test drive that puppy first. >> we don't need sunny california today. >> we have sunny kari hall. >> we will have that later on today. right now it's cloudy. but then as we go through the rest of the morning, our skies will be clearing fairly quickly. we can see above the clouds as we get a view from sunol looking at beautiful sunrise this morning. also some cool temperatures as we get this day started. it's 54 now in san francisco. also in the east bay. 7:00 in the south bay. as we drop in to get a closer look from all our weather underground sites, 58 in the santa teresa. 7:00 around downtown and a look at all the microclimates today. 83 in gilroy. 73 in redwood city. 70s also for the peninsula and 60s along the coast.
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upper 50s where the fog hangs around. wide range in temperatures. brent road 87 today. dublin a high of 82. some spots will feel like summer today. other spots feel like it normally does. you'll see our temperatures will be cooling down inland. we start out with morning clouds. futurecast shows we will have clouds right along the coast even this afternoon. it starts to roll back in as we go into early tomorrow morning. we'll do it again with the same pattern of morning clouds, afternoon sunshine and warm temperatures as we go through the day. a look at the weekend forecast. it will be nice and comfortable in san francisco into the low to mid 60s. mid 70s for the north bay. low 70s for the tri-valley. big event this weekend. bay to breakers sunday. at 8:00 in the morning, it will be 58. that morning fog. then as it clears out it will be
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breezy and nice and comfortable at noon. 66. overall shaping up looking like it will be a very nice weekend, even into the start of next week. let's head over to mike for an update on your morning commute. >> a couple of crashes. hayward and san jose. we'll take this live look at the golden gate bridge. a beautiful drive. visibility fine and the drive. we are looking at slower spots. talking about hayward and san jose. we'll zoom into san jose and get that you surface street traffic. i have word north 280 to north 880 is closed. there is no backup there. if you need an alternate cut that corner. right now we may get an update on chp. i'll send it out on twitter. southbound 808.
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marina boulevard where thing bog down, there is a crash at a-street and another before 92. 92 reported on the shoulder. a street, two lanes blocked. san mateo bridge itself will give you the live look. traffic west bound shows you that good build. bay bridge toll plaza has your backup as you expect. the maze moves well, just slow. 6:22. redefining what's healthy. new guidelines the fda is working on that may have you thinking twice about what you eat. >> watch that diet. 4-cju$e republican party could e at stake. up next what we know about talks happening right now between donald trump and house speaker paul ryan. (scal): good day, m'lady!
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right now - a face to face sit down between gop frontrunner donald trump and the let's talk politics. face-to-face sitdown between gop front-runner donald trump and house speaker paul ryan. the goal to unify the republican party. >> edward lawrence live in washington, d.c. this is happening right now behind closed doors. any idea what is being discussed? >> they are trying to unite the party. this is happening on the other side of the u.s. capital there.
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donald trump went through a back entrance. there are a lot of folks out there. washington police shut down part of the street that's over there in order to accommodate protesters and media in front of that. donald trump is trying to bring the party together on the same page with house speaker paul ryan. donald trump adds he has a lot of respect for paul ryan. he is a self-prescribed outsider according to donald trump. he may be winning over the traditional support there. he just received endorsement from seven house members a number of leaders are in that republican headquarters building right now meeting with donald trump. first meeting between paul ryan and at 9:30 east coast time, the meeting will change and the other representative and
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congressmen will come in and meet with donald trump, give them his concerns or their concerns and he will tell them his platform and hopefully come up with some agreement. the party would like to go forward on a unified front. edward lawrence, back to you. thank you. 6:27. next on "today in the bay," talking about the sinkhole in the middle of a busy san francisco street. an update when crews hope to have the roadway patched up. a pregnant mother of four shot and killed while driving down highway 4. bob redechlt we'll take you live to the police department. that story coming up.
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good thursday morning. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. today is officially national bike to work day. it's a little dark for us. >> and long and far. >> it's hard to see out there. >> we do have patchy fog developing. we see 50 degrees and patchy fog in the north bay. 7:00 in the south bay with highs reaching into the 70s in the peninsula in the east bay. 64 in san francisco. 82 for the tri-valley. still warming up into the 80s for our inland valleys today. it will be cooler in time for
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the weekend. let's head over to mike a big slowdown still happening in hayward. >> the rest of the day looks pleasant. maybe that bike to work might be lessening traffic. we have a problem for hayward but the rest of the bay looks good. we'll zoom in toward southbound 880 from marina boulevard passing the merge down to h street. we have a big jam. two lanes blocked at a street. san mateo bridge, you're fine. that is the most unexpected backup. there is a build northbound 280. better news though in the last few minutes i got word one lane transition from northbound 880 as well as southbound 17 are open. you can exit and jump back on to northbound 880 and cut the corner, if you want. >> thanks, mike. 6:31. another shooting on a busy bay area freeway this time turned deadly. the victim was a pregnant mother
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of four. >> bob redell is live at the pittsburgh police department this morning. there have been nearly 20 shootings on east bay freeways since november. this one particularly tragic. good morning. >> good morning. pittsburgh police do not believe that what happened yesterday on highway 4 is related to those other shootings that have taken place over the past several months here in the east bay. they believe in yesterday's instance the pregnant woman's car was targeted. this happened around 10:45 yesterday morning. 25-year-old woman whose family identified as chanique marie was driving with a man in a black lexus sedan when someone in a white mercedes opened fire near railroad avenue. both were taken to the hospital. the man expected to survive but pregnant with her fifth child, she died. >> somebody on that highway seen
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something. please come forward. she has four kids. four kids. >> we are concerned about the shootings that have occurred not only in our city but throughout our county. >> police do not have a description of the gunman. the suspect was driving a newer white mercedes sedan with paper plates. this was around 10:45 yesterday morning westbound highway 4 near railroad avenue in pittsburgh. bob redell, today in the bay. at 6:33 on your thursday, the case against the undocumented immigrant charged with killing kate steinle could be moving forward today. juan francisco sanchez is expected in court today. he is facing second degree murder charges in the shooting death of steinle last july.
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he had previously been deported five times. that shooting since sparked a debate over san francisco's sanctuary city policy. police say a san jose man attacked his own mother with an axe. when officers arrived on lansing avenue about 7:00 yesterday morning, they initially tased the man. then shot him when he wouldn't back down. he was taken into custody. police say he suffers from mental illness. his mother was injured but is expected to be okay. firefighters managed to gain control of these flames off eastbound i-80 in vallejo last night. it started as a car fire. the flames jumped to the neighboring hillside north of the toll plaza. in all, 20 acres were burned and nobody was injured. >> b.a.r.t. directors will vote on ratifying the recent contract
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extension agreed to by b.a.r.t.'s management and its unions. the three major unions agreed to four-year contract extensions. the relatively peaceful negotiations differed markedly from bitter talks in 2013 that led to shutdowns. the union's current deal was set to expire next year. >> crews were expected to work through the weekend to fix this sinkhole in the south of market area of san francisco. they stabilized the area, but now they need to install a temporary pipe to replace broken sewer line that dates back to 1865. the sinkhole opened up tuesday trapping an suv with a family inside. fortunately they were rescued and no one was hurt. not quite as old as the sewer lines. a world war i era cannon taken outside richmond's veterans' hall. they drove away in a matter of seconds. the community, especially
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veterans devastated by this. >> people die for this country. you don't steal from them. that's just not right. >> on top of that, the cannon is made of brass and iron. police suspect the thieves are going to melt the cannon down, sell it for cash. 6:36. food and drug administration is redefining what healthy means when it comes to food. like healthy fat. >> maybe not the hamburgers. current food guidelines are from the 1990s. in light of evolving nutritional research, the department will reevaluate regulations. >> the simpler we can make it, the more we can make it easy and accessible for the consumer, the more it ends up doing some good. the fda has been under pressure from the public and law makers to provide more accurate and reliable nutritional information. the p up will get a chance to add its voice in the near future. >>. >> let's check the future
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forecast. kari hall and a look at current conditions. >> looking good this morning with patchy fog and low clouds in spots otherwise. mainly cool temperatures and a look from mt. tam as the clouds start to part from there. beautiful shot as you get the day started. clearing later on today with warm temperatures. lunch break 66 in the peninsula. east bay 62. warming up into the low 70s in the peninsula and east bay. 80s in the tri-valley as well as south bay and san francisco in the mid 60s. i'll talk about the weekend forecast. a little cooler in spots. let's see what it looks like in the north bay. >> we'll look here. san rafael, s-curve moves well. lighter flow of traffic here. we'll show you the maps. overall things are looking good. san jose we do have that crash northbound 280 to 880. one lane blocked in each connector. we'll track this bigger slowdown in hayward at a street.
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fortunately the two right lanes are open. some folks are making that shift down toward the san mateo bridge. looking toward the bay bridge you have your jam at the bay bridge toll plaza. look at the rest of the approach. the maze, north bay moves well as we showed you from the live shot. san jose does have that slowdown. starting your build. that section from 280 to 880 where that transition has one lane blocked for each connector. >> some san jose homeowners are raising a stink about trash in milpitas. because milpitas city leaders voted to have 200 tons of trash trucked up to the guadeloupe land fill every day. it's across the street from a neighborhood where people say the trash and diesel fuels create an extra stench. waste management operators of the land fill say they don't have a stench problem.
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>> there's been no complaints verified that come from us by the bay area air quality management district in at least the last 2 1/2 years. >> really? that's the biggest joke i ever heard. where else it would come from? realistically, do we have any other dump strucks of this nature? >> waste management does say even with the added load, the land fill will be taking in less trash than four years ago. >> birds not helping the situation either. next, the gun that killed trayvon martin might be on the auction block. the post from george zimmerman that has many people infuriated. we'll take a look at steph curry's new shoes and how you can get them. taking a look at the big board this morning, dowç recovering from its worst day in three months. >> steph chuang live in san francisco by the eastern span of the bay bridge dealing with
6:40 am
foundation and safety issues. the decision today could mean repairs and how much that will cost. coming up on thursday here on "today" what to expect from donald trump's all-important meetings today with republican leaders. former vice president dan quayle weighs in on the race when he joins us for an exclusive live interview. also, why woody allen's son is calling out his father and slamming the director's hollywood supporters. we'll wrap up our celebration of national parks with a stunning treasure in maine. we are live at the cannes film festival this morning. justin timberlake and enear kendrick talked about their new movie. some people are outraged this
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morning that the gun used to kill trayvon martin is going up for auction by the man who kild 6:43 some people are outraged this morning the gun used to kill trayvon martin is going up for auction by the man who killed him. >> zim zimmerman said he recently received that 9 millimeter gun he used to kill the teen in 2012. zimmerman was a neighborhood watch guard and said he was defending himself. jurors acquitted him of any crime. a post from zimmerman brags about the gun's popularity describing it as a, quote, piece of american history. the online auction begins in one hour and ends tomorrow. a live look this morning at the bay bridge. today caltrans is expected to announce how it plans to deal with flooding at the foundation of the new tower.
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stephanie chuang live in san francisco. >> good morning to you. the caltrans said the time since the eastern span has gone up pulling back the layers of an onion finding more problems. now they have diagnosed the whole thing and know how to fix the flooding in the steel and concrete foundation of the 525-foot tall eastern span tower exposed to corrosion. first you remember caltrans discovered the problem in 2014 blaming the contractor for failing to properly grout many of the 400 rods. they drained the rods then discovered water seeped in. what is the big fix now? caltrans will replace the old grout with a waterproof seal and strengthen those rods. the cost $10 million plus another million to help develop a plan to protect the foundation from corrosion. this is on top of the budget
6:45 am
bearing $90 million in the red already. caltrans chief bridge engineer says the grout fix would be a major step fixing this man's problems. >> we are there. i am excited about that. that wraps up the construction of the self-anchored suspension bridge. >> this is the process that could take two additional years. cal strans says it will lead to the rods being dry and more quake safe. this is the latest in a series of problems plaguing this 6.5 million span. they were skewing in rain water five years attacked by hydrogen which make that strong steel brittle. what happens today is a three-member panel and oversight committee will make a decision whether to fund this $10 million. stephanie chuang, today in the bay. 6:45, new video this morning.
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the solar impulse 2 left phoenix. it took off 3:00 this morning. it is now headed to oklahoma. the plane taking off from moffett field just last week. the plane is on that historic trip around the world. its journey started and will eventually hopefully end in dubai. warriors are lookinging to build on their historic season. everyone is talking about the fact they kicked the trail blazers to the curb yesterday. >> scott mcgrew is busy looking at steph curry's kick. >> shoes are big business. i don't think people didn't know this particularly kids, they are always looking at the shoes. curry wore them last night. ann killion caught the change first. the shoes are not for sale yet but they sold out. these are called the back-to-back mvp shoes. they are $400.
6:47 am
we found a pair on ebay already. only $350. that it's opening price. also they are size 15. the numbers say curry is worth billions to the company. one analyst says curry had $14 billion to under armour's market cap. shoe sales increased 350% in the last year. video game players long complained video game steph curry is not as good as real life steph curry. it will send out a pass to the game that for 30 hours will max out the video game steph curry's ability. hit threes from anywhere. why 30 hours? i think you know. >> there is a sale at penny's but disaster at macy's. macy's same-store sales plunged. exactly what it sounds like comparing how much they sell in one store last year compared to the exact same store the
6:48 am
following year. the number was the biggest fall since the recession of 2009, leading to one big question. can retail continue to survive? one analyst talking about 1/3 of all american malls probably will not be around in five years. >> isn't macy's talking about closing a lot of stores? >> they already were and i think this number may increase the number of stores they've got to close. >> macy's and jcpenney have been hit the hardest. >> just the generic department stores. target and walmart survived, but upper scale stuff has not. >> thanks. very much a heroic act for an east bay bus driver. this man helped reunite a missing boy. ari was honored this week. you see him hugging the boy there. april 30th, he was driving his bus on grand avenue when he saw the boy riding a scooter on the
6:49 am
sidewalk. he says the 7-year-old looked too young to be alone and something seemed off. >> i got him in the bus, started talking to him. i realized that he was lost and i realized he didn't realize he was lost. >> he says after talking to the boy more, he learned his name was danny and he traveled all the way from his family's home in piedmont. danny has a mild form of autism. he worked with police to bring him safely home to his family and his mom. good reunion there. good-looking day on tap. >> san francisco nice and comfortable. expect the same thing today. seeing the same clouds we had yesterday at this time. looking from at&t park toward san francisco, low clouds to begin this morning. looking at castro, the same
6:50 am
thing as we will see that quickly clearing out by mid morning and early afternoon. some warming temperatures. now it's cool. in the north bay, it is 50. as we drop in on the east bay to get a closer look in pleasanton, 54. 52 in dublin and lafayette now at 52. low 50s to start out the morning. then we'll see that warming up once again very quickly today as we go hour by hour for oakland. mostly cloudy skies by 9:00. 10:00, it's nice and sunny as our temperatures warm up to the 60s. low 70s today. a look at the microclimates. 78 in san jose. 76 in palo alto. 77 in santa rosa. you can see this wide range in temperatures from 50s and 60s along coast to upper 80s in spots like brentwood. dublin, a high of 82. we will start to see things even out more into the weekend. we will still have those clouds
6:51 am
clearing out today. look at futurecast shows the clouds rolling back in tonight. then back at the coast by early tomorrow. on saturday we do it all over again. a mix of sun and clouds for the next several days and cooler air moving in with a stronger onshore flow. 74 on saturday in the south bay. 07 in the peninsula. san francisco stays in the mid 60s and low 70s for the north bay. east bay at 68 after coming down from 72 today. tri-valley will have the most dramatic drop in temperatures from 82 to 72 on saturday. big event happening this weekend in san francisco. bay to breakers sunday. 58, morning fog. watch out for that. will be cool to start then breezy at times. 66 at noon. we'll have another look at the forecast coming up. let's head to mike for the commute. >> over toward the bay bridge. toll plaza shows good movement. there is a backup.
6:52 am
you see the cars moving. let's looking at the stalled vehicle on treasure island. approaching the westbound direction. folks traveling westbound. we don't see disruptions to the flow. reports of a stalled station wagon there the big alert is we found a station wagon on the roadway. not a lot of slowing. look at that. hayward is the big slowdown out of san leandro. crash has been cleared from the chp report. we should see recovery from marina in toward highway 92. improving. sending more traffic toward the san mateo bridge. the rest of the bay moves well. in san jose we have northbound 2080 with extra slowdown. one lane over to the 808 blocked by a big rig crash there. it's the split off the freeway
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slows. if you want you can exit and get over to get back to the nimitz. up next, a dramatic rescue early this morning. crews rushed to safbt life of a driver trapped inside of what's left of this car. it's where the crash happened that might be the reason this man is still alive. 6:53. what's happening now. a proposed marijuana distensery that catered to senior citizens has been granted a permit in berkeley. we introduce you to scooter, a siamese cat that made it into the record books. before you head out the door -
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here are the top stories on nbc bay area... ==sam/s= 6:56. welcome back. here is a look at the top stories on nbc bay area. >> kris sanchez joins us live where investigators are trying to figure out how two people ended up dead at two different, but connected crime scenes. >> reporter: right. those two people who died were about 12 miles apart and about 20 minutes of time between those two reported deaths. now the work to connect the dots. we know investigators are here on scene. the road is still closed.
6:57 am
sheriff county?xr'vestigators were still on the scene last night gathering evidence at the home where that man was shot and killed and two others were injured in a scene investigators describe as bloody and hectic. neighbors told investigators they saw a silver prius leaving the scene after the shooting. when officers spotted a vehicle like that one on highway 17, about 20 minutes later and 12 miles away, that driver gave chase, crashed and tried to flee on first. officers found another man in that prius who later died. it's unclear whether he died from injuries sustained in the crash or whether there were other injuries also. investigators aren't saying how that man killed here in the redwood estates is connected to the driver of that prius, nor calling that driver a suspect. investigators say neighbors here don't need to be worried about having a gunman on the loose. near los gatos, kris sanchez, "today in the bay." >> new this morning,
6:58 am
firefighters sprang into action to save a person whose car crashed overnight right outside of their fire station. this happened a little bit after 1:00 in the morning in san jose right at the intersection of hillsdale and ross. firefighters from station 9 just returned from another scene when they heard that car roll over multiple times. the driver was trapped in the wreckage. firefighters say it took about 30 minutes to remove him from the vehicle. there has been no update on the condition of the driver or what might have led up to the crash. portland is polished off. bring on the san antonio spurs or the oklahoma city thunder, whoever survives that series. a live look at oracle arena after a night of celebrating. warriors resting up for the western conference finals. >> three-point is up. steven curry! >> look at that. that shot was the dagger. three late in the fourth put the doves up by five.
6:59 am
he had 29 on the night. the top scorer was clay thompson with 33. the doves needed all of it as they were able to fend off the blazers. he is their miracle man. everyone on that team has had a great series. >> let's check the forecast with kari. >> we'll start out with clouds this morning. sunshine this afternoon. temperatures in the 50s heading into the 60s near the coast. 70s for the bay and low 80s for the inland valleys. >> you're looking at a new crash on highway 101 in san jose. >> minor crash. critical area approaching 680 as the build comes off the capital expressway area. we are watching that. we watch this one north 280. a little extra slowing. overall the south bay looks light. look how quickly hayward recovers. that cleared at a street. back to work day.
7:00 am
maybe folks are taking mass transit. >> that would be a good day for it. >> get a little exercise on your thursday. see new a half hour. good morning. breaking news. donald trump arrives on capitol hill this morning. his highly anticipated meeting with house speaker paul ryan under way. can they reconcile their differences? will trump walk out with an endorsement? this morning, former vice president dan quayle weighs in in an exclusive live interview. >> brutal arrest. police officers repeatedly hit and kick a suspect after he leads them on a chase through two states. did their actions cross the line? this morning the investigation under way. controversial auction. george zimmerman allegedly selling the gun he used to kill trayvon martin. this morning what zimmerman had


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