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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  May 12, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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the next step in the trial of an undocumented immigrant and right now at 11:00, the next step in the trial of an undocumented immigrant accused of shooting and killing kate steinle in san francisco. thanks for joining us this morning. i'm kris sanchez. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. this is not just a murder trial but it's brought the sanctuary city policy into question. he's been deported five times before he says he found a gun and accidently shot kate steinle. >> stephanie chuong was --
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chuang was in the courtroom. >> reporter: there was a moment of misunderstanding so there was a delay of what was supposed to happen today. a very simple procedure but i want to mention that lopez sanchez's attorney says his client has a second-grade level education, making it difficult to make him understand what the attorney described as a complicated case. if you take a look at the video from court this morning, lopez sanchez, who has been behind bars since last july, came in the courtroom with his handcuffed in his orange jump suit and head shaved. smiled when he saw his attorney. the prosecutor filed for a very simple amendment, for instance, to include the weapon as a semiautomatic. the judge asked sanchez if he understood that he was waiving his right to a speedy trial. he shook his head multiple times
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despite the public defender explaining this is what they thought was best for him. the point is, lopez sanchez shouldn't be facing life in prison and has become a bit of a pawn in a bigger political game. >> i think he's being prosecuted, you know, because of forces that have come together, everything from presidential candidates talking about the case to the way it's been presented, that he's a repeat felon and all of that. this man's criminal record is extremely light. >> reporter: the public defender matt gonzalez says lopez has aggravated felonies because they were drug-related offenses committed by an undocumented immigrant. he has no history of violence on record. he's been deported five times back to mexico before the shooting last year when his attorney says he found a gun and accidently shot it, hitting and
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killing kate steinle. this case has received national attention because of the san francisco sanctionary policy. the trial will be set in the summer for the trial to happen later this year and concluded that he feels that his client will get a fair trial here in this city. live in san francisco, stephanie chuang, nbc news. a san francisco man is under arrest on two counts of murder in the shooting death of a man in redwood estates in the santa cruz mountains and found 12 miles away. the crime scenes were spread out. this adds to the intrigue between the suspect and the victim. in addition to two counts of murder, this man, andre redmon, faces two counts of false imprisonment and one count of
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burglary. he's being held without bail. deputies say they found a man shot to death inside his own home and two other people injured yesterday morning around this time. witnesses then reported seeing a silver prius leaving the scene. the sheriff's department confirms redmon was behind the wheel when deputies spotted it on highway 17 and chased him down until he crashed at hamilton avenue and tried to run away on foot. he was caught and the deputies found an injured man in that getaway car who died at the hospital. neighbors up at the redwood estates neighborhood say they believe the shooting victim was the father of two who just moved into that community about a year ago. >> he was a nice guy, had nice kids, you know, he was active in their eyes. he played sports with them and stuff. so it's kind of sad. >> investigators aren't yet revealing the identity of the man who was found shot in his home nor the man who died in the
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hospital. but based on the charges, it would appear that burglary or robbery could be behind the killings. we have more information about a freeway shooting. we brought you the first details right here live on wednesday during the 11:00 a.m. news. the person killed was a pregnant woman. it happened just after 11:00 in pittsburgh yesterday. a white car was going west on highway 4 when it targeted the victim's sedan. the victim was a mother of four and expecting a fifth child. family members identified her and hope someone will come forward with information about the suspect. >> all i have to say, somebody on that highway saw something. please come forward. she has four kids. four kids. >> a male passenger was also shot but is expected to survive. there have now been nearly 20 shootings on highways and freeways in the east basins november. police do not believe this
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shooting was related to any of the previous shootings. a chilly investigation in the south bay where police say a man who attacked his own mother with an ax appears to suffer from some sort of mental illness. we brought you this as live breaking news yesterday. when officers arrived on lansing avenue around 7:00 yesterday morning, they initially hit that man with a taser but then he then shot him when he still would not back down. he was taken into custody and police say that he suffered from mental illness. his mother was injured but is expected to be okay. b.a.r.t. and it is employees have come to a deal and that's really good news for commuters. no replay of that strike four years ago. >> we remember that one. bob redell is outside in oakland. good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning to you, kris and scott. we've actually moved on top of the b.a.r.t. building where the board of directors and leadership from the three unions
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stepped out for a news conference. no one is saying here that they think the contract is necessarily a great deal but they feel that this will help them get past the big strikes of 2013. it was within the past hour the b.a.r.t. board of directors ratified the agreement with the three unions representing 3500 b.a.r.t. workers. both sides reached this deal a month ago after months and months of negotiations. here's the high level. it's a four-year deal that starts next year from 2017 through 2021. there will be salary increases each year. the first two years, 2.5% increases for the workers and in the last year, each year will be 2 3/4. there is pending litigation and they will receive continued ridership-based bonuses. >> i've heard some people describe us as getting to this agreement as some sort of a gimmick, like, oh, well, we got to this agreement but it doesn't really mean anything has
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changed. i think for those of us who have been involved in this process in 2013, we all know that this couldn't have happened if it was a gimmick. if we had tried to broach this a year ago, it wouldn't have worked. this agreement is proof not just that we could get this agreement this time but it's proof that we can continue to work on things together. >> the way to avoid a strike is to do exactly what we are doing, to sit down at the table and deal with all of the progresses and processes that avoid that -- getting to that point. again, i think this is allowing us to focus on what we need to do as far as safety and service. >> this board has a tendency to kick the can down the road in addressing our bloated benefits that we give to our workers, including upper management that
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are not represented. >> reporter: there were two four-day strikes in the summer and fall of 2014 that shut down b.a.r.t. and caused massive headaches and people had to find alternate ways into work. with this ratified contract deal, the possibility of a strike would be years off, at least five years and no one is saying that that is going to happen but this deal would avert anything like that. bob redell, nbc bay area news. candidate donald trump met with house speaker paul ryan in washington today to see if they can get along and unify the party. the verdict? ryan said he was not yet ready to endorse trump. edward lawrence has the latest. >> reporter: protesters gathered at the front door of republican
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headquarters. donald trump waved and gaved a thumbs up as he met with paul ryan. both men said this is a positive step towards unification. >> we talked about what it takes to unify, where our differences were so we are strong as a party going into the fall. >> reporter: trump is reaching out to the republican establishment. for politicians, this was an important step in trump's ascension to be a nominee that all people can support. >> i personally don't think the rift is as big as people will imagine. there are minor issues that can be resolved very effectively. >> reporter: today was the first meeting between candidate trump and the house speaker. both men wanted to get acquainted so they can work together in the future. back to republicans, donald trump now has more primary votes than any other republican in history. edward lawrence, nbc news, washington. and this just in, a world
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war i-era cannon that was stolen has been returned. this is photos of that cannon and we're learning that someone bought it, didn't realize it was stolen and then saw our story and called the veterans home. they are not sure how the cannon was drove away within a matter of seconds. police are looking for the suspects. and the warriors are now waiting to find out who their next opponent will be in the next round on the road to another nba title, we hope. in a live look at oracle arena, game one will be played there but we're waiting to find out if it's the san antonio spurs or oklahoma city thunder. if the series takes seven
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games -- i need a diagram. steph curry led the warriors to come back in the second half defeating the portland trail blazers 125-121. the brazilian president promises to fight. just hours ago, the senate voted to impeach her. the first female president promised to use all possible legal means to stay in office. the senate's decision came after a month-long fight hurling latin america's largest country and the second largest economy into political turmoil just months before it hosts the summer olympics. brazil's vice president will take over as acting president during the trial. the senate has 180 days to desigh whether roussef should permanently be removed from office. steph curry is in a league
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all of his own. we'll talk about his own deal. and we'll look at the future of transportation. i'm meteorologist kari hall. skies are clearing and temperatures are warming up and it's a cooler weekend ahead. more on that coming up in the microclimate forecast.
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welcome back to you on this thursday. lots of cheering on the nasdaq and a couple of kids playing in the confetti. the markets are lower but not nearly as bad as they were yesterday. this turned out to be a lot cooler. there was a different version of under armour shoes last night. under armour sponsors curry and we looked at their financials last month and they say curry is worth billions to the company. the shoes that he wore aren't even for sale yet but the under
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armour website says they have already sold out. they are called the back-to-back mvp shoes. under armour shoes increased 350% in the last year. and nba 2k sports will increase video game steph curry's ability. there have been criticism of the video game, that the video game steph curry wasn't as good as real life steve curry. they will make him totally unbeatable, the way that he in life is totally unbeatable. >> basically, if your buddy gets steph curry on his team -- >> it's hopeless. >> all right. and that is the sound of the future, the hyperloop first test
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in the desert yesterday was a success. the company hyperloop one was built from a concept and challenge by tesla ceo. the goal is to take you from san francisco to l.a. in 35 minutes. trains would travel more than 700 miles per hour, about the speed of sound. hyperloop one hopes to have a fully operational system in the next four years and a bigger test later this year. and now to an investigative unit exclusive. did you know that we have laws that call for equal coverage of physical and mental health? the stigma is starting to disappear but people with severe mental illness are still facing road blocks to critical treatment. this family reached out to the investigative unit after their health plan denied coverage for their daughter's eating disorder treatment. doctors and psychiatrists recommended intensive therapy but they determined that the care was not, quote, medically
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necessary. the family paid more than $100,000 to get their daughter the help they believe she needs. >> besides being hurt and frustrated and angry, i wonder if my daughter had a medical illness, would it have been different? >> why are health plans continuing to deny coverage for critical mental health treatment? >> that's a really good question and each plan has its own process for how they determine whether or not they think a service is medically necessary. >> tonight at 11:00, the investigative unit takes this family's struggle to the regulator in charge of protecting health care rights. we reveal how often the state finds health plans and insurers are improperly denying coverage for mental health services. if you have a tip for our investigative unit or that one, give us a call at 888-996-tips. there's a lot more bikes in the office today. it's bike to work day.
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>> mayors on bikes should be a fairly common site. bay area bike share will offer free rides today and for that you do have to register on their website. so we have an excuse -- well, you have a particular excuse why we didn't bike to work today because you don't have a tandem bike because we go to work at like 3:00 in the morning. >> i have seen people out there at 3:00 in the morning. >> it's so dangerous because it's completely dark outside unless you have a major headlight or something on the front of your bike. >> at least it's nice and cool for those folks riding to work. >> yes. it's beautiful out there and our skies are clear. a great day to get out on the bike or walk to work or take public transportation, whatever you need to do as we start out this morning. we still see the clouds over the golden state bridge. we'll see them clear out in the next couple of hours. we're already seeing the skies clearing elsewhere across the bay area. you can see in san francisco, breaks in the clouds there.
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east bay, also seeing partly cloudy skies. looking at a lot of sunshine today. temperatures in the low 70s for the east bay and peninsula. in the 80s for the south bay as well as the tri-valley and to the north bay, 79 degrees today. still very warm in spots. cooler temperatures right along the coast. as we break it down for san jose, at 2:00, it will be 78 degrees and dropping down into the 70s by the evening commute. it's going to be 74 degrees. biking home from work, 71 degrees and a few more clouds moving in later on tonight. so that's been the trend. morning clouds, afternoon sunshine. looking at the futurecast, the clouds are rolling back in by tomorrow morning and then moving back along the coast and then we'll see this kind of going back and forth for the next couple of days. morning fog and clearing skies throughout the day. spotty, light showers early saturday morning but i don't
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think most of us will see any of that rain but we'll have cooler temperatures and partly to mostly cloudy skies on saturday. look at how our temperature trend goes down. for walnut creek today, for 85 degrees for today and then dropping back to 76 degrees tomorrow. 73 degrees on saturday, which is actually cooler than average. mid-70s in the forecast for the middle of the -- for the start of next week. and over the next three days, in the south bay, 81 degrees today to 74 degrees on saturday. low 70s for the peninsula. san francisco, keeping it pretty even with some temperatures in the 60s and some upper 70s for the north bay down to 70 degrees on saturday and the tri-valley being seeing the most dramatic cooling with highs in the 80s and low 70s for the weekend. and, of course, the breakers happening on sunday. the big race starts at 8:00 in the morning and we have temperatures in the mid-50s.
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morning fog and then we'll start to get a little more sunshine right around lunchtime. it will be breezy at times. winds in from the west at 10 to 15 miles per hour. it looks pretty nice for that big event that weekend. scott and kris? >> thank you, kari. flood concerns for the new span of the bay bridge as we look live, it's beautiful on the outside. we'll tell you about the key decision ahead for caltrans. first, a federal judge is ruling that spending by the obama administration is unconstitutional as it tries to fund the president's health care law. the ruling is a win for house republicans. and the bay area is no longer the most innovative region in the united states. apparently that title goes to boston. the new report blames the shift on the a weakening quality of life in the bay area. more news in two minutes. problems that's plaguing the new
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eastern span of the bay bridge. flooding is just one of the problems that is plaguing the new eastern span of the bay bridge. today, caltrans will reveal how it plans to deal with that very big problem. our investigative reporter tells us that this could add tens and millions of dollars in cost to a project now running $90 million in the red.
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>> reporter: the foundation behind me is water logged and cracks in the foundation posing the risk of corrosion over long term. our investigation shows that fixing this problem won't be easy. three years after the bridge opened, caltrans is still dealing with water trouble on the 6$6.5 billion span. >> there's been a lot of work and a long, hard road. everybody has had a good sense of this is important to do. >> reporter: water first became an issue when metal rods left standing in rain water failed in 2013. a year later, caltrans learned water had invaded the steel and concrete foundation of the 525-foot tall tower. the problem was blamed on cracks in the foundation. meanwhile, caltrans blamed the contractor for not properly grouting to protect the anchor rods that became flooded. >> we started pulling back layers of the onion and found a
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few more problems, a few more problems until we diagnosed the whole thing. >> reporter: cal trans now wants a $10 million fix that involves replacing the old grout and putting in new material for a water-tight seal. with grout surrounding them, the rods are expected to be even stronger in a quake. but the process could take two more years and comes with a hefty price tag for a cash-strapped project. >> i'm asking for $10 million of construction funds and on top of that, you know, a few million dollars for support on top of that. that hurts. there's no doubt about it. >> reporter: still, corrosive water remains inside the foundation itself. caltrans wants another $1 million to develop a plan to monitor and protect against its corrosion that the water might cause. a complete protection system could cost $10 million. maroney says fixing the grout will be key to solving the span's water problems. >> yeah, i think we're there.
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i'm really excited about that. that kind of wraps up the construction of the self-anchored suspension bridge. >> reporter: the oversight panel is expected to pick up the measures on thursday. nbc bay area news. some san jose homeowners say milpitas should hold on to its own trash. city leaders will pay to have more than 200 tons of trash trucked to the landfill in san jose every day. that's across the street from this neighborhood. though they already live near the dump, people worry about the diesel fumes that create an extra stench. they say don't worry. >> there's been no complaints that have come from us in the last 2 1/2 years. >> really? that's the biggest joke i've ever heard. where else would it come from? realistically, do we have any other dumpers? some trucks of this nature coming in the area?
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>> reporter: waste management says the added load from milpitas will be taking in a lot less trash than it did four years ago. why? ironically enough, much of san jose's trash is sent to the dump near milpitas. coming up -- >> i've had one woman who worked for me for three months and got a paycheck. >> no paycheck because of flaws in the system. i'm stephen stock. investigators have to wake weeks or months. care of the most vulnerable
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people in our community. a system designed to take care of the most vulnerable people in our community.
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but after a year-long investigation, it often fails the people it's supposed to help. >> senior investigative reporter stephen stock found out that the program is antiquated and is open to fraud and abuse. stephen? >> that's right t shows hundreds of people working under california's system of in-home support services or ihss, that they were paid late or not at all, according to that data. we found a system of antiquated rule and time sheets left in limbo often with no money or resource. >> that's why i have to be here all the time. >> reporter: the red line at the doorway inside of her home dell lynn ates the problems that she has. even though her son's requires constant supervision, rules
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stipulate that she can't go outside of her home with jimmy, can't cross that line. if she expects to get paid by ihss. >> he is autistic with developmental disabilities and he needs 24-hour supervision. >> reporter: jimmy clark is one of about 450,000 children and adults who are disabled, sick, mentally ill or otherwise need care by workers paid through california's in-home support services. administered by california's department of social services and over seen by local offices, ihss was designed to save taxpayer money by having the state pay for approved care delivered by qualified providers in recipient's homes. that way, people in need like jimmy clark, don't have to be institutionalized. providers, even family members, like jimmy's mother, can get paid by the state to take care of those people where they live. >> i was getting care 24/7.
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>> reporter: jeannie brown lived through reconstruction of a right foot, treatment for nerve damage in her hands and diabetes and neuropathy. >> the biggest problem is they made the recipient responsible as the employer. >> reporter: for most of the 3 1/2 years of her recovery, jeannie brown says she was barely conscious, constantly taking vicodin every few hours for the pain. >> were you being taken advantage of? >> i think in that respect, yes. >> reporter: even so, the rules require that she account for her provider's time. >> i'm supposed to take care of the hours and make sure that the hours are okay on the time sheets and sign theime sheets. >> reporter: we discovered hundreds of workers getting paid late or not at all. time sheets held up because of minor mistakes were not processed in a timely manner all because of the system is run and processed on paper through the
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mail. >> the very first thing i would do sl upgrade the technology so that payroll can be done online. >> reporter: the most recent data shows more than half a million errors requiring human action to process. while that makes up less than 4% in total, it still means delay in pay for tens and thousands of workers or, in some cases, them not getting paid at all. >> they really do pass off the buck of the problem on to the recipient. >> reporter: the problem is first hand. she's been a paraplegic ever since breaking her spine years ago. she relies on an ihss caretaker to accomplish even simple tasks, like getting the laundry done or going to the bathroom. >> i've had one woman who worked for me for three months without a paycheck. >> reporter: from 2010 through 2014, there were more than 150 court cases against the state or
11:36 am
a local ihss office for failure to pay wages to workers. >> car payments, co-insurance, all of that is due and without much hack we're not going to be able to pay it. >> reporter: oftentimes we discovered when providers are not promptly paid, they don't show up for work, meaning the recipients who depend on providers suffer, too. >> if my caregivers leave me high and dry, i don't get the chance to get out of bed. >> reporter: everyone we talked to about this problem agrees that the paper by mail system has few checks and balances leaving it wide open to mistakes as well as the potential risk of fraud and abuse. >> i get abused. they end up stealing from you. >> i would make sure that there were enough people monitoring what's happening to the funds that they are being allocated and paid out to the employees. >> do you think there is fraud and abuse going on? >> i do. >> now, we reached out to california's department of social services on multiple
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occasions, both by telephone and e-mail but neither the woman in charge of ihss, eileen carol, nor her spokesperson, would answer questions on camera. california's state assembly is planning to hold hearings on these very issues later this month. >> so the obvious solution is to put it online but then the older lady who said she was not capable of signing something couldn't do it online either. >> but then you have to have oversight and that's where -- it's between you and me and if you have unconscious and i give you a time sheet and you're signing something -- there needs to be more oversight. >> a supervisor. >> yes. and half a million mistakes a year, that's a lot of people not getting paid or waiting on paychecks. >> and a lot of these in-home
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caregivers are related. when do you punch in as mom and as occupational therapist? >> there's a fine line, as we showed in the piece, the red line. the fact of the matter is, some of these rules were promulgated back in the 1970s and nothing has changed. >> there should be a solution. >> exactly. >> stephen stock, thank you. >> you bet. >> if you have a tip, give him a call, 888-# 96-tips or send an e-mail to four san francisco supervisors are calling to replace the police chief greg suhr and a blue ribbon panel criticized the police department for targeting minorities.
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>> i don't see how this chief can continue to lead this department and effectuate the type of systemic change needed. >> suhr said, "the community has asked us to fast track change and not put politics before police reform and unfortunately that's exactly what this does." only the mayor or police commission can remove the police chief. chief suhr says he will not resign. a santa clara corrections deputy accused of sexually abusing a young girl will face a judge today. san jose police arrested anthony diaz this week. investigators say he abused the girl in 2012 when he was living with the girl's mother. diaz has been placed on unpaid leave. new allegations of sexual misconduct against three east bay police officers. the oakland police department
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internal affairs is on that investigation but they will not say what that misconduct was. they released this statement. "the oakland police department will not tolerate misconduct of any kind from its employees. the oakland police department holds all employees accountable for their actions on and off duty". there's an investigation in new hampshire after a video surfaced of officers pummeling a man who led them on a chase. the suspect went through several towns at speeds exceeding 100 miles an hour and eventually stopped, got down on his knees with his hands up and laid on the ground. then, helicopter video showed the officers punching the man while he was down. new hampshire's attorney general's office is now investigating misuse of police force. there looks like nobody is going to buy george zimmerman's pistol after all. within seconds of his auction
11:41 am
today, zimmerman is says that the gun disappeared from he was a neighborhood watch guard. he said he was defending himself. jurors acquitted himself of murder. a post from zimmerman brags about the gun's popularity. the smithsonian denied ever having considered owning or acquiring that gun. i certainly would hope so. coming up, not a nightclub, it's 49 practice. >> music so loud it rattles the windows. why it is still so loud even after neighbor complaints and we investigated. that's coming up next. the skies are clearing for a nice day with warmer temperatures and a cooler weekend ahead. i'll have more on that coming up in the microclimate forecast. back.
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"the sound" being the blaring music from 49ers practice. "the fury" coming from people who live near levi's stadium. well, the sound being the fury is back. >> the fury comes from the people who live near levi's stadium. >> so you can hear it. >> reporter: this man lives less than a mile from the 49ers' practice facility. monday through thursday for the past six weeks he's woken up to this. >> it just started.
11:45 am
♪ >> reporter: the software engineer says he's losing sleep. >> i got awakened because i heard a boom bass coming through the walls. >> reporter: a santa clara county con sicouncilwoman came the area to hear it for herself. >> i felt the bass in my chest. >> reporter: the team said it would act and today the representatives responded saying it's a work in progress. they've repositioned speakers and adjusted bass levels. we checked and we found the decibel levels had dropped since our initial report but for some of the neighbors it's the bass that is still unbearable. >> it's like being outside of a club. >> we're at a point where we need to collect information and find out what has changed over last year. maybe it's a new coach. i don't know. >> reporter: the 49ers say nothing has changed from years past. chip kelly, like most nfl
11:46 am
coaches, is known to use high-energy music to mimic the chaos and volume of game day. however, the website recently wrote about the upgraded sound system with heavy bass flowing. >> the council member wants to meet with 49ers' management. there is some temporary relief in sight. on the next leg of its journey, the solar plane left phoenix and is headed to oklahoma. that's somebody's desktop right there. imagine if they thought to get that ready, you would have seen that live progress. you may recall, the plane took off from mountain view last week. we carried that live on "today in the bay." the journey started and will end in dubai. >> i'm glad that wasn't my
11:47 am
desktop because there's all kinds of weird recipes and funny pictures from the kids and dog. >> it could have been worse. >> how long will it take for them to make it back to dubai? >> because they stop for weeks and each flight, it's days and days. >> also, how slow can you go before you fallout of the sky is my question every time i see that. >> it's getting energy from the sun, right? >> yeah. >> let's check in can kari. >> we're looking at sunshine in the forecast today and warmer temperatures. looking ahead to the weekend as you start to make plans, keep in mind it won't be as warm today. let's look outside over san jose. you can still see the few clouds left but skies are generally clearing. let's look at the time lapse from san francisco, city hall all lit up for the warriors. mostly cloudy skies throughout the night and into the start of
11:48 am
the day. now we're starting to see more sun coming through. that will be the trend for the rest of the afternoon. in the north bay, 60 degrees there. 61 in san francisco. as we drop in on the east bay, we still already have temperatures that have gone from the low 60s to mid-70s. wide range in temperatures, even in the east bay. 75 degrees in brentwood. into the next couple of days, we're seeing things evening out more. in livermore, breaking it down hour by hour, low 70s there for the 1:00 hour and then it continues to warm up fairly quickly for early afternoon and during the evening commute, 76 degrees and then cools off once again tonight with more clouds moving in. a look at all of the microclimates, in los gatos, 70 degrees and 76 in palo alto. upper 70s for the north bay. east bay, anywhere from 72 degrees in oakland to 87 degrees
11:49 am
in brentwood and livermore today, 83 degrees. the seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen shows you that we're going to stay dry. even though the futurecast shows more clouds moving in tomorrow morning and a chance of spotty sprinkles early saturday morning. by the time that clears out, we get sunshine saturday afternoon. we'll go back to this nice, comfortable weather pattern with temperatures in the 60s and 70s. low 70s for the peninsula and east bay reaching 67 degrees on sunday. mid-70s for parts of the tri-valley and south bay and the north bay. so overall, a very pleasant weekend ahead. we don't have to deal with the rain like we had to last weekend. this was a chance to make plans and enjoy. kris and scott? >> thank you, kari. coming up, the new report that bay area roads and highways are going to get worse before they get better.
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today -- as we give you a live look at highway 1-0-1 in palo alto. more bad news for commuters today as we look at highway 101 in palo alto. a national transportation research group says bay area is underfunded. >> our scott budman has more. >> reporter: you see them all over the bay area, projects to repair our roads. but amidst all of the traffic and construction delays, many of the projects are running short of cash. >> a lot of what needs to be done at this point is not funded. >> reporter: for example, b.a.r.t., a national transportation group called trip says the bay area b.a.r.t.
11:53 am
expansion is in danger because so far there's not enough money to fund the next phase. the same holds true, they say, for projects to widen highways in santa clara, sonoma and marin county. >> when you look at the most critically needed transportation projects that are going to keep the system mobile, keep the economy moving and people moving even more critically and keeping them safe, most of those currently don't have adequate funding in place. >> reporter: when faced with claims, the transportation commission admits he needs to raise more money but says it is doing so and will continue to raise money to keep people from running into too many projects like these. >> we've got tremendous work to do. huge backlogs. >> reporter: whatever you call it, it's looking for investment to fill the holes and keep the trains running.
11:54 am
scott budman, nbc bay area news. >> and we'll be back after this. high on a los angeles t-v tower
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11:56 am
yesterday. a man spent three hours perched 80 feet on top of a los angeles tv tower in hollywood. it's a busy road with a lot of tourists but it was no gimmick. the road was closed off and at
11:57 am
one point he appeared to be smoking and talking on the phone. he did eventually agree to come down. no word on why he went up there in the first place. police say he's about 55 years old and he's homeless. >> i know why he went up there, for the high-five. >> oh, my goodness. >> i thought about not bringing it up. >> probably would have been a good idea. and we have beautiful weather here today. looking at low 60s now and high temperatures reaching the upper 70s in the north bay. san francisco stays in the 60s. 80s for the south bay as well as the tri-valley. it will be cooler heading into the weekend. >> kari, thanks. thanks for joining us. next newscast is at 5:00. >> that's right. go to we keep it right up to date. have a great day.
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
today on "access hollywood live," a wild show, your dream has come true. >> i've been trying to get billy in drag for years. he wants to get in drag. rupaul promised us it's happening. it's happening today. >> bindi irwin is here, good to see you. >> good to see you. >> bob the drag queen, naomi smalls, finalists in the drag race. >> he doesn't know what's going on. >> 6'5" dolph lungren. naomi, is there anything you'd like to say? >> "axs live" starts right now. >> stand by billy, kit, stand by camera two, we're live five,


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