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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  May 12, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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he is suspended and he may also be expelled. as far as that teacher, he's been put on paid administrative leave and parents have been thefied about this fight. i'm elise kisher in, nbc bay area news. wa another sinking roadway in roadfrancisco at the intersection of polk and post. it didn't completely open up, issue ere was a clear depression ole. at road. d pairs are wrapping up in the area at this hour. >> as for the other road issue in the city, the big sink hole could be fixeded by saturday and swap in mind, this is beta breakers weekend and it will be crowded across san francisco. - wa is south of market on mission and that's that suv that hes nearly swallowed up by the sink hole and you see jose santa santana. qu's an uber driver taking a as hly to their hotel when suddenly that street gave way. >> one car was in front of me
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and we waited for the light. suddenly the car goes -- boom. e si was thinking i got nervous and i don't know what's going on. >> thankfully, he wasn't hurt nor was that family he was g nusporting and crews will continue to repair the sink hole beginning at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. oxes growing number of -- and you can see from the nbc chopper damianere is the home of police delivered the first dead body. today the man police have in custody spoke with damian trujillo. what did he have to say? >> reporter: not a lot, jessica. andre redmon met with reporters on the fourth floor of the main jail. our visit was very brief as detectives are still trying to find answers. today investigators were carrying out bags of potential
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evidence from the family home in the redwood estates community. one man is dead and another was injured after a shooting yesterday on madrone drive and a police chase, and the site of of a second crime scene in this case. sheriff a investigators are linking this man to both murders. 43-year-old andre redmon of san francisco. >> we arrested him late last night and arrested him on two counts of murder and two counts of false imprisonment and kidnapping with the intent rbry and burglary. >> deputies aren't offering a motive for the crime nor if he knew the victims and we tried to get answers after redmon agreed to a jailhouse interview and this is a picture of him on the fourth floor of the main jail and moments after we arrived it appears he'd changed his mind. redmon was asked bay a correction deputy if he wanted interview by media and nbc in particular. he said yes. i heard him say yes and we went up to the jail to interview him
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and he declined to do an interview. redmon is expected to be in court tomorrow. and as we were leaving the cell, redmon did say, quote, if i'm going to tell anyone my story i will tell my lawyer and i don't have one yet, end quote. and then redmon chuckled. t. e in san jose, i'm damian dujillo, nbc, bay area news. mor a cold case stemming from livermore has detectives asking for help. in 2006 someone killed jack dupay in livermore and burned ==s body off interstate 5. dna finally identified him last year. his parents who still live in lie bay area submitted theired dna to help find their son. they were near the central valley town. ==pay's parents say they lived in several california cities and == w people from los gatos and modesto. police released this krcrime sce
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e gto and are asking for anyone the knew their son around this time. >> donald trump headed to capitol hill in hopes of unifying the gop. trump sat down with a n gh-stakes closed-door meeting with the top-elected republican hasn'tuse speaker paul ryan. ough hir said they had an honest conversation that addressed their policy differences and that still hasn't swayed speaker ot= so far. he still refuses to endorse encep, though he does feel encouraged after today's face to face. >> i do believe that we are now planting the seeds to get ourselves unified, to bridge the eeted nd differences and so from here we'll go deeper into the policy areas. fornrump tweeted that he had a great day in d.c. with speaker ryan and the republican t onership and he also met with ofifornia congressman kevin mckarthy and kentucky senator mitch mcconnell. coming up on "nightly news," complete analysis of this meeting today as well as what ons. rats are saying about it. lester holt joins us at 5:30.
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laws promise equal coverage of medical and mental health conditions. it helps end the still ma of mental illness and thousands are t=cing roadblocks when it comes to getting critical care. menestigative reporter liz prober joins us with more. >> imagine a loved one struggling with addiction or odds mental illness. cided probably trust a medical team when you recommend treatment, but what happens when a doctor's orders are at odds with what a help service plan disord to cover. a south bay family reached out nsivhe investigative unit after their health plan denied teamrage of their daughter's eating disorder treatment. moreors and psychiatrists recommended intensive therapy the he health plan medical team deemed that care was not medically necessary. the family paid more than ess,,000 to get their daughter the help they believe she needs. >> besides being hurt and n ustrated and angry, i wonder if my daughter had a medical illness, would it have been different?
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>> why are health plans continuing to deny coverage for critical mental health treatment? >> well, that's a really good question and each plan has its own process for how they determine whether or not they ator ia service is medically necessary. veal j tonight at 11:00, we take the family's struggle to the regulator in charge of protecting your health care rights and we reveal just how baten the state finds health plans that insurance companies are improperly denying coverage of mental health services. >> thank you very much. "doctsee you tonight at 11:00. victims of a sexual predator are angry they weren't notified of their abuser's death. d.lliam ayres died of natural causes in the state facility. d ayer an honored expert in the edical however his 2007 arrest utsitered that reputation as some 50 former patients claims dgees abused them during medical exams. most of those cases were outside a e statute of limitations.
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when his first trial ended in a hung jury a judge determined in s ayres faked his alzheimer's ope,ase in an attempt to avoid a second trial. scrambling to get on the e saot, supporters of a sugary drink tax in san francisco say there's still hope despite missing a key deadline. mickers of the measure say they day.double the amount of oard oures they need to get on the november ballot, but here ate problem. they missed the submission ace tine by one day. now they're asking the board of supervisors to step in and place the measure on the ballot. it would add 2 cents per ounce tax on sugary drinks. >> okay, can the bay area handle for th this playoff drama? last night the warriors and tonight sharks. ark tahink we can handle it. it's win or go home for the sharks game seven against the predators. colin gets the best assignment and the warriors and the sharks, take it away, colin. >> reporter: yeah.
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everyone just keeps winning and we need the sharks to win tonight. look above me right now, people partying on the street and above the street if you can, if you can, you can get on top of that bus. you can bring a longtime shark season holder. how long have you been a season ticket holder? >> first year at the cow palace. two years at the cow palace, '09-'91 and '91 and '92 and for the opening of the san jose arena. >> this guy is a legend and he was telling me about the superstitions. what is it in. >> don't change a thing. i wear the same outfit for every game. >> love the shoes. >> thank you. >> and i am 5 and 1 in that superstition. so after tonight, 6 and 1. sharks going to the western conference finals. j a longtime season ticket holder just made a bold prediction. sharks going to the western
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conference finals. game seven against the predators and the puck drops after 6:00 and we'll be back at 6:00 with a former shark that scored the team in history. en: frutside the center, colin bridh. guys? a world war icannon is back where it belongs and the person who had it had no idea it was stolen. areajodi hernandez in richmond. i'll tell you what led to its recovery coming up. overfrom the golden gate bridge tesla e country. people travel all over the world ea ihe bay area to see our nt vo= attractions. could tesla, the controversial plan that could lead to tesla tourism. youo think that someone in teachkorea is studying computer science and using my course is craze. >> a story that will make you bay area proud. a student decides to teach his own course and how it's making a
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difference not only in the bay area, but around the world. good evening. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. we're tracking colder temperatures and the possibility of a little bit of drizzle and i'll have a bit of that in the microclimate forecast. here's a piece of american
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history. and its been recovered. this is the cannon stolen from an east bay veterans hall. here is a piece of american history and it's been recovered. this is the canon -- yes, the
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canon that was stole frn an east bay veterans hall. we had exclusive details about the theft and after seeing our broadcast, the man who said he just bought the cannon stepped forward. nbc bay area's jodi hernandez joins us from richmond with this unique story. how did it all unfold? >> reporter: raj, detectives got a call this morning from a man who said he watched our newscast and then realized that he had unknowingly bought the stolen cannon. we were there when detectives went to martinez to retrieve it. >> i promised the veterans, i'll get your cannon back. i just had confidence that we were going to because something like this isn't easy to hide and sure enough, here it is. >> reporter: richmond investigators searched for a stolen world war icann nontook them to martinez this morning where they say a man who just bought it called them after watching nbc bay area news report on the stolen piece of
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history. >> he saw the broadcast and then he put two and two together and just give us a call. >> police say the man who collects war memorabilia bought it from an undisclosed seller and he had it prominently displayed in his martinez front yard when he learned it was stolen from the richmond veterans hall. >> he felt terrible that this happened and he did not want any part of this because he thought it was a legitimate purchase. unfortunately, it wasn't. >> reporter: veteran art hunt is overjoyed the cannon is back where it belongs. >> oh, i hollered to my wife! they found our gun! they found our cannon because it's been sitting right here since '47. right here, and i don't know -- i still don't know who or why they took it. >> reporter: detectives say they're following up on leads and they are confident they will catch those responsible.
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reporting live in richmond, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> okay. it ended well. thank you, jodi. we're working to cut back noise on a notoriously large stretch of track. today the board of directors approved the purchase of over 4,000 of these dampers, that's what you're looking at right there. the dampers will cover the tracks between balboa park and daley city. the equipment will clamp to the rail and lessen the vibration that causes that well-known screeching noise of trains. they will be installed over labor day weekend. it's another bad day for apple. the stock continues to slide. over the past six months apple shares have fallen almost 22%, but that's not all. today apple also fell from the number one spot as the most valuable company in the world. alphabet which is google's new parent company is now the world's most valuable company. those a.p. classes or
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advanced placement courses are often seen as a requirement for college-bound high school students and most people have to take them. >> and not every school can offer an a.p. course and if they don't usually students are out of luck or maybe not. the story of a young man who has created has own path and now thousands of kids are following it. >> he got his first taste of science and coding in the seventh grade and he was hooked. he knew it had to be part of what he did with his life and he didn't know how many others he'd end up bringing with him. you'll see how in today's bay area proud. washington high school in fremont has a lot to offer its students. loads of activities on, and lots of caring teachers. it had everything, in fact, junior wanted in the school when he enrolled as a freshman, well, everything, it turned out, except the one thing. >> i was very, very excited to take the course. i was, like, yes, this is the
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course i need to take, and i get to washington high school and i find out the course isn't there. >> the course he really wanted to take was advanced placement computer science. he'd started getting interested in the subject as a middle schooler and really wanted to tackle it in high school. not one to let a lack of a formal course stop him, he bought a book. >> i took the test in may, and i got a 5 on it which is the highest score. that was exciting for me and notice how the program name has to match. >> it is what mokes did next that was exciting from so many others. >> he thought his benefit could benefit from his work and he started teaching the material after school to 30 of them. when scheduling conflicts made it hard to find the time they could get together. he didn't let that stop him either. >> i started to build out an online course myself.
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decoding a.p. computer science posted on the website is the free course he created and it turns out it wasn't just his friends who were interested. in a little over a year more than 4,000 others from around the world have taken his course. more than half, giving it a five-star rating. >> to think someone in south korea is studying a.p. computer science and using my course is crazy. >> reporter: it has been such a hit he followed up with his very own textbook for the course. in a few years moksh has become an expert about teaching high schoolers about computer science. >> reporter: and the rest of us, about not letting obstacles stand in your way. >> do whatever interests you, whatever problem makes you think i can do something about it, just go out there and do it. >> and if you're really, really smart so you can do it. >> exactly. not your average kid. >> the course on the website is free, and he's not making money
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off the books. he said this isn't making money off of it and he's passionate about computer science and loves the idea of getting other people, particularly his peers passionate about it and having a whole course written by a high schooler makes it easier for other high schoolers. >> embarrassing for adults who made tutoring. >> that was fantastic. >> take a look. this might be the video of the day. pretty cool. it's happening as we speak in the bay just a few minutes ago. our nbc chopper caught the humpback whales near the golden gate bridge. apparently, they're going back out to the ocean to resume their migration. >> we're watching the chopper feed and there are kite boarders right near the whales. >> that is really cool. experts say they're seeing more humpbacks in our bay because of the anchovies, an increased number of anchovies near the shore. there are live pictures now and you saw the golden gate there
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and these are live pictures and maybe those same two whales are now heading out back out west toward their migration and really cool to see these humpback whales. >> it is critical for anyone near the whales to make sure they don't go near them and you have to stay within a certain distance so they're not in their habitat. >> it could be dangerous for sure. >> it would be cool to look at up close, but also illegal. >> the forecast does have changes coming our way as we head throughout tomorrow and namely come colder temperatures, friday, saturday and also on sunday and the possibility of drizzle and courtesy of the storm system. as we take a look at your skynet work now. you can see the differences across the bay area and 59 right now in san francisco and in the east bay at 76 and it's all due to the fog up against the immediate coastline as you can see on the sky-cam ra specifically in this location and 63 been with more fog building back near the san francisco area, we will have
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that coming on back for tomorrow morning as you take a look, you can see the south bay starting off at 52 and east bay at 50 and for san francisco, areas of drizzle and 53 to start. all of our changes, no doubt, are being caused by this storm system that's developing just offshore right now. there is some rainfall associated with it, but most of that rainfall will be heading off to the north and we'll get some colder air that's wrapped around this. once again, they'll move on in and the seven-day forecast and let's take you into the forecast for tomorrow and let's see here and once again it's widespread overcast and the possibility of dri drizzle by tomorrow morning and we get sunshine building and fog remaining in the immediate coastline. i think our best chance of drizzle in the morning hours will come by saturday morning with accumulations expected right up from point rays up to half moon bay and let's take a look at the accumulations and not too much and trace amounts to .03 of an inch and from hal moon bay up to santa rosa and we
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could see the best possibilities here of .02 of an inch to gilroy and we may get this drizzle adding up to 100 of an inch as we take you into the microclimate forecast tomorrow. you can see them dropping from 3 to 6 degrees and that will put san jose -- from the peninsula, a noticeable drop and pallo alto, 71 and chilly in san francisco throughout the marina at 59. for the north bay, east bay and for the trivalley, nolo 80s tomorrow and 71 in napa and mill valley in 67 and the east bay, walnut creek and 73. cooler changes as we head throughout this saturday and sunday and that again is the biggest difference by saturday and south bay at 73. on sunday, 72. for the trivalley we'll drop into the low 70s as well. coming up at 6:00, we'll track the beta breakers forecast.
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it will be chilly. >> ooh, chilly. next at 5:00, at the center of controversy again, it is george zimmerman and he tries his hand at an online auction. see what he's selling. it has a lot of people outraged. happening now...on our website:
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==reveal== google wants professional women to be better reprsented in emojis. the company says women -- particularly those under 30 -- happening now on the website, google wants women represented on the emojis. women under 30 are the most frequently the users of e mojes. it's not just the birthday, it's the birthday season. the extravaganza that began today for queen elizabeth's 90th birthday. back in a moment. the handgun used to kill an
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unarmed teenager, "trayvon martin", is raising allegations of insensitivity, and the handgun used to kill an unarmed teenager trayvon martin is raising allegations of insensitivity and the website crashed while traying to sell it. george zimmerman offered the pistol in an online sale, but the gun was withdrawn minutes before the auction began. later it was again on sale at a different website which program. ly crashed. it's been almost three years since zimmerman was acquitted which sparked anger and national debate. they were outraged by the proposal of that sale. >> from gunshot to pot shop. a published report says the owner of the former highbridge arms in san francisco will re-open as a medical marijuana
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dispensary. highbridge arms closed last february and it was one of the first to close amid the tightening gun regulations. it will reportedly open this summer as a non-profit helping low-income customers. back in a moment with a new plan involving tourists and tesla.
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(music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette)
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==anim== ==take vo== our business and ch coming up tonight at 6:00, a one-on-one tonight. a reporter spoke exclusively with sir richard branson. what he had to say about elon musk and his reaction to the sale of virgin america and that's coming up tonight at 6:00. >> speaking of elon musk some people go to germany to pick up their mercedes or bmw and it can happen in the bay area to pick up tesla. a new bill is kicking up debate in the state capital. bob week you on ski. it will increase tourism spending across the bay area and critics say it will reduce state tax revenues. critics say the tax breaks will likely apply to affluent customers who don't need tax
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breaks. >> that will do it for us and we hope to see you tonight at 6:00. nightly news is next. tonight, behind closed doors, a wild day in washington. nbc news learning details from inside the meeting of gop powers at odds. donald trump and paul ryan. can the party unite? new fallout from a police beating caught on camera. the shocking scene after a car chase. officers pummel a man on the ground. up in arms. george zimmerman sparks a major new furor, auctioning off the gun he used to kill trayvon martin, calling the weapon a piece of american history. >> breaking news in the death of joan rivers, late word of a major settlement between the doctors and her daughter, melissa. an alarming rise in strokes, striking people in 20s, 30s and 40s. why is it happening? the risk factors everyone should be aware of. "nightly news" begins


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