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tv   Early Today  NBC  May 13, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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it's friday, may 13th coming up on "early today," obama administration will issue a directive on transgender access. what came out of the much hyped meeting between donald trump and the gop leaders, including republican james baker. then one woman takes on two-car jackers at gunpoint. the and the 17th skydivers who walked away. a luggage nightmare and much more on a busy friday. "early today" starts right now. good morning, everyone. the obama administration will issue new directives to all public schools across the country on the use of bath roro when it comes to transgender
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students. in order to be in compliance for title 9 fund, they'll have to treat students consistent with their gender identity. good morning, edward. >> reporter: good morning. this move affects all public schools and most colleges and urtss, strongly worded letter going out to the education department, talking about if they need to comply with this title 9 rule, or else they face losing federal funds. that means they have to make accommodations for transgender students related to locker rooms and bathrooms. you may remember, this comes days after north carolina and the federal sued each other over north carolina's bathroom bill. under the threat of losing federal funds, many states actually backed down. north carolina is not backing down. the white house says that north carolina will not lose federal funds until all of the lawsuits are settled. at this point the guideline goes into effect today, because it is an interpretation of a rule
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already on the books. no word on when the federal funds will be removed, if there a violation. and that's in every other case other than north carolina. >> already, edward, thanks for that. well plr, mr. trump goes to washington. the meeting is over, but for the republican party, the unifying is just beginning. donald trump met with leaders from the house, the senate and the rnc on at. >> en -- on the agenda, abortio entitlement, tax policy and the supreme court. party leaders have mostly said it was a success. >> it was a feeling it's time to unify the party. >> we're going to continue the conversation. >> everyone who attended really felt good about the meeting. >> the most important meeting on the agenda, trump's 45 minute face-to-face with house speaker
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paul ryan. now, while the two made some headway, ryan didn't go the extra step of endorsing donald trump. >> i was very encouraged with what i heard from donald trump today. i do believe that we are now planting the seeds to get ourselves unified, to bridge the gaps and differences, so here, we're going to go deeper into the policy areas to see where the common ground is and that we're operating offer the same core principles. >> here is what trump said to fox news regarding his meeting with ryan. >> i thought it was a great meeting. we had a -- we discussed a lot of things, a lot of important things. i thought it was a very, very good meeting. i think paul felt the same way, and everybody else did also. i think we had a great meeting today and i think would he agreed on a lot of things and it will be a little process, but it will come along. >> trump has paid a visit to his lawyers, meeting with lobbyists and republican officialing,
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including james baker. meanwhile, trump is in hot water after his long time butler anthony senecal, calling for president obama to be killed. senecal backed up those comments in a phone interview with nbc news. >> there is more than some issues with him. he is a [ bleeping ] damn traitor. t.h.a.i.t.o.r., that's the way i feel. >> so you think that's, i guess, what should be done with traitors? >> i think he ought to be hung. i think he should be hung next to hillary clinton, and i think it should be public. i think he should be testill advised in front of the white mosque. >> he did not previously discuss these thoughts with trump and the campaign issued this
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statement regarding senecal. he does not work for marco ru-a and is conducting an investigation. meanwhile, hillary clinton and bernie sanders pounced on trump's capitol hill meetings. clinton releasing this statement. since donald trump became the presumptive nominee for president last tuesday, the course of republicans and conservative commentators from around the country rejecting his divisive candidacy has grown daily. today, speaker ryan met with donald trump, but he clearly wasn't swayed by the nominee, as he again refused to endorse him. and sanders said this to chris jansing. >> they have to work out those policies with their candidate for president, who seems to change his views everyday, except when he continues to insult latinos and mexicans and
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muslims and women and veterans and african-americans. they've got a serious problem. extreme right wing party dealing with a guy who changes his views everyday. >> the same day immigration activists protested donald trump on capitol hill, news broke that the obama administration plans large scale deportations across the country. raids are planned over the next two months, and they stem from 2014, when tens of thousands arrived at the border. the administration has said that it deports only those who have exhausted their legal appeals to remain in the country or those who don't make a case for a s l asylum. both clinton and sanders denounced the administration's plan, standing against the large-scale raids. it's been almost two years since joan rivers died, after a routine medical procedure, and now word a financial settlement has been reached between her
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daughter melissa and the doctors. joe fryer reports. >> a settlement in the malpractice suit against doctors in a new york clinic. attorneys for the family say details, including the dollar amount, will remain confidential. with the matter closed, melissa rivers says i'm able to put the legal aspects behind me and those culpable for her death have accepted responsibility quickly and without ee -- >> this suggests the doctor had a lot to answer for. >> joan rivers suffered fatal complications in 2014 at yorkville york endoscopy. they waited 12 minutes to call 911. >> in my opinion, it was 100% preventible. >> the party as greed to settle to avoid litigation. joe fryer, nbc, new york.
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u.s. navy has fired the commander of ten american sailors detained in iran. the navy says it has lost confidence in commander eric rasch, territorial waters during a training mission. the ten sailors, nine male and one female were held for 15 hours. they tell the associated press that rasch failed to provide effective leadership, leading to oversight, complacency and failure to maintain standards in the unit. rasch has been relieved much his command and reassigned. police in atlanta are searching for two would be carjackers at a gas station saturday night. the owner, just wasn't having it. even after one of them pointed a gun in her face, she wouldn't let them leave. she tries pulling them out of the car, as attempts to drive off. finally, they decide they've had enough and run away. people were watching the struggle, but no one intervened.
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a reward of up to $2,000 is being offered. here is something you don't see everyday. a hump back whale of san francisco bay during their annual migration north. an unprecedented number have been spotted in recent sweeks, likely do to a high concentrati concentration of fish during incoming tides. bill car rans is here with the forecast. >> he was like surfing. story to tell for many years. forecast has been really nice in much of the west. northwest was really good, too. problem spots today in the country in the east, if you're doing any travel, the cold front coming toward the east coast, isolated severe storms in north carolina today. in the west, great weather pattern, now it will shift. you can see the spin here off coast, some will be shifting. you get one more beautiful day today, well above average, summer like conditions and then crashing over the weekend.
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seattle, your record high today is 84, predicting right close to that. amazingly warm spring continues for you. san francisco, some stratus clouds, phoenix, hottest day of the summer if we get there to 104 degrees. how does the weekend out? as i mentioned, some of the moisture begins to move into the northwest, temperatures significantly drop, going from 84 in seattle to 73, and then portland, 64 on saturday. then for sunday, that storm system will still be bringing clouds and next time you'll be this warm. >> looking good in some parts of the country. >> beautiful friday. dinner and lunch outdoor day in
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no, no, no, no, [music] people are both soft and strong... yey! which is why our products are too. angel soft. the fight against the zika virus, leaders reaching a deal $1.1 billion in funding to go towards research and state preparations against the mosquito virus. it falls short of obama's request, but ends a month long stand off how much spending is needed to address the growing threat. two state troopers on a high speed chase have been relieved of their duties. the driver had several outstanding warrants, 50 mile chase from massachusetts into
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new hampshire. it is now a criminal investigation into the use of force. catholic church could be seeing female clergy soon. creating a commission to whether women can become decons on the question of female priest, he said the door is closed. heart stopping ride at busch gardens, 64 riders stranded for at least two hours before crews could safely evacuate them. let's get down to business with landon duddy. good morning. >> good friday morning to you. apple gets knocked off of the perch as the world's most valuable company, fresh worries about slowing iphone sails, based on thursday's market close, $1.497 billion, google's parent company, stock 30% in the past year. meanwhile, suburaa, recall, serious steering issue.
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this sunday on the new nbc new series, on assignment, harry smith takes us to paradise to no cameras have ventured before, about 1,000 miles south of hawaii, ravaged, look for his report on 7:00, 6:00 sen trer. knocking out san antonio, the spurs managed to claw their way back, but then the deciding sequence. check it out. >> duncan, catches, duncan blocked, picked up by westbrook.
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westbrook to durant, and the finish! a huge turn around. >> put a stop to the spurs stampede and oklahoma takes the series, in what could be duncan's last game. they face golden state in the western conference finals. breaking overnight, steve mcelvene died in indiana, an official cause of death has not been revealed. a star freshman, he was just 20 years old. check this out. a cute kitty decides he wants to sub into the angels/cardinals game. he runs across the field before quickly changing his mind. the cam jumped into the stand and disappears. they show people jumping out of its way before a brave fan catches him. mark zuckerberg meeting on instagram. plus will george and julia rule the box office this
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censors will voice the head and arm movements to animate homer during the live chat. in anticipating of prank calls, there will be a seven second delay. famed activist, george clooney on hand for the cannes festival. check out what he said regarding donald trump. >> there is not going to be a president donald trump. that's not going to happen. it's not going happen, because we're not going to be used -- fear is not going to be something that we're going to -- that's going to be what drives our country. we're not going to be scared of muslims or immigrants or, you know, women. >> opening this weekend, foster's financial thriller "money monster". and friday the 13th spooker, staring kevin bacon.
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steven col colbert got ahold of donald trump's tax returns. >> under race, he just circled the ones he wants to deport, okay. let's see, social security number, a good one, trust me. all right, let's see. under exemptions, income, he just wrote huge, and under adjusted gross, he wrote rosie o'donnell. >> oh, come on. rosie has been staying out of it. >> she still gets dragged into it. are you going to see "mondey monster this weekend?" >> no. this is "early today." i will change you. change your goals to get you home earlier every day. sometimes i will give you superpowers.
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leading the news on nbc, phoenix glitch leaves 3,000 bags stuck. according to a tsa spokesman, it had unprecedented technical issues. airlines arranged for the bags to be driven and then ultimately flown to their final destinations. also on, poultry workers denied bathroom breaks wear diapers. they're ignored when they asked for bathroom breaks and risk being fired. we interviewed worker over a three year period and site that tyson foods and pilgrim's pride is the major offenders. they've denied the allegations.
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cose at thta rica eruption, 1:00 a.m., but but the time the sun rose, the only visible evidence was the ash. 18 people aboard a crash in northern california, amazingly, no serious injuries. the plane had trouble almost immediately after takeoff, but when the pilot tried to land, he clipped a pickup truck, an investigation into the cause of the crash is underway. a giant tourtle has nine ne babies. a cougar, only european institution that has successfully bred tortisoses. an impressive feet. golden retriever all too familiar with the the layout of
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his town after escaping from his backyard, checked into daycare over a mile away, and he waited at the door and let him stay for free all day for his are hard work. now a look ahead. a judge has set a noon deadline for u.s. prosecutors for uncharu uncharun the grij bridgegate, branding them as a criminal. chris christie has denied any knowledge of the incident. happy birthday to girl's creator, lena dunham, twilight actor, robert patton son and stephen colbert, turned 52. of course, music icon stevie wonder is 66. we'll see you back here monday morning. have a good weekend, everyone.
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>>. >> a stroing of violence in the country continues leading to an active crime scene this morning. >>. >> all eastbound lanes of i-80 and hercules closed. the question is why? investigation under way. >> freeding frenzy at the tank. goal on goal on their way to the western conference final. "today in the bay. in "starts right now. thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia gannon.


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