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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 13, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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took this video in the san francisco bay. get an up close and personal with a piece of history. where you can get a picture with steph curry, mvp trophy. today in the bay continues right now. a very good friday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. what is better than a picture of the mvp trophy? a picture with steph curry. mike can get a look at our morning commute friday light in a little bit. >> everyone has high demand for the weather forecast hoping to get sunshine over the weekend. >> we will in some spots. not all across the bay. we'll still have low clouds and fog lingering near the coast. it's 56 degrees in san francisco and 51 in the north bay with patchy fog. all that clears out later on today for perfect mostly sunny skies. up to 68 in the east bay. 67 in the peninsula and 62 in san francisco. it will be cooler today.
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we'll look ahead to the weekend coming up in a few minutes. we have metering lights but friday lights? >> yes. we are looking at the traffic at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights are on. seeing just that one little bit of red there. the rest of the bay shows green sensors overall. looking at a little build at the altamont pass. i do want to zoom in toward the dublin interchange. we show a little build for that volume of community. >> we move to breaking news since we came on air at 4:30 this morning. investigators right now combing through a san jose shopping center for evidence after someone stabbed a man to death just a few hours ago many. >> it happened at story and king roads. the scene still very active.
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kris sanchez is also there. any word on a suspect? >> we do know there is a killer on the loose. police have not identified who the person is who stabbed that man to death here at the tropicana plaza at story and king. the victim is a man stabbed at least one time and died here. police say they are trying to figure out why that man was stabbed and whether that person was inside any one of these many businesses in the area leading up to that stabbing. because there are so many businesses here in the area, investigators are hopeful that surveillance video may reveal what happened, how the killer got away and clues about who that might be. >> there is a killer at large. we are working diligently to identify and apprehend that person. >> it is too soon to say whether this deadly stabbing is related to any gang activity or a robbery perhaps. anyone with information is urged to report it. of course, that information can
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be reported anonymously. this stabbing victim is san jose's 17th homicide victim of this year. kris sanchez, today in the bay. it is 6:03. lanes of interstate 80 were shut down because of police activity. we are working to find out more from the chp. we do know there was a crash at 10:30 last night on the eastbound lanes of 80 west of highway 4. one person was taken to the hospital. investigators are not releasing their condition. all lanes were closed off for several hours but they are now open. >> the morgan hill gym owner accused of sexually assaulting his clients is expected in court to face charges. he will be arraigned later today, the owner and trainer at wolfpack training center. five female clients are accusing him of sexual assault. two of them are minors. >> wolfsmith faces up to 40 years in prison if convicted. >> a peninsula police officer is now at the center of a criminal
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investigation himself. san mateo police officer noaa winchester is accused of sexually assaulting women while on duty. prosecutors say they've been investigating him since october. the san mateo police chief released this letter announcing she put winchester on indefinite leave. he since resigned from his job. >> students in one south bay elementary school are reportedly dealing with a wave of stomach sickness. the "mercury news" is reporting at least 90 students have stomach flu over the past two weeks. that actually makes up more than 10% of the student body. at least six staffers have become ill. no other school district have been affected. governor brown is releasing his revised state budget later today. in january, brown proposed a modest $122 billion dollar spending plan about. half of that goes to education.
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today's release comes amid new concerns about declining revenue and renewed pressure to assist low-income residents. 6:05. near the golden gate bridge. did you see it? two humpback whales prolicing in the san francisco bay. this video is from our chopper yesterday flying overhead. take a look at that. it shows kite surfers there and a wind surfer moving too close to that action. local whale watching businesses are used to navigating near the mammals but know to keep a safe distance. >> they tell us to not approach them at a quick rate of speed. we can run parallel with them. if they start changing course a lot then that means we are bothering them. >> you don't want to bother them. experts are reminding everyone, you can be fined for getting within 100 yards of a humpback whale or altering its course.
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that fine can run as high as $10,000. >> from whales in the water to sharks on the ice. san jose sharks trouncing the national predators in game seven of their stanley cup playoff series last night. the fina score 5-0. next up is the st. louis blues. that will be in the western conference finals. >> sharks have gotten this far three times before, but they've never been able to win the western conference finals to get to the stanley cup finals. fans hope this year things will be different. >> oh, my god. we've been waiting our whole lives. >> we are going all the way this year. >> this is our year, baby. this is it. >> that one girl was 3 years old. >> puck drop this sunday at 5:00 p.m. game two on tuesday also in st. louis. then the series shifts back to the bay area, back to the shark
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tank for games three and four on thursday. this is the first time sharks and warriors have advanced to the western conference finals in the same year. we know the doves will take on oklahoma city thunder. >> all of the mystique here is developing. thunder beat the spurs last night. what that means is that okc will be in oakland for game one monday. game two will be in oracle arena on wednesday if the warriors do have home-court advantage. the series shifts for games three and four to oklahoma city. that will be may 24th. >> so many games are going to take it day-to-day, i think. >> you would love a picture with steph curry, right? today you can get close snapping a picture with his two mvp trophies. the hardware will be on display all day long at the doves team score at oracle arena 9:00 this
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morning. earlier this week, curry was named the league's most valuable player for the second straight season. he's the only player to win the award unanimously. he might be the next mayor. >> let's check the forecast. we made it to friday. nice-looking weekend on tap. >> beautiful weekend on the way. we do start out with clouds this morning. you may have to watch out for fog. we take a look out there, today in the bay, a pleasant day. especially for many spots. away from the coast. we'll see those clouds lingering in san francisco and right along the coastline for most of the day. warming up into the mid 60s by lunchtime for the tri-valley. up to 74 as you drive home. 74 in the south bay. north bay 70 and 62 in san francisco. into the weekend, we'll see more of the same weather. i'll talk more about that and give you a look at the bay to breakers forecast. updating that crash, here's
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mike. >> we'll talk about that crash. happened early morning. want to talk about low clouds right here san mateo bridge unaffected. there may be an issue later on. there is the bay commute. friday we have green sensors around the bay. talking about that+i-valley crash happened earlier this morning. still have activity on the shoulder. may also have that slow lane blocked. the car went into the guard. as volume builds, you see no slowing for 680 or 580. fremont southbound moves well. few more cars on the roadway. no slowing into milpitas. 6:09. happening today, a somber annual event taking place in washington where the names of fallen officers who died in the line of duty will be honored a at the law officers' memorial. >> there are going to be 252 names added.
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that includes michael johnson from san jose police department and hayward police officer scott lunger. we covered their funerals. >> i know. up next, a stolen world war i cannon returned to its rightful owner. the investigation how it disappeared is just beginning. >> how they got the tip to where it was. a plane carried 18 people crashes and lands upside down in a california field. hear from those onboard. uber says some cab companies are faking their reviews.
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it is 6:13. a story not sitting well with many. the bidding for the weapon george zimmerman used to kill trayvon martin is in the millions. it's not clear if those bids are serious. bids for the .9 million meter gun surpassed $6 million online. it began on gun the website took that auction down. another website has taken over. you may recall zimmerman the show and killed trayvon martin
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who was unarmed in a florida neighborhood four years ago. zimmerman claimed self-defense and a jury acquitted him. >> 17 skydivers got far more than they were asking for when their small plane experienced engine trouble after take-off. >> their plane struck a truck then crash landed upside down. amazingly, only the pilot suffered minor injuries. it happened yesterday. the plane crashed in a vineyard about 1/4 mile from the airport. after the pilot tried to return to the airport. >> everything is rolling and boom, we are on the ground upside down. everything is dark. >> the plane own has not determined what led to engine trouble but an investigation is under way. >> our first look at internal facebook documents showing exactly how employees chose
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those controversial trending stories. >> a lot of questions about what's the formula. >> there is a lot more humanity than facebook was letting on. facebook released the instructions it gives to news employees. the documents marked for internal use only show the process by which employees are supposed to pick the stories that show up as trending. the first culling is done by computers looking at the number of hits, the rest is the process as we reported, done by people. zuckerberg and facebook came under fire after a blogger said sometimes they quash stories favorable to conservatives. "wall street journal" says this morning zuckerberg plans to meet with conservatives to smooth things over. it's note clear who those conservatives are. uber is back in federal court in san francisco fighting a coalition of cab owners in los
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angeles who claim cabs are safer than ride share. there is irony here in uber used to say uber was safer than cabs. uber has a particular problem with one cab company. uber says postal reviews online they are fake. one review the cab company featured on the cab's website from richard talking about how great l.a. city cabs are. this is the picture posted. if you're saying, i know that guy. that's tom from my space, you're right. score one for uber in federal court. >> last month uber agreed to stop saying it was the safest way to get a ride. >> to football news. electronic arts says the patriots ron gronkowski will be the cover of madden 17. there used to be a madden curse.
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michael vic broke his leg five days after appearing on madden. coach madden is not feeling well lately. if he is watching, we wish you the best. >> he used to be on the cover of madden before the athletes were on it. >> right. >> curse is broken. >> thank you very much. >> follow-up in a bay area piece of american history back where it belongs thanks to an alert viewer who saw our story. east bay man who collects war memorabilia including cannons says he saw our report on the world war i era cannon stole wednesday. he just purchased a cannon from an undisclosed seller. he thought the deal was
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legitimate. our cameras were there when police returned the camera to the veterans' hall. >> i hollered to my wife, they found our gun. >> the one ton cannon has been sitting out of the veterans' hall since the 1940s. police are still looking for whoever stole it. >> history there, too. >> do i have to go through all my cannons? >> there's only one you've got to care about. >> that's true. >> we are not going to melt out there, temperatures are coming down. >> yes. it will be cooler today. for the most part, clouds will hover along the coast. as we take a live look san francisco, cloudy skies there
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into the next couple of hours. those clouds will linger. also as we take a look at san francisco from castro, you see that same view looking gloomy to start off this friday morning. it will be a beautiful afternoon. a look at our microclimates. 56 in the peninsula. 7:00 in the south bay. as we drop in to get a closer look, 7:00 in morgan hill 58. temperatures will go from the 50s, more clearing by 10:00. 11:00 it's bright and sunny into the low 60s and upper 60s today. feeling very nice. there is a cold front on the way. that could give us a few changes in time for the weekend. as this starts to move in, we'll see the cloud cover increasing by early tomorrow morning. we could also have a few spotty showers for early morning showers. this will not ruin your saturday
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plans. it quickly moves on through. it will be hit or miss and we will get afternoon sunshine. we'll do it all over sunday with morning clouds and clearing throughout the day. temperaturewise we are looking at 60s today. north bay in san francisco, 70s for tri-valley and south bay. beautiful weather for this weekend. for the bay to breakers sunday, race starts early in the morning. fog and drizzle. 55. cool to start then throughout the afternoon, the sun starts to come out and we'll have some low 60s for the high later that day. i'll have another look at the forecast. over to mike to give us a view of what's happening on roadways. >> we'll start out with our live look. much slowing because of that volume. northbound showing build up toward 680.
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over toward the airport is the yellow. southbound side. yellow on the northbound side. yellow arrow on the southbound side. there we go. there is a crash report there. should clear from the roadway. maybe the flashing lights might be the distraction coming toward me. we are looking at another incident. a little slowing into hayward. north of there, there is an incident reported with debris 880 at washington. no slowing shows up there or castro valley. that is a great commute. we see the rest of the bay bridge approach. a crash still reported eastbound 80. no slowing there. no slowing for the north bay. a live look at the bay bridge shows you the backup. easing up here. metering lights are on. look at that.
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maybe coastal fog. >> looks like a nice day. >> thank you, mike. a bold order from the obama administration. changes the u.s. government is asking of all public schools nationwide.
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decision 2016. politics and donald trump and house speaker paul ryan had that fateful meeting. ryan still not has endorsed trump yet. the speaker says the meeting
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went well and looking forward to working with the presumptive republican nominee. trump and ryan are still far apart on issues that concern the economy, planned parenthood and trade. >> from here we go deeper into the policy areas to see where that common ground is and make sure we are operating off the same core principles. >> hillary clinton did not comment on mr. trump's meetings with the republican leaders yesterday, but senator bernie sanders did he said the republicans are still very divided. >> they've got a serious problem, an extreme right wing party dealing with a guy who is changing his views every day. >> in the race for the democratic nomination, sanders still trails hillary clinton by hundreds of delegates. sanders promises to take his campaign all the way to the convention. 6:25. today the obama administration will direct every public school across the country to allow transgender students to use the rest room that matches their
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gender identity. >> this as the battle is waging in north carolina over that issue. edward lawrence joining us live from washington, d.c. schools that don't comply could lose federal funding. >> we are talking about millions of dollars in federal funding. this affects not only public schools but also most colleges and universities. there will be a strongly worded language letter coming out today from the federal government telling those schools they have to comply. otherwise they will lose federal funding. this means schools will have to make accommodation for transgender students when it comes to locker rooms and bathrooms. this directive comes days after north carolina and theรง federa government sued each other over north carolina's law regarding bathrooms. the white house says it will not stop funding to north carolina until the lawsuits are settled. historically states have backed off when the federal government says they are going to take
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money away from them. this has not happened in north carolina's case. this guideline by the federal government for schools starts today. there is no word on if the funding will be cut off if there is a violation. that could happen. we might have that announcement later on today to see the timing of the federal funding that could be cut off if there is a violation. live in washington, edward lawrence. back to you. coming up next on today in the bay, we continue to track breaking news out of san jose. investigators shut down a shopping center looking for evidence in an early morning homicide. bob redell to take you back here live in concord to tell what you firefighters are saying about this fire that killed a man and his dog.
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good friday morning. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. we have too many teams to keep track of. we are all amped up. >> how can you not be, it's friday. >> kari has a quick check of the forecast. >> very nice. starting out with morning clouds. something usual this time of year. i want to take you up 4,300 feed looking at mt. hamilton. we are above the clouds there. we can see the sunshine and sunrise this morning. below that it's all cloudy. it will be a pleasant day with sun later on. especially for inland areas. we'll have a wide range of
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temperatures at the lunch break. 59. up to 65 tri-valley with highs 74. san francisco looking at 62 for the high today. mike's got your morning bridge report. >> we'll show you the bridges. this is san mateo bridge. you see that haze. no clouds here. watch the coast. that might be an issue later on. give you a big shot of the bay. i showed you the san mateo bridge. dunbarton you see that slowing. maybe a disabled vehicle right there as you make your decline off the highrise. the bay bridge toll plaza has your backup. fastrack may take longer than the cash lanes. san jose police are at a shopping center at the corner of
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king and story roads. these are live pictures. the tropicana shopping center. they are investigating a deadly stabbing overnight. the area is still shut down. we know a man was killed. so far there have been no arrests. kris sanchez has been at the scene gathering information this morning from police. she'll join us for a live update at 6:56. >> moving to the east bay now, a man and his dog both died, killed when this home caught fire in concord last night. >> bob redell live at the scene. the man died at the hospital. >> unfortunately, he did. he was not able to get out of his home here. they were not sure if he was asleeped or confined to a wheelchair. his wife was able to get out of the home when it caught fire around 8:45. she escaped with minor smoke
6:33 am
inhalation. one of the challenges for firefighters was a power line down across this driveway in front of you. the fire appears to have started in the garage and spread to a portion of the rest of the house. the garage was so involved when they arrived, once they sprayed water on it, the roof collapsed. the wife told them her husband might still be inside. firefighters made entry into the house that at this point was full of smoke. sometimes the rescuers had to get down on their hands and knees. took about ten minutes before they finally found the man. pulled him out. transported him to the hospital where he was declared dead. >> that's our job. our job is to save people's lives, do what we can, enter
6:34 am
structures if necessary to try and find them and rescue them if that's possible. >> the fire department doesn't think they could have gotten to the man in time even if they weren't delayed by downed power lines. a family dog was killed in the fire. smoke detectors are inside. the fire department said it wasn't clear whether they are working or no you see a restoration company out here boarding up this home. front part destroyed. there is a lot in the back that wasn't i asked the fire inspector if it was suspicious. only thing he would tell us, it was under investigation. >> bob, thank you very much. 6:34 on your friday. a bay area man missing for ten years has been found but it was not the news his family was
6:35 am
hoping for. investigators identified 24-year-old jack dupuis' remains. a body found four years ago is dupuis. workers discovered that body in an orchard. ten years later dna testing led to an identification. >> it was like getting hit with it all at once all over again. literally getting punched in the stomach. >> investigators do not know who killed him or why. 6:35. the sierra lamar murder case could move forward today. torres is accused of killing the morgan hill teenager. it's not clear if a trial date will be set today. sierra lamar disappeared on her way to school in morgan hill four years ago. dna evidence links torres to that crime. community alert about the
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movements of high-risk registered sex offender. fairfield place say juarez dmitrez was moved. he was recently released from prison and is on supervised parole. he is currently not wanted for any crimes but this is happening in the fairfield area. an accused killer remains in a south bay jail this morning initially. andre redmond of san francisco agreed to do a jail house interview with us but declined at the last moment saying he still needs a lawyer. police say redmond killed a man in a home in the santa cruz mountains and a short time later after police pursuit, another person died in a car crash. police are linking redmond to both murders. investigators aren't saying if
6:37 am
redmond knew the victims and no information about a motive has been released. we know the name of the man san jose police officer shot while he allegedly attacked his mother with an axe. he's been identified as 26-year-old daniel ronezuski. attacked his mother. they opened fire because they were worried the suspect would kill his mother. both are expected to survive. the son suffers from mental illness. a transgender san francisco high school catholic teacher is going to keep his job. mercy high school teacher was allowed to stay by theered of the nuns that run the school. the nuns say they support the dignity of each person regardless of race, religion or gender identification. 6:37. a student is facing expulsion and teacher on administrative leave after a violent on campus confrontation. cell phone video caught 30
6:38 am
seconds of it. it happens tuesday at mt. diablo high school in concord. it involved a p.e. teacher and 15-year-old student. >> student walked into the gym. teacher told him he couldn't be there words were exchanged. it led to a physical altercation. >> the 15-year-old student is facing assault charges. a live look at the eastern span of the bay bridge and caltrans is getting the green light to fix the problem of flooding. it's crept up at the base of the signature tower. yesterday a bay bridge oversight panel approved a plan to remove defective grout, clean out suspension rods and install a new waterproof seal. that fix will cost more than $10 million. the board also approved a separate $1 million plan to protect the tower from corrosion. >> 6:38. an uber driver says his nerves are rattled after his suv got stuck in a sinkhole.
6:39 am
>> i thought it was a earthquake. i get nervous. i don't know what's going on because the car went straight down pretty bad. >> he thought it was an earthquake. sinkhole happened in san francisco on mission south of market. the uber driver had a family in the car. they were headed to a hotel when that sinkhole opened up. no one was hurt. a broken sewer main was to blame. crews hope to install new pipes by saturday. some of san francisco's most tourist hot spots are hives of activity these days. there is a buzz surrounding honey bees. seven popular hotels, including the clift near union square are placing bee hives athe top their structures. the clift has ten hives. it's part of a growing effort to take the sting out of a growing bee shortage. it helps produce hundreds of pounds of honey in the process. this weekend's forecast be
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bee's knees? >> i like that. it will be sweet. >> old school. >> i thought you were talking about beyonce fans. oh, well. we are going to have a great forecast this weekend. whether you're visiting the bay area or you want to take it all in. low clouds typical this time of year. morning clouds and afternoon sunshine clears up quickly by the middle of the afternoon. it will be up to 74 in the south bay and 62 in the city. north bay 69. peninsula 67. great weather today if you want clouds tomorrow and we can start out the day with sprinkles tomorrow morning. i'll detail that in a few minutes. mike, you're looking at the north bay. >> this nice shot made me think of lemonade. that moves throughout the north
6:41 am
bay. easy drive around the bay. just a little bit of slowing. typical commute patterns. we are going to zoop in on our map. southbound 880 around washington. reports still of that stalled vehicle and maybe debris in the roadway. a motorcycle was involved. no information on any injuries. i guess no news is good news. no slowing off that. fremont shows southbound, haze in the air there mtd j. >> thanks, mike. a feline ferency. donald trump has another attack on amazon. and a live look at big board. here by the golden gate bridge, if you have been in the area recently, you may have been
6:42 am
a lucky person to catch the sight of humpback whales, but a warning to people about getting too close. i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is ito you? it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago.
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did you see them yesterday? seems like these could become more and more common. humpback whales swim their way into the san francisco bay likely to feed on enchoanchovie. >> we saw a kite boarder and a wind surfer get too close to those whales. >> it's exciting to see
6:45 am
pumpbacks. they are a whale watching favorite they breach, jump out of the water or slap the water with their fin or tail. i spoke with a woman hiking here and she just saw that happen. the message, keep your distance. the message comes after we saw some of that behavior getting too close yesterday. our chopper captured on camera the two humpback whales swimming by the bridge. we saw a wind surfer and kite boarder getting too close. anything inside of 100 yards is too close. according to the endangered species act, you cannot do8m> do not approach them at a quick rate of speed. we can run parallel with them. if they start changing course a
6:46 am
lot, that means we are bothering them. >> he says the humpback whales coming into the bay this time of year is unusual. linking this to el nino and climate change. it's unclear how long the whales will be here in the bay. the law is clear what you face if you don't stay 100 yards away. you could face fines ranging $10,000 to $100,000. on the more serious side, you could spend time in jail. that is extreme. enjoy the show, they seem to be here in the bay, but do it from at least 100 yards away. >> stay safe and watch it here on nbc today in the bay. moments ago, honda said it would add another 21 million cars to its recall list over takata air bags. >> this is coming on top of last week's massive recall
6:47 am
announcement. >> may 4, u.s. regulators announced a recall of 30 million cars of all kinds of makes and models. we don't know which will be added to this recall. the defecti ivive takata air ba caused a staggers 60 million cars to be added to the recall. this is acia out of massachusetts. it is priced above expectations. the markets are mildly higher. we are watching apple up a nickel. it's been suffering lately. an analyst says he thinks shares in amazon could hit $1,000. macy's had disastrous numbers. many looking at amazon as more innovative than apple. donald trump tells fox news if he becomes president, he'll direct the justice department to investigate amazon as a monopoly. this comes as he becomes more and more frustrated with "the
6:48 am
washington post." jeff bezos also owns "the washington post." >> every hour we are getting calls from reporters from "the washington post" asking ridiculous questions. i will tell you, this is owned as a toy by jeff bezos who controls controls amazon. he is using "the washington post" for power so politicians in washington don't tax amazon like they should be taxed. >> trump says if he becomes president, he will open up libel rules so people like him can sue reporters if they write purposefully negative articles. we'll continue to watch this. >> reporters shouldn't be writing purposefully negative articles. an op-ed is one thing. >> right. he says they are out to get him in their coverage. >> that is what he is saying. jeff bezos says i own "the washington post" separately. i'm a large shareholder in
6:49 am
amazon. we should watch when big capitalists own media, as well. that is something worth watching. >> a glimpse at the trump president. thank you very much. >> if there will be one. we'll see. let's talk baseball and it's going to the cats. >> into the arms of a fan there. made that big dash across. fans followed that cat into his arms. they do have claws. funny thing. we've seen a lot of cats on the ice recently. go to your local shelter. >> it was bold to scoop the cat
6:50 am
up. >> it's a feral cat. >> he might have been afraid, too. >> we start out with clouds. we will have sunshine. nothing to worry about. take a look at this shot. beautiful start to our friday morning. we are also going to see more of the sun peeking through as we go through today. look at some of these temperatures now. 7:00 in the east bay and south bay. 56 in the peps la and san francisco. as we drop in on the north bay, petaluma 49. novato at 51. vallejo at 60. in berkeley there will be clouds 10:00 or 11:00 this morning. the sun starts to come out. temperatures warming up to the 60s by 2:00. it will be into the mid 60s there later on today. a look at the microclimates and
6:51 am
seven-day first at the bottom of the screen. you see temperatures will come down from where we were the past couple of days. we had low 80s. wide range in temperatures. yesterday we had 50s along the coast and 90s inland. we are looking at something a little bit more even all across the board. 71 in los gatos. 74 in san ramon. tomorrow there will be this area of low pressure moving in that will bring us minor changes for the weekend. an increase in cloud cover early tomorrow morning starts out with sprinkles. then we'll see that all clearing out as we go through the day. this is what it looks like with splotches of green there. nothing to cancel outdoor plans. looking at gray skies to start out the day. the weekend forecast shows temperatures will be in the 60s and low 70s today. then the weekend pretty much no
6:52 am
changes. temperatures in the mid 50s. peeks of sun once again from many west. is it still looking great on the roadways, mike? >> looking great except one key spot. this is a critical factor. behind me here you see this is the westbound direction jamming up on the san mateo bridge. the sign hidden by that railing talks about how you need to share the road. motorcyclists are out there. there is reports of a motorcycle down on the span itself. >> there may be that motorcycle crash. i'm watching and i saw the slowing happen westbound toward that highrise.
6:53 am
watching both directions on the map right now. we see the commute shows the slowing. waiting for chp to let us know which direction has one lane blocked by the motorcycle crash. dunbarton picks up the volume. these two bridges are slow compared to the rest of the bay's commute. a smoother drive for the rest of the area. 101 shows we are starting to see that slowdown 101 up to mckey. earlier crash took a couple of minutes to clear and causing slowing. the rest of silicon valley shows a slight build. 6:53. an update to breaking news we've been following all morning long. homicide investigators wrapping up a scene at a south bay shopping center. as the search continues for whoever stabbed a man to death in san jose. a live report from the scene next.
6:54 am
happening right now, our newsroom continues to reach out to investigators to try and get more information on a police incident that shut down all eastbound lanes overnight on 80 in hercules. we'll post developments to our facebook page. the white house is going to weigh in on what has become an explosive issue. the fight for transgender bathroom equality.
6:55 am
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before you head out the door, here are the top stories on the nbc bay area. >> kris sanchez on the scene of a deadly stabbing in san jose. we understand police just cleared that area? >> the police patrol car just left the area. we know that now they gathered all the evidence here, they can turn their focus to secure any surveillance video that might be available. there could be quite helpful video because there are so many businesses in this plaza. that could reveal what led up to the moment where that man was stabbed once and died here at the tropicana plaza.
6:58 am
homicide and crime scene investigators were here gathering clues. without knowing what the motive was, whether it was related to gang activity or robbery, hard to say whether the public is at risk. >> there is a killer at large and we are working diligently to identify and apprehend that person. >> kris sanchez, today in the bay. thank you. she mentioned that was the 17th homicide victim of the year. thanks for that report. lanes of interstate 80 were shut down overnight. all eastbound lanes of hercules because of police activity. we are working to find outer who from the chp. here is what we do know. there was a crash at 10:30 last night. one person was taken to a hospital. investigators are not releasing that person's condition.
6:59 am
all lanes were closed off for several hours but are now all reopened. >> 6:58. we are getting some reports of traffic crash. >> there is a crash there. >> first a quick check of your >> it is looking nice for today after some morning clouds clear out. we start out in the 50s. now with high temperatures reaching the 70s inland. 60s for the inner bay and along the coast. >> looking at the san mateo bridge. a motorcycle accident? >> now we are worried about the person and commute. overall great flow of traffic. look at san mateo and dunbarton. just got the update. it's where we saw the slowing. your commute direction across the highrise, motorcycle is down. no word on the condition. we would usually suggest an alternate but that is slow, as well. this is the jam side on the right. jammed up to the flat section to
7:00 am
the highrise. watch out for motorcyclists. >> we'll have a local news update in a half hour. good morning. who is it? "the washington post" releases audio from an interview recorded more than 25 years ago. the man on the line claiming to be a publicist working for donald trump. but is it actually trump? >> he's ling with marla. >> the man bragging about trump's success, even his divorce, did the presumptive republican nominee pretend to be someone else. we'll ask him when he joins us live. the obama administration issuing a sweeping directive today, ordering the nation's public schools to allow transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice, so what happens if


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