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tv   Today  NBC  May 13, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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watch out for motorcyclists. >> we'll have a local news update in a half hour. good morning. who is it? "the washington post" releases audio from an interview recorded more than 25 years ago. the man on the line claiming to be a publicist working for donald trump. but is it actually trump? >> he's ling with marla. >> the man bragging about trump's success, even his divorce, did the presumptive republican nominee pretend to be someone else. we'll ask him when he joins us live. the obama administration issuing a sweeping directive today, ordering the nation's public schools to allow transgender students to use the bathroom of their choice, so what happens if some schools say no?
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screening nightmare. thousands of checked bags pile up in the parking lot of the phoenix airport after missing their flight. the tsa blaming it on an unprecedented glitch, this as the agency's chief gets an earful on capitol hill. >> you cannot recruit, you cannot train, you cannot retain and you cannot administrate. >> how are they going to fix it? ♪ save the dates our summer concert series kicks off in a week. and we're revealing the star studded lineup today friday, may 13th, 2016. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning. welcome to "today" on a friday morning, 7:00 out on the west coast. friday the 13th and it's busy. >> it is. let's start with our top story a recording reportedly from donald
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trump's past that surfaced this morning. we'll talk to mr. trump about that. first nbc national correspondent peter alexander with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: this is donald trump like you have never heard him. the republican party's presumptive nominee used the media to boost his own political campaign caught on tape decades ago pretending to be his own publicist, bragging about celebrity and relationships all to inflate his own image. >> coming out of a -- >> reporter: the voice may sound familiar. >> and he's starting to do tremendously well. >> reporter: the 25-year-old audio recording obtained by "the washington post" capturing a 1991 conversation between a "people" magazine reporter and a man claiming to be donald trump's publicist, calling himself john miller. >> what is your position? >> i'm sort of handling pr. >> reporter: the voice sounds almost inmistakenly by trump
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boasting of celebrities like madonna wanted to date trump. >> she wanted to go out with him. the people you write about really are, i mean they call. they just call. actresses, people that you write about just call to see if they can go out with him. >> bragging having three other girlfriends while living with marla. >> and he's got three other girlfriends. >> and explaining why he dumped maplings for france's first lady. in 1991 maples verified to "people" that the voice was trump's. trump at the time admitting it was a joke gone awry. trump called reporters pretending to be someone else while planting stories about himself. the former reporter telling the post the call said something about the control trump wanted to keep of the news cycle flowing with this story. and i can't believe he thought he'd get away with it. the "post" reports that trump did not respond to comments. the report hours after trump's
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day in washington, on his meeting with paul ryan. >> we had a great meeting. i think we agreed on a lot of things. it will come along. >> reporter: earlier ryan conciliatory and complimenting. >> donald trump and i had differences. we talked about those. i do believe that we are now planting the seeds to get ourselves unified. >> reporter: still no indication endorsement is coming any time soon. meanwhile, the secret service says it will investigate comments by trump's former butler calling for president obama to be killed. anthony senecal reportedly worked for trump 30 years writing the president should have been taken out by our military and shot as an enemy agent in his first term. senecal standing by his comments. >> i think he should be hung next to hillary clinton and i think it should be public, i think it should be televised. >> reporter: he says he never discussed his thoughts with trump.
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the trump campaign provided the following statement. senecal does not work at mar-a-lago and hasn't in many years. we totally disavow and condemn these horrible statements. for the tapes "the washington post" is reporting when the "people" magazine reporter played the record for marla she burst into tears, deny that a ring trump gave her implied intent to marry her. years ago donald trump in a court case acknowledged he would occasionally use the pseudonym john baron. "the wall street journal" is reporting that the former president bill clinton's foundation set up a financial commitment that benefitted a for profit power company partly owned by a wealthy divorcee, julie mcmahon. the foundation tells nbc news there was no wrong doing. it tells the journal she and clinton are family friends, a clinton spokesperson says the former president counts many
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foundation participants as friends. the clinton campaign for hillary clinton had no comment. back to you. peter, thank you. as we mentioned we'll talk with donald trump about those tapes when he joins us live. lots to talk about. >> certainly. let's bring in mark and steve, guys, don't know where to start. the "washington post" recordings that they released of this conversation. apparently recorded 25 years ago. a man named john miller everyone now suspecting was donald trump. what do we make of this? >> it's a strange thing to do. not the first time it's reported donald trump would occasion do this. it cannot be explained because he could have afforded to hire a publicist but donald trump was pretty hands on about his image. i think in the context of this campaign it's going to raise the question of is donald trump the right kind of person to be president. >> honesty and temperament. >> and seriousness. that's the key thing the clintons are going to try to say this is not a serious person and the job is too important to give to an unserious person.
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>> on the clintons, "the wall street journal" has explosive story alleging that the clinton foundation gave this money to a for profit corporation that was run by someone who is reported to be a close friend of president clinton. is this a problem for them? >> the company had a lot of primary investors including this woman and other democratic party officials, this comingles a lot of things that republicans want to highlight, how it conducted its business may be interminging the personal with financial commitments, for profit, nonprofit. and the relationship the president clinton the journal describes her as a close friend. it's going to get a lot of scrutiny. >> guess what, there was the a meetingen capitol hill we want to talk about as well between donald trump and speaker of the house paul ryan. no endorsement from speaker ryan though he did say it's the start of the pathway to reconciliation which sounds a little like some kind of a 12-step program. wa came out of that? >> that's fitting, a lot of people say republicans are
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working through a lot of steps in terms of accepting trulp. it sounds like paul ryan is on course to endorse donald trump and i think two things are driving that. one, the pressure from members. he's only speaker of the house because republican members let him serve as speaker of the house. and you're starting to see more enthusiasm for trump among those members for various reasons, some want to get together. we saw polls that showed a competitive race in swing states, the more prom the bottom up the appetite in this republican party is going to be let's stop fighting with ourselves. we have a chance to beat hillary clinton. why aren't we united. >> the question for clinton how she is going to handle donald trumpment you think clinton world settled on an approach, how to take him on. they can't feel great about these polls that show a much tighter race. >> very big week in the election. donald trump's meeting yesterday, his phone call with lindsey graham, one of his biggest critics, trump more quickly than i thought he would
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do and the democrats thought is consolidating support and the clintons need to damage his reputation and saying as i said he is an unserious person. >> there is also a risk in that because he has run an entire campaign saying i'm the outsider to those people now starting to embrace him. couldn't that hurt him with the base? >> that's the interesting thing because i think one of the reasons the that you didn't get endorsement from paul ryan is he sort of testing donald trump. can he play the game of politics in the more conventional way, that means you put the bland statement out, you don't start talking about it at rallies, you don't take a shot at him. that has been trump's stock in trade. ryan challenging him. >> the last three presidents ran with parties united. you can do it. it takes political dexterity. that's what trump has shown this week. >> so much to chew over. thank you. donald trump is with us on the phone. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> not sure if you have been made aware of this "washington
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post" report that's out this morning but they obtain add recording with a voice of someone they say is in fact you, someone who is pretending to be a pr person, this is from 25 years ago. let me play a portion for you. >> what's your name again? >> john miller. >> what is your position? >> i'm sort of handling pr. he gets so much of it. >> on this tape the person talks about his date, his vorks things like that. i guess the simple question, are you aware of the tape, is it you? >> no, i don't think -- i don't know anything about it. you're telling me about it for the first time. it doesn't sound like my voice. i have many people trying to imitate my voice and you can imagine that. and this sound likes one of the scams, one of the many scams. doesn't sound like me. >> the post says you acknowledged a couple decades ago that in fact that was you but it was a joke. >> i don't think it was me. it doesn't sound like me. i don't know even what they are talking about, no idea. >> the post says this is
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something you did routinely, you would call reporters and plant stories and say either you were john miller or john baron but it was you. is that something you did with regularity? >> no. it was not me on the phone. it was not me on the phone. it doesn't sound like me on the phone i will tell you that. it was not me on the phone. when was this, 25 years ago? >> in the early 90s. >> wow. you mean you're going so low as to talk about something that took place 25 years ago about whether or not i made a phone call? i guess you're saying under a presumed name. >> yes. under presumed name. >> okay. the answer is no. and let's get on to more current subjects. i mean i know it's wonderful but i think we have more important things. >> let me ask you this, this meeting with speaker ryan yesterday on capitol hill. you had said i think a week ago when he didn't endorse you it was a mistake. he came out of that meet, he still has not endorsed you although he said you're on the path to reconciliation. were you first of all disappointed that there was no
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endorsement coming out of that meeting? >> no. i think it's a process. i was a little bit surprised but not that surprised frankly. we did as you know matt, get endorsed by many, many people and they are pouring in now. many senators and congressmen. we have many endorsements yesterday. i think that will come. if it doesn't come i'll go my separate way. i think i'll win the election because hillary clinton is a disaster on the assumption she gets it, even allowed to run. >> speaker ryan said after the meeting there are clearly issues on which you two disagree. we know that one of those is on that ban of muslims, he is not for it. you said you are. in recent days you called it more of a suggestion than a proposal. i'd like you to clarify that for me because i think millions of people who voted for you across the country during the primary process felt as if you were actually proposing that. are you softening your stance? >> i'm not the president right now so anything i suggest is really a suggestion, and if i were president i'd put in
7:13 am
legislation and do what i have to do. >> would you -- >> i'm looking at it strongly. we have an islamic -- really a problem with radical islamic terrorism and a president doesn't want to use the term, refuses to use the term, even though there are so many problems. he refuses to use with it the world trade center. >> are you softening your stance and using subtle differences in words simply to be more moderate to try to attract people like speaker ryan and to get -- >> no, i'm not softening my stance but i'm always flexible on issues, on many issues and i think you have to be that way. but i'm not softening my stance. we have a major problem and we have to solve the problem. we have a president that doesn't even talk about the problem, he won't even use the words, he won't call it by its right name. >> on another topic the president directed all public schools to allow transgender students to use the public restroom that matches their gender identity. is this something you agree with? >> i would leave it up to the
7:14 am
states. i would leave that and many other things frankly, but leave that up to the states. let the states decide. i think it's much better as a local issue. i don't think it's a federal issue where the federal government gets involved. i see what's happening, such a big situation and you know what, everybody has to be protected and i feel strongly about that but you're talking about a tiny, tiny group of population, with that being said everybody has to be protected but i would leave it up to the states. >> let me end on something quickly, we had former vice president dan quayle on the show yesterday, we asked him who you should choose as rauning malt. he didn't hesitate. senator rob portman of ohio. have you reached out to senator portman >> i was with him yesterday in a group. we were with the whole group of senators and frankly, was great. we had a tremendous talk, i had a great talk with rob, a great talk with all of them. many of them supported me after the meeting. >> is he on the short list? >> i'm not going to say who is on the list and i have a list of
7:15 am
about five or six, and possibly expanding. i'll make the decision by the convention and probably announce it during the convention. which will be a very exciting convention i have to tell you. rob portman is a good man, no question. >> donald trump, thanks for your call. >> thank you very much. >> and let's get more on the controversial announcement from the white house, the rights of transgender students. ron is covering that. good morning. >> good morning. president obama has been aoutspoken for transgender rights. he is getting more deeply involved in the bathroom and locker room issue. planning a sweeping directive for every public school and student. transgend esh students must be allowed to use bathrooms that match their gender identity. schools that do not comply risk the loss of federal aid. that coming in a letter from the department of justice and education to public schools nationwide. the letter first reported by
7:16 am
"the new york times" says educators have an obligation to provide equal access to all students under title 9. including everything from restrooms to locker rooms. officials say the guidelines are attempt to clarify civil rights protections for transgender students and an issue that left educators and parents frustrated. last fall students in missouri walked out in protest after a transgender student was allowed to use the girls bathroom. some parents were upset that the school does not have a clear policy. >> there is no rule set forth and i think we can agree that changing in the locker room or going to the restroom are very private activities. >> the new guidelines days after the justice department and the state of north carolina sued each other over a state law restricting access to public restrooms, a law that attorney general loretta lynch says discriminates against the transgender community. >> we stand with you and we will do everything we can to protect you going forward. and please know that the history
7:17 am
is on your side. >> it's important to point out the administration's directive is not a legal requirement, it's impact because of the threat of cutting off federal money that schools rely on. president's critics say all of this is a step by this administration to wade into matters that should be decided by states and local communities. >> ron allen, thank you. the commander of the ten american sailors who wandered into iranian waters in january, captured and detained has been fired by the u.s. navy. in a statement the navy said it lost confidence in eric rash, the executive officer of the squadron that included the 10 sailors. an official says rash failed to provide effective leadership leading to a lack of oversight and failure to maintain standards in that unit. he has been reassigned. >> two state troopers suspended while officials investigate the violent arrest of a suspect following a high-speed chase through massachusetts and new hampshire. officers recorded on wednesday
7:18 am
using force against the driver who appeared to be surrendering a few moments prior. massachusetts and new hampshire suspended one trooper each, officials say the driver was wanted on multiple warrants for assault and battery, also accused of nearly ramming a police cruiser during another chase three days earlier. >> we have an update on a story, a controversial story we told you about on thursday. george zimmerman's attempt to auction off the gun he used to shoot and kill trayvon martin. people using fake accounts hijacking the site with phony bids at one point the bidding surpassed $65 million. the account of the leading bidder was later deleted, the website for united gun group began hosting the auction thursday after another website took down that auction. >> turn to mr. roker, a check of the weekend forecast. >> we're looking at warm weather for our friends in the west. big dome of high pressure dominating the jet stream to the north. so look at some of these temperatures today.
7:19 am
seattle is going to be 83, that's 18 degrees above average. fresno, 93. palm springs, 8 degrees above average. 102 today. and it's going to stay warm into the weekend. for the western weather, beautiful day in salt lake city, sunshine, 85, phoenix up to 104. nice and temperate in los angeles, 73 degrees, 88 in medford. for today wet weather along the east coast. heading east looking at a slight risk of strong storms along the mid-atlantic coast. slight risk in the mid plains and lots of sunshine along the west coast. for the weekend, rain in the pacific northwest on saturday, also in the northeast and on sunday you stay nice and dry. i'm there for bessie. i'm there for ray. ted loved baseball. dr. phil likes to watch football. renne, who wants sloppy joe on the menu every day. rosie's my best friend. evelyn likes to dance. harriett wants her fried shrimp as well. alice anne likes vanilla ice cream with chocolate syrup and rainbow sprinkles.
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they give me so much back. i can't even imagine how i could possibly give them what they give me. . good friday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. a lot of clouds across the bay area. temperatures in the mid 50s and we are heading into the 70s today in the south bay. and 69 in the north bay this afternoon. san francisco already getting a little bit of clearing at 62. east bay up to 68. the tri-valley will be into the lower 70s. mostly sunny skies. overall a very nice day with our temperatures starting out in the mid 50s. that's your latest weather. >> al, thanks. you guys are twins. bonding experience in new mexico. coming up, a substantial settlement reached in the malpractice lawsuit tied to joan
7:21 am
rivers' death. we'll hear from her daughter. is fast food ever looking as good as it does in the commercials? jeff rossen and his team ordered it to find out. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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olay. ageless. and try the micro-sculpting cream you love... with lightweight spf 30 a good friday morning. 7:26. a developing story, investigators are still on scene of a deadly stabbing at a san jose strip mall. this happened midnight at tropicana plaza on story and king roads. not too far away from the farm park. investigators say somebody stabbed a victim at least once and died at the scene. right now, they don't have the motive or whether it was a robbery or some other criminal activity. they are also still trying to determine if the victim was specifically targeted. >> police are asking nearby businesses for surveillance video that may help them out with possible clues. insight into what our weekt forecast is going to look like. bright. >> good morning. sam. looking at some already clear
7:27 am
being skies in parts of san francisco, even though we do start out with clouds, we will see that clearing out along the coast in some parts of our coastline. inland areas will be clear throughout the day. 7:00 in san jose and 55 in concord. a mild start and warm afternoon. 75 in gilroy. redwood city, 67. embarcadero into the lower 60s. 70 in santa rosa. brentwood 76. let's head to mike with an update on the san mateo bridge. >> very slow. we hope this will continue to clear. it doesn't look like it's moving. live shot eastbound here. i'm going to show you the map. the earlier crash involving a motorcycle has cleared right but will take a while for that recovery to ripple back. dunbarton looking better. that could ripple down to affecting the east bay.
7:28 am
we'll track it. >> that san mateo bridge will be an issue. we'll get an update in a half hour.
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7:30 now. it's friday the 13th. it's going to be a great day. we have a great crowd out there. feeling lucky. >> it's early. >> exactly. let's get a check of the headli headlines. following their meeting on capitol hill, donald trump and house speaker ryan say they're committed to working together. ryan told reporters that seeds were planted to unify the republican party, but he left that meeting without endorsing donald trump. this morning, the "washington post" released audio from a 1991 recording between a reporter and a man who claims to be a publicist for donald trump. the person brags about trump's celebrity and dating relationships. the "post" is claiming the man
7:31 am
is actually trump himself. we asked trump about it when he joined us earlier this morning. >> it doesn't sound like my voice at all. i have many, many people that are trying to imitate my voice. you can imagine that. this sounds like one of the scams, one of the many scams. doesn't sound like me. >> "washington post" claims at the time, trump admitted it was him on the phone, but called it a joke gone awry. the u.s. navy fired the commander of the ten american soldiers who wandered into iranian waters. they were captured and briefly detained. the navy said it lost confidence in the commander. new developments in the malpractice case of joan rivers. joe fryer has the latest on this. morning. >> good morning. rivers' family reached a settlement with the doctors and clinic where the comedian suffered fatal complications. details of the deal are confidential, including how much money will family will get. rivers' daughter melissa says
7:32 am
she's turning her focus to safety at outpatient clinics. >> can we talk? >> reporter: in the legal world, this was a sprint. representative for joan rivers' family says their civil suit in new york city was settled before depositions took place. >> it was a lightning fast settlement, suggesting the doctors had a lot to answer for. >> reporter: rivers said, i'm able to put the legal aspects of my mother's death behind me and ensure that those culpable are taking responsibility. >> it's hard if you're attractive. you don't have to worry. >> reporter: she suffered brain damage during a routine throat procedure at the clinic. she died at 81. >> in my opinion, it was 100% preventab preventable. >> reporter: melissa spoke with matt last year after filing the
7:33 am
suit, which alleged missteps. among them, a physician took photos of rivers while she was ste da sedated on the operating table, and doctors waited 12 minutes to call 911. >> it won't bring her back, but i want the answers. the only way to get the answers is by filing. >> reporter: in a statement, the clinic says, the parties agreed to settle the case to avoid protracted litigation. we remain committed to providing quality, compassionate health care services that meet the needs of the community. melissa rivers says moving forward, my focus will be to ensure that no one ever has to go through what my mother, cooper and i went through. >> what went on >> what went on in that clinic was so unacceptable for any patient. i figure worst case scenario, at least a conversation is starting about the regulations that govern these outpatient medical facilities. >> in an effort to prevent this from happening again she plans
7:34 am
to meet with lawmakers to discuss how to improve safety standards and regulations. >> thank you. >> i had the chance to speak to melissa on the phone last night. she said the discovery process to this case was extremely emotional. as part of the process she actually got to learn what her mom's last words were. she says those will remain personal but she satisfied that the doctors in the clinic have accepted responsibility for what happened to her mother. >> that is very important to her. now to a startling sight at the airport out in phoenix, a screening system problem caused more than 3,000 checked bags to miss their flight. it's the latest black eye for the tsa and it comes with the agency once again warns that the long lines we've seen at airport security check points recently may get even worse. we're at reagan national airport. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. the tsa now says 35% of their people quit within the first year on the job.
7:35 am
more than 100 people walk off the job within -- or rather every single week and so even as they try to staff up they've got a tsunami of travelers coming and they say this summer is going to be very rough. with summer fast approaching, congress is turning up the heat on the tsa. record numbers of passengers now mean those long lines could get even worse. >> i think we have to agree that's not acceptable. >> reporter: the chief got an earful about by partisan frustration on thursday. >> you cannot recruit, you cannot train, you cannot administrate. >> reporter: the problem -- >> we've seen more people moving through the system than we've ever seen before. >> reporter: whatever your summer travel plans, be prepared for this. check point choke points. >> i would like to have had a cup of coffee, but i'm going to stand in this line. >> reporter: a record
7:36 am
2.2 million passengers are traveling every day, volume up 7% nationwide. but up 14% in seattle. up 15% in atlanta. meanwhile the tsa doesn't have enough screeners. 117 walk off the job each week. more than 6,000 officers a year. as they struggle with demanding passengers, stress, the monotony of the job and relatively low pay. in phoenix thursday, processing delays led to a massive baggage backup. passengers made their flights but without their bags. the problem is so bad the airlines trying to pressure the tsa are encouraging passengers to tweet out their most frustrating moments with the hash tag i hate the wait. lots of screening lines closed and a simple tweet from a flyer, come on tsa. >> you've got to treat every day this summer like it's a holiday travel day. it's going to be busy. >> reporter: it's going to be
7:37 am
busy. let's get back to what happened in phoenix. the pictures are unbelievable. 3,000 bags mied their flights. in other words, people left without their bags. they had to truck those bags to tucson and to san diego and fly them out of those airports because they couldn't check them for explosives at the phoenix airport. the tsa says it's worked through that problem. they think it's fixed. they thank everybody for their patience but it' wearing thin. back to you. >> tom, thank you very much. >> summer is just beginning too. >> let's get a check of the weather now from mr. roker. >> it's bad when you get home from your trip before your luggage does. very bad. let's show you what we've got as far as temperatures are concerned. some cooling coming in enthough it's fairly mild in the northeast. this cooler air will be making its way -- look at the temperatures 10 to 20 degrees below formal all the way out to rapid city. and then for saturday, the great lakes get involved all the way into the northeast and by next
7:38 am
week we'll finally start to see some temperatures starting to moderate, but it is going to be a chilly weekend from rapid city all the way to new york city. that's we are starting to get peeks of sunshine in parts of the bay area nice and cool. temperatures in the mid to upper 50s. highs reaching the 60s for most of us along the coast and inner bay. inland areas will reach in the low 70s. south bay 74. peninsula 67. >> get >> don't forget t to get the latest weather on weather channel. >> coming up from movies to sporting events to the presidential race, why have things become so long these days? >> and the fast food reality check. do the burgers, tacos and
7:39 am
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7:44 am
>> i like it. >> no. >> i could have guessed that. could have guessed both of those. some of the best story ideas come from you at home. we got this one right from our rossen report e-mail. lee from north carolina writing, for some fun, try comparing fast food photos with the products as they actually are sold. ed from california chiming in with another e-mail. please do an expose on what we actually get. you spoke, and i'm listening. this morning, we are about to find out. >> you can't get cheesiness like this. >> reporter: the commercials are mouth watering. >> a delicious case deburger. >> reporter: this user asking, where is the chicken? #fast food fail. another saying, i was expecting more than just a shell. others posting side by side images of a beautiful burger from the chain's website, and the burger that ended up in their bag. so what will we get?
7:45 am
i hit some of the country's biggest fast food chains. let's start at taco bell. you can't miss the commercials for their quesalupe. >> it'll be bigger than everything. >> looks pretty close. it's pretty filled up. in the commercial, when you break it in half, the cheese comes out. we'll see. yeah, look at that. cheesy. way to be, taco bell. if you'll excuse me. >> reporter: good news at burger king with their latest creation. >> this is the angriest whopper ever. >> this looks like the picture. the ingredients are coming out, vibrant. i'm impressed. >> reporter: but hold on to your buns. >> thank you. >> reporter: at mcdonald's, i order the classic big mac. >> while it is massive. >> reporter: the bun is so big, the meat juicy, perfectly melted cheese and sauce dripping down. let's see what's in our bag. >> doesn't quite look like the commercial, does it? much flatter.
7:46 am
in the commercial, the meat is coming out from inside the bun. even if you look at the meat, look at that. it's shrivelled up and looks dry. certainly doesn't look like the commercial. not to me. >> reporter: mcdonald's telling nbc news, whether it is a photo shoot or what we serve customers, we use all the same tasty, quality ingredients in our big mac. the biggest letdown of the day, subway. meatball marinara. here's the commercial. and the reality. >> this looks nothing like the commercial. look at that. you can't even see the meatballs when you're holding the sandwich. in the commercial, the meatballs are so big, they're popping out of the sandwich. here, no. let's see what this looks like when you open the sandwich up. i don't know. pretty small, little meatballs. >> reporter: subway telling us they have many satisfied customers and the hand crafted sandwiches include the same amount of ingredients that you see in photos and commercials. but acknowledging, for images and commercials, the sandwiches
7:47 am
are made differently, with the ingredients placed at the open edge of the sandwich and not spread throughout. at the end of the day, our results were mixed. but as for the taste -- >> that's what i'm talking about. >> gained four pounds, and it was well worth it. we are getting breaks news in the fast food world. mcdonald's announcing it is testing fresh beef at several of its locations in dallas, texas. the company says it is too early to say whether the fresh beef could replace the frozen patties nationwide. by the way, at all the chains, if you ask them to remain it, they'll probably remain it for you. i don't know if it'll look better, but they'll remake zbit >> the meatball sandwich looked good in the commercial. favorite concerts on the plaza before we unveil this summer's all-star li
7:48 am
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yeah? you did a really good job, okay? [ female announcer ] to nurses everywhere, thank you, from johnson & johnson. [ female announcer ] to nurses everywhere, world saleilton is on honors members save up to 25% on brands like hampton, doubletree, hilton garden inn, and waldorf astoria so stop clicking around. book direct at now that's satisfaction. 7:51. always a fun time of year, we look ahead to another great summer of concerts on "today". carson has more on that. >> you know this, more than 20 years, we featured some of music's biggest names, as a part of our concert series. th coming up, we'll reveal our star-studded lineup. it's awesome. first, we wanted to take a look at our favorites around here. matt, we'll start with you. >> for the music, we had springsteen on the plaza. for the most, ricky martin. >> yes, that was another big
7:52 am
one. >> savannah, that was your favorite, wasn't it? >> i wasn't even here, but i remember watching it on tv. it was amazing. i think we were all in love with ricky martin after that. >> i mean, that was when he won grammy song of the year. nothing bigger in music. >> al? >> santana, he blew it away and was terrific out on the plaza. >> one of the greats. tamron? >> for the music, bruno mar mar 2011. for the moment, it was lady gaga. it was pouring rain, and she had on like 200-foot tall heels and killed it. the bruno mars thing, we were all dancing and it was good. >> i found a series of photos here. savannah, obviously, and our stage manager. almost every concert the past two years, you've done this pose. looking forward to seeing this pose this summer. >> we do. this is our performance art project.
7:53 am
we do it every year. he's right over there, embarrassed. might have read about him in "men's health," but that's another story. >> you won't recognize him because his shirt is on. >> google it. >> we are going to reveal the list soon, and it's great. we have that coming up in a we have that coming up in a little bit. (ricky gervais) verizon is the number one network in america. i know what you're thinking, they all claim stuff like that. yeah, but some of them stretch the truth. one said they were the fastest. we checked, it was fastest in kansas city and a few other places. verizon is consistently fast across the country. you wouldn't want to hear from the bloke who packs your parachute, "it's good over kansas." do you know what i mean? so that's, you know... anywhere else, splat. only verizon is the #1 network for consistently fast speeds. and now if you buy a samsung galaxy s7 edge you get one free.
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7:56 am
good friday morning. i'm meteorologist kari hall. we still have clouds but the sun is starting to beat through in parts of san francisco. here is a live look at the golden gate bridge. looks fine there temperatures in the mid to upper 50s as you head out the door. napa 50 with high temperatures today reaching the low 70s in the north bay. santa rosa to 70. oakland 69. san ramon up to 74 today. it will be cooler today than it was yesterday. that cooling trend continues into the weekend. this cold front moves in, we'll bring in more clouds as we head into tonight. a chance of spotty sprinkles early tomorrow morning. that's all clearing out as go through the day with sunny skies today and tomorrow afternoon. let's head over to mike with an update on the san mateo bridge. >> that struggle is starting to look better now. this is the view from the toll plaza. trachk starting to move. look at the map.
7:57 am
a much smoother drive. recovered from the earlier motorcycle crash. dunbarton the slower of the two bridges. the rest of the day looks good. slow northbound 880 to oak street. southbound has the crash. northbound the distraction and slowing for your morning commute. metering lights on. can't get away from that. >> thank you, mike. happening right now, san francisco's museum of modern art is set to reopen after three long years of renovation. get a first look at what visitors can expect in our twitter feed. >> stern words from the white house to schools that discriminate against transgender students. you can link to the statement issued a short time ago on our facebook page. >> donald trump responding to claims he posed as his own spokesperson to conduct a 1991 phone interview. "the washington post" released that audio overnight. we posted the story on our home page. that will do it for us now. see new a half hour.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪ i'm gonna stand by you 8:00 on "today". coming up, giving back. the u.s. army sergeant who handed her invictus games gold medal back to prince harry. >> the only way i had to thank them was by giving them a medal. hopefully that means enough. plus, sending the wrong message. >> i think it's totally unnecessary. >> i don't think it is age appropriate. >> controversy erupts after a magazine aimed at tween girls features a spread on the best swimsuits for their body types. the publisher forced to respond with a body image backlash. ♪ talk to me, baby hollywood trifecta. we'll catch up with george clooney, julia roberts and jodie
8:01 am
foster at the cannes film festival, where they talk about their new movie and the dance moves seen in it. >> julia has seen the dance moves over the years. >> the revolution. >> i said, this is probably going to be a career ender. >> today, friday, may 13th, 2016. >> this is a way to spend my birthday, at "today"! >> from alabama. >> good morning, georgia. >> sandy turns 70. ♪ hands clap ♪ i can make your hands clap >> we're the blondes and brunettes and here to tackle alzheimer's. >> class of 2016. >> all the way from oklahoma. >> and i said yes! ♪ i can make your hands clap back at 8:00 on a friday
8:02 am
morning. yes, it is friday the 13th. we don't care. we have a great crowd of people out on the plaza. [ cheers and applause ] >> we have a special person on our plaza. katie couric is here. we'll tell you why she's stopped by this morning. oh, look, we brought a copy of her book to sign. >> i think that is the "today" show book. >> yes. >> oh, look at that. >> wow. >> look at you. >> look the same. >> she's going to share the reason she's stopping by. she produced a ed and hosted a documentary about guns in this country. first, we have a big announcement. with the help from our partner citi, our all-star lineup for the plaza concerts this summer. >> announcer: this summer, fill your mornings with music. and the city with sound.
8:03 am
the citi concert series on "today" kicks off with puff daddy and the family. dierks bentley. fifth harmony. nick jonas. luke bryan. meghan trainor. ma ma macula more and ryan lewis. charlie puth. ♪ one call away >> celine dion. ♪ keep playing the song >> blake shelton. ♪ we're gonna live forever >> the band perry live from rio. dnce. alicia keys. and jessica simpson returns to the "today" stage. your beats live on the plaza. this summer, wake up to the citi
8:04 am
concert series, only on "today." >> we're very excited by that lineup. excellent, excellent lineup. something for everybody. we're going to be enhancing the fan experience with an interactive calendar. you'll sign up for fan passes and get to know the artists. plus, more ways to enjoy that in the citi concert series. if you need more or want to eview the lineup, head to really excited about it. >> carson's stamp of approval. >> love it, love it. let's go inside, get a check of the morning's top stories. tamron is in for natalie. >> good morning. this morning donald trump is denying a report that he once posed as someone else to brag about himself to the media. trump spoke with us earlier on "today." nbc national correspondent peter alexander is in washington with more on this. peter, good morning. >> good morning. this morning it's donald trump but certainly sounds like it like you've never heard him before. the republican party's
8:05 am
presumptive nominee who's masterfully used the media to boost his own campaign, caught pretending to be his own publicist, bragging about celebrity dating exploits, all of it designed to inflate his own image. >> he's living with marla and he's got three other girlfriends. >> reporter: in 1991, a familiar-sounding voice called into "people" claiming to be donald trump's publicist. >> what's your name again? >> john miller. >> what is your position? >> i'm sort of handling pr because he gets so much of it. >> reporter: obtained exclusively overnight by "the washington post," sounds unmistakably like trump talks up madonna and carla bruni. >> the people that you write about really are -- i mean, they just call. actresses, people that you write about just call to see if they can go out with him. >> reporter: when then-girlfriend marla maples later identified the voice as trump, the tycoon told "people" it was a joke gone awry. jump this morning on "today"
8:06 am
denied the voice was him. >> it doesn't sound like me on the phone. i will tell you that. and it was not me on the phone. the answer is no. and let's get on to more current subjects. >> "the washington post" reported when the "people" magazine reporter played the recording to marla maples who confirmed it was trump, she burst into tears as she heard him pretending to be his publicist, denied that a ring trump gave her implied any intent to marry her. tamron? >> all right, peter, thank you very much. and a new series powered by "dateline" called "on assignment," we're bringing you stories from the field around the world. this week nbc news chief foreign correspondent richard engel tracks down the identities of americans who left this country to fight for one of its most dangerous enemies. and he's here with a preview of what he learned about the newest isis fighters in syria. richa richard, good morning. this is fascinating. >> well, normally i've been following the isis story from the middle east or sometimes from europe. but we obtained thousands of
8:07 am
documents, personnel files from the isis registry. and among those, many, many names we found 15 americans. people who left this country to join isis. so we assembled a team. some of them are dead. some are still alive, still active with the organization. and we spent weeks trying to investigate and figure out who these people are who left this country to join isis. we assembled a team, rented a motel room, and got to work. we asked retired fbi agent gamal to join us. >> unfortunately, we do have a problem of american citizens or american residents going and joining isis. >> reporter: we quickly learn details about some of these young men. i know this one. we did a story on him. and he's dead. douglas mcarthur mccain from minnesota was killed fighting for isis in august 2014. but authorities believe another
8:08 am
minnesotan, abdi nuir, is alive in syria. we wanted to know more how these 15 men became so radicalized. he suggested we start with their families. >> there's no way your kid will change from a normal person to a jihadi suicide bomber. >> reporter: and nobody knows. >> and no one notices any difference. >> reporter: we track down relatives of some of the men on the list. can i talk to you for a minute? you don't want to talk to me? well, he clearly didn't want to speak. "get lost" is what he said. he said he was going to call the police. we're going to reveal the names of all 15 of these people coming up later this week on that "dateline" program you mentioned. some of the people we found weren't even on the list. we uncovered an isis cell that formed here within one family. and they all traveled over to the syria together. and consistently found that the
8:09 am
fbi either knew about them, didn't knew about them, didn't follow up adequately because these are all people who managed to leave the country. in one case the fbi even had a specific tip about one of the individuals, but he still managed to leave the country. >> so many questions including whether or not this is an intelligence failure, and you'll have se of those answers, as richard mentioned, you can see more of richard's report "on assignment" this sunday at 7:00/6:00 central here on nbc. now back to matt and savannah. >> tamron and richard, thank you very much. coming up next, a remarkable woman we told you about on wednesday. we're going to hear from the army sergeant who had a special reason for giving her invictus games gold medal back to prince harry. also, the performance that had one unsuspected audience making a hasty exit. and the magazine under fire over a spread to help girls as young as 8 find the right swimsuit for their body type. but first, these messages. olay regenerist renews from within...
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we're back at 8:15. prince harry's invictus games wrapped up last night. the team captain holding the flag over to canada, who will host next year's event. >> tamron has another highlight. we talked about this on thursday. >> why not talk about it more? it's not every day that prince harry is the one being charmed. that's exactly what happened this week when he met u.s. army sergeant elizabeth marks. >> elizabeth marks in lane four is way out in front. >> reporter: in the swimming pool at the invictus games, sergeant elizabeth marks isn't just outstanding. >> marks is storming home. >> reporter: she stands out, winning an astonishing four gold medals. one for each event she competed? >> elizabeth marks. >> reporter: she's only taking home three. she gave back the one awarded by prince heart by, asking him to deliver it to the men and women who saved her life two years ago at britain's hospital.
8:16 am
>> the only way i had to thank them was by giving them a medal, and hopefully that means enough. >> reporter: even among the many remarkable men and women competing at the invictus games, the 25-year-old army medic is a marvel. serving in iraq in 2010, marks sustained a serious hip injury, losing all feeling in her left leg. rehabilitation in a swimming pool uncovered a talent she never shoe she hknew she had. >> i found the pool and it led to a career. >> reporter: she became a record-breaking swimmer, leading her to the 2014 invictus games. then another agonizing setback. >> i landed for the games, and bega became immediately ill. >> reporter: an illness made her so sick, doctors put her in an induced coma. marks doesn't remember much from the week, but with remarkable courage, she battled back. grateful to her doctors and nurses. >> someday, i'd love to go and shake their hands. for now, i'll have to have the
8:17 am
medal to say thank you for me. >> reporter: marks is happily married. some who watched her with a prince charming this week thought they saw a gleam in his eye and a fascination with her leg-linked th eed tattoo. marks says it's a link between fellow soldiers. >> he knows what it is like to serve for his country. >> reporter: after competing against what she calls humble heros, a shoutout from prince harry at the closing ceremonies. >> what is the force that has marks return to the games after nearly dying two years ago, to compete at the highest level, in a sport that renders her blind and faint? invictus. >> reporter: marks says the games are about much more than medals. >> all these people are beautiful and wonderful. their hearts will drive me to push as hard as i can. >> we haven't seen the last of sergeant marks. she's now setting her sights on
8:18 am
the par limb pialympic games in. you love how she says swimming is her alternate career. >> love it. let's get a check of the weather from al. >> all right. it has been met along the northeast corridor. not as wet as washington, d.c. it has been a dreary month for them. month and a half. over 15 inches -- or 15 days in april. then we move right into may. they have had 15 consecutive days of rain. got a break yesterday. this is the longest rainy stretch in d.c. in 78 years. guess what? there's more rain coming over the next several days. as you look at the weekend outlook, the northeast and new england looking at sunshine. gulf coast. more rain in the pacific northwest. also through texas and the southwest. on sunday, at least dry in the mid-atlantic states, gulf coast. wet weather from texas all the way to the pacific northwest. that's what's going on around well, we're in for some nice
8:19 am
weather here in the bay area. our skies are already starting to clear. you can take a look at our north bay camera. you can see the clouds parting, also in san francisco. we will see some mostly sunny skies later on today. 74 degrees in the south bay and 67 degrees in the peninsula. 68 in the east bay, while san francisco today's up to 62 degrees. some upper 60s for the north bay. we will have a slight chance of some spotty sprinkles early tomorrow morning, but the rest of the day looks mostly sunny. >> that's your latest weather. it's fun. >> yeah. how about time for trending. we have a special guest. didn't you used to be over here? >> yes, i know. >> i don't know what's happening. >> hi, katie. >> how are you? >> hi. >> i get to do trending. >> i know. we'll see how this works. >> i watch the show. then you get to do pop start. >> good girl. >> there you go. >> it's a play on pop tart. >> i never thought of that.
8:20 am
i see what you did. >> here's how we do this. we bring up topics, talk about them and blow through time. you're used to this. the no-tipping trend is sweeping restaurants across the country. apparently, the idea says tipping complicates things for the customers and the servers. the "new york times" says the trend isn't catching on. one example, joe's crab shack. it was the nation's first major restaurant chain to do away with tips. now, only six months into the experiment, the seafood chain is bringing them back. customers disliked the change. they want to inspire good service by tipping people. also, this is interesting, they don't trust management to pass on the money to employees. >> bingo. >> that is the problem. >> do you like it? >> i don't trust management on the money. it gets a lot of publicity, you know. i think people are spectacle. >> i just resist change. i've been tipping my whole life. i don't want to change it. >> if you ever worked in a
8:21 am
service industry, you understand the importance of that. if someone brings something, you want to say thank you. >> if they've done a great job, reward them. >> i have a waitress for 11 days. only job i ever quit. hardest job. >> i was a waitress and ran after someone in the parking lot, gave them a quarter and said, i don't need your money. >> then you work with matt lauer. >> coming to know you, i'm shocked at that. >> stunning development. >> i think it's insulting. you're a big tipper, i know. >> i think these people work so hard. >> i always try to leave a big tip, too. >> yeah. > . >> seabiscuit in the eighth. >> i didn't get that one. anyway, a columnist in the wall street journal has an interesting piece. the plague of things too long. like the segment we just did.
8:22 am
>> ouch. >> wow. >> too many of us go on forever and americans don't know when to stop. here are his targets. presidential elections. >> yes. >> baseball games, root canals, commencement ceremonies, health manuels, guitar solos and movies. >> movies. >> i would add bridesmaid's toasts can go on. guilty, yes. >> the commencement address thing though, they do. >> 20 minutes out of almost every movie i've seen in the last two years. >> for commencement, a lot of schools now are saying to the speaker, you have like seven minutes. >> it's hard to get really good advice. i read the column and he lost me. instructions for his sinus rinse was too long. >> i thought the rinsing took too long. >> that's another tip. last item.
8:23 am
you have a great singing voice. >> awe, really? that's so nice. >> let's talk about opera. a movie moving in story part of a art form. not everyone impressed by it. ♪ >> that is katie in that outfit. penguins running for the hills. not exactly impressed by nick allen's impassioned song. penguins aren't opera fans. >> they dress fancy. >> funny. >> every once in a while in trending -- >> exactly. >> -- you get a key line. >> a broken clock. >> you got that one. >> explaining everything. >> name flinging here. >> savannah translator.
8:24 am
what? >> get excited. >> time for pop start. sharon and ozzy. sharon and ozzy osborne reuniting days after sharon announced the couple split. what brought them back together? business. sharon is ozzy's manager and introduced him on thursday during a press conference. that led to this really awkward moment. ozzy walking up behind sharon, behind hug, never a good hug, by the way. she wasn't exactly in the hugging mood. later, sharon would explain by saying, this is what i do. in a separate interview, ozzy said, he hopes sharon continues to run his career. next up, keith urban and nicole kidman staging their own version of carpool cakaraoke. ♪ woman try to get to you, baby ♪ >> the couple singing keith's new song with carrie underwood,
8:25 am
"the fighter." this version of the song is already a hit. racking up nearly 18 million views. >> you love that. >> i think it was really cute, actually. they seem shuper happy. i wonder, was that to promote keith's album, and they mouthed it? >> seemed like it. >> it was cute, i have to say. right? >> they look so happy. >> katie couric, everybody. thanks for being here. pop start, that'll do it. >> katie couric. >> thank you. [ applause ] >> couth you akeith urban says ahead, more can katie. plus, jodie foster, george clooney and julia roberts. first, your local news. >> there go the penguins.
8:26 am
a very good morning to you. it is 8:26. i'm laura garcia-cannon. just into our newsroom, investigators now say someone shot the driver involved in a rollover crash last night on interstate 80. that prompted lane closures. it happened at about 10:30 at night in hercules, not far from highway 4. the chp says someone in a white sedan pulled up to a nissan altima and shot into the car. the driver was struck in the leg. the car rolled over several times but landed right side up. doctors have already released the victim from the hospital. now, this follows a separate shooting on highway 4 about 20 miles away on wednesday that killed a mother of four. let's check the morning commute right now with mike. >> all right, it's slow past the coliseum northbound jamming up right around 66 and high street. look at the map, slow up to oak
8:27 am
street where the southbound side had a disabled truck. that's cleared and now you're looking at the commute through oakland. another tough drive westbound across the dumbarton bridge. as one stall cleared, we had a crash and debris between 880 and the toll plaza at the off-ramp. the dumbarton bridge slower now. the san mateo bridge much better. and the rest of the bay, a typical build. northbound routes slow going through silicon valley, your typical friday lighter commute. no problems for the tri-valley. back to you. >> looks like a good thing. thank you so much, mike. and thank you as well for joining us. another local news update coming up in a half hour. have a great friday.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
♪ [ cheers and applause ] it is 8:30. friday the 13th. beautiful day. one week from now, we'll be gearing up for our first summer concert of the season from puff daddy and the family. earlier, we announced we have an epic lineup. check it out at lineup. coming up, we're going to talk more with our friend katie couric. she is diving into the hot-button topic of guns in america with a new and powerful documentary. plus, the "biggest loser" host bob harper speaks out about controversy. why so many dieters gain it back and what you can do about it. seemingly all of hollywood
8:31 am
on a field trip in cannes, keir simmons sat down with "money monster" stars, george clooney, julia roberts and jodie foster. i saw a picture of george clooney's wife on the red carpet last night. unbelievable. i mean, i know fantastic but she's amazing, too. let's get a check of the weather from al. >> let's show you what we have going on. we are looking at some strong storms starting off the week. sunday, we have a risk of storms from texas to the plains. as we move on into monday, we are looking at that shift down to the south. strong storms in texas, oklahoma, maybe even a tornado or two. even moving on into tuesday, we're looking at storms from texas to north carolina. some of them could be very severe. we're going to be watching that, as well. where are you from? >> chicago. >> what's your name? >> kristin. >> katie. >> thanks for coming. we have katie inside, too. that worked out nicely. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in your neck of the woods.
8:32 am
we're in for some nice, quiet weather across the bay area with some morning clouds and afternoon sunshine. we're starting to see some breaks in the clouds now as we take a look at our golden gate camera and looking now at temperatures that are in the mid-to-upper 50s. still 51 degrees in santa rosa. expect a high of 75 in gilroy, half moon bay 63 degrees and the embarcaderos to 61. and calistoga reaching 77 and 71 in livermore. >> announcer: 100 years of national parks today is sponsored by camping world. get one-stop shopping for everything rv at your nearby camping world rv super center. >> we have a special announcement. this week, we got to explore the beautiful outdoors with our series 100 years of national parks today. as part of the celebration, we ran a photo contest for a chance to win a brand-new freedom elite rv, courtesy of our sponsor, camping world.
8:33 am
time to announce the winner. congratulations go out to margaret from chads ford, pennsylvania. this is the photo. that's death valley national park. special appearance by margaret's sons. want a recap of our national parks tour and learn how to find your park, check out matt? >> al, thank you very much. katie couric is here to talk about a powerful new documentary called "under the gun." it examines both sides of the gun safety debate in this country and explores the drastic rise in mass shootings and daily gun violence across the united states. katie, good morning. nice to see you. >> thank you for having me. >> headlines, there are always headlines, what do we do about guns following mass shootings, violence in cities like chicago and other cities. the frustration a lot of people
8:34 am
have is the talk and the headlines fade quickly. >> that's true. >> why did you decide to do this now? >> i couldn't understand the disconnect between the fact that 90% of the public really favors universal background checks. after sandy hook, everyone thought, this was the watershed moment. something would be done. i couldn't understand the disconnect between public opinion and our elected officials. i wanted to uncover why nothing was happening on this issue. >> and people tend to think of this as an either/or debate. black and white. >> for us or against us. >> exactly. which has been said by the head of the nra. you try to examine the middle ground. 74% of members of the nra are for universal background checks. >> it was shocking. we talked to members outside their convention in nashville, and most said they favor -- i think there was one person who disagreed with it -- but they all said they favor universal background checks. we said if you're on the terror watch list in the country, it's
8:35 am
legal to buy a gun. they were shocked by that. not only that, but the nra represents 5% of gun owners. there's this silent majority. i think it's hopeful because there are a lot of common ground. >> you talk about personal stories in this. you tell the story of phillips, who lost their daughter jesse in the aurora theater shooting. what did you learn about them? >> they are amazing people. i think this film has so much heart. i know you watched it, matt. we do embed with all these families who have lost loved ones. they lost their adorable daughter jessi, 24 years old, in aurora, colorado. they were gun owners and are gun owners. >> right. >> and they belong to the nra. they just never thought about this. their views on guns, they became advocates and really experts. they've really evolved. >> there is a very common
8:36 am
expression out there that says the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun. yet, they asked their daughter's boyfriend, who was there, if he'd had a gun at the time, would it have made a difference? >> i thought it was one of the most impactful moments of the film. one of the first things they asked him -- because he had a concealed carry permit. because he traveled from texas to colorado -- >> couldn't fly with it. >> yeah, he didn't have his gun. one of the first things they asked is, would it have made a difference if you had had your gun? he said, absolutely not. there was so much chaos. they were trapped. more innocent people would have died. so this is the argument that's perpetrated by the gun lobby. most public health experts and gun safety experts say, it's just a spacious argument. >> we worked together here ten years. we covered so many of these stories. i remember your coverage of columbine. >> right. >> was it difficult to separate what was deeply personal to you from the professional?
8:37 am
>> no, not really. matt, i went in with an open mind. yes, columbine was devastating. of course, that interview with matthew scholes and craig scott, i'll never forget it. it was one of the most meaningful conversations i've had in my career. it was so raw. it was the morning after. i've actually kept up with craig scott. i saw him the other day for a glass of wine because he was here in new york. you know, i really -- i wanted to have an open mind. i wanted to under the psyche of gun owners in this country and what they were afraid of. they're very fearful of confiscation, which has been gemmed up by the gun lobby. when gun sales go down, the gun lobby has become a marketing arm for the gun manufacturers. they don't speak for their members. >> the supreme court ruled out confiscation. you have a right under the second amendment to have a gun. >> even justice scalia said it wasn't unlimited. >> thank you for bringing attention to it.
8:38 am
>> thank you for bringing me on the show. >> it airs may 15th. coming up, bob harper on why keeping weight off is to difficult. first on a friday morning, this is "today" on nbc. first on a friday morning, this is "today" on nbc.
8:39 am
8:40 am
we're back at 8:40. losing weight is hard enough. we know that. for some, keeping it off can be a bigger challenge. a recent study found that after examining the weight gain of 14 contestants from "the biggest loser." bob harper is now the show's host. good morning. >> good morning. >> i read this article with interest. i can't imagine that you read it with a lot of interest, as well. >> i thought it was super interesting. i think that losing weight is the easiest part. it's keeping it off. i think that's what the whole
8:41 am
study was and the whole report was. >> we know that. keeping weight off is hard to do. >> yeah. >> i thought what was disturbing and upsetting was this notion after having gone through the process of losing all this weight, that their metabolisms were slower. they were, in some ways, bodies were more conditioned to put the weight back on, had they never dieted at all. >> you make up a really good point. our bodies want to be the weight we've been for such a long time. that's why it's a battle. if you've been overweight for a long period of time, your body is going to fight you tooth and nail to get back. that's why you have to be so diligent. you have to watch every single thing that you are doing. no matter if you've lost weight on "the biggest loser," weight watchers, jenny craig. however you lost the weight. >> i guess it's a reminder that you have to stay vigilant. >> that's right. you have to stay vigilant. you have to think about what you're doing every single day. think about what you've lost weight. you cut out the carbs, the sugar. you can never go back to that kind of lifestyle again.
8:42 am
you have to change every single thing you're doing. you have to think about it every single day. >> yeah. let's talk about something called intermittent fasting. let's go over here. this is something that you personally have been trying. how does it work? >> i actually love it. i mean, i've been doing it a while now. you think about people that say their me labtitabolism sloed dw. if you skip one meal, you offset it immediately. >> i thought you had to eat to keep the metabolism going. >> studies are always changing. studies now are saying that, like, your body will start to have to work on its own fat, rely on its own fat that's existing on the body to start burning. >> how does -- it says, skip one meal a day, and fast for a certain period. >> think about when you go to bed at night. hopefully you're getting eight hours of sleep, right? count that as part of your fasting. >> okay. >> then skip the first meal maybe.
8:43 am
go into your two, two and a half meals a day. that's what i normally do. >> this means skipping breakfast. i thought we weren't supposed to do that. >> i'm not a breakfast eater anymore. i like to eat. if i'll have two meals, i'm going to have two, big, substantial meals. >> our next board. i would think, my meal will consist of pizza and ice cream. would not that be recommended? >> i wouldn't want you to do that. pizza and ice cream is not going to help you to lose weight. though you don't need to lose any weight. focus on getting a lot of vegetables, good fats, and then get your protein. people are obsessed with, am i getting enough protein? if you're having a chicken breast, you'll be good to go. focus on your vegetables. >> i don't see carbs on the list. >> starchy carbs, sugar, shouldn't be a part of the diet. >> thank you. the magazine for girls under fire for a controversial swimsuit spread. more on that.
8:44 am
first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:45 am
8:46 am
>> > we're back. geared towards 8 to 13-year-old girls is at the center of controversy. >> hoda is here with that story. >> good morning. finding the best swim suit for your body type is a standard magazine article. when it is aimed at young girls it becomes a real problem. >> reporter: as warmer days draw near, a popular magazine already feeling the heat. "discovery girls" now in deep trouble for sending a message many feel drifted from the shallow end. >> is this for children? >> it's not age appropriate. >> i think it's totally unnecessary to categorize young girls and body types. >> reporter: splashed on the pages of a magazine priding itself on building the confidence of young girls, a spread entitled "what swimsuit best suits you," seemingly encouraging girls to evaluate their bodies and decide how best to hide their flaws.
8:47 am
descriptions like, curvy on top. straight up and down. rounder in the middle. unleashing waves of criticism online. with one twitter user sarcastically saying, hey, why not include diet tips and surgical options with this? your readers are 9, after all. tick-tock. another tweet reading, i'm sure there is an article somewhere for boys on their swimsuit choices, right? such a fail. >> when girls see images that tell them that they need to look a certain way or hide areas of their bodies to feel valuable, they get the message that something might be wrong with their bodies. >> reporter: in a statement to nbc news, the magazine's founder and ceo said, quote, we want to make it clear that "discovery girls" does not promote nor support body shaming. this article was intended to show every body shape was acceptable, not that they should be ashamed of the shape they have.
8:48 am
>> if i was you -- >> reporter: one celebrity saying, me, too, when it comes to experiencing the pressures to look thin. this week, meghan trainor pulling the plug on her new music video when she noticed producers air brushed her waste. >> i'm so sick of it. i'm over it. i took it down. >> any time high-profile people get involved in the body image conversation, it creates a springboard for parents and teachers and mentors to talk to kids about body image. >> reporter: a little star power to perhaps get everyone on the same page. >> the founder and ceo issued an apology on facebook, agreeing with the angry readers. saying, quote, it's hard for me to believe an article so contrary to our magazine's mission could have been published on our pages. seems to have gone through a lot of hands before it was printed.
8:49 am
i have a lot of people, i think, upset about it, including folks at the magazine. and meghan trainor will be hosting with me today. >> i saw that. >> i'll ask her about it. it's a good one. >> hoda, thank you. ahead, julia roberts, george clooney and jodie foster talking about movies and friendships. keir is live with that. first, this is "today" on nbc. about movies and friendships. keir is live with that. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:50 am
we are bac k we are back.
8:51 am
8:50 with our series it's tough to be kearsen. >> he has been on that beach forever. >> he had a chance to talk to justin timberlake and someone else. on thursday. this morning three oscar winners, keir. >> good morning. hard work by the beach. this is so kooxt three of hollywood's biggest star, george clooney, julia roberts, jodie foster, kidding around with each other, talking politics last night they were on the red carpet. and get this. julia roberts who wasn't wearing shoes is here in cannes for the first time. jodie foster has not been here for 40 years. george clooney, walking the red carpet with wife amal who needed a wardrobe rescue. that's the george we know. he has unexpected moves in his latest movie. >> start dancing.
8:52 am
julia has seen those over the years. >> i've seen the evolution of the revolution. >> this is going to be probably a career end. >> i have witnessed it. that's why my eye sight is so bad. >> stare at it you go blind. >> erasing my memory. >> money monster without risk. >> the laughs providing light moments in the thriller directed by jodie foster, clooney play as financial anchorman taken hostage. on live television. >> cut the feed. >> turn the cameras off. >> turn them on. >> put it up. >> reuniting on screen with close friend julia roberts. >> there's weird chemistry going on. they have between the two of them nobody else understands. i think so. spells they pass between each other. >> put it on. >> in the movie clooney is
8:53 am
forced to wear an explosive vest. by british rising star jack o'connell. >> i'm not the real krim cal. people like these guys. >> lost his dead mother's money on stocks. >> this guy is a terrorist who you end up feeling sympathy for. >> it would be right to say he does resort to terror. whether or not i believe he's a terrorist i'm not sure. i think the only option this kid felt like he had was to do something extreme. not that i'd recommend anyone try that. i just think -- >> one man's terror is another man's freedom fighter. >> i'll get you answers. >> a message for wall street. >> i think americans are filled with rage because they worked hard, took care of their mom, they saved and they have nothing to show for it. >> any one who can get out, get
8:54 am
out right now. >> you feel like the power of your voice just you know, people listen. >> i didn't mean to laugh. >> me? >> yes you. can i have that piece of film. thanks. >> i know i just listen every time you speak. >> do not look up, do not make eye contact. just go. >> you think about your children and the kind of world this reflects, you worry about what they are growing up into? >> i think as parents you are constantly worried but you can't be paralyzed by the fear of anything. >> maybe they will be world changers. >> we are right now being run by people who are selling fear as speak out on the things that matter to you. and you know, the risk of that
8:55 am
is of course you piss people off. that's my right, you know. i'm allowed to do that. as a citizen. >> your right to piss people off. >> sure. that is a right, you know. that's the deal. i'm well aware of it. so. >> and it appears to dance any which he likes. >> we should have a battle. >> we should have a dance-off. >> cameras. we have time, right? >> yes. we'll do it. >> oh, yeah. got to have spandex. nothing like a 55-year-old guy in spandex kicking right in. >> reporter: you know, it was so fascinating hearing the three talk about politics, watch them figuring out what they wanted to say together, what they were comfortable saying. surprisingly george clooney, guys, didn't dance on the red carpet last night so you have to watch the movie to see that. >> show us what the moves looked like.
8:56 am
>> i'm not going to do that. >> both behind you. keir, thank you. by the way earlier it was fun catching up with katie couric. reminder catch your documenttry under the gun sunday, download it free at >> we are back after your local news. good morning to you. it's 8:56 right now. just into our newsroom, investigators now say someone shot the driver involved in a rollover crash last night on interstate 80, which prompted lane closures. it happened about 10:30 at night in hercules, not far from highway 4. the chp says someone in a white sedan pulled up to a nissan altima and shot into that car. the driver was struck in the leg. the car then rolled over several times but landed right side up.
8:57 am
doctors have already released that victim from the hospital, but it follows a separate shooting on highway 4 about 20 miles away on wednesday in which a mother of four was killed. happening now, our assignment desk is reaching out to investigators trying to gather more details about whether this shooting is connected to other recent freeway shootings. we'll have an update during our midday newscast. also look for updates in our twitter feed. and san francisco's museum of modern art is set to reopen after three years of renovations. the official opening happens tomorrow, but you can get a first look at what to expect by checking out our slideshow at the top of our home page. and stern words this morning from the white house to schools that discriminate against transgender students. you can look for that on our facebook page. stay connected to your world wherever the world takes you. get the nbc bay area app. to the women who know what real values are, you inspire us to bring you real value every day.
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8:59 am
9:00 am
this morning on "today's take," it's friday the 13th and john cena is here. we'll find out how superstitious he really is. then julia roberts goes barefoot on the red carpet. it has a lot of and al is speaking with one of his favorite, barbecue chicken sliders. all that and more coming up next. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist, and tamron hall. live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today." it's friday the 13th, everybody, 2016. great crowd on the plaza. a beautiful day for the time being here in new york city. inside studio 1a, i'm willie alongside al and tamron.
9:01 am
john cena is back. >> big, sold and savory! >> big, bold -- isn't that chunky soup? >> that's how we know each other. big, bold and savory. >> my gosh, it's interesting, we were just talking about your scene from "trainwreck." and i said in the movie, john said something to me, but i've seen your bare bum in "trainwreck." and you said no, that's not naked. so bare bum is not naked. >> you did say you saw my bum, but you also said, you were naked. >> i said you were naked, and you said -- >> full naked is hot dog and the buns. >> hi, everybody. >> hey, now. >> this was just buns. >> that was a great flick, by the way. and you were fantastic. by the way, can you see what it is today, guys? it's casual friday. >> it is casual friday. >> semicasual over here, right? we just dropped the ties from earlier. john's got the jeans. >> i've got jeans on. >> you guys want to take turns modeling? because i've been pranked here.
9:02 am
>> you look great. i love your kicks and the jean dress. >> thurston howell iii. i am here with thurston howell and the thirds. this is the new band. i struggle with the definition of casual friday. they called and said let's go casual friday. i walk out of my dressing room. and you guys look like you're going to hang out at the white house. >> i've got jeans on. >> i have a tie on. this is completely casual. >> so this is your definition of casual on friday? >> no. yes. he wakes up like this. >> okay. >> no, i wear jeans and button down and pumas on a casual friday, but i'm not wearing that on tv. i respect my audience. >> a plaid shirt, jeans and a t-shirt. i'm not wearing that to the show. >> al and i were talking -- i don't have, like, a casual. i'm either like a t-shirt, workout shorts or suit and tie. >> no one thought to call me? >> that's why i gave you my denim shirt. oh. >> see, because, okay.
9:03 am
let me just show you how hard it was for me. where are my shoes? >> right over there. >> and you were in this fancy dress about five minutes ago. >> i changed because it was so difficult to decide what to wear on casual friday, i raided my sneaker closet. >> air force ones. >> do any of them match? >> just one foot. one-foot hall is what they used to call me. because this is casual. can you please go hashtag to "the take"? what is our hashtag battle? what is defined as casual? >> that rolls off the tongue. >> it's going to take all 140 characters so you can do nothing else. >> i acknowledge this is not my casual. >> this is casual. this, label, that's casual. >> we had one e-mail, al and i said we'll drop the tie. >> this is how i would look. >> you were on the e-mail chain. >> but i thought casual friday meant, like, hey, jeans, denim, sneakers. >> no. it does in real life but not in tv life.
9:04 am
>> almost sneakers. these are almost sneakers. >> what size shoe do you have? >> this is not a jacket. this is a jouch. this is from a couch. i just put sleeves on a couch and showed up. >> your fancy couch looks like y'all are going to the yacht party afterwards, and i'm serving the drinks. >> you look inside, it says "raymore & flanagan." >> i'm like the wedge piece in the sectional. >> i want to apologize to our audience because i thought that casual friday meant hanging out with friends casual friday, not -- >> that's okay. >> that's later. >> billion-dollar friday. >> spalding, get your foot off the boat. >> i thought you were trying to get something out of your teeth. >> that's what i am today. hashtag battle, it is what? who did casual friday best? the guys, hashtag, or the girl? >> you did by a long shot. we're not even arguing that. it's not a battle. >> you said you respect our audience too much -- here we go, fancy pants, go on. >> i'm casual.
9:05 am
give you an excuse to strut. >> and that's the walk. that's the casual walk. >> i feel intimidating, though. >> you missed it. i guess when you spend most of your workwear is the tight pants -- >> or less, sometimes. thanks for pointing that out. >> so anyway, if you want to participate in the hashtag battle, that's fine. if not -- >> that's going to be trending worldwide. that's a great one. what else is going on? friday the 13th. >> moving things along. >> are you superstitious? well, did you know the fear of the day has an official name? it is called paraskevatric paraskevatrixadeckaphobia. >> our prompter says something else. anyway. coming up, we're going to play a game, testing your
9:06 am
smarts. about friday the 13th. jason's last name. >> i'm not good at these. >> that's a layup, jason voorhees. >> camp? >> crystal lake. >> you can tell we grew up in the '90s. okay. so we'll get to the friday the 13th stuff later. john, you just came back from the invictus games in orlando. you were coaching a wheelchair rugby team. just talk about the experience. you said it moved you immediately. >> i set foot in the orlando invictus games and realized that i was going to be involved already for next year in toronto what the games stand for is fantastic. you can talk about the sports, but it gives people who have competitive dna in their nature a chance to fuel that competitive fire. it gives them something to train for every year. and it provides an unreal system of support for these heroes and their families to come together. over 500 athletes from over 14 countries. i really can't say thank you enough to the invictus games and all of its supporters for
9:07 am
putting on a first-class experience for all of the heros that participated. it was unreal. unreal. >> for people who don't know, it's active-duty and veteran military from around the world who have been injured in some way. >> yep. >> and they get to participate in basically paralympic-style games. >> yes. and in talking with the competitors, in talking with these wounded warriors, it really gave them so much life and so much hope and something to drive for. and that is extremely important when in their situation. and like i said, the games themselves brings this community together so they can share their experiences with each other. it's very difficult for me to relate to someone like that. but when someone has gone through the same experience and they're there with the same competitive drive and the will to succeed, you get a bunch of people, that positive and that competitive together and great things happen. it was completely -- >> you were on the rugby team? >> i was the coach of the wheelchair rugby team. and i did not want to participate because i didn't want to take a spot off the floor from somebody. i want people to get out there and do what they've got to do. i was really basically a
9:08 am
loudmouth. >> they're tougher than you. so you wouldn't have been able to succeed. >> i did not want to get shown up as well. promptly put in my place. so i knew my role. i stayed on the sidelines. >> stayed in your lane. >> what's amazing about it is just the inspiration that these people provide to us. >> i got to present the above and beyond award to the georgia seated volleyball game who did not know the coach. they learned the game via skype, made it all the way to the invictus games and got a bronze medal. the word "inspiration" is what it's all about, what invictus is all about. >> very cool. concert series summer just about around the corner. next friday -- when was the last time shaean "diddy" combs was i concert? >> it's been a long time. they had a concert in brooklyn that sold out, but one better than that -- >> free next friday on our plaza, puff daddy and the family. later this summer, celine dion. >> which i cannot wait. >> and jessica simpson.
9:09 am
just a few of the many stars that will be in our concert series. >> i guess because it's puff daddy and the family. it's kind of like a throwback. >> who's your daddy? okay, favorite of this group, and we've seen the list, i think you and i share a favorite. alicia keys is going to be on. >> beautiful. >> love her. love her. >> good song. every time i hear it. right? willie, what's your favorite? i already know it. >> i went withd dierks. a new album, "black," opened his tour wednesday night. i got a chance to sit down with him for the sunday show next sunday. such a good guy and one of the biggest stars in country music. great dude. it was a tough choice. diddy, the list is incredible. >> i went with puff daddy because it reminds me of my entire college life. >> there it is. >> and if lil' kim shows up, i just might faint. there's a chance.
9:10 am
puff daddy and the family. >> there's always a chance. >> may. you'll have to scoop me up off the floor. >> starting friday. starting friday. thank you very much. that's it. the other reason i didn't take the jacket off, i'm swearing suspenders, and that looks kind of goofy. >> because on casual friday, suspenders. >> if i don't wear the suspenders, then you're going to see something more than casual. >> you'll see john cena's trainwreck? >> okay, we've got some showers making their way from upstate new york. also looking at the slight risk of severe weather from norfolk to charleston, also rockford to kansas city. 10 million people at risk. two different fronts pushing through. the first one this afternoon may cause airport delays from new york down to washington, philadelphia. second system's bringing heavy thunderstorms from chicago into st. louis. as we get into saturday, that pushes east. and then finally moves offshore by sunday. that's what's going on around the country. here's what'
9:11 am
that's your latest weather. oh, my golly. >> what is he doing? >> all right. which one of my cohosts is really have stishsuperstitious? >> don't do that. >> i'm going to test it in a game that's lots of fun. >> i'm going to have to throw salt over my shoulder! >> after these messages. that is until one of you clips a food truck, ruining your perfect record. yeah. now you would think your insurance company
9:12 am
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9:15 am
superstitious among us. so we want to put everyone to the test one at a time. my friends will be taking turns into the circle of superstition. to answer a question about friday the 13th. you get it right, you get lucky. >> you do? >> you get a lucky charm. >> that's a different kind of charm, buddy. >> casual friday. >> all right, mr. cena decided to go first. >> i'm ready to go. i do very well at these games. >> true or false? there is at least one friday the 13th in every year? >> that is true. >> you are absolutely correct! >> thank you. thank you. do i get them both? right on. thank you. thank you very much. >> all right. number two. willie. >> why didn't you go first? >> willie, if you get this right, you'll get this lucky rabbit's foot, which isn't really a rabbit's foot. >> it's faux fur. >> if it's wrong, you get to spill some salt. all right. this pop star bucks the 13 trend and actually considers it her lucky number. so much so that it even shows up in her twitter handle. name the pop star.
9:16 am
>> taylor swift. >> absolutely correct! >> how did you know that? >> he's got a daughter, for gosh sakes. >> i have an 8-year-old daughter. >> tamron hall. >> yes. i'm in the house. i'm bad. >> this one i picked for you. it's easy. >> great. >> you get it right, you get this lucky wishbone chew toy. >> i get a dog treat? >> i mean -- >> if you get it wrong, you get this oversized penny, tails up. here we go. which of these was not a sequel in the "friday the 13th" movie franchise? "friday the 13th: the new blood"? "friday the 13th: jason takes manhattan"? or "friday the 13th: jason's revenge"? >> "the new blood"? >> oh, no. >> oh, my gosh! >> "friday the 13th: jason'
9:17 am
revenge." >> you've got to pick it up. >> i've got to pick it up? how do i reverse this? >> there you go. >> can we google? >> back in the circle of superstition. if you get it right, you win a box of lucky charms. >> absolutely. >> if you get it wrong, you brush your feet with the broom. >> that means you're going to jail. by the way. >> there's a little black cat going across there. can we see the black cat again? he's very cute. is that a chihuahua or a cat? it was on friday the 13th of august of 1937 that this famous chicago gangster was indicted on a charge of income tax evasion. >> that's so easy. >> name him. >> you don't know who that is? >> what's that? >> he's joking. >> okay. you've got to know this. >> what do you mean? mugsy bogues. >> no, sorry. al capone. al capone. they're not after your lucky charm. >> you know why i'm doing this?
9:18 am
i'm doing this just to show off the casual friday kicks. that's what i'm talking about. >> trash talking cena in the house. >> willie, you're back up. get it right, you get an authentic four leaf clover. get it wrong, you have to walk under the ladder that alex is on. >> okay. >> back to friday the 13th. what famous actor meets his demise in the original "friday the 13th"? johnny depp, kevin bacon or matt dillon? >> johnny depp. >> no, kevin bacon. i don't know, that's what they told me. go walk under the ladder. one last one. tamron. >> all these quizes, i'm not good with them. >> if you get this right, you get the andrew luck jersey. if you get it wrong, you've got to break a mirror. what famous quarterback wore number 13 was the first to ever throw for 5,000 yards in a season? you should get this. >> joe montana? dan marino. >> dan marino. break a mirror. >> what is it? dan marino. i said dan marino. >> you said joe montana first.
9:19 am
there you go. >> oh, my gosh! i said dan marino! i mean joe montana. >> there you go. break the mirror. >> i heard joe mantegna. i may be going to jail. that's seven years right there. up next, what julia roberts wasn't wearing on the red carpet. these. what are those! that had heads turning on the french rivera. "pop fix" is next. vo: across america,
9:20 am
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9:22 am
flip your way through your last 9 shows with the tap of a button. change the way you experience tv. xfinity x1. casual friday style. it's party time for a little pop fix. ready? my casual friends, it's just us. it looks like kylie jenner and tyga are going their separate ways. the reality star and the rapper who have been dating off and on since 2014, they've decided to call it quits. how interesting is this? according to tmz, they ended their relationship before the met gala last week, which is why they walked the red carpet separately. this is not the first time they've gone splitville. the pair broke up back in november 2015 on tyga's 26th birthday before reuniting.
9:23 am
tyga spoke with e news about how he's doing about the breakup. saying, i'm good, ya know. another day, working hard and trying to get to the next level and achieving big things and evolve. we wish them both the best as they move forward. tyga, for review, has a 3-year-old son with his former girlfriend, blac chyna, who is currently engaged to kylie's brother, rob kardashian. got it? rob and chyna have a baby on the way. the red carpet for the cannes film festival seems to be as crazy as ever. george and amal were there to promote george's new movie "money monster." amal gave me life, as you like to say, on twitter, looks stunning in the yellow dress. narrowly managed a wardrobe malfunction when she almost tripped on the train. it was a handful walking up the daunting steps, requiring not one but two people to jump in. george and one of the delegates from the festival, nice enough to lend a hand. julia roberts had a wardrobe
9:24 am
malfunction of a different kinds. dressed to the nines, she kicked off her shoes before climbing the staircase. george didn't notice until julia said, luckily for us, what happens in cannes ends up in pop fix. keith urban posted an adorable video on his facebook page yesterday. the grammy winner and his lovely wife nicole kidman had a sing along to his new duet with carrie underwood, called "the fighter." ♪ woman try to get to you, baby ♪ >> spontaneous. it is cute but not spontaneous. let's be honest. it was adorable and nice to know we're not the only ones who like to sing in the car. that is awesome. the dirty truth about the
9:25 am
disgusting germs in your bedroom and bathroom. we're continuing our series to get us to clean up over the we offered women a mystery beauty treatment. right now? yeah! that sounds great! could they guess what it was? very rich and smooth. really creamy. i keep touching my face. so what had we used? what?! wait! just water was added to this? my skin definitely feels much more radiant. that sense of having like smooth dewy skin only dove has 1/4 moisturizing cream for smoother, more radiant skin. dove, your daily beauty treatment for radiant skin. ...another anti-wrinkle cream in no hurry to make anything happen. neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair works...
9:26 am one week. with the... fastest retinol formula. visibly reduce wrinkles. neutrogena®. i'm chris sanchez. developing at this hour and police are investing a deadly stabbing in tropicana plaza. someone stabbed the victim at least once and he died at the scene. police don't know the motive and they are trying to determine if the victim was targeted. police are asking nearby witnesses for the surveillance video. on a lighter note some of san francisco's hot spots really are hives of activities these days. seven popular hotels are now putting beehives at the top of the structures. it is part of the growing effort
9:27 am
to take the sting out of the growing bee shortage and produce hundreds of pounds of honey. here in the south bay as the sharks will attend the annual friday the 13th festival at 1300 hours, 1:00. they will go in for an ominous 13 times. we will have a look at weather after the break.
9:28 am
good moirng. we are getting some clearing and in the north bay we are seeing sun coming through the clouds in san francisco. temperatures warm up to the low 60s and upper 60s for the east bay and south bay. a high of 74 degrees. as the cold front moves in tomorrow, we will have the forecast and looking at cloud
9:29 am
cover for tomorrow morning and may be spotty sprinkles. let's go over to mike. >> friday with the commute easing up over the san mateo and dumbarton bridge. over in the south bay, right around the taylor off-ramp. just got word that all lanes have been cleared. 87 north and palo alto, 101. right around the embarcadero. >> thank you very much, mike. we have more local news in a half hour.
9:30 am
taking a look at the headlines. the obama administration is telling public school systems nationwide that transgender students must be allowed to use bathrooms and locker rooms consistent with their chosen gender identity. those that don't risk losing federal aide. officials say the guidelines are to clear up confusion about what schools are required to do to protect the civil rights of transgender students. a glitch that left travelers without luggage has been fixed according to officials at phoenix airport. the system used to screen checked bags for explosives went down on thursday. 3,000 bags were stored in a parking lot in 90 degree heat until they were trucked to other airports to be screened and flown out. the glitch came on the same day the tsa was criticized by
9:31 am
members of congress over long lines and executive bonuses. hobby lobby is recalling popular items that could put babies at risk. pieces on the little wishes summer plush pacifier holders can detach and pose a choking hazard. it was in whale and octopus shaped. also, recalling rattles shaped like fish because the seams can come apart to expose the stuffing, which can lead to choking. if you're in the market for a home this spring, goods news. long-term mortgage rates have fall ten to a three-year low according to freddie mac. the 30-year fixed rate dropped to 3.57%. the average rate on a 15-year fixed rate mortgage is 2.81%. angst moments for thrill
9:32 am
seekers at bush guach gardens i tampa. passengers trapped 200 feet up for an hour. no injuries to report. there's no word on what caused the ride to malfunction, but thankfully, everybody is okay. let's check in with al for the weather. hey, al. >> announcer: "today"'s weather is brought to you by disney's "ali "alice through the looking glass," in theaters may 7th. >> you noticed the who did casual friday best. >> it's rigged. all my tweets from my people on the internet say i nailed it. >> is that rigged? can we have a controversy? >> anyway, let's show what we have going on for your weekend. look at this, warm, wet weather in the northeast and on into northern new england. we have showers from texas on into the southwest. and we're looking at more rain in the pacific northwest. on sunday, sunday, we're looking -- >> al roker rigged the vote. he just went online and voted 79
9:33 am
times for you guys. >> no, i only voted four times. >> you're like chicago. people dead voting. >> vote early and vote often. texas to the pacific northwest, you'll be wet. sunshine in southern california where it should be. that's what's going on around the country. here's what's happening in you good morning. we are taking a look from mt. hamilton and there clouds across the south bay and this view from above the clouds elevation is 4300 feet. a look at the temperatures here in the upper 50s to low 60s after we get this friday under way with high temperatures reaching the mid 70s in the south bay and 63 degrees at half moon bay. 70s for the north bay, east bay and trivalleys. >> that's your latest weather. >> nicely done on the rigging. appreciate your work. part two of our series, how
9:34 am
often should you clean? you may want to stop eating the breakfast for a couple minutes. >> this can make you queasy. the not so obvious places where the germs are hiding. here with the dirty truth is megan murphy, executive editor of "good housekeeping" magazine. >> good morning. >> how are you? >> good. let's start in the bedroom. how often should you clean your pillows and comforter? >> i think every three months, but i have no idea. >> once a week? >> once a month. >> the idea is actually you want to do it regularly. you can throw it in the wash every month. the test with the pillow. you know you need to clean your pillow when you fold it in half and it doesn't bounce back immediately. this is a new pillow, so it is good to go. you can put this in the dryer. use tennis balls to help it fluff and tumble. let's move to the bathroom, shall we? >> yeah. >> tumble. >> how often do you think you need to clean the shower? >> at least weekly. >> every week? >> daily.
9:35 am
>> it's a daily kind of thing. >> who cleans the shower every day? >> why would somebody say every week? ridiculous. >> that's a crazy answer. you're going to get the cleaner out every day. you don't want the mildew buildup. every two weeks, do a deep clean. but get into the daily routine. how about the shower curtain? how often do you need to deal with the shower curtain? >> get a new one. >> saving money here. >> monthly. >> little daily maintenance. always fully extend it. if it is folded like an accordion, the water will stay in and mold builds up. shower liner can be watched. even if vinyl. throw it in the washing machine. throw it in the dryer. only for five minutes. hang it back up. i like a cloth liner for a full dryer cycle. >> what about the shower head?
9:36 am
>> i said every six months. >> once a month. >> about every month. if you have hard water, you're going to see that buildup. >> right. >> then you're going to do it more frequently. take a toothbrush, a little bit of vinegar. >> i have a toothbrush. >> is this the one you use to brush your teeth? >> doesn't matter. >> take vinegar and scrub it. if you have the buildup, i have hard water so i have that problem, take a bag and fill it with vinegar. don't distill it. rubber band it. if the shower head comes off, great. if not, put it around the head. do it overnight. >> let's go to the kitchen. >> this is a little bit of a trick quick question. you want to lick the spatula clean when making brownies, right? >> i don't lick it clean. >> the head pops off. clean it, let it dry and put it back together so it's not a home for mildew and bacteria.
9:37 am
i want to get to this. how often do you do the fridge? there is a vent in the back that people don't know to clean. >> never. >> you want to vacuum it every six months. use the attachment and vacuum it out. if you notice temperature changes in the fridge, the food is freezing, the ice cream is melting in the freezer, that means the coils -- >> look in the back. looks like there are small animals back there. it's fuzzy. >> takes a quick minute and it'll save you from the repairman. >> thank you so much. more cleaning tips on coming up next, one of my favorite road trip recipes, barbecue chicken sliders. tasty at any te alzheimer's means... so i asked about adding once-daily namenda xr to her current treatment for moderate to severe alzheimer's. it works differently. when added to another alzheimer's treatment, it may improve overall function and cognition. and may slow the worsening of symptoms for a while.
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natural cheese off-the-block, 100% real. sargento, we're real cheese people. the perfect brow new brow drama pomade crayon from maybelline new york. our 1st creamy, pigmented wax crayon sculpts and tames as it colors, in one easy swipe. maybelline's new brow drama pomade make it happen maybelline new york i get out of work and i go to the store, and somebody's, smellin' around, "mmm! i smell cookies." i say, "oh no, you just smell me. i just got out of work. that's honey bunches of oats, that's all." and now in delicious chocolate. this morning on today food, we're wrapping up a week of pack and go foods. this is something my mom made, a version of this. fried chicken at a picnic or barbecue was something she
9:42 am
always brought. i'm making it portable. barbecue chicken sliders. taste just as good as room temperature as hot. and we're doing a pasta salad, as well. little lighter, if you want that. >> we're already eating, by the way. >> here's our grid for the salad. you can use any pasta. cook it according to the package. add three tablespoons of olive oil. this looks like ricotta but it's a hard ricotta cheese. if you can't find it, use feta is a and it'll be the same. lemon vest. du -- zest and dump it in there. cucumber and tomatoes. dump it in. little salt and pepper. add lemon juice. you're basically going to toss this. it is simplicity unto itself. that's it, boom. >> wow. >> in fact, if you want to make sure it stays fresh, bring the individual items and do it
9:43 am
there. >> mix it there. >> here's the chicken sliders. i like dark meat chicken. boneless chicken thighs with the skin off. i like the skin on, but anyway. >> me, too. >> tickle pickles and all that. marinate your cut-up chicken chunks. pour in buttermilk. >> john cena has not said a word. >> tabasco, sriracha, whatever. let it sit four hours in the kit sche -- kitchen or overnight. flour, salt, and i'm using hot smoked paprika for a little spice and smokiness. >> you guys are dressed for a barbecue, on top of that. >> absolutely. first, dip it in the flour. then your going to dip it in this egg wash. basically, it's about six eggs. you're going to dip it back in the flour again.
9:44 am
make sure it's nice a coated. >> so you get the crispiness. >> now you're going to line these up. then you're going to put them in a hot pot. >> what oil do you use? >> canola oil. don't put too many in at once because it drops the temperature. don't crowd it. you're going to let this cook for about seven minutes. as it does, i'll put one more in there. let it keep cooking. you want it about 350 degrees. temperature will keep you honest. i like the sweet buns. nice sweet buns, baby. put them on. kind of remind me of john cena, actually, in "trainwreck." >> appreciate it. >> also, i like the bread and butter pickle. >> your favorite sauce is? >> i just like barbecue sauce.
9:45 am
sweet or tangy? >> i'm a sweet guy. there you have it. you have your salad, you have everything you need. >> one of mine is already gone, and they are good. >> i love it. >> and it's so portable for you. >> and so picnicy. you can go with your friends on a casual friday. >> casual friday. >> take your tie off and enjoy. for all of our pack up and go recipes, head to also, a "today" food club standout, emily from scranton, p.a., made these. >> oh, laur! >> a drive-by from matt lauer. next, zach woods plays the adorable jared on "silicon valley." he used to wrestle. we'll find out what happens when he comes face-to-face with mr. wrestle himself, john cena. wrestle himself, john cena. >> are you going to
9:46 am
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9:50 am
you may know zach woods best from the show "the office," where he was gabe lewis. his character dated erin, played by our good buddy ellie kemper. >> zach is bringing the laughs on "silicon valley." he plays jared, who helps run the pied piper tech start up. >> thank you for having me. >> you told our producer in the pre-interview you did a little wrestling back in your day. john cena would like to hear more about your career. >> you know, a group of my friends used to have boxing matches in a drainage ditch near my house. >> no, no, man, street fighting. >> this is amazing. >> i was so intimidated by the idea of being punched or punching that i would only fight people who were significantly smaller than me or people who were my size, but they could only hit me in the body and i could hit them in the face. i still lost 90% of the time. >> drainage ditch fight club.
9:51 am
we'll talk about that another day. incredible. >> zach, your character, jared, is the guy who kind of -- the nerdy guy who brings everybody together. you said your mom is the inspiration for this character. >> yeah. >> how does she feel about this? how does that happen? >> well, the character is kind of this self-sacrificing character, who is always giving up his own personal comfort for other people. i feel like my mom, and many moms, are prone to do that. that's what was based on my mom. my mom likes the character. she's less nerdy than jared, thankfully. yeah, i think she's pleased. if not, she does a good job of matching her resentment. >> because she's a mom. >> another way she's self-sacrificing. >> it's what they do. season three, get people caught up if they haven't yet. also picked up for season four. congratulations. >> thank you very much. >> where is pied piper right now? >> pied piper, the company, is
9:52 am
run initially by richard hendricks, the ceo. now, he's fighting his way to try to get control of his own company again. they're working for jack barker, a corporate, conventional business man. >> as a tall drink of water, willie is, too, you're taking dance classes to be comfortable moving your body. do you have any moves? it's casual friday. >> all i can do is a paralyzed, ten tentative stance. then a terrified rocking back and forth. >> this is like "hitch." >> that's casual, by the way. that's casual. >> wow. >> have you not seen the show? >> i haven't watched it. i don't like seeing myself. it's like hearing your voice on an answering machine. from what i hear, it's a good show. >> you should watch it. >> yeah, i never will.
9:53 am
>> people seem to be enjoig yin it. zach, a little bit of everything. you can catch "silicon valley" on sunday nights on hbo. back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
9:54 am
9:55 am
tamron decided not to run through the finish line, finish the job. >> that's not true. >> she went back to her formal wear. >> it's a foul. >> according to the hashtag battle, can we show the results? really? >> i think the internet is broken. 68%, and that's with al roker going on -- >> it's okay. we feel comfortable. >> i feel like, john, you should come back again and we'll try casual friday again. i will dress you guys. >> he'll
9:56 am
(scal): good day, m'lady! i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at >>. >> the clouds are already starting to clear across the bay area and we are looking at sunshine for the south bay. we will be up to 74 degrees and clouds for the peninsula and the east bay. upper 60s and 72 degrees in the trivalley.
9:57 am
san francisco at 62 degrees north bay. beautiful weather today and more of the same. even though on saturday we start out with more clouds and spotty drizzle and low clouds and fog. we will have another look. >> southbound 101 approaching university and southbound towards the embarcadero. steps there on the peninsula. the rest looks good. zooming over towards the trivalley. a little slowing and the road is looking good as well. >> mike, thanks. happening now, word of a police car that was stolen straight from a bay area police department in hayward. we are talking to them and we will have an update on our midday newscast. from the white house,
9:58 am
discriminated against transgender students, they have gender-specific restrooms with no transgender restrooms. we will have more news in a half hour.
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today," with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. ♪ i thank god every day that i woke up feeling this way ♪ >> try day friday. kathie lee is off. can we go back to that video one more time? ♪ if i was you i'd wanna be me too ♪ >> that is meghan trainor, grammy winner. i thought she was going to be hosting with me. i know she was just quickly getting dressed. but i heard a rumor that she might be --


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