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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  May 13, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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on the east bay freeways, a bullet-riddled car and a man is recovering after yet another shooting overnight. good morning, i'm scott mcgrew. >> and i'm kris sanchez. before we get to that story, we have breaking news in san francisco where police are investigating a death at the moscone center. the man died at an apparent construction accident. he was using a cherry picking type of machinery and got pinned between the equipment and the
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concrete that he was working with. work on site has been suspended for the day. our christie smith is there at the scene. more today at 5:00 and 6:00. >> and we'll continue to follow that online. east bay police investigating another highway shooting as we were talking about involving a driver on hercules. police are trying to track down the shooter. >> stephanie chuang is live in our newsroom. police believe it's connected to the other highway shootings? >> that remains unclear but what is clear is a bit disconcerting, that there have been 21 shootings since november alone and 12 have been on highway 80. most recently, a 25-year-old man was driving on highway 80 past sunol at 10:30 last night when a white sedan pulled to the right
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of him and someone fired several shots at him. the driver crashed into the center divider and rolled his car several times. he was in good enough condition eventually to leave but the motive is unclear. this is happening a day after 25-year-old mother of four was shot and killed while driving on highway 4 in pittsburg wednesday morning shot by someone in a white mercedes. the man with her was shot but survived. she was a member of the conservation corps which helps young struggling people with skills. she's being remembered as an inspiration. >> it came as a real shock to us. she has four kids. now the kids don't have their mom and more than that, a lot of friends without a friend. a lot of people lacking inspiration at this point. >> the motive for that shooting
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appears that was targeted and was not caused by road rage. they do not believe this case is connected to any of the freeway shootings that have happened in the east basins november. the contra costa county coroner confirm she was not pregnant, as her family told nbc bay area news. they are still trying to make any connections, if any, among the shootings. what we know so far, a lot of these shootings appear to have been gang-related. live here in our san francisco newsroom, stephanie chuang, nbc bay area news. >> here's a map we put together with some of the locations so you can see. chp says all of those shootings have been targeted. drivers should notice more officers on the street. a police cruiser has been stolen from right in front of an east bay police department. the patrol car has been found and the search begins for the suspect. >> bob redell is live at the
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hayward police station. how did this happen? >> reporter: well, kris and scott, they will be re-examining their policies after someone was able to steal their squad car located in front of police headquarters a little after 3:00 this morning. an officer walked into the station, led her squad car out front with the doors locked but engine running. >> the officer had been nearby the car and somehow her attention was averted and someone took the opportunity and took the vehicle. >> reporter: it's not clear how the thief was able to get into the car since no windows were smashed. police used gps to find the car a few minutes later abandoned elsewhere. the car was as-is and nothing
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was stolen. no arrests. officers don't know if this person had second thoughts about keeping a stolen police car or if they had just taken it out for a joy ride, perhaps to try to embarrass the police. in hayward, bob redell, nbc bay area news. police are investigating the 18th homicide so far this year in san jose. a man stabbed to death overnight, the victim found in a strip mall at the corner of king and story around midnight and the victim died at the scene. the murderer got away. around the same time, a man and his dog were killed in a house fire in concord. a woman in that home able to get out alive but she suffered minor injuries. this is near flamingo drive and highway 242. firefighters say when they arrived, the car in the garage was fully engulfed in flames. the man was pulled out of the house but died at the hospital.
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a cooldown is headed our way for the weekend so some of us will be thrilled but it may be chilly for the bay to breakers race on sunday. >> you might want to wear something warm or wear something, would be another thing. here's a live look at downtown san francisco. not so bad. meteorologist kari hall, good morning. >> good morning. i've seen people before wearing the bear suits. maybe something like that rather than balloons or something. let's look outside. the microclimates show temperatures right now at 60 degrees and we're heading into the upper 60s for the peninsula east bay as well as the north bay. san francisco will be up to 62 degrees today. a little bit on the cool side. breezy winds for the south bay with a high today of 74 degrees. it cools down a few more degrees so i'll talk about that. a look ahead next week in my next microclimate forecast. >> thank you, kari. our nbc bay area app is a great
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resource. download it for your iphone or android device for free. new legal ramblings in the sierra lamar murder case. the suspect garcia torres wants the trial to begin june 21st but his attorney says the defense is not ready. this is video from the courtroom. he's accused of killing a morgan hill teenager. today he withdrew the request to change attorneys. she disappeared four years ago. her body has not been found but dna evidence links torres to the crime. the next court hearing is may 23rd. the morgan hill gym owner accused of sexually assaulting his clients will be in court today. david wolf smith will be arraigned today. he's the owner and trainer at wolf pack training center. five women are accusing him of sexual assault though two of
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them are minor girls. he faces up to 40 years in prison if convicted. a san jose spokesperson says 90 students have come down with the norovirus at horace man elementary school. at least six staffers have become ill. no other school districts are affected. the illness seems short lasting, about 24 hours. >> wash your hands. a big and controversial announcement from the white house. the obama administration is directing schools across the country to allow transgender students to use bathrooms and locker rooms consistent with their gender identity. this will impact every school and every student in america. >> reporter: transgender students must be able to use bathrooms that match their gender identity. that comes from a letter from the department of justice to
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public schools nationwide. educators have an obligation to provide equal access to all students under title 9, including everything from restrooms to locker rooms. officials say the guidelines are an attempt to clarify civil rights protection for transgender students, an issue that has left educators and parents frustrated. last fall, students walked out in protest after a transgender student was allowed to use the girl's bathroom. some parents were upset but the school did not have a clear policy on the issue. >> there's no rules set forth. i think we can all agree that changing or going to the bathroom are very private activities. >> reporter: the justice department and state of north carolina sued each other over a state law restricting access to public bathrooms, a law that loretta lynch says discriminates against the transgender community. >> we stand with you and will do everything we can to protect you
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going forward. please know that history is on your side. meantime, a transgender teacher at san francisco high school will keep his job. nuns who run mercy high school will allow the teacher to stay. the nuns say they support the dignity of each person regardless of race, religion or gender identification. now to a majestic sight near the golden gate bridge. two humpback whales frolicking in the san francisco bay. that's a kite boarder you see there, moving a little close to the action as i am, too. the local whale watching businesses are used to navigating close by but note to keep a safe distance. >> they tell us not to approach them at a quick rate of speed. we can run parallel with them if they start changing course a
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lot, then that means we're bothering them. >> our experts are reminding everyone that you can be fined for getting within 100 yards of a humpback whale or making it alter its course and that fine can run as high as $10,000. up next, what is trending in your facebook feed? whatever it is, we can show you how it got there. and san francisco is all about the buzz. some of the busiest tourist spots in town. why life at the top of the clift is to sweet.
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welcome back. this is yet another ipo on the nasdaq. it's the third ipo of the week or first day of trading, anyway. a good sign for the ipo market.
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facebook letting the public see the confidential instructions that it gives news employees after "the guardian" leaked the same instructions. it's marked "for internal use only," the process for which the employees are supposed to pick for trending on facebook. while it's done by computers, the rest of the process is, as we've reported in the past, done by people. zuckerberg and facebook came under fire, of course, after a blogger quoted employees as saying, sometimes they squash stories favorable to conservatives. zuckerberg plans to meet with conservatives to smooth things over, though it's not clear who those conservatives will be. uber is back in federal court in san francisco, this time fighting off a coalition of cab owners in los angeles who claim that cabs are safer than ride share. a little bit of irony here, since uber used to say that it was safer than cabs.
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uber has a particular problem with one cab company that posted reviews of it is service online and uber says those reviews are fake. uber points out that one review that is featured on the site was from richard in hermosa beach. you're thinking, i know that guy. yeah, that's tom from myspace. you're absolutely right. score one for uber in federal court. redwood city says patriot will be the cover of madden 2017. there used to be a madden curse if you're on the cover, you're supposed to have a lousy season. that curse has since gone away. as we were talking about in the morning show, coach madden lives
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in pleasanton. he's not been feeling well lately. we wish you the best. >> and we hope you're watching. wouldn't that be cool? the solar impulse 2 landed in oklahoma last night. one more stop is planned before it heads to europe or on to northern africa. the flight began in march of last year from abu dhabi on its around-the-world historic journey. this has been hailed by some as the bond measure to help our drought. a $7.5 billion water bond meant to improve infrastructure and pay for new projects to california is better prepared for the next drought. but an nbc bay area investigation found questionable water projects buried in the fine print. our investigative unit examined every project that has been given some sort of bond money in this bond.
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critics say it's really not innovative and likely don't benefit the state at all. >> i would rather see in the future more of the state bond moneys going to things that are very hard to fund locally. and that means less emphasis on funds going to water supply or waste water agencies and more emphasis on the things that they don't fund with the ratepayer base. >> the investigative team also discovered a few projects that benefit big oil, a local country club as well as a private retirement community. find out what senior investigative reporter stephen stock uncovered in all of that fine print tonight at 11:00 on nbc bay area news. if you have a tip for the investigative unit, give us a call at 888-996-tips or send an e-mail to well, this afternoon, the republican party is one step closer to unification.
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meanwhile, democrats seem still divided over who should represent their party. but all of the buzz was about yesterday's meeting between the republican presumptive nominee and the house speaker. edward lawrence is in washington with the latest. >> reporter: donald trump was all smiles as he tried to mend fences and unify the republican party. by all accounts, the meeting with the house speaker and house and senate leaders went well, despite no endorsement from paul ryan. here's trump's response on "today". >> i think that will come and if it doesn't come, i'll go my separate way and i think i'll win the election because hillary clinton is it a disaster. >> from here, we'll go deeper into the policy areas to see where the common ground is and how to make sure we're operating off the same core principles. >> reporter: outside the meeting, protests erupted. but it did not stop the momentum
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of the presumptive republican nominee. >> i have a strong sense that everyone who attended really felt good about the meeting. >> reporter: hillary clinton wouldn't comment on trump's meetings with republican leaders. >> donald trump is not going to become president of the united states. >> reporter: senator bernie sanders, however, said the republicans are still very divided. >> they've got a serious problem, an extreme white wing party of dealing with a guy who changes his views every day from bad to worse. >> he made the comments after rallying a large crowd in south dakota. edward lawrence, nbc news, washington. >> let's get a look ahead at your weekend forecast at beta breakers. >> oh, yeah. a lot going on except he can't really check it out. >> no. >> but there's a lot to do this weekend. and we will have some sunshine. you're starving to see it right now. it's slowly starting to make an appearance in some parts of the bay area. check out the golden gate bridge.
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the sun is out there. beautiful weather as we get this friday under way. let's head to ocean beach. not as much sunshine there. we've seen it in many inland areas and our temperatures are now in the upper 50s to lower 60s. as we drop in on the east bay, temperatures are anywhere from 58 degrees in castro valley, 56 in hayward to 73 degrees in brentwood and 69 degrees in antioch. temperatures are warming up in some areas in the north bay. it's now 61 degrees. as we break it down for berkeley for the next several hours, our temperatures wa temperatures warm up into the mid-60s as the ocean breeze kicks in. mostly sunny skies into the evening and then the clouds roll in once again later on tonight with lows in the mid-50s. a look at all of the microclimates today. los gatos, up to 71 degrees. palo alto, 59 degrees and presidio, 59 degrees. it brings in clouds and mist and
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drizzle tomorrow morning. in the meantime, it's looking mostly sunny and then we start to see, once again, clouds moving in and a look at tomorrow morning's forecast, it doesn't show widespread rain. just a couple of sprinkles. this should not ruin your outdoor plans. we'll get clearing throughout the day but i think most of the clearing will be on sunday. slightly warmer temperatures in a few spots like the north bay. up to 72 degrees on sunday. san francisco stays in the 60s and peninsula will be up to the upper 60s. east bay, tri-valley, south bay, very nice and average temperatures. we talked about the beta breakers on sunday. we started out with fog and drizzle. it will be in the mid-50s. maybe put on a little more clothing and of course once you get running you may feel better. at noontime, as you start to celebrate, it will be 58 degrees and the afternoon looking at temperatures around 60 degrees. so overall, nice weather.
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peaks of sunshine. morning clouds and afternoon sunshine and average temperatures with 60s along the coast and 70s and 80s inland. we'll have another look at the forecast. coming up, how much rain we've had and how that compares to normal and how we're dealing with the drought status. that's next in the microclimate forecast. >> kari, thanks. a bloody feet between a student and teacher caught on camera. the fallout after the video came to light. first, we're tweeting about the breaking news at the top of the forecast. a worker is dead after an apparent construction accident. he was pinned between the equipment. and zika-related microcephaly case. the woman tested positive for the zika virus. we're back in two minutes.
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a disturbing scene at a local high school. a bloody altercation between a student and a teacher while other students stood by and watched. and, of course, it was caught on video. this happened at mt. diablo high
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school in concord. >> reporter: it's 27 seconds of video that begins and ends in fight. what the video shows is a 15-year-old student and his p.e. teacher throwing punches. >> i think it's crazy. why would they even do that? >> the teacher told the student that he couldn't be in the gym. words were exchanged between him and the teacher and it led to a physical altercation. >> reporter: authorities say the fight happened yesterday afternoon during a gym class at mt. diablo high school in concord. >> wow. >> reporter: in the video, taken by another student, you can hear teens cheering in the background. the student throws more punches at the teacher whose face is already bloody. >> nobody is doing anything to help the teacher. that's disgusting. >> he's trying to restrain him. the 15-year-old student is the primary aggressor. >> reporter: but this bus driver who transports students within the district has questions about the video, which started
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mid-fight, doesn't show. >> based on what i've seen of the video , it doesn't show one person starting it or ending it. >> reporter: the 15-year-old student is being charged with assault and has been suspended from school and may be expelled still. meanwhile, the teacher is on administrative leave pending a full investigation. it turns out san francisco tour spots are highs of activities. seven popular activities have been putting beehives on the roofs. clift alone has ten hives. it helps produce hundreds of pounds of honey in the process. caltrans will move forward with fixing the problem of the flooding of the base at the tower. a panel approved $10 million to remove effective grout.
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the board also approved the separate $1 million plan to protect the tower from future corrosion. we spent nine months battling. battling this eating disorder, battling the insurance company. just battling, it seems like. >> south bay parents watch their daughter fight a mental illness and end up in a fight of their own. i'm liz wagner. coming up, we investigate what happens when doctors are at odds with one of the largest health servicemans in the state.
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. denying families the treatment they he desperately need. battling an illness is hard enough yet people with psychological disorders are being denied coverage that they need for potentially life-saving treatment. >> families are saying not only is it not right, it may not be
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legal. liz wagner from our investigative team is joining us. what's the problem? >> scott, state and federal law promise equal health for medical and mental health conditions yet those with mental health issues are facing road blocks. you have insurance companies questioning if the care is even needed and that leaves families stuck in the middle fighting for answers. these are the hands of a teenage girl struggling with anorexia when words can't explain why food won't go down, her hands do the talking with paint and paper. the teen isn't ready to speak out but her mom, roberta friedman is. >> we've spent nine months battling. battling this eating disorder, battling the insurance company, just battling, it feels like. >> reporter: friedman and her spouse, leslie, have left a
11:32 am
series of coverage denials by bluecross california but they say their daughter needs intensive treatment for an eating disorder they first noticed in 2014. >> she was getting a little skinnier. >> reporter: when skinny became more scary last spring, they went to a hospital part-time treatment program. >> it wasn't working. she needed to go somewhere 24-hours a day, seven days a week. a blue shield psychologist deemed the treatment not medically necessary. >> when you opened the denial letter from blue shield, what goes through your head? >> my response was, who the heck is this person? this person has never seen our daughter. >> reporter: desperate to keep
11:33 am
her in residential treatment, the family paid $72,000 blue shield would not pay. >> they are looking for ways to keep costs down and they have managed to be effective in doing that. >> randalled advocated for an a in 1999. state law, like the 2008 federal law, requires equal coverage of physical and mental health condition. hager says the laws have stopped numerical limits, like caps on therapy visits and high co-pays. >> another set of issues have risen that takes the place of that. >> and he says that's the use of aggressive medical necessity evaluations, the investigative unit analyzed data from the department of health care which oversees health plans like blue shield. since 2001, nearly 2091 people asked for a review and the state's reviewers overturned nearly half of the denials and
11:34 am
56% of eating disorder cases alone. >> what it tells me is that our independent review process is working. >> the director says the process serves as a check on the health plan. >> frankly, it's not right for the plans to deny them medically necessary care. >> reporter: what's it going to take for health plans to do the right thing. >> a lot of oversight. >> we're being very aggressive and proactive. >> reporter: while they oversee health plans, the insurance commissioner supervises health insurers and both regulators conduct ongoing policy reviews to ensure compliance with parity laws. the department of insurance also runs an independent medical review. data since 2011 shows the department overturned 53% of mental health denials. >> that doesn't mean that the health insurers won't continue to deny people treatment but we're doing everything we can within the law to try to prevent that from happening. >> the laws are weak. they are not strong enough. >> reporter: south bay senator
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jim bell has introduced a number of failed bills to beef up california's parity law. he says right now it's unclear how many people are being denied coverage and argues the complaint-based enforcement system doesn't work for everyone. >> a lot of people with depression and other illnesses like that, they don't bother to complain and that's wrong. we have to have a system that takes care of them without having to have them complain. >> she's graduating from healthy teen today. >> reporter: we joined them on their way to the healthy teen project last month after 62 days in residential treatment, doctors recommended the part-time hospital setting but blue shield failed to cover that treatment, too. citing last november, it was not medically necessary. blue shield declined an interview request but wrote in an e-mail, our review and appeals process is extensive and includes an in-depth assessment from our medical director as well as a third-party physician.
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the industry group suggested that coverage decisions drive the mental health challenges does a disservice to the ongoing efforts to improve the country's health system. >> we're really proud of her. >> the two moms credit their daughter's improvement to quality, consistent treatment but they are taking each day one step at a time, just like her painting, they know their daughter's recovery is a work in progress. >> now, the family did request an independent medical review of their daughter's residential care. reviewers found half the treatment was medically necessary. so blue shield reimbursed the family half their money but after senator bell and the investigative unit started asking questions, the state took another look and decided the family shouldn't pay for the rest of residential treatment either and last week the family received another check from the health plan. so guys, a financial win here but a loss on principle. really, the family wants to know why their health plan didn't do the right thing the first time around. >> and to hear those mothers talking about the fight, fight,
11:37 am
fight when they should be focused on their daughter, we're not talking about experimental medical procedures here, though. sometimes things are denied because we don't know if they are going to work. >> yeah. >> according to the family, yeah, the family believe this is is really straightforward stuff here. their daughter's doctors and treatment team recommended this treatment. they believed them and trusted them and for an insurance company or health plan to say something different was hard to swallow definitely for the family. >> i find it particularly interesting that 50% of the decision of the insurance company made by mental health were overturned by the state. >> exactly, which is a good sign. but people want to know why things are happening the first time around and as you heard senator beall said in the story, people oftentimes don't have the capacity to reach out and to ask for help. so he believes the number of
11:38 am
people complaining is lower than reality here. >> if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give them a call at 888-996-tips or send an e-mail to we now know the name of the man who the police shot while the man shot attacked his own mother. his name is dale and officers say he attacked a 62-year-old woman, his mother, not far from the high school and officials say they opened fire because they were worried that the suspect would kill his mother. both of them are expected to survive. police say the son suffers from mental illness. a san mateo police officer has been accused of sexually assaulting women while on duty. prosecutors say they have been investigating noah winchester since october. the san mateo police chief released this letter which puts him on indefinite leave and then
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he resigned. he's not been charged until the investigation continues. >> uber driver is still rattled after his suv got stuck in a sinkhole. >> i don't know what's going on. >> we showed you it earlier in san francisco on mission south of market. the uber driver had a family in the car. he was driving and headed as a sinkhole opened up. no one was hurt, though as you might imagine, they were very scared. a broken sewer main was repaired. this morning, a block on mission street remains shut down. meanwhile, another sinkhole in san francisco also in need of repair in the tender loin and clear depression in the roadway. you don't want to drive over that. >> you certainly don't.
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coming up, a story that will make you bay area proud. >> to think that somebody in south korea is using my course is crazy. >> why not? it's not only here in the bay area but also around the world. and there's not a lot of rain in the forecast. we'll take a look at how much rain we have gotten today and a look at the forecast in a few minutes.
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a.p. courses are often seen as a requirement for college-bound high school students. >> not every school can offer an a.p. course and if they don't, the students are out of luck. or maybe they are not. garvin thomas introduces us to a young man who paves the way for thousands of followers. >> reporter: he got his first taste of computer science and coding in the seventh grade and he was hooked. he knew it had to be part of whatever he did with his life. he just didn't know how many others he would end upbringing along with him. you'll see how in this "bay area proud." washington high school in
11:44 am
fremont has a lot to offer its students. loads of activity. >> you might want to quantify that. >> reporter: and lots of caring teachers. it had everything that he wanted in school when he enrolled as a freshman. well, everything, it turned out, except one thing. >> i was very, very excited to take the course. i was like, yes, this is a course i need to take and i get to washington high school and find out the course isn't there. >> reporter: the course he really wanted to take was advanced placement computer science. he started getting interested in the subject as a middle schooler and really wanted to tackle it in high school. not one, though, to let a lack of a course to stop him, he bought a book and taught himself the course. >> i took the test in may and i got a 5, which is the highest score. 's. >> notice the program name that has to match. >> reporter: it's what he did next that is exciting for so many others.
11:45 am
he thought his friends could benefit from his work so he started teaching the material after school to about 30 of them. but when scheduling conflicts made it hard to find a time that they could all get together, well, he didn't let that stop him either. >> i saw an opportunity there and tried to build out an online course myself. "decoding a.p. computer science," a free course he created. and it turns out, it wasn't just his friends that were interested. in a little over a year, more than 4,000 others from around the world have taken his course. more than half giving it a five-star rating. >> to think that someone in south korea is using my course is crazy. >> reporter: he followed up with his very own textbook for the course. moksh has become an expert at teaching high schoolers about computer science and the rest of
11:46 am
us about not letting obstacles stand in your way. >> whatever interests you or whatever problem thinks you can do something about it, go out there and do it. >> reporter: he sees himself making a living with his expertise in computer science one day but right now he's not making any money off of it. the course he has online is free for anyone to take. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> very cool. well, we know beta breakers is happening in the city. and schools from around the bay area train for a 5k and it's really cute. >> i have to look into that. that sounds great. we have a lot of events going on as we go into the weekend and some great weather. especially compared to last week when we had to battle the cool temperatures and the rain. we'll be cooler, though, as we take a live look at the beautiful shot over san francisco. you can see the clouds rolling back and our temperatures are starting to warm up. looking now at 55 degrees at concord and 60 in oakland and
11:47 am
san francisco, also 60 now in san jose, a slow warmup out there. we're heading into the mid-70s. san jose, 74 degrees. redwood city, 67 degrees. napa, 71. oakland, 69. and san ramon today, a high of 74 degrees. the forecast at the bottom of the screen shows you that we will have slightly cooler temperatures in the forecast. and this is part of the reason why. this area of low pressure is bringing in some more clouds and also some scattered showers in the forecast for tomorrow. it doesn't look like a lot of rain. it looks like just a couple of very spotty, light sprinkles during the morning time. it clears out during the afternoon and we'll do it all over again on sunday with morning clouds and afternoon sunshine. we're taking a look at how much rain we've had in parts of northern california and we've had some significant amounts of rain throughout the winter and now we're starting to head into the period where we see less
11:48 am
rain. but we had about 75% of average rain for crescent city and other spots in northern california that had at least 100% or the average amount of rain. we didn't do so well here in the bay area with 102% in san jose but oakland only had 72% of rain for the rainfall season so far. and then you go to central california where we've had over 100% of rain in many of those spots, except for fresno, where they've gotten 5 to 7 inches of rain throughout the winter season. heading to southern california, over 100% for all of those spots. l.a. had right at 100%. but we are still seeing an exceptional drought for most of southern and central california. and then here we've had the most amount of improvement, also in northern california, where we just now had abnormally dry conditions and then you head over towards the east bay and south bay where we have still a
11:49 am
severe drought going on. so still a lack of rainfall and, of course, there's no rain in the forecast for this weekend. no measurable rain as the temperatures come down. 60s and 70s all across the bay. looking like a very pleasant weekend. kris and scott? >> thank you. coming up, prepare for a packed airport. the problem tsa is having getting passengers through security.
11:50 am
11:51 am
tsa is warning that the long lines at security checkpoints over the last few months gets worse as we head into the summer travel season.
11:52 am
>> too many officers are quitting before their first year on the job. here's nbc's tom costello. >> reporter: congress is turning up the heat on tsa. record number of passengers means the long lines could get even worse. >> i think we have to agree, that's not acceptable. >> reporter: the tsa chief got an earful of bipartisan frustration. >> you cannot recruit, you cannot train and cannot administrate. >> reporter: the problem, says peter neffenger -- >> we're seeing more people move through the system than ever before. >> reporter: be prepared for this. >> everyone, look at your boarding passes. >> reporter: checkpoint choke points. >> i'm going to have to stand in this line. >> reporter: a record 2.2 million passengers are traveling every day, volume up 7% nationwide and up 14% in
11:53 am
seattle. the tsa doesn't have enough screeners. 117 walk off the job each week. more than 6,000 officers a year as they struggle with demanding passengers, stress, the monotomy of the job and luggage stacked up outside. passengers made their flights but without their bags. the problem is so bad the airlines trying to pressure the tsa are encouraging passengers to tweet out the most frustrating moments with the #ihatethewait. in atlanta, lots of screening lines closed and this simple tweet, "come on tsa". >> we need to treat every day this summer like a holiday travel day. it's going to be busy. >> several airports are so fed up with long tsa lines, that they are threatening to staff
11:54 am
their own security. but that would end up costing more money and sfo already does that. >> sfo already does that. they have their own screeners. they are not tsa. you go quick. >> very quick. >> we'll be right back. dprz
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. time to take a look at our forecast for whatever you have planned this weekend. i think some people think this is the unofficial start to
11:57 am
summer. you know, when the bay breakers happen. >> it will be on the cool side. temperatures in the low 60s and reaching into the mid-70s for the south bay. north bay, up to 69 degrees and 62 in san francisco. kris, you were talking about the girls on the run happening this weekend. >> yeah. >> what exactly is that? >> it's a nonprofit and helps girls build self-esteem and confidence through running and each school can devise their own chapter but they all run the 5k. and then there's another 5k that benefits the school foundation. you'll be busy there, too. >> a lot of things going on. great weather for it. >> my organization, dad sleeping on the back deck, also holding an event. our next newscast is at 5:00.
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
we're live in five, four, three, two, one. ♪ raise your glass ♪ come on and come on and raise your glass ♪ >> i love that song. pink's "raise your glass." >> kelly and michael walked out hand and hand for the last time. >> we've been talking about this every morning since this went down. >> i'm beginning to feel like the ugly friend. what went on here? >> she pulled his chair out for him. very engaged. what it should have been all along for his last show


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