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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  May 13, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> pretty shocking. certainly didn't anticipate this kind of case. >> reporter: a source tells nbc bay area the sexual misconduct case came to light last september when the officer committed suicide it he left a suicide note that the source says revealed the alleged miscould be duct with an underage woman. and implicated other officers but it doesn't end there. o'brien's wife committed suicide in the same apartment the year before. the autopsy indicates she had no smoke or gaun powder on her arm or hands yet it was ruled a suicide. now a federal judge has ordered a thorough investigation of it all overseen by a federal monitor. >> wants to know if one of those suicides is, in fact, a homicide and whether a suicide, in fact, reveals information about other
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misconduct that the department should have investigated. >> reporter: again, a press conference is set to get under way any minute now. yesterday, an oakland police spokeswoman told us that three officers are on paid administrative leave. she says the department takes the allegations very seriously. and is conducting a thorough investigation but would provide no details. we are hoping to get some of those details tonight. reporting live at oakland city hall i'm jody learn detz nbc bay area news. >> we'll see you again an judge update at 6:00. a san francisco police car hitting a cyclist. take a look, you can see the cyclist up ahead in the bike lane near mission and fourth street. a cruiser pulls out and hits the bike. the officer got out immediately and called for an ambulance. no official word yet on the condition of that cyclist. smart trains are running on schedule now but that wasn't the
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case earlier today. a train hit a solar panel. so service had to be stopped while workers cleared the debris. the trains were up and running again roughly some 30 minutes later. new grisly details on that double homicide case. want to show you the man accused. he tried to hide his face from the cameras in court today. nbc bay area's robert handa joins us. sources are telling you some harrowing moments at the home before the shots rang out. >> well, that's right. acording to the sources, the suspect and an accomplice terrorized the victims in a home invasion and an investigation is going on to continue to figure out the man we saw in court today. andre redman came into the courtroom head down. the 43-year-old was charged with two counts of murder. first for the shooting death of
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robert bob harden at his home wednesday morning. sources say redman and an acomb plis bound and gagged his son and a family friend, shen shot harden while demanding money. the prosecutor talked cautiously about the case. >> what i can say is that this was a violent home invasion that took place. >> reporter: harden's wife marlene today provided pictures to us and called the husband and father of three a loving family man who lost his life to a terrible act of violence. sources say deputies chased redman on highway 17 when he crashed on the hamilton avenue exit. sources also says a passenger described as an asian male was found unconscious with a large lars ration on his arm and died at the hospital. he had been listed as the second homicide victim. >> because of the fact we have not even confirmed his eye debitty, i don't want to
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speculate as to what his relationship to the victims may have been. >> reporter: nbc has learned redman has past robbery and burglary convictions. >> there's a lot unknown. >> reporter: redman did not enter a plea and he is scheduled to return to court may 31st. coming up at 6:00, more details on what we have learned about the murders. live in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. a deadly construction accident today. tonight trying to determine what went wrong. a man operating a cherry picker died around 8:00 a.m. witnesses say they saw that man on a ramp that goes underground. it looks as if he was crushed in the cherry picker's basket when it got wedged against the ceiling of that underground structure. the man worked for the rental firm which owns the cherry picker. cal osha are on this case. more than 100 kids out of
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school with what could be nora virus. the outbreak started a couple weeks ago. just today, 13 more kids are home with stomach aches. overall, more than 100 students out with the stomach flu during this two-week stretch. the school will deep clean this weekend. they're urging the kids to watch their hands more often. >> a reminder and a subtle threat from the white house today. the president is calling for all public schools to allow students to use whichever room they identify with regardless of what sex is on their birth certificate. those who oppose that recommendation could lose millions in federal education dollars. she found out california really has been ahead of the curve on this. >> reporter: there's been a policy in san francisco schools that is very inclusive. we spoke with an administrator and high school students who say it's about time there was some federal guidance.
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this high school senior sees the gender neutral bathroom as a good solution. >> i think it's a good thing because it gives equity to people who are otherwise invisible. >> when i heard about the guidance, i was happy. i think it's time the federal government recognizes we have a number students who are disproportionately at risk for failing in school. >> reporter: this is the director of student safety where students have long had the right to access the bathroom that conforms to their gender identity. >> we clarified our policy in 2013 with the assembly bill change around transgender students access to restrooms and to changing facilities. >> reporter: this comes as the department of education offered
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new guidance to schools across the country that recommends allowing transgender students to facilities in-line with their gender identity but stopped short of enforcement. >> it's not to discriminate against anybody. it's actually to ensure that our schools are inclusive and respectful and safe as they can possibly be. >> there has been backlash in states like texas but in california, protections for transgender students were already in place. >> so i think it really give a chance for people to be who they are with the biological process. >> reporter: students here also told us they believe gender neutral bathrooms also offer an element of safety. reporting live in san francisco, christy smith, nbc bay area news. the decision 2016 now. the primary just a little over two weeks away. we'll be seeing more of the presidential candidates. former president bill clinton is coming to the east bay later
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this month for a fund-raiser. it's hosted by an entrepreneur. minimum ticket price, $1,000. bill and hillary will appear together the following day at the home of a silicon valley power couple. as for donald trump, a big technical shift happening behind the scenes. now that he is for most the presumptive nominee. he's looking for bigger money to help win the general election. until now, the campaign has been self-funded. "the washington post" says he's hired a financial team. the hope is to raise at least $170 million throughout the campaign. it's been called by some as the bond measure to help solve our drought. $7.5 million water bond meant to improve infrastructure and pay for new projects. our consumer reporter has some
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answers. >> in his state of the state speech last year, governor brown pointed to the $7 billion water bond as part of the beginning to finding solutions to our drought but we found some questionable water projects buried in the fine print. our unit examined every project given some of this bond money. we found old traditional projects that critics say are not innovative and likely don't benefit the entire state at all. >> i would rather see in the future more of the state bond moneys going to things that are very hard to fund locally and that means less emphasis on funds going to water supply and waste water agencies and more emphasis on the kinds of things they don't fund with the ratepayer base. >> we also discovered a few projects that benefit big oil, a country club, as well as a
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private retirement community. find out the details on those projects, plus what else we discovered buried in the fine print. all of it tonight at 11:00 on nbc bay area news. i'm sure there's a lot of data to go over. if you have a tip, give us a call or send us an e-mail directly. i'm michelle roberts in san francisco where two police officers are accused of lying under oath. coming up, hear what that means for the suspect involved in the case. also ahead, a vacation they'll never forget. a rescue at sea. we're currently getting a break in the fog at the immediate coastline but another round of clouds and drizzle back for the weekend.
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what you're looking at is the crime scene captured on camera. the issue, the judge says it shows sworn testimony given by a san francisco police officer wasn't the truth. nbc bay area michelle roberts joins us live with how the video is actually setting a man free, michelle.
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>> the public defenders office being very vocal, saying they're going to go back and look at very case these two officers were involved in. brandon simpson is the man seen in the top left corner of this video. he was arrested for gun charges in september but yesterday he was released and the charges dropped aft therp video was shown in court. the reason, a defense attorney and the judge note the video contradicts sworn testimony and statements from the officers who arrested him. >> there's a term for this, it's called test a line. >> reporter: the video debunking the officer's claims. according to the documents, the officer says simpson had both hands tucked under a long coat, also saying it appeared he was trying to conceal a weapon. >> they claim he resists, that he was away, that he was aggressive. you look at the videotape, none
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of that is there. >> reporter: in it, simpson does not appear to resist, nor does he have his hands in his pockets. his lawyers say he wasn't holding a gun as the officers claimed. they say he was holding a water bottle. >> this is going to call into question every case these officers worked on. you cannot trust anything they say. >> reporter: transcripts show the u.s. district judge ordered prosecutors to provide the video and records of the hearing to police chief greg sehr and suggested police should wear body cameras at all times. he went on to say, i am deeply saddened by this turn of events. i asked the attorney's office if they would be filing perjury charges against the officers. they said no comment. reporting live in san francisco, i'm michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. another strange twist in the sierra lamar case.
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the man accused of killing the morgan hill teenager about four years ago insisted this trial get under way by june 21st. his lead attorney pointed out to the judge he has another pending trial and isn't ready to proceed. the conflict opened the door to a request to possibly change attorneys. both sides acknowledge that would lead to another year of delays. garcia torres withdrew that request. the two sides will return to court later this month. hayward police are trying to find the person who drove off with one of their police cars. someone swiped the cruiser from right outside the department. it had been left running by an officer but she's sure she locked it. the squad car vanished this morning. police say nothing was missing except the person who took it. if you have any information on that wayward cruiser, you are asked to ul cat hayward pd.
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not quite the vacation they expected but in the end a bay area couple rescued an entire family. >> it's a multipart rescue out on the water. joins us now with how things turned out. >> reporter: they left fairfield for a vacation in maine but ended up saving several people on the water and captured it on their go pro. they went out for a training flight while on vacation in maine. this is the go pro video where from inside the sea plane they spotted someone in distress. >> it's amazing how it all unfolded for sure. >> reporter: a paddleboat taking on water. in the boat, a man who they later learned had autism. then that boat had trouble too. >> how bad is it sinking? >> we tried pulling it back. it started going sideways and that's when my boat, my motor
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snapped off of the boat. >> reporter: so denise and todd went back and eventually brought everyone to shore. >> they're crying and scared, cold. >> reporter: local authorities came and everyone got safe and dry. >> you had enough swimming for today? >> reporter: they'll worry about the boats later. >> denise and todd who are engaged are heading back this evening. they say they are in touch with the family they rescued and will try to help them raise money for a new boat. let's take you inside. it is a beautiful friday. a lot happening this weekend. even the traffic is looking pretty good. >> i know. this is nice. >> let's bring in our chief meteorologist jeff ranieri. >> i think there's one day that's going to be better than the other day. sunday is looking fantastic. we're getting a break in the fog as you can see behind me on our point raised view.
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and you'll see in our outer sunset camera from weather underground it is currently sunny and 64. we started off this morning. the atmosphere is getting stirred up. the biggest difference was the temperatures that are down today, just an average of 66 in the east bay peninsula. for the south bay, currently checking in at 70. tomorrow morning, we have another round of clouds and also drizzle coming back for the morning hours. let's start with 53 in the south bay. also, a pretty decent chance right across san francisco and the north bay as well. once again, clouds coming back for tomorrow morning. the main reason why is right here, you can see this area of low pressure just offshore. the rainfall is going to be heading off to the north. we're just going to get a slice of this moisture. that's good enough to bring back fog for tomorrow morning. as we take you into that future cast, you see clouds to start. also notice the moisture
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developing offshore at 7:00 a.m. as that cold front moves in. we expect it to break apart. only the chance of spotty showers from 7:00 a.m. on saturday. by the afternoon, eventually we'll get sunshine. it's going to be sunny in santa rosa, san francisco and also back here throughout contra costa and alameda counties. once we get over the morning fog by the afternoon, a partly cloudy 72 expected in san jose. for the peninsula, 64 in san mateo. san francisco stays chilly. 62 in the marina with a little bit of clouds rolling across the golden gate bridge. also over towards at&t park. for the north bay, east bay and trivalley, again, no more low 80s. we stay at 71 here in napa back towards mill valley. for the east bay, oakland comes
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out at 68, freemont, 73. 71 degrees by the afternoon. the trend as we head into sunday's forecast you'll see in our extended does go up just a degree or two for most locations. that puts the south bay at 73 for the east bay, 69 and for the north bay 74 on sunday. a lot of folks are visiting for the breakers on sunday and a lot of people coming into san francisco that just live in the bay area to get a look and also be a part of the race. as we take you to the forecast, it's cold, just like the runners like it. 58 degrees. winds out o the west, 35 to 15 miles per hour. by noon, 66 degrees and wind lingering. after sunday's forecast, temperatures warm up. check out the huge difference by monday. 80 expected in the north bay. being we'll have more on our forecast coming right up. >> we'll see you then, jeff, thank you. still ahead, fresh idea. the golden arches mcdonald's
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tests its most drastic menu change in decades.
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pfizer's promising to block the use of its drugs by states would want to use those drugs to carry out the death penalty. we have the latest on what that means for those on california's death row. we investigate taxpayers money. billions of dollars on bonds for water projects. you can see and comment on what the project's money is being spent on.
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it's a common theme, save money for a rainy day. proposing a spending plan for $122 billion, that's down slightly from his original plan. the reason for the drop is projected tax revenues are falling about $2 billion below expec tations. the budget has some democrats disappointed but brown continues to favor savings and debt payments over increases to social service programs. how refined is your palate? can you tell the difference between fresh and frozen? in the dallas area, customers who order a quarter pounder will get a hamburger made from fresh
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beef instead of a frozen patty. the company says it's still too early to tell if diners can distinguish between fresh and frozen. mcdonald's is looking for a better way to compete with fresh not frozen chains like in and out. i can tell for sure. coming up, they'll be running wild, the bay to breakers.
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okay, check this out. look closely. crews shut down the intersection to deal with a construction accident, that's because workers accidentally broke off a valve on a water main and you can see it, it just sent water spewing through the intersection. this is at deloris and 20th. no homes or businesses impacted but it did take more than an hour to shut off the water and cap that broken valve. coming up tonight at 6:00, taking a toll on vineyards, a drought is no friend to the bay area's popular wineries but did the winter rain do enough to ease concern? that story coming up at 6:00. grab your tutu, your tuxedo,
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just grab anything if you can try not to show up naked. the bay to breakers is this weekend. the only 12-k footrace which tends to be kind of the costume and clothing optional. 40,000 runners are registered for sunday morning's race. as we've seen in years past, thousands more kind of unofficially register. just kind of show up. it's fun. the city is adding port-o-potties which is always crucial and police along the race warn if they see you with alcohol, you got to go. so just bring your clothes, no alcohol. >> what will be the morning temperature? >> it's going to be a chilly 58. >> ooh, okay. >> it's going to be cold. >> that's for sure. >> all right, so many other thoughts going on, all right, there are some serious racers that do enter that contest. you can see sunday's for cast, san francisco, 66. some sunshine by noon. a lot of folks make it to the finish line. monday, we get some more heat
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coming back. it will feel like summer next week. i'm look ahead towards the weekend. tonight, caught in a lie. a bizarre bombshell. as old tapes emerge of donald trump, apparently posing as his own publicist, bragging about his business success and his relationships with famous women. trump angrily denying it's him even though he previously admitted it. bathroom fight. the obama administration sends a sweeping message to schools across the country. let transgender kids use the bathroom of their choice, or else. alarming rise in murders in some big american cities. what the fbi director thinks might be behind it. emergency room shocker. first, a medical crisis. then a crisis from the bill. how to protect yourself from a painful surprise. and a dream come true for a woman and her seven children. claiming a $430 million jackpot, and wait until you hear


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