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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  May 13, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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joins us from city hall. jodi, you talked with the mayor and the police chief. what's their response? >> reporter: raj, the mayor and the police chief say that a police officer must be held to the highest standard. they call the allegations of that three oakland police officers engaged in sexual misconduct highly troubling. now, the chief and the mayor promise a thorough investigation. the chief concern, the allegations came to light last september when officer brendan o'brien committed suicide. a source told us a suicide note he left behind alluded to the sexual misconduct. but the chief also said the three officers were just recently placed on administrative leave. now, the mayor says the district attorney is now conducting parallel investigations. she says she has just issued a new executive directive requiring the opd to immediately
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notify the d.a. whenever there's a reasonable suspicion of criminal conduct. >> we just want to say how much we value and respect the public's right to know what is going on with this investigation, as well as how our officers conduct themselves both on and off duty. we, as oaklanders, can expect to hold officers to the highest standards of conduct. >> we will not tolerate criminal misconduct on the part of our police officers. we will hold them accountable. we owe that to the residents of oakland and the hard working men and women of the opd. >> reporter: the chief also talked about the suicide of officer o'brien, why he says that a thorough investigation was done to rule out homicide. he says he stands by that investigation. but also welcomes the d.a.'s review of the case. there's no word on how long this
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investigation is going to take. reporting live in oakland, i'm jodi hernandez. nbc bay area news. jodi, thank you. friday evening commute, b.a.r.t. trains are running on schedule right now. that wasn't the case earlier. this was in the afternoon around 2:00. a train hit pay solar panel between the pleasant hill and concord stations. service had to be stopped while the work was cleared of debris from the track. trains were back to normal about 30 minutes later. details emerging in the double homicide case from los gatos to campbell. the man accused did appear in court today. robert handa joins us from the courthouse. i know that sources were telling you details, harrowing ones about what happened inside that house before the shots were fired. >> reporter: well, that's right. the prosecution hasn't been releasing many details except to say the incident was very violent and sources tell me the investigation also detailed in
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this statement of facts will certainly support that view. >> andre redmond came into the santa clara courtroom head down. the 43-year-old was charged with two counts of murder, first for the shooting death of a man early wednesday morning. redmond and an accomplice bound and gagged the man's son and another person while they -- they talked cautiously about the case. >> this was a violent home invasion that took place. >> his wife called her husband a loving family man who tragically lost his life to an act of violence. deputies chased redmond driving a silver prius on highway 17 when he crashed on the hamilton avenue exit. they say the man fled on foot, throwing off his clothes before being caught. sources tell us a passenger described as an asian male and believed to be an accomplice was
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found unconscious with a large laceration on his arm and died at the hospital. he has been listed as a second homicide victim. >> i don't want to speculate as to what his relationship to the victims may have been. >> reporter: they found two notes in the prius, one reportedly read, get more bullets and the vic tem's home address sprawled on it. the accomplice used a mallet to attack the victims inside the home while asking where the money was located. the d.a.'s office doesn't want to speculate. >> there's a lot of unknown information still. >> reporter: redmond did not enter a plea. he's scheduled to return to court on may 31st. he's held without bail. we'll be posting this statement of facts on our website, live in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. thanks, robert. let's talk about andre redmond. he has a string of convictions. he was found guilty on two
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robbery charges in san francisco in 1993. last year, attempted burglary charges at the macy's in the city. his probation report shows he's been arrested several other times for a variety of things, including battery and drug theft. we should note that the victim x robert harden had a prior brush with the law. in 1996, he ran from the police after a meth lab explosion and was arrested. a deadly construction accident at the moscone center. a man operating a cherry picker died this morning. he was on a ramp that goes below the ground. he was then crushed in the cherry picker's basket when it got wedged up against the ceiling of that underground structure. the man worked for the rental firm which owns the cherry picker. investigation is still under way. also in san francisco, this video was recorded on next car. a car hitting the cyclist. in the bike line near mission
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and 4th. right there, that cruiser pulls out and hits the bike. the officer got out of the car immediately and called for an ambulance. police are investigating. no word yet on the condition of that cyclist. the white house put millions of dollars on the line today. the issue is school bathrooms. president obama is calling for all public schools to allow transgender students to use which ever restroom they identify with. nbc bay area's christie smith joins us. the bay area already tackled this issue. >> reporter: that's right. in san francisco schools have long had an inclusive policy in place. there are protections across the state. we still have a number of high school students and an administrator who say it's about time there were federal guidelines in place. >> high school senior penelope kim sees a gender neutral bathroom as a solution in san francisco. >> i think it's a good thing.
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it gives equity to people who are otherwise invisible. >> when i heard about the guidance, i was happy. >> the director of student wellness and safety in san francisco public schools where students have long had the right to access the bathroom conforming to their gender identity. >> san francisco has had a policy since 2003. of course, what we did is clarified the policy in 2013 with the assembly bill change around transgender students' access to restrooms and to changing facilities. >> reporter: this comes as a department of education offered new guidance to schools across the country that recommend allowing transgender students to use facilities in line with their gender identity. but stopped short of legal enforcement. >> the challenge here is not to isolate anybody. it's not to discriminate against anybody. it's not to make anybody unsafe. it's actually to ensure that our schools are as inclusive and respectful and safe as they can
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possibly be. >> reporter: there has been backlash in states like texas, but in california protections for students were already in place. >> i think it's really giving a chance for people to be who they are. >> reporter: schools that don't comply do run the risk of losing some of their federal funding. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, christie. a transgender teacher at catholic high school will keep his job. the nuns support the dignity of each person regardless of race, religion or gender identification. a different issue on campus now. a schoolwide sickness. more than 100 students at a local elementary school have come down with the stomach flu. it's puzzling for parents and the school leaders. >> it's a show of hands at horace mann elementary school in
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san jose. students are learning the importance of hand washing. >> we had the children apply a powder and lotion that will show them the germs that may be remaining on their hands. >> using a black light, school nurses show them how germs can spread. viral gastroenteritis or a serious stomach bug cents more than 100 kids home, nauseous and vomiting. >> catching it. a lot of people have caught it. like 115 almost. >> owen says, seven of his friends are home right now with the virus. >> it absolutely could be norovirus. >> according to melinda landau this started two weeks ago when one student threw up and 30 more called in sick. we did really deep cleanings the last weekend and hoped that was it. it keeps popping up and resurfacing. >> just yesterday the school notified all the parents about the outbreak. >> sanitizer and washing my hands. basic hygiene, making sure that
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you're being careful. >> some parents say they should have been informed sooner. this mom says it's bad and we have to be informed of what's happening here. as for the kids, they're taking this weekend to clean things up. >> wash my kittens and wash my hand a lot more. >> good call. another deep cleaning at horace mann elementary school, they hope it stops the outbreak next week. a vacation turns into a life-saving mission for a bay area couple. their whole rescue caught on camera, too. another highway shooting here in contra costa county. why authorities believe 20 highway shootings appear to be gang-related. good evening, i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri, sunny skies in san jose. right now 66 degrees. we're tracking more clouds, more drizzle by tomorrow morning. i'll have the timeline in just a
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few minutes.
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a live look at interstate 80 in berkeley -- where drivers are heading home or maybe increasingly dangerous drive. this is a live look at i-80 in berkeley where drivers are heading home or maybe some starting a weekend get away. there's growing concern after another freeway shooting. elise kirschner is live with
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what the police department is saying. whether it's gang-related or not kengted. it's still an uncomfortable feeling on the freeway. >> reporter: law enforcement is challenging to investigate gang shootings because witnesses and victims are often uncooperative. add in the fact that the violence is now spilling on to freeways like this here. it becomes even more challenging to prevent the violence. driving along interstate 80 in hercules gunfire rings out. a 25-year-old driver is shot twice. he survives but commute remembers rattled. >> horrible. it's scary. my husband drives back and fort late at night, early in the morning to get to work. >> just a day earlier, a mother of four was killed by a bullet on highway 4 in pitsburg. >> what can the police do? nobody has license plates, anything. nobody knows. >> we're seeing the shoot thags have happened on city streets
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expanding out to the freeway. >> reporter: law enforcement says the 20 freeway shootings that have occurred since november are all gang-related. in total, 11 people have been injured and four killed. all on east bay roadways. >> i didn't realize there was that many. yeah, that's actually quite a few. >> reporter: the california highway patrol special investigations unit is working closely with the fbi and local police agencies. >> freeways are a challenging environment to conduct an investigation. >> reporter: even more challenging when talking about gang shootings without bringing traffic to a halt. >> one challenge is trying to investigate that scene while at the same time not inconveniencing motorists, putting a damper on commerce. we have less witnesses that may have been stationary in a city street situation. >> reporter: back here live, that's why law enforcement says 911 calls are so important in tracking down the suspects. because they lead to witnesses. and local cities are also considering putting surveillance
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cameras along the freeway in pittsburg along highway 4. police there are going to ask city council on monday night for $100,000 to install cameras, again, along highway 4. reporting live in contra costa tonight, i'm elise kirschner, bay area news. an amtrak train involved in a deadly crash in the bay area. this afternoon the train ran into a pickup truck north of fresno. three men in the truck were killed. no passengers aboard the train were hurt. crews did reopen the tracks two hours ago. the train is expected to be in oakland within the hour. 2 1/2 hours, though, behind schedule. a dramatic move today in court in the sierra lamar case. the man accused of killing lamar insisted his trial get under way by june 21st. but his lead attorney didn't agree with him. the attorney is busy with another case. torres then asked the judge to change attorneys.
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that would lead to at least another year of delays. after a brief closed court meeting, garcia torres withdrew his request. the two sides will return to court later this month. lamar disappeared going to school in morgan hill four years ago. 18 and counting. a man stabbed to death in san jose overnight. now the city's 18th homicide of the year. the victim was found at a strip mall at king and story. police say it probably happened around midnight. the victim died right where he was stabbed. the suspect got away, but if you saw something or know any information, you're urged to call the police department. around the same time, a man and his dog were killed in a house fire in concord. there was a woman in the house as well. but she was able to get out. she only suffered minor injuries. the home was on tan jer circle near flamingo drive. when fire crews arrived, the car and the garage were in flames. the man was pulled out of the house but he later died at the
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hospital. firefighters say it's not clear at this point what may have started that fire. not just one clinton, but two. the political buzz in the bay area is intensifying as we get closer to our june 7 ft primary. former president bill clinton is coming to the east bay on may 24th. a couple weeks from now. he's campaigning for his wife and front-runner, hillary clinton. it's hosted by fremont entrepreneur. the following day, mr. and mrs. clinton will appear together at the atherton home of sharon mears and steve dough start. she has a sizable lead in the delegate count. apple invested in -- it's the biggest investment apple has made. it may sound like a strange fit for the cupertino company. analysts say the move gives apple a foothold in huge chinese market weeks after government
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regulators in china forced apple to close its itunes movies and ibookstore. are you ready for the zaniest race. the beta breakers marks the 105th running of the famous foot race, perhaps the only one which can be costume and clothing optional. 40,000 runners and walkers are registered. thousands more always unofficially join in. b.a.r.t. and cal tran will have added service through the weekend, especially on sunday. the city is adding port port potties. >> if they see you with alcohol, they'll make you pour it out. be warned. jeff ranieri says the clothing option at the race. >> the runners like the brisk, chilly weather. anything else would be warranted for you. get a look at the forecast today. we have plenty of sunshine out here at the coastline.
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that is after the morning fog. you can see right now from the weather underground sky camera network, 63 and sunny skies. we have a real interesting thing happening right now. at the coastline where we got the sun today, we are currently 3 degrees warmer in san francisco, 2 degrees warmer in half moon bay. in the interior valleys, where the wind was able to sweep in throughout the afternoon, numbers are colder as forecasted. down 9 degrees in concord, 3 in san jose and 11 degrees in livermore. the bottom line, tomorrow whether you had some sun or not this afternoon, we get more fog coming on back. that's going to start us off at 53 in the south bay. drizzle in the peninsula. some more drizzle for san francisco and the north bay as well. don't get too used to the sunshine as you see throughout the afternoon. by saturday afternoon, we will eventually get partly cloudy skies in here. i still think you'll manage that. an average of 70 in the north bay. san francisco a chilly 64 much the peninsula, 68 and the south bay, 72 degrees.
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let's get a wide look at the weekend forecast. you'll be able to see as we head throughout sunday, numbers go up a degree or two. not a huge warmup. 73 degrees in the south bay. peninsula on sunday at 69. tri-valley 72 and the north bay at 74. raj and jess, you want to see the beta breakers forecast? >> let's see it. >> let's get to it. it's going to be chilly. as jess mentioned, wear the layers. not too many if you're running. 58 expected at 8:00 in the morning. morning fog. by noon, 66 degrees. dress how you want. i'd say you need a little something at 8:00 a.m. >> we fully endorse you, jif. >> thank you. it was a vacation that turned into a rescue. i'm scott budman. coming up, hear from the bay area couple who left home and saved a family. happening now:
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==reveal== on twitter, updates on the rescue of four people from the waters of the delta, near pittsburg. happening now on twitter, updates on the rescue of four people from the waters off the delta near pittsburg. they're being treated for hypothermia. the restaurant on ritz i -- shut down because of a cockroach infestation. see the photos and read the customers' reactions.
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(music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette) i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at and it's all captured on a gopro... jess/2-shot t a family vacation turns into a family rescue. it's all captured on a go pro camera. >> things got hairy on the water
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for a while. scott budman is here with more. >> fairfield couple had an extra exciting vacation when it came upon two boats in distress on the water. >> denise and todd buckley of fairfield went out an a training flight while on vacation in maine. this is their go pro video where from inside the seaplane they spotted someone in distress. >> it's amazing how it unfolded, for sure. >> a paddleboat taking on water. the man they later learned has autism. >> only so much you can do. >> they asked a nearby family to take their boat out to the stranded man. but then that boat had trouble too. >> how bad is it sinking? >> we tried to pull it back to shore. it started drowning sideways. then that's when my boat, my motor snapped off of the boat. >> denise and todd went back and eventually brought everyone to shore. >> they were crying and scared,
6:26 pm
very cold. >> local authorities came and everyone got safe and dry. >> you had enough swimming for today? >> they'll worry about the boat later. people first and then worry about the property. >> human life is much more important than material possessions, right? >> as we speak, denise and todd, who are engaged are on a plane back to the bay area. they plan to try to raise money for the family who lost the boat in the initial rescue attempt. back to you. you've heard of christmas in july. a san jose international airport, it's thanksgiving in may. a perfect storm of events creating holiday-like crowds at the airport. m it's summer travel starting early and new flights introduced and the fact that friday is a popular travel day. >> of course, airports nationwide, security is a factor. the tsa is pleading for patience with long lines and encouraging the public to sign up for the pre-check programs that it has.
6:27 pm
we spent nine months battling, battling this eating disorder. battling the insurance company. just battling it feels like. >> south bay parents watched their daughter fight a mental illness and end up in a fight of their own. i'm liz wagner. we investigate what happened when doctors' orders are at odds with one of the largest health questions. police officers in san francisco are accused of lying under oath. i'm michelle roberts. coming up, hear how the suspect in that case is affected. the problem is - a judge says -
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it shows that sworn testimony want to show you a crime scene captured on camera. the problem is the judge says it shows sworn testimony given by a san francisco police officer wasn't exactly the truth. now, the evidence so compelling to the judge that he ordered a man to be set free and turned the video over to the police department. >> michelle roberts joins us from police headquarters. are the officers still on active dut any san francisco? >> reporter: we don't know. police aren't commenting on that. only saying they're investigating and are aware of what happened in court yesterday. meanwhile, the public defender's office very public about this and they say they're going back to the previous cases involving these two officers. >> this newly released video shows exactly what happened on the street corner in the tenderloin neighborhood on december 1st. in the top left corner, he was restrained by police and arrested for gun charges. but yesterday, those charges were dropped after a judge says
6:31 pm
the video contradicts sworn testimony and statements from the officers who made the arrest. >> boldface lies told by both officers. >> public defender's office found the video debunking the officers' claims. san francisco police officer nicholas buckley says simpson had both hands tucked under a long coat, also saying it appeared he was trying to conceal a weapon. >> the officers lying, in this case to a federal judge, what does that say about the rest of our system? >> we zoomed in on the video to get a closer look. in it, simpson doesn't appear to resist r nor does he have hands in his pockets. his lawyers say he wasn't holding a gun. they say he was holding a water bottle. >> this is going to call into question every case that these officers worked on because anyone who lies with this sort of impunity you cannot trust
6:32 pm
anything they say. >> transcripts from yesterday's hearing show the judge ordered prosecutors to provide the video and records of the hearing to police chief greg sur. >> reporter: i asked if perjury charges would be filed and they said no comment. appearing live, michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> michelle, thank youment. denying families the treatment they need. people with psychological disorders are being denied coverage for potentially life-saving treatments. >> families are saying not only is this not right, but it may be illegal as well. liz wagner from the investigative unit is with us. identify for us the problem, liz. >> state and federal laws promisee kwal coverage of medical and mental health conditions. we found people with mental illnesses are still facing roadblocks to treatment. on one hand, doctors are urging critical care and on the other,
6:33 pm
insurance companies questioning if the care is even needed. that leaves families stuck in the middle fighting for answers. >> these are the hands of a teenage girl struggling with anorexia. when words can't explain why food won't go down, her hands do the talking with paints and paper. the teen isn't ready to speak out, but her mom, roberta freed man is. battling, battling this eating disorders battling the insurance company, just battling it feels like. >> friedman and her spouse, leslie have faced a series of coverage denials by blue shield of california. but they say their daughter needs intensive treatment for an eating disorder they first noticed in 2014. >> she was getting a little skinnier. >> when skinny became scary last spring, the family turned to the healthy teen project in los altos. it's a part-time hospital treatment program.
6:34 pm
>> it wasn't working. she needed to go somewhere to be somewhere 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to start that recovery process. >> her doctors recommended full-time residential treatment. but in august 2015, blue shield denied coverage based on the company's own guidelines. a blue shield psychiatrist deemed that level of treatment not medically necessary. >> when you opened the denial letter from blue shield, what goes through your head? >> my response was who the heck is this person? this person has never seen our daughter. >> desperate to keep her in residential treatment, the family paid $72,000. blue shield wouldn't pay. >> they are looking for ways to keep costs down and they have managed to be effective in doing that. >> randall hager advocated for the mental health parity act which took effect in 1999. state law, like the 2008 federal law requires equal coverage of
6:35 pm
physical and mental health conditions. hager says the laws had stopped numerical limits on treatments, like caps on therapy visits and high co-pays. >> another set of issues has risen that takes the place of that. >> he says that's the use of aggressive medical necessity evaluations. the investigative unit analyzed data from the department of managed health care, that's the regulator that oversees health plans like blue shield. 2100 consumers asked for an independent medical review of decisions based on medical necessities. they overturned half the denials and 56% of eating disorder cases alone. >> what it tells me our independent medical review process is working. >> the process serves as a check on the health plans. >> frankly, it's not right for the plans to deny them medically necessary care. >> what's it going to take for health plans to do the right thing? >> it's going to take a lot of
6:36 pm
oversight. >> we're being aggressive and proactive. >> while she oversees health plans, insurance commissioner dave jones supervises health insurers. both regulators conduct ongoing policy reviews to ensure compliance with parity laws. like dmhc, the department of insurance runs an independent medical review. data since 2011 shows the department overturned 53% of mental health denials. >> that doesn't mean that the health insurers won't continue to deny people treatment. but we're doing everything we can within the law to try to prevent that from happening. >> the laws are weak. they're not strong enough. >> south bay senator jim bell introduced a number of failed bills to beef up california's parity law. he says it's unclear how many people are being denied coverage and argues the complaint-based enforcement system doesn't work for everyone. >> a lot of people have depression and other illnesses like that related to mental health. they don't bother to complain.
6:37 pm
that's wrong. you have to have a system that takes care of them adequately without having to have them complain. >> she's graduating from healthy teen today. >> we joined them on the way to the healthy teen project last month. after 62 days in residential treatment, doctors recommended the part-time hospital setting. but blue shield failed to cover that treatment too, deciding last november it was not medically necessary. blue shield declined an interview request but wrote in an e-mail. our review and appeals process is extensive and includes an in-depth assessment from our medical directors as well as a third-party physician. industry group ahip wrote suggesting that coverage decisions drive the mental health challenges does a disservice to the ongoing efforts to improve the country's health system. >> we're really proud of her. >> they credit their daughter's improvement to quality consistent treatment. they're taking one step at a time. like her paintings, her recovery
6:38 pm
is a work in progress. now, the family did request an independent medical review of their daughter's residential care. review found half the treatment was medically necessary. after we started asking questions, the state took a second look and reviewers found blue shield should cover the other half too. the health plan reimbursed the family for residential treatment, but blue shield is still denying coverage of the part-time hospital care and now the women say they plan to pursue legal action against the health plan. >> the mental health issues are so difficult. so since tiff for so many people as well. >> absolutely. they spoke out to tell their daughter's story. >> if you have a tip on this story or any other story, call us at 888-996-tips or an e-mail to the unit at we saw a winter full of rain. was it enough for wine growers in the livermore valley? also, the doors have been closed for three years, within a
6:39 pm
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the ready for you alert, only at la... quinta! yeah!
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francisco's castro district -- shut down today. you can see why here. construction workers accidentaly a major intersection in the castro district shut down today. you can see here, construction workers accidentally broke off a valve on a water main. that's a lot of water gushing out. that sent the water spewing through the intersection of delores and 20th street. no damage to the business or the homes. it took an hour to shut off that water. a cockroach problem at a legendary bay area pizza joint. blondie's pizza in union square was shut down because of a severe cockroach infestation. health inspectors found the bugs
6:42 pm
all over blondie's from the prep tables to the mixer and the pizza oven. blondie's can only reopen after they clean all impacted areas and seal any hole that the cockroaches were using to get in or out. a big weekend for art lovers. after three years of being closed, the san francisco museum of modern art will reopen tomorrow. the popular museum closed for expansion work. when it reopened, there will be seven floors of exhibit space. which will display thousands of new works of art. it's now the largest museum in the bay area. >> it's a big deal. >> i'm excited about that. >> three years. it's been a big deal. >> cute little cafe too. can't wait to have a panini there. >> she wants the cafe, of course. we have a big weekend ahead. and a little something for everyone. some fog, some sun and clouds. a live look from the weather underground camera in walnut creek. i have the full forecast in just
6:43 pm
a few minutes. with the el nino rain, was it enough for the local wineries? we head to the livermore val toy find out. vegatables...but around these
6:44 pm
6:45 pm
parts -- we're very concerned -- about our grapes. as in wine grapes. jess/2shot was our el nin not just fruit and vegetables, but we're very concerned about our grapes. as in wine grapes. >> you you bet we are. was our el nino rain enough for the wineries. here we are from the livermore valley. >> reporter: the berries. back here. no matter where a farmer goes in life, he's never far from his crop. >> it's something you wake up in the morning and think about. we're lucky to have what we have here. >> through five years of drought, jim has had plenty to think about. >> the whole family was
6:46 pm
concerned and worried. >> last year about this time, the vines were in jeopardy. area reservoirs were low even as roses parched. but a winter of rain has brought mcgrail a sunnier outlook. >> look at it. almost looks like ireland. >> the vines are bearing signs of fruit and the roses bearing color. >> we're blessed that we had a great year this year. >> despite a wet year, mcgrail and area farmers are only certain of one thing. >> we are still in a drought. we're not in harm's way, but we have to conserve. >> when the drought choked off grasses used to feed cattle at the livermore ranch, he did what many ranchers had to do. >> this last year, it was basically we cut back 50% on the cattle. >> then the winter rains came. >> this is one of the things the rain has done. we're going to get another crop of grass out of it, obviously. >> the rain has been a welcome
6:47 pm
addition to the pistachio trees. >> we started watering in february. this year, we started watering about two weeks ago. you work with what they give you. >> the common thing among livermore farmers is the rain has brought relief, enough for now, though not enough for the future. >> we had a good rainfall. i'd love to see that next year and the year after and the year after. >> each in the relief, there are fears. mcgrail is worried the late spring rains will cause mold on his budding vines. >> still -- >> i'll never complain about the rain ever again in my life. >> joe rosato, jr. >> let it rain. >> nbc bay area. threat rain. a nice winery mcgrail. >> we might be getting more ryne, right, jeff? >> maybe in a couple weeks, a few showers here and there. that would be good for the fire danger. this is the good news. we've rounded out the rain season so far with a lot of the bay area near 100% of average. that's good news. we have had some fog this morning. but right now that fog is mixed
6:48 pm
out. we've had sunshine. look at this beautiful shot from weather underground. we have a boat in the picture and sailboat action. currently 66 degrees. the city looking beautiful this afternoon. as we get a look now outside the sky camera network, not quite as mild in the east bay. an average of 64 degrees right now. the peninsula with a mix of sun and clouds. the south bay, a chillier 64. earlier this week, we had low 830s at this time of the night. definitely big changes when it came to the temperatures today. towards tomorrow morning's forecast, don't get used to the clearing we've had most recently. another round of low clouds will come back. even down to san jose with 53. areas of drizzle for the peninsula and a few areas of spotty drizzle for san francisco and the north bay as well. chilliest temperature per normal in the north bay at 49 degrees. now, what's going to help to get that fog going again is a storm system offshore. got some rainfall out here on the radar loop. that's heading mainly to the
6:49 pm
north. we'll see a small, slight bit of moisture from the bottom edge of the cold front which will bring back drizzle. let show you the futurecast. yes, it looks very impressive offshore. as we get a look here at 7:00 in the morning. as the cold front moves across, it's expected to break up and we'll be left with spotty areas of drizzle but notably widespread cloud cover through 10:30. once we hit the afternoon, we'll get sunshine. cloud linger for everyone here throughout the bay area. by sunday's forecast, we'll start with a round of low clouds for the morning. by the afternoon, i see sunday is going to be the sunnier day, weekend forecast. if you have a lot of plans outside, sunday afternoon is the day to do that. as you take a look at the micro climate forecast for saturday, you can see tomorrow in san francisco, 65 in the financial district. over here towards the marina, 62. some nice cool baseball weather for the giants at at&t park. i believe that game is right here on nbc bay area as well if you want to check that out.
6:50 pm
for the peninsula, 71 in palo alto. towards pacifica, a chilly 61. in the south bay, san jose, 72 degrees. north bay, east bay, also for the tri-valley, you can get over the fog in the morning hours. a nice afternoon. santa rosa, 70. mill valley, 67. for the east bay, anywhere from 73 in fremont to 68 in oakland. for the weekend forecast, again, sunday better day to be outside. a lot more sunshine for the afternoon hours. temperatures go up a degree or two. the south bay at 73 degrees. san francisco, 66. tri-valley, 72. the north bay at 74. beta breakers, if we haven't talked about it enough. if you're in the race, the race start 8:00 a.m., 58 degrees. at noon, 66 degrees as they finish the race. you'll need a few layers. >> should we all run it sunday morning? >> i'll come watch you run. >> i'll take some videos.
6:51 pm
>> thanks, jeff. up next, long lines today at the oracle arena. thousands of people taking their picture with steph curry's mvp trophy. you can still do it. you got time tonight to do it. speaking of which, the showdown with okc. ahmed freese is next. it's friday -- many of you at
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
home get the weekend off. the warriors -- also get the weekend off -- which is go - ahmed fareed here. it is friday, many of you get the weekend off as do the warriors. a couple of them are dinged up a bit. the western conference finals start on monday. now we know who they'll play. the oklahoma city thunder.
6:54 pm
they beat the spurs last night. the thunder pretty good. kevin durant and russell westbrook. having said that, the warriors won all three times they played against them in the regular season. here are the dubs on the matchup. >> they runoff of westbrook and durant. their aggressiveness, their talent. >> they have both those guys going like they were last night, it's especially tough. you just have to stay with it. you've got to do everything you can on every possession. stick with the game plan. >> the last three years against them has been pretty entertaining games. most of the time going down to the wire. so you can only imagine what it would be like in the playoffs. every possession is going to be key. defensively, we got to stay focused, try to make and take tough shots, even though they'll make tough ones. >> rebounding the ball and don't
6:55 pm
turn it over. that's our recipe against them. from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m. at oracle. you still have time. warriors fans can take a picture with the mvp trophy. curry just became the 11th player to win the award in back-to-back years. smile. show your camera or t-shirt. the sharks also in the conference finals. sharks dominated game 7 against the predators last night and cruised to a 5-0 win. they face the blues game one in st. louis set for 5:00 p.m. on sunday. so that means we're going to be busy. your nights are booked for the rest of the month. there's either a sharks game or warriors game potential every day this month. we have pre and post game shows before and after every sharks and warriors playoff game. the giants in action in arizona right now. highlights at 11:00 and "sportsnet central." raj and jessica, you have time if you want to pretend you're the two-time mvp to get your
6:56 pm
picture. >> is steph going to be there? she wants a picture with steph, not just the trophy. >> and riley too. >> riley may be there. steph, probably not. >> good. thank you. it turns out some of san francisco's tourist spots are hives of activity these days. seven popular hotels, including the clift, has put bee hives on their roofs. the clift has ten hives as part of a growing effort to take the sting out a growing bee shortage and hundreds of pounds of honey at the same time. >> local honey, nothing better than that. >> make mix it in drinks and -- >> it's friday night. we're thinking. >> thanks for joining us here on friday. have a great night. >> hope to see you at 11:00.
6:57 pm
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6:59 pm
7:00 pm
kelly and michael's final show. is strahan gone for good? and who he thinks should replace him, now, on "extra." >> the end of kelly and michael. >> don't take this as a bad sign. it's friday the 13th. >> new video. what you didn't see behind the scenes, and a.j.'s putting strahan on the hot seat. >> who do you think should sit in that chair? a sneak peek a megyn kelly's new sit-down with trump. >> do you think it's the journalist's role to be nice to presidential candidates at a debate? >> and megyn's revealing how far she had to go to convince him to be the interview. sharon and ozzy giving terri their first words since their split.


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