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tv   Today  NBC  May 14, 2016 5:00am-7:01am PDT

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good morning. not backing down. donald trump's campaign fighting claims he called a reporter back in the '90s, pretending to be his own publicist. trump arguing it wasn't him. the woman who conducted the interview says she is sure it was trump and he later admitted it. >> there's no doubt in my mind he apologize zed to me and made it clear he was the man on the tape. >> will this come back to haunt trump in the fall? scary moments on a new york bridge when a big rig flipped over on its side. traffic snarled for hours, but incredibly, no one was seriously hurt. the pressure is on.
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top golfer, jordan spieth hoping to get his mojo back this weekend. he's in danger of missing the cut after his disaster play at the master's last month. will he be able to pull it together to stay in the tournament? and the sweetest celebration. nfl player, devon still gets married. a wedding they weren't sure they would be able to have after leah was diagnosed with cancer. today, saturday, may 14, 2016. announcer: from nbc news, this is "today." live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on this saturday morning. i'm in for chanel jones, enjoying the morning off. thanks for being here. >> how are you today? >> trying to get this lump out
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of my throat. >> our tea is here, by the way. >> i didn't realize i lost my voice until i got to work. when you get dressed, you don't talk to yourself. >> yes. >> we are going get you through it. >> thank you very much. bear with me, we are going to get through it together. we want to get through the top story. the audio recording that surfaced from the '90s that sounds like donald trump as his camp denies he is the voice behind the call. the reporter on the other end says she has no doubt it was trump. jac jacob rascon has more. >> reporter: trump pretended to be his own publicist, admitted it, apologize zed for it and now denying it as surrogates are making rounds telling everyone it is time to move on. the year was 1991, trump facing
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a barrage of press about his dworsz. >> i'm sort of new here. >> reporter: people magazine boasting about trump's personal life. >> gets called by everybody in the book in terms of women. >> reporter: the reporter is sue who says trump admitted to her, it was a joke. >> there's no doubt in my mind that he apologized to me and made it clear he was the man on the tape. there's no doubt in my mind. >> reporter: the voice is familiar. >> i can tell you this. >> i can tell you this. >> you understand that. >> you understand that. >> reporter: john miller was the top trending tweet on twitter. show us his birth certificate. trump, himself, denies all of it. >> it was not me on the phone. it doesn't sound like me on the
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phone. >> reporter: his surrogates calling it a distraction. >> at some point, we have to start concentrating on what's important. the issues that face our country are monumental. >> reporter: they tell cynthia mcfadden it wasn't her speculating, it might have been trump. >> if i didn't give it to "the washington post," who did? i think trump is behind letting this go. >> why? >> why does donald trump do anything that he does? >> reporter: she was not the source and the campaign didn't respond to specific questions about that, only saying the man on the tape is a bad impression, of mr. trump. jeff? >> thanks. >> we are going to break this down with a republican strategist and communications director for paul ryan.
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ari is msnbc's chief league correspondent. good morning. >> good morning. >> i want to start with you and the tape, a bizarre situation. we are heading into a general election. is this the type of situation that swing voters start to care about? >> well, doesn't seem to matter to his voters. what does it tell us new about him? we know he was a playboy in the '80s. now we know he was his own publicist. he had the time to sideline doing that. look, this is -- this is an unforced error for him. for me, whether or not it matters to voters, he didn't need to lie about it. he could have admitted what most people already knew that he was doing this in the '80s. >> you worked with paul ryan as communications director. this impacts the voters, does it impact paul ryan? is he the guy that will dig his
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heels in over this? >> not over this. paul ryan has been put in a difficult spot as speaker of the house. members of the house are for, against and still considering donald trump. to get behind him, he is buying the time and the space. they have to see how donald trump responds and campaigns. this doesn't help, honestly. >> donald trump made a deal out of the fact he is self-funding his campaign. two sources saying he will raise funds for the general and may pay himself back, ultimately. do you think that will impact the voters? he made such a big deal out of it. >> the question is, do people see something he promoted as a centerpiece? he has the money, he'll spend it. now in the general election, we learn he's going to raise hundreds of millions of dollars. that's more than anything in the primaries that blows up the idea
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he's independent. at the end of the day, this, not unlike the spokesman thing which is more weird and stupid than important, are questions people look at and say, okay, donald trump seems different. is he different good or different weird? that is important. you cannot run right now as being the same as a washington politician. different can be good. >> does it take away that aura if he works with the establishment? >> it can. if you look at the money, he's raising it from the same old crew, voters who thought they were going to get something different voters say the closer he gets to washington the more he looks like washington and works with washington. people have to know, can they believe what this person says. >> quickly, i want to get both of your reactions to this. wall street journal report that said the clinton global initiative was helping to
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facilitate commitments that ultimately benefited a public company and they had ties to the clinton's friends. legally, a lot of folks say this doesn't cross the line but does it and is it a problem for the clintons? >> it can be. based on the report, there is nothing against a law that they gave money to a for profit instead of nonprofit entity. they have done a ton of good work in africa and around the world. nobody denies that. a lot of people celebrated it. the problem here and the question here, was this focus on good works or part of a larger branding to hand out deals or favors that never looked good? >> trump is going to be able to make the place we have been saying for a long time, the clinton foundation has been a slush fund for his campaign operatives and the people knew for years they kick money over
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to their friends. this is an icky thing. this is not a big story, but when they come to light, you are going to hear more and more about it. trump is going to make a big issue of it in the campaign. thank you very much, appreciate it. one former republican presidential candidate is deciding whether he will attend this summer. rubio is trying to stay in the spotlight in his hometown of florida. gabe gutierrez caught up with him. >> what you have done is horrifying and unexcusable. >> reporter: off the campaign trail and on the attack. touring a federally subsidized housing unit calling for reform as the department of housing and urban development. >> we need to find out how prevalent this is.
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>> reporter: two months after his presidential bid ended, a poll finds 42% of florida voters approve of his performance, the lowest level since he was elected in 2010. >> i was in a presidential campaign. it's like a boxer that goes into a ring, you may win or lose rksz but you are going to have a swollen eye. >> reporter: he is not sure if he is going to attend the party conventi convention. >> i lean toward going -- >> reporter: knocking down being trump's running mate. >> i'm not going to be a lobbyist. there's other things. >> reporter: as for the apartment complex, they are working on the inspection process. >> we were appalled at the conditions and work closely with the residents and their association to improve conditions. >> reporter: a spokesperson for the complex says the owners have
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already made repairs and 2 million dollars in improvements. she questions why rubio was paying attention to the troubled property now. >> we wish the senator had invested his time. >> i'm not running for anything. i'm finishing my term and doing my job. shifting away from politics, heart stopping moments earlier this week when a plane full of skydivers crashed into the ground. the whole thing was caught on camera from a skydivers helmet. amazingly, everyone escaped unscathed. >> reporter: panic, fear, harrowing moments then impablct. to a thunderous crash. the world is now upside down,
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bodies everywhere, a moment to think. and time to get out. >> everybody out! >> reporter: finally, daylight. everyone accounted for. 17 skydivers and their pilot prepared for the ultimate rush, almost paying the ultimate price when their plane crashed in a california vineyard. it took off from the airport at 2:00 in the afternoon thursday. this exclusive video just released. investigators say the plane had engine problems immediately and never got that far off the ground. this survivor was on board. >> boom! we are on the ground, upside down, everything is dark. people are yelling, get out, get out, get out. >> reporter: not just harrowing from the sky, as it hit the ground, it barrelled into her pick-up truck. >> i saw the plane coming down.
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i told me husband, that plane is going to hit us. it clipped our back end. >> reporter: only the pilot suffered a bloody nose. not exactly the rush they were looking for, these thrill seekers happy to be on the ground. steve patterson, nbc news, los angeles. commuters here on the new york tappen zee bridge, you can see the big rig tipping over narrowly missing drivers as it smashes into the median. police say the truck broke an axel before it flipped. amazing think, no major injuries but it tied up bridge traffic. terrifying moments at sea to tell you about. the coast guard is missing for a cruise line passenger. the 33-year-old was reported to have gone overboard in the gulf of mexico. she was on "liberty" when
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surveillance video shows she may have fallen. >> president obama and the first lady hosted a dinner for leaders of five nordic nations. he talked about a popular norwegian show. it wouldn't include entertainment that was too crazy. he didn't want things to get out of hand. one of the most moments as an nfl star gets his wish. devon still got married, dancing with his new wife asha. leah was battling cancer. the 6-year-old was there in good health as flower girl and dance partner. if that doesn't give you chills, i don't know what does. >> dil lylan is here with a chef the weather. >> we have a cool front that is
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going to cool things off significantly. temperatures 30 degrees below average. here is the rain with the cold front. it continues to move eastward. here is the front right here. ahead of it, pockets of heavy rain. not going to see severe, widespread storms today. the snow filling in through the upper peninsula of michigan where we could see a dusting on the grassy surfaces. this would be where temperatures are going to tumble behind it. enough so that lake-effect snow could kick in off lake erie and lake ontario. new york to norfolk, virginia. isolated, severe storms, wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour and small hail. it's not going to be a severe outbreak of storms. keep an eye to the sky. this area of low pressure is going to drag down the colder air. we have freeze warnings and frost advisories through the
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northern plains and upper midwest. 38 in detroit, 36 in p >> hey, good saturday morning to you. meteorologist anthony slauter. a little clearing, not as much as yesterday. we are expecting to see more sunshine today and temperatures, well, they're going to respond quite nicely. we're talking temps a little warmer today than where they were yesterday. 74 for the south bay, 67 for the peninsula, 68 for the east bay, 62 san francisco and 69 for the north bay. all in all you need the jackets at the coastline and maybe not so much inland. have a great saturday. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> how you turn this chicken scratch into a forecast. >> my brain can somehow do it. it works. by the way, golfer, jordan spieth trying to make the cup at the players championship. because of a rain delay on friday, he has to finish his
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second round. he's in danger of being bounced from the tournament. this is the first one he's played in since the masters. here is blake mccoy. >> reporter: jordan spieth looking to get on track at the players championship. the 22-year-old golf fee nom starting 13 shots off the lead. a rocky performance friday. >> sort of lost magic. >> reporter: it's his first tournament golf since the stunning meltdown at the masters, blowing a five-shot lead in the final round. then in this awkward moment, having to present champion danny willis with the green jacket he came so close to winning for a second year in a row. >> it was difficult to go through that experience right afterward, feeling like i should -- i have control of it. >> reporter: he shook off that loss with a trip to the babaham, documenting the trip on social
5:18 am
media. giving the vacation its own hashtag. the others offering play-by-play commentarying and ribbing spieth about his masters disaster as only friends can do. >> what happened, jordan. >> jordan spieth is the same, genuine, grounded, humble person he was five years ago in victory or defeat. >> he is going to be just fine. he's 22 years old. he has to bank a few bad experiences for him to keep everything in perspective. >> reporter: while spieth is recovering to regain his footing, those who know him say his feet remain firmly planted on the ground. for "today," blake mccoy, nbc news. >> things are tough for jordan spieth right now. one golfer has a smile, will wilcox. take a look.
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>> interesting punt. >> boom. that's right, a hole in one on the 17th. perhaps the most famous hole in golf is the first ace since 2002. >> that has to feel good. >> amazing. >> incredible moment. >> you can stay on top of all the action. maybe another hole in one at the player's championship on nbc. coverage begins today at 2:00 eastern. now, a story that will make you believe in miracles, truly. a florida woman says two decades of prayers have been answered after she went in for surgery and left with the results not only a doctor can explain. we have the story. >> it's the perfect day for a drive. >> oh, you want to come with me? woo-hoo. >> reporter: marian franco is
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prepping for her drivers license. >> everything comes back nice and easy. i have to keep my hands on the wheel. >> there's a lot of people she needs to see. >> all my family i haven't seen in all these years. >> reporter: this time, she won't have her glasses on. >> in 1993, i was in a bad, bad car accident. >> reporter: the nurse, on her way to work needed medical help, spinal surgery, words from her doctor landed like a death sentence. >> he said you have a stroke. >> reporter: her world went dark. >> i couldn't see anything. >> reporter: police and god lifted her up. >> so you can't see, so what? get up and get moving and do the stuff and i did. >> reporter: for 23 years she was a blind woman who drew, painted and jumped from planes. a fall that could happen to anyone -- >> some high and some low. >> reporter: reinjured her
5:21 am
spine. no one could imagine how she would wake up. >> my miracle patient. she amazed me. >> reporter: the goal was to realign her spine. coming out from ananesthesia, ts was her view. >> to look out and see st. lucy river and a great big beautiful white sailboat going down -- >> reporter: her niece will never forget the first words out of her mouth. >> doctor, guess what, i can see! yes, i can see. >> reporter: he offers one theory, an artery, possibly kinked during the crash. >> when we realigned it, we could have reestablished blood flow. >> reporter: it could have brought dormant things back to life. >> thank you for this beautiful miracle. i feel like i'm in my 20s. i'm ready to go. in my heart,
5:22 am
god was going to let me have my eyesight back, i knew it! >> that is just incredible. she couldn't see for 23 years. imagine that moment waking up. >> she is a spitfire. i could listen to her talk all day. >> you have to imagine that spirit helped her get through that. >> unbelievable. >> we are all inspired now. still to come, we'll catch up on the weekend news, the serious and the funny including ellen's battle with matt and al. always fun. ryan gossling talks about his family and the battle between his 2-year-old and another kid. first, this is "today" on nbc.
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still to come, saving big bucks on your next vacation. a former hotel general manager
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has the secret. a new jersey family with hundreds of millions of reasons to smile. we'll introduce you to the power
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you're watching "today in the bay." it is 5:26 on your saturday morning. what a gorgeous look at san francisco and the bay bridge all lit up from emeryville. good morning to you. i'm kira klapper. anthony slaughter has a look at our microclimate forecast. i'm in light colors and i feel like it's may, but i'm not dressed right for this weather, am i? >> it depends where you're going. >> okay. >> the micro climb forecast, why we have that. another shot from belvedere. here you can see we have low clouds but if you are hanging out at the coastline maybe need a light jacket. nice and sunny towards the afternoon hours. temperatures will rebound nicely. 74 degrees for the south bay so there is your short sleeve weather here. if you're headed to the coastline it's going to be chilly, 62 for san francisco and
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everybody will kind of be in between the peninsula and east bay and north bay looking at 60s. a warming trend on tap we'll talk about that at 7:00. >> i should waited with my dress? >> you can go with both. >> thanks. >> new this morning, one man is dead, two people are hospitalized after a three-car collision on the freeway. it happened around 1:30 on interstate 880. the chp says the car was stalled on the freeway near the 980 interchange in oakland. it's not known why the car was stopped right in traffic. the crash shut down three lanes, but the roads are all clear now. officers are investigating whether alcohol was a factor in the accident. and an investigation is under way in the east bay. the oakland police department is investigating whether three officers had sexual relations with a woman who may have been under age at the time. last night the woman responded on facebook that her relationships were consensual and legal, because they began after she turned 18. police say the case began to
5:28 am
unfold last september when officer brendon o'brien committed suicide. sources say he left a note revealing the alleged sexual misconduct and other officers who may have been involved. >> the officer of inspector general in the police department with doing a review of off-duty misconduct cases over the last several years. >> it is truly tragic that this type of conduct is happening at this moment in time. >> mayor libby schaaf issued an executive directive which requires them to notify the district attorney's office when there is any suspicion of criminal conduct by an officer. a san francisco man is recovering this morning after hit by a police car. the crash happened near second and mission. the victim was a cyclist heading to work on bike to work day. you can see the car about to hit tim doyle as the bike passed the cruiser in the bike lane. sfpd says the officer was not responding to an emergency calling but he did stop to help
5:29 am
and call an ambulance. that officer is still working but he's not allowed to drive during this investigation. coming up this morning on "today in the bay" -- giving kids in juvenile detention a chance to do something special on mother's day. we will show you what one woman and her group of volunteers have been doing for the past 20 years. that plus all your top stories and the forecast coming up at 7:00. right now back to the "today" show.
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♪ we are back on this saturday morning, may 14, 2016 with drake. drake is hosting "snl" tonight. coming up, we are going to have fun with some of his lyrics where you can't tell if it's a hallmark card or not. outside studio 1a, a beautiful crowd. thanks for coming, guys. >> they are fired up. here is a look at what's making headlines. the reporter who took a call from a man who says she's donald
5:31 am
trump's spokesman is sure it was trump himself. he admitted later it was a joke. later, he denies he made that phone call. the secretary of homeland security calls for patience if you are flying the next couple months. they addressed the long security lines taking some passengers up to an hour and a half to get through. tsa is working to get through additional resources to get through it. the current situation is in aviation security imperative. harrowing moments for a group of massachusetts teenagers inside this limo when it caught fire on the way to prom. it crashed into a tree and the fire broke out. officials think engine problems may have cause zed the limo to crash in the first place. the download and recap on the biggest headlines. >> love this part of saturday. donald trump and paul ryan, homes and lives were devastated by tornadoes.
5:32 am
and we celebrate 100 years of national parks. those are some of the stories that caught our attention. >> a high stakes meeting in washington between donald trump and house speaker paul ryan trying to mend fences. >> i think we agree on a lot of things. >> we are planting seeds to get unified. >> in a whacky election, audio obtained by "the washington post" capturing a 1991 conversation between "people" and a man claiming to be donald trump's publicist. denying it on "today." >> are you aware the tape isn't you? >> doesn't sound like me. >> a shocking knife attack in massachusetts, four stabbed, three dead, including the attacker. 28-year-old arthur derosa. he crashed his car, then broke into a home where he stabbed a
5:33 am
mother and daughter. he drove to silver city mall ramming his honda into a macy's, before entering a restaurant and stabbing two more people. severe weather ripped across the midwest and the south this week. western kentucky is cleaning up after two tornadoes touched down. >> loud noises. >> reporter: oklahoma's governor declaring a state of emergency in 15 counties. for jaime ramirez, the search for her lost pet was frantic, now the har ch realization that her home is gone. >> devastating. >> reporter: woody allen under scrutiny after his son who works for nbc wrote a scathing essay about his father and how sexual assaults were covered in the media. it helped create a culture of impunity and silence. allen was accused of sexually
5:34 am
assaulting his sister when she was a little girl. he denied the accusation. >> to celebrate 100 years of national park service, the "today" show hit the road showing the trees of california. the best of maine. >> we did the lobster crab. >> reporter: and the deserts of new mexico discovering nature. >> look at this stone, picks it up and realizes, oh my gosh, that's a turd. >> a new desert mineral. >> matt couldn't catch a break. >> let's see the rest. >> getting al in on all the action. >> after rocking out her new single on "the tonight show," megan trainer.
5:35 am
she took it in stride as jimmy fallon joined her in solidarity. >> has that happened to you? >> no! but how classy of jimmie fallon to do that. >> we record a little open. i'm doing my dance move and i just fell up the stairs. >> really? you fell up the stairs? >> i fell up the stairs. >> at acadia national park, what was the best part of that? >> the best part wasn't tandem bike riding. chanel was in the front. when she is at the wheel of a tandem bike -- she will admit she was the weak link. we both put down i think three pounds of lobster. >> not bad. that's aggressive. >> good. >> now enough the forecast? >> yeah. i'm going to be careful walking. i tripped up the stairs in my sneakers. we have some thunderstorms that
5:36 am
are possible through northern texas near amarillo. we could see the storms continue over the next several days, sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday, the possibility we could end up with flooding. we moisture streaming in from the gulf of mexico. we have the dip in the jet stream that's going to dig in that's going to trigger the storms as we get through the beginning of the workweek. we have a severe threat especially through oklahoma, texas, arkansas as we get into monday and tuesday and the possibility of, perhaps three to four inches of rain with isolated higher amounts, that could lead to flash flooding. the ground is saturated from rain. that's an area we will watch. meantime, this cold front is cooling things off. 40s and 50s across the midwest. scattered showers and storms, but nothing too severe. . hey, good saturday morning to you. meteorologist anthony slaughter here.
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we have sunshine behind me and no fog this morning. kind of like what we've been seeing over the last few days. more sunshine today will mean temperatures a little bit warmer in some places. still cool at the coastline. 62 for san francisco today, 69 for the north bay. nice and sunny there. a little bit cooler as you head down the east bay and peninsula, palo alto will look at temperatures around 67 degrees. the south bay will be up to 74 later on with plenty of sunshine. have a great saturday. >> that's your latest forecast. >> thanks so much. just ahead, thinking of cancelling plans? how you can do it without ticking people off. we have that. up next, with summer vacation around the corner, how to upgrade your hotel room and have the best stay possible. we have why do some cash back cards keep throwing obstacles at you? first - they limit where you earn bonus cash back. then - those places change every few months? i think i'll pass...
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5:41 am
good path to a good hotel stay? >> people forget there's a telephone. people go online. call the hotel directly. do your research online, go to third party travel agents, social media. find out what the rates are, call the hotel and make a connection. people forget to do that. they want to help people. >> i think they appreciate that, right? getting engaged on that level? >> absolutely they appreciate it. you know, when you have check-ins, 100 at a time. when one person calls, you can spend two or three minutes talking to them before they book. that's what we do. >> as you know, people are always looking for upgrades, right? what is the best way to get a good upgrade? i know that it matters what time you actually ask for it, which i found fascinating. >> it matters a lot. make sure everybody is getting what they need. really, you don't really settle down in a hotel until after
5:42 am
1:00. 1:00 to 3:00 is when everybody who is checked out is checking out. everybody who wanted a special adjoining room, that is set. between 1:00 and 3:00, i know what i have left. if you want an upgrade, that's the best time to ask for it. >> what if you are arriving really late. i often arrive at midnight. are there upgrades at that hour? >> you can back me on this. that is the best time to get an upgrade. >> good, okay. >> like when you get to an airplane, first class, if they are not sold, they upgrade you. you can get it at 11:00 at night because most people are checked in. that is actually a secret i have been holding ton to for a long time. >> lelt's talk about the perks. people like to take the shampoo and lotion. are there ways to get these perks beyond toiletries? >> there's a box about that big in the housekeeping department. it's called the cell phone
5:43 am
charge box. if you are looking for a cell phone charger, that is the place to go. go to the front desk. we have 1,200 of them and we wat to give them away. games, we have all kind of games. give us a call. >> i know a lot of people think about concierge services at four and five-star hotels. you made the point, a lot of ho hotels have these services and they are underused. what do you say about that? >> at a three-star hotel, when we go to rural areas, they live there, they live in the area. he's going to tell me the best place to get a beer or best place to get a steak. they are not concierges, but they live there. it's a small town and know everything going on in that town. they know what night to go. bob is working tonight, tell bob i'm there. use the front desk as a concierge. >> a lot of people, as you know, go to hotels because they are
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celebrating a special occasion. a lot of times they don't share that with the hotel. how important is it to share, hey, we are celebrating? >> i brought my daughter to boston. i told the hotel, i'm there for the university. they had cookies made with the logo, boston university on it. it blew me away! they took a moment to take care of us. my daughter loved it. >> final thoughts for the summer? >> the summer is the time where you really want to use the general manager as your travel agent. i know that sounds weird, but make connections with the general manager. the general manager is your number one travel agent because we know everybody. if i work in, say, holiday inn, i travel with holiday inn with my career. i may work in spain or america. all of a sudden, i know every place to go. the secret is, know the general manager, use him as your travel
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agent. >> thank you so much for joining us this morning. >> my pleasure. >> you can get more tips on coming up next, would you know the difference between a drake lyric and a hallmark card? well, it might be harder than you think. our producers are putting us to well this a predicament. homestyle sounds good. but country style, not without it's charms.
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5:48 am
back now on saturday morning. if you hear that music, that is drake. he is the host and musical guest on "snl" tonight. he is known for raw and emotional lyrics. put up the thing in front of your face. we are going to have a little fun. we are going to decide whether they are drake or a hallmark card. these are never easy. nothing says i love you like the words i love you. >> i'm going hallmark card. >> i'm going drake. >> drake makes more sense. hallmark. >> if i had a twin, i would
5:49 am
choose you. >> i'm going drake. >> i'm going drake because i don't understand it. >> very good. >> you be you, i'll be me, you we'll be us. >> hallmark. >> yes, all right. >> better late than never, but never late is better. >> hallmark. >> really? >> i'm going drake. >> would late be on a hallmark card? >> yes. >> this is a specialty card in a marriage section. >> here is another one. i'm really too young to be feeling this old. >> i'm going drake again with that one, i think. >> drake. >> yeah! okay. you could have my heart or we could share it like the last slice. >> you can have my heart or we could share it like the last slice. >> i'm going drake. >> hallmark, a specialty card.
5:50 am
>> you got itd. >> i don't know who won that. the line outside to see drake is very long. >> it is long. a good night to sit outside. still to come, julia roberts is footloose and fancy free. why she made this statement at the cannes film festival. first, this is "today" on nbc eternally grateful.
5:51 am
5:52 am
welcome back, everyone. dylan has something special. you mentioned you fell this morning, walking up the stairs. guess what? we found tape. check it out. there it is. she's like dance. then -- >> oh, my word. >> i'm not cool, i can't dance. sure enough. >> by the way, dylan is moving apartments this week and your husband, who is showing us all
5:53 am
how to be a good husband wrote this sweet message on the box for you. >> moving is so stressful. at one point we were losing our minds. he wrote this note and we both loved and smiled. >> what does it say? >> when we packed this box, we smiled. i live dylann. it's one of those moments we laughed. then when i unpacked it, yeah, that did make me smile. still to come on "today," new life for london's famous red phone booth. a look at the climb to the top of the world. first these messages.
5:54 am
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5:56 am
you're watching "today in the bay." >> it is 5:56 on your saturday morning. we're looking at cloudy skies over the golden gate bridge but it's still a beautiful view as you wake up. that bay never looks bad. good morning. i'm kira klapper. anthony slaughter has a look at our microclimate forecast. >> our forecast, does it look bad? >> no really. >> the humidity, never to deal with that. >> that's true. >> the winds, 20, 30 miles per hour sometimes, we're spoiled here in the bay area. >> we are spoiled. >> look at the numbers later on, 62 in san francisco, 69 in the north bay today. headed up to wine country nice and comfortable. we'll see more sunshine through the day as well. few passing clouds right now but overall round the day out stay sunny, 74 degrees for the south bay, so nice and comfortable wherever you're headed. if you are going to the beach,
5:57 am
keep in mind it's going to be a little cool, need a light jacket or sweater, whatever you prefer. >> you'll need a light jacket or a sweater. >> because i will be there. >> all right. anthony, thanks. the oakland police department is investigating whether three officers had sexual relations with a woman who may have been under age at the time. last night the woman responded on facebook that her relationships were consensual and legal because they all began after she turned 18. police say the case began to unfold when officer brandon o'brien committed suicide. sources say he left a note revealing the alleged misconduct and other officers who may have been involved. >> i've tasked the office of inspector general in the police department with doing a review of off duty misconduct cases over the last several years. >> it is truly tragic that this type of conduct is happening at this moment in time. >> mayor libby schaaf issued an executive directive which
5:58 am
requires opd to notify the district attorney's office when there is any suspicion of criminal conduct by an officer. >> a san francisco man recovering after hit bay police car. the crash happened near second and mission. the victim tim doyle was heading to work on bike to work day you saw there, the car hit him as he was biking past the cruiser in the bike lane. sfpd says the officer did stop to help and call an ambulance. >> didn't do it intentionally. definitely made a mistake. but it's just like whoa where did that come can from. they didn't see me. >> no excuse for the city not acting with urgency to prevent another crash like this from happening. >> doyle suffered a fractured bone in his back and a gash in his leg. san francisco police say the officer who hit doyle is still working but not allowed to drive during this investigation. >> coming up this morning on "today in the bay" -- kids in juvenile detention have the chance to do something special
5:59 am
for their moms thanks to one woman and a group of volunteers. how she's been helping for the past 20 years. we will have that plus the forecast plus all of your top stories coming up at 7:00. hope you stay with us. we'll send you back to the "today" show.
6:00 am
good morning. not backing down. donald trump standing strong against claims trump was pretending to be a spokesperson by the name of john miller during a call in the '90s. the reporter who took the call said trump admitted hit was him. how will this impact him? climbing mt. everest. the daring trek to the top of the world as climbers document the climb on social media outlets like snapchat and instagram giving us a chance to follow along on the way to the top. two staples of the season, grilling and eating.
6:01 am
we have a take on to go. a deal for every price point getting ready for the next barbecue, saturday, may 14, 2016. ♪ >> celebrating 32 years of marriage with the "today" show. >> 32, we have been married 50 years. >> it's my anniversary, but my husband is sleeping at the hotel. >> how papa gigi. >> on the "today" show. a very good morning to you. welcome back to "today" on this saturday morning. we have a fantastic crowd outside rockefeller plaza on this gorgeous day. we are going to head outside to say hello to them. >> i'm jeff rossen, dylan dreyer
6:02 am
by my side. >> we have our tea for jeff. >> this is my second cup of tea. by the way, i was trying to figure out how not to drink yours, look at the lipstick. can we get a shot of that? >> that's the sign, do not drink. >> this is mine and that is hers. >> let's get to the news as jeff is milking his tea. let's get to the latest on the race for president. it's taking an interesting turn with the new audio recording that surfaced from the '90s, claiming to be donald trump's spokesperson. trump and his camp say it's not him. the woman who took the call say it is. jacob is outside trump tower. what is the latest? >> reporter: good morning. on the trail, donald trump likes to bring up stuff about hillary clinton. telling people it is a distraction. this, at a time when he is trying to unify the party. the reporter who took the
6:03 am
initial call says that a man named john miller pretended to be trump's publicist. trump later admitted to her, he and miller were the same person, it was a bad joke, saying he was very sorry about it. >> there's no doubt in my mind, he apologized to me and that he made it clear to me, he was the man on the tape. >> reporter: but now, trump denies it all on the "today" show. his campaign says it was a bad impression and surrogates are out on the trail telling people to move on. this comes at a time when establish republicans are getting behind trump, but some, including house speaker, paul ryan, are still deciding. >> jacob, thank you. history in the making with a change of command that norad air force general, now the first woman to lead the first american
6:04 am
aerospace command and taking charge of the command in colorado. it makes her the first woman to lead the top tier combat command. a terrifying incident outside an elementary school. a 70-year-old driver hit a parked car, then jumped the curb. an 11-month-old in a stroller was beneath the car. amazingly, no life threatening injuries. an update on the controversy that pinned vanessa hudgens. she carved a heart with her name. that is against the law. she paid a $1,000 fine that will remove the heart of stone. all in the family for the lucky winners for the largest power ball jackpot. the eight members of the new jersey family bought $6 worth of tickets to win, get this, the
6:05 am
$429 million prize. amazing. 70-year-old mom says the number came to one of them in a dream. wish we had dreams like that. that dream has come true for her and her seven children that will take home the lump sum winnings of $25 million each. not bad. >> $6 was a good investment. >> not bad. what's happening in the weather? >> it is going to be cold. today is gorgeous across the northeast. we have this area of low pressure that is going to sag down, dropping in another polar plunge. it's the last thing you want to hear as we get into the middle of may. it's going to feel like early april. we have freeze warnings across the northern plains. in minneapolis, a frost advisory. green bay and temperatures are going to be chilly. st. louis, 44 degrees, 40 in cincinnati, 36 in detroit. temperatures tomorrow, ten to 15 degrees below average. high tperatures not making it out of the 50s in chicago.
6:06 am
buffalo stuck in the 40s. baltimore, maryland, 39, that's 17 degrees below arnlg. monday, detroit in the 30s. new york city about 43 degrees. without much rebound through the afternoon. it's this cold front that is going to trigger light showers in texas and thunderstorms through the northeast today. nothing too severe. don't be surprised if the well we're not going to see anything like that. nice, quiet weather across the bay area. waking up to clouds and locations you'll notice it's not that thick across the golden gate bridge. make out some of the blue sky behind the cloud cover. temperatures right now back into the 50s and few 60s. later this afternoon temperatures that are going to be nice and going to stay warm and eventually warm up even more as we head toward monday and tuesday. we're talking 70s today, inland, 60s at the coast. have a good saturday. that's your latest forecast.
6:07 am
>> thank you so much. now, an incredible story as we get a rare first look at an island in the pacific that tv cameras have never been allowed to before. harry smith and his crew, the first tv journalist to see the tiny piece of land. what they saw may save some of the planets most important natural wonders. >> a spectacular marine wilderness. intentionally protected to provide an example of life without human interference. remarkable in no small part because this place was flattened during world war ii to make room for 2,000 troops. >> this is a place with life on land, in the sea, in the air. there are thousands of birds nesting here. baby sharks swimming at aur doorstep, you know, tripping over crabs. >> reporter: the nature conse e conservancy maintains a post
6:08 am
here. most of the time, the only inhabitants, a skeleton crew of four. >> there are few places in the world to study coral reef and minimize human impact. >> reporter: with zoologist eric conklin as our guide, we checked out the reefs. >> 172 species of coral. >> most of the coral was in great shape, but there were spots of concern. >> this is healthy. not like on the great barrier reef. >>reporter: they bleach when water temperature is warmer than normal. if global temperatures continue to rise, it will make it difficult for the reefs to rebound. >> i think what's happening is an s.o.s. signal for the planet. >> reporter: s.o.s.?
6:09 am
>> what's happening the coral screaming, we have to do something. >> reporter: as the reefs go, so go the oceans, oceans that feed us, oceans that help us breathe. >> this is so peaceful. >> reporter: amazeing what with happen when with a little help, nature can heal itself. for "today," harry smith, nbc news. >> beautiful. who knew harry smith could scuba dive like that. >> great assignment. >> you can see more of the report as the new series, "on assignment" tomorrow night 7:00/6:00 central. still to come, breathing new life into old, iconic phone i use what's already inside me to reach my goals. so i liked when my doctor told me i may reach my blood sugar and a1c goals by activating what's within me.
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it's from the paint company that pros trust. or the smooth, professional finish that makes those colors even more beautiful. but there's nothing like seeing it for yourself. this looks amazing! create your own big reveal with hgtv home by sherwin-williams... from the design experts at hgtv and the paint company pros trust. available at lowe's. phone booths are here and abroad are sort of like a dying breed, right? with the evolution of cell phones, no one uses them anymore. that's the reality. now, in england, instead of getting rid of them, people are finding new and creative uses to keep them. kelly is in london with more. good morning, kelly. what are they doing with these phone booths? >> reporter: good morning, kristin. typically, tourists are taking pictures. this is a must see when you come to london. a cast-iron, bright red phone booth or phone box as they are
6:13 am
known here. look closely the next time you are here. you might be surprised what you find inside. red bus, black cab and phone booth. >> the classic booth of the landscape. >> typical london. >> reporter: it's in harry potter's magic elevator. a vast backdrop, a miniset from mission impossible. now, a new role as britain's smaller business like this compact coffee shop. do people give you funny looks? >> sometimes they pass by, then come back and say, no. >> reporter: with so many cell phones, pay phones don't pay anymore. hundreds are already off the street. others, reinvented. a garden. a book swap. a potential lifesaver. ed ed di took it a step further.
6:14 am
why save it? it's outdated? >> this is about britain. this is what it's about. >> his business, the red kiosk company buys them and rents them. he plans to sell his homemade salad. like storage and no running water. even so, he says his coffee shop is a hit. >> we have 22 customers already within two weeks, actually. >> the coffee is good. >> reporter: can you really make coffee in an old phone booth? only one way to find out. delicious. >> thank you. >> reporter: thank you. good coffee. about 100 of these are being turned into businesses. coming soon, guys, a phone booth with a monitor, scanner, printer, why fie awi-fi and ele.
6:15 am
i'm sure i can write a script in here. >> i think the guy who set up the coffee shop wins it. that looks like good coffee. kelly, thanks, great stuff. coming up, lots of songs in contention for the song of the summer. why is one that is almost 20 years old on the list? ryan gossling opens up about fatherhood and playing with his young daughter on the playground. first, this is "today" on nbc.
6:16 am
6:17 am
back on a saturday morning. it is time to trend. our favorite time of the day. >> love trending. >> we want to talk about the words that make you go eeww. there are words people don't like. there's a recent new york times article that asked readers to
6:18 am
submit the words that make them go eww. we have a list of some of the words. c v crevice, probe, flesh, and gargle. >> that makes you think of gargling. >> moist. i don't like that word. >> women don't like that word. >> i think the ointment one, for whatever reason, negative aversion. it's one of the things you can't explain. >> next up, the weekend. some of you may find yourself in this position later today, if you have plans scheduled for later. what if this happens? all of a sudden, it hits you, you want to back out. one new york has come up with the secret to backing out of plans with grace. first, send signals early, if you see a potential conflict.
6:19 am
let the friend know it may not happen. next, this is an important one. be honest. if you forget about the get together, tell them it slipped your mind. offer to reschedule, not the oh, let's do it again sometime. give an actual date and put it in your calendar so you won't run into it again. do you have that problem? >> i do. if you go through with the plans, you come home and go, i'm so glad i did that. backing out is never -- >> when you make the plan, it sounds fun. >> i know. >> finally, believe it or not, it's that time of the year when we think about the songs of summer. if we look at history, six of the songs on billboard were at least before april. with that said, here is the long list of songs vying for the honor of song of the summer, 2016. the early favorite of justin
6:20 am
bieber. does anything look out of the ordinary to you? "ghost town" came out 20 years ago. it's experiencing a resurgence. >> it's a new runningman challenge. going viral. a 20-year-old song could be the song of summer of 2016. we have a quick correction. our drink, and hallmark game. you could have my heart or we could share it like the last slice, we mistakenly said it was hallmark, but it was the great drake that had that. >> i should have known because i was wrong the whole time and thought i got that right. >> now pop start. >> when he did the unthinkable, the rapper shaves the beard his
6:21 am
fans have come to know and love. on thursday, he was on "the tonight show." he went home, shaved his face, posted this pic to social media and twitter went into a -- who allowed this to happen? it's the sentiment everywhere on twitter. drake said he did it for his double duty sins as host and musical guest on "saturday night live" tonight. it will grow back. moving on to ryan gossling, if you missed it, he and eva mendez welcomed their second daughter. the father of two stopped by to promote "the nice guys." the conversation took a turn. he teased fans with a photo of his newborn baby and his oldest
6:22 am
getting a crash kourls on the playground. >> i had a fantasy of getting into the graffiti world for a minute. if you tag over someone else's tag, that's how you battle. no one bothered to battle me. now, i take my little girl to the park. we write our name in chalk. some kid has been erasing her name and writing their name over it. finally, i'm in a proper battle. >> good for you. congratulations. >> thanks to his 2-year-old he officially engaged in it. julia roberts made quite the fashion statement in cannes this week. the actress walked the red carpet for the premier of "money monster" wearing a stunning dress. she went shoeless up the steps. why is this a success? organizers turned away a group
6:23 am
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you're watching "today in the bay." >> it is 6:26 on your saturday morning. we're looking at the sun peeking through cloudy skies covering palo alto right now. good morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm kira klapper. anthony slaughter has a look at that microclimate forecast. >> looks good. >> yeah. >> even from that shot. see sunshine coming through. we will see sun as we get going this morning and eventually this afternoon will mean for comfortable sunshine. don't you love that? 64 degrees for san francisco today, 70 north bay, 67 east bay, peninsula 68 degrees with a few passing clouds and even in the south bay, 72 degrees and we have warmer temperatures on tap. in fact, tomorrow gets warmer and then talking about 80s by midweek. that summer sizzle will be returning shortly. get out and enjoy the cool
6:27 am
pacific air. it will be nice today. >> the color coaster of bay area weather. >> oh, yeah. >> weather whiplash. stay tuned. thanks. new this morning, one man is dead, two people are hospitalized after a three-car collision on the freeway. it happened around 1:30 this morning on interstate 880. the chp says a car was stalled on the freeway near the 980 interchange in oakland. it's not known why that car was stopped in traffic. the crash shut down three lanes this morning but the roads are currently cleared. officers are investigating whether alcohol was a factor in that accident. the oakland police department is investigating whether three officers had sexual relations with a woman who may have been under age at the time. last night that woman responded on her facebook page that her relationships were consensual and legal because they gun after she turned 18. police say the case began to unfold last september when officer brendan o'brien committed suicide. sources say he left a note
6:28 am
revealing the alleged sexual misconduct and other officers who may have been involved. >> officer of inspector general in the police department with doing the review of off duty misconduct cases overs the last several years. >> it is truly tragic that this type of conduct is happening at this moment in time. >> mayor libby schaaf issued an executive director which requires opd to note fy the district attorney's office if there is suspicion of criminal conduct by an officer. at 6:28, a san francisco man is recovering this morning after he was hit by a police car. the crash happened near second and mission. the victim was cycling to work on bike to work day. you see there, the car hit him, tim doyle is his name as he was biking past the police cruiser in the bike lane. the sfpd says the officer wasn't
6:29 am
responding to an emergency call but did stop to help and called an ambulance. the officer is still working but not allowed to drive during this investigation. coming up this morning on "today in the bay" -- giving kids in juvenile detention a chance to do something special for their homs. we'll show you what one woman and her group of volunteers have been doing over the last two decades. that plus all your top stories and weather, of course, coming up at 7:00. right now back to the "today" show.
6:30 am
a look at the crowd we have. we are back this saturday, may 14, 2016. it is a beautiful morning on rockefeller plaza. we have a great crowd spending time with us. thanks to everyone for coming out including a group of women who are turning 50 years old this year. we want to say happy birthday to all of them. it is pretty incredible that they are here celebrating. >> lots to come this half hour, including one of the world east most expensive foods out of italy, france and spain. you love truffles, right? >> they are turning up in
6:31 am
tennessee. >> then summer is almost here. that means everyone wants to do backyard barbecuing. if you haven't yet bought a grill, we will show you how to do that without busting a budget. >> we have chef samuelson. meat balls that will leave your mouth watering. >> very important, we want to give a shoutout to dylan. there's a profile of her in "weather wise" magazine. >> i have been reading it since i became a meteorologist. it's really special. >> i thought you were going to say since you were 7 years old. i picture 7-year-old dylan reading it m. >> it is a great magazine. >> the vogue of meet yolteorolm. that's awesome. now, a risky climb. tackling mt. everest. it is the first time anyone attempted to track, since deadly
6:32 am
avalanches closed down the mountain. this time it's being documented on social media. >> reporter: adrian and corey are aiming for everest. >> morning, how's it going? >> going pretty good here. >> we are going to go walk up hill now. >> reporter: for the first time, taking us along on snapchat for stunning moments -- >> beautiful. >> reporter: and the lest glamorous. >> corey has to poop. >> reporter: climbing, without oxygen up a dangerous mountain. sherpa was the first to the top summiting on wednesday. sunday, the first western team. last year's devastating earthquake in nepal killed 22 on the mountain. the year before, 15 sherpa guides were buried in an
6:33 am
avalanche. >> 46 kids without fathers, widows. who cares for them? >> reporter: the son of the first sherpa to summit mt. everest. he says the climbing industry and paying clients need to do more. >> to go as far as death will take them. the sherpas are the ones who risk their lives to put them up there. >> reporter: some aren't just climbing for themselves. the american soldier lost a leg in iraq ten years ago. on everest to raise awareness for veterans battling ptsd. they are raising money for people affected by the earthquake. a cause to push them to the top of the world. >> everest! >> reporter: for "today," nbc news, london. >> just incredible. anyone who climbs mt. everest, i'm in awe. >> i wouldn't even think about
6:34 am
it. sorry. those are my words of wisdom for you. >> let's get another check of the weather. it's gorgeous here. >> it is absolutely gorgeous. it's not going to last. colder temperatures are working in coming in the form of a cold front bringing scattered showers, pockets of rain in buffalo and eastern ohio. the cold front is going to bring it in later this evening. the storms could produce wind gusts up to 50 miles per hour. behind it, that's what you will notice the most. the high pressure keeps the sunshine around. temperatures 15 to 20 degrees below average. highs in the 40s and 50s. we could see a couple inches good saturday morning to you. meteorologist anthony slaughter. waking up to areas of sunshine but also cloud cover as well. you'll notice temperatures back into the 50s and even 60s right now across the peninsula. later on as we go through the day we are going to see sunshine. that's going to warm us up back into the low 70s for the south
6:35 am
bay. very comfortable, though, for the peninsula, the east bay and san francisco. mid 60s there. if you're headed to wine country today, nice. 70 degrees there. have a great saturday. that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thanks so much. coming up, dog sniffing for one of the fansiest foods. how do they i am a migraine sufferer. my mom wants to understand, but she just can't see it. so excedrin worked with me to show my mom what i experience during a migraine. excedrin relieves my pain and symptoms. but their dedication to migraine sufferers doesn't stop there. oh my god... i'm so sorry, honey, that you go through this. now i finally feel understood. experience more stories at gravity-defying...e friend-connecting... day-seizing... strong...
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we are back on this saturday morning with the new way one farm is sniffing out one of the world's most expensive foods. >> when you think of truffles, you probably think of high-end, fancy restaurants, but some tennessee farmers are hoping to make the delicacy a lot more common.
6:38 am
and it's using man's best friend to help do that. nestled in the smokey mountains, an elite group of highly trained and sophisticated hunters, about to be unleashed. their mission, black truffles. >> we raise and breed this italian water dog. nowadays, it's known primarily for its ability to locate truffles. >> meet bruno, rollo, and jew juliet juliettea. he teaches these dogs to sniff for truffles, a job left to pigs in the past in france, italy, and spain. the tennessee hills hoping to cultivate one of the most expensive foods in the world. like mushroom, truffles is also a fungus. they are grown entirely underground. so rare to find, they've been nicknamed black diamonds. >> they're very expensive. anywhere from $1,000 to over
6:39 am
$3,000 a pound. >> when people hear the word "truffle," they think special, expensive, fancy. and all those things are very true about truffles. >> reporter: a simple pasta fetching upwards of $100 for a few shavings. close to 70 species exist, yet in the culinary world, black and white truffles are the most revered for their pungent fragrance and taste. white truffles almost always shaved raw. >> the part of the truffle that people are most excited about is the aroma. it has an earthy, nuttiness. a little bit of acidity to it. >> reporter: their history dating back to egyptian times. the greeks and romans thought the exotic fruit gave eternal health to the body and soul. the aroma so exotic, it was a favorite among nobility. and while roughly 200 orchards across this country have taken on the challenge to grow them, less than 5% have been successful. >> it's a difficult thing to do. growing a truffle is not like growing a tomato. >> reporter: soil composition and climate making them hard to
6:40 am
grow. >> if we could really get cultivating these truffles off the ground in this country, then you wouldn't just have to go to a five-star restaurant. it would just open up a great deal of culinary experience that is not there now. i would be thrilled to be able to bring our chef a kilo of truffles one day. that's my goal. that would just make my day. >> i think it would be bad if the dogs actually got a taste of the truffle, and then once they found them, they just started eating them. >> you wouldn't have any truffles left. i'm hungry now. >> that pasta with the truffle all daily. >> with a little bottle of truffle oil and just add that to the pasta. >> or a burger. out it on a burger. >> that is a good secret. we're going to stay on this food theme, because it's saturday and we're hungry. barbecue season is here, so we'll show you grills for every budget. but first, this is "today" on nbc. >> where's the truffle! is "tod.
6:41 am
>> where's the truffle?
6:42 am
6:43 am
welcome back. this morning in today's consumer the weather is perfect to fire up the grill. if you haven't bought a barbecue for the season, we have you covered. john from hgtv's most desperate kitchen is going to show us grills for whatever amount you want to spend. we have a dozen grills. we are going to start with the cheapest. not the cheapest, but inexpensive option. >> think about you have charcoal or you have gas. charcoal is nice, you get the smokeyness, you get that flavor of the charcoal, then you have gas that is cleaner and faster. so, those are the two options. let's get into the gas option. you have the walmart char broil, four burner.
6:44 am
this is the beginning model, under $200 with a side burner. >> this seems good to me. >> this is if you are a beginner, starting out barbecue, this is where you want to go. >> not if you are a barbecuing expert like you. >> then you get into the weber genesis. this is the iconic, been around since the '80s, stainless steel, going to last you several years under $700. >> what's important with the stainless steel is how it holds up on the outside. >> great point. let me show you this. when you get into the coyote, now this is true, stainless steel, all the way through. we all have been there because sometimes, on the inside, it's not stainless steel grates and actually rots from the inside out so you burn out. now, with the coyote 28-inch, you can have some of your charcoal in the bottom. >> interesting.
6:45 am
i don't know if you can see that. there is charcoal under here instead of the regular gas. you get the best of both worlds. >> you can go with gas or the drop-in kit for charcoal. this is for veggies and vifish. >> very smart. >> this is cool. check this out. slides out. >> that's the most annoying thing. >> which way is off, which way is on. >> slides in and out. nice and easy. close it off, boom. >> your favorite is here. >> my favorite -- >> which looks cool, by the way. >> this is the smoker. i mean, it's in black. it's great. everyone wants smoked meats now. charcoal and wood, you can smoke, you can do pizza on this. high heat up to 800 degrees. unbelievable. >> you can -- how long would you smoke a meat for? >> a couple hours. think about smoking it for hours
6:46 am
on end. you are getting that smokeyness that comes with the truffle. >> why is it so popular from a steak at home? >> when you smoke a meat and you have that char broil and that wood, you can get variations. where you have that smokeyness seep into the meat and taste it on every bite. it's not your normal gas that is cooking it. that's why you want to go with the high heat. >> what are you doing later today? want to come over? >> we'll grill. let's do it. >> thank you so much. i appreciate that. finally, a brand-new season of america's most expert kitchen begins in july. let's head inside to kristin. hey, guys. >> jeff, our fans of the day have taken over the orange room. hey guys. >> hey! >> is this great or what? i want to introduce two of them. can stance and percy.
6:47 am
tell me, you own a hair salon in ferguson? >> yes, ma'am. >> how is it doing? how is the community doing? >> great. everything is coming together. we are doing okay. >> percy, i understand you want to be a broadcaster? >> yes, i want to lead anchors at christian brothers high school. i have one more year if somebody is hiring. >> are you having fun in new york? >> yeah! >> we are loving having you here. thank you so much. still to come on "today," chef marcus samuelson with delicious meatballs you can take on the go. >> first, after these messages. all her aches and pains. and i said "come to class, let's start walking together" and i said "and i bet you money you'll be able to do that senior walk". that day i said "ok it's me and you girl, me and you!" i said "if you need to stop, there's a bench we'll just hang out in the shade."
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6:50 am
seeing it for yourself. this looks amazing! create your own big reveal with hgtv home by sherwin-williams... from the design experts at hgtv and the paint company pros trust. available at lowe's. take with you on the go. if you are planning a picnic this weekend, the weather is perfect or planning on bringing
6:51 am
a dish to a friend's house, marcus is a chef here in new york. i want to go. it's next weekend. tell us about eat up. what is it? >> a fabulous festival. it's a three-day food festival. tons of stuff for the whole family. saturday and sunday, cooking classes for free. you can buy tickets or get free stuff. all the best chefs in the country, the top chefs in harlem. bobby flay will be here. >> wow. and you? >> yes, i'll be there. >> we are going to take advantage of your cooking expertise and we are making meat balls. >> chicken dark meat and pork. >> why do you like that combo together? >> we need the fat. it's good fat. i'm seeing here -- corn bread.
6:52 am
it's just cornbread crumbles. >> regular milk? >> yeah, regular milk. it's taking care of leftovers. we are going to add parmesan cheese. >> why does soaking it work better? >> you get ready. by the way, are you eating? eat. then, smell this. >> ooh. this is from new jersey. >> i have never heard from it. >> this is from ethiopia, my birth country. >> is it easy to find? >> you can add smoked paprika or chile powder. >> normally, i get in here with my hands. >> this is not your regular
6:53 am
meatball. >> i'm going to grill them. >> does that cook them all the way through? >> not all the way through, it's for flavor. then put them in the tomato sauce. then this. it's like a spring onion. tastes like a scallion, but it is perfect in season right now. if you go to all the harlem restaurants, this is on the menu now. i'm super excited about this weekend. it's just, you know, last year we did it. >> fantastic. >> cooking classes, good food. >> i want to go and it's right uptown. so you now took this -- i chop them up and put them in here. put in the meat balls and let them simmer in the tomato sauce.
6:54 am
smell that. >> smells amazing. >> smells good, right? let it simmer 20 minutes or so. >> and they cook all the way through? >> they cook all the way through. >> i love how you serve it. >> what kind of bread is that? >> grilled cornbread. the cornbread in the meatballs. we are not going to waste anything. >> the combination of the sweet and the savory is amazing. >> it looks like cottage cheese. >> it is cottage cheese. >> i have never seen cottage cheese and meat balls. >> a little sour with the tangy, like the parmesan cheese. salt. >> wow, it is really good. >> i'm like, you are making it look so pretty. i don't need it pretty. >> tell us, while i eat this --
6:55 am
noodles with fresh peas. all of this and more will be there. i will see you there. good stuff. thank you for being here. good luck next weekend. if you want to see the full recipe, for more. >> that does it for this saturday morning. i'm going to let him eat. we are going to wrap up the show tomorrow on today. willie gets rare access to the men and women and the headlines. what is the process and how do they come up with all of them? >> this is why you should never bring pasta to a first date. have a great day, everybody. >> have a great saturday, guys. yum. good morning, i'm kira klapper..
6:56 am
coming up next, on today in the bay .... vo an sex scandal rocks the oakland p-d... was the woman underage? good morning. i'm kira klapper. a sex scandal rocks the oakland police department. was the woman underage. the action oakland city leaders are promising. also, a painful crash is caught on camera. what the sfpd is saying about an officer who hit a cyclist, and why health inspectors shut down this popular san francisco pizza spot until further notice. .
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
from nbc bay area this is "today in the bay." >> and this is your saturday morning. cloudy skies and one lone palm tree as we look at the east foothills of san jose. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm kira klapper. anthony slaughter has a look at that microclimate forecast. >> it's looking good. a little cloud coverage the way you like it on the weekend to sleep in a little bit, the sun not blaring through your windows. >> stay if bed a little longer. >> we will see sunshine later this afternoon. once we get rid of the clouds, looking at passing clouds, a
7:00 am
cold front is bringing showers to northern california. for us we're going to stay in between the sunshine, 60s and 70s. nothing out of the blue. 64 degrees for san francisco. 70 for wine country up in the north bay. 67 for the east bay and nice and comfortable, a little warm for the south bay. low 70s there. overall, though, temperatures will be nice and comfortable today and tomorrow. a warming trend is on tap this upcoming week. summertime heat returning to the bay. we'll go over that in about 15 minutes. hope to see you then. >> can't wait. see you then. new this morning, one man is dead and two people are hospitalized after a three-car collision on the freeway. it happened around 1:30 this morning on interstate 808. the california highway patrol says a car was stalled on the freeway near the 980 interchange in oakland. it's not known why the car was stopped there in traffic. the crash shut down three lanes, but the roads are now clear. officers are investigating whether alcohol was a factor


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