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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 15, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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right... dozens of firefighters are at the scene of a large fire that threatened an apartment complex. breaking news in san jose as dozens of firefighters are at the scene of a fire that threatens an apartment complex. >> that fire ripped through a san jose auto repair shop. the flames so big firefighters evacuated a neighboring apartment building as a precaution. firefighters were forced to keep a distance from the shop because the old brick building was in danger of chanollapsing complet. also in danger was a power line in danger of falling. the fire apparently started in a
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car in that shop. >> you've got gasoline, oils, spray paints, spray lube can'ts, solvents, waste oil, all of that stuff is combustible and flammable liquids. >> this is on almaden avenue. no injuries to tell you about, the crews will need to stay on scene to make sure the combustibles do not catch fire again. now to a story you'll only see on nbc bay area. the obama administration today said isis is losing ground, but isis is still recruiting americans, some of them from neighborhoods right here in the bay area. marianne favro's here now with the exclusive investigation from nbc dateline's special. >> they met a man who claimed to be an isis defector. he gave nbc news a thumb drive he said he stole from an isis
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commander. in it contained the personnel fires of thousands of foreign fighters who joined isis in 2013 and 2014. terrorism exports verified those files are authentic and contain the names of two citizens from the bay area who went overseas and joined isis. one of the bay area men is alberto renterea. at some point he converted to islam. he's seen here inside syria. he entered syria in 2014 at the age of 24 and hasn't been seen since. documents also show 24 jaffrey khan enlisted in july 2014. he grew up on this quiet cul-de-sac in palo alto. in a written statement, his family told us, jaffrey's actions and decisions have been heart breaking, and we do not support his personal choices.
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jaffrey's cousin ahmed said as a teenager, jaffrey was into rap music, marijuana and the internet. >> he said we're surrounded by a bunch of sinful people and we should move to a mugs limb country. >> he noticed a distinct change in his cousin. >> more hateful toward americans. >> off camera, jaffrey's mother says she's in contact with him through encrypted messages. >> his mom had called one day. age i said how's jaffrey doing? and she said jaffrey joined isis. these two are said to be alive and well and working in a hospital in raqqah. ten months ago, they had a baby girl they named miriam. jaffrey's former neighbors in palo alto say agos a teen he struggled in school and had a
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tough time fitting in. >> his cousin says before he left for syria, jaffrey grew a beard and began researching conflicts in the muslim world. his father says he has not seen his son in two years, and that's what he told the fbi. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. >> to read more about nbc's exclusive investigation into isis recruits, just go to our website. it is a dangerous problem facing east bay drivers and technology could help keep them safe. they will vote on whether to install security cameras along a stretch of highway 4 that has seen several recent shootings. christie smith has the details. there have been 20 shootings just since november. >> reporter: they have stepped up enforcement operations on the freeways, but oftentimes the victims or witnesses just don't want to cooperate with the investigation.
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but here in pittsburg they're looking at a different angle, and that is cameras. >> it's scary. you never know. a stray bullet can hit an innocent person. >> reporter: he supports setting cameras near highway 4. >> i think it would definitely help the neighborhood out and crackdown on all this violence. >> reporter: tomorrow the pittsburg city council is to consider putting cameras there. they say cameras mounted in the city have helped solved crime. >> as far as i'm concerned, i think it's a positive thing for us to put our cameras where they need to be. and if they need to be somewhere visualization of highway 4 a little bit and the corridor there, well, then, so be it. >> reporter: on highway 4 those ootings include the killing of
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a 25-year-old mother of three. >> maybe they can identify and catch the people doing these shootings. >> reporter: william lee says he aims to speak at the meeting. the chp says 20 of them on east bay freeway since last november. investigators believe most have been targeted, gang-related. a task force is working on it. >> i'm basically going to put them on what they should be doing. i'm try being to figure out, how did it become a pittsburg issue. >> reporter: and the city is talking about spending up to $100,000 on those cameras. that meeting is tomorrow night at 7:00. reporting live in pittsburg, christie smith of the. the swarm of aggressive bees that held a concord neighborhood hostage the last couple days now appears to be gone. this is what the scene looked like yesterday. you see the swarm of bees clinging to the corner of a home.
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that's after two of the bee sting victims sought treatment at a hospital. experts believe they are africanized honey bees also known as killer bees. >> we didn't see the problems before. >> two small dogs that died are believed to have been stung by those bees. testing's being done to see what type of bees they are. but most if not all of those aggressive bees have been relocated from that neighborhood. rescue crews were able to rescue this driver after being trapped in his car. now this happened at about 1:00 in the morning off of highway 9 in saratoga. rescuers were eventually able to hoist the man back up with a rope there to the road. the driver is recovering in the hospital. it is not clear what caused that crash. and it is always a colorful event and a little crazy, too.
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tens of thousands of people running through san francisco in whacky costumes for the annual bay to breakers. the party continued throughout the day. presidential candidate costumes were the hot outfit to wear. one was donald trump and the other was the wall that trump plans to build. there were twice the runners. most were concerned with what they looked luke than what they, their time was when they crossed the finish line. >> when i was getting ready to come down here, i was thinking about training, and she said, mom, forget the training, worry about your costume. i'm like, costume? >> get the priorities straight. >> absolutely. >> police were kept busy. there were about seven arrests in total. five for public intoxication and a dog left in a hot car. >> we captured the moment the
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winner crossed the finish line. isaac mukundi now living in texas finished first. the first woman across the line was also from ken yeah. she finished the race in 40 minutes and 47 seconds. can you find more coverage on the bay to breakers on our website. check out our slide show of the crowd and the creative costumes. >> there are great pictures there as well. the weather sunny and mild. but there is a change ahead. we heard about that dog in the hot car. boy, it is the season to leave your dog at home. >> a parked car within 20 to 30 minutes can get up to 120 to 140 degrees even when it's 70 degrees outside. leave the pets at home. we had 50s outside this morning.
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san francisco close to 70, and low 70s today in san jose. right now, more low clouds being pushed in by a sea breeze. as we wake up tomorrow morning, you may find a little patchy low cloud cover. and as we go into the next few hours, big changes coming up now as high pressure starts to build in. the story of the first half of the week is this high as it builds in. we're go being to see temperatures rising as much as 5-10 degrees. lots of 70s on the coast. but the second half of the week may include some showers. we'll talk about that in a few minutes. there's going to be a difficult commute for people heading to the bay area. crews will be repaving two southbound sections south of the summit between tomorrow and thursday. crews have closed the right lane even highway 17 from 7:00 in the morning until 2:00 in the
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afternoon. drivers should expect a 15 to 20-minute delay they're telling us. a big night for sharks fans as team teal took on the st. louis blues in game one of the wherein c winner conference finals. now they said they reaffirm their confidence in taking home the stanley cup. >> there's nothing more deadly to anybody else. this tank being full. >> we will have highlights of the game. didn't quite go the way fans wanted it to. but we have all the details coming up. but team teal out in force tonight. donald trump at the center of controversy yet again. ahead at 11:00, he lashes out at the "new york times" after a report on his behavior toward women. and taking complaints from the right head on.
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mark zuckerberg plans to sit down to talk about playing political favorites. not your typical shark attack. the scary situation one woman endured in florida. i've had one willioman who m worked for me for three months without a paycheck. >> we investigate the department of social services. trail today to attend his
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daughter's college graduation. but he found a little f donald trump is off the campaign trail today to attend his daughter's college graduation but found a little time for controversy. he went on a twitter rant against the new york times over an article on his treatment of women. >> reporter: donald trump took the day off to be trump the dad to attend his daughter's college graduation, but he blasted the "new york times" tweeting everyone is laughing at the new york times for the lame hit piece they did on me and women. i gave them names of women i helped, refused to use. gop leaders are rallying behind trump after their unity meeting
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thursday. >> people are angry. people want something done right this second. and donald trump has effectively represented that position. >> reporter: a key trump adviser says house speaker paul ryan has not told trump to tone it down. >> donald trump was not told by the leadership to change. and there's no reason to change. he just won the primary process with a record number of votes. >> reporter: some gop leaders feel trump leaders don't care about the controversies. clinton took shots at her democratic opponent at a rally of kentucky union workers. >> i voted to bail out the auto industry, and he voted against it, because i wanted to save those millions of jobs. >> reporter: sanders was also in kentucky looking for his next primary win. >> with your help on tuesday here in kentucky, we're going to ma make it20. >> reporter: oregon also holds
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its primary tuesday. jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. facebook's mark zuckerberg will hold a meeting with notable conservatives over the trending topics feature. this comes amid allegations that the feature is biased against conservatives. the facebook founder will meet on wednesday with glen beck as well as a couple of republican party media experts. zuckerberg says they are doing a full investigation to ensure the integrity of the product. gizmo dough reported that they suppressed stories of interest to conservative readers. after a year-long investigation, we discovered california's in-home support services system is antiquated and open to fraud and abuse. >> hundreds of people working under the system were paid late or sometimes not even paid at all. steven stock explains.
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>> that's why i have to be here every night. >> reporter: the red line at the door of jamie clark's home where her two children jimmy and monica stand delineates the problem jamie has with ihss. >> they only pay for in-home. >> reporter: that's right. clark says even though her son's condition requires constant supervision, rules stipulate that she can't go outside of her home with jimmy. can't cross that line, if she expects to get paid by ihss. >> he is autistic with developmental disabilities, and she needs24-hour supervision. >> reporter: jimmy clark is one of about 450,000 children and adults who are disabled, sick, mentally ill or otherwise need care by workers paid through california's in home support services. administered by california's department of social services and overseen by local offices, ihss was designed to save taxpayer money, by having the state pay for approved care
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delivered by qualified providers in recipients' homes. that way, people in need, like jimmy clark, don't have to be institutionalized, providers, even family members like jimmy's mother can get paid by the state to take care of those people where they live. >> i was getting care 24/7. >> reporter: jeanie brown lived through a hip surgery, treatment for nerve damage in her hands, plus diabetes and neuropathy. >> the biggest problem that i found was they made the recipient responsible as the employer. >> reporter: for most of the three and a half years of her recovery, jeanie brown says she was barely conscious, constantly take vicodin or oxycontin every few hours for the pain. >> reporter: were you being taken advantage of? >> i think in that respect, yes. >> reporter: even so, ihss rules
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provide that she account for her voefder as time. >> i'm supposed to take care of the hours and make sure the hours are okay on the time sheets and sign the time sheets. >> reporter: we discovered hundreds of workers getting paid late or not at all. time sheets held up because of minor mistakes or not processed in a timely manner, all because the system is run and processed on paper, through the mail. >> and the very first thing i would do is upgrade the technology so payroll can be done online. >> reporter: the department of social services most recent data shows nearly a half millionairers that require paychecks with human action to process. while that makes up less than 4% of the statewide total, it still means delays in pay for hundreds of workers or not being paid at all. >> they really do pass off the buck of the problem to the recipient. >> reporter: she's been a
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paraplegic since breaking her spine years ago. she relies on lucy whitestone to accomplish simple tasks like getting the laundry done or going to the bathroom. >> i had woman one who worked for me for three months without a paycheck. >> reporter: from california's department of labor, there were more than 157 court cases against the state or a localism hss office for failure to pay wages. >> car payments, insurance, all that is due, and without my check, we're not going to be able to pay it. >> reporter: oftentimes we discovered when providers aren't promptly paid they don't show up for work, meaning the recipients who depend on providers suffer too. >> if my caregivers leave me high and dry i don't get the chance to get out of bed. >> reporter: they also agreed that the paper by mail system has few checks and balances,
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leaving it open to fraud and abuse. >> they end up stealing from you. >> i would make sure there were enough people monitoring what's happening to the funds that they are being allocated and paid out to the employees. >> reporter: do you think there's fraud and abuse going on? >> i do. >> now we reached tout california's department of social services on multiple occasions about this story. neither the woman in charge of ihss or her spokesperson would answer our questions on camera. california's state assembly is planning hearings later in may. >> if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call or send us an e-mail to the you know the at rob mayeda is here with the forecast. >> we have a little bit of everything coming up. short term we're talking about a warmup on the way for the first half of the week.
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the radar's going to stay dry at least as we get into the workweek, but changes come thursday and friday. here's an interesting view from atop mt. hamilton, 4,000 feet looking down on the clouds. you see midday sunshine, mostly sunny. then late in the day as we made our way toward sunset, a few high clouds coming in. the same pattern likely will repeat itself. one thing we have outside in addition to patchy low clouds, still breezy. you've got winds. check out san francisco and down towards the airport. still some gusts of 38 miles per hour, and the wind direction very important. still a strong sea breeze. that's going to bring in low clouds and drizzle possible for the morning. sunny skies inland. watch out for a chance of afternoon thundershowers. for monday we'll see
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temperatures warming up a little bit. but the biggest warmup coming for tuesday and wednesday. morning temperatures starting off in the 50s. lunch time 60s and 70s, and plans out towards the coast tomorrow, the wind direction still fairly strong on shore. so the strong eest spot on highy 17. low 80s in los gatos. mostly70s in the peninsula. and temperatures in the upper 60s to near 70 downtown. for the north bay, low 80s around napa. and 80s inland toward walnut creek. as this high begins to strengthen tuesday and wednesday, these should be the warmest temperatures of the week. maybe a few upper 80s out toward brentwood. the progression shows you the
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first half of the week. even san francisco, mid-70s. notice the dropoff toward thursday and friday. mid-80s in reach for tuesday and wednesday. and the cool down arrives for thursday and friday. and mid to upper 80s possible for tuesday and wednesday. thursday and friday look at the temperatures come down. the high's going to move out, and the area of low pressure begins to drop down. you can see the rainfall projection as we go into friday and saturday from now, mostly across the north bay. could see a few scattered showers across the south bay. but the main effect is watch these temperatures come down as we head into the weekend. average highs should be in the mid70s. a chance of scattered showers and highs in the 60s and 70s. if you like 60s, 70s, 80s to
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almost 90 you'll see it this week. coming up next, a bobby bison loaded into the back of a suv at yellowstone national park. >> seriously? >> it's something that you would think people make up. but you will not believe the reason why a father and son did it. plus, if you know the story, you know it always sounds like a great idea for a movie, and now the story behind the winchester mystery house is headed for the big screen. the famous actor that's going to be involved.
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florida beach had to go to the hospital... with the shark still attached to her arm! a woman bitten by a shark at a florida beach had to go to the hospital with the shark still attached to her arm. you got to see it to believe it. paramedics in boka raton took
11:29 pm
this picture and used a splint to hold her arm up. this nurse shark said huh-uh, not letting go. the patient was miraculous, she stayed very, very calm all the way to the hospital where they were able to remove the nurse shark. >> they call it a nurse shark? >> that's right. they were rescuing it from the cold. that is the reason for a father and son ticketed for putting a baby buy soon ison in the back suv. they thought they were doing a service. the ranger ordered them to release the bison. people are ordered to keep at least 25 feet away from animals 25 feet. the story of the winchester
11:30 pm
mystery house is about to go to the screen. it's right here in san hjose. lengthnd has it that sarah winchester was afraid she would be haunted by people killed with the winchester rifles. she had staircases that led to nowhere. back in the game. the george lucas museum could end up in the bay area after all. president obama delivered a
11:31 pm
11:32 pm
message for grads ... but also a message for donald trump today. ==take vo== president obama delivered a message for graduates today, but also a message for donald trump. the president gave the commencement speech at rutgers
11:33 pm
university. he told nearly 17,000 graduates that the choices they make at critical moments in their lives will determine their future. he also used the speech to take a swipe at the presumptive gop nominee. >> the world is more connected than ever before and it's becoming more connected every day. building walls won't change that. >> president obama went on to say that blaming our challenges on immigrants runs counter to our history as, quote, the world's melting pot. time is running out to register to vote in california's primary election. the last day to sign up, may 23rd, a week from tomorrow. and it's almost tomorrow. to register online you need your california license or i.d. card, the last four digits of your social security number and your date of birth. if you're missing any of that information you need to print out the registration and send it in. a museum for george lucas's
11:34 pm
memorabilia may end up on treasure island. the plan to bring it to chicago appears to be about to fall through. he wanted to build it in the presid yoe in the first place. now it's back to san francisco again, treasure island a possibility because it has an approved development plan. the project is far from assured, of course. oak land and los angeles are reportedly interested in the knew s museum as well. a soccer match was canceled minutes before it was to begin because of a suspicious package. it was found outside manchester united stadium in england. they performed a controlled explosion on the device. fans say they had no idea what was going on. >> we were advised to move away from the stadium.
11:35 pm
>> they were disappointed they're saying. turns out, it was left over from a recent security training exercise. dropping the 49ers for a chance in the olympics, jared hain. his father is from fiji and has played on the fijien national team ann wand he wants to do th same. >> we are counting down the days to the olympics. we are 82 days away. ourguirre will be there. the sharks were under way tonight, and it was a nail-biter. straight ahead in sports.
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after missing two straight practices with a right abductor strain, andrew bogut joined his team. bow gut was able to get up and down the floor with no setback., hen henry wofford here. let's go to the sharks. the bay area's other playoff team looking to silence the blues in game one of the western conference finals. this was a very competitive game. team teal. sharks four wins away from the
11:38 pm
stanley cup finals. first period, blues power play, the captain, david backes redirected in for the third goal of the playoffs. blues up 1-0 on their home ice. but 34 seconds later, the sharks respond. and it's in. that's his third goal of the playoffs. game tied at 1. to the second period, burns turns it over. youri, blues get game one by a final of 2-1. >> they're a good team. they find ways to win. >> we feel good. we got it going a little bit. had some chances, made some big saves for them. had some chances at the end. we feel good, obviously, the
11:39 pm
goal is to win, too. but if we can pull one out here, that's the goal. and excited to play again. giants looking for the sweep in arizona. bottom of the ninth, casilla in to close it out. ricky weeks grounds one to second, but weeks is called safe at first. so the game is tied at 2. however, they would review it. what about belt at first? they took a long look, and the umpire still got it wrong. another ump said wait a minute, man, we told you double play. and he says, i got it, i got it. that means the giants win their fifth consecutive game. they burst the bubble of the d backs. and a thrilling win over the rays. not twice, but it was three
11:40 pm
times ♪ a lady sorry about that. not used to singing. valencia became the first ace player to have the three runs. blue jays and rangers top of the eighth. jose batista slides hard into the second basement. odor, oh, my goodness, glasses fly off the face. this was the best hit of the game, and it was a baseball game at that. if you're going to get close to a guy in striking range, you might want to throw a punch. batis batista, what were you thinking? when your reflexes are slower than my grand ma's reflexes, don't fight anyone.
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they're called -- are now safe and sound, after a scary few weeks. these baby owls, which are actually called what, peggy? ouellettw owlets. a group says they had fallen from their nest, possibly because of strong winds. they were cared for by the wildlife hospital in san rafael and are now back in the wild
11:44 pm
with their obviously owl parents. >> they're adorable. tomorrow starts a big week for the up front week. they unveil the lineup for new fall shows for major advertisers. >> and we have a sneak peek. kristen bell stars in one of three new series, she is cast as a not-so-nice woman mistakenly in the after life. >> somebody who didn't live the best life, what happens if they get a chance to turn it around. >> reporter: ted danson co-stars. the voice will have two new coaches in the fall. miley cyrus and alicia keys join them, and blake shelton.
11:45 pm
>> you're telling me that this guy went back in time? >> reporter: "timeless" follows the adventures of a trio trying to catch a dangerous fugitive. >> you could go hundreds of years back or ten years ago. >> reporter: which one of you's pregnant? >> reporter: the second new drama "this is us." with mandy moore, showing people intersecti intersecting. >> it will be that addictive show you will have to see every week because you won't be able to take your eyes off these people. >> reporter: blind spot shifts to the leadoff spot on wednesdays while chicago met joins the black list. >> what do you think you know about tom keane. >> reporter: a black list spinoff is in the list for mid season, as is a drama based on "taken". >> it's always fun to put the suit together and see what
11:46 pm
happens, and i think we have great ingredients. >> reporter: the network hopes it's a recipe for success. >> looks pretty good. queen bey headed to the area. she performed at the venue this year, you might remember halftime during the super bowl. the this was amazing. her tour so popular she's added a second stop at levi's. she'll be coming back in september. rob mayeda. >> the pressure's on. we need to have nice weather. first half of the week's going to be just fine at levi's stadium. and a taste of summer headed our way for the next couple of days, and a big u-turn in the forecast. you see the seven-day forecast,
11:47 pm
rollercoaster ride for the temperatures here. outside right now. still breezy, upper 50s to near 60, and the wind speed and direction still onshore. that is going to bring in low clouds, and the ocean air conditioning, inland you'll see the temperatures climb up more by tuesday and wednesday, but climbing high is the pollen forecast, grass pollen very high. olive trees, moderate to high. we could get some rain to knock that out of the sky. maybe this upcoming week by friday and saturday. right now the clouds we have are the low clouds and stratus clouds along the coast. and there's a chance of seeing thunderstorms around lake tahoe. if you have afternoon plansna the high country, watch out for scattered showers. but the bay area will see temperatures on the rise in the next couple days.
11:48 pm
lunch time temperatures not bad, you'll still need jacket for the morning but fine by the afternoon. up to 78 in san jose. low 80s around los gatos and morgan hill. tomorrow, upper 60s to near 70, palo alto close to 80 degrees. and the same trend from the east bay and tri valley for monday afternoon. the warmest days of the week, high pressure will be at its strongest building over the west coast towards tuesday and wednesday. so the temperature trend spikes for the middle part of the week. san francisco, warmest day likely tuesday. then by thursday and friday, big drop in those temperatures. we're about 10 degrees above average on tuesday, and then those numbers come down towards thursday and friday the and the tri valley may see its warmest day delayed by one day. into wednesday we could still see mid to upper 80s into the interior east bay valleys.
11:49 pm
tri valley, everything changes. this high is going to get bumped off. area of low pressure strengthens. it's cold enough where freezing levels may be close to 7,000 feet. we could see some snow at mt. shasta. could see a few scattered showers around the santa cruz mountains. friday through saturday, through next weekend, high temperatures in the upper 60s to low 70s. the difference is the chance of showers we may be tracking from friday to saturday and possibly into sunday as well. still ahead, giving kids in juvenile detention a chance to say "i love you" on mother's day. >> what one woman and her group of volunteers have been doing for the past 20 years. it will make you bay area proud.
11:50 pm
11:51 pm
11:52 pm
mother's day last weekend? take mom to a restaurant or bring her flowers, in well, mother's day was last weekend, a lot of people celebrated by taking their mom to a restaurant or bringing her flowers. >> some young people couldn't do any of that, because they were behind bars. that doesn't mean they couldn't do something nice. >> megan williams came to the united states in 1979, a refugee from the vietnam war. but her reason for giving back on mother's day has much more
11:53 pm
personal roots. of all the places a mom wants to spend with her kids on mother's day, juvenile hall cannot be anywhere near the top of that list. though thanks to one mom, megan williams, that dim scenario has turned out a bit brighter for thousands of other moms. you siee, on the saturday befor mother's day, for the past 20 years, megan has come here with volunteers and hundreds of flowers. they spend the next few hours, helping the inmates, girls and boys, help create floral arrangements so that even though they live behind bars they have at least a little something to give their moms on mother's day. >> i want to give these kids an opportunity to say mom, "i love
11:54 pm
you." >> reporter: it's something megan says she's never done. one of 15 children growing up in war-torn vietnam, she never had a close relationship with her mother. >> i never, ever give my mom a hug. >> reporter: it's what motivates her, she says, to do what she can so that these kids don't find themselves saying the same thing later in their lives. >> i wish one of these days somebody could do that to my, bring me closer to my mom. >> reporter: just like the bouquets, meagan's approach is a mixed arrangement, in her case, compassion and comedy. >> hell yeah. >> reporter: yet, for all the time and effort megan spends on this, she's not really concerned with what the arrangements look like when they're done, the flowers, she knows, won't last. she just hopes the bonds they strengthen will. we should add that megan doesn't just go to juvenile hall on
11:55 pm
mother's day. she's there every thanksgiving day as well. bringing all the young people a full thanksgiving meal. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> boy, that is amazing. coming up next, the sharks, can they win the stanley cup oar not? one little kitten was bound for greatness. this little kitty cat has a new home. this poor little terrified thing. we'll tell you where the cat's going, coming up next. ♪
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"jo" paw-velski has found a home with bay area family... just in time for thete well, this little fellow here, the sharks' good luck charm, joe paw-velski, the kit
11:58 pm
kitten was adopted on friday. >> she became an overnight sensation as she bopped along the ice. and the sharks, obviously, still going strong. >> the kitty cat had a companion cat, and the two of them were adopted together. how are we going to start off the workweek? >> a warming trend. >> warmest days of the week coming up tuesday and wednesday. even san francisco, mid-70s. >> nice. have a great workweek ahead. thank for joining us. >> thank you. i want to show you some cutting edge technology. this is a vhs tape. push that tape in and hit play. this is a flip phone. have you seen these before? it's called a compact disc. oh. looks like we're getting a facsimile. what year is it to you?
11:59 pm
it's old. you'd rather use newer technology? definitely. well, i've got something to show you. this is the 2016 chevy volt. it uses extended range electric technology. the prius hybrid uses battery technology developed 15 years ago. chevy expects volt drivers to get over a thousand miles between fill ups. it's got every technology there is. the prius actually belongs on the table.
12:00 am
m brock: you're watching an nbc bay area news special, "reality check," tonight. male: these athletes simply do what they have to do in order to be competitive. sam: three months to rio, and olympic organizers are responding to accusations of athletes cheating. from the nuts and bolts of testing maria sharapova: i did fail the test. sam: to the prevalence of those who actually get caught, we dive deep into doping and claims surveillance is stronger than ever before; plus-- donald trump: it's a rigged, disgusting, dirty system. sam: donald trump says it's the political pool that's been muddied by manipulation. we cut into claims that states like colorado are playing by their own set of rules. george clooney: the overwhelming amount of the money that we're raising is not going to hillary. sam: and speaking of rules, george clooney says federal law


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