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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 16, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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now. a very good monday morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. light on a monday so far. volume is light on the roads. >> watching that bay bridge. something might be going on. >> first a look at that forecast. >> looks good today. we'll start out with clouds this morning. then we'll see the sun coming out later on this afternoon. looking at temperatures in the upper 50s. >> you can see clearly the traffic flows smoothly in toward the treasure island tunnel. a vehicle running on three wheels. i'll track this carefully because we don't want any issues flowing down toward san francisco from the oakland side. so far the speed sensors don't
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show any issues. the tri-valley slow getting out of the area. >> turning to technology. pittsburgh city leaders are discussing adding surveillance cameras along i-4 after a string of shootings. >> steph chuang is live with proposals how to keep drivers safe. we are talking about $100,000 worth of cameras? >> we are. good morning. it's been unnerving for people in the east bay. every time they hear about these highway shootings. the idea is possibly to approve spending $100,000 to install cameras that would run along highway 4. this is coming out of the police department here. a 25-year-old mother of four was on highway 4 wednesday morning when someone shot and killed
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her. there have been 20 shootings on the freeway since november alone. the hope is cameras will deter the shootings and help solve the crime. cameras up in the city at the intersection, parks and outside public buildings have helped drive crime down. >> i think it would help the neighborhood out and crack down on all this violence. >> chp stepped up an enforcement operations along the highway. investigators believe these are likely targeted shootings and gang related. city council members will take up this idea spending $100,000 out of the police budget on these highway cameras.
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>> a fire sparked inside an old brick building. it's right near washington elementary school. firefighters were forced to keep a safe distance as that building almost collapsed. utility poles next to the building also caught fire. that fire started in a car inside of the shop. >> gasoline, oil, spray paints, spay lubricants. >> fortunately nobody was hurt. there is no word on the extent of the full damage left behind. >> 5:03. south bay authorities hope to draw new attention to an unsolved deadly shooting. santa clara's chief of police will hold an update on the death of matthew flores, the young
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father and decorated veteran. someone shot and killed the engineer back in 1994 in the company parking lot. surveillance individuvideo caug mysterious black and white ford. a 21-year-old man is in custody accused of shooting another man in antioch. police arrested david hall. they think he shot someone yesterday afternoon on magnolia way. the victim is recovering. >> the suspect accused of killing a marin hiker and tourist is scheduled to appear in court this morning. the two facing murder charges in the death of a canadian backpacker and yoga instructor last october. a third defendant pleaded guilty to second degree charges as part of a plea deal. the suspects will appear in court today for a preliminary hearing. this is national services
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medical emergencies week. they will gather for a mass casualty drill. it will include hospital evacuations and mock casualties. takes place at san jose's regional medical center. >> it's always colorful, maybe even a little crazy. talking about bay to breakers. tens of thousands running through san francisco streets in wacky costumes for the annual run this weekend. the party continued throughout the day. presidential campaign costumes were a popular choice this year. several runners showed up as donald trump and the wall he wants to build. there were about 40,000 registered runners, twice that number flooded on to the course. more were more concerned with what they looked like than when they crossed the finish line. >> i was getting ready to come down here i was thinking about trading. she said worry about your
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costume. >> there were a total of seven arrests, five for public intoxication. somebody was cited for leaving a dog inside of a hot car. >> don't do that. >> absolutely not. a few runners did take bay to breakers seriously. we captured the moment the winner crossed the finish line. >> what an amazing finish. >> the winner's time 35 minutes 23 seconds. first woman was also from kenya. >> the first costume person was the pink gorilla.
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>> the warriors are hosting the oklahoma city thunder in game one of the western conference finals. tipoff set for tonight at 6:00. you are going to want to get there earlier than normal because aside from the typical commute there is an a's game going on about the same time. >> got to love bay area sports. >> two western conference finals at the same time. now we go to the other team playing. it's the sharks but not the starts the sharks wanted. team teal took on the st. louis blues and came up short. >> sharks couldn't do it. fans still were able to flood the shark tank to cheer the team on. a cool experience. they said it reaffirmed their confidence in taking on the stanley cup. >> the tank. there is nothing more deadly to anybody else as this last round proved anything, the tank being full. >> unfortunately, blues took
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game one with a final score 2-1. sharks have plenty of opportunity to take the series. they take the blues tomorrow night in st. louis. >> i'm surprised we didn't see more shark costumes at the bay to breakers run. >> maybe. there were so many people out there. >> we saw all of them clearly because there was a lot of sunshine. >> we had great weather over the weekend. looking at nice weather as we go through the day tomorrow. >> there we go. you can hear me. we can't hear you. >> it's 51 in santa rosa. 54 in livermore. over the next five days we are looking at a ramp-up in temperatures in the mid 70s tuesday. then you see how those temperatures take a dive. going below average. we'll look at the other microclimates coming up.
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let's head over to mike. >> we'll show you the volume of traffic. 580 we have an issue. we are looking at slowing getting out of livermore. there is a construction zone. they got permission to keep lanes closed through 11:00 a.m. over here this is 580 toward the dublin interchange, this is what we do expect. >> up next, battling till the very end. race for candidacy is not over yesterday, nomination on the democratic side of hillary clinton and bernie sanders fighting it out till tomorrow's primary. everybody talking about sheryl sandberg's commencement address over the weekend. on the eve of more presidential
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primaries-- the republicans appeared to have their presumptive nominee... but for the democrats-- hillary clinton can't seem to shake senator rn on the eve of more presidential primaries, the republicans appear to have their presumptive candidate, but on the side of the democrats, hillary clinton can't seem to shake bernie sanders. >> good morning. both kentucky and oregon are vital, critical for senator bernie sanders to avoid being further pushed and pressured to bow out of the race. he won't go away quietly. sanders needs 65% of the remaining delegates to catch
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hillary clinton. sanders believes if he wins kentucky and oregon, he can then convince the superdelegates to change their minds on this. hillary clinton wants to move on from all this and talk about the presumptive gop nominee.ç she did that this weekend calling donald trump dangerous and a loose cannon. president obama echoed similar comments during his address at rutgers university, never mentioning donald trump by name. trump took to twitter last night saying reports in "the washington post" were false about the list of names he is considering for the gop candidacy. he says a "new york times" piece that aired yesterday was a, quote, tin piece. donald trump has not -- has taken off the campaign trail today. he will not be out for campaign events, however, still posting on twitter. live in washington, edward lawrence. back to you.
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right now, time is running out to register to vote in california's primary election. last day is may 23rd, a week from today. you need your california driver's license or i.d. card, last four digits of your social security number and date of birth. if you're missing that information, you need to print out the registration and send it in before the deadline. >> graduation season right now. facebook's sheryl sandberg gave the commencement address at berkeley over the weekend. people will be talking about it for quite some time. >> a topic no doubt difficult for her to speak. >> an unusual topic for a commencement address. sandberg's real message was resilience. she spoke saturday about the unexpected death of her husband with a very frank recounting of the day it happened. he died while the couple was on vacation in mexico on a treadmill in the gym at the
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time. >> i walked into a gym to find him lying on the floor. i flew home to tell my children their father was gone. i learn ed in the face of a voi or the face of any challenge, you can choose joy and meaning. >> sandberg told the graduates to enjoy every day. there are many moments of joy ahead. the trip he always wanted to take, your first job, beating stanford. sandberg is chief operating officer at facebook. probably best known for her book called "lean in." many in the crowd over the weekend thought there was another book there, one on resilience. mark zuckerberg will meet wednesday. facebook said it will happen wednesday in menlo park. facebook defending itself against accusations its trending
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stories are viral. >> good monday morning to you. futures are relatively higher this morning and markets coming off a negative week on the back of disappointing retail earnings, higher oil prices and the stronger dollar. dow hosting three straight weeks of losses while the nasdaq is down four straight weeks. friday the dow falling 185 points to 17,535. nasdaq losing 19 to 4717. >> this weekend is maker faire. san mateo fairgrounds. it is massive and just awesome. there are the diet coke guys. you've been out there. >> on your recommendation. >> right. we've got to get sam out there.
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>> you can't get there from here, it is so big. so do plan ahead. if you are going to bring kids, you don't want to get frustrated. it is that big. >> it is really cool. we did the show live there. >> we did. >> there is a big tesla generator. >> wow. >> very cool. >> sign us up. these baby owls or owlets were taken down after a few weeks. rangers rescue them. the trio has fallen out of their nest, probably because of strong winds. they were cared for by the wildlife hospital in san rafael but are now back in the wild
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with their owl parents. i doubt they thought that experience was a hoot, but they are healthy now. >> all that wittiness early in the morning. a father and son fined for putting a baby bison in the back of their suv. their reason for that? they wanted to rescue it from the cold. >> it happened last week. the tourists thought they were doing the animal a service. the rangers ordered the father and son to release the bison and gave them a ticket. national park service warns people to keep 25 feet away from large animals, especially bison. >> if you find fish in the water, they're supposed to bring there. don't bring them out to breathe.
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we are talking about the owls and how they fell out of their nest. it was so windy. >> once we had westerly winds kicking in. that may not be so much of an issue the next couple of days. we won't have that ocean breeze. now as we take a look at the golden gate bridge, we start out with those clearing lights and mostly clear sky overhead. we look at all the microclimates now. temperatures in the low to mid 50s. we will be warming up today into the mid 70s for the south bay peninsula. and the east bay. overall, fairly comfortable temperatures for today. warming up in the tri-valley. north bay up to the lower 80s today. as we break you down from berkeley, we'll be at 60 by 9:00. we'll top out in the low to mid
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70s today. mostly sunny skies. that area of low pressure is now moving off to the east. high pressure will be taking its place. we'll look at more sunshine in the forecast. let's head over to mike. a new crash in concord? >> we have more cars on the roadways. we are talking about a crash in concord. give everybody an equal opportunity to see their commute end with green all over. this is your commute direction westbound highway 4. over to 242. no injuries. it doesn't sound like lanes blocked. activity may slow you. the carquinez bridge is a smooth drive to the bay bridge toll plaza. i don't see slowing from our live camera in toward treasure island. san mateo bridge crossing the
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bay. westbound, easy drive. you can see lights from the peninsula side. up next, a tragic scene unfolding from texas. eight people died. dozens of others injured after a charter bus rolled over. what might have caused this to happen coming up next.
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at least one person is dead-- after a plane came crashing down in angeles national forest in at least one person is dead after a plane came crashing down in angeles national forest yesterday. the plane was traveling from san diego to santa monica when it lost contact. officials have not identified the victims. the cause is still under investigation. at least eight people died. more than 40 others injured after a charter bus rolled over on a highway in texas over the weekend. this happened saturday night in webb county by the mexico border. driver reportedly lost control and the vehicle rolled over. seven people were pronounced dead. an eighth later died at the hospital. the national transportation
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safety board is investigating the incident. >> u.s. department of transportation is set to release its monthly air travel consumer report card. it will contain march flight delays, tarmac times, mishandled bag reports and denied boarding as well as other consumer complaints. we have an investigative unit exclusive. san francisco is known for its food. there is a lot you may not know. there is a loophole that allows restaurants to keep their inspection restaurants secret. how they are getting to wipe their food record clean. it's a practice that some restaurant owners are using to hide past violations. one law maker plans to take action after we showed her what we found. the city department in charge of restaurant inspections says right now that practice is totally legal. >> does that make sense to you?
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>> it is not for me to make sense of it but it's what the law requires us to do. >> wouldn't you want to know if you are about to eat a restaurant where it was so dirty the city was forced to shut it down? >> a majority of people in san francisco don't think about those things. they are in the current moment. >> how can you get hold of the information some restaurants may be trying to keep secret? we'll tell you that part of the story at 11:00. aggressive bees swarming east bay neighborhoods. a dangerous situation that sent two people in the hospital and killed two dogs over the weekend. a voracious fire that consumed an auto shop and forced people from their apartment. a power pole poses a danger to parts of the neighborhood. san jose fire is trying to make sure people are safe. the fight to contain the
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flames.. now-- cleaning up the aftermath.. first the fight to contain the flames now cleaning up in the aftermath of a bad fire. the destructive fire left behind this mess in san jose. thank you for joining us on this monday, i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. that morning commute coming up. things working out there? >> a couple of things working on. >> hopefully not too messy. you were cleaning up my mess over here.
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>> we'll have all changes this week. we start out with mild temperatures today. then it really warms up into the next couple of days. by the end of the week it will cool down below average. a live look at san francisco. this beautiful shot to start out the day. 54 there. also in concord and livermore. 7:00 in san jose. all the microclimate looking at highs today topping out in the 70s and 80s. embarcadero up to 69. i'll talk more about that and the warm-up in a few minutes. you're already seeing a couple of days on the east bay.ç we are looking over to the rest of the area. you see green sensors all around this area. i will zoom into something unexpected. westbound 580 will slow out of the altamont. eastbound continues approaching
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greenville. there is overnight paving work going on. at least your left lane is open. >> new this morning, investigators in san leandro searching for a killer after a man was found shot dead. police noticed a crash then learned one of the vehicles involved sped away from the scene. they were then directed to the community center where they found the victims outside. a private party was being held inside the community center during that incident. an overnight fire tears through a san jose auto repair shop and threatens an apartment complex. you see that cell phone video capturing the ferocity of the flames. flames started inside an old brick building by willow street by washington elementary school. >> kris sanchez live with a closer look at some of the
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damage already. a nearby utility pole added danger to this situation. >> reporter: it added danger to the fire fight last night. you can see it's still leaning over the street side. there is concern that power pole could collapse bringing down high-powered power lines. firefighters still here on scene watching for hot spots trying to keep people away from that power pole. that was one factor that complicated the fire fight. at the height there were 50 firefighters on scene. some time they had to watch it burn because the fire was too unstable to enter. the fire inside the auto shop was fueled from the inside by all kinds of flammable material, gas, oil, so on. when the fire jumped to that power line, several lines came down.
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pg&e deenergized that power line. people who live near the auto shop were evacuated because of that risk of fire, risk of electrocution and risk of building collapse, too. >> we also had a powerful with transformer and high voltage wires involved in the fire that spread from the building. we couldn't be in the area in the front of the building at all. >> again, that is still a risk this morning until pg&e crews can fix permanently this power pole behind me. fire crews are here to make sure it doesn't flare up and keep people away from that power pole until it can be repaired. traffic will be impacted on almo almondan road. power again though is on for everyone except for those
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customers affected by the fire. kris sanchez, today in the bay. it is 5:33. a jury begins sentencing deliberations today for the man who shot and killed a young oakland girl during a sleepover. jurors convicted darnell williams of first degree murder. he shot and killed the 8-year-old during a sleep over at an east oakland home in 2013. jurors convicted williams in a second unrelated shooting several weeks later. he is eligible for the death penalty. >> 5:34 tragedy this weekend. a 4-year-old boy drowned when he slipped off a kick board and went under water unnoticed. a spokesperson said minutes likely passed before the boy was found. paramedics were not able to revive him. a swarm of aggressive bees
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held a concord neighborhood hostage now appears to be gone. at least two people were stunning and sought treatment at a hospital on saturday. experts believe they are possibly africanized honey bees, known as killer bees. they were first discovered in the bay area two years ago. >> we keep bees for seven years. and we did not see these problems before. it just happened. >> two small dogs died are believed to have been stung by the bees. testing is done to see what type of bees they are. they've been relocated from that neighborhood. turning to technology to keep east bay drivers safe. pittsburgh city council will vote whether to install security cameras along a stretch of highway 4, an area plagued by shootings. there have been 20 shootings since last november.
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city leaders felt putting cameras on city property it will curb other shootings and crimes. it comes with a price tag up to $100,000. >> as far as i'm concerned, i think this is a positive thing for us to put our cameras where they need to be. if they need to be somewhere on highway 4 and the corridor there, so be it. >> as for the nature of the shootings, investigators believe most are targeted and gang related. a task force is working close throw solve those cases. south bay leaders reportedly hammering out a plan to provide new affordable housing for the homeless. san jose city leaders held a joint town hall with county leaders. their goal is to work on permanent solutions for the homeless problems. yesterday's meeting presented a three to five-year time line on
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rolling out new permanent housing options. in sonoma county, they are taking the next step for health care coverage for hundreds of undocumented children. they will upgrade the coverage for about 1,000 children enrolled in medical that only covers emergency services. they will enroll 3,000 children eligible for comprehensive care. >> it's going to be a difficult commute for people heading to the bay area from santa cruz this week. crews will be repaving two southbound sections south of the summit between today and thursday. the right lane on highway 17 will close from 7:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. drivers should expect 15 to 20 minute delay. the warriors are no longer waiting to take on their next opponent as we take a live look inside oracle arena this
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morning. they will square off thunder. this showdown does feature serious star power. talking about arguably the two best backcourts in the league with back-to-back mvp steph curry and clay thompson on one side then the thunder have kevin durant and russell westbrook. >> boast teams have really good supporting casts. both teams like to get up and down the floor. i think these are the top two teams in terms of offensive rating. a lot of potential for entertaining play. should be fiercely competitive. >> andrew bogut practiced yesterday but is questionable with a thigh injury. tipoff set for 6:00 p.m.
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get there early. along with the normal commute, traffic is also an a's game around the same time. a lot of activity. andrew bogut might be out. keeping our fingers crossed. some legends of bay area sports may get induction to the bay area sports hall of fame. >> this year includes one-time san francisco giant jeff kent. he won the mvp in 2000 and hit more home runs than any other second baseman. others include peter mcgowan credited with keeping the giants in san francisco, raymond chester. six-time all-star mitch richmond and former athletic swimmer anne
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warner chris. >> the bay area turns out a lot of olympic athletes. >> perfect synergy there. >> we are going to get to your forecast. >> it will be a beautiful day. looking at more sunshine later on this afternoon. even though we start out with clouds in spots. it will be a little bit warmer than it was yesterday. we are already feeling milder air now in the east bay and south bay. it's 50 degrees. in the north bay mostly clear skies. expect a high up to 83. 76 in the peninsula. san francisco will see a high of 71 and 78 in the south bay. overall a nice day. it does start to warm up tomorrow. i'll detail in less than ten minutes. you're pointing out the closure for the san jose fire? >> i want to make sure folks heard about that we heard about the fire kris is tracking overnight.
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that will affect some folks. the freeway looks good. we'll zoom in here toward the map. we are showing a slower drive. not developing on 87 but possible here. it's closed for the morning. use locust. there is the bay bridge toll plaza with metering lights on. >> welcome to monday morning. isis recruiting from neighborhoods here in the bay area. a closer look into the inner workings of the terror group next. a law that takes effect today means you could become a venture capitalist. i'll show you how. opvo==
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cigarette tax another two-a's dollars per pack .. is aparently taking a step forward. the backers of a proposed measure to triple the a plan to hike california's cigarette tax another $2 a pack. they want to triple the cigarette tax and gather in san diego to announce they collected enough signatures to put it on the november statewide ballot. it comes less than a month after governor brown signed legislation to up the legal age for buying tobacco to 21 years old. decision 2016. two more states weighing in tomorrow on the race for president. if you listen to the politicos, some believe the republican side is more settled than the
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democrat side. they seem to suggest trump will be nominated this summer without any trouble. >> this is way early and still we are seeing convergence on the part of the electorate with donald trump. >> as for the democrats, the wins by bernie sanders in oregon and kentucky tomorrow might convince unpledged delegates to jump from the hillary clinton campaign. clinton remains more focused on donald trump. >> what you hear from donald trump is not just offensive, it is dangerous. it is dangerous. >> that is why we need your help big time here in kentucky. >> bernie sanders needs about 65% of all the remaining delegates. nbc is digging into a bounty of information recently leaked about the inner workings of isis. the terror network is believed to have successfully recruited at least two americans with bay area ties who are allegedly operating in syria.
5:46 am
one is identified as alberto renteria, from gilroy. another is 24-year-old jasper kahn. he grew disenchanted while attending high school. >> he was getting angry saying we are surrounded by pitiful people and should move to a muslim country. >> federal investigators believe about 250 americans have tried to join isis but most have not made to it syria. hackers will be in the crosshairs of a staged event this week in boston. boston college is hosting a simulated cyber attack. federal and corporate security teams will be on hand. the drill includes a round table on the technical and legal challenges trying to prevent cybe attacks. you probably think it's just monday. not to scott mcgrew.
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>> it's jobs act monday. >> this is a big deal. today changes everything for people who want to invest money in american business. starting today, the rules totally change for regular people. they can do what rich people have been doing for a long time. the rule change was signed into law years ago by president obama to jump-start our business act or jobs act. it took forever from the s.e.c. to put rules into place. it allows small businesses to offer shares to mom and pop investors. talking little businesses will be able to raise money selling private shares to its customers. >> we have cool mom and pop, i can see this being very effective with breweries, local breweries. that's what excites me. you have a business with a great community around them. >> bradley representing one of
5:48 am
the websites called flash funders. you are seeing a small family farm growing organic food that raised money. the minimum investment is $2,000 and all the previous rules you had to be an accredited investor, gone. if you think this sounds like kick starter? kind of. if you invest in a kick starter for a brewery, you get a prize for your money like a free year of beer or whatever. if you invest money using the jobs act, you own part of the brewery. that means whatever it means to the company. interesting news out of arizona where the governor there signed a bill into law that bans futurç restrictions on short-term rentals. the law says people can rent out their homes on airbnb all they want there is nothing arizona cities can do about it. it's the opposite of what we are see in other states and cities. the governor says when a hotel room rents out a room in arizona, that money goes to the
5:49 am
headquarters someplace far away. when an arizona family rents out a room, that money stays in arizona and becomes part of the local economy. >> don't they take tax revenue like hotels? >> it depends on the locality whether they are taking that tax revenue or losing the tax revenue. marriott is based in maryland. when you get a marriott room, it doesn't stay in san francisco. >> they are making a gamble they'll make more money people spending money in the local economy. >> only down side that tends to shrink the housing available. it's all short term rentals. 5:49. the museum for george lucas' movie memorabilia might end up
5:50 am
on treasure island. looking at san francisco again after a plan to bring the museum to chicago fell through. you'll recall lucas wanted to build the museum in the presidio but came up against too much opposition. the project is far from assured. oakland and los angeles reportedly interested in building the museum in their city. this will be the second time queen bee performed at the venue this year. the first one was memorable during the super bowl halftime show with coldplay. she added another stop at levy in september.
5:51 am
>>. >> i'm waiting for bee hive formation jokes. nothing from you. >> we have killer bees. >> we don't joke about beyonce. you will get burned. respect. >> wise move this morning. let's turn up the heat here a little bit. temperatures will end up warmer. >> especially over the next couple of days. it will be nice and comfortable today. warmer than it was yesterday. we start out with patchy clouds in spots as we take a live look at sunol. beautiful start to the day. we will so whatever clouds we have this morning clearing out quickly. mount hamilton we see we are above the clouds in the south bay. these clouds also clearing out in the next hour or two. temperatures in the upper 50s and east bay and south bay. 54 in san francisco. as we drop in to get a closer look. santa teresa 56.
5:52 am
53 at creek valley. we are seeing this area of low pressure moving away. that brought in a few more clouds over the weekend. as high pressure replaces that, we'll have warmer air moving in. winds around high pressure clockwise. that will allow inland temperatures to make it into the mid 80s to near 90 tomorrow. in time for the weekend, another change on the way. low pressure system moving in that will bring in more clouds and possibly spotty showers for the north bay. a look how our temperatures go up. 78 today a then 86 tomorrow. 87 on wednesday. we'll see this same trend in the peninsula. not as much in san francisco, where you do see an onshore breeze kicking in on wednesday. that will bring temperatures down along the coast. inland areas making it into the mid to upper 80s. close to 90 in some spots.
5:53 am
then it starts to take a dive on thursday. our average high is 75. we'll be in the lower 70s. looking ahead to this weekend, looking very nice. another one to make plans to get outside. probably not so much going to the beach. let's head over to mike. still unexpected slowing for the tri-valley commuter. >> also unexpected flow for those heading to the hill. highway 17, road work going on all week. looking over toward the bay, anywhere north of 17 looks good. unexpectedly slow drive. that little blip of north 101, that's time for it to start. southbound 680. what is unexpected, eastbound. countercommute from out toward the altamont pass leaving livermore. it's very slow right now. overnight paving work going on. likely going to pick up some time around 6:30 or 7:00.
5:54 am
at least one lane is open there north bay we have a smooth drive. all lanes open here. no delays or across that san mateo bridge over toward the peninsula. back to you. >> thanks, mike. coming up next -- >> should we be spending more on risky, technological innovation? >> sure. >> it's not in this bond. >> we investigate how california's massive water bond is actually being spent and how big oil and a country club are the beneficiary. facebook sheryl sandberg is speebing out openly about her husband's sudden death. that happened last year during a trip to mexico. here her inspiring words. and a much lighter note. why nintendo is eyeing film making for growth. an investigative unit exclusive:
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==laura/2shot== despite rain this winteexpes not out of the drought. an investigative unit exclusive. experts say much of california is not out of the drought. leaders in sacramento are pointing to a 7.5 billion water bond passed by voters two years ago as a big step preparing for future dry weather. >> our senior investigative reporter says the devil is in the details. he dug into the fine print to
5:58 am
see where that money is being spent. >> good morning. we examined every project given some of this bond money since 2014, the year voters passed the measure. we found some projects that obviously address future droughts here in california, we found questionable projects such as old traditional water projects that critics say are not innovative and so small and local, they likely don't benefit the state at all. including among those old school projects are waste water treatment plants in small counties, as well as funding to study whether or not to build a waste water treatment plant. 23 different projects in all, costing more than $18 million in bond money. we found several projects including $30 million for a pipeline at an oil company in the bay area another $15 million for another pipeline that will
5:59 am
serve a country club. and a half million dollars for seven storage tanks at an exclusive retirement resorts. state leaders say it will help the state in the long run directly or indirectly. to see more go to click on investigative unit. >> if you have a tip give us a call. 13 law enforcement officers today will receive the highest honor for putting themselves in harm's way. >> president obama will award the medal of valor to 13 police officers including one who died in the line of duty to protect others. that will be held in the east wing of the white house president clinton established it in 2006. now the search is on for a
6:00 am
killer. the investigation under way right now. and has a busy stretch of roadway shut down. the city could decide to spend money installing cameras along the highways to fight back against recent shootings. details of that plan and how much that could cost in sports. fierce flames burn dangerously close to a san jose apartment building. live to the scene and a look at the damage left behind. "today in the bay" continues now. a very good monday morning to you. thanks for joining us. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. >> we start out with just a few clouds in spots and mostly sunny skies. we'll see a lot of sunshine today and slightly warmer temperatures. this is where we begin now. a lot more sun in the north bay. 49. mid 50s elsewhere.


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