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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 16, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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killer. the investigation under way right now. and has a busy stretch of roadway shut down. the city could decide to spend money installing cameras along the highways to fight back against recent shootings. details of that plan and how much that could cost in sports. fierce flames burn dangerously close to a san jose apartment building. live to the scene and a look at the damage left behind. "today in the bay" continues now. a very good monday morning to you. thanks for joining us. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. >> we start out with just a few clouds in spots and mostly sunny skies. we'll see a lot of sunshine today and slightly warmer temperatures. this is where we begin now. a lot more sun in the north bay. 49. mid 50s elsewhere. highs today of 71 in san
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francisco and upper 70s for the south bay, north bay up to 83 also 80s in the tri-valley today. mike is checking out that commute across the bridges. >> we have many to choose from. this one the bay bridge. we had this backup forming since 530. no problems on the approach. a look at the bay and you see slowing as you expect. that's not the bridge. there it is. san mateo bridge picks up the volume. we have you slowing there till just a couple of minutes ago. live look at the san mateo bridge shows commute builds but nothing that will cause slowing. hazy view across the peninsula. back to you. 6:01. new this morning, investigators in san leandro searching for a killer after a man was found shot to death outside the senior
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community center. one of the vehicles involved sped away from the scene. it was directed to the community center where they found the shooting victim. a private party was being held inside the community center during the incident. also east 14th street near san leandro boulevard is expected to be shut down until 10:00 this morning while authorities finish gathering evidence from the scene. a terrifying problem that continues to get worse in the east bay. keeping drivers safe. in response to a recent rash of shootings, city leaders in pittsburgh could vote to install security cameras along highway 4. >> stephanie chuang live in pittsburgh with the plan. >> good morning. city leaders point to cameras already up in the city like ones you could find outside public buildings like this one at the civic center. they say they helped with crime. the idea is to try this strategy along highway 4 by spending
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$100,000 installing cameras along that roadway. most recently, you might remember a 25-year-old mother of four was on highway 4 in pittsburgh last wednesday morning when someone shot and killed her. this is just one of 20 shootings on alameda and contra costa highways since november. the mayor says adding cameras worked in the city. let's do more of it. >> as far as i'm concerned, i so heartedly think it's a positive thing for us to put our cameras where they need to be. if they need to be somewhere on highway 4 and the corridor there, so be it. >> the chp has ramped up an enforcement. investigators adding they believe these are likely targeted shootings and
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gang-related, as well. this idea spending $100,000 is to be voted tonight by city council at 7:00 tonight. live in pittsburgh, stephanie chuang, today in the bay. now to an overnight fire in san jose that forced firefighters to evacuate a neighboring apartment building. that is cell phone video captured on the scene. the flames broke out in an auto repair shot. firefighters were worried the building would collapse any moment. adding to the problem, the utility pole next to the building also caught fire. the fire started in a car inside of the shop. kris sanchez has been out there live this morning and will bring an update at 6:30. >> 6:04. south bay authorities hope to draw new attention to an unsolved deadly shooting two decades ago. chief of police will be among those holding an update on the death of matthew flores, young
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father and decorated veteran. someone shot and killed the engineer back in 1994 in the company parking lot. surveillance video caught a mysterious black and white ford explorer leaving the scene. a 21-year-old man is in custody accused of shooting another man in antioch. police arrested hall. he shot someone yesterday afternoon on magnolia way. officers arrested hall at a nearby apartment. the victim is recovering. 6:05. suspects accused of killing a marin hiker and tourist in san francisco last year are scheduled to appear in court this morning. they both face murder charges in the deaths of a canadian backpacker in golden gate park and yoga instructor in fairfax last october. a third defendant pleaded guilty as part of a larger plea deal. suspects will appear in court today for a preliminary hearing.
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ç the swarm of aggressive bs appears to be gone. this is what the scene looked like saturday. two people had to go to the hospital after being stung. authorities believe those bees killed two dogs. experts say the bees are possibly killer bees. they were first discovered in the bay area two years ago. they will be swarming at oracle. game one of the western conference finals. all those seats will be filled when they take on the oklahoma city thunder. we are talking about three or four of the top 20 players in the league. arguably two of the best back courts. you have steph curry and clay thompson. on the other hand you have russell westbrook representing the oklahoma city thunder and their star small for the kevin
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durant. >> both teams have really good supporting casts. both teams like to get up and down the floor. i think we were the top two teams in terms of offensive rating. a lot of potential for entertaining play. should be fiercely competitive. >> warriors like to play small while the problem is their only real size is questionable. doves could be without their big man andrew bogut. he practiced yesterday but questionable a thigh injury. tipoff set for 6:00 p.m. get there early. there is also an a's game going on the same time. >> sharks looking to cure a case of the blues after dropping game one to st. louis last night. it was close. in the end, team teal came up short. final score 2-1. sharks are looking forward to
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tomorrow now. >> obviously the goal is to win two. maybe we can pull one out here. >> game two tomorrow night in st. louis. puck drops at 5 p.m. the shark's good luck charm joe paw has found a home with the bay area family. >> humane society says the 3-month-old kitten and a companion kitten were adopted on friday. you may remember that little joe became an internet sensation when she ran along the ice at the sap center during warm-ups a couple of weeks ago. >> she looks like a scaredy cat there. >> she was nearless. >> we are looking at mostly clear skies across parts of the bay area, but clouds mixing.
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in it will be another nice day. nice way to start out the week. here is the view from the castro. how beautiful is that sunrise? it's 47 degrees in napa and 7:00 in san jose. 55 in san francisco with highs reaching the upper 70s, low 80s in the south bay. warmer than yesterday. 60s along the coast and mid 80s for spots like fairfield as well as the tri-valley. oakland up to 74. our temperatures continue to warm up over the next couple of days. i'll talk more about that. mike has unexpected slowing out of the tri-valley. >> i can't clear it, but i can tell you it will be a little slower. here is your map showing the south bay slowing. we'll show you what we are talking about over for the tri-valley. southbound 880 and 680, typical commute towards fremont. east slowing west 580. we expect that out of the altamont. there is a crash 205 holding
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folks up. the arrow pointing eastbound slow around greenville. overnight paving has you down to one lane. they are reopening a couple there. should be clear hopefully by 6:30. they have permission to keep lanes closed till 11:00 a.m. san jose, show you that light drive. north 101 starting to see a build. that second wave of traffic we'll see. watch the slowing guys. up next, nbc news investigation reveals the identities of isis recruits and two are from right here in the bay area. a baby bison in the back of an suv. the reason they took the animal. they say they were trying to do it a favor. a fight over fake purses online.
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information recently leaked about the inner-workings of isis. the terror network is believed nbc is digging into a bounty of information leading into thor in workings of isis. they are believed to have successfully recruited two americans with bay area ties allege lid operating in syria. one is alberto renteria of gilroy who converted to islam. another is 24-year-old jaffrey kahn. one cousin says he grew
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disenchanted attending high school. >> he was getting angry and said we are surrounded by pitiful people and should move to a muslim country. >> nbc recently obtained that information from a thumb drive leaked by an isis defector. federal investigators believe 250 americans tried to join isis but most have not made it to syria. encouraging hacking for the safe of defeating hackers. boston college is helping to host a simulated cyber attack. federal and corporate security teams will be on hand. the drill will include a round table on the legal and technical challenges in preventing cyber attacks. facebook sheryl sandberg gave the commencement address of the year at berkeley. people will talk about it a long time. >> an incredibly personal talk. an unusual topic for a commencement address. >> the real message was resilience. she spoke about the unexpected
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death of her husband with a frank recounting of the day it happened. he died while the couple was on vacation. he was on a treadmill in the gym. >> i walked into a gym to find him lying on the floor. i flew home to tell my children their father was gone. i learned set in the face of a void or in the face of any challenge, you can choose joy and meaning. >> one of the first times sandberg talked publically about his death. she told the graduates to enjoy each day. she says there are many moments to enjoy, the trip you wanted to take, first job, beating stanford. she is probably best known for her book called "lean in." many in the crowd over the weekend thought a book on resilience would be a very good second book. >> alibaba has been suspended
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from a coalition of companies fighting counterfeiting because there are too many counterfeits on alibaba. michael kors said they weren't doing enough to stop fakes. here is a, quote, mk fashion purse. on the right, the real michael kors purse. you can buy the little ornament on alibaba and hang it on any purse you want to. >> the thing is, once you get a purse in your hands and feel the quality of the leather or what not, you can tell or the stitching. >> yes. you can tell. >> it's easier to fake online when you don't have that experience? >> $10. >> your first clue. >> walk really fast so no one can see it. thanks a lot. these baby owls are now safe
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and sound after a few scary weeks. they look happy there. rangers had to rescue them from a marin county wildlife preserve. the group says the trio of owls have fallen from their nests. probably because of strong winds. they are now back in the wild with their owl parents. a father and son were fined for putting a baby bison in the back of their suv. they say they wanted to rescue it from the cold. >> the tourists drove that bison to park rangers thinking they were doing the animal a service. rangers ordered the father and son to release the bison right now. they gave them a ticket. they warn people to keep at least 25 feet away from the large animals.
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especially the bison. >> he's just standing there. >> i ask people that have dogs. they want to sit on your lap or hang their heads out the window. >> home, home on the range. >> range rover, maybe. you need a bigger car. >> how is it looking at home today? >> you don't need to protect the animals from the cold, okay? we'll have nice, warm weather. as we look at warming temperatures out there, we start out with sunshine. looking at the golden gate bridge. this is the picture we've seen the past few days, no fog except for a few spots. as we take a line look at sunol, more of the same thing. a hint things are getting ready to change. 55 in san francisco. south bay at 7:00.
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north bay, 50 in novato. 7:00 in vallejo. starts out the morning at 47. we did have clouds and mist early saturday morning. it was all because of this low pressure north of us. this will allow temperatures to warm up into the 80s and near 90. the flow around high pressure always clockwise. it will fight back or onshore flow. by the weekend, more changes on the way. another area of low pressure moving in that will bring much cooler temperatures and slight chance of showers farther to the north. the next three days we see temperatures going from the upper 70s in the south bay to the upper 80s by wednesday. peninsula will have a little bit more of a break because you will have an onshore flow wednesday. upper 80s for parts of the north
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bay and mid 70s for the south bay and 80s for the tri-valley. looking at that temperature trend for san francisco, in the low 70s today. the average high 64. going to be well beyond that tomorrow. 72 on wednesday. then we go below average for the end of the week. a lot of wild temperature swings. as we look ahead to the weekend, never too early to make weekend plans. it will be nice and comfortable. don't think it will be warm enough to head to the beach. >> changes for the bay. as we are rotating in through the summer months or end of spring into summer break for schools, seeing the traffic flow change. looking to the bay. smooth flow of traffic. lighter, easier build. bottom of the screen shows south bay commute. traffic lightening up. i want to point out on surface
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streets, this is where kris was talking about the overnight fire. locust will take you past this area so far no major impact there. we are looking here toward eastbound 580. talked about that paving work. speeds starting to go through here. typical build for 880 and 680 southbound. as we take a live look, you see the backup filling in the toll plaza. metering lights are on. it's more gradual than we see on a monday. southbound 101 easy flow of traffic. back to you. coming up next, fighting smoking by hiking the price of cigarettes. new measure could be on the ballot come november. new this morning
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==laura/vo== the plan to hike california's cigarette tax another two- dollars per pack .. is aparently 6:24. the plan to hike california cigarette packs another $2 per pack is apparently taking a step forward. the backers of a proposed measure tripled the cigarette pack will gather in san diego to announce they collected enough signatures for the november ballot. that comes less than a month after governor brown signed legislation to up california's legal age for buying tobacco to
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21. decision 2016 riding a recent wave of momentum. bernie sanders hopes he can further delay hillary clinton clinching the democratic presidential nomination. >> this is still a contest. he needs to pick up wins in kentucky and oregon tomorrow. sanders does still have a shot at the nomination, albeit the a long shot. good morning. >> exactly. i use the analogy he is swinging from the fences. both kentucky and oregon are extremely important to senator bernie sanders to avoid more pressure to get out of the race. he is not going down without a fight. senator bernie sanders needs 65% of all remaining delegates to catch hillary clinton. >> that is why we need your help this time. >> if sanders wins in kentucky and oregon tuesday, he says he
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can get the unbound superdelegates on his sign. clinton wants to move on. >> what you hear from donald trump is not just offensive, it is dangerous. it is dangerous. >> president obama echoed similar warnings during his commencement address at rutgers university, never mentioning donald trump by name. >> the world is more interconnected than ever before and becoming more connected every day. building walls won't change that. >> trump took to twitter last night saying newspaper reports listing names of vice presidential running mates are wrong. this as the party is starting to rally behind their presumptive nominee. >> this is way early and we are seeing convergence on part of the electorate donald trump. >> for republicans, only the voters in oregon will vote on tuesday to decide who is their choice. donald trump took the day off
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from campaigning, not date off from twitter. live in washington, edward lawrence. back to you. >> that would be the day to stop tweeting. thank you very much. it's 6:27. up next, wacky, wild and fans of disco. from creative costumes to drunken arrest. fire crews are still on scene. a power pole is leaning, threatening to fall. a building might collapse. where it's all happening. joining us.
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i'm laura garcia cannon.
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=sam/4shot= and i'm sam brock (toss kari) ==kari/cu== a very good monday morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. >> good news when it comes to the forecast? >> oh, yeah. we are going to have a beautiful day. warmer than yesterday. we start out with clouds and fog and sunshine. it's 49 in the north bay. low clouds over san francisco, peninsula and south bay. we are warming up to the upper 70s, light wind, mostly sunny. 80s for the north bay as well as the tri-valley. more widespread 80s in the forecast tomorrow as well as wednesday. i'll talk about that. let's head over to mike. you're tracking slowing through dublin. >> we are trying to put a positive spin on that. this is our live look. westbound with more traffic. that was jammed up for just a couple of minutes as we look at
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your map, typical pattern and lighter than normal build as we ease into summer vacation. right to left you have a slower drive started to recover. that stretch shows about ten minutes of slowing. we are still watching this closure. kris has the story coming up about the fire and activity there. a live look at san mateo bridge. kris has been following this story all morning. flames ripping through a san jose auto repair shop. the fire so big, it's threatening a neighboring apartment complex. this happened at willow street. >> kris sanchez live with a look at the damage left behind. good news, everyone back inside their homes this morning. >> reporter: everyone is back inside but the building behind 
6:32 am
us could fall. it could damage the apartments next door. there are about 11 units there. you can see that power pole that is offkilter and threatening to fall over on to the roadway. if it does, there is a high-powered power line that could come down. that is why traffic is blocked. this is because of the fire that started around 9:00 last night. that power pole, just one of the factors that complicated the fire fight. at the height of the fire fight there were about 50 firefighters on scene. at some point they did have to take a defensive position and watch it burn because the building was too unstable to enter. the fire inside the auto shot was fueled by all kinds of flammable material you would find inside an auto shop. things like gas, oil and paint. when the fire jumped through that power line, several lines came down.
6:33 am
pg&e did deenergyize that line and hundreds of homes and businesses lost power. people were evacuated for sometimes because of the fire, risk of collapse and risk of electrocution. >> we also had a powerful transformer and high voltage wires spread from the building. they were at risk falling on our people. we couldn't in the area in front of the building. >> fire crews are on scene. arson investigators showed up, which is typical in a fire, to determine what the cause and origin was. folks are asked to keep away from this area because of those power lines. the power is on for everybody who was affected, about 600 businesses and homes. if you woke up to flashing clock in the area, this might be the reason why. kris sanchez, today in the bay.
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6:33. jury today begins sentencing deliberations for the man who shot and killed a young oakland girl during a sleep over. jurors convicted darnell williams first degree murder with special circumstances. in july 2013 he shot and killed the 8-year-old girl during a sleep over. jurors convicted him in an unrelated shooting several weeks later. he is eligible for the death penalty. tragic in ft. bay after an accident at a swimming pool a 4-year-old boy drowned when he slipped off a kick board and went under water unnoticed. it happened yesterday afternoon at the sonoma racket club complex. a spokesperson said minutes likely passed before the family discovered that boy. paramedics were not able to revive him. national emergency medical services week. responders in the south bay will gather for a mass casualty
6:35 am
drill. the simulated theme will include hospital evacuations and mock casualties. takes place at san jose's regional medical center. >> south bay leaders are handing out a plan to provide affordable housing for the homeless. seven jose city leaders yesterday held a joint town hall with county leaders. their goal was to work on permanent solutions for the homeless problem. yesterday's meeting presented a three to five year timeline rolling out new permanent housing options. sonoma county taking the next step to upgrade health care coverage for hundreds of undocumented children. the county will begin to upgrade the coverage for about 1,000 children who are currently enrolled in a restrictive form of medical. they are hoping to enroll more than 3,000 children who are eligible for comprehensive care but are not enrolled. >> it's always colorful, a
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little crazy, bay to breakers. tens of thousands of people running rampant in san francisco streets and wacky costumes. the race is over in just a few hours yesterday but the party continued throughout the day. presidential campaign costumes were a hit this year. several runners showed up as not just donald trump but the wall donald trump wants to build. there were about 40,000 registered runners, twice that number flooded on to the course. more were concerned what they looked like. >> when i was getting ready to come here i was thinking about training. she says forget training, worry about your costume. i was like, costume? >> police were busy. there were seven arrests in total. five for public intoxication. someone was cited for leaving a dog inside of a hot car. amazing they were even running in the race to begin with.
6:37 am
>> somebody actually won. >> a few runners did take bay to breakers seriously. >> there you go. the winner was originally from kenya but lives in texas. no costume weighing him down. the first woman to cross the line from kenya. the museum for george lucas' movie memorabilia might end up on treasure island. >> the "star wars" creator reportedly looking at san francisco again after a plan to bring the museum to chicago fell through. lucas wanted to build a museum in the presidio but that came up against too much opposition.
6:38 am
the museum has an approved development plan but the project is far from assured. oakland and los angeles are competing in trying to lure the museum. >> get ready to get in formation. beyonce is in the bay. her tour is coming to levi stadium tonight. it will be the second time the queen performed at the venue this year. first was during super bowl halftime show with coldplay. caltrans providing extra service. mike is dancing off to the side here. >> it's 6:38. legends in the bay area sports may receive what may be the top honor tonight, induction to the bay area sports hall of fame.
6:39 am
>> it's the bashof. this includes one-time san francisco giant jeff kent. he won the national league mvp in 2000. he hit more home runs than any other second businessman. one-time giants executive peter mcgowan is credited for keeping the giants in san francisco. raymond chester, one-time m in the warriors all-star mitch richmond and anne warner cribs. >> great bay area athletes. great bay area weather. >> it will be beautiful for the day with some clearing skies. we have clouds in the south bay and then we have some sunshine in san francisco. it will be nice and warm later on today. here is a look at the outer sun set. it is 54 in the city. also in livermore. 56 in oakland and san jose.
6:40 am
a look at these highs today. up to 82 in los gatos. 69 on the embarcadero. 84 fairfield. 60s along the coast. 80s inland and 80s for the tri-valley today. into the next few days, those temperatures really ramp up. i'll talk about that coming up in a few minutes. >> this is our live look 101 north of 680. that is starting to build up now. looking at palo alto on the peninsula. that volume starting to build up. you don't see problems as far as traffic flowing. the maps are looking clear. more in the next report. back to you. 6:40. a base brawl for the ages.
6:41 am
bad blood broils on to the field. >> business and tech as we look at the old fashioned way.
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outcue: nats of crash trt=5 ==laura/cont vo== some incredible video out of new york. hard to believe no one was hurt when that semi truck - lost look at that incredible video out of new york. hard to believe no one was hurt when that semi truck lost control and flipped over on the tappap zee bridge. it happened friday.
6:44 am
five cars were hit by debris. officials think the truck's suspension system failed, likely causing that crash. 6:44 right now. a game of finger pointing. a bomb square abruptly canceled an important soccer game. home to manchester united. an explosive discovered in a bathroom led to that cancellation. police determined the device to be fake but accidentally left there by a private security girm that recently staged a drill. the game will be made up tomorrow. leaders are calling for a full inquiry. it is not just any monday, it's jobs act monday. >> scott mcgrew with his red, white and blue tie. big day for american small business. >> this is a big deal. today changes everything for people who want to invest money in american business.
6:45 am
the old way is to buy shares in something. we see blue buffalo dog food and their dogs opening the nasdaq. you can buy shares of blue buffalo. that is one way of buying into the business. another is to be rich. but starting today that rule about rich goes away. small businesses can offer partnerships to regular people to invest. the rule change was signed into law years ago by president obama. the jump-start our business act or jobs act is looking for today for s.e.c. to write all the rules. a little local brewery will raise money selling private shares to its own customers. >> the s.e.c. is concerned with protecting investors and that is very important. this country is built on innovation. america is all about leading and starting companies and being an entrepreneur.
6:46 am
that's what got us to where we are today. i'm excited about where we are going. >> vincent bradley represents one of the websites you can buy shares on. you are seeing a small family farm growing organic food you can invest in. if you think this sounds like kick starter, kind of. the difference here is when you invest in a brewery on kick starter, you get a prize for your $100 or $1,000. free beer for a year or whatever. under the jobs act, if you invest in that brewery, you literally own part of the brewery. what that means for you is going to be up to the company offering the share. it could mean you get a profit, a check every month based on the profit. >> they'll work it through this website, for example. >> there are a number of websites that have sprung up. you can do it personally right there at the brewery. they'll have mailing lists. come on down, have a meeting, find out how to invest $2,000 in
6:47 am
our brewery and sign your check and get a perspectus. >> just like that. perhaps a vote, too. >> definitely. >> the punch heard around the baseball world. this was landed spot on. plenty of bad blood between the blue jays and rangers. bautista gets hit by a pitch. watch what happens after he makes that throw. shoves bautista, then lands an upper cut to his left cheek. this has been brewing a long time. there was shoving. bautista in the jaw. so hard his sunglasses went flying. several players ejected. no word yet on suspensions that could come down. texas won the game 7-6. >> what happened to good
6:48 am
sportsmanship? >> brawls break out all the time. you rarely see someone land a punch like that. more in hockey than baseball. >> we all play along very well here. how are we looking? a little warmer today. >> a lot warmer tomorrow. that's when we really feel the difference. looking at a nice warm start to this morning as well. live look at sunol. also we had clouds in parts of the south bay but clear in mt. tam and into the start of the day we'll start out with sunshine. more of that for the next couple of days. as we break it down for parts of the south bay and san jose, at 9:00 at 61. into the low 70s by lunchtime. beautiful weather to take the lunch outside.
6:49 am
if you have a break, 77 by 4:00. it will be nice and comfortable today. gave us a little bit of morning clouds for the weekend. as that moves away, this is replaced by high pressure. that allows our temperatures to warm up. it's fighting back the onshore flow allowing warmer temperatures inland temperatures to make it into the 80s and 90s. later this week, we'll have more changes as this area of low pressure moves in, it will be much cooler and a slight chance of showers for the north bay. looks like much of that stays well to the north of the bay area. our temperatures in the south bay today up to 78. into the upper 80s by the middle of the week. the same for the peninsula. there will be a nice week onshore flow by the peninsula and san francisco. the rest of the inland area continues to warm up. north bay wednesday up to 88.
6:50 am
also 88 in the tri-valley for the middle of the week. taking a look at this temperature trend for san francisco, today up to 71. what is average? 64. well above that tuesday and warm wednesday. as the temperature drops we'll be below average for the end of the week and the weekend. this weekend is looking nice with highs in the 60s and 70s. mostly sunny skies. overall a very pleasant weekend. let's head over to mike to get a view of traffic. >> it's sticking around. it is a little bit unusual. looking over here, west 580, look at the big view of the bay you see south bay slowing. you would expect that later in the commute after 6:30 when we see the northbound route starting to slow. that 280, 880 interchange there.
6:51 am
101 to the airport. no big surprises here. it is west 580. starting to show easier drive. good amount of congestion before the dublin interchange. take a live look here. you see the bay bridge filling in the toll plaza lane. a live look outside for the san mateo bridge to the south. westbound things starting to slow now. once you hit that sunlight and high rise, traffic flows nicely over the peninsula. 101 shows the build now. back to you. from the congestion to the creepy or spooky. the story behind the winchester mystery house is headed to the big screen. >> helen mirren is set to play
6:52 am
sarah winchester, the heiress to the winchester rifle fortune and master mind. legend has it she was afraid she would be haunted by people killed by winchester rifles, so in order to keep the spirits away, she never stopped construction on her home. even had crews build fake doors and staircases to nowhere 24 hours a day. >> it's a great topic for a movie. >> check out the winchester house. next, just had confirmation of another shooting on highway 4. it happened last night. it comes as leaders today are contemplating adding security cameras along the highway in hopes of catching whoever is doing the shooting. the latest in a live report. happening now, san jose firefighters trying to figure out what started the fire at an auto repair shop threatening an a adjacent apartment building.
6:53 am
>> bay to breakers pictures. we are also on facebook live. right now. before you head out the door -
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here are the top stories on nbc bay area... ==s
6:56 am
good monday morning. 6:55. here are the top stories on the nbc bay area. >> stephanie chuang live in pittsburgh where a rash of freeway shootings has city council deciding whether or not to install security cameras. we are just learning right now of another shooting that happened last night. >> right. good morning. we are talking about pittsburgh hire city council trying to see if they want to spend $100,000 to install cameras along highway 4. this morning we learned there was another shooting on highway 47:30 last night in antioch. antioch police responded to this shooting that happened around highway 4 and l street. police found a 22-year-old antioch man who had been shot. he is expected to survive. there is no other information, who shot him or why this person. all that is under investigation. this is coming after two
6:57 am
shootings last week on east bay freeway. last wednesday morning show one shot and killed 25-year-old mother of four. chp says it was one of 20 shootings on east bay freeways since november. tonight city council is considering spending $100,000 to install cameras along highway 4. they say those cameras worked in other parts of the city. 7:00 tonight is when council members are expected to vote on this issue. this following another shooting on highway 4 last night in antioch. 6:7:00. investigators searching for a killer after a man was found shot to death outside the senior city community center. police noticed the crash and learned one vehicles involved sped away from the scene.
6:58 am
they found the shooting victim. a private party was being held inside the community center. east 14th street near san leandro boulevard is expected to be shutdown until about 10:00 this morning until authorities finish gathering evidence from the scene. >> let's get ready for the big test. warriors at oracle arena are going to be rocking tonight game one for the western conference finals. doves are hosting the oklahoma city thunder. tipoff set for 6:00 p.m. get there early because along with all the normal commute, there is an a's game going on. >> sharks are going to cure a case of the blues after dropping game one of the western conference finals in st. louis last night. it was close but in the end, team teal came up short. final score 2-1. game two is tomorrow night in st. louis again. let's in the sing the blues.
6:59 am
puck drops at 5:00 p.m. they are going to stay positive here. we are going to warm up as we go through the day. >> ice will be melting. you are going to see little warmer temperatures today. 60 in the north bay. mostly sunny skies. upper 60s south bay and headed to ç78. san francisco warmer with a high of 71. >> fremont, a new crash involves a motorcycle which we see during the warmer weather. overall a smooth drive easy into this morning's commute. may have one lane blocked. there is a look at the res of the bay. a lot of traffic starting earlier this evening. >> there is a lot going on. and the beyonce concert tonight.
7:00 am
>> at levi stadium. >> see new a half hour. good morning. oh, the places you'll go. >> it's not cool to not know what you're talking about. >> president obama takes a not so veiled shot at donald trump in a commencement address, as the republican's presumptive nominee fires off a surprising new tweet this morning. encouraging bernie sanders to run as an independent. round two. 28 million people in the flood-weary south, bracing for more heavy rains today. how bad will it get this time? search suspended. the coast guard calling off its three-day effort to find a young mother who fell overboard on a cruise. why her family is still holding out hope. and cover up. a los angeles meteorologist


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