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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  May 16, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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we're on top of a developing story out of the east bay... where and right now at 11:00, we are on top of a developing story out of the east bay. a woman's body has been found submerged in this water. good morning, everyone. thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. >> and i'm kris sanchez a gruesome discovery made overnight in concord and police are confirming to nbc bay area that the woman's body was found near the entrance to newhall park. >> stephanie chuang is joining us live. do they know if it's suspicious? >> reporter: they do not know. what i can tell you is that two guys found the body early this morning. very tough for them as well.
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the pond where this body was found is behind the bushes and the trees there. a lot of this investigation is focused on the other side. at the end is where there is a parking lot. police say the person they found was an adult woman already dead and nine hours later they are still here and questions remain about what happened. >> i was shocked. i've been here every day and i never would think something like that would happen. >> reporter: roman and his friend troy say they were at the duck pond fishing late almost every night. they called a friend to confirm that they found a body floating there before calling the police. >> we saw the railing and there was blood before the pond and so we looked into the pond because we saw something floating and it was an orange shirt and i guess a little girl was floating in there at the end right there. >> reporter: did you see
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anything around? >> water and blood. that's it. >> i got a cold chill on my back. >> reporter: the crime scene tape spanned the perimeter of the pond while they are focusing near the back, the parking lot. troy was at the same spot around midnight and had not seen anything suspicious. it was two hours later when these friends say they made the gruesome discovery. >> i have kids so i would never think something like this could happen. i know a lot of people come down here, too. i would never suspect that. >> reporter: and back here live, you are seeing some orange evidence markers. we saw bottles, pizza box and it's unclear if those are related to what police are investigating here. concord police say there have been no recent major incidents at the community park and they have been trying to locate witnesses since last night through this morning and they are still working on it. i spoke to someone at the coroner's office and they said
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the police had not contacted the office yet. the body is still here. the investigation will be going on for at least a couple more hours. >> steph, thanks. another story out of the music world where a search is under way for pop singer sinnaed o'connor. she's been missing since sunday morning after going on a bike ride. they posted an item on her facebook page venting about what appeared to be a legal issue. you can read that post right now at and now to another highway shooting in the east bay. >> that's right. the latest shooting happened on highway 4 in antioch just last night. police say someone shot a man in a car near l street. the victim suffered nonlife threatening injuries and no arrest has been made but this adds to 20 shootings on freeways in that part of the bay area. the string of highway shootings
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has pittsburg city leaders talking about putting up cameras that would stop other would-be shooters. >> as far as i'm concerned, i think it's a positive thick for us to put our cameras where they need to be and if they need to be somewhere, highway 4 a little bit and the corridor, then so be it. >> investigators believe most of the shootings are targeted and gang-related. however, there have been some innocent people who have been caught in the cross-fire. a task force is working to solve those cases. investigators in san leandro are searching for a killer after a man was shot to death outside of the city's senior center. police found a crashed car used by the killer. the shooting happened during a private party held inside the community center. the area around 14th street in
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san leandro boulevard opened about an hour ago after authorities finished collecting evidence from the scene. and overnight, fire and an auto shop forced investigators to evacuate a neighboring apartment building. the flames broke out near willow street. firefighters were forced to keep their distance worried that the building could collapse and then adding to the problem, a utility pole right next to the building also caught fire. the fire apparently started in a car inside the shop and fortunately nobody was hurt. a suspect accused of killing a marin hiker and a tourist in san francisco last year are scheduled to appear in court this morning. lyla and morrison face murder charges in the death of these two people, canadian backpacker in golden gate park and a yoga instructor last september. the third on your screen already pled guilty to second-degree charges as part of a plea deal.
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all three suspects will appear in court today for a preliminary hearing. from the north bay, a terrible reminder about water safety. a 4-year-old little boy drowned in a community pool after losing his grip on a kickboard. authorities say the 4-year-old boy was playing in the pool at an apartment complex yesterday afternoon. a public safety spokesman says the boy was likely under water for several minutes before he was pulled out. when paramedics arrived, the little boy could not be revived. a 20-year-old murder case is getting attention. the chief of police will provide an update on the death of matthew flores, a young father, decorated veteran, someone shot and killed the engineer back in 1994. this is surveillance video from back then catching a black and white ford explorer leaving the scene. investigators are hoping to generate new leads today. today, preparing for the unthinkable.
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emergency responders in the south bay will gather for a mass casualty drill, all part of emergency preparedness week. it will include hospital evacuations and mock casualties happening at the regional medical center. if you see something unusual there, this might be it. thunder in the forecast inside the oracle arena as they take on the oklahoma thunder for game one in the western showdown. it's serious star power. two back-to-back courts in the league -- back to back mvp steph curry and klay thompson and russell westbrook. >> both teams have really good supporting casts. i think we were the top two teams in terms of offensive rating, if i'm not mistaken.
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so a lot of potential for entertaining play and should be fiercely competitive. >> also, they could be without their big man andrew bogut who has a thigh injury. tipoff is for 6:00 tonight. get there early. along with the normal commute traffic, there's an a's game around the same time. well, from the court to the ice, the sharks dropped game one of the western conference finals in sabt lewis last night. it was close but in the end, they came up short. find score was 2-1. the sharks looking forward to tomorrow. >> obviously the goal is to win two but if we can put one out here, that's the goal. >> next game is tomorrow night in st. louis. puck drops at 5:00 our time. >> a game we can actually watch.
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it starts at 5:00. >> the sharks good luck charm will be watching the sharks rally with her new family. >> the silicon valley tell us this 3-month-old kitten adopted by a bay area family on friday. you remember joe. an internet sensation as she ran across the ice during a warmup a couple of weeks ago. and there she goes. coming up, president obama sounding off on decision 2016. >> he took a jab at the presumptive gop nominee. we'll take you look at what he said. and the south bay landmark going hollywood on us. the celebrities who may be inking a deal to play a legendary heiress. and i'm meteorologist kari hall. more of the microclimate forecast coming up. today marks a major change in
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the world of investing.
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good day on the market. we've got dogs on the nasdaq as the pet food company celebrates. today mark as major change in the world of investing. regular folk with regular salaries can start investing in pre-ipo companies. now, the old way of investing was to buy shares. you saw buffalo there on the nasdaq. that's one way of buying into a business. the other way before today was to be something called an accredited investor. in other words, be rich. the rule change was actually signed into law years ago by president obama. the jump-start our business start-up act or jobs act, it took until today for the fcc to
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write all of the rules. starting today, a little business, like a local brewery, will be able to raise money selling private shares to its own customers. >> the s.e.c. is concerned with protecting investors and i think that's very important but this country is built on innovation and america is all about leading and starting companies and being an entrepreneur and i think that's what has got us to where we are today so i'm excited about where we are going. >> you are seeing a small family farm growing organic food. if you think it sounds like kickstarter, it's kind of like that but here's the difference. when you invest in kickstarter, you get a prize, let's say free beer for a year or something. under the jobs act when you invest your money in a brewery, you're literally getting part of the brewery as an ownership. >> right. >> exactly what that means, whether you get a share of the profit, that's up to each company offering the shares but
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you can literally say, i'm a part owner in this business. >> is it safe to say that you're supporting companies that you believe in? >> you're not probably going to make it rich but you will support that corner bakery and, you know, peet's coffee started as a corner coffee shop, right? you could get rich. >> let's go visit our corner coffee shop. president obama taking a jab at the presumptive republican nominee donald trump. >> in politics and in life, ignorance is not a virtue. it's not cool to not know what you're talking about. >> president obama making those comments while delivering the commencement address at rutgers university in new jersey yesterday. continuing on wit politics, bernie sanders hopes that he can further delay hillary clinton from clinching the democratic
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presidential nominee. >> she's going to need to pick up wins in both kentucky and oregon tomorrow. here is more on sanders' long shot. >> reporter: bernie sanders needs 67% of all delegates. if sanders wins in kentucky and oregon on tuesday, he says he can get the unboubd superdelegates to switch sides. clinton just wants to move on. >> what you hear from donald trump is not just offensive, it is dangerous. it is dangerous. >> president obama echoed similar warnings during his commencement address at rutgers university, never mentioning donald trump by name. >> the world is more inner connected than ever before and it's becoming more connected every day. building walls won't change that. >> meanwhile, trump took to
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twitter last night saying newspaper reports listing names of vice president running plates are wrong. this as the party is starting to rally behind their presumptive nominee. >> this is way early and we're starting to see convergence on the electorate with donald trump. >> reporter: only voters in oregon will make their choice on tuesday. donald trump elected to take the day off from campaigning but he's on twitter. reporting in washington, edward lawrence, nbc news. >> time is running out to register to vote in california's next election. that includes the presidential primary on the ballot. there are lots of important local decisions as well. last day to sign up is may 23rd, a week from today. to register online, you need your california driver's license or i.d. card, the last four digits of your social security and date of birth. if you're missing any of that information, you need to printout the registration and send it in before the deadline. now to an investigative unit
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exclusive. san francisco is certainly known for its food but there is a lot you may not know about health violations that restaurants across the stay incur. we are exposing a loophole that allows some restaurants to keep their inspection records a secret from you. how some restaurants are getting to wipe their record clean. it's a practice that some restaurant owners are using to hide past evaluations. one lawmaker plans to take action after we showed her what we found but the restaurant inspection says the practice is totally legal. >> does that make sense to you? >> it's not for me to make sense of it. it is what the law requires us to do. >> but wouldn't you want to know if you were about to eat at a restaurant that was considered so dirty, the city was forced to shut it down? >> i think a majority of people in san francisco don't think about those things. they are really in the current moment. >> wow. we'll show you how you can get
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ahold of that information. some restaurants may try to keep it secret. we'll show you tonight at 11:00. if you have a tip, call 888-996-tips or send an e-mail to the elevator is broken at the washington monument. this has become a recurring problem. in early april, it broke down twice in one week and tourists at the top had to walk down hundreds of stairs. the monument will reopen once repairs are complete. >> that will light up your pedometer. a baby bison was rescued. >> this happened last week at yellowstone. the tourists drove the calf, we
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are not kidding. the rangers urged them to release the bison and gave them a ticket. national park rules warn people to keep at least 25 feet away from animals that have lived outside their entire lives in yellowstone park but have never been in a car. >> you know what, god bless those people for trying to do something nice. now go back into the community. >> this is time to save a fish from drowning. don't try to save a fish from drowning. >> they were trying to do the right thing. >> you are such a nice person. >> she is. she's a lovely, lovely human being. >> it's a curse. >> kari, i bet you were raised right, too. >> we have great weather as we transition over to some sunshine, warmer weather over
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the next couple of days. now, we are enjoying some sun right now. here's a live look at san jose and it continues to warm up. we will have this warmer air and it will even feel like summer time for a couple of days before it cools down in time for the weekend. let's get a look at our microclimates now. it's 63 degrees in the east bay and san francisco, 63 degrees as well with highs today reaching in the low 70s there. low 80s in the north bay and 80s in the try vi-valley. 76 degrees. oakland, mid-70s. there's a lot going on there today from the warriors game to the a's game and a lot of sunshine to go along with that with warmer air. by 7:00, it will be 65 degrees, just perfect with mostly clear skies tonight. a warmer trend is under way. we have this area of low
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pressure which brought us the mist and clouds on early sunday morning. we replace that with high pressure and give us clear skies and warming temperatures and the flow around the high pressure is always clockwise. it will fight back the onshore flow and inland temperatures are in the middle 80s to the 90s. this area of low pressure moves in and gives us spotty shower for the north bay on friday. it looks like we will have cooler temperatures and that carries into the weekend. this is how it shapes up. in the south bay, 73 degrees. 87 on wednesday. you see how those temperatures jump up but there may be a weak onshore flow for the peninsula as well as san francisco that we're helping our temperatures back down by the middle of the week. but for the north bay, south bay and east bay, it looks like we'll have very warm air, well
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above average. as we break it down for san jose, for the next five days, looking at the temperature trend, the average 75 degrees will be up to 85 degrees. wednesday, we see cooler air but then we go below average for thursday and friday. looking ahead to the weekend, probably not a beach weekend because it will be in the 60s and low 70s. but at least we have the sunshine. no major worries about rain with the exception of a couple of sprinkles possible on friday in the north bay. we'll be keeping an eye on that. looking forward to warmer temperatures, scott and kris. >> well, thank you much. so the store ren behind the winchester mystery house in san jose is headed to the big screen. helen mirren is set to play sarah winchester. sarah winchester was the heiress
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and mastermind behinds the winchester mystery house. >> now it will be a movie. >> that's cool. coming up, meet a young bay area student who decided to take matters into his own hands to further his future. his inspiring story next on "bay area proud". and happening now, facebook sheryl sandberg speaking openly about her husband's sudden death that occurred during a trip to mexico. you can hear her inspiring words over the weekend on our facebook page. on a lighter note, super mario brothers to the legend of nintendo which is eyeing film-makers. go to we'll be back with you in two
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minutes. advanced placement, or ap,
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courses are often seen as a requirement for college-bound high school students. bu n advanced placement, or a.p. courses, are a requirement for college-bound high school students but not every school can offer an a.p. course. >> and you're out of luck unless you're the young man in this
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next story. garvin thomas has that story. >> he got his first taste of computer science and coding in the seventh grade and he was hooked. he knew it had to be part of whatever he did with his life. he just didn't know how many others he would end upbringing along with him. you'll see how in this bay area proud. washington high school in fremont has a lot to offer its students. loads of activity. >> you might want to quantify that. >> and lots of caring teachers. it had everything he wanted in school when he enrolled as a freshman. well, everything, it turned out, except one thing. >> i was very, very excited to take the course. i was like, yes, this is a course i need to take. and i get to washington high school and the course is not there. >> reporter: the course he really wanted to take was advanced placement computer science. he started getting interested as a middle schooler and really
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wanted to tackle it in high school. not one, though, to let the lack of a formal course stop him, he bought a book and taught himself the course. >> i figured my way out and took the test in may and got a 5 on it, which is the highest score. that was really exciting for me. >> reporter: it's what he did next, though. he thought his friends could benefit from his work so started teaching the material after school to about 30 of them. but when scheduling conflicts made it hard to find a time that they could all get together, he didn't let that stop him either. >> i saw an opportunity there and tried to build out the online course myself. >> decoding ap computer science, hosted on a website, is a free course that he created and it turns out it wasn't just his friends who were interested. in a little over a year, more than 4,000 others from around
11:29 am
the world have taken his course. more than have giving it a five-star rating. >> using my course, it's crazy, from south korea. >> reporter: he followed up with his very own textbook for the course. in a few engineers, moksh has been teaching high schoolers about the science and the rest of us about not letting obstacles stand in your way. >> whatever interests you, go out there and do it. >> while moksh one day sees himself making a living in computer science, he's not making any money off of it right now. the course he has online is free for anyone to take. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. >> go to for bay area proud. coming up, we investigate. >> i would rather see in the
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future more of the state bond moneys going to things that are very hard to fund locally. >> state money counted as the solution to our drought. where exactly is that bond money going? i'm senior investigative reporter stephen stock. coming up, we dig into the details of that bond and find some projects that might just surprise you.
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governor brown has pointed to a new seven billion dollar bond measure -- passed by welcome back. how much money despite our drought passed by voters as part of a drought solution. >> is it enough and is it being spent wisely? senior investigative reporter stephen stock finds out where this money is going and is it going to help? >> that's a great question, kris. you know, when voters passed the
11:33 am
water bond back in 2014, backers said it could be a first step in helping create new, innovative ways for california to address the ought problems. but when we combed through the fine print of this bond spending, we found records of lots of old traditional things that got a lot of money but very little funding for new innovative techniques. at first glance, this looks like a regular road project but it's part of the $17.4 million water recycling project currently under construction in pleasa pleasantton. this has been awarded through the state's 7.5 billion water bond measure. >> we're moving as quickly and prudently as we can. >> felicia serves on the board that oversees water bond spending. >> the trick is, you're trying to figure out how do we get the money out the door but how do we
11:34 am
get it out responsibly in a way that is going to be dollars that is well spent. >> reporter: but we've discovered more than 1.5 billion has yet to be spent or committed to any water project. >> speed is not necessarily the right thing. >> reporter: john is california's secretary for natural resources. he acknowledges critics who say the money is not being spent fast enough but he would rather make sure that the money is used to encourage cooperation among california's 400-plus water agencies. a task which can take longer to accomplish. >> if we have to get it out a few months later and leverage billions more, that's the right thing. >> reporter: we found of the bond money allocated so far, projects clearly address new approaches to water conservation and innovative solutions, projects such as the project in pleasa pleasa pleasanton and several ground
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water recharge systems currently under design in california. but those projects only account for $220 million, or 3% of the bond allocated money. we found projects that could get bond money but haven't so far, things like desal nation projects, storm water manufacturement, water use efficiency and integrated regional water and nothing, not one cent has been spent or even allocated to any of those things. >> you know, they can -- >> researcher serves as director of urban water policy at water in the west program. >> it's very hard to change the factor. >> she wants to see more of the water bond money spent on innovation rather than pipes or
11:36 am
reservoirs storage systems. >> a lot of these solutions have already been in the books. some of them might and might not have innovative solutions within them. >> we found on the books projects for fixing waste water treatment plants with local studies about future waste water plants to be built. 23 different projects in all costing bond payers $18 million. there's even $500,000 for an improvement district in humboldt county. >> here's some cash to help pay for something that you probably should and could do on your own. >> reporter: money going to organizations and utilities and agencies that can pay for it themselves are just what ellen suggested the bond money should not be funded. >> to make sure that we're spending the water dollars well.
11:37 am
>> serving at the san francisco based public policy institute. >> i would rather see in the future more of the state bond moneys going to things that are going to fund locally and that means less emphasis on water supply and waste water agencies and more emphasis on the kinds of things that they don't fund with the ratepayer base. >> we found several examples of those projects in the fine print, things such as $3 million for a new booster pump station and $15 million to build a pipeline to serve vineyards, a pasture and increase the water recycle liability at the refinery. >> couldn't chevron spend that money on its own? >> it wouldn't be able to get recycled water without it. >> shouldn't this money be going
11:38 am
to creative ways to address this from a technological standpoint? >> we can only spend bond dollars the way the legislature wrote the bond. should we be spending more on more technological innovation? sure. it's not in this bond. >> now, as for that $30 million chevron project, a chevron spokesman told me the company considers this, quote, good news. that will allow recycled and reclaimed water to be used at the chevron richmond refinery. "richmond refinery reclaimed water use frees up enough fresh water to supply up to 16,000 homes on a daily basis." we broke all of this down. go to our website. voters clearly thought we needed money to solve this. >> that's how it was sold. >> right? >> there's a lot of the old thinking still going on with the
11:39 am
bond. >> what can the average person do? >> right your legislature, write the governor. there's a real question about should we be leveraging this to do something more innovative than the same old thing. >> right. >> it looks like there's a lot of the same old, same old. >> and it's not written that way -- >> you've got to change it. >> stephen stock, thank you. >> you bet. >> give us a call at 888-996-tips or send an e-mail to the los angeles times reporting that governor jerry brown will allocate $10 million to an early warning system that can give a warning before a big earthquake hits the city being developed by the u.s. geological survey. the goal is to roll that out
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with limited alerts statewide. a new plan to hike the california tax another 2 bucks per pack is taking a step forward. the backers of a proposed measure to triple the cigarette tax will gather in san diego to announce that they have collected enough signature for the november ballot. that announcement comes less than a month after governor brown signed legislation to up the legal age for buying tobacco to 21. and in japan, an earthquake striking that country. here our temperatures will be heating up for the next couple of days and feeling like summer time outside. more of that in the microclimate forecast. morning out of japan... taken
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during an earthquaor let's check out this new video from this morning taken in japan during an earthquake north of tokyo. the quake had a magnitude 5.6. no immediate worry of a tsunami at that point. bullet trains did conduct stops near the capital. the nuclear power plant was not affected. let's check your weather. it's going to get hot. >> yeah. >> we're looking at upper 80s for the next couple of days. it's starting to feel like summer for a little while. thankfully, it doesn't last very long. as we look now at the golden gate bridge with some sunshine overhead, a beautiful day. you can see all of the tourist
11:44 am
there is lined up taking pak r pictures. they are enjoying mostly sunny skies and comfortable temperatures. check out the north bay. 72 degrees. we're at 63 in the east bay in san francisco. as we get a closer look at the east bay, we have upper 70s there at this hour. so you know it's going to be a warm day. 78 degrees in brentwood. livermore, 71 degrees. castro valley, 67 degrees. walnut creek, 75. with the temperatures warming up, we're going to see it going into the upper 70s in the south bay and mostly sunny skies as the beyonce concert goes on and it will be very comfortable by this evening. 69 degrees at 7:00 and mostly clear skies. that's 64 degrees at 9:00. a look at all of the microclimates, highs in the low 80s. peninsula, up to 75 degrees in san mateo and mission district,
11:45 am
71 degrees. seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen, you can see the temperatures will be warming up for tuesday and wednesday. and then it starts to come back down. looking at today, you may have to turn on the air conditioner for a few inland areas which are in the mid-80 ss. the area that brought us clouds and comfortable weather, it's being replaced by the stunshine and inland temperatures near 90 degrees. this won't last very long before we had even more changes. the area of low pressure gives us cloudiness and counter clockwise flow around the area and gives us stronger onshore flow and helps to bring temperatures back down for thursday into friday. looking at the five-day temperature trend in dublin, we're up to 80 degrees today and 85 tomorrow. wednesday, that's one of the warmest days of the week with
11:46 am
mid-70s. looking ahead to this weekend, it looks very nice but it's on the cool side. especially for some spots like san francisco. you'll be in the low 60s. peninsula, up to 70 degrees on sunday. and some mid-60s for the east bay. 68 degrees on sunday. so we'll keep tabs on the temperatures as they rise and fall throughout the week. kris? coming up at 6:00, the body cameras that the police officers wear. do they tell the whole story? that's coming up after the break. wear body cameras...
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11:48 am
==kris/2shot== but the footage recorded by those cameras doesn't always tell the full story. welcome back. more and more police officers are required to wear body cameras. >> but that doesn't always tell the full story, as you might imagine. nbc jeff rossen shows how they can show deceiving images. >> reporter: you're watching what looks like an aggressive confrontation caught on police
11:49 am
body cam. many departments across the country saying they increased transparency and hold officers accountable. >> these cameras are the future of policing. >> reporter: and they are helpful, like in texas. >> put your hands behind your back. >> reporter: a cop is shown taking down a suspect seemingly out of nowhere but from the body camera's angle, a clear view of the suspect attacking the officer first. and in ohio, a body cam capturing this officer pleading with a knife-wielding man. the officer needs to use force. but do they always tell the whole story? today, we have some revealing demonstrations for you. this is jeff a. law professor here at the university of south carolina and also a former police officer. you'll be playing the cop and i'll play the suspect. you said sometimes police body cameras can be misleading? >> that's right. they are a great tool but can be
11:50 am
deceptive. they can fail to catch important information and sometimes they can suggest something that didn't actually happen. >> reporter: to test them out, we're setting up police encounters. seth is putting on a body camera. my producer is off to the side shooting from a distance on her iphone to give us a complete picture like a bystander would. scenario one, deceptive intents. watch this body camera footage closely. what is happening here? >> and then let's look from the bystanders iphone. no broawl here. just bad dancing. >> it's looking up at you and it's on loose clothing so it makes the situation look like an aggressive encounter. with a little more context, we know it's not. >> reporter: okay. on to scenario number two. no sound. we're going to demonstrate a traffic stop. there have been so many
11:51 am
controversial traffic stops lately caught on police body cameras and some officers don't record the sound and some of the departments still that don't release the sound and you're about to see what happens. >> reporter: it looks like a normal traffic stop until -- so what's going on? a, the officer attacked me, i attacked the officer or, c, the officer helped me? now here it is again with the sound. >> i didn't write you a ticket today. whoa. a bee just flew inside your car. >> help me. >> get out of the car. get out of the car. >> reporter: the sound changes everything. but you won't believe your eyes in scenario three, what the camera can't see. >> police department. are you okay? >> leave me alone. >> you okay? >> leave me alone. >> get on the ground now. >> so why did he attack me? it looked like a normal conversation. he just threw me to the ground. here's what the body camera
11:52 am
couldn't see. >> just leave me alone. >> freeze. right there. i pulled a fake gun on the officer causing him to react. >> get on the ground now! >> people think body cameras are going to be the solution and sometimes they will be. sometimes they won't be. and sometimes they will be outright misleading. >> i think we all know that but we don't always remember that. that was jeff rossen reporting, by the way. research on these body cameras is still new. why there are no specific cases of deception yet, experts believe as they become more widespread, there may be. >> certainly not proven. we'll be right back. right now, crews are at the
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scene of a 2-alarm fire in the city's "sunset district." the fire on 35th avenue, near pacheco street, was first we are following breaking news. a two-alarm fire in the sunset district. follow us on twitter for the updates on the fire battle. switching gears, beyonce is in town. ♪ all the single ladies >> get ready to get in formation, beyonce is in the bay. her tour coming to levi stadium tonight, the second time she's perform this is year. you might remember during the super bowl halftime show she performed with coldplay. caltrans will help with the influx of fans heading to the
11:56 am
show. >> the train is even called beyonce special. >> how cute. somebody should take a picture. bay area sports may receive the region's top honor tonight, induction into the bay area sports hall of fame. >> this includes one-time san francisco giant jeff kent. he hit more home runs than any other baseman. other inductees include peter magowan, raymond chester, one-time m in the warriors run, mitch richmond and former olympic swimmer angie cribbs. >> very cool. kari hall is here. >> it's going to be warm the
11:57 am
next couple of days. i had my husband install an air conditioning unit in the window. it will be in the 80s and the temperatures are up to 77 degrees in the north bay now with a high today of 83 degrees, mostly sunny skies. some mid-70s for the east bay peninsula. upper 70s for the south bay and we'll be in the low 80s for the tri-valley. starting to get there today. >> maybe your husband can come help my husband. they do a lot of nice work. thanks so much for joining us. our next newscast is tonight at 5:00. >> get the latest information all day at
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stand by billy and kit. stand by camera two. we're live in new york in five, four, three, two, one -- [ applause ] what a day pap wild day in the plaza here today in new york. there is a red carpet, and getting ready to showcase its stars and announce their fall schedule to advertisers. that's just across the street over there. i sought kristen bell on the carpet. i saw a bunch of others. jennifer lopez is going to be here. >> arnold schwarzenegger. saw him over there. >> you can't say schwarzenegger. >> schwarzenegger. >> you say -- >> i say it right. you've been saying, "get the choppa" all morning. >> absolutely. follow arnold on


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