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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  May 16, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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no cars on westbound four. it's been crawling for thousands of people for three hours now. just getting a little bit of good news. westbound 4 will remain shut down for 30 minutes many it's all because of this, police officers literally walking the freeway, something we don't see often. searching for shell casings here and other clues. this all started at a quick stop on sick mother drive. it led to a shell gas station on bailey road where two suspects were caught, and it continued on to highway four where two more people were arrested many jodi hernandez is in antioch tracking all these developments. >> reporter: gunfire erupts once again as you mentioned tonight. there are a lot of rattled nerves. >> crazy, you're not safe
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anywhere any more. >> that's how people are feeling tonight, on the heels of another apparent freeway shooting. just before 3:00 this afternoon, two people in a black jaguar begin shooting on sick mother and l streets. hitting several unoccupied cars. the jaguar and another car sped away and got on to highway four where witnesses report the occupants of the cars were shooting at each other. police caught up with the jaguar a short time later at a gas station on bailey road. arresting two people and recovering a gun. the chp stopped the second car a few miles away, taking two people into custody and recovering another gun. people who live in the area are fed up. >> you're on the freeway, your kids are in the car with you. this is the freeway we're talking about.
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it affects everything because they close down the freeway. how do you get home. people are running out of gas. >> police are right now physically walking the westbound lanes of highway four looking for shell casings, looking for evidence that shots were fired on the highway, no word if they have found anything. now, the highway has been closed since 4:07 this afternoon, but should reopen in the next 30 minutes, again, this is at the height of the commute hours, a lot of folks frustrated, not able to get around. people are very fed up with the shootings, we are told this is the 22nd or so shooting. in the east bay since november. jodi hernandez, nbc bay area
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news. >> thank you, jodi. frustrating evening for a lot of choppers. all those cars being diverted on to the surface streets there. we mention about what's happening in pittsburgh. a big vote tonight. city leaders will vote on a proposal to install cameras, right there along highway 4, if approved, up to 6 cameras would be installed. pittsburgh mayor, the mayor of pittsburgh supports the plan. the surveillance project will come at a $100,000 price tag. a trip to pet smart ends in a dog's death, a groomer is facing animal cruelty charges. robert, police say the dog was under the care of this particular groomer for less than five minutes. how could that happen?
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>> reporter: the incident took place at pat smart, a very routine procedure. >> officers responded to this pet supply store shortly after 5:00 p.m. on a report a dog had died on the premises. a san mateo man brought his three dachshunds to the store for grooming. juan mateo came out a few minutes later holding one of the dogs. he took the animal to an on site veterinarian, the dog died. police investigated and the groomer was arrested. >> the vet did a postmortem and found he had two broken ribs and a punctured lung.
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>> it's terrible. it's really sad. i feel really sorry for that puppy. >> would you reconsider taking your pet to a groomer? >> definitely i would reconsider taking my pet to a groomer. >> from the criminal side of it, i don't know if there's actions we would take against pet smart. >> in a statement pet smart said it's heart broken by the loss of the dog named henry. pet smart also said it's conducting an internal investigation, and that the current -- the employee is currently under suspension pending the outcome of that investigation. and we have also been told that he's posted bail and is no longer in custody. we also talked briefly with the pet owner's family, who said on the advice of their attorney, they're not commenting at this time. robert honda, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, robert. an oakland police officer is
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now on administrative leave. sources have told nbc bay area, that multiple officers had sex with a minor last year. the teenager is now an adultp p the young woman posted on her young facebook page that her sexual relations with the man occurred after she turned 18. officials are not releasing the names of the officers being investigated. a gruesome discovery at an east bay park. a woman's body was found near a pond. the search is intensifying for the suspect. two fisher men came across the body around 2:00 a.m. 26-year-old eric nelson seen here is the prime suspect. he's believed to be armed and dangerous. the victim was found lying along the shore line of the park's pond. the two men who discovered the body say they fish at the duck pond every night. >> we looked into the pond. it was an orange shirt, a girl
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was in there floating at the end right there. >> the woman has been identified, poinsettia parks. a 25-year-old from concord. she and the accused killer knew each other. >> isis in our own backyard. nbc news has learned that two men from the bay area have joined isis. alberto renteria joined in 2014. the 24-year-old was raised catholic, at some point he stopped going to church and converted to islam. we talked to a former neighbor who asked that we not show her face. >> i'm very surprised, kind of scary around here in this area, you have small kids, you don't know what's going to happen next. it's very, very scary. >> documents show 24-year-old jeffrey cannes from palo alto enlisted in isis in 2014. he grew up in a quiet cul-de-sac and attended gunn high.
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his family told us, jeffrey's actions and decisions have been heart breaking and we do not support his personal choices. a neighborhood is concord is still abuzz today after spending the weekend undersiege from aggressive bees. the angry bees sent two people to the hospital. they may be the cause of two deaths of dogs. the bees were removed from the neighborhood friday night. they're getting more calls wondering if the honey bees they have in a tree in their backyard could turn bean. serious accusations against tesla. the mercury news released a detailed investigation, they brought in foreign workers and paid them much lower wages. our business and tech reporter scott friedman is in the area
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this evening. what's the response from tesla. labor groups are calling it the latest example of silicon valley companies abusing the system and it's workers. tesla admits is a mistake and says it will work to fix it. >> tesla is accused of bringing 140 foreign workers into its freemont facility and paying them as little as $5 an hour. they brought the workers in from eastern europe on what's called the b-1 visa. >> companies are starting to take advantage of any and all types of visa programs they can, to pay workers less and this actually harms safety and security and fairness and equity for all workers. >> one of many recent cases hurled at silicon valley tech companies. >> there needs to be more regulation and oversight. >> for its part, tesla released
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a statement saying it was unaware of the substandard wages and conditions and that it does not condone people working in the tesla factory under the circumstances described in the article. >> both companies are trying to pass the buck by saying, well, we hired a subcontracting company to do this. >> well, you were over at the plant doing this and that. >> tesla has reason been known for higher than average hour wages up to this point. >> by the way, according to the economic policy institute, a bill is now in front of the house and senate that would force federal agencies to collect and release more data about workers who come to this country on visas. reporting live in free monday, scott bud man, nbc bay area news. >> our investigative unit looked into this visa program. many highly educated foreign workers are being paid to watch the investigation. we posted it on the front page of our website.
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nbc bay beyonce is about to take the stage. we'll hear from excited fans and traffic troubles. >> they love their students and they care about their jobs. why the teachers union here in the city says teachers are leaving in droves. details coming up. good evening, i'm jeff ranieri, a sunny 75 in san jose right now. temperatures are about to heat up. details on who reaches 90s. that's coming up in my micro climate forecast. two hours and counting. we're keeping an eye on the breaking news in the east bay. the freeway still a mess. an update after the break.
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(music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette)
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breaking news in antioch. ===raj/live=== a shooting investigation has i want to give you an update on the breaking news we've been following for the last few hours now. a shooting investigation has shut down westbound highway 4. our chopper is overhead. traffic is finally moving. the chp told us they wanted to have it reopened by 6:15 or 6:30. it appears it's finally reopened. you're looking at it on the bottom of your screen. after a shooting of 3 1/2 hours, this is good news, traffic was backed up for miles right there
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it appears it will slowly start to move. >> new at 6:00 tonight, san francisco teachers leaving their jobs at an alarming rate. the president of the teacher's union says it's a critical situation. the san francisco unified school district says it's not dealing with it sufficiently. peggy, teachers were supposed to get a raise recently. did that go through? >> it's true, they are going to be getting a raise, a 5% raise from the previous year, that goes into effect until july. however, with average teacher's salary, about $60,000, and the average renter in san francisco about $3500. teachers say they can't make it, and they're leaving for more affordable cities. >> it's kind of an impossible situation. >> rebecca says she never went into teaching for the money. she also didn't go into it thinking she would make so little she couldn't afford a
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bedroom. >> almost impossible it is to live here and be a teacher. i'm living in a dining room in oakland. >> she has a master's in education. she earns $55,000 per year and pays about $1200 for that dining room in oakland. the low pay and the high rent is reaching a crisis level. >> it's an emergency. you need emergency funding. you need to reorganize your priorities. and you need to do it now. >> teachers are leaving in droves. and taking their teaching credentials to places where they can afford to live. >> barely a week has gone by without us, without me hearing stories of people even being evicted or etting us know via e-mail or phone call. >> once the newest rate increment goes into effect on july 1st, 2015, every teacher will receive a 12% salary increase. >> why are we not supporting
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teachers and the students they work with to build that foundation. it's -- it seems like they don't care. >> that's right, they say that -- they feel like the union does not care, the school district does not care about the teachers. the teachers you heard from said she's going to stay for another year. she doesn't think she can stay any longer. trying to make ends meet here in the city is too much, she plans on leaving at the end of the next school year. nbc bay area news. >> it's tough for our teachers. guess who's back in town. she may aren't world, but she can't fix the traffic issues in santa clara. >> beyonce is back in the area, the backups and road closures already forming near the stadium. michelle roberts is live where lots of single ladies are arriving to see bey. my photographer is laughing
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because he got an education in all of her nicknames. >> a lot of excited fans today, but a lot of delays on the roads. this is the backup to get into the parking lot. that's spilling out and causing major delays around santa clara. >> queen bee fans are ready for a party at levi stadium. >> i love her since day one. >> she's going to be wild, so much energy and crazy, it's going to be mind blowing. >> beyonce nation pours into santa clara, the gm at tomatilla restaurant is hoping to cash in on the monday night boom. >> we're hoping too be busy. >> some aren't happy about her interfering with an already slow commute. >> there's a heavy traffic advisory in place until 11:00 tonight. tasman drive is closed in front of the stadium, there will be police at checkpoints at several neighborhood access points.
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>> it takes one hour to just get to the light rail station. >> many techies plan to call it an early day to beat the traffic. devoted beyonce fans don't mind the wait. >> she's the greatest performer ever. she's like god. >> reporter: if you want to see her, it's not too late. there are tickets available, the nosebleed are going for $80 or $400 if you want to get up close near the stage. michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> she's a god? god is at levi stadium tonight. >> sasha fierce. we better have a good forecast for god tonight in the bay area. >> sunny and 70s right now, 60s as we head throughout the concert. it's going to be beautiful. as we get a look at the forecast through tonight. very comfortable, not a lot of fog at the coastline. that's going to be good news if you're heading out to the rangers and a's tonight.
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that game is going to be happening at 7:05, the first pitch. we are looking at temperatures dropping to 58. and at the end of the game, 56 degrees. the next two days, high pressure is just offshore, that's going to give us a sizable warmup. the bottom of the screen not only 70s coming back near the coastline, 90s for the interior valleys, it's not only this area of high pressure building out in the pacific, it's also a dry offshore wind. at 7:00 in the morning, winds coming out of the north off to the east. we're losing that cooler ocean influence. and the dry wind stays with us right through the afternoon, it will turn more easterly back toward orinda. what does this mean for our forecast specifically? tomorrow morning, not much in the way of fog. east bay at 51. mix of sun and clouds in san francisco and 55. through the afternoon, we'll see
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temperatures go up to 90. peninsula 85. for the trivalley 90. you can see a warm 76 and the north bay at 92. we are going to see some rough changes this week. we'll only stay warm through wednesday. by thursday, we go down to the 70s. we're talking about the chance of showers as the details rise. >> thank you very much, jeff. donald trump and female voters, he's having trouble getting support. larry gurs step joins us to see how it will play out in the general election. thirteen neighbors in san
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francisco are without a home tonight... after a fire in the sunset di happening now, 13 neighbors in san francisco without a home tonight. after a fire engulfed two homes earlier today. three people did suffer minor burns and injuries. on twitter, google takes on car pooling with the launch of waze rider. it matches riders with drivers who are using nearly identical routes. spotlight-- is women.
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a lengthy new york times profile quoted women who he trump is in the spotlight again, this time with women. women he promoted in the business. how do you reconcile trump phenomenon with women voters?
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larry, that article really painted a complicated picture of trump. he promoted women to very high positions. how did he bridge that gulf with women saying different things about him? >> it seems so odd. let me give you a few pieces of data that would put the trump female issue into some perspective here. by a margin of 54 to 46%. women vote more than men in presidential elections. typically, men we find breaking for republicans, women we find breaking for democrats. about 10% or more of that goes that way, if this is any guide. that 10% number will be increased in 2016, remember one other thing. more women vote for men, the second issue compounds the first. recent polls show 70% of female
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voters hold unfavorable views of donald trump. you put these three elements together. and there would seem to be a problem for donald trump. >> i see you emphasizing the word seem. i know that's going to mean something. >> there are a few things to remember here. most women like men aren't one issue candidates. they're thinking about education, social questions. the foreign policy, what's going to happen to the kids in school. all of these things, not just how trump treats women. remember how women just crooned over arnold schwarzenegger? the same thing here, there are a number of women who like the fact that donald trump is so strong, so veer il, if you will. the third factor, some women don't like hillary clinton, they don't like the way she behaves, they don't like that she's so harsh in their terms.
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you put all those three things together. there are reasons that women may not go ahead and vote for hillary clinton and may go along with donald trump. >> trump ran an aggressive campaign. that worked for him. a primary campaign different from a general election campaign. can trump change his strategy and make it work for him. >> if the crystal ball were only working. >> there's some things here we already know. we know that, the general election turnout is much different than the primaries. the primaries, you had the extremes. in the primaries you have low turnout. you're going to have high turnout in the general election. poor, minorities and others who don't vote for others in the primaries. the second factor follows the first. most voters are moderates. they don't come out in the primaries, by the time you get
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to the general election. they factor in a number of ideas, thoughts and stranges. they tend to go toward the center. we haven't seen a lot of center if you will, from donald trump. the question is, the big one. are voters willing to go unorthodoxed. are they willing to go for someone who wants to stick with the known. hillary clinton is a traditional candidate. those things remain up in the air, we have six months to figure out how they're all going to fall. >> details, details, details. that's what they're looking for. >> we're keeping an eye on our breaking news in the east bay. the shooting shuts down highway four. the traffic is backed up for miles, it's been this way for several hours, we have an update right after this break. right now at 6:30...
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our breaking news in antioch. ===raj/live=== thousnad of people -- stuck in their cars... traffc is at a standstill. we continue to follow our breaking news in anti-of course. thousands of people stuck in their cars. you see that on the right side of your screen. westbound highway four which is shut down. all those cars you are seeing are getting off the freeway. it's been a freeway shooting -- a shooting near the freeway. any type of clues after a shooting that happened a few hours ago, it started at a local convenience store and spilled on to the freeway. four people have been arrested. westbound highway 4 should
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reopen any minute now. to alleviate the traffic. we'll continue to follow the story throughout the newscast. >> mark matthews is at treasure island this evening. this is a political and cultural tug of war here, what's the latest. >> what goes around comes around, the museum which started out in san francisco and to chicago. with a possible side trip to los angeles appears it could come back here. >> george lucas said he would pay 700 million to build the museum and offered up his collection of illustrated art and memorabilia from his movies. one might imagine there were hard feelings when he was rebuffed by the federally appointed trustees of the presidio. when opponents in chicago filed
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a lawsuit to block construction. san francisco's mayor sensed a second chance and called lucas for a meeting. >> he's always believed that that museum, that location would be the perfect location for it. >> treasure island, where 8,000 houses have been approved for construction. and a major tourist attraction could draw in jobs. >> hopefully this will be the return of the jedi museum. >> the museum could bolster treasure island's ferry service. >> right now, that island is only connected to the east bay in san francisco by a highly congested bridge. if we could have enough draw. we could get a robust ferry servicep. that could be a boone. >> the governor of illinois is urging lucas and his wife to stay the course in chicago. >> i'm sorry the court process takes a while. i think they should win. it's the right thing for the people of chicago and the people of illinois. >> a supervisor represents
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traesh our island and i talked with her today, she wants to hear from all of the stakeholders and the ease residents, unlike the presidio or chicago or l.a., the 17,000 residents that are going to live on treasure island have not moved in yet, there is no organized opposition at this point. reporting from treasure island mark matthews, nbc bay area. >> interesting update there. how much money to fight our drought. governor brown has pointed to a $7 million bond measure as part of our drought solution. >> is it really going to be enough. is it being wisely spent? where that bond money is really going. >> when voters passed this water bond back in 2014, the backers said it could be a first step in helping create new innovative ways to address california's drought. when we come through the fine print off the bond spending. we found records of lots of old traditional things that got
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money, but very little funding for new innovative techniques. at first glance this looks like a regular road project. it's part of a water recycling project currently under construction in president anton. this is one of dozens of different projects that have been awarded funding through the state's $7.5 billion water bond measure. >> we're moving as quickly and prudently as we can. >> felicia marcus serves as chair of the control board. a board that along with cal cam's natural resources agency overseas water bond spending. >> how do we get the money out the door, how do we get it out responsibly in a way that it's going to be dollars well spent. >> we discovered of the 7 $1/2 billion, more than 1 1/2 billion has yet to be spent or committed to any water project. >> speed isn't necessarily the
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right thing. >> he acknowledges critics who say the bond money isn't being spent fast enough. laird says he would rather make sure the money is used to encourage cooperation among california's 400 plus water agencies. a task which can take longer to accomplish. >> if we have to get it out a few months later and have it leverage some billions more, that's the right thing. >> the bond money allocated so far, there are projects that address water conservation, reuse and innovative solutions. projects such as the recycled water project in president anton. several groundwater recharge systems currently under design in southern california. those projects even account for $220 million or 3% of the allocated bond money. we found other types of water projects that could get bond
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money but haven't so far. things like desalination projects, storm water management. loans for recycling water, water use efficiency and integrated water management among 13 different regions. we found that so far, according to the state's own tracking records. nothing, not one cent has been allocated to any of those things. >> they rethink -- >> they serve as director of urban water policy at stanford university's water in the west program. >> it's very hard to change. >> she wants to see more of the money spent on innovation. >> the challenge for that is, a lot of these solutions have already been in the books. some of them might, some of them might not have. >> we also found on the books, projects such as fixing existing wastewater treatment plants with little apparent statewide
6:38 pm
benefit. 23 different projects in all. costing bond pairs $18 million. there's even a half million allocated to a resort community improvement district in humboldt county, to replace seven aging storage tanks. >> here's some cash to help pay for something that you probably should and could do on your own. >> these type of projects, money going to organizations, utility and agencies that could pay for it themselves is just what the bond money should not be funding. >> we need to make sure we're spending the dollars well. >> the san francisco bay's public policy institute. >> i would rather see in the future, more of the state bond monies going to things that are hard to fund locally. and that means less emphasis on
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funds going to water supply, and wastewater agencies. and more emphasis on the kinds of things they don't fund with their rate pair base. >> we found several examples of those projects. things such as $3 million for a new booster pump station in napa county. $15 million to fill a pipeline. and $30 million to chevron oil company to build a pipeline and improve their recycled water reliability. >> couldn't chevron spend that money on its own. >> they wanted to, but they wouldn't be able to get recycled money. >> shouldn't this be going to creative ways to address this? >> we can only spend bond dollars, the way the legislature wrote the bond. we can't write money to something that would be cool to do?
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it's not in this bond. >> as for that $30 million chevron project. the chevron spokesman told me, the company considers it good news that we'll allow recycled and reclaimed water to be routed to the richmond chevron refin y refinery. richmond's refinery frees up enough fresh water to supply up to 16,000 homes on a daily basis. even more of a breakdown, go to our website, we've broken down every project, look for yourself. >> a lot of interesting information about how we're dealing with this. how the money's being moved around. absolutely. >> if you have a tip for steven or anyone in the investigative unit, it's simple. the address is the unit at another high point in the red
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hot san francisco real estate market.. here's the latest batch of eye popping numbers: ===vidbox=== ===cg=== in the past 30 days, nearl here's the latest batch of some eye popping numbers, in the past 30 days, nearly 70% of all buyers paid over the asking price. the average sale price was $1.28 million. nearly $1.3 million. an average of five offers made per home. the street that's seen the most action in bidding, mission street in the city. >> barbra streisand's new tool will include a stop in san jose. it's a big deal when you factor in the tour will only include seven cities. babs will perform at the sapp center in august. she's expected to perform songs from her newest album, along with some of her biggest hits,
6:44 pm
of course. don't rain on my parade. people who need people. >> i'm going to combine them with some beyonce songs. >> we have babs in august, and bey tonight. >> fantastic. >> outdoor, levi stadium. a lot of people in the sunshine right now. >> not only warm weather in the next couple days, warm whenever at the coastline. 2:00 p.m., 75 at ocean beach. 76 in santa cruz, i'm back with who hits 90 tomorrow. being asked to fight the zika
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6:46 pm
virus. they're not nobel prize winners. or even official scientists. a new crop of scientists are being asked to fight the zika virus. the federal government is now recruiting citizen scientists, even kids to help stop the spread of zika.
6:47 pm
>> the mosquitos that can spread zika are flying among us. >> san mateo county vector control. they first discovered a mosquito in menlo park that can potentially carry the zika virus. >> this would be a great container. >> the mosquito and control device is being used to catch them. >> the usda is launching a similar experiment nationwide, it's called the invasive mosquito project and encourages schoolkids to do their part by collecting mosquito larvae. >> the public is our greatest ally in getting rid of these mosquitos and keeping them out
6:48 pm
of our county. >> megan caldwell is feeding west nile mosquitos chicken blood. >> it's about as disgusting as it sounds. it comes in bottles, and we use the machine to warm up the blood. >> it's been exactly a year since they found any mosquitos that can carry zika in san mateo county. >> before there was zika, there was dengay. we don't know what's going to be after zika. >> there have been a handful of confirmed zika patients in the bay area. governor brown says he needs $10 million to help establish an early warning system for an earthquake hits urban areas. it's being developed by the u.s. geological survey. the goal is to role out limited alerts statewide by 2018.
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you got our ears americaing there when you said some possible 90 degrees tomorrow? >> it looks really good for that. we're talking about a dry offshore wind moving throughout the bay area. that will bring some mild weather at the coastline. as we go ahead and take a look outside, our sky camera network right now. it's a mild 78 in the north bay. still some cool weather in the 60s. again with that dry offshore wind beginning to roll in tomorrow morning. that's going to be starting off with a lot less in the way of clouds in the immediate coastline. sunny skies in the south bay, 53 degrees. a few clouds in san francisco with 55. but again, the trend here is warming. let's go and take you to that micro climate forecast. we're good for at least a 10 degree warmup tomorrow in the south bay. that puts us at 90 in coopertino.
6:50 pm
87 in san jose. check out the peninsula. 73 in pacifica. warm at the beaches, watch out for a little bit of rough surf. back here toward palo alto, 86. san francisco comes in at 76. 75 for the marina. north bay, each bay, warmest temperatures tomorrow will be in our north bay micro climates, that's because of that dry north and easterly wind building in, it will have its largest impact across napa and santa rosa, that puts our warmest temperature in santa rosa 19 degrees. a very warm 80 and sunny skies. over toward freemont 86. we're also looking at 92 in danville. you go over to pleasanton in the 90s. by the time we hit thursday's forecast, this area of high pressure is going to fade. we're going to see this low pressure system drop down across california, it's going to be one
6:51 pm
of those systems like we had three weeks ago, that basically sits and spins across california. most notably, it brings a dramatic drop in our temperatures, breezy conditions and a spotty shower chance. thursday through sunday. rainfall totals not very impressive, we're looking at trace amounts to make on average about 3/100 of an inch. the north bay could see higher totals around 4/100 of an inch. the largest thing is the temperature drop coming our way. upper 80s and low 90s inland for tomorrow. check out the north bay by friday, 68 degrees, saturday 66 and sunday 68. hold on, i'll be here to take you through the week, you guys. >> hold on. >> okay, jeff. from inside the studio, let's go outside to oracle arena. terry mcsweeney joins us for the next round of the playoffs. >> the warriors are inside doing what you would expect them to do against the thunder.
6:52 pm
before the game the fans were doing something very different. the warriors players are
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
handling their business against the opklahpomas city thinder... but abpout the warriors fans... jess/boxes the warriors are handling their business against the thunder. they're off to a good start so far. what about the warriors fans? >> terry mcsweeney is there right now. we're a little calmer than usual for this evening's game. you're going to tell us why, right? >> i'm going to try to. it could have something to do with the traffic. it took longer to get here, it's an earlier start, the a's are playing here tonight. you have a lot of people coming to the exact same location. maybe the warriors fans are getting used to this playoff
6:55 pm
thing. i don't know. i don't want to lead you astray. not all the fans were mellow. >> let's go warriors. >> some fans paused for refreshments, others wanted to get inside the oracle, it seems. not a lot of spontaneous yelling of go warriors or steph routes. >> very calm fans, and most are wearing some kind of a warriors gear, there's a strength in numbers t-shirt waiting for every single one of the 19,000 fans expected inside. clothing, the only thing they have in common, fans are confident. >> they need to stay true and strong with the game plan they always play with. and everybody needs to contribute. >> game one, they're going to put it on. faith in numbers, and curry's going to do it. >> steph curry's going to 65. >> i think okc is going to be a lot stronger than we think, it's going to be a good series. >> how many games?
6:56 pm
>> a sweep. >> ah, yes, you heard it there, strength in numbers. it may be the calm before the game got going, because they were just holding on to their strength and really letting loose once they got inside the oracle. the warriors do have a lead, it's probably pretty darn loud in there, i want so get in there right now, and listen to some of that noise if you don't mind. >> drop the mike, go. >> we give you permission. >> he dropped the mike. >> there he goes. let's talk about little joe. not only are the sharks in the conference finals with the blues. a popular video game from ea sports, up against the blues star for the final round of voting. the winner will be announced next month. >> warriors or sharks. >> we'll see you at 11:00.
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(music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette)
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megyn kelly's rematch with trump. how she made donald squirm in his seat. >> now on "extra." trump and kelly. the hatchet is buried. or is it? >> there will be some moments where people are feeling a little uncomfortable. >> how megyn is going in for the kill in their primetime sit-down. >> you seem to stay angry for months. >> new video, kelly ripa heading to her first show without strahan. >> where's michael? >> how kelly and michael made peace in private. gwen stefani on her epic car pool karaoke with george and julia. >> who was the better singer?


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