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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 17, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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story. >> thank you very much. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call. right now at 6:00, stabbing on a muni bus hours ago. search is on for the attacker. >> a trip to the pet store takes a deadly turn for this little dog on the peninsula. the charges that a groomer now faces in connection with the dog's death. law enforcement gets a new tool in its fight against recent highway shootings here. i'm bob redell live in pittsburgh coming up. feeling the burn in the bay area. details of the democratic candidate's visit right now on "today in the bay." good morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock.
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first we are talking about getting burned right now. we are talking 90s today. 59 in san francisco. clear, beautiful sunrise as we look at those microclimates and look at highs today. 92 in the north bay. 90 in the south bay. tri-valley also reaching into the low 90s by this afternoon. into the next few days we'll have more warm weather then a cooldown coming up. i'll talk about that in a few minutes. mike is tracking that paving work in livermore. >> had to track down what is going on four caltrans. we had some clearing up and slowing down once again. we'll show you what we are talking about. eastbound 580 shows that slowdown cleared up earlier today. they must have had a crew moving around in the area. you see that slowing. you notice it's coming into the
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area. altamont pass, this is light as far as volume off 2905. we expect to have your volume in but so far a look at the bay bridge. looking at a standard light drive. shifting toward that summertime commute. we may see shifts in this commute. we'll hold off a couple of days. back to you. 6:02. new video showing a muni bus wrapped in crime tape after someone was stabbed onboard. a man was taken to the hospital after being stabbed in the torso at 1:30 this morning. not clear how badly that passenger was hurt. the search is on for the attacker. a spate of freeway shootings continues to grow in the last couple of days. one east bay city is stepping up its fight in the hopes of catching whoever is responsible for shooting at cars on a busy stretch of highway. >> bob redell live in pittsburgh. just before this there was another shooting that shutdown
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highway 4 for hours. >> reporter: there was. good morning. what pittsburgh is trying to do is get more eyes on highway 4. last night here city hall behind me, city council voted to spend $100,000 on new video cameras that will go up along highway 4. these new cameras would be in addition to the extensive surveillance network in operation. this comes after you mentioned there was another shooting along the freeway. this was yesterday afternoon. you might see police walking highway 4 looking for evidence after a shootout that started in antioch and ended up on the busy roadway, partially shutting down the afternoon commute. since november, chp says four people have been killed in roughly 20 other shootings on east bay freeways. these shootings, mostly gang related are hard to solve. many drivers can't hear the gun
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shot and suspects get away quick because they are driving at highway speeds. law enforcement and members of the community hope these cameras will put shooters in jail. >> for those who decide pittsburgh is the place to be the wild, wild west. >> when i get on a freeway now, i'm a little concerned. my family members are a little concerned. my wife won't take the freeway unless she has to. >> pittsburgh police will have the cameras installed as soon as possible. city manager says he is going to ask the states to consider paying for a camera system that covers other highways bob redell, today in the bay. 6:04. a devastating outcome for a pet owner after a basic trip to the dog groomer. a san francisco man isnd arrest facing animal cruelty charges after someone's dog died in his
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care. he was arrested on sunday at the pet smart in san mateo. police say when the dog owner came to pick up the 1-year-old dachshund named henry, he was bleeding and barely breathing. one pet owner says she is not surprised that this kind of thing could happen. >> not surprised because two years ago my dog was almost killed. had to have major hip surgery. >> it happened at pet smart. pet smart released this statement which reads, "we are conducting an internal investigation and we will take immediate action based on our findings. additionally, we are working with the local authorities. the individual involved has been placed on suspension pending the outcome of this investigation." 6:05, decision 2016. bay area will soon feel the bern. bernie sanders set to make stops in san jose and vallejo
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tomorrow. he is holding a rally in the santa clara fairgrounds before heading to another rally at the water front park tomorrow night. if he has any hopes of gaining the democratic nomination, it starts with performing well in two states that hold primaries today, oregon and kentucky. there may not be much suspense surrounding today's primaries. republicans are only voting in kentucky but donald trump appears to be the last man standing on the gop side. on the democratic side, hillary clinton has leads in both states. she is telling voters in kentucky she supports coal miners. bernie sanders hopes to rally late in oregon. >> i am not going to let them be left behind. >> i know we've got an uphill battle. >> experts say if sanders has any chance to catch clinton, he'll have to perform well when california holds its primary. a live look at oracle arena
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this morning where warriors are looking to rebound after a difficult loss to the oklahoma city thunder in game one of the western conference finals last night. this is the first time the doves have trailed in a playoff series. many fans don't know how to react to this. last season was the last time warriors were down to start the series. they led 13 points at halftime but the thunder came out roaring in the second half outscoring the doves by 19 points. 108-102 oklahoma city. warriors players are not worried. >> biggest plan to have the opportunity to come back and show what we are made of. it's going to be a long series. we've got to be ready on wednesday. >> it's not easy to win a championship. this could be good for us in a lot of ways. to test us and put pressure on us, step up.
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>> they thrived under pressure so far. game two tomorrow night at oracle arena. tipoff will be 6:00, as well. sharks heating up on the ice tonight. we'll get a second chance to grab a win in their stanley cup playoff series against st. louis. blues took the first game 2-1. shark foundation hosting a party tonig tonight. sharkey will be there, as well. santa clara police need your help tracking down burglars. >> happened at joe's fast food. suspects broke a glass door and walked in. the break-in happened april 21st. police are now just releasing this surveillance video. >> at 6:08, california high speed rail authority holds an open house in san jose tonight. they will give updates on the project that stretches to the south bay to the central valley. there will be another open house
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in gilroy thursday. the entire project stretches from los angeles to san francisco. it might feel like a high speed blip on the radar but for the next two days, find a friend with a pool. >> watch out, yes. today we'll find out who your real friends are. >> one of those tips look at google map and look at your neighborhood. you see the pool on there. you bring a bottle of wine to that neighbor, right? we are looking at mild start. mostly clear skies. sunrise already under way. as you head out, it will be quickly warming with the mid 70s near the coast and low 90s inland today. we'll stay clear through the evening. we'll have one more day of this very hot weather and major cooldown for the end of the week. i'll detail that in about 10 minutes. let's head to mike to get a view of what's happening on the
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roadways. >> it's looking great. san rafael over my shoulder. traffic is not really hitting that hard. looking at a smooth drive there through novato and san rafael. we are looking over here towards sunol where there is a bunch of debris northbound around the sunol boulevard offramp. it is southbound with that slowing. no big surprises for that pattern. lighter than your typical tuesday. we'll give you a live look at fremont. no major problems. light here. just starting to see this light build. back to you. >> head lights and haze there. >> the bay area is starting to
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look to revolutionize the trucking industry. plus a candidate for congress posts something to the internet he probably wishes he hadn't. we'll tell you what coming up in business. did tesla underpay about 140
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factory workers? according to the mercury news-- yes. trouble for çtesla. did they pay about 140 factory workers? according to the mercury news, the answer is yes. the newspaper uncovered alleged labor violations. tesla brought in employees from
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eastern europe through a third party and paid them as little as $5 an hour. tesla released a statement responding in part, "if the claims are true, tesla will take action to ensure the right thing happens and all are treated fairly." what do you think of this? future of the trucking industry may well involve no one behind the wheel. former members of google's driverless car division are thinking bigger. human operators would only take control on city streets. otto's founder says its technology is likely years from hitting the road. what happens at all the truck stops? >> and the truck drivers. that could be a lot of jobs at stake. a candidate for congress has all but disappeared from the
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internet this morning. >> several news sites were able to look at that posting before it was removed. mike webb running for congress in virginia thought he was posting an innocent screen capture. this is what his facebook looks like right now. totally blank. mr. webb apparently included a shot of his entire webb browser when he posted his item. the other open tabs on the web browser including to appear what are naughty video sites. when asked by why he was browsing those sites, mr. webb said it was for research. to his credit, he pointed out as the candidate with libertarian views, adults ought to be allowed to do adult things.
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waze started a carpool feature. you can find people going your way. a new study says southwest airlines totally changed the world of scientific research. statisticians looked at how often scientists collaborate on scientist papers and research before and after southwest came to their town. when southwest comes to a city, fares drop 20%, travel jumps 40%. they compare the papers written in that town before and after southwest arrives, and determined there was a huge correlation between southwest and the number of times scientists went and met with other scientists. southwest airlines is moving science forward. >> who was this study sponsored by? >> it was done by a german
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university. >> not southwest? >> some blame southwest for the three-hour wait we could have at airport? >> science could take a nose dive because with tsa, the airline lines are long. the pitcher known as the freak is on his way back to california, but southern california. it's period to think of lincecum playing for anybody other than the giants. he is talking about playing with the angels. he spent nine very memorable seasons with the giants where he won three world series titles, tossed two no-hitters. underwent hip surgery last year and has not pitched a game in a year. >> our freak is gone. >> moving out.
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>> cuts his hair. who is this guy? >> now he's going to be an angel. >> unrecognizable in that uniform. >> two days of some high heat and then it will feel like winter time again. it's just crazy the kind of temperature swing we'll see. let's take a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. beautiful clear start to the day. it feels nice and mild. maybe a light jacket needed. our temperature at 55 in san francisco. 62 in the north bay. already warm there. let's drop in to get a closer look. 63 in novato. yountville 58. as we break it down hour by hour for oakland, 10:0073. quickly rising temperatures with all the clear skies overhead.
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upper 70s by lunch time. later today, you'll probably want to crank up the air conditioner as our temperatures continue to go up. if you're planning to go to the a's game, it will start to feel more comfortable by first pitch at 7:05. it will be 76, into the upper 60s by the end of the game. overall a nice night out at the coliseum. a look at all the microclimates. highs in the low 90s for parts of the south bay and 80s for the peninsula. half moon bay one of the places you can go to cool off. 79 there. mid 70s in san francisco. north bay up to 93 today in fairfield. concord 91 and low 90s for the tri-valley. seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen shows this won't last long. in time for the weekend, we could see rain moving in. showing scattered showers. doesn't pick up on a lot of rain, but we will have that chance for saturday afternoon. a look at the temperature trend.
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this is dublin. 92 tomorrow. look how cool it will be on thursday. 74. the average is 74. we will be well below that with a lot of cloud cover overhead. mid 60s for saturday. a look at the weekend forecast. we are going to be in the 60s coming down from the 90s. once again some wild temperature swings. more clouds and spotty rain. a shout out to our facebook friends, watch us live go to facebook nbc bay area. let's look how the traffic is flowing. >> looking at a nice easy drive. look at this shot of san jose. that's northbound 101. look at that green pretty much everywhere. looking at a smooth flow. traffic flows over the san mateo bridge, that is one area. i'm going to zoom into the south bay. that slowing at the camera area
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is gone. 87 had earlier slowing. that recovered. smooth traffic all around. hayward, san leandro, that's where the build is. no problems for the upper east shore freeway. i want to show you that san mateo bridge live shot. we do have a lot of slowing that kicked in over the last five minutes. you'll see traffic coming down the decline. folks bunching up as you make that ride then easing over. no major problems for the peninsula. thank you. we are answering your questions right now on facebook live. medical news right now. you may have suffered a heart attack and not realized it. funding the fight against the zika virus. the critical vote happening today. a new study shows that nearly
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half of those who suffer heart attacks-- don't know it. =vo= researchers in north carolina say-- out of the seven hundred a new study shows almost half of those who suffer heart attacks are not aware they suffered a heart attack. of 700 people they track who experienced heart attacks, 45% didn't know it. the big issue here that the researchers say is heart attacks don't always come with the classic symptoms of chest pain and shortness of breath. the zika virus gets the attention of congress today. the senate plans to vote on the
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president's request for nearly $2 billion to fight the virus' spread. >> more funding needed. tracie potts joining us live from washington, d.c. there are several different plans right now under consideration for how to fight it. good morning. >> exactly. what the senate is voting on today is a plan that's less than what the administration asked for. just over $1 billion instead of nearly $2 billion. what the house is working on is eeb less than that. number one, they'll vote in the senate but have to reconcile how much money this administration, this congress wants to spend to fight this virus. right now we had so far about 500 cases in the u.s., all travel-related. the money would go to not only mosquito control, but also developing a vaccine. that is a big part of this. and rapid tests to determine whether or not someone has zika before it's too late.
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now the money angle of this is being hashed out here on capitol hill today. won't be the final day. won't get a final decision today but the white house says it's already been way too long. three months since they made the original request. those giving the pushback on capitol hill, mainly republicans, are saying the administration is trying to pack in other things like medicaid for puerto rico, for example, into this zika bill and they want to scrutinize it. that's part of what the senate is going to do today. >> packing pork into a zika bill. let's stay in d.c. the washington monument is expected to be back open next hour. the elevator which had been out of service since saturday morning has been repaired. a spoke person says the problem is a faulty computer chip on the control board. the monument has been closed several times over the past few months because of similar problems with this elevator.
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visitors in april were forced to walk down hundreds of stairs when it suddenly stopped working. 6:26. >> up next, a very sad update to the story of this baby bison who was put into the back of a tourist suv. the reason park officials say they had to put the calf down. a pet groomer on the peninsula accused of killing a dog in its care. local activists want to get a law on the books to protect all pets in california.
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to the women who know what real values are, you inspire us to bring you real value every day. to the women who know what real values are, i'm laura garcia cannon. =sam/4shot=
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and i'm sam brock (toss kari) ==kari/cu== a very good tuesday morning to you. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. >> you have one teal tie. >> a whole bunch of yellow ones for the warriors. >> it's going to be a hot day. talking 90s today. not so bad. it will be a mild and mostly clear morning with a lot of sun and quickly warming temperatures into this afternoon. highs near the coast will be in the mid 70s. up to 94 in spots like fairfield. then through the evening we stay mostly clear. another day of this hot weather
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before a major cooldown. a lot of ups and downs this week. i'll talk about that in a few minutes. sounds like you have a new song. >> sunrise in your eyes. don't look directly at it. look at the speeds though. this is looking great. that is a concern. traffic is not major, but you will have to use those sunglasses. you will get that sunrise right in your eyes there. we'll show you that san mateo bridge shot. you see the sunrise at the backs of these cars. folks heading westbound in toward the peninsula. back to you. >> thank you, mike. 6:31. a pet groomer on the peninsula facing animal cruelty charges after a dog died in his care. >> it was not a local dog day care shop.ç it was a national chain.
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stephanie choijoins us at a pet smart. >> the dachshund died three minutes of being in the care of a groomer here at pet smart. local animal activists want california law makers to protect all pets. the groomer of san francisco had broken two of the dog's ribs, punctured his lung and henry died minutes after that despite efforts of an on-site vet to save him. lucy's law would require them to get a license from the state veterinariany board. california law makers barely voted it down in 2012. animal activists say we need it togroomers accountable. >> they might be grooming down the street. >> legislation and licensing is not going to do a whole lot of
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good. as in any license industry, there's no filter and no test for carelessness or stupidity. >> pet smart is working with local police and suspended that pet groomer in light of the investigation. there are more problems right now for the sfpd. a 15-year veteran of the department has been arrested and charged with overtime fraud. the officer faces one count of grand theft and four counts defrauding a government agency. more fallout for the oakland police department currently ensnared in a sex scandal. a fourth officer is on administrative leave. sources tell nbc bay area that
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several officers had sex with a minor last year. that teenager is now an adult. last friday she posted her sexual relations with the officers began after she turned 18. internal affair and prosecutors are refusing to release any information. new details on a gruesome discovery. he may be linked to the discovery of a woman's body found early yesterday morning. the victim was found laying along the shoreline at the park's pond. police identified the woman. investigators say they knew each other. two men facing charges in connection with the murder of a man outside of a san jose night club. authorities are still trying to understand the circumstances. the two men are suspected of
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shooting a man back in october. this was outside the lou beer club and restaurant on monterey highway. the case is still under investigation. they are hoping more people will come forward with information about what happened that night. 6:35. a story many found humerous yoed has a sad ending to it and perhaps a lesson for anybody thinking about overstepping the rules inside national park. involves that baby bison we told you about. visitors to yellowstone believed it needed help and put the calf in the back of their car because they thought it was cold. a photo taken last week went viral. now park rangers have euthanized the calf because the herd rejected it. >> we made numerous attempts to put that bison back with the herd it came from. that newborn calf kept coming back to the road, koept chasing cars, kept trying to get close to visitors and not to the herd and its mother.
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>> the park service is reminding everyone to respect park rules and stay 25 yards away from park wildlife. the father and son who were trying to help that calf ended up with a hefty fine. happening today, investigators present their final conclusions surrounding last year's deadly train derailment outside of philadelphia. eight people died in that crash when an amtrak train crashed at more than 100 miles per hour. tom costello takes a closer look at what investigators are likely to reveal about the incident and the engineer with ties to the bay area. >> they are talking about losing situational awareness. this was amtrak train 18 that just left north philadelphia when it went into a turn double the posted speed limit and derailed, killed eight people, injured more than 200. now ntsb believes that the engineer was simply distracted
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by radio traffic at the time. there was traffic involving another train, a regional train which that train reported being hit by something. but that distracted him at the wrong moment because he was supposed to be slowing down, not speeding up. when he went into the curve it was 100 miles per hour. they added positive train control to much of the northeast corridor which is the most busy and heavily traveled stretch of track in the united states for passengers. however, out in california, positive train control is not on all of the tracks. only on some stretches of track. the ntsb is pushing to half positive train control rolled out on tracks nationwide. they now say he simply forgot where he was and exactly what was going on at the moment of the crash. back to you. >> thank you, tom. you can watch tom's full report this morning on "today."
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>> in san jose leaders are expected to try to answer a $6.8 million question. >> that is how much money is owed to san jose's public library for past due items. young people may owe as much as half of it. council members are trying to come up with a way to recover as much of the money without chasing patrons away. an amnesty plan is one possibility. when the librarian comes knocking on the your door, that's how you know you're deep trouble. >> i used to be a librarian. >> you are a book worm, aren't you? >> a little bit. the library will be a nice cool place to cool off. it will be another day with sizzling temperatures today and tomorrow. 55 degrees in san francisco. 57 in the south bay with a high of 90. we'll have 90s in the tri-valley
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and san francisco today 76. once again it will be hot tomorrow but then a major cooldown for the end of the week. i'll show you those temperatures in less than ten minutes. heading over to mike. >> we'll show you the san mateo bridge westbound. along the same latitude we'll look at the maps. road work had you down to two lanes, most likely one. into livermore, unusually lighter slowing starting to build at 205. we are looking over toward san jose. the south bay does show the build. i want to show you the live camera. sun coming up here. we also have slower drives
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starting the south bay. >> thank you, mike. 6:39. coming up, they're back. talking about garlic fries. taking mcdonald's by storm. the locations serving up the bay area specialities all coming up. >> distaste for san francisco's lending club. that stock trading less than the cost of a couple of starbucks. we'll take a look at the dow industrials live from the big board, new york city. down about 72 points. good morning, coming up on a tuesday, polls show donald trump is closing the gap on hillary clinton in their likely matchup in a general election. clinton begin s voting possible running mates. >> the conversation sparked by that meteorologist asked to cover up during a live broadcast. what is appropriate to wear to work these days? a new reality for simon cowell. what he is saying to us about
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judging on "america's got talent." and life as a dad. all that as we get started on a tuesday morning here on "today." facebook - facing some serious
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accusations. tomorrow - ceo mark zuckerberg will meet with about facebook is facing serious accusations. tomorrow, ceo mark zuckerberg is going to meet with 15 conservative leaders coming amid allegations the company hides certain contents from its feed. >> miguel almaguer is live at facebook this morning. a lot of eyes will be on menlo park tomorrow. >> reporter: absolutely. as you mentioned, that meeting will take place here tomorrow around 2:45 local time. officials say it's going to be a
6:44 am
very important meeting. that trending topic list is used by so many facebook users. here is what the campaign advisor told us yesterday. >> facebook is probably right now the world's biggest publisher, right? they started out as a tech company and now it's a place where you, me and my mother go to publish things. if they were juicing the algorithm in any way, people have a right to be very angry about that. they say they are not and i look forward to making sure that they are not. >> facebook denied any allegations that it altered its trending topic fees. officials say this meeting is going to be extremely important. it's a sitdown round table. this meeting itself may be trending tomorrow. back to you. >> twist of irony there. miguel almaguer, thank you very
6:45 am
much. >>. >> at twitter a new director. the first african-american woman to sit on the board. >> scott mcgrew, what do you know, she tweets. >> amazing. a twitter board member who uses twitter. take a look at our twitter scoreboard here. deborra lee is the new board member. lee has written more than 7,000 tweets on twitter. new to the company, she has been a twitter user since 2012. martha lane fox, 18,000 tweets. marjorie scardino has tweeted 22 times. many of those are retweets. hugh johnston is one of the newest board members and he's tweeted 15 times, seven retweets. the last time he tweeted was late last month. lee is the ceo of b.e.t., black entertainment television.
6:46 am
she got her law degree in harvard. she tweeted 18 times in the last 24 hours. the board of directors don't tweet. they are competent business people. hugh johnston is the vice president of pepsi. as would you expect him to drink pepsi not coke, you might expect him to use twitter. >> shares of lending club are trading less than a grande latte this morning. down another 11%. they saw their stock fall after word the company receives a subpoena from the justice department. and worse it will have to start funding its own loans. we warned investors this day could come. the whole business model is taking other people's money and lending it out might lose access to other people's money. for a lender, this is a
6:47 am
disaster. this stock falling lower. >> big nose dive. >> does it affect the other companies that rely on those loans? >> yes. other companies that are similar who may have not gotten themselves in the same trouble are falling in sympathy. >> thank you very much. 6:47 right now. they are back. talking about gilroy garlic fries. >> mcdonald's, fresh off the farm. garlic fries are my way. we understand you agreed to bring us breakfast after you're done telling us about the garlic fries. good morning. >> unfortunately, i don't smell the garlic in the air yet. it's early to replace your morning breath with garlic breath. the run will resume after mcdonald's fixed that supply problem it has during the first test run which people were left wanting more because they ran
6:48 am
out of garlic. so many people ordered up that iconic garlic concoction, hand-tossed fries with garlic oil puree, parmesan and parsley. 69 cent upgrade on regular fries is an attempt by mcdonald's to tap into regional flavors. "fortune" magazine calls it mcdonald's best experiment yet. last time they were serving up garlic fries here, we talked with folks that seemed to like it. especially at that price point 69 cent upgrade. you can order up the garlic fries. they will be busy today serving up garlic fries. if all this goes well, the plan
6:49 am
is to roll out garlic fries at all the mcdonald's in the bay area. there are 250 different locations. gilroy garlic is our regional flavor. brats in other markets, bigger burgers in texas. trying to tap into regional flavors. kris sanchez,ç today in the ba. burgers are bigger in texas, right? >> everything's bigger, they say. >> let's not worry about where they are coming from. >> the real question is how does garlic do in the heat? >> it's going to be smelly out there. >> going to be a great day though. especially if you have plans to go to the beach. if not, may be uncomfortable for you. let's get a look outside at&t park. start out with a beautiful clear
6:50 am
sunrise. nice comfortable temperatures for now. it is 55 in san francisco. in the peninsula, it's 56. as we drop in on the east bay to get a closer look, it's 50 in walnut creek and lafayette. sunol starts out the morning at 53. low 60s already for the north bay. as we break it down for livermore today, this will be one of the spots that heat up into the 90s today. you start out at 61 at 8:00. up to 81 by lunchtime. into the upper 80s and once again briefly hitting the low 90s today. it will be 87 in san jose. palo alto 86. 76 in the mission district. low 90s for fairfield as well. oakland 82. san ramon 92. this weekend, a significant cooldown. this could be part of the reason why. an area of low pressure moves in. brings in a chance of scattered
6:51 am
showers. this is what one computer model was showing. not a lot of rain. won't last all day but showing we will have cooler air and chance of rain. a look at temperature trend for san jose. 86 tomorrow. then it drops down to 72 on thursday. a cool weekend, below average. average high is 75. we will only make it up to 66 on saturday. sunday a little bit warmer. as we look ahead to the weekend, it won't feel like it will today. into the low 60s in a few spots. reaching 70. in the north bay, that's what you'll feel sunday. in the south bay, elsewhere looking at 60s. once again that chance of scattered showers and clouds. more spotty rain in the forecast. not looking like a significant downpour. you want to make sure you work that into your weekend plans. mike is tracking south bay slowing. >> we have an easier build to the commute. as i told our friends on facebook live, south bay
6:52 am
starting to kick in. we send to see that trend later in your morning drive. nothing unusual about these patterns. looking toward san jose. kicking in here. capital expressway. now building up to where the camera was as well as the bayshore freeway. the last five minutes we see the 287 interchange. nothing unusual about the pattern except this is later in the morning that it starts to kick in there. rest of the approach in toward san francisco. nothing unusual as far as metering lights being on. a lighter flow building through hercules and in toward richmond. north bay, smooth flow top of the screen. flowing out of novato. san rafael, no problems. good sunlight here. bring those sunglasses. palo alto, looking at the sunrise slowdown.
6:53 am
southbound 101 toward university. sun hitting folks on the windshield. >> got to bring the shades. thank you. coming up, a muni passenger stabbed on board a bus a few hours ago. now the search is on for the attacker. first, happening right now, widespread worry about pollinateors dying off. there is a growing interest in backyard bee keeping. many are asking if amateur bee keepers should be keeping hives in residential neighborhoods in the first place? >> as we reported, george lucas is once again eyeing san francisco for his memorabilia museum. give us your thoughts on our facebook page.
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before you head out the door - here are the top stories on nbc bay area... ==laura/anim== new this morning ==laura/vo== the search is on for whoever stabbed a man on board a muni bus in san francisco... police say a man was taken to the hospital after being stabbed in police are searching for a man who stabbed a man on a muni bus. a man was stabbed at 1:30 this morning at mission and ninth street.
6:57 am
police say the suspect took off. one bay area city is soon going to be installing cameras along a stretch of highway after nearly 2 dozen shootings in the last few months. >> bob redell live in pittsburgh. just before this vote, there was another shooting that shutdown highway 4 for hours. >> there was. good morning. here at pittsburgh city hall last night, the city council voted to spend $100,000 on new video cameras that will go up along highway 4. these would be in addition to the extensive video surveillance network in operation around city streets. there was another shooting along highway 4 yesterday afternoon. you see police walking highway 4 lookinfor evidence after a shootout that started in antioch and ended up on the busy roadway shutting down the afternoon commute. no one was hurt. since november, chp says four people have been killed in roughly 20 other shootings.
6:58 am
the shootings, mostly gang related, there aren't many witnesses because they can't hear the gun shots and suspects get away quickly because they are driving at highway speed. pittsburgh police will have the cameras installed as soon as possible. they are asking the state to pay for a camera system that covers other highways. not just highway 4. live in pittsburgh, bob redell "today in the bay." a live look at oracle arena where warriors and fans look forward to game two after a big thud in game one. last night warriors could not hold a first half lead and they went cold when it counted the most in the second half. they lost to oklahoma city 108-102. this is a foreign feeling for the fan base. >> what is that? we don't know what losing is. >> the doves trail in their playoff series and quest to
6:59 am
repeat the first time they trailed. game two tomorrow night at oracle tipoff at 6:00 p.m. >> san jose sharks get a second chance to grab a win against st. louis. blues took the first game 2-1. puck drops tonight at 5:00. >> that is in st. louis. though come back to san jose for home cooking. that will be cooking outside today. >> it will be hot today and tomorrow. then we'll have cooler air. if you could stick it out a couple of days, we'll have much cooler temperatures in time for the weekend. today up to 92 in the north bay, south bay and tri-valley. >> make sure the air conditioning is working in the car. >> not a lot of folks getting to work right now. lighter flow of traffic just building. i want to show these live shots. palo alto. sun in your eyes. the bay bridge toll plaza, doesn't matter where the sun is
7:00 am
because the metering lights are on. >> got to have those shades. >> may the wind be at your back. good morning. breaking overnight, more storms across the south. hail, high winds. >> oh, my gosh! >> and nearly a foot of rain. tornadoes spotted in oklahoma. the storm set to intensify today. closing the gap. our new national poll shows the race between donald trump and hillary clinton is tightening even more. just three points between them, as clinton does her best trump impersonation at a trump rally. >> i'm going to do it, i know how to do it, i'll get it done. >> this morning, the trump game plan. insiders telling nbc news he'll go after her character, her e-mails and her husband's infidelity. cause revealed. the engineer of that amtrak train that crashed near


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