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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  May 17, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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scott/live right now at 11: temperatures are heating up int. from the bay to the east bay and right now at 11:00, temperatures heating up in the bay area from the bay all the way inland. we are tracking the spring sizzler. good morning, everyone. thanks for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. >> i'm kris sanchez. it is going to be hot in some parts of the bay area today. live pictures from san francisco, oakland, and san jose all getting a lot of sunshine today. let's get right to the forecast with kari hall, should we be worried about the kiddos as they come home from school? >> i think keep an eye on them. we start out with temperatures feeling a little bit warm now. it will continue to what up as we go through the rest of the day. looking now at outer sunset, you see the clear, blue skies and
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warming temperatures. looking at where we are now in san francisco, 76, livermore, 81, 38 concord, santa rosa 82. and seeing how temperatures have changes over the past 24 hours, we're already 13 degrees hotter in san francisco than this time yesterday. also, livermore and skand conco, ten degrees hotter than yesterday. microclimate showing temperatures into the upper 80s, low 90s. there will be 70s along the coast in spots like half moon bay, san francisco, and into the mid-70s, and some low 90s for the north bay. parts of the east bay and the tri-valley. i'll let you know when this heat does come back down. that's coming up in the next microclimate forecast. >> thanks. new video out of southern california, where a good samaritan helped rescue two people from a burning boat. it happened off the coast of malibu this morning. firefighters put out the flames but the boat sank.
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the vessel, about a mile, mile and a half offshore, when authorities received a distressed call. flames forced two people on board to jump into the water along with their dog. good samaritan nearby able to pick them up. the cause of the fire still not known. today, san jose city leaders will discuss whether to boycott two states caught up in a huge nationwide controversy. bob redell live at san jose city hall. this has to do with the state's so-called transgender bathroom laws, right? >> reporter: correct. good morning to you, chrkris. later on, whether or not to boycott north carolina, that's the law that has the law you mentioned and mississippi, considered to be discriminatory against people gay, lesbian, and/or transgender. three parts to the resolution before city council. if passed city would ban employees from nonessential
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travel and business with north carolina and mississippi, no the allow the use of city money for conventions and meetings in those states and not buy goods or services from any company headquarters in either of those states. recently, both states passed laws to make it easier for people to discriminate people who are lesbian, guy, transgender, north carolina's house bill, too, the bathroom law, requires people to use public rest rooms assigned to their biological sex, indicate on their birth certificate, though that might not be the gender they currently identify with. mississippi's protecting freedom of conscience from government discrimination act allows religious groups and individuals to decline to host gay weddings or employ people who are gay, lesbian, transgender. if san jose passes the resolution, it will follow in the footsteps of companies like paypal and major cities like san francisco which passed similar bans. >> i think that, you know, they may not care what one city thinks. they may not look at just san jose, but they're going to see the collective of cities and
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especially major cities across our nation that are standing up for the transgender community, standing up for human rights and saying what you're doing is wrong and they're going to see that. >> reporter: that was raul, one of the five council members here at city council who plus the mayor have said they will vote in favor of today's resolution. the resolution before the city council, if passed, would stay in effect until north carolina and mississippi overturned respective laws. live here outside san jose city hall, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> thanks. just in, police arrest a livermore man after a frightening road rage incident. investigators say john sayer fired a gun at a passing car on interstate 5 in fresno sunday. the driver told police sayer was weaving in and out of traffic behind him, and later pulled up to him and shot at his car. the victim, able to record the license plate and authorities arrested this man, later that day.
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booked on felony assault charges for shooting at an occupied vehicle. now to decision 2016. polls are open in kentucky and oregon right now for another round of primaries. democrats vote in both of those states today. >> meantime, republicans vote in oregon but only that's kind of symbolic. donald trump is running mostly unopposed. nbc bay area's tracie potts has more on the heated race between clinton and saners. >> reporter: a tight race in kentucky today, hillary clinton won coal country yao eight years ago but today miners fear she'll take their jobs. >> i'm not going to let them be left behind. >> reporter: hoping to hold tonight a five-point lead in kentucky but that was two months ago. there's no recent polling there. bernie sanders expected to win oregon. today, he's back in california. >> i know that we've got an uphill battle. >> reporter: but there's a battle shaping up between clinton and donald trump.
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senior aides tell nbc this fall, he'll go after clinton's character, e-mails, and her husband's infidelities. she's already hammering his lack of detail on creating jobs. >> republicans, democrats, independents, a lot of folks are thinking, what's he talking about? >> reporter: trump tweeting about the oregon primary, where he's the last man standing. trump's hired a new veteran pollster to work with his campaign and the super pac that supports hillary clinton, rolling out $6.5 million ant anti-traanti anti-trump ad this week starting to run tomorrow. tracie potts. >> you can track the elections across our digital platforms. we'll bring the latest results on primaries tone on nbc bay area news at 5:00 and 6:00. bay area will soon feel the bern. democratic presidential candidate set to make stops in san jose and vallejo tomorrow. first, he'll hold a rally at
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santa clara county fair grounds, that's at 1:00. then he's going to jump in the car, head north of vallejo, and waterfront park, where there will be another bern rally at 7:30. new at 11:00, learning more today about what caused last year's train derailment near philadelphia in which eight people were killed and more than 200 others injured. the national transportation safety board says that the engineer is to blame. >> the national transportation safety board determines the probable cause of the accident was the engineer's acceleration to 106 miles per hour. >> amtrak's northeast regional train number 188 was going from washington, d.c., to new york city, when it crashed last may. ntsb investigators say it appears the train's engineer became distracted from radio traffic from another train. it is not clear if that engineer will be disciplined but he has been suspended without pay. a pet smart dog groomer
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facing animal cruelty charges after a dog died in his care. arrested sunday at the pet smart on el el camino real in san mateo. when the dog's owner came to pick up the dog, the 1-year-old dachshund, the dog was bleeding and barely breathing suffering from broken ribs and a puncture wound. we are conducting an internal investigation and will take immediate action based on our findings. additionally, we are working with local authorities. the individual involved has been placed on suspension, pending the outcome of this investigation. he has posted bail and is out of jail this morning. the city of pittsburg will install security tam cameras on highway 4 after a rash of highway shootings. that plan approved last night. network will cost $100,000. last week a mother of four was shot to death on highway 4. criminals too often try to use highway 4 to evade police. happening today, san jose
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city leaders are expects to answer a $6.8 million question, that is, how much money is owed to san jose's public libraries for past due items. young people may owe about as much as half of that. council members are trying to come up with a way to recover as much of the overdue fines if possible without keeping patrons away. amnesty plan one possibility, so that people can once again use their public library. and a down day after a down night for warrior fans. live at oracle arena. golden state dropped the first game of the conference finals, and it was not -- >> kevin durant, oklahoma city thunder stunned the warriors and their fans. now, the team trails in the series for the first time since last year's finals. all right, what happened? warriors' biggest lead of first half measly 13 points.
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thunder caught up, outscored the warriors in second half with final score 108-102. don't worry too much, yet, right? war have a chance to take back. they face the thunder tomorrow 6:00. that will be at oracle arena. san jose sharks get a second chance on the road in their stanley cup playoff series against st. louis. blues took that game, first game, 2-1. sharks foundation hosting watch party tonight in downtown san jose on santa clara street and sj sharky will be there as well. a storm that looks like it is right out of a hollywood movie. up next -- where this sand storm is limiting visibility to just feet. you don't have to go oall te way down to gilroy to get your fix of garlic fries. live at one of them.
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temperatures about to rise and then fall over the next couple of days. i'll show you the extremes coming up in the microclimate forecast. fries...
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the popular fries are being served at south bay mcdonalds garlic fries, a popular fry being served up at south bay mcdonald's, once again, starting today. >> nbc area stephanie chuang enjoying the fries. >> reporter: it is food and fries. hi, we're at the tully and monterey road location, 2191 monterey road, one of four south bay locations serving here. we've got a preview, gilroy garlic fries. the second time around that mcdonald's rolled this out. they ran out of ingredients first time. puree's made at the family owned ranch in gilroy which happens to be the largest garlic production site in the country. joining me live is the store owner. good morning, cosmo. >> good morning. >> reporter: tell me about this. you guys rolled it out may 3rd and testing out the recipe earlier.
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how does this work. >> well, we were testing it a ran out. overwhelming customer demand. so, yeah, we've started testing some of the recipes and it's off to a good start. >> reporter: this morning, you were testing it with your employees. you have to get it just right? >> you always have to get everything just right. mcdonald's has a long history of innovation, a lot of franchisees developed a lot of different products, big mac, egg mcmuffin, iconic products you know today. >> reporter: on that note, mcdonald's has iconic items on the menu. but the fact that mcdonald's is rolling out this possible local feature, how big is that? >> it's pretty big. we've rolled out a lot of innovative products over the years. again, going back to the whole history of innovation with the company, you know, egg mcmuffin, big mac, built into the fabric of our culture. >> reporter: could be at other stores. thank you. we also got customer reviews from some of the first people to
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get a taste, including one guy who thouggot a tate of it first round. >> first time more greasy. this time they seem better, drier, more crunch, tastes good. >> reporter: good? garlicky enough? >> more would be nice but it's okay. it's very good. >> reporter: you would recommend it to other people, though? >> oh, yeah. if you like garlic fries, this is where to be. >> used to the gilroy garlic. it's in between to me. it's not a thumbs up all the way but it is what it is. this could be too much for people and it's okay for me. >> reporter: take a look at your screen. these are the other locations. you've got to other san jose spots, one west san carlos, one on san felipe and santa clara homestead, the we'll thing here is mcdonald's says if enough customers like it, good feedback, it could roll out to other stores. the question, where might it be for you? it could go to almost 250 other stores in the bay area as early
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as august. so we'll have to see. but, i think josh and i are going to get back to the fries. see you later. >> remember the rule about sharing. steph chuang live. she doesn't remember. can't quite remember. both markets today, one of the rare days where both markets are being celebrated by bay area companies which is kind of cool. now that said, markets are not doing very well this morning. twitter has appointed new board member to its board of directors, twitter's first african-american board member and she tweets. take a look at our twitter scoreboard here. these are all board problems. deborah lee is the new board member. there in the upper left, lee has written 7,000 tweets or twitter. new to the company she's been a twitter user since 2012. fox, a board member and a super user nearly 18,000 tweets. scardino, twitter's first board
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member tweeted 22 times. and a lot of those are retweets. hugh johnston tweeted 15 times ever. and 7 of those are retweets. last time he tweeted late last month. lee the ceo of b.e.t. parent company of black entertainment television. she got her law degree at harvard. she's a prolific user 0 of twitter. she's tweeted 18 times just in the past 24 hours. now, so there's a board of directors at twitter that don't tweet. they are very competent business people. for instance, hugh johnston with 15 tweets in his life is vice president of pepsi. but just as you might expect mr. johnston to drink pepsi, not coke, you'd expect him to use twitter, too. shares of san francisco's lending club are trading for less than a grande latte. lending club, seen here in better days, saw the stock fall another 11% this morning, afterward, the company received a subpoena from the justice
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department. worse, it will have to start funding its own loans. the whole company's business model lending out other people's money. they might lose access to that money for a lender, kris, that is a disaster. to a different kind of disaster, investigative unit exclusive. firefighting chemicals in our water. the environmental protection agency and u.s. military finding toxins from chemical foams that firefighters use during plane crash landings in water. san francisco and san jose firefighters use environmentally friendly foam but for decades toxic foam used at airports, oil refineries and military bases across the country. epa asked public water systems to test for the chemicals. our investigative unit reviewed results and found positive hits in 28 drinking water supplies in california. and that is more than any other state. water managers say just because
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toxins are found in water, though, it does not mean that they pose a health risk. however, by all accounts, chemicals are virtually indestructible. >> it's extraordinarily long lived once in get into the environment, it almost never breaks down. >> tonight at 11:00, which east bay city detected the toxin in its water supply. plus, the reason the epa does not regulate chemicals in water, even though they have been linked to cancer. if you have a tip for investigative unit, give us a call, or an e-mail, to a real life sand storm in china, looked like something out of a hollywood special effects computer. >> i couldn't believe it when i saw it. it's real. amateur video capturing the leading edge of the sandstorm as it swept across the northwest region of the country yesterday bringing walls of packed sand
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just fell on top of people from as high as 300 feet. visibility was reported at only about one person, that's how far people could see in front of them. very calm here but that means lots of sun and lots of heat. >> yes, lot of heat for the next couple of days. this will only last two days before temperatures take a nosedive in time for the end of the week and weekend. as we take a look at golden gate bridge, you see the sun and people out enjoying it. still in san francisco. but as we go through the day, feeling more uncomfortable especially inland as our temperatures didn't to warm up. check out the north bay. it is 82 degrees there. seven day forecast coming up at bottom of the screen. you'll see the couple of days of very high heat and then the cool air for the next several days. looking at the north bay, calistoga, 85. 85 santa rosa, petaluma.
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38 san rafael. wind not helping us out that much. winds are calm, coming in from the north. that doesn't give us an onshore flow than also allows those temperatures to really ramp up today. looking hour by hour, livermore, this is one of the spots that will be heating up today inland, in the valley, not a lot of breeze, we're up to 89 degrees by 4:00 this afternoon. as you take the dog out for a walk, heading home from work at 5:00, we're at 88 degrees. then it starts to come back down but it will be a slow fall for tonight. so, as you head out to the a's game later this evening in oakland, 76 degrees. that will be nice. 76 degrees there, 71 by the fifth inning. end of the game, 68. in the look at the microclimates, highs in upper 80s to low 90s. still 70s along the coast. but look how warm it will be in fairfield, up to 93 degrees. and the temperature trend in
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dublin shows hot today, hot tomorrow, and then starts to come back down. it's 92 degrees tomorrow. and then check out thursday, 74 degrees. that's the average temperature. then we keep on dipping from there, as we go into the weekend with highs in the mid-60s. this weekend's forecast shows that this cool air also comes along with scattered showers. one computer model puts us in with scattered rain and quickly moves on. saturday will be the day we'll be watching for the potential of accumulating rain and this is a look at how much we can see, the possibility of at least a quarter of an inch and higher for the north bay. candidate forecast, once again, much cooler than today. so, summer-like warm lasts a couple of days and then feel like winter once again with highs only in the 60s. up to 70 degrees in north bay, as well as south bay. i'll have another look at microclimate forecast coming up
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later. >> i thank you. housing crunch may cost san francisco some of its best teachers. a look at disparity between teacher pay and cost of living in that city. but first, happening now, robert honda's tagging along with bay area students in sacramento right now lobbying lawmakers on public education. follow him on twitter. plus -- something we just posted to facebook page, question and answer session with the "game of throne" language creator, david peterson. watch the entire interview now. see you back here in two minutes.
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san francisco teachers are leaving their jobs at an alarming rate. >> the president of the teachers union says that it is an emergency situation and they say san francisco unified school district is not dealing with it. nbc bay area's peggy bunker has the story. >> impossible situation. >> reporter: she never went into the teacher for the money but didn't think she'd make so little she couldn't afford a bedroom. >> almost impossible. it is to live here and be a teacher because i am living in a dining room in oakland. >> reporter: she has a masters in education, earns $55,000 per year and pays about $1200 for that dining room in oakland. the president of the united educators of san francisco says, the low pay and the high rent is
11:27 am
reaching a crisis level. >> it's an emergency, you need emergency funding, you need to reorganize your priorities, and you need to do it now. >> reporter: long says teachers are leaving in droves, and taking their teaching cr ining credentials where they can afford to live. >> barely a week has gone by without me hearing stories of people being evicted. >> reporter: the board release the this statement, once the newest raise increment of 5% goes into effect july 1, 2016, every teacher will have received 12% salary increase, since the 14-15 school year. >> why are we not supporting teachers and the students that they work with to, you know, build that foundation? it's -- it seems like they don't care. >> reporter: peggy bunker, nbc bay area news. coming up -- the fight to stop the zika virus. will lawmakers on capitol hill give president obama the money he wants to keep the virus from
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spreading in the united states.
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our investigative unit has discovers a loophole that allows some restaurants to hide their previous violations from the customers. >> these are the kinds of secrets that you're going to want to know before taking your first bite. investigative reporter has the exclusive story. >> reporter: if we are what we eat, we have disturbing details to tell you about tonight. all has to do with state and local laws designed to protect restaurant owners. that may now be hurting restaurant customers. dining out in san francisco is more than just gluten-free menus and hard to get reservations.
11:31 am
it's also a hobby, a weekly one for foodie tommy ma, enjoys strolling through the city to find his next favorite spot, but there was one restaurant that still leaves him with a bad taste in his mouth. >> if this can happen to me, it can happen to anybody. >> reporter: stopped by the off-season restaurant in die plon diamo diamond heights neighborhood. he lost his appetite. it started with a pot of tea. >> drinkable cups, see this thing moving in there. it's a small cockroach. >> reporter: tommy's story oak cos what city health inspectors caught on camera at that restaurant time and time again. records reveal repeated high-risk violations, and unsanitary conditions, including at least four cockroach infestati infestations. invekers found cockroaches on top of what were supposed to be clean utensils and plates. violation records we obtained show the city order the the restaurant at this location to
11:32 am
shut down at least seven times in just three years. why would the city allow it to keep reopening? >> because it is their due process. we have a process that they have to go through. >> reporter: stephanie cushion had san francisco's department of environmental health, which oversees inspections for roughly 7400 permitted restaurants and caters in san francisco. the city only has 30 field inspectors. curbi curbing says if a restaurant is forced to close, it forces employees to undergo training and make visible improvements in order to reopen. >> we're trying to break that cycle. >> reporter: you may be trying but it doesn't seem to be working. >> again, we have to go through the process, build the case, this place may be close again, i don't know. >> reporter: but our investigation led us to an even bigger discovery. a little known loophole that allows restaurants across san francisco to wipe clean some of their dirtiest secrets.
11:33 am
city's website consumers can look up a restaurant's inspection history. but we discovered those violation records can essentially be removed so you can't see them online. take all season restaurant, that's long been the name on the sign, the restaurant changed its name on city documents to harbor villa a year ago and over the years ownership also changes on city paperwork. by law, the city says that change in ownership requires that a restaurant's old inspection records be removed from the city's website. 2014, the restaurant listed brand-new owners but those owners still worked for the same corporation. last year there was new ownership again, this time, the corporation name changes from s.c. chu incorporated so s.c. luang but the officers stayed the same. if the city knew it was the same people running the restaurant, why would it allow it to wipe
11:34 am
away their history of violation. >> if i owns a restaurant, again, and you bought it, should my poor history follow you? >> but these aren't different owners it's the same people. >> but the incorporation is different. >> wouldn't you want to know if you're about to eat at a restaurant considered so dirty the city was forced to shut it down? >> i think a majority of people in san francisco don't think about those things. >> reporter: so the city's website says the restaurant was only forced to close twice, instead of seven times. but to find violations you'll have to search for harbor villa, even though the restaurant's own sign says all season, that name doesn't even exist anymore on the city's database. the current owners did not want to comment on our story. >> do you have any idea how many other restaurants may be taking advantage of the loophole? >> many restaurants do. >> reporter: we shows our findings to the san francisco supervisor who chairs the board's committee on public
11:35 am
safety. >> nbc has alerted us to the loophole, our office is going to be working with the department of public health to help create more specific rules. you shouldn't be able to wipe them out by paying a couple of husband dollars and fees to the city to simply change your company name. >> reporter: but for now, it remains a loophole. one that tommy believes is pretty hard to swallow. >> i'm just getting worried. i mean, in one place can do that, who knows how many more can be like that? you can still get the last five years worth of violation records for any restaurant, regardless of ownership changes submitting public records request to city government. that can take days. a much easier process would be to simply check the city's website. but if the restaurant changed owners, that online record gets erased. guys? back to you. >> whoa, boy. well, if you have a tip for our
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investigative unit, give them a call, 888-996-tips or e-mail the u.s. senate is acting on president obama's requests for money to combat the zika virus. it's slated to vote today on three competing plans and there is comes after a three-month delay. zika's expected to spread more widely during the summer mosquito season. president obama has been requesting nearly $2 billion to try to prevent the virus from spreading. senators say that the bill most lukely to pass cuts that amount down to just over $1 billion. meanwhile, the public is being asked to take part in efforts to track the disease. this fall, for example, experts will ask school kids to trap mosquito eggs wherever they might spot them in standing water. the virus is spread by mosquitoes. >> they fly in here, lay eggs and lay single eggs, and they attach themselves to the tongue depressor on the paper, and we
11:37 am
collect it weekly. >> the data collected will be sent into a national database, and that will help create a map showing hot spots around the country. sounds like a good science project. >> it does. >> lines at tsa security are so bad in chicago, passengers have spent the night sleeping on cots. backup got so long sunday evening many passengers missed their flights than prompted airport officials to offer cots to people stranded for the night. some airports are now suggesting you arrive for flights three hours ahead of time, some travel experts suggest you just simply not fly this summer saying the problem is going to get far worse. adding to the frustration, last summer, government audit of tsa security found agents missed 98% of weapons in a test. >> just don't fly, i don't think that's a good solution. california's high speed rail authority holds open house in san jose tonight so you can
11:38 am
sound off. fl planners give update from the south bay to merced in the tr d central valley and another hope house in gilroy. tonight's open house 5:00 at the community center. the project stretches from los angeles to san francisco. well, one bay area family, last night's warrior game a victory, despite the loss for the team. it was a chance to be together to see their team one last time. >> the family saw the team in person for the first time and the last time. scott has a brain tumor and only a few months to live. >> i have hope of seeing the warriors. i feel really good. >> his daughter hanna put that special night together with the help of a go fund me account and the ticket outlet game time. she says the warriors' energy, vitalizes the entire family. >> did definitely gives my dad
11:39 am
energy. we totally feed off of him. so, yeah, they've been really helpful in that sense. >> never ever complains, all he talks about is he want to go see the warriors. >> he has this message for the warrior nation, don't worry about last night's loss. he picks the ws to win in six games. here's hoping he gets it. >> our best to the family as well. it's warming up out there. kari's tracking temperatures. >> we'll need air conditioner up on full blast for two days. and then feel cool air. more on that coming up in microclimate forecast. the national parrv
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11:41 am
11:42 am
washington monument is, once again, open to visitors. the national park service had shut down the popular tourist attraction saturday because of elevator problems. a spokesperson says the faulty computer clip to blame, and that chip has been replaced. the monument has been shut down several times in recent months because of elevator issues. >> what? >> when they first built it they had trouble with computers as well. >> yeah. kind of glad it was a chip and not mechanical problem. >> something that had to be replaced through. remember, they had to replace the entire facade on the outside, too, because of the earthquake. check a very hot forecast. >> yeah, it's going to be hot next couple of days. feeling like summer and before you know it, back to winter. if you like the warm weather,
11:43 am
want to head to the beach today is your day. as we take a live look now from at&t park, toward the embarcadero and seeing sunshine happening out there, that is allowing temperatures to ramp up fairly quickly. a look at all of the microclimates right now. it is 81 degrees in the peninsula. and 78 degrees in the south bay, low 80s for the north bay. and that's before noon. we are going to continue to warm up from there, up to 82 in parts of the east bay. 90 south bay. north bay today up to 93 degrees. winds coming in very light from the north and even as we go into tonight, mainly a calm wind, mostly clear skies, not much of an onshore flow. looks like both today and tomorrow we'll have more of the same weather. we'll get a little bit of some relief along the coast for tomorrow. but looking in oakland today, hour by hour, 4:00, up to 81 degrees. and then it slowly start stoz come back down into the evening right in time for the a's game.
11:44 am
it will be nice and comfortable. so, looking at the forecast there at the coliseum, at 7:05, at 76 degrees by the fifth inning. 71 degrees, 68 degrees by the end of the game. a look at all of the microclimates today. 80s and 90s for the valley. san mateo today, up to 82 degrees and the mission district at 76. santa rosa, 92. 82 oakland. 92 in san ramon today. and we'll pretty much match that once again tomorrow. in san jose, over the next five days, up to 86 degrees. average temperature is 75 degrees. we're going to dip below that on thursday. and it continues to cool off. so air conditioner on full blast for today and tomorrow. and then by thursday, turn it off, still feel comfortable. this weekend if you're making plans to get outdoors, something you may want to put in those plans, models are showing we'll have a chance of scattered showers. and it starts during afternoon
11:45 am
on saturday. and we'll be widespread with some of those showers moving through, once again, during afternoon but clearing out by sunday. potential of rainfalling loos like we could measure a quarter of an inch more most of us. a nice soaker as we've had hot weather. coming back down and get much needed rain, too. in san francisco, temperatures will stay in the low 60s throughout the weekend, the north bay after the rain clears will see a high of 70 degrees on sunday. and also in the south bay, 70 degrees for the end of the weekend. but once again, saturday, that day we'll be watching for some of us may have to make indoor plans, but it won't be raining all day. we will have the rain off and on and something we'll be watching and fine tuning as we get closer to the weekend. >> thank you much. coming up -- how new high-tech gadgets in your kitchen could make you
11:46 am
vulnerable. how hacker can access your home. ==scott/2shot==
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security experts are warning hackers gaining access to your home and security experts are warning that appliances that need wi-fi connection may open your home up to risk. >> nbc's tom costello shows us firsthand how crackers crack that code. >> reporter: it's a wires and wireless world out there with more of our homes now connected to the iot, the internet of things. from the refrigerator and oven to the tv, thermostat, baby monitor, doorbell, alarm system. >> reality is many new products have a very poor standard of security compared to that that which we expect from our traditional computers. >> reporter: james lyne the global head of security research at sophos security. your connected fridge, tv, doorbell could be just the
11:49 am
target a lacquer is lok hacker for. >> big challenge is most connected to the same wireless network where your computer resides. >> why would anybody want to hack my doorbell. >> they can use those devices to access more interesting sources of information. >> reporter: including bank account information, tax documents, e-mails, everything could be vulnerable. the problem, most homes use wi-fi routers that come with default passwords easy to ha. homeowners don't bother changing them. >> password, no password, 1, 2, 3, 4, default. >> reporter: to prove how easily routers can be hacked, james had he drive to a colleague's home. by the time i got to the doorbell he already hacked in. then, watched my every move on the in-home security cameras he had broken into. you say you've hacked this house, prove it to me. >> if you turn to your left, give the camera a wave. >> you've hacked this camera
11:50 am
because the default password was week weak? >> that's it. it automatically connects to the internet to get to it from the outside. yuft g you've got a night skurs alarm. >> hacks the system. once into the wi-fi, james targeted the computer. tracking all of my movements on a laptop. from online shopping to e-mails and bank accounts. >> and the password denver broncos win 2016. >> so you're seeing everything i type in on my password? >> we can see anything you type anywhere on your computer. >> reporter: the open back door for the entire house, that wireless router, with the weak password. so the moral of the story to make sure that your password is not easily hackable. >> make sure you update devices, keep them to the latest software version and set good passwords. >> that was tom costello reporting. your password should be 14 characters long and obvious key
11:51 am
here is change the default factory password. >> yeah. even if you change it to something lame, change it. run words together like lyrics to a song like only you will remember, like denver broncos win next year. >> we'll be back with beyonce action from levi's stadium. the first time, attracting
11:52 am
11:53 am
here's something you may
11:54 am
have seen at moffet, the world's largest plane which landed in australia for the first time attracting thousands of people to watch. the 225 transported a power generator from the czech republic to pert-. it's massive, 276 feet long, 190 tons and that's without cargo or fuel. it's good to see people on the ground. >> yeah. traffic jam, too, as everyone slowed and stopped and watched as well. that's pretty cool. >> humongous. when you see it, the scale of, you know. >> small people. >> never launched space shuttle but carry their version of the space shuttle on top as well. humongous. >> yeah. >> we're in for some hot weather next couple of days. we've have been talking about that, it's probably what
11:55 am
everyone is talking about as you go out and about today. this will be a popular place today. i'm seeing quite a few people there out at the beach as we take a live look. ocean beach there 76 degrees in san francisco. 71 oakland. and then 80s elsewhere. already before the lunchtime hour. look at all of the microclimates today in san jose, up to 87. 82 san mateo. and per sid yo, up to 87. 89 napa, 90 livermore. after a couple of days of this very hot weather, i'm so glad to say it won't be like this for long. >> that's a dip. >> a huge dip in temperatures. this weekend, we'll struggle to make it up to average. up to 65 degrees on saturday. but that comes along with clouds and scattered showers and that's something we'll be watching. >> microclimate forecast. >> man, are you earning your money. >> well -- >> fantastic. >> hoping for a different kind of swing over at oracle arena.
11:56 am
maybe winning swing. down night last night for the warriors fans. golden state dropped opening game of the conference finals and as we mentioned, it was not pretty. >> kevin durant, oklahoma city, stunned everybody. the team trails the series for the first time since last year's finals. warriors' biggest lead in the first half 13 points. thunder caught up, outscored warriors in the second half, 108-102. so, okay, warriors do have this chance to take it back. it's only game one. they face the thunder tomorrow at 6:00 at oracle arena. of course the sharks as well. san jose sharks on the road. in their stanley cup playoff series against st. louis. as you know, the blues took the first game 2-1, sharks foundation, as we mentioned, holding a watch party in downtown san jose. that will be on santa clara
11:57 am
street in sj sharky will be there as well. >> nice to watch those games in community. >> yes with other folks. >> my husband disagrees, likes to watch by himself. something you don't want to watch by yourself, queen bay. took over levi's stadium. beyonce's formation world tour. remember she was here three months ago performing during the super bowl halftime show with coldplay. if you didn't get to last night's performance, good news, she will be back in september. >> those are phenomenal shots. that's a helicopter shot. gorgeous. >> they say that facebook may see sad because you see what other people are doing. last night that was true. >> i think everyone should hear it, even if you didn't go, still hear from miles cupertino. >> thanks for joining us. >> see you tomorrow.
11:58 am
11:59 am
12:00 pm
stand by, billy and kit. stand by camera two. we're live from new york in five -- four -- three -- two -- one. ♪ dance, dance, dance >> ooh! ♪ just dance, dance, dance all the things i should do, dance, dance, dance ♪ ain't nobody leaving soon so keep dancing ♪ everybody dance ♪ ♪ keep movin'! ♪ can't stop the feeling >> whew! >> come on! ♪ take it down. ♪


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