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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  May 17, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> we both noticed there was a balloon south of where we normally see them towards the water. >> reporter: he realized they were stranded. shortly after, he sent a helicopter to the scene. no injuries were reported but there was plenty of relief. >> when you see the helicopter show up. it could have been scary. >> reporter: now, napa valley balloons owns the hot air balloons and thanked chp in a statement but also said in a statement they encountered some unusual winds this morning. which meant an unusual landing location. the passengers and equipment were absolutely safe at all times. then they wt on to say the balloon equipment has already been retrieved and is ready to fly again tomorrow. a drastic change in the temperatures. i'm sure you felt it all across the bay area. looking live where you can see
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the sunny and clear. the city, a little warmer than usual, hitting in the 80s. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri joins us now and it was warm in pleasanton and livermore today. >> it certainly was. it wasn't just an area of high pressure building in to bring the heat. we also had dry offshore winds throughout the bay area helping to bring in that warmer air from the interior valleys which still has contra costa in the warmest weather. 92 in antioch. 89 in dublin. pleasanton, 91. oakland, 86. also some very warm weather throughout santa clara county. 90 in sunnyvale. 87 in morgan hill. also 89 in san more teen. san francisco, also mild of course. we're seeing temperatures track in the 70s. 75 in soma. we are tracking month colder
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weather also. we'll have that in 15 minutes. you can keep track of the soaring temperatures on your smart phone. download the free app. check it out. fire danger always elevated when our weather gets warm. this is 980 in oakland. the on ramp was actually closed because of the flames. no word on how this fire started. traffic is back to normal at this hour. well, more questions about a young dog's death and the groomer who may be to blame. police say the 1-year-old dog named henry suffered broken ribs and a punctured lung after spending just minutes with that groomer at a local petsmart. in san mateo with some more reaction. >> reporter: there are a lot of people who say they just want to know what happened. one is a woman who is henry's
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usual groomer for years. she talked to us today and her relationship was confirmed by henry's owner and she even had henry's sister with her when she met us for the interview. she also provided these puppy pictures of henry growing up. she said she feels guilty because henry was taken to petssmart after she and the owner had a scheduling conflict that fateful sunday. martinez speaks out she is not speaking for henry's owner when she says she can't understand how the death happened to such a mile-mannered dog. >> he was always submissive, would just want you to rub his belly, always in a happy good mood, just wanted to jump on your lap. >> reporter: what was your reaction to hearing about what happened? >> just devastated. i don't understand how you can go in for a nail trimming and come out not alive. >> reporter: again, henry's owner is declining to comment on the advice of an attorney. we have not reached mr. sarata
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though friends say he is not cap ibl capable of violence. the store suspended him. a woman says she called police last month when her dog was injured at this same store. live in san mateo, nbc bay area news. turning to decision 2016. still too close to call in kentucky tonight. hillary clinton and bernie sanders want to lock down a win. the vermont senator and the former secretary in a virtual tie. both with 47% of the vote. clinton still holds a comfortable lead in delegates. despite his latest win, analysts say sanders has a slim chance of actually securing the democratic nomination. on the other end of the aisle, donald trump won kentucky. now tomorrow bernie sanders will look for support here in the bay area. he's holding two ralliesp the first starts in san jose at 1.
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admission for that is first come first open. doors open at 10:00. tomorrow night, sanders will be at the waterfront park. sanders made a brief stop in the central valley last week. they keep it on standby just in case. we're talking about firefighting foam. the government is concerned about some contaminants once found in the foam. liz wagner from our investigate itch unit is with us. >> reporter: foam has been used live this one you see behind me. foam is not with chemicals anymore but the government is worried about the past use. the military's testing for contamination around its training facilities. the epa is asking public water systems to test for toxins once found in foam.
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finding positive tests in 28 drinking water supplies in california. that's more than any other state. local water managers say just because contaminants are found in water, it doesn't mean they pose a health risk but by all accounts, these chemicals stick around for a long time. >> it's extraordinarily long lived. it almost never breaks down. >> reporter: tonight at 11:00, revealing which east bay city detectived the contaminants in its water supply. the epa doesn't regulate these chemicals even though they're linked to cancer. san francisco leaders have apparently hatched a plan to make room in the city which is increasingly expensive. that means turning a blind eye to light height limitations. nbc bay area's mark matthews is in the missions district where there's a housing crunch. one of them has to be safety as
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well. >> well, they're allowing the restrictions to be lifted in certain parcels if the developers agree to build 100% affordable housing. proposal being put forward by these supervisors. their supporters held a rally on the steps of city hall. >> we want housing that we can live in that our neighbors can live in. >> reporter: on the steps this morning, the director of the housing rights committee was passionate about the new plan. >> yes, build, yes, build in our neighborhoods. >> reporter: san francisco has identified 240 so-called soft sites that are underdeveloped. this parking lot along the embarcadero. the plan is to lift height and density restrictions on the 240 parcels allowing an extra two floors of apartments if the developers agree to build 100% affordable housing. what's affordable would depend
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on the neighborhood. pier 39 restaurant general manager eileen says in north beach affordability is a myth. >> a lot of the folks that work out here would love to live out here but they can't afford it. >> reporter: she commutes every day from san jose. along the panhandle, this airline pilot says reasonable would be $2,000 a month for a one bedroom. and he's all for increasing the density and taller buildings. >> because of the prices. people that don't make as much money have to move out of the city. >> reporter: i know we had a little break on that part of the statement. but i wanted you to hear it in part because this airline pilot, for united express, is going to be taking a job in chicago. in part, because he can live there cheaper than he can live here. reporting from the mission district, mark matthews. >> we hear that over and over again.
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thank you, mark. governor brown wants to tackle california's housing shortage by change the rules. he announced friday he wants to streamline the approval process for city housing developments. projects eligible to skip detailed reviews must make at least 20% of the units affordable. projects that are near mass transit would only need to make 10% affordable. len legislation still needs state assembly and senate approval. >> following some breaking news at this hour, near sacramento. a grass fire right now. nbc chopper overhead. this is in lincoln just northeast of sacramento if you're familiar with the area near rockland. fire burning across from the thunder valley casino. talking about warm weather and possibly winds there in the central valley. so far, 80 acres have burned. you see some trucks there. they're also on fire. we don't know yet -- any reports of any injuries. right now, this fire about 25%
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contained. you can see it does not appear to be anywhere close to be contained. 25%. no word yet on what sparked this fire. this is outside of sacramento in lincoln. we'll continue to watch this, bring you more details as soon as they come in. also, next at 5:00, an increase of great white sharks spotted off of our coast. what may be bringing them. >> plus, getting to the bottom of a massive oil spill off the california coast. who the state is trying to pin the blame on now. >> i have to stop talking and i have to listen and ask questions. >> helping others by setting up chairs on the street. the inspiration behind one woman's free therapy session.
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did you spot them? for the second day in a row, great white sharks seen swimming off the coast. this is video from our chopper showing the sharks near cement ship. why scientists say seeing them there is so unusual. >> reporter: you can see a juvenile great white shark swimming near the cement ship off aptar. scientists say they likely come here to warm up. they also believe great whites may be here because of el nino. >> last year was the first year the juveniles have been seen up here in great numbers. and with this el nino with the
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warmer water, many of the subtropical and tropical specie's range has been pushed a couple hundred miles to the north. >> reporter: scientists flew on a helicopter to get a view of the sharks. they said they counted at least ten. a number that concerns this mother heading to the beach with her kids. >> it doesn't make you really comfortable to bring the kids. >> reporter: they can go to exceed more than 20 feet and weigh more than 3,000 pounds. right now these sharks feed on mackerel and rockfish but when they get bigger than expected to migrate away from the coastline. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. today, a state grand jury indicted the pipeline company responsible for last year's oil spill in santa barbara. planes all-american pipeline, that's the name, and one of its employees were indicted on 46 counts. the spill leaked nearly 150,000
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gallons of crude oil with approximately 21,000 gallons washing out to the ocean. the company called the charges unwarranted and maintains no criminal acts were committed. the company now faces up to $2.8 million in fines and other penalties. >> well, should san jose leaders ban travel to mississippi and north carolina? tonight, city leaders will discuss boycotting both of those cities. the city council's expected to vote on a measure to ban nonessential government travel to both of those states. san jose will also boycott goods made by the company's headquarters there. the move is in a response to recent lip passed laws seen as discriminatory. if it passes, san jose will join san francisco in that boycott until the laws are overturned. there's a good chance you're addicted to technology. you probably checked it in the last 60 seconds. >> i'm going to cover my phone
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up. >> a san francisco therapist thinks that addiction is robbing us of something so important and she wants to bring it back to us for free. now, tonight's bay area proud. >> tracy says as long as she can remember, she was always the person who sensed when people needed someone to talk to and was there for them. only later in life did she realize it's actually a job called therapist. she's done it for her clients for years but thinks there's something she can now do for the rest of us. amid the never ending bustle that is a big city like san francisco, it can be hard for a voice to be heard. >> hey there, how's it going? >> not because of too much noise, mind you. >> want to sit down and talk? >> because too little listen. at least that's how tracy sees it. >> you have to not talk. you have to stop talking. i have to listen and ask questions. >> reporter: it was two years ago that tracy and another
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therapist decided their listening skills could do good for more than just their patients. they could do something to help all of us. >> i want to give everybody a personal sense of belonging. that moment of time when they wonder, does anyone even care that i'm alive. does anyone care what i'm thinking? >> for me, i'm all about human interaction. >> reporter: sidewalk talk is what the idea has become. tracy and our volunteers set up chairs every month around san francisco. any passer by is then welcome to take a load off their feet. as well as their mind. they started film school and realized i wasn't a filmmaker. all topics welcome. >> i wish therapy was more accessible. >> reporter: no judgments passed. >> when people see us on the streets, they would not expect, like, any sort of interaction. >> reporter: tracy believes the
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more we connect with each other through technology, the less of a need we feel to connect personally. and that's not helping. even those who don't stop, tracy thinks, take a little something out of the deal. their story must be worth something, they must think, if someone's willing to hear it for nothing. >> that is such a great idea. >> it's growing. they're spreading to different cities. just this month because it's mental health awareness month, she had 48 volunteers in different parts of the city in the mission, obviously in the downtown, in the business district. they get takers. then say, you want to sit down and talk and people are willing to share their story with a complete stranger. >> can they come to nbc? we need some help here. >> how long can you sit in the chair before they make you leave? >> they have no time limit. >> that's nice. thank you. >> really good idea.
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$1.1 billion to fight the zika virus. for president obama and many health officials, say it isn't nearly enough. senate leaders approved that measure. this comes after a three-month delay. zika is expected to spread more widely during the summer mosquito season. president obama had been requesting nearly $2 million to help the virus from spreading. texas and florida are seeing the most cases here in the united states. all right, let's turn things over to meteorologist jeff ranieri. a warm-up. things people should look for are standing water around their homes and get rid of it. >> especially with some warm weather for parts of the interior valleys. with hot inland, 90s, warmer in the immediate coastline with 70s. you'll be able to see who warmed up the most today. up 15 degrees in san francisco. up 8 degrees in santa rosa. 14 degrees warmer in napa and
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sunnyvale feeling the increase, 13 degrees up from yesterday. that's putting up right now with 89. sunny skies in the east bay. san francisco, average of 73. north bay coming in with the hottest temperature of 91. south bay, currently, 88 degrees. as we get you to tomorrow morning's forecast. slight wind for the interior valleys. will keep us sunny for the most part. we'll begin clear in the east bay with 58. san francisco, a few clouds and 56. right on down to the south bay, 59. as we take you into your microclimate forecast for tomorrow, what i want you to notice, temperatures going down anywhere from 2 to 4 degrees. so slightly cooler. still a warm day. above average in the south bay. this puts san jose at 87 degrees. cupertino still a warm 89. for the peninsula, that's where you'll notice a difference. pacifica down to 68. palo alto, 84. san francisco, low 80s, will drop down to 70 across the marina and 73 in mission.
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north bay, east bay, trivalley, not quite as hot in the north bay, 86 for napa. mill valley, down to 78. for oakland, 78 degrees. walnut creek, 90. and then for the trivalley, around upper 80s and low 90s. we have high pressure sitting overhead. dry offshore winds lingering through a part of tomorrow. overall for most of the bay area on wednesday's forecast, it will stay warm. then by thursday, we are tracking a fast-moving area of low pressure. that's going to drop down across california. it's basically going to linger as we've been telling you from thursday right through sunday. so we're talking about colder temperatures. a little bit of wind. maybe some spotty showers with some isolated thunderstorms. let's get a look at the rainfall totals. we've seen a change in this. forecast models are ramping up the potential of wet weather just a little bit so we could be good for a tenth of an inch into napa. anywhere from half-moon bay to san jose. also livermore, right around
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500ths of an inch. so shorts tomorrow. warm day in the forecast. then by friday, saturday and sunday, a light jacket. maybe the umbrella. the south bay will drop to 68 open friday and 67 on saturday. a lot of changes this week. back at 6:00 p.m. with more updates on what's to come our way. thank you, jeff. it is very warm in sacramento as well. we're following breaking news. firefighters are battling the grass fire there. we'll have that update coming up in just a moment. the campaign to raise the
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state's cigarrete tax by nearly $3- dollars a pack is growing by the day. happening now on twitter the campaign to raise the state cigarette tax by nearly $3 a pack is growing. more than 1 million signatures have been collected to get the measure on the november ballot. quaker oats is recalling its quinoa granola bars, over concerns they could be contaminated with listeria. more now on the breaking news
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in lincoln in placer county. firefighters arba want to tell you more on the breaking news. this is in the city in lincoln in placer county. you can see it right here. firefighters are battling a grass fire that apparently you can also see has taken over some sort of stuff, materials on there. it's burning from thunder valley casino resort which is 30 miles
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northeast of sacramento. still at this point don't know what sparked the fire but it is warm in sacramento today. charred about 80 acres and some cars which is part of what we're seeing there. the fire about 25% contained. at this point, we don't know where anywhere was hurt but this is in lincoln, which is close to roosevelt and sacramento cosmopolitan area. a tell copter crew hoisted a stranded hiker to safety in the east bay. >> are you ready, are you ready? >> pretty dramatic. taken from aboard that chopper, captured friday's rescue in walnut creek. a woman fell on a trail, then had no access for emergency vehicles. so the chopper thankfully came to the rescue. uber has a new update and it may be popular with parents, maybe not so much with kids. it's called trip tracker and lets members of a family follow each other through the uber app on their cell phones. part of the family profiles
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coming up at 6, sights not seen in five years. how the winter storm changed the landscape at yosemite and the new warning park rangers have for visitors. that story at 6:00 when we have our newscast. finally here, on june 7th, take your passion into the voting booth but don't take any selfies. the california primaries are coming up. social media addicts will have to resicht the urge to reach for your cell phones. voting is private so recording devices are not allowed in the recording booth. the only exception is for news reporters and the general news media. one assemblyman is backing a state law to change this no selfie policy or no phones in the booth policy but that's not going to happen in time for the june 7th primary.
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so just vote. >> can we have one place where we can't take a selfie. thanks for joining us. tonight, crisis mode. urgent now deployed with the tsa overwhelmed by swelling lines, and some passengers now being told to get to the airport three hours earlier. what the tsa chief is saying tonight. moments before disaster, disturbing new details on what investigators say happened to the man at the controls right before that deadly amtrak derailment in philadelphia. death threats and chaos. bernie sanders supporters fight for delegates, fueling fears of pandemonium at the democratic convention. olympic bombshell. could dozens of athletes be banned from rio. new revelations about failed drug tests and cheating. and getting burned. an alarming new report claiming half the sunscreens out there aren't doing the job they promised. "nightly news" begins right now.


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