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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 17, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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south bay. right now a standoff neighborhood. this standoff -- o that breaking news in the south bay right thou, a standoff in a typically quiet neighborhood. the standoff just now within the last few minutes coming to an enafter nearly four hours. good evening and thanks for being with us. i'm raj mathai. >> this happened about a block away from wilcox high school. let's get to terry mcsweeney who
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joins us live there. i know they were using tear gas or some sort of pepper spray because even you have been impact by that. >> yeah. everybody on this side of the incident got impacted by that and it really is overwhelming. eyes tear up and your nose burns and we were a block away, maybe half a block away from where it happened. this is how it ended. santa clara police took him into ku, the man who they believe is responsible for a stabbing that took place right around 7:00 tonight. now, there's a neighbor where this stabbing took place. the gentleman's name is jesus aria. he comes out of his door, children right behind him, and here is what he saw. >> he come out with a big knife and my kids were well behind me and i didn't know what to do.
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i just make them go back, back, back. >> jesus and his children are safe tonight. obviously talking to us about the very frightening incident, maybe 50 people were kept out of their homes while this went on. negotiations went on from shortly after 7:00 until 11:00 tonight. the person inside who you just saw being led away was not cooperating with the negotiations. police decided they needed to go in. we heard a couple of flash bangs and obviously they left some pepper gas in there, as well. a lieutenant from the santa clara p.d. confirms that. they got their man and they got them out of there. as for the stabbing victim, it was a neighbor of the person you saw there and he sustained a stab wound, according to a witness, to his side ask to his back. but according to police, these are nonlife threatening injuries. so a very quiet neighborhood is quiet once again out here.
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>> after nearly four hours, it is back to normal there. a student at ensenol high school died during football practice this afternoon. investigators are not releasing any information about how this student died. also into our news room, the family of a missing millbrae father, tells nbc bay area he's been found dead. this is a picture of keith green. he was last seen on may 5th. the following day, may 6th, a hiker found his cell phone at golden gate arc. green's body was found last wednesday in sonoma. no word yet on the cause of death. >> new video tonight of a chaotic protest inside city hall. demonstrators stormed the building and clashed with police. tonight, city leaders are hoping you may be able to identify those vandals.
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tina berry is live with more on this investigation. >> the damage done to city hall is repaired, but there are two investigations related to that protest. the first focuses on the scandals. the second focuses on sheriff deputies and how they handled the crowd. chaotic moments during a protest inside san francisco city hall on may 6th are under review. >> more than $20,000 in damage. >> city administrator naomi kelly is releasing portions of security video hoping somebody can help identify those who caused damage breaking a window and ripping apart decorative iron work. >> the taxpayers shouldn't have to pay for this damage to this historic building. this is the people's tower. >> kelly won't release all the video documenting the clash between protesters and deputies in riot gear, citing an ongoing investigation.
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>> sena other journalists have filed complaints with the san francisco sheriff's department claiming deputies used excessive force. >> i said you're hurting me now, sir. i'm with the press. >> celina is hoping internal affairs is looking at deputy conduct on the security video. she believes change is in order. >> what is the tactic? what is the training? >> deputies arrested 3 people that night. 20 are from san francisco. security at city hall changed after that ro test. deputies are locking more doors at 5:00 instead of 8:00. big bags and backpacks must now go through the building's one x-ray machine. more are on the way. jean elle, nbc news the. a man and a woman were rushed to the hospital after they were hit walking in a
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crosswalk on lincoln avenue. a female driver struck the couple around 6:00 this evening. no word yet on the extent of their injuries. a security guard arrested for animal cruelty in san francisco. police say charles moore was on duty on 16th street when he got into a confrontation with a man who had a chihuahua with him. moore was caught on surveillance video kicking the dog twice. the dog ran from the attack and was struck by a car. the security guard was charged with animal cruelty and misdemeanor. a grass fire quickly spread to a nearby commercial area. this is near the thunder valley casino. it's northeast of sacramento near roseville. firefighters say it's 50% contained at this hour and no longer spreing. that's the up side the. the flames, though, did torch a plumbing company's equipment there and a delivery truck. no word yet on how this fire
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started the. heat and is possibility wind, firefighters across the bay area also on alert.jeff, felt like august the. what happens tonight? >> it was very warm outside. tomorrow, it will still be hot, but it's not going to be as warm as it was today the. saratoga, 90 degrees. fremont at 86. the large change we have happening as fog begins to build at the coastline. as it starts to push in for tomorrow, it's most immediately going to push off the coastline first. we drop down to 67 at half moon bay. we are tracking much larger changes that not only includes colder temperatures, but the possibility of rain and thunderstorms. details on this in about ten minutes the. >> you can track our rising temperatures or falling temperatures on our shown. download our free nbc bay area app for the forecast specific to your neighborhood. primary elections were held tonight in oregon and kentucky. republicans in oregon vote for
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donald trump as their presidential nominee, leaving him 81 delegates away from making it official. democrats chose bernie sanders. he's still 854 delegates away, though, from securing the nomination. in kentucky, democrats went with front-runner hillary clinton which leaves mrs. clinton only 92 delegates away from the nomination. despite that gap, sanders says he is not giving up the bid for the white house. tomorrow he'll be in san jose and vallejo for two big events. what's the plan, cheryl? >> jessica, to say that people here are excited about bernie sanders coming here to the water front is an understatement. from san jose to valerio, bernie sanders is covering a lot of ground looking for votes. crews tonight setting up at the vallejo water front for tomorrow
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night's bernie sanders campaign rally. the fairgrounds gearing up for a similar event. the democratic presidential hopeful is stumping for votes. some might ask why target san jose and why vallejo. >> we're looking at people, as fas as he's concerned, who are, perhaps, blue collar workers who are disaffected from the mainstream democratic party and who he thinks he can capture. >> peter brooks is not surprised sanders is coming to vallejo. >> vallejo pulled itself out of bankruptcy. va is lay hoe is the bay area's hottest real estate market. the people in vallejo care about each other. >> he's not just going where most cans would go. and he could bring power to the people. >> sanders is looking for that people power in the bay area and throughout california. he spoke before thousands of supporters in carson earlier today. tomorrow's bay area swing from the south bay to the north had
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sappers delegate feeling the burn. >> because vallejo is so diverse and we've had some hard times that, you know, we know what struggle is. and so i think that's why bernie chose vallejo. >> sanders organizers expect this field to be filled to capacity. that's about 10,000 to 18,000 people. reporting live in vallejo, i'm cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. >> it's extraordinarily long lived. once it gets out into the environment, it almost never breaks down. >> it's a chemical that's been called virtually indestructible. now it's showing up in california water. coming up next, we reveal the new evidence that has the government focus on what you're drinking. plus, they're lurking along our coast, at least ten great white sharks. what scientists say this is unusual and what may be drawing them here.
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and good evening, i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. a drastic change on the way. much koehler temperatures and the possibility of rain. i'll have that in my forecast in a few minutes. it's toxic, builds up in your
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blood and almost never disappears. it's a man-made chemical the government has well, it is toxic, builds up in your blood and almost never disappear. it's a manmade chemical that the government has spent a lot of time recently trying to understand. >> you might not know the chemical, but you might be familiar where it comes from. liz wagner is here to explain. >> have you ever seen fire fighting foam sthp it's kept at airports and military bases like the one in this photo from the department of defense. toxic chemicals have been removed from foam, but the government is concerned about decades of past use. the military is now testing for contamination in drinking water and that prompted us to ask who
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else is using these chemicals, where are the toxins ending up and what are regulators doing about it? how can you forget the images? firefighters cover asiana fire 214 in foam in 2013. the san francisco fire department keeps special rigs ready at the airport. >> specifically, built for archt fire fighting. >> at sjc, san jose firefighters keep stock piles of foam within reach. >> this is one of our storage facilities that we have for our foam that we use. >> it looks, honestly, just like bubble path. >> foam is a useful tool to fire fire. >> it's noun as aqueous film forming foam or atf. for decades, airports, refineries and military bases used afff that contained toxic
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chemicals containing pfcs. >> it's extraordinarily long lived. >> big walker heads the off the of the environmental group. >> once it gets out into the environment, it almost never breaks down. >> manufacturers started phasing out toxic pfcs 15 years ago, but the chemicals have been described as virtually indestructible. >> it was used to heavily for so long means that it's a really big worldwide problem. >> certainly pfcs are linked to learning delays and changes to the environmental system. >> now scientists and the government are becoming
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increasingly curious about pfcs in water. >> it phenylly runs off, washes off, gets into the bay, into the drinking water. >> researchers recently found the chemicals in runoff water. last year, the military started testing groundwater for contamination they're more than 650 bases. 85 are in california. and during the past few years, the epa required large public drinking water systems to test for six pfcs. the investigative unit analyzed the results. 28 are in california including in the city of pleasanton. >> is the city concerned about the contamination? >> absolutely. when we collect the samples, the
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hope and expectation is that there went be any contamination. >> the city is searching for the source. martin says the chemical was found at low levels just above the testing limits set by the epa. >>. >> it's definitely something that we're concerned about and over the course of this. >> the presence of a contamination water doesn't necessarily means there's a contaminate associated with that. >> at certainty testing levels, she says the direct takes cues from the epa. >> in 2009, the epa issued a health advisory, but it's only a guy. the agency doesn't regulation the chemicals in drinking water. officials tell us the test results will help the agency sky
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how to move faufr. >> does the's aegz data give the full extent some of. >> no, absolutely not. we're concerned that the testing program was not rigorous enough. we believe if they looked harder, they would find more contamination. >> the e the the pa says it plans to issue a new health veriry by this summer. late this afternoon, we got a city from pleasanton. official retest the water and today it came back clean. to see a map of everyone that found the chemicals in their water, he to our website. >> if you have a tip for liz wagner for this story or any other story, give us a call or sent us an e-mail directly to the unit. >> with he a hot day, we might have another hot day and then it might rain. we're back to the wheel of
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fortune of weather. >> it's a total mix back the next couple of days. i know a lot of you at home are try to get dressed lately. it's kind of a little bit of everything. you'll see for tomorrow morning, we are going to start off mostly clear with temperatures in the upper 50s. foggilier in san francisco in 56. patchy fog, rebuilding near the coastline and 56. it will be the follow near the cost line tomorrow that start to drop our temperatures. as we head into wednesday, a few of you will be dropping lower. also take a look at the microclimate forecast. tomorrow, san jose, still warm. 15 degrees above average. 8 for tomorrow. cooper tino, 89. pick i can't, down to 68 after 70 the. for san francisco, it seems to me of upper 70s ask low 80s, you're back down to reality in
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the marina with 6 degrees. you need a jacket if you're headed to san francisco. for the valley, not quite as hot. napa, 86 degrees. mill valley, 9. east bay, oakland, 75 degrees. in the tri valley, danville, pleasanton, and livermore will be the warmest tomorrow with that cooler ocean breeze. but no doubt, by the time we get to thursday, everyone dealing with colder temperatures. we have this trough of low pressure that's going to drop down and basically fit in the same spot thursday, friday, saturday, and also on sunday. it's going to bring in the koehler weather. some wind at times and possibly some scattered rain. in fact, the chance of rain and looking greater than it has been the past few days. total accumulations now look locked in for at least .05 of an inch here throughout the bay area, maybe close to .1 for sam santa rosa and napa.
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we'll watch this front closely because these upper level low pressure systems like we're following can be very tricky. but the bottom line, we go from those 80s inland tomorrow to 68 on friday. 67 on saturday's forecast. raj and jess, we may get a storm system by early june. i'll worry about that. you guys enjoy tomorrow the. >> thank you for that. up next, trouble tourists uncounter while touring napa in a hot air balloon. >> hey, guys. miley cyrus is my guest tonight. anthony bourdain. >> and happening on our website, a note to teachers butchering students' names could have long-term impact on learning. a local school taking part in a campaign urging teachers and students to pronounce etch each other's name correctly. ste the ph curry's wife is teaming up to open a barbecue themed pop-up restaurant in san
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francisco. former giants superstar barry
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bonds is not happy about his daughter's school in southern california. ===vo=== barely bonds is not happy about his daughter's school in southern california. he tweeted this youtube video that shows students singing the lyrics of a rap song that uses profanity about women and the "n" wore. this is part of a petition posted on that claims the students in the video attend a high end and private brentwood school down in southern california. the school says it's investigating. the petition criticizes the school for not doing more. the canadian tourists have an unforgettable trip to recounseled when they go back hole.
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their hot air balloon ended up getting stranded in muddy water in napa today. and then they were forced to land near the napa river. >> i think he thought it was a road, and it look like a road, but it was totally surrounded by mud. >> we realized we couldn't, a, take off again and that wenied to get a ride. . >> so they got a ride, a good ride. the chc used a helicopter to fly everyone out. and will they be back tomorrow? great white sharks swimming sought of santa cruz. experts say these are juvenile sharks. the young sharks are about 4 let you know miles further north than usual because of el nino. coming back to san jose with a big smile on their face.
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hey pal? you ready? can you pick me up at 6:30? ah... (boy) i'm here! i'm here! (cop) too late. i was gone for five minutes! ugh! move it. you're killing me. you know what, dad? i'm good. (dad) it may be quite a while before he's ready, but our subaru legacy will be waiting for him. (vo) the longest-lasting midsize sedan in its class. the twenty-sixteen subaru legacy. it's not just a sedan. it's a subaru. ni we've got playoff drama every night this week. tonight, st. louis, the sharks turn. that was brent burns with a big beard and a big night for him. two goals for burns tonight. this gives the sharks a commanding 3-0 lead. he's turning into a national superstar. sharks goaltending martin jones, dethe rest. he shut out the st. louis blues. excellent between the pipes. sharks win 4-0.
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the series is now tied one game apooem piece. game three in san jose on thursday night. after the warriors, very zen like. they're embracing their situation. >> after losing last night, they showed up to work today with a fresh and positive outlook. here is more. >> it's unfamiliar territory for these warriors, falling behind in a series immediately. think they're bothered by it? >> think again. >> this can be good for us in a lot of ways and motivate us. it's not spoef to be easy. you know, it's good for us to, you know, come back and step up. >> it happens. there's a reason we pour champagne on each other's heads when we win. it's hard, it's a grind and this is a great reminer of that. >> what were the clarifying issues in game one?
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>> just some mental mistakes. the offense wasn't flowing like it usually does. >> and if the recent past is any indication, this will be just fine the. not once this season have the warriors lost back to back games. >> he smiles and said we ain't been here before. i said yeah, i know, i like this. this will be fun. when you can bounce back from something like this, that makes it all the more sweeter. so i'm relishing this opportunity. >> game two is tonight. >> relishing the opportunity. we'll see tomorrow night. and how about at the coliseum, chris davis and the a's, a walk-off grand slam in the bottom of the ninth as the as's
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peaked the rangers. coming up, election no-nos, what you cannot do during the spoots. but you can't take selfies doing
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it. that's the reminder tonight from california's
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you're encouraged to vote, but you cannot take a selfie doing it. that is a reminder tonight from california's secretary of state. any recording devices, or smartphones at the polls. media, the only ones allowed in with cameras. one away area lawmaker is looking to change that law, but it won't happen by the primary elections which is june 17th. so don't take the foam in to take a picture of yourself or your friends or anyone else. >> buting and vote.we encourage that. >> vote. now there will be people trying to neek it in just because of that the. >> don't try it. have a great morning. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- miley cyrus, josh gad,


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