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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 18, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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police officer may have pulled the trigger. >> reporter: i'm bob redell, a high school athlete died after football conditioning. >> that story coming up. taken away in cuffs after an hour long standoff in the south bay the tactics police used that finally forced the stabbing suspect to sir surrender. the next hour of "today in the bay" starts right now a. very good wednesday morning to you, thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam block. >> he is back in yellow, before giving a traffic report. first, plenty of yellow coming from the sky. >> we will have one more day of big time heat. >> oh, yeah, especially for many of the valleys today, looking ag at highs in the 90s. look for mild temperatures, all clear skies, sunrise happening as we speak and the workup
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quickly for this inland area, cooler near the coastline. later on this evening, it stays mostly clear the temperature slowly falls. sunset at 8:13, into the next few days, a traftic drop in temperatures. i'll detail that coming up in a few minutes. mike has a hazy view. >> it's clear enough for us to see these headlights at university avenue bridge. moving well, slowing, of course, because we got so much company, here for the bay bridge toll plaza. you see the fast track lanes are moving faster than the lanes not moving very much. we will get a couple of friends. over to the south bay, we had actually a little relief, 101 moves better, northbound with the headlights, two emergencies here. then clearing up at oakland road, a disabled vehicle on the southbound, it looks like it is not causing a problem, guys. we'll send it back to you. >> mike, thank you. developing this morning, police in pittsburgh are trying to sort out a chaotic scene that
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ended with three people being shot, including one that might have been shot by a police officer. this all unfolded at around 9:00 p.m. on kingsley drive. east bay times is reporting that witnesses say at least five gunshots were fired among a group of people. a police source tells the "time's" an officer on scene actually shot one of those people, in all, three people were taken to the hospital. all are expected to survive, so far, no word of any arrests. shock and grief for students of an east bay high school this morning after one of their own collapsed and died during the football conditioning exercise yesterday. >> "today in the bay" bob redell is in alameda, grief counsellors will be there to help students cope with what's happened? >> reporter: correct, sam, laura. the high school principal sent out notes to let family know professionals will be here on
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campus today to help staff and students talk through what happened here yesterday t. principal is also asking everyone to support each other during what they are calling a difficult time. it was yesterday evening one of the school's football players collapsed at the end of football conditioning. the principal says staff immediately called 911 and attended to the student. he was transported to highland hospital, where he was declared dead. again, this was last night. it's not clear if this workout took place indoors or outdoors and if yesterday's high temps could have had any impact on the student's death. bob redem, "today in the bay. request itself. >> thank you very much, tragedy there. pepper spray forced a stabbing suspect in the south bay to surrender after a four-hour standoff with police. we have video of the police taking the suspect into custody, just before 11:00 last night.
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it happened not far from wilcox high school. they say he barricaded himself after he allegedly stabbed his neighbor. after hours of negotiations the s.w.a.t. team eventually 3406d in, using flash bangs and pepper gas to coax the suspect out. the stabbing victim was hospitazed and is expected to be okay. still no sign of a missing two-year-old. right now police are hoping the public can help out. no one has seen ariana fitts since february. the mother was found dead last month. the fbi, san francisco police, family and friends are set to announce a reward this afternoon for information. the family of a missing millbrae father confirms he has been found dead. his body was found last wednesday in sonoma. he was last seen april 28th. the next day a hiker found his cell phone at golden gate park. there is still no word on how green died. weigh in on the race for
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president. primaries were held yesterday in oregon and kentucky. one race fought even officially been declared. no surprise here, republicans in oregon voted for donald trump, leaving him 81 delegates away from officially grabbing the nomination. democrats in oregon, meantime, chose bernie sanders, sanders need more than 800 dell ga itself to steal it the nomination. in kentucky, they are calling hillary clinton the apparent winner, she is less than 100 delegates from clinching the nomination. republican voters voted back in march. a live look right now at the fairgrounds in san jose. that's where bernie sanders supporters will gather for an appearance later today, but the man, himself, sanders will attend a ramally starting at 1:00 p.m. in the first of two bay area stops, he will be in san jose on the water front. the camera crews caught an early start. tonight's event is scheduled to get under way at 7:30.
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new this morning, a large earthquake again has struck ecuador. the quake hit this morning, close to where that 7.8 struck last month killing more than 650 people. this video is from last month's earthquake in western ecuador along the pacific coast. this morning's earthquake struck 36 miles south of the city of es mer ralda. we do have a developing story out of sri lanka on the southern tip of india. a massive landslide there buried three villages, hundreds of people are missing. it was triggered by torrential rain. the search is on the way for survivors. state media is showing images of huge bounds of earth covering homes while torrents of muddy water spilled from hilltops above t. same rains caused widespread floorksd including in the capital. >> talking about havoc mother
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nature can reach. feds are concerned california may be nicings another devastating fire season. >> it will clear out trees from national forests. federal experts said the wint ears wet weather helped only the northern part of the state. southern california remained mostly dry and four years of drought have killed an estimated 40 million trees in the state's national forests. >> in fact, because the drought is still with us, state regulators today will take action on a longer plan to save water. right now we are under mandatory water rationing. >> that seems to deal with the drought. instead, regulators are scheduled to vote on a three-year plan. it would require each water agency to express how much water they have and can be used. >> you can tell behind us.
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>> turning up the heat, kari, especially today. >> today will be that last day we have to deal with these sizzling temperatures. yesterday was in the mid-80s in san francisco, to 90s inland. today we bring it back a little bit along the coastline, after we take a live look now at san miami, another spot that will be very warm today. san jose up to 88 degrees, with mid-70s in san francisco in the mission district and napa, 83 degrees, oakland at 78 degrees, 87 today in san ro money, so still very hot. well above average. then, below average in times for the weekend, that comes along with some rain. i'm talk more about that coming up in less than ten minutes. mike now has a camp fire report in the tri-valley. >> a car fire. maybe a camp fire. it's nothing more than just someone that they were expecting. over here, eastbound, 580 the reports originally of a car fire.
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we'll see what develops there. no lanes blocked. here's the north bay southbound. this wednesday on the drive, the commute right here as well. another look at 101. the time on the peninsula, pam loal to, we do have the silicon valley, no surprises. >> did you call the commute too easy? >> because i'm here. i'm working. >> that is cool, though. >> speak for yourself. up next, a plane crash hit head on by another plane, the event that led up to this unusual site at a california airport. donald trump weighs in on silicon valley. he has an opinion about that. we will take a look. in less than 12 hours from now - that place will be rocking as the dubs look to even up the series with the thunder... a like look at the arena, in less than 12 hours from now, that place will be rocking once again, the as even up the series with the thunder. reaction coming up.
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an investigation into how two planes collided. a small private plane making a
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hard crash landing burst into flames. the pilot of the plane made the hard landing. he was injured. he was flown to a nearby hospital with burns. no one was inside the other plane. happening today, a rare public hearing in washington over the hiring practices in silicon valley. the equal employment opportunity commission is going to discuss perceived diversity issues among tech companies. critics say the industry is dominated by white and asian men. the eeoc as it's called is going to review silicon valley's ongoing employment companies and efforts to eliminate a hiring bias. high-tech companies, while we talk about them are routinely telling the public how many people they've hired. >> it's an attempt to be more transparent. >> they come once a year these reports. we have definitely seen improvements in the numbers, apple, for instance, in its latest hiring report it hired 65% more women than the year
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past. but, because apple so so big and male it translated into just a 1% increase in women overall. no company is working harder than intel to diversify it's work force. it says it wants to match the american population by 2020. that's less than four years from now. that's not without controversy. for instance, employees at intel can get a bonus for suggesting a good candidate, but only if that candidate is of a certain color or a woman. intel ceo has said some of his employees are angry over those new policies and management has seefrd received lets. other news, google's i/o conference will be held in google's back yard in the amphitheater. if you are not going, watch out for traffic on 101. the "new york times" says google
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will announce the google home project designed to take on this. amazon's echo, the devices that sit if your home and take voice commands. amazon just released a new version the size of a hockey puck. this is an older version. you can ask it to order a pizza or call uber. . donald trump said silicon valley when you look at some of the tech stocks that are so, so weak as a concept and as a company, and they're selling for so much money. and i would have said can that ever happen again? i think that it could happen again. now, one of the differences between the last bubble and we're in a bubble the bubble, is that that one was public. i mean, a few shares. this one is more private, but people will lose their shirts in this bubble. it's going to be private millionaire venture capitalists. not mom and pop. >> could it trickle down, though? >> it certainly could, if we're in a bubble. we can see layoffs.
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we can see all kind of things, it would not be quite as devastating a it is one we saw early. >> we started to see that. gosh. >> the folks here at silicon valley are laughing this off, ha, ha, ha. he might have struck the course. >> under the bed, ha, ha, ha ha. >> right. i do think people are talking about it. >> yes. scott mcgrew, thank you very much. >> everybody is talking about the warriors, live at oracle arena. the warriors looking to bounce back tonight after dropping game one of the western conference finals. the ducks say they're embracing the unfamiliar position of trailing in a playoff series. >> he smiled and said, we have been here before. but, no, i liked it. so, this will be fun. because when you go balance that with something like this, it makes it automatic more sweeter. you know, so, i'm relishing this opportunity. >> there you go. well, the odds in the warriors's favor as they have yet to lose,
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game two is tonight in oakland. tip-off is set for 6:00. here's something draymond can like on the ice the series is tied up between the sharks and st. louis blues. brent burn, scoring two goals in this one t. sharks' goaltender martin jones did the rest, shukt out thuting out the blues chlt*- /* shutting out the blues. >>. >> the odds of winning. >> yee. >> plus, we talked about brent burns. today is not the day you want extra fur. >> it is hot. >> it will be a hot day, this weekend, you will want something warm. we will have wild swings in these temperatures as we take a like look from at&t park towards the embarcadero.
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a great way to start out the day. even into the next couple of days, perhaps sunrises, mostly clear skies, but i think we will start to see those clouds rolling back in here by friday, looking now at oracle arena, getting ready for the warriors, later this evening, it will be 70 degrees, winds in from the northwest at 10 to 15 miles an hour. temperatures will be coming down from the earlier game, at the coliseum. it will be into the upper 70s by the end of the game. 78 degrees, warm and sunny out there. make sure you have some sun block, hot today as this high pressure still remains dominant across the region, so some summer-like temperatures as it fights back that on shore flow, today reaching the '80s and 90s inland, then this weekend, it's replaced by an area of low pressure that brings in some scattered showers, starting on friday, in the north bay into saturday for the rest of the bay area. and a strong on shore flow will keep our temperatures in the 60s all across the bay. so imagine this, 88 degrees
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today, dropping 20 degrees before we hit the weekend. it will be 83 degrees today in the peninsula. 67 on friday. we see those temperatures gradually come up to the next few hours and then as we go into the overnight hours, feeling a little bit better. still up to 87 dries in the north and the valley, we'll struggle to hit 70 this weekend t. rainfall potential looks okay. about a tenth of an inch for most of us. which would give us the not a typical soaker, probably not a lot of rain for those scattered showers that will be moving in on saturday. sunday it clears out. a mix of sun and clouds, temperatures reaching into the low 60s for san francisco. 70 for the north bay and south bay and 69 degrees today or rather on sunday in the tri-valley. so a big drop in those transportation, mike. how is it looking on the roadways? is it starting to look a bill more crowded? >> i do want to tell folks about what we are watching in livermore.
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there's that dublin shot. a couple change in that shot nearby. let's take that full to screen, westbound, left to right. that's your commute direction. traffic is looking lighter here. we were looking at also eastbound, going this way, over towards the greenville area. before you get to the construction, which is causing throwing, pavement work. we have reports of a car fire that cleared out of the roadway. i just want to make sure you are clear on that, let's go to the golden gate bridge, clear with low clouds on the north side. mostly haze, drivers aren't reporting any problems. starting to build that slow down through nevada and san rafael. here's the shot towards san francisco. and from 101 in this golden gate bridge, we see that second verse of traffic, 6:20 now. this will stick for the morning commute. yesterday's morning commute was tough through silicon valley starting at about 6:30, building to continue until 8:30.
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it held steady. here's that build starting at 6:30 to 7:00 t. peak of the build. san hat mateo bridge over westbound to the peninsula, 101 doesn't see slowing. you see the sun traveling west. that comes over from the peninsula, of course the dunbar bridge, a similar situation back to you. >> got to keep the sun grasses close. >> he's a spokesperson foraybans. >> coming up next, billions directly impact your paycheck. good morning, coming up on a wednesday here on "today" what that split decision and democrats in oregon and kentucky says about the state of that race. plus the growing concern that party infighting could spill over into a national convention. also ahead, zrchlt dr. oz w here to talk about findings about genetically modified
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foods. are they safe to seat? those stories, join us in studio 1-a.
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>> most of the terror suspects in those attacks had ties to saudi arabia. the white house opposes the measure saying it alienates an
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important allie in the middle east. president obama says it will open americans to file lawsuits. there is no immediate plans to take up the bill. >> the u.s. senate is one step closer to passing a billion dollar measure to fund the obama efforts to combat the zika virus, pubing the chamber further down a collision course with the house as it works on a vastly different funding measure. meantime the house of representatives is working on its own package that would only provide a fraction of that money. happening today the obama administration is going to officially unveil a long awaited rule that's going to make nearly five -- >> the race for the white house says the goal is to restore the middle class. >> exactly. because a lot of people in the middle chas are making 30, $40,000. but they're not getting overtime when they work more than 40 hours a week, because they're considered management. so the rules that the department
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of labor is going to announce today will double the salary cap for people ill jibl for overtime. right now it's $23,000. it goes up to $47,000. it will continue to increase every three years to adjust, so that those middle class families who have entry level, middle level management positions and many companies will be able to get time-and-a-half within they work more than 40 hours a week. but the important thing in overtime, they say they're concerned, it's more money and red tape. as a result they may not create as mr. of these management jobs, they may bump more people back to hourly. or even demote some early managers or lower level managers to try to get around this to some degree, the obama administration says they had some changes in the law without changing them to try to appease those managers. the question now becomes, with millions more now eligible for
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over time december 1st, are employers going to try to work around the law and demote or reduce salaries so they don't have to pay it? >> it's a pretty similar argument to what you hear when you talk about raising the minimum wage as well. >> coming up next on "today in the bay" police release under surveillance video, violence inside city hall. the reason city lead, want you to take a close look at it. >> reporter: i'm stephanie chuang live, bernie sanders supporters have showed up hours ahead of an afternoon rally. we will hear from one of them coming up in a live report. . =sam/4shot=
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and i'm sam brock a very good monday morning to you. thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. today sun class ifs and patience. >> maybe in some spots. >> kari, sun block and water. >> make sure you are all prepared for another sizzling day, mostly sunny skies, just a thin veil growing across the golden gate bridge right now a. beautiful start to the day. as you head out, we have mild temperatures, mostly clear skies, it will be wovm warming up inland with a bit of relief along the coastline, this evening, our sunset will be at
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8:13, staying mostly clear and in for some much cooler temperatures for the next couple of days him so i'll detail that coming up in a few minutes, let's head over to mike now. >> we are looking at the maze, i want to tell folks we will go right to our next live shot in oakland. i want to show you first the slowing for 580 westbound, also on the berkeley curve. that's where the curve is, look at our shot of oakland as we pass the oakland coliseum. we see a smooth drive this afternoon, actually before noon, we have people getting there for the a's game mid-day, doves play later on this evening as well, there will be a lot of congestion south of high street. fremont, further south from here, starting to build, those headlights coming towards us, heading south towards silicon valley, san jose showing a lighter track flow. trust me the build is on for that south bay commute, congestion, building from capital expressway as you'd expect, all way up to sjc.
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the airport, guys, back to you. >> right by the airport. thanks a lot, mike. 6:31 right now. decision 2016, a real surprise here, donald trump is victorious in the oregon primary yesterday. >> now, let's get to the democrats. >> that is where there was some mystery t. outcome was split for now. bernie sanders won in oregon while hillary clinton appears to have edged him out in kentucky. inching closer and closer to clinching the nomination. but despite a large gap in delegates, sanders is continuing his presidential push right here in the bay area, today. >> today in the bay stephanie chuang, live at the fairgrounds the site of the first of two rallies for bernie sanders today. >> reporter: good morning, the action here doesn't start until 1:00 this afternoon, a handful of supporters have shown up. they're saying we believe bernie sanders can go all the way and that's why we're here. now, bernie sanders held a rally last night in southern california in carson when he learned he had won oregon's
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primary. he said democratic hopeful hillary clinton won kentucky's primary, narrowly knowing the split delegates where she had easily beaten barack obama in 2008. sanders has his eyes on california. it's 548 delegates hoping to win big here, super delegates in his favor. some bay supporters are so excited sanders in in town. they arrived hours early to secure a spot, including one woman who says her entire family feels the burn. >> my mom has been a registered republican for as long as i can remember. she has six kids in the military, so he's always thought the republican party was her choice. this is the first year that she's changed her party to vote for bernie sanders. >> reporter: she says that's because the family believes bernie sanders is the one who won'tt send more military into war. crews spent hours yesterday setting up at the water front for tonight's sanders' campaign rally, which begins at 7:30
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tonight, doors opening at 4:00 this afternoon. of course, that starts all here in san jose, though, at the fairgrounds, with the ramally at 1:00 in the afternoon, door, though, opening at 10:00 this morning, if you are headed here as a supporter, go to gate f. >> good to know, thanks so much. some protesters damaged the san francisco city hall to the tune of $20,000. city hall releasing video from the may 6th demonstration, by those who want the police chief to resign or be fired. the hope is that people will recognize those doing this damage. officials say demonstrators trashed a metal detector. they broke windows and they also broke decorative iron work. >> the taxpayer shouldn't have to pay for this damage to this historic building. this is the people's palace. >> he was swinging his baton. i said, you are hurting me, sorry, i'm in the press. >> some reporters claimed they were roughed up by police
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officer during that protest. deputies ended up arresting 33 demonstrators. laura, two people accused in a large scale sex trafficking ring based in the east bay are scheduled for arraignment later today, authorities say that james joseph, jr. and avisa lavasani had a sex trafficking ring that spanned several states. the pair was first arrested last august along with a third suspect. that suspect is not scheduled to appear in court today. >> it is 6:35 right now. dublin police are hoping to add simple high-tech tools to their crime fighting ars nam. police are now requesting a half a million to install license plate readers along the interstate 580 exit into dublin. they are hoping to have mobile readers. police say in march the number of home burgaries doubled. some people questioned the added layer of under surveillance. >> i do value my privacy and so i'm just a little concerned about that. >> that's not all, dub lib
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authorities are requesting to tap into private home footage under surveillance from residence. the practice is already done in other bay area cities. a man and a woman have been hospitalized in san rafael after they were struck by a car in a crosswalk. this happened right by dominican university on lincoln avenue right near grant. officers say the driver struck that couple around 6:00 last night. there is no word on the extent of their injuries. a security guard is behind bars accused of animal cruelty in san francisco. police say charles moore was on duty at this safeway, 16th street, when he got into a confrontation with a man who had a chihuahua with him. moore was caught on store under surveillance camera kicking the dog twice t. dog ran from the attack. it was struck and killed by a car t. former security guard is being charge with tell loan animal cruelty, misdemeanor
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batter battery. >> a peninsula dog are you moru his care in minutes. one sunday, a one-year-old dachsun henry died at a pet smart store, officers later arrested the groomer, who has posted bail, in a new twist. we have learned from henry's usual groomer the dog only ended up at the store because she had had a scheduling conflict. >> i was devastated. i don't understand how you can go if for a nail trimming and never come out alive. >> henry's owner confirms that adeline martinez normally took care of the dong t. owner is not commenting on the case on the advice of his attorney. >> a sad story there. new details this morning on a raging fire outside of sacramento. it started as a grass fire yesterday, but it quickly spread to a nearby commercial area. this is near the thunder valley,
6:38 am
sacramento, firefighters say it is 50% contained and no longer spreading. the flames torched plumbing equipment and delivery trucks. but no word on a cause just yet. check this out, white sharks seen swarming just south of santa cruz yesterday. experts say these are juvenile sharks and because of el nino, the young sharks about 400 miles further north than usual. too close for comfort. >> some canadians have an unforgettable trip to talk about when they return home. >> they figured, hey, why not get a good view of the napa valley, right? their hot air balloon ended up in muddy water with high winds forcing them to land on the banks of the napa river. >> i think he thought it was a road and it looked like aed radio, but it was actually an island totally surrounded by water. we realized wince we landed we couldn't a take off again, we feed to get a ride. >> the chp had to come to the
6:39 am
rescue, used a helicopter to fly everyone off that muddy road. >> a rather memorable trip to california. >> they might get stuck in the mud with all that heat bearing down. >> no kidding. we are going to have across the bay area, kari? >> i think especially for the inland areas today, another hot day. we'll all have a little relief in san francisco, right along that immediate coastline as we take a live look from at&t park, clear blue, beautiful start to the day. and a still a very warm one, up to 75 degrees. keep in mind in san francisco, the normal high is 64 degrees, upper '80s for the south bay. we have a couple spots hitting 90 again, like fairfield and parts of the tri-valley and pleasanton, in the upper 70s for oak, 88 degrees in concord, pretty warm air conditioners. you will be turning it off this weekend as we get some natural air-conditioning. i'm have more on that coming up in about ten minutes.
6:40 am
mike will update you. >> that's right, kari, 101 spreading itself out, capital expressway to that sjc. the airport there, also 87 and 85, as you'd expect on schedule, lighter than most wednesday, slipping in towards that summertime commute. no changes over here, san mateo bridge westbound, slow off hayward, you will see that build, the peninsula not seeing this slip down. we have a slowish drive and we'll go to dublin, westbound 580, that itself the traffic away from us from this camera. look how light it is compared to where i show you. for some reason, traffic starts to speed up after that overcrossing, over to the dublin interchange. a great idea, back to you. >> it sounds like you got some investigating to do, thank you very much. >> coming up, a smash and grab all caught on camera. the item thieves got away with, that could put it at risk. google has a big conference today. we will tell you what may they
6:41 am
made, a live i look live at the big board. a facebook face-to-face, what will likely be a trending topic today. chris sanchez here in the newsroom with what we know about the meeting between mark zuckerberg and conservative leaders.
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>> new video of a brazen smash n drab in mississippi. the target was a gun store. once inside, police say they stole an ar-15 assault rifle and eight handguns. they are still on the run this morning.
6:44 am
some dramatic video now of the rescue of a pan trapped inside of a burning suv that was just released by police in alaska. we need to warn you, this video could be hard to watch. >> dash cam footage shows smoke billowing from the suv as an officer arrives, and then an officer and bystanders work together to free the trapped drivers, he was pinned underneath that vehicle. together they are able to tip that car over and just in time, moments later, the suv quickly burst into flames. the driver was able to walk away from that crash, thanks to the quick actions of the officer and really those good samaritans that were there the right place, at the right time. >> police are trained, random people going in and risking their lives. >> 6:44, plenty of focus, talking about it on facebook like, in fact, plenty of focus on facebook today, in just a few hours, ceo mark zuckerberg will meet with more than a dozen conservative leaders.
6:45 am
>> "today in the bay" chris sanchez this meeting is coming amidst allegations they are hiding right wing content from its feet, what did you learn? >> we know that mark zuckerberg said there is no bias at facebook and there is no way to artificially move those trending topics around. he will convince those republican leaders he is meeting with today of that same thing. we expect it will be a tough sell at some point because the ceo has been doing this last week. they reported those former employee claims that they were instructed to manipulate these trending topics. routinely presenting conservative ideas from appearing in people's feed in a written statement, zuckerberg said an investigation revealed no testified that that was true. his statement reads we have rigorous guidelines that to not meet the prioritization of one viewpoint or another or political perspective. >> it's the news that's coming through there, which is
6:46 am
represented to be objective and it's not, then i think the people deserve the right to know that. >> so consider this analysis from our colleagues over at cnbc. facebook has 1 billion daily users, more people that don't use it every single day. that's more than newspaper users, broadcast and cable viewers all combined. it is fought legally a news site and thus is not regulated by the sec as we are, for example. keeping things that way could be a powerful force behind this meeting between mark zuckerberg and those conservative leaders today. it is a meeting closed to the public except for members of the media on the guest list. we have posted the folks who have claimed they will be there on our facebook page, both the nbc one and my own personal one, chris sanchez, bc bay area. >> let's say in silicon valley, an entrepreneur will continue his battle with prosecutors in san francisco. >> the da wants to revoke his
6:47 am
probation. >> laura has a history with the san francisco prosecutor. he pled guilty in the case where he was accused of attacking a then girlfriend the da dragged paul back into court. this is video from last month after a different woman accused the san francisco entrepreneur of hitting her t.da would like to revoke that earlier probation and put chahal in jail t. san francisco chronicle says he is from korea and will not return from korea to testify. the chronicle also says the woman, herself, faces an a accusati accusation. there is this feeling that the fed is ready to raise interest rates. watch out for traffic on 101 this morning near mountain view, google has it's o'/oconference.
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this issed from from last year kumps, don't end up in the wrong spot. we expect google to mention [ inaudible ] . a look at the bay bridge this morning, obama's administration left a 500% tariff on chinese steam wanted those guys have a glut of steel on the market. half is coming from china. this happened, this is going to deal with cold rolled steel, easy for to you say. >> cold, rolled steel. >> yes, cars, washing machines, that kind of thing. we saw this happen with solar panels as well. all of a sudden there was a huge glut. you can't compete with that. >> so you just made the tie to the bay bridge. if this had happened before we built the new eastern span, an interesting thing there. >> it could have very well been. >> supply and demand.
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>> timing is everything. thank you very much. a lot of people say spring is a nice time to go see yosemite. here's why, runoff, such a beautiful thing, especially when it comes from the form of mel from this winter's expressive rainfall. california's drought hit home at one of the world most scenic spots t. sounds of water falls springing back to life is moo you can to the ears of visitors. >> the picture you see ofio sell, i have been to yosemite several times and it's never looked as good as it does, never. >> it's gorgeous. frequent visitors say what's especially interesting this year are smaller waterfalls making an aafter showing no signs of life for four dropped years. >> perfect. >> that says speaks roadtrip. >> minivan. >> minivan as well? i have been to yosemite when
6:50 am
there were gushing and no awe, it's really different. >> i'm sure it is, i look forward to going. >> roadtrip. >> and we'll have some beautiful weather. at least near the coastline, still very hot for those inland areas. a live look now at the golden gate bridge. a little bit of some fog there, not much. i think we will see more coverage tomorrow morning once these temperatures start to come back down. as we break it down now for pam loal to, looking at these temperatures today, starting out in the low 70s by 10:00 this morning, lunchtime, it's still going to be comfortable there. and then as the temperatures rise into the low '80s, we start to feel a little warm there. also warm out at the coliseum the as game, right in the middle of the day, it will be 75 degrees, up to 78 degrees by the end of the game. make sure have you some water and sun block. you're keeping the water flowing as you go throughout or as you watch and looking at the warriors game at oracle arena
6:51 am
later on this evening, it will be 70 degrees, winds if from the northwest, overall, nice weather to head inside, it will still be warm today. we're up to 88 degrees in the south bay. 74 degrees tomorrow. so we're in for a major cool down. still the air conditioner on today, but not so much by the end of the woke. 83 degrees today in the peninsula, 75 degrees in san francisco. notice by the end, we will have a chance of rain, in the forecast, it makes it feel like summer out there. it fights the on shore flow, it's still breezy as we get a little bit of an ocean breeze near the coast. but a much stronger on shore flow in time for friday into this week. this area of low pressure can bring in scat ired showers, especially on saturday. so make sure you set those outdoor plans the rainfall totals at this point look about a tenth of an inch for most of
6:52 am
us. a little rain before we go back into some dry weather on sunday. temperature wise, it will be cooler than average, reaching into the 60s. low 70s for sunday in the north bay as well as the south bay as those temperatures come up a couple of degrees, we'll see a mix of sun and clouds, but spotty rain we'll be watching on saturday. let's head over to mike now with a look at the flow across the bridge. >> spotty rain, spots from the rain, that's the way it works in our house. i haven't washed them, looking over here towards the san mateo bridge, not a big commute. we are looking at sunshine and slowing, the east shore freeway. we have a smooth drive, it's kind of a hazy look. it's enough to make out the glinting off the rooftops and the hoods of these cars traveling westbound the commute direction down underneath the university avenue overcrossing, west towards the bay bridge, where things are slow and the toll plaza, itself. to the north of there, folks are making their way over to richmond, we have 580. hov lanes, a forecast track and
6:53 am
taxpayers waiting to get across a couple lanes, towards the north bay, moving smoothly, though, there. now we don't have a gray shot. i can show you the traffic flow, southbound 6 idea over the hill, we did have reports of a crash. we haven't had a slow down, that's a good sign, a mild slowing off the dublin interchange, 880 easy well into fremont and highwayward and the like. looking towards the peninsula with an easy flow of traffic as well, southbound right here starts to show the slowing at the shift, south of there, standard for this area, also that sun is in your eyes for 101 especially 280, keep that in mind, back to you. >> all right, thanks so much, mike. 6:53, happening now, a giant space shuttle external tank making its way to the california science center in los angeles. this is a like picture. they're kind of adjusting the shot there so you can get a look. take a look at that large barge appearing, a massive tank.
6:54 am
>> how about the large tank? >> yeah. >> it's 15 stories tall, in fact, sam. once it hits land the tank will be squeezed into the streets of los angeles until it eventually reaches a new home at the california science center. it will join the center. >> taking a look at the parks. coming up next, gunfire in an east bay neighborhood that sends three people to the hospital. now we are learning at least one police officer might have fired a weapon in the shooting. but first, happening now, meteorologist kari hall just told us about another hot day, a great way to track the temperatures in your neighborhood, is to use our nbc bay ayre app. it's free. plus an unusual sighting of white sharks off the coast of skaent cruz county, see the video up close and personal. hey, we're on facebook live, pacific, right now in studio. we'll see you back here in two minutes.
6:55 am
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6:57 am
welcome back to you, before you head out the door, here's the top stories. >> first a developing story out of the east bay armgs chaotic scene in pittsburgh with three people reportedly shot, moments ago, police confirmed one person was shot by an officer, all
6:58 am
unfolded at 9:00 on kingsley drive t. east bay times is reporting witnesses described five gunshots fired amongst a group of people, police say an officer shot one of those good people who they say is armed with a firearm him all of the people are expected to survive. a they warn sudden death of a high school football player. he collapsed after modems of conditioning correct. >> in alameda, grief counsellors will be on hand, bob. >> reporter: good morning, sam, lauren the alameda county coroner's office confirmed that state of the union is the a student here in alameda, he was a 15-year-old, a football player who last fight in the evening collapsed after football conditioning, according to school, he collapsed at the end of the conditioning, they immediately called 911, he was
6:59 am
transported to highlands hospital, where he was later declared dead, it's not clear if it took place indoctors or outdoors. reporting live here in alameda, bob redell, today in the bay. >> such a tragic situation. bob was mentioning the heat might have played a role. we seen extreme heat by this season's standards. >> it continues today, spots away from the coast. we are looking at temperatures now in the upper 50s to low 60s, highs up to 87 in the north bay, 88 in the south bay. still once again we could get up to the 90s. >> make sure the air-conditioning is working. >> i will show you slow traffic for the most part. this is actually one better than most at this time. we will show you a spot of the bay bridge, through the maze,
7:00 am
slowing off 580. look at san jose. >> wow. 101 is. >> it's not completely clear. >> have a great day. good morning. king overnight, nbc news declares hillary clinton the apparent winner of kentucky's democratic primary. but by less than 2,000 votes. bernie sanders takes oregon and again vows to fight till the end. >> we are in till the las battle. >> while donald trump makes nice with megyn kelly, sort of. >> bimbo? >> there was a retweet. did i say that? >> many times. >> excuse me. too little, too late? under mounting pressure and growing frustrations, the tsa vows to send more screeners to fix the gridlock at the


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