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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 19, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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the search by air and sea for the wreckage of an egypt-air flight that crashed. loved ones holding out hope that passengers onboard the plane will be found. >>. >> breaking news, the search by air and sea. loved ones hoping passengers aboard the plane will be found. efforts to tighten gun restrictions at the state capitol. california gun makers want to safe guard the public against assault rifles. spectacular. warriors on track after a big win at home. "today in the bay" starts right now. a very good thursday morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock.
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it's 1-1 in the warriors series. >> temperatures are coming down. >> i'm so glad about that. yes. especially after yesterday hitting some 90s for a lot of inland areas. now it's 48. it's coming down in the north bay and mild in the south bay. 57. patchy fog in spots and more cloud cover with onshore flow brings temperatures down to 75. in the north bay and south bay. 66 in san francisco. now we'll have some cooler air in time for the weekend. we'll talk more about that. let's head over to mike talking about a car fire. >> early for any incidents. there is 580 through dublin. it's near the altamont pass, traveling 580. we have reports of a car fire westbound. that is your commute direction. east bound has slowing for the paving work. we'll track the zone. i'll get an update from chp.
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updating breaking news. an egyptair flight crashes over the medicine tarnian sea. there were 66 people aboard this plane. >> kris sanchez is following the latest for us. >> good morning. in the last hour the french president confirmed that jetliner crashed after it disappeared from radar. however, the egyptian defense ministry is not confirming that yet. let's take a live look at egypt care operations in cairo. the defense minister in greece says it was in egyptian air space when it madeudden swerves. the route that traveled from paris to cairo, no confirmation that the plane came down from greek authorities. however confirmation from french
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authorities. it disappeared from radar after the pilot told authorities everything was routine. there were 60 people on board. 56 are passengers. three may have been air marshals. it appears no passenger is american. the greek civil aviation authority bans fights from the last point of contact with that flight. there are searches going on in the water, as well. the current indications are leaning towards some abrupt incident as opposed to some gradual malfunction point to the fact all scenarios right now are on the table. certainly a lot of folks are fearing the worst. in the newsroom, kris sanchez, today in the bay. the investigation just getting started. also new this morning, a u.s. air force b-52 bomber
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crashed in guam. this happened yesterday at a u.s. air force base. the bomber aborted take-off and crashed shortly after. all seven people onboard were able to get out safely and unhurt. that crash is under investigation. san mateo sheriff's deputies are investigating a homicide. keith green disappeared last month leaving his wallet and his car at home. his cell phone was found in golden gate park the next day. they found his body in a field off highway 101. detectives are not saying how green was killed. california law makers are going to consider sweeping new measures to limit the sale of guns in california. senate senators are scheduled to vote on several gun control bills. one would outlaw the sale of certain kinds of assault rifles. the speculation law makers are
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taking up that measure now to stave off a november ballot measure pushed by gavin newsom. steph chuang will have an update for us in about an hour. sharks tie the series 1-1. puck drops at 6:00 at the shark pang. >> at oracle areason's. after a disappointing game one, doves came out looking for sweet revenge. >> thunder didn't know what hit them, but it was close to start. the game was tied up until late in the second quarter. doves went on an 8-0 scoring spree after that circus-like shot with english from endandre. the doves dominated 118-91.
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>> heating up on the court, cooling down. >> it will be cooling down today and looking at better weather for the next couple of days. something more average for this time of year. then next couple of days, we continue to see those temperatures take a fall and it let's take a look what you're feeling as you step out the door. 56 in concord, oakland and palo alto. embarcadero 66. low 80s in spots like fairfield but most of us will be in the 70s. oakland today 71. heading into the weekend, it continues to cool off. let's head over to mike.
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>> we had that car fire from 580. here is the easy drive, san mateo bridge. same thing for speed sensors. westbound 580 when we had that car fire. so is the slowing. eastbound we had a considerable amount of slowing there. overnight paving work in the area. that is a minor slowdown. the bigger slowdown cleared as they cleared that car fire. next we'll preview our investigation into a home rental. >> she's been missing for weeks.
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laura/cont vo not giving up hope. you just heard from the aunt of "arianna fitts" -- she's the two- year-old little girl from san she is alive and well. >> you just heard from the aunt of arianna who was seen last april 1st. there is a $10,000 reward for information that could bring her home. arianna's mother was found murdered in a park last month. no arrests made in that homicide case. thousands of short-term rentals on websites are breaking the law each day. that is according to information obtained by our investigative unit. san francisco requires that hosts get registered and follow
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certain rules. tonight at 11:00, our investigative reporter goes under cover to show how easy it is to find people renting out their homes illegally. those who are following the rules are speaking out, too. homeowners who legally rent out their space say abuse in the industry is hurting them. >> people are buying up whole houses and converting them to short term rental. people that work here have no place to go. >> you're saying people are taking away housing. >> yeah. >> with so many breaking the law each day, what is the city going to do about it? we get answers in one of our two-part series. that will kick off tonight. coming up, apple laying down rules for india where ceo too many cook hopes to build there. >> the selfie warrior fans are sounding off on. what the team's manager has to
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say about this photographer in the first row. certainly not much to criticize
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from the warriors' "thumping" of the thunder last night in the conference finals. ...except maybe the reaction from fans when steph curry not too much to criticize in the final last night except for maybe the reaction in fans. not that fan who was concerned. you'll see in a second this one after steph goes toppling into the stands there, you see a guy stand up, whip out his camera and take a picture of a fallen
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steph curry. no one tried to catch him at that point. for one man maybe it was the perfect photo opportunity but the team was concerned that might have been crossing the line a little bit. that's the topic of conversation this morning. did you go too far when steph went tumbling into the stands. warrior gm jokes if it happens again, please someone catch him. >> but he was okay. >> he was okay. scary for a moment. >> he already landed on the people when the guy turns around and took the picture of it. >> did you check out the game? >> i did until i fell asleep halfway through it. i just can't stay up that late. >> sometimes you sit down,
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that's it. >> we are looking at some cooler temperatures and some rain in time for the weekend as we take a live look outside from san francisco. nice way to start out the day. so far not a lot of clouds. we'll start to see them moving in as we go through the morning. this is what you need to know. mostly clear skies. sunrise 5:56. a warm day staying partly cloudy through this evening. 56 in the east bay. 60 in the peninsula and the north bay at 48. livermore, we are going to break it down. 6:00 at 54. into the low 60s, already by 10:00 in the morning, but it won't be as warm as yesterday. once we hit the 60s, that's
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where we will stay. briefly hitting 70. for this evening at the sharks game it will be 68. light winds from the northwest at 5 to 15 miles per hour. this area of low pressure will move in the next couple of days. starting out with showers in parts of the sacramento valley tomorrow. then we'll have sometimes of rain on saturday. during that time, we are looking at about less than 0.1 inch of rain for the total rainfall for saturday. but mostly looking at a mix of sun and clouds. every now and then you'll have sprinkles or light showers moving out of those clouds. it will be in the 60s for most of us. some low 70s for sunday in the tri-valley as well as the south bay. 60s for the rest of the bay area. i'll have another look at the microclimate forecast coming up. let's head to mike. >> we have crews at golden gate bridge. a couple of cars on the
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shoulder. we'll look at no lane configuration change yet. south bay, looking at the bay area, we see the green sensors all over show a smooth flow of traffic. out of the altamont pass. eastbound have that overnight paving work. the car fire activity on the shoulder. all lanes are clear there. here the south bay, no major issues. we'll show you live shots. san rafael a smooth drive. traffic flow nicely on our sensors. going to end with this live shot. a light as expected drive. >> 4:48 turning to decision 2016, donald trump is in hot
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water over potentially explosive comments about former president bill clinton. >> trump brought up the word "rape" while talking about clinton's past sex scandals. tracie potts brings up the full details. >> in an interview on fox, here us who i donald trump describes the decks-old allegation against bill clinton. >> exposure, in another gays about groping and fondling. >> and rape. >> the woman in question initially said there was no assault. been she recanted. bill clinton denied it and was never charged. trump is feeling attack and licking his wounds. it comes after trump named 11 conservatives he would consider for the u.s. supreme court. trump joked himself the list might put people to sleep. the clinton campaign is weighing in on trump's supreme court picks noting not one was a person of color and all would
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roll back rulings on health care and same-sex marriage. tracie potts, nbc news washington. >> thank you very much. more politics now here at home. california's primary is now less than a month away. ahead of it, hillary clinton is returning to the bay area. next week mrs. clinton will attend a fund-raiser along with bill clinton. >> two bay area companies making business headlines today. linkedin shutting line on what happened four years ago. >> google has a new messaging app with a twist. we turn to landon dowdy. >> good morning. wall street could see red arrows today. futures are lower and stocks erased yesterday's gains. fed members are ready to raise interest rates as early as june
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if the economy keeps improving. the dow falling three points. nasdaq ending up 23 to 4739. linkedin confirms the data breach in 2012 exposed 117 million user passwords, more than the 6.5 million it originally thought. the hacker tried to sell the password on the dark web for $12,000. there is no indication of a new breach and is terming how many passwords are still in use. cyber security experts say these should have as a reminder to change your password every two months. google says hello to allo which is not only for chatting with friends and family but comes with a digital assistance that can answer questions. it also has video chat that lets you see who is calling before you answer.
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facebook spent much of yesterday trying to convince conservatives it is not bias. ceo mark zuckerberg invited leaders to headquarters after a contractor claimed trending topics favor liberal views. he denied that accusation. journalism experts say yesterday's meeting was crucial for the social media company. >> they recognize that, you know, democrats, republicans, everybody uses facebook and they don't want to alienate a chunk of the audience. >> facebook is still investigating the allegations. >> as for their competitor apple with china's growth slowing right now, apple's eyeing india for future developments. it's opening a center in bangelor. it will focus on app design and create innovative technology for customers around the globe. the developer center will open
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early next year. 4:52. how did these cows end up in a bay area backyard? wasn't a pretty sight. the damage left behind. first, happening right now, we are staying on top of breaking news in egyptair jet disappeared over the mediterranean. less than an hour ago french president francois hollande confirmed that plane crashed. plus we go indepth on the meeting between facebook and conservatives. dozens of high school students
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on the peninsula will have to retake the a-p exam. =sam//vo= gunn high school in palo
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4:55. dozens of high school students on the peninsula will have to retake the a.p. exam. >> gunn high school says the tests are invalid after an error in the test distribution. a problem with students sitting too close together this week. seniors say retaking the crucial test is pretty stressful. >> thought i had a big weight off my shoulder and i discovered some were invalidated. that was a really big bummer for me. i was upset that happened. >> it was a very difficult message to send to students. i know how hard our students worked to prepare. >> students are signing a petition right now asking gunn staff to give them class time to study and cancel other exams and projects. the principal said teachers are working to lighten the load and the test will be retaken at the end of the month, right before graduation. >> fun. >> so much pressure on those tests. we have a wild home invasion in the south bay.
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>> very different kind of home invasion. 60 cows barrelled into a backyard. a family at morgan hill snapped these photos. they came from a ranch next door breaking through the fence to where the grass really was greener. >> i look out the windows and everywhere the backyard are see these huge cows pulling up grass and plants and yanking them out at the root. it was shocking. pretty devastating. >> homeowners estimate the damage to their backyard could be a couple of thousand dollars. the rancher took full responsibility and is promising to cover the costs. that was an awfully green lawn is all i can say there. >> happy cows in california. bay area cooling down. >> talking temperatures in the 70s today. we'll have even cooler weather this weekend with some rain. more on that in the microclimate
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forecast. across the bay, we have more slowing farther east. >> we continue to follow breaking news. kris sanchez will update us on the egyptair crash. this pimple's gonna last forever. aw com'on. clearasil ultra works fast to begin visibly clearing up skin in as little as 12 hours. and acne won't last forever. just like your mom won't walk in on you... forever. let's be clear.
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clearasil works fast. i'm kris sanchez in the
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newsroom monitoring egyptair and a crash confirmed by the president. what we know at this point coming up. sweeping new gun proposals up for discussion at the state capitol. the crucial vote happening in the state senate that could tighten gun laws in california. making pit stops in the bay area bernie sanders presses forward in california where he might be headed next. "today in the bay" starts now. a very good thursday morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. hopefully things are moving along. >> only stop for coffee. >> temperature is subsiding. >> it will feel so much better today. we had 90s in parts of the bay area yesterday. as you head out, this is what you can expect. a few clouds and fog this morning. sunrise at


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