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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 19, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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the black community has got to stop runs=03 =raj/vo continues= right now at 11. first the resignation, tonight: the policy of murder in the black community needs to stop. the resignation tonight and reactions and tragedy and politics making an uneasy night and future in san francisco. >> thanks for being with us, i am raj mathai. >> tonight police union is standing behind greg suhr.
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>> that's why i have asked chief greg suhr for his resignation. >> mayor lee made the announcement late this afternoon hours after another deadly officers involved shooting. the resignation is not calling for a dart over haul. with us here, the voice of the protesters have been heard, so what now? >> reporter: protesters came here from the city hall, some say they were selling victory, most agreed that there are still work to do. >> yeah, protesters gathered outside city hall reacting to the removal of chief greg suhr. >> the police department is on notice. we have a black man who's stealing our own now and they all know that they'll not be able to continue with their
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rac races. >> anger by a string of officers involved shooting. now, they're looking to acting chief chathplain for reformed. having served in mission and in the gang task force. >> the mayor asked for greg suhr resignation this morning. suhr made progress with reforms but those changes did not come fast enough. he hopes the move will help bring the community together. >> as we embark on the new chapter for the police, we aim to restore that trust >> greg suhr was chief for five years. not everyone here at city hall wanted him out. members of the supervisors still respecting him and supporting him. they are looking forward to work with the acting chief.
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reporting live, jean elle, nbc news. cheryl hurd is with us, how are the supporters of the victims responding tonight in. >> reporter: supporters are in mourning and angry. many wanted to tone down that anger and pay respect to the women that shot and killed by police. >> the vigil started at el myra in san francisco bay view, a block away from where the shooting happened. about 100 people locked from the same spot where the woman was shot and killed by police. >> it must stop now. it is tearing us apart for a young beautiful black 27 years old to be murdered they say. >> this is unfortunate and tragic part of the story of what's happening to black people and brown folks in this country
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at the hands of the state. >> there are reports police tried to pull a woman out of a stolen car. the car was moving back and forth when the sergeant fired a single bullet. there are still a lot of unanswered questions. >> the stories are pretty much the same, the poli come out and kill someone and they demo demonize the victim. >> this was the spot where everyone wanted to honor her. >> reporter: some supporters are calling for action. some may take to the streets. reporting live in san francisco, i am cheryl hurd, nbc bay area news. this is a blow for the department, the department has been instructed not to speak publicly. chief greg suhr, poured his life and soul into this job. the head of the police
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association released this statement. having worked with or for chief greg suhr when he was a sergeant and lieutenant and captain, i can voucher his integrity and commitment to the public safety. his retirement is under pressure is an extreme loss of the department and the city. the front page of tomorrow's medical examiner, "no suhr" is the headline. this is generating a lot of attention across the country. our coverage continues online on, you can watch and read mayor's lee entire statement regarding greg suhr. our meteorologist is tracking our weather, we could have sunshine and rain. jeff, reinri. >> four degrees cooler in
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heyward and six degrees chillier this time last night. we not only have the fog of the immediate coastline of this area of low pressure dropping down for tomorrow, that'll bring us a chance for showers. the best chance of getting anything at all is across the south bay. if you are doing any traveling, watch out not only for slick sh spots but also snow in the sierra this weekend. i will have full details in about 15 minutes. >> you can track the rain, t with our nbc bay area app, it is free on our apple and android device so you want to check it out. now the disappearance of egyptair flight a 804. this is new video in charles de gaulle. rescuers will search by air and sea.
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66 people were on board. greece said the plane spunn 360 degrees in a downward spiral just before vanishing in the radar. >> this has renewed the discussion here about airport security, are we seeing changes locally? >> reporter: we have renewed that discussion, right here at international airport, there are no changes as of yet. this has had a big impact in the area especially those in the local egyptian community. >> the chase of missing flight 804 is leading passengers who travel internationally at international airport mixed feelings. >> it is scary. >> i think airplane traveling is safer than driving a car and i don't worry about it at all. >> the concerns of these passengers and removing the bay
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area from cairo 11 years ago. >> 36 years old abu bonn is believed to be one of the passengers on that plane with his mom and dad and wife. >> she says bonn and his wife leave behind two young daughters and an infant and a four years old. >> my heart goes out to them, i don't know what to say. >> egyptians officials are not ruling out that this maybe a terror attack. lax responded today increasing security and san jose national airport did not. the homeland security did not direct them to do so. hoda is in expecting and had this to say about her dear friend. >> you see the out pour of people talking about him now and speaking to him, a nice, young family. >> san jose, nbc bay area.
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tonight a man broke into a fremont department have died. police think he may have tried to burglarize that building. the man was having trouble breathing and died at the hospital. officers determined the man spent several minutes in the apartment that was marked "do not enter." the man's name has not yet to be released. in the news room, the man robbing first national bank in daily city. he walked up to the teller demanded money with a note. if you recognize him, you are urged to call baylor city police. no surprise here million homes are the norms in the bay area. san francisco has had the largest increase in the country when it comes to million listings. a group of 20% to 57% of the
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market. number two on the list, san jose, jumping from 17% to 43%. oakland is third on this national list with 20% of its homes listed at six figures or more. just ahead, investigators go under cover expose of what maybe fuelling those skyrocketing rent prices in san francisco. and, i jumped up on the highest one i could and he started swinging stuff around. >> from his hospital bed his camp trip in the sierra took a wrong turn. the trouble he went into and the rescuers saved his life. good evening, i am meteorologist, jeff, we are tracking rain chance, i will have your forecast in a few minutes. francisco.more people are
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looking to earn some extra cash by renting out part of their home on a short-term it is the time where rent
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prices are soaring in san francisco. a lot of people are renting out their homes on a short term bases. many of those listings are being blamed for hiking up the cost of the city's cost of living. >> guys, it is hard enough to find affordable place in san francisco, now, what used to be full-time housing is marketed to tourists as illegally as short rental. >> higher prices for the rest of us. the problem has exploded with thousands breaking the law each day and getting away with it. >> this is the living room. >> elizabeth is used to playing host just about every week, she opens up her san francisco home to a new group of strangers, a couple vacationing from france.
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this veterinarian student from germany and susie cosby is in her living room visiting from the uk. >> this is rented out using air bnb. a popular website that connects hosts with renters across the globe. >> it is a personal way to travel as oppose to stay ing ina hot hotel. >> this helps her pay the bill. she's 71 years old. >> last year, the city loosen those restrictions. residents follow certain rules and get a permit. >> you are the first people to get registered. >> yes. >> since she got her permit, over 1,000 people have
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registered. bnb had alone of 7,000 hosts and 9,000 properties which does not include other hosting site. 82% of hosts are breaking the law. >> i think there is still work to be done and for us to get the word out about the need to register. >> kevin guy oversees that process as a director of short term rental. guy says his staff of six people with trying to make the application process easier while cracking down on those two operating on legal hotels. the city collecting funds for violations for 90 properties, ranging to several thousands. the board of supervisors had been critical. >> it is certainly not meeting basic standards of what you consider acceptable. >> most people are breaking the law and getting away with it.
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>> if there is legislative changes, we'll adapt the changes in the legislation. >> to help lead out the legal rental, the city contacted air bnb and craigslist and flip key and brbo. the city asks the company rim firing hosts to include their register traration number on th online app. >> did anybody did everything you asked for. >> air bnb does remove some illegal apps and thousands are still online. >> by law, hosts in san francisco have to register with the city and live in the home they're trying to rent out. you can only rent out your home 90 days per year if guests stay at your place while you are not there. the home has to be your primary
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resident. the same person cannot rent out more than one property. we discovered those rules are largely ignored. ten properties on air bnb and showing eight are not registered. >> there is no key. >> including this macplace. >> my producer and i went under cover checking the district. >> this is your place but you don't live in the building. >> no. this woman's profile lists at least four different properties in the state. >> there was an employee there to show us around. the former admitted having other short term rentals. >> how many air bnb places do you have? >> los angeles. >> inside the apartment there were not many signs of someone living in the room for a long
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time. all rooms were numbered just like a hotel. >> the posted of more than 30 different rentals across the state and three of them are in san francisco. not exactly the homie feel elizabeth offers to her guests. >> everyday there is thousands of people breaking the rental law. those people are all your competitions. >> yep. >> since it gotten out of hands. >> people working here have no place to go. >> you are upset people are using the short term rental system, taking away houses. yeah. >> air bnb believes the city's process to get hosts registered is complicated so it does not require users to use the permit. it could change the entire
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industry. vicki nguyen has that story tomorrow night at 11:00 when she sits down one on one with the top executive at air bnb. >> very interesting, thank you very much bigad. if you have a tip for him or anyone, give us a call at 888-996-tips or e-mail them. let's send in with our meteorologist, jeff rainieri. >> a possibility of rainfall. as we look at your forecast, you can see the storm we have been tracking is now positioning closer to the bay area. as that moves over us tomorrow, that'll increase the chance of a few drops. i think for theëñmorning's forecast, the best chance will ) bay and 52 to start an$,aaam san francisco at and over cast in the north bay at 51. the storm getting closer as we head into tomorrow for a few of
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those spotty showers. by the afternoon, it looks like maybe the north bay or the east bay could get some of these stray showers that'll be over sacramento. the greatest chance of getting anything would be on saturday morning and some scattered rainfall possibly to an embedded thunderstorms and that chance will linger into the afternoon as well. lets go ahead and get you into that forecast. tomorrow, temperatures even a few degrees cooler and you may need a light jacket. san jose spending at 69 and cupertino at 67. palo alto at 56 and financial district at 63. the tri-valleys pretty much 60s with the largest change in the tri-valley. tomorrow danville at 58. the cooler weather stays as we head throughout the weekend. saturday and sunday, temperatures continue to trend
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in the 60s with the peninsula of 66 on saturday and for sunday, 69 degrees, if you are doing any traveling, near the sierra, watch out. we are still looking at some snow expected anywhere from two or six inches. king vale could get the highest of six inches. we have one word for you, el nino. >> up next, the weather who are messing up his plans. the dramatic rescue in the sierra. >> hey guys, seth rogan is my guest tonight. tonight's show, #tonight show. happening now, the state senate approves sweeping gun-control measures. and a make over for apple on the website, the tech giant is getting ready to unveil its new look for the store, hauling over
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nearly 400 stores worldwide and starting in san francisco, union square. we'll be back in a few minutes.
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police say a wanted man , alex quinones , could be in the south bay, tonight. he allegedly attacked his teenage girlfriend in stockton this morning then forced her into his car. an a a have you seen this man, police say he's wanted. al alex kino. police believe he maybe in fresno or in san jose. back to civilization after being stuck in the woods. he never returned from a camping
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trip. the black hawk helicopter you see it there spotted him. >> the level of happiness that i don't get to experience much. >> once it is snowing at the top, you cannot see the trail. once you get to the top, just walk and hopefully you can figure it out. >> the reunion of the family. michael took several wrong turns while heading out of that camp site and he got lost. he was with his dog and both are okay. the san jose community is in the pit tonight of removing 200 olive tree. the city says they're getting a lot of complaints and it is getting in the way of cyclists. the plan is to replace the olive tree with some other types of greeneries. neighbors are signing a petition
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tonight....the sharks saluting the fans...and the fans -- saluting the sharks. a dominating victory. the sharks are just two wins away loud and proud at the sharks
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tank tonight. the sharks are just two wins away from the stanley cup final. that will means the super bowl of hockey. >> i know, i have seen the stanley cup. colin is at the sharks tank. so much excitement and the warriors. oh my gosh. >> reporter: this is not bad if you are the bay area's sharks fans. >> the sharks are out and they out scored them for the second time in three games. game three, the blues have it and turned it over, sharks only attacked thornton. glove side, he beats eliot, 1-0. after one. >> san jose up 2-0. six minutes in the third, one end delivers a perfect path.
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a quick strike. might be time to hop on the bandwag bandwagon. >> 3-0. thornton with two wins for the stanley cup and he knows he's good. >> no, i know i am a great player. [ laughter ] >> i -- i love to play and i just -- i feel good playing with who i am playing with in our team and -- yeah, i feel good. >> yeah, i know i am a great sports supporter and i have great teammates and i feel good that the sharks won. >> come on. >> i will doll it for us. >> we are in. [ laughter ] >> thank you, we'll be back in a moment with the big story tonight with the giants, stay with us. today's feeds hd giants @
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padres: 1:30:51 "and the giants win every game on this road tri" rs=05 =cont vo= the giants wins every game on this road trip. >> every game on the road trip.
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a perfect trip, the giants have been undefeated since 1913. they strike out the padres and san diego tonight, great pitching. tomorrow the first place, giants are back in san francisco, hosting the chicago's cubs. guess where the game is on tomorrow and on what channel? >> right here, right here? >> right here on nbc bay area. welcoming home the giants. >> good answer. >> thank you. they're going to win here, too. >> thank you, have a great friday morning. >> bye-bye. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- seth rogen. fred armisen.


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