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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 20, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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than that, the sharks are preparing to do something they have never done before. last night a stellar win against the st. louis blues. a full breakdown of their domination coming up. "today in the bay" starts right now. good morning on this friday. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. made it to friday morning. make it through the morning commute in a little bit. >> mike is going to have your update in a second. changes in the forecast, windy and cooler today. >> grab a jacket and have warm clothes for the day. also need sunglasses. we are taking a live look now at the oracle arena. it will be chilly this morning. sunrise in under an hour. mostly cloudy today and cooler with gusty winds. we'll have showers developing later on tonight in the north bay. the rest of us will see it for scattered showers tomorrow. i'll talk more about that in a few minutes. let's head over to mike with another update on the bay bridge. >> we had a crash blocking
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lanes. flashing lights. we still have the road crew outside san francisco. this was the scene as you're approaching that treasure island exit. a deadly crash between a sedan and motorcycle. all lanes eastbound are open now. we'll show you there is no slowing out of san francisco. the usual suspects, folks. this being friday, you are looking at easy driving. we have wind advisory there. we have breaking developments overnight in the mysterious disappearance of the egyptair flight 804.
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egypt's military is revealing passengers' belongings from that plane found in the mediterranean. kris sanchez has more on what was discovered and the progress being made in the search right now. what do you know? >> good morning. yesterday there were reports of floating debris. this is much more concrete. looks like searchers spotted two airplanes debris and perhaps what could be the first of the 66 passengers on the flight. this follows a retraction from egyptair about the debris field reported yesterday. that turned out to be nothing. egyptian president not ruling out the possibility of terror. in addition to lending physical support in the search, the u.s. military is lending intelligence support to help dig into the backgrounds of each and every passenger and crew member to determine possible ties to any terror group. according to a terror expert, as
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searchers look from that aerial search, there may not be a lot to find. >> you don't need a lot of explosive. airline is at full altitude to compromise a structure that high up. you can force a plane to break up. >> if you are flying out of the bay area's airports today, you may notice increased security where you land. l.a.x. did up their counterterrorism security measure so there is no specified threat. if our security picture changes at home, we'll let you no. secretary kerry just issued his condolences to the egyptian president and prime minister, as well. he was in cairo a few days ago. >> thank you very much. 5:03. now to the story making national headlines out of the bay area this morning. the front page of "the examiner" says it all, "no suhr."
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he officially resigned hours after another deadly officer-involved shooting. stephanie chuang is live in san francisco with all the reaction and fallout as well. good morning. >> that's right. good morning to you. there are still barricades behind me here when protesters celebrated chief suhr's resignation yesterday. >> there was an officer shooting of a black woman in the bay area suspected of stealing a car. may 3rd, 400 people marched with the hunger strikers to city hall. protesters are happy with suhr's resignation and more hopeful learning that the new acting chief is a man of color. >> the police department is now on notice.
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we have a black man filling that role now. and they all know they will not be able to continue with their racism. >> the acting chief of police is tony chaplain. he served 26 years here and former deputy of chief that focuses on accountability and transparency. chief suhr who served 30 years has support at city hall with some of the supervisors who supported him, even mayor lee up until yesterday. it was not enough. protesters say this is one step but not enough. we'll have more on their demands in the next half hour. stephanie chuang, today in the bay. our coverage continues online at a man who broke into a fremont apartment being
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fumigated has died. police think he may have been trying to burglarize the building. the man was having trouble breathing and died at the hospital. after an investigation, officers determined he spent several minutes in that apartment. it was marked specifically "do not enter." it was being fumigated with hazardous chemicals. the man's name has not been released. 5:06 on a friday morning. three people recovering after a crash involving several cars in san francisco's sunny dale neighborhood near the bayview. this happened on geneva and calgary before 4:00 p.m. yelled. police are not releasing many details about how it happened or whether or not someone was arrested. a letter filled with suspicious powder is delivered to kaiser medical officers in antioch. the letter was opened yesterday afternoon. health officials did test the substance and say while results are not conclusive one test came
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back positive for corn starch and flour. san francisco pride celebration is next month. some are fighting hard to stop this year's celebration. san francisco chronicle is reporting two lawsuits have been filed citing shootings that happened in 2012, 2013 and 2014. you're looking at video from the 2013 shooting. lawsuits claim the pride committee has not taken sufficient action to make the event safer. golden gate field is donating five acres to the project. it has amazing views of the bay. golden gate bridge and mt. tam. it will be lovely. >> sounds like a great thing to check out for a weekend like
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this one. >> it has really changed drastically. this weekend will be cooler than average and will feel like winter, even snow showers in the sierra. some patchy fog and otherwise just a few clouds. low 50s for the north bay with highs reaching 69 degrees there. 67 in the east bay and up ir60s for the south bay continue to see the clouds moving in as we go in this afternoon with breezy winds and highs that will be much cooler than average. that continues into the weekend. i'll have details on that in less than 10 minutes. looks windy on the san mateo bridge. >> that's one of the notes chip has ridden across the bridge. chp says their cars got pusd around on the highrise. over here a different case.
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no delays or problems from san francisco's construction zone over towards treasure island. northbound 880, overnight road crews they were having working on the roadway at the off ramp there. there may be a crash in the back. i'll check more with the chp guys. back to you. 5:09. hillary clinton takes on donald trump. new accusations. >> phil mickelson solves his legal problems with a big purse. >> sharks going for the big trophy. they are dominating the st. louis blues. they are now just two wins away from the stanley cup final. in the newscast.
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decision 2016... and more sparks on the campaign trail. the presumptive g-o-p nominee is expected to address the n- r-a's national convention.. as hillary clinton unleashes new attacks on donald trump. =laura/boxes= todayth donald trump expected to address the nra today. tracie potts live in washington with the new acquisitions pitted against the gop front-runner.
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>> donald trump will be a key speaker at the national rifle association. last night he was with chris christie talking about egyptair and it was terrorism. today he is going to talk about guns in america and he wants conceal carry permits to be easy to get in all 50 states. hillary clinton says that could put guns in the classroom and said donald trump is not qualified to be president because of the position he's taken on some things that have to do with foreign policy like nato, nuclear weapons spread to countries that don't have them. she feels he is irresponsible on some of those issues. and then bernie sanders and democrats trying to pressure him to get out of the race by
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offering him key seats at the convention. >> bernie sanders turned out thousands of people here just a couple of days ago. those patriotic displays you see before professional sporting events, pro teams often takes taxpayer money for them. arizona senator john mccain says pro and college sports teams have received close to $7 million in so-called paid patriotism money. that's where things like color guard displays and video tribute. mccain has been calling foul for months on this the nfl is coming clean. commissioner roger goodell says a league audit found teams took more than $700,000 for that money but it will be reimbursed by the nfl. mccain is applauding goodell for that move. 5:14 right now. our investigative unit is looking into the explosion of short term rentals in the bay
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area. tonight we look at rooms for rent advertised on sites like airbnb. the company is the city's biggest player in the short term housing business. only a fraction of those listings are registered with the city. neighbors say living near these illegal home shares is a nightmare. >> they would just be ringing the door bell over and over thinking this is airbnb. >> do you think they are doing everything it can to help remove these illegal postings. >> airbnb is working to do everything it can to make sure people are behaving. >> tonight at 11:00, we go undercover to see what illegal rentals are doing to the neighborhoods and housing market. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call. is it something we did?
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tsa is holding a demonstration for journalists showing how long term security in airlines are our fault. >> some call it security theater. >> eager to find someone to share the blame for long lines. there is no doubt when you get caught with a bottle of water, you will hold up the line. tsa sent 10 people in that line and they got through in ten minutes. the same ten people were sent back through carrying water bottles and scissors. it took six minutes. the point tsa was double check your carry ones for prohibitive items that will help lines move more quickly. however, if tsa is going to bring this subject up, a test by the inspector general last summer showed when tsa agents didn't know they were being tested, they missed most prohibitive items. >> we brought it thursday,
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golfer phil mickelson settled a case with the securities and exchange commission over acquisitions he made nearly $1 million on insider information involving dean foods. dean owns berkeley farms in the bay area. mickelson will pay the money he made to the s.e.c. around will not face further charges. one person who will never settle is landon dowdy live at cnbc world headquarters. >> good friday morning. wall street will try to rebound from another day of losses. stocks falling thursday on mounting fears that the federal reserve could raise interest rates as early as next month. the s&p index, broadest measure of the markets dropping into negative territory for the year. the dow dropping 91 points to 17,435. nasdaq down 26. >> i told to you get this on
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your calendar. i'm giving you a reminder, this weekend is the maker faire at san mateo fairground. craziness. general admission starts saturday at 10:00. they call it the greatest show and tell on earth. i highly recommend you go. i also highly recommend you understand that this is going to be your entire saturday just getting there, parking, walking to the event, the crowd, et cetera. easiest way to get there would be by helicopter. >> it's a big deal, start early. >> mike went in a tourist bus and went to the wrong location. he ended up getting there hours later.
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>> back in civilization after being stuck in the woods without food for almost four days. searchers found cody michael safe yesterday after he returned from a camping trip. army national guard in a blackhawk helicopter spotted him. he says he took several wrong turns heading out of the camp site and got lost. fortunately he had his dog to keep him company. both man and canine ended up being okay. >> there is going to be snow up there this weekend. >> we are getting late season rain in the bay area. a live look at the bay bridge we start out getting ready for sunrise and a few clouds here and there. temperatures feeling cooler than the past couple of mornings. we did have a breeze too on top of the cool temperatures. it's now in the low to mid 50s
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as we drop in on the east bay. 51 now in pleasanton. if 51 in the north bay. high temperatures reaching the upper 60s for much of the south bay. also the peninsula. san francisco up to 61. you'll see we will have rain headed our way tomorrow. it holds off today in front of the giants' game. it will be chilly, 50s and gusty winds rolling in from the west 20 to 30 miles per hour. part of this is because of this area of low pressure bringing us much stronger onshore flow. cooler temperatures dropping us down below average after having sizzling temperatures for the middle of the week. also spotty showers possible late tonight early in the morning. we will have passing showers throughout the day tomorrow. rainfall totals look to approach
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about 0.1 inch. other spots may barely measure anything. we'll track the sierra later. let's head over to mike. >> bay bridge looking clear. that means a number of things. bay bridge toll plaza where you see the clear skies above it and roadway moving. the earlier crash scene cleared. there is the rest of your bay. we'll zoom northbound. embarcadero offramp. the crash just by that off ramp there. the two right lanes should reopen any second now. fremont, a little farther south shows your drive.
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first the giants have a perfect road trip. >> san jose sharks find themselves in new territory. the first time ever leading the western conference finals. one step closer to making it to the stanley cup. outside the shark tank coming up. "so the giants win every game on
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this road trip!" runs=05 =sam/cont v a perfect road trip. the giants go undefeated in a
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seven game road trip for the the giants win every game on this road trip. >> giants go undefeated in a seven-game road trip for the first time since 1913. stellar pitching. the first place giants were back home hosting the first place chicago cubs. >> bob redell live in the bay. >> last night's win was significant because this is the first time to start in their 25-year history has ever led the western conference finals. the other three times they made it this far they ended up losing the first two games and never
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came back. this time around sharks lead two games to one against the st. louis blues in their best of seven series. if they win two more, they are off to their first-ever stanley cup. last night at the shark tank, the team beat the blues, never allowing st. louis to score shutting them out 3-0. >> i know i'm a great player. i love to play. i feel good playing with who i'm playing with and our team. >> i feel good. >> one of the families who lost their homes happen to be diehard sharks fans.
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>> they will be treating them to a vip experience and tickets to saturday's matchup against the blues in what will be game four of the western conference final. live here outside the shark tank in san jose, bob redell, today in the bay. >> what a great experience. >> how do you not like these guys? next, breaking news. clues emerging in the search for a missing egyptair flight. the debris found overnight that could lead to answers about the plane's mysterious disappearance. i'm stephanie chunk live in san francisco with the latest on the police chief's resignation and how protesters and activists are not done with changes at city hall. for joining us.
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i'm laura garcia-cannon. =sam/4shot= and i'm sam brock. a very good friday morning to you. thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brochblgt you're going to talk about one crash clearing up and another one starts in oakland. >> right now we'll check in with kari. cooling temperatures. >> a lot of changes this week. a couple of days ago we were in the 90s. now we will feel temperatures cooler than average, dropping at least 30 degrees from a couple of days ago. looking now at mild temperatures starting out this morning. chilly in spots because we have a breezy one. high temperatures today up to 69 in the north bay and 62 in san francisco. more clouds moving in today.
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rain holds off for now, but that will not be the case tomorrow. i'll have more in a few minutes. mike has an update on a crash in oakland. >> we only have our only slowdown on the roadways. we see the light traffic 580 out of the dublin area. we'll look over to the south bay. we will zoom into northbound 880. we still have one lane. far right lane blocked by a crash. sticking out to the slow lanes. you're jammed up but there was a traffic break. we'll track that. the rest of the bay including the bay bridge cleared up an earlier crash there watching gusty winds cross the bridges. palo alto does shake from time to time. this is north of university. >> breaking news. after scouring the mediterranean
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for hours, crews say they found passenger belongings from egyptair 804. kris sanchez tracking what we know so far. >> we can only imagine how hard it must be to spot little bits of debris in that mediterranean sea. they spotted two seats from the airplane and luckage and what could be the first of those 66 victims. egypt army spokesman confirmed searchers did find possible debris 180 miles from the city of alexandria. u.s. navy lending air support and intelligence support to dig into the background of each and every passenger. airport workers to determine any possible ties to terror groups. a search area is in the mediterranean about 180 miles from the city of alexandria. a different area initially reported yesterday around the same time. airbus 320 was headed from paris to cairo with 66 people onboard when it crashed.
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the egyptian president not ruling out the possibility of terror. no one claimed responsibility. if it was terror, the search for physical evidence may be very difficult. >> you don't need a lot of explosive. if you compromise a structure that high up, you can force a plane to break up. >> the increased security where you land, l.a.x. for example, upped their counterterrorism security measures. there is no specified threat there. at cairo airport, many family members gathered hoping for news and are praying at a mosque in cairo as well. leading suspect in last november's terrorist attack faces his first hearing since he was extradited from france to
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bell jam. he is expected to be questioned by judges. salah is being charged with several terrorism offenses. making national headlines, san francisco's embattled police chief resigns. it's the front page of the "san francisco examiner" which says it all, "suhr out." officially resigning after yet another deadly officer-involved shooting. stephanie chuang joining us live from san francisco city hall where protesters are looking for changes. >> that's right. good morning to you. chief suhr may be gone but pressure for change isn't gone. protesters saying they want the top of the change here to leave as well. that means mayor ed lee. he has not responded to that. he was the one who announced suhr's resignation yesterday
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afternoon. hours after the deadly officer-involved shooting of a 27-year-old black woman expected of stealing a car in the bayview. the mayor announced the replacement, acting chief of police is tony chaplain. he served for 26 years. some of those years as a deputy chief. recently of the department that focuses on accountability and transparency. >> he has an established record of commitment to the city's diverse communities having served in mission a. >> some expressing disappointment about his resignation saying his tenure will go down as one of the most successful in the history of the sfpd. there is support at city hall with supervisors who are pressing hard for the search of a permanent replacement. protesters demanding that mayor lee immediately resign. he has not responded to that.
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others here are working to take away some of his power. that's coming up in the next half hour. live at san francisco city hall, stephanie chuang, today in the bay. this is a blow for the sfpd. the entire department has been instructed not to speak publically. however a high-ranking officer tells us chief suhr poured his life and soul into his job. ahead of the police officers association, "having worked with or for chief suhr when he was a sergeant, lieutenant, captain and command staff member i can personally vouch for his integrity, morals and deep commitment to public safety. his retirement under pressure is an extreme loss to the department and city." >> our coverage will continue online at you can watch and lead his full statement on our website. california law makers have taken the first step allowing police departments to fight or delay the release of video
5:37 am
footage. they are calling for three days notice to release body camera footage. the idea is to protect without requiring departments to seek a legal injunction. critics call it outright suppression. new stricter gun laws making it through the california legislature. a package of bills influenced by last year's terror attack in san bernardino. two guns that belonged to the neighbor of the shooter. one of those bills would approve the lending of firearms to immediate family members. another bill would require ammunition sellers to be licensed and mandate background checks on ammo buyers. magazines capable of storing more than ten rounds would be made illegal. california's existing gun laws, some of the toughest in the country, are good enough as they are. the bills will now go to the state assembly.
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a san jose community is in the pits after learn the city plans to remove 200 olive trees. >> the 35-year-old trees lying monterey road in south san jose. city are getting complaints the falling fruit is getting in the way of cyclisists and walkers. neighbors signed a petition to save the trees. >> save the ol yves, scoop them up and bottle them. >> kari hall, we've got wind conditions, cooler temperatures. >> we've got it all, even showers in the forecast. as we look at some of the clouds over the south bay and clear skies over san francisco. you will feel chilly air this morning with a breezy wind. sunrise happening in less than 20 minutes. we'll have increasing clouds with cooler temperatures,
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showers will develop tonight for the north bay. the rest of us in sun set at 8:15. i'll talk about the rain expected this weekend. >> you see the lights are off on the bridge. sunlight coming up there. we are looking for traffic slow and no problems. oakland is where you do see slowing northbound 880. sounds like the slowing is partially blocked. stay over to your left as you pass by the downtown exit. slow from fruitvale. that may be growing because it's starting to build now. south bay we don't see problems here. live camera while we talk about the build coming in san jose. we might have a truck on the shoulder. it will be a distraction. it's 5:39. this weekend construction crews took to finish work on a crucial
5:40 am
overpass near fairfield. that means road closures. this is the first of seven projects in that region. price tag $740 million. up next, taking a much closer look at mental illness. bay area parent speaking out after suicide clusters in palo alto. donald trump does not want you to buy apple products, owns apple stock.
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being blamed for the oil spill in santa barbara county last ar it has taken almost a year but the veer pipeline corrosion is being officially blamed for the oil spill in santa barbara county last year. that according to investigators. the hazardous material safety administration released its final report on the spill. the operator failed to detect that corrosion in the pipeline. more than 120,000 gallons of oil leaked into the ocean. the spill linked to the deaths of hundreds of sea birds and marine mammals forced closure of two state beaches and left slicks that stretched over nine miles of ocean. operators of that pipeline said
5:44 am
the spill was not a crime but an accident. it is 5:43 right now. the community of palo alto is grieving the loss of young lives two. suicide clusters over the past seven years have been found. the father of a palo alto teenager who took his life is speaking out to parents. 17-year-old harry lee was the joke-telling, artistic student at gunn high school who loved to help others, yet he confessed to his parents he was depressed. just a month later, he committed suicide in his home in january 2015. now his father is speaking to peninsula parents, telling them to keep their kids safe from academic and cultural pressures. >> i think more important thing to praise your kids is to assess who they are, not what they do. to assess them today, not what they are going to be in the future. >> lee says speaking out is his
5:45 am
way of honoring his son. he is considering more in the future. many states are debating the merits of capital punishment, oklahoma's correctional officers are under fire right now for how they handle the execution last year of the death row inmate. an oklahoma grand jury focused on last year's botched execution of charles warner back in january. guards mistakenly gave him the wrong drug as part of a three-drug cocktail for his execution. grand jurors called the execution a top to bottom failure that included carelessness andรง confusion. those same problems led to another execution being canceled at the last minute. the deadly egyptair crash is tightening the political focus in the race for president. presumptive republican nominee trump is tying yesterday's crash to terrorism. he appeared last night in new jersey at a fund-raiser for chris christie.
5:46 am
he told the crowd even though no terrorist group has come forward, he is certain terrorists brought down the plane. >> what just happened about 12 hours ago, a plane got blown out of the sky. if anybody thinks it wasn't blown out of the sky, you're 100% wrong, folks. okay? >> trump is firing back to hillary clinton. clinton slammed trump for saying she believes he is fostering more violence in the west. >> we have seen how donald trump is being used to be a recruiter for more people to join the cause of terrorism. >> a "new york times" poll found the presidential race tightening as more republicans get on board with donald trump. "times" has hillary clinton holding a six percentage point
5:47 am
lead. >> it turns out that social networking can boost voter turnout. that is the conclusion from california's secretary of state who says nearly 200,000 people registered to vote this week thanks to a two-day push by facebook. facebook displayed a registration reminder on monday and tuesday. monday was the second busiest day ever in california's online registration system. the deadline to register for the june primary is next monday. donald trump had issues with apple, but is part owner. >> like hundreds of thousands of other americans. we found out, mr. trump is an apple shareholder when he turned over a financial statement the federal elections commission earlier this week. trump owns shares in a number of blue chip companies including apple. trump's call for a boycott of apple and suggested products made in china, like the iphone,
5:48 am
carry a 45% act. the filing is not his tax return. he said that's not anybody's business. rather, a summary of his holdings called a personal financial disclosure. he acts like a holding company. the report lists revenue from the miss universe contest and condos. is there a keyword there. revenue, not income. some journalists pointed out the way the report is phrased implies mr. trump makes hundreds of millions, but may really show his properties bring in hundreds of millions before expenses. >> this is cool. google map in cars, you've probably seen them. in many cities, they have natural gas detectors underneath looking for gas leaks. engineers say these gas leaks are very small. they are not dangerous to people but bad for the environment because they contribute to global warming. >> romeo, the software company
5:49 am
that brought you angry birds has sunk all its money into an "angry birds. in "movie which opens today. >> greetings from my world, the world of the pigs. >> what's a pig? >> the movie did very well in its european release. "the new york times" calls it an amiable ball of fluff. the plot involves the pigs sneaking on to the birds' island. some people think it's an immigration metaphor. >> good reviews. what it says was this answers one age-old existential question, why are the birds so angry? we need to find out. >> you can seeing the movie? >> no spoiler alert.
5:50 am
>> i like the intrigue. it will cost you as much to go to a movie as it will to buy a house in the bay area. million dollar homes are the norm in the bay area. in the last four years, san francisco has the largest increase in the country when it comes to million dollar homes. they grew from 20% to 57% of the market. san jose coming in second after jumping 17% to 43%. oakland number three on the list with 20% of homes listed at six figures or more. i was looking over your shoulder when you were looking at a map. all the million dollar homes. >> i'll retweet it out again this morning. we love the place we live but it can be expensive. >> people are moving out because they can't afford to live here. we are seeing heat waves now they are shrinking back in.
5:51 am
>> we had two days of very hot temperatures. it's hard to believe we'll go from the 90s then today we'll struggle to make it out of the 60s. some wild temperature swings still under way we have a nice clear start as we get a view from the golden gate bridge and looking also across the bay. it does feel cooler in spots. temperaturewise we are at 50 in livermore. 50 in concord. low 50s for san francisco. a look at all the microclimates today. reaching the mid to upper 60s this afternoon. 50s right along the coast. 66 today in dublin as well as oakland. looking at the temperature trend for the next few days, our normal high is 76 in san jose. we are going to make it up to 68. we'll have more cloud cover tomorrow with spotty showers. only making it up to 66. we will slowly start to get back to normal next week. this is part of the reason why.
5:52 am
we had this area of low pressure giving us a stronger onshore flow. spotty showers start to develop for the north bay. rest of the area will not see that rain until tomorrow morning. won't rain the entire day. hit or miss showers in the forecast. some spots measuring a little bit. some spots seeing nothing. we could have up to at least 0.3 inch in morgan hills. snowing in the sierra for higher elevations. where it does get snowy it will be cranking all day today and tomorrow. the potential of almost a split of snow up to over a foot of snow around twin bridges. heavy snow for the sierra. if you're in the bay area cooler
5:53 am
with high temperatures reaching into the low 60s tomorrow and nice on sunday. 70. let's head over to mike. watch for that after work. we see a slower drive northbound of the nimitz freeway. starting to see recovery approaching fruitvale. farther more northbound 101. there is a truck with smoking brakes there. in the backup there is a crash there. once north of morgan hill,
5:54 am
you're okay. the flag moves around a bit. just off 880. may be gusty. we investigate. >> they have no place to go. >> investigative reporter goes undercover to expose what might be fueling the skyrocketing rent prices in san francisco. first, happening right now, california school officials want to change what your kids are reading in their text books. you can weigh in on the controversy right now. plus room with a view. who doesn't want that? why the eiffel tower might be turned into a rental apartment. everything becoming a rental in paris? ==laura/vo==
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president barack obama will receive a briefing on the on-going response to the zika virus. 5:57. happening today, president barack obama will receive briefing on the ongoing response to the zika virus. congress is working on two separate builds to fund the fight against the disease. president obama is asking for $2 billion. the zeka virus is linked to severe birth defects. ahead of brazil's olympic games has team usa shuffling some of its training plans. the swim teams is moving preolympic training camp from puerto rico to atlanta. that camp is scheduled to take
5:58 am
place in july, the month before the games. in a letter yesterday, director of usa swimming said the move is being done for the health and safety of its athletes. organizers in rio say extra steps are being taken to keep athletes safe. >>. >> investigative unit exclusive. airbnb and craigslist make it easy to rent out your home part time. >> thousands of those listings break the law each day. investigative reporter tells us how that could impact everyone living in the city and even those looking to move to san francisco. >> good morning. it didn't take us long to find listing after listing where property owners are illegally renting out their homes and taking housing off the market which can raise prices for everyone. in order to rent out your place legally, you have to get a permit. over 1,000 people have done that and registered, but there are more than 7,000 hosts on airbnb alone, listing over 9,000
5:59 am
properties which doesn't include other websites. that means in san francisco, more than 82% of hosts are breaking the law. we went undercover to show how easy it is to book a place that isn't registered. the owner told us she doesn't live in the building she is renting which isn't allowed. the city has six employees assigned to get people registered. the head of that department says his team is working to identify illegal rental and says his office collected fines from over 90 properties. airbnb believes the process to get hosts registered is too complicated. it doesn't require users to get a city permit. a potential new law could change the industry for short term rentals. vicky nguyen has that story tonight at 11:00. she sits down one-on-one with a top executive at airbnb.
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thank you. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call. searchers scouring the mediterranean for egyptair flight 804 spot plane debris and luggage. where the search for survivors stands today. i'm stephanie chunk live in san francisco. a deadly officer-involved shooting prompted the police chief to resign. their demands in a live report. the sharks shot and scored three times last night in the process of shutting out the st. louis blues, putting the sharks in a position they've never been in before. "today in the bay" continues right now. >> fans excited for that.


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