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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  May 20, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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reforms, reforms. >> reporter: today, the new chief had a sidewalk conversation with the mayor surrounded by media. the department is under federal review after a number of high-profile police shootings. a woman police say was in a stolen car was shot and killed by a veteran officer. instead focusing on reforms including body cameras for officers. >> we get a camera angle that's from the left or the right, show the entire incident rolling out, this may help us in that venue. the other thing is use of force policy. one of the biggest changes in 30 years. >> i think we need a leader. i think we do need a reformer. >> reporter: chaplain told us he expected to be briefed on that shooting some time late this afternoon and he also planned to release more information about that possibly next week at a
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time when he plans to meet with members of the community. reporting live in san francisco, christy smith, nbc bay area news. >> we mention, this a difficult time for the sfpd but also san francisco. the new chief isn't saying much about the deadly shooting but we've managed to gather exclusive details tonight. sources tell us, it all started yesterday with the confrontation, as police found the suspect, that woman behind the wheel of a stolen car. nbc chopper was overhead as police confronted her. she crashed into a truck just a short distance away. our sources say the woman threw the car into reverse, trying to get free of that crash, and that's when a sergeant fired his weapon saying he feared for his life and the life of his partner. now, there were some reports that woman the victim was pregnant. sources tell us that was not the case. not just the sfpd but across the bay in oakland, these recruits are entering law enforcement at a challenging time. coming up, in ten minutes from
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now, our reporter jodi hernandez reports on plans the opd have and words of caution they received as they got their diplomas today. wind blowing across the bay area today, the gusts started overnight and have yet to let up. you can see how much those flags are flapping. now there's also a chance of rain this weekend. chief meteorologist jeff renn nary has been tracking the changes. >> giving us a little bit of a wind chill across the bay area. the main reason why the wind picked up is our storm system is positioned across the bay area and providing these gusts. it's coming out of the west 15 to 20 miles per hour for the greater bay area, so it's making temperatures feel as cold as 59 degrees in livermore. hayward feels like 60.
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napa feels like 62. as he head throughout this upcoming weekend, overcast skies, isolated thunderstorms into saturday afternoon. if you're doing any traveling, watch out for slick spots of course on the bait area roads but we're also talking sierra snow. i'll have full totals for your weekend forecast in about 15 minutes. >> we'll see you then, blustery conditions causing delays at sfo. gusts of over 40 miles per hour which means some arriving and departing flights are being delayed. arriving flights are being pushed back by an average of an hour and a half. officials say check with the airline if your flight could be affected. track the wind and the weekend rain on your smart phone. download the free app and you can get your personalized forecast. a man in the hospital this evening after being shot by the secret service outside of the executive mansion. the white house says the man showed up with a gun at a security checkpoint. a secret service officer told the suspect to drop his gun
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numerous times. when he did not comply, the officer shot the man. president obama was not at the white house. he was nearby golfing at annes air force base when this happened. no one else was injured. new evidence tonight in january's deadly shooting on board a bart train. bart police released the sketch of the suspect who they describe as thin, about 6 feet tall with a shaved head. in march, investigators released this surveillance video taken inside the west oakland bart station. they're still offering a $10,000 reward in this case. the victim of the shooting was a 19-year-old man from antioch would may have argued with the suspect earlier while on a transit bus that transferred over to barts. the case raised criticism of bart for not having working surveillance cameras on all of its trains. a body now being linked to a hit and run reported on monday. someone walking on the trail along the water spotted a man's
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body. firefighters worked with police to pull the body out. it's been identified as 43-year-old wesley called well junior. he's missing since monday. a woman is in custody in that case but police are still looking for a man. luckily, no one was hurt but 25 people in the east bay are out of their home after an apartment complex caught fire. lots of damage you can see there. happened this afternoon at bay point just off will low pass road. contra costa firefighters say the building was engulfed. one resident saw the scene from the freeway driving home. >> when i saw the flames, it wasn't looking too good. especially when my daughter told me it was our unit on fire. my main concern then immediately was my animals. my dogs. i have six dogs. two baby ones. so precious. >> luckily, the man's dogs got out okay. a total of eight apartments
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damaged. no word on whatt started that fire. the city used state grant money to move this statue because it was in the way of a new development project. joins us in san jose with why this move is raising some eyebrows. with stories like this we ask how much. >> this is the old home of the fallon statue. yesterday, crews had to move it right over here, a whopping 90 feet, and the price tag for that move, $100,000. captain thomas fallon depicted here raising the american flag in san jose in 1846. >> tom fallon is one of those historic people here in san jose and played a lot inner it also of the history and the evolution here in san jose. >> this is fallon's historical house just a block away.
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today crews spent their day adding the finishing touches on the statue's new home which is only a few feet from its old perch. this is video of the move given to us by the construction company. the city needed to move the statue piece by piece to make way for a new development. the cost to move the statue just a few feet, reports have it at roughly $100,000. >> they paid $100,000 to move it from here to there. >> oh, wow. >> some say they would not have given the green light. >> is it worth $100,000 to move? >> you know, i would have done it cheaper. i really would have done it cheaper. >> bring a couple friends over? >> we offered to pick them up and move them ourselves. >> the statue remains controversial for many because fallon raised the american flag when california was still a part of mexico. it's the reason this statue is not in a more visible part of town like caesar chavez. now captain fallon has a new home after his expensivee ivivet
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journey. and who is the second horseman here in this piece of art? nobody really knows maybe except the guy would designed this art piece himself. by the way, the city did want to reiterate late this afternoon that no city taxpayer funds were used in the moving of the statute, it was all say the grants. live in san jose, nbc bay area news. decision 2016. now the presidential candidates take up a heated topic today, guns and gun control. donald trump spoke at the national rifle association convention in kentucky today. he promised to eliminate gun free zones. gun control advocates say trump backed president obama's call for gun control after the new town connecticut shooting. today trump called hillary clinton the most anti-gun candidate in u.s. history. clinton will promote her stance on guns this weekend, holding a gun control event with the mother of trayvon martin, the
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young black man shot and killed by a neighborhood watch volunteer in florida. rooms for rent on sites like airbnb are big business but critics say the lack of regulation is causing big headaches. senior investigative reporter vicky wynn jonguyen. >> imagine living next to a house with 20 beds for rent for 30 bucks a night. what happens when your neighbor turns their single family home into an illegal hotel? we've learned roughly 9,500 rooms or homes are listed right now just on airbnb in san francisco. but only a fraction of those listings are registered with the city. many are operating off the grid and against the rules. neighbors say living near these illegal home shares is a nightmare. >> people would show up with their suitcases and they would just be ringing the doorbell over and over thinking this is airbnb. >> do you think airbnb is doing everything they can to help
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remove illegal postings? >> airbnb is absolutely working to do everything it can to make sure people are behaving consistent with the platform. >> tonight, we go overcover to see what illegal rentals are doing to the neighborhoods and housing market. we investigate tonight at 11:00. we're tracking breaking news out of fairfield. a neighborhood being evacuated because of wind-fueled grass fires. that's a traffic camera in the area. of course we're going to have more information for you just coming into the newsroom. the fire growing bigger from three alarms to four. >> i'm jody hernandez in oakland where 44 new police officers are preparing to hit the streets during the time they acknowledge is challenging for bay area police officers. we'll hear from them coming up. and imagine finding your jewelry more than 20 years after it was stolen.
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emily kerr,er in live in concord tonight. the way a woman got her ring back. good afternoon, i'm meet roll jiff jeff renn nary. we'll have details in just a few moments. department deals with a major
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shake-up -- across the bay: it's a much different mood in oakland. the
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as san francisco police department deals with the new class of officers today, nbc bay area jodi hernandez joins us now. you've got a lot more female officers there. oakland has had its share of issues as well. >> reporter: that's right, 44 new police officers understand perfectly well that these are challenging times for bay area police officers. but they are determined to make a difference. >> respectful to all. >> reporter: that's what oakland's newest police officers say they intend to do as they gear up to hit the streets. 44 men and women graduated. >> i want to be one of the reasons why the oakland police department becomes the greatest department in the world. >> reporter: the new officers realize they're starting their careers at a challenging time.
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police agencies have been rocked by scandals and questionable officer-involved shootings and beatings in recent month. the chief reminded them they'll be held to the highest standards. >> i think they've come into it with open eyes, i mean, they see what's going on, they pay attention, and i'm hoping they're learning their lessons along the way. >> reporter: the officers say they trained hard over the past 27 weeks. the department shared a video of just how they've prepared for the job ahead. the officers say they're ready. >> we have to stay on our toes, remember why we came in the first place, we're here to serve the community and conduct ourselves accordingly. >> our goal is to get the community to trust us, to be be a partnership. >> today's graduation brings the total number to 973. the department hopes to have 800 officers on the force by next
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year. reporting live in oakland, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. a bomb threat interrupted final exams today. police say george washington high got a call this morning from a person claiming he was nearby and armed with a bomb. the school was locked down, with students confined to their classrooms and then evacuated at 12:30 which is the normal dismissal time during finals. as a precaution, administrators also locked down two nearby schools. it's in the richmond district, prid sido middle school and lafayette elementary. >> our information is the individual was not a student, it is a male individual, an older male, but i don't have any more details other than that at this time. >> police managed to keep the caller on the line. trying to confirm his mental state and his location. the lockdown at those schools was lifted about 1:30. >> who set a google earth mapping car on fire and why. that's what the tech giant and police are now trying to figure out. just before 11:00 last night,
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firefighters were called to the campus. they found a google car had damage along with a small section of the building. more important, two insend yary devices were found at the scene and are now being tested. police are asking anyone who saw anything to come forward. a surprise phone call and a decades old mystery. her jewelry was taken from her home in 1990 but it didn't go very far. new at 5:00, nbc bay area's elyce kirchner is in concord. who called? >> reporter: joanne graduated from high school here in 1983 just a few years later, her high school ring was stolen. and she never thought she'd see it again. that all changed yesterday. >> i was eight months pregnant. they wouldn't fit anymore. >> reporter: she remembers it like it was yesterday. >> 1990. so it's 26 years, yeah. >> reporter: the concord resident came home to find her
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house broken into, her jewelry, including her wedding ring and concord high school graduation ring were taken. >> the police had said that everything was probably pawned and i wouldn't be seeing anything returned to me. >> reporter: it all changed when she got a call yesterday from concord high saying someone had found her 1983 graduation ring with her name engraved inside. >> she was gardening she said and she -- digging up and all a sudden she saw this gold in there. >> reporter: an elderly woman who lives in this pleasant hill home tells joanne she found it in her garden. we hoped to talk to her ourselves but got no answer. there's a few questions still lingering. >> it is odd. >> reporter: julie ann says she is happy to have a piece of her past back. >> it's a symbol of high school, you know, you don't get that back. but now i do i guess. >> reporter: and now she does. late this afternoon, i did speak
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with that elderly woman who discovered her ring. she claims she has no idea how it got in her garden. she was simply planting a to mato. okay, thank you. well, we've seen it all week, extreme heat, extreme wind, and now in the sierra, this, wet snow came pouring down. this is what it looked like from donner lake. chp says there have been more than 2 dozen crashes so they're posting chain restrictions. it is may, right, i'm not confused, it is may. >> is it may? >> yeah, it is. i have one answer for that, el nino. certainly still trying to hang on here, given these extreme conditions, very dangerous as jessica was talking about. we expect the snow to continue right into saturday as well. as you get a look at the doppler, you can see the rain, snow and thunder continuing right now across interstate 80. also on highway 50. we'll likely see areas of snow
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through saturday evening as well. so any plans this way, be prepared for some major traffic and also some treacherous conditions. now, what's producing all this? it's the storm system we've been tracking for five days. it's starting to position itself right on top of the bay area. that's why the wind increased, that's why the temperatures are colder and that's why we have the snowfall. you can feel the chill no matter where you are. 63 in the south bay with those clouds increasing. 59 in the east bay. we had a mix of some sun and clouds today. tomorrow that's going to be the best chance. you can see everybody has the possibility here with some showers. east bay, north bay, 47. the storm system is basically with us for the next 36 hours. for tomorrow morning, that's when we begin the chance here of some scattered rain.
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once we hit about 11:30, you'll see the instability arriving. possibly as well for contra costa and alameda. looks like it could be the greatest right on down to south bay. by the evening on saturday, we start to clear out. as you mentioned if you're heading up to the sierra, we still could have some snow showers lingering on into 10:00 at night. rainfall totals for the bay area, right in line with what we've been expecting. 500ths of an inch to about a tenth of an inch. certainly a major contrast from the 90s we had earlier this week. for saturday, it stays cool and bluchtry in san jose at 65 degrees. for the peninsula, 56 in palo alto. 59 at pacifica. san francisco, a day with the jacket here, 60 in the marina, 62 in the mission. for the north bay, east bay and also the trivalley, 60s all
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around. with the chilliest weather here for portions of the trivalley as livermore goes down to 65, the wind kicks up and it's going to feel like 60. so tomorrow, might need an umbrella for a little bit and certainly a jacket. as you look at your weekend forecast on saturday, we hold on to those showers and 60s by sunday and monday. we start to see things warm up. raj, everyone at home, looks like totals at the higher elevations at the sierra could hit about 8 inches when all is said and done saturday night. >> coming up, changes are on the way for food labels. we'll tell you why they're changing these labels. ==reveal==
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alan young, the star of the legendary 1960's tv show -- "mister ed" -- has died. happening now on our homepage, the star of the legendary tv show has died. he was 96. a spokeswoman says he died peacefully of natural causes.
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also check your freezer. a frozen food recall involving millions of packages of fruits and vegetables shipped to all 50 states.
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(music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette) strong job numbers from the bay area and across the state. the employment office says tech
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hiring is going well and that's leading to a drop in the unemployment rate. it fell slightly down to 5.3% last month. you can see there, 3.1%. and in santa clara county, 3.6%. a new look for labels at the grocery store. the first lady making that announcement today at a nutrition summit in washington. saying the new labels on the back of food and drinks are helping to lead a more healthy lifestyle. almost everything is being updated. the number of calories will be larger in bold print. new line will tell you how much sugar has been added and they'll be a more realistic serving size on each package. >> you will no longer need a microscope, a calculator or degree in nutrition to figure out whether the food you're buying is absolutely good for your kids. >> consumers have repeatedly said they want this kind of information. >> the changes will be implemented over the next two years. when we return, more information over the breaking news in fairfield. a fire which is causing
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evacuations near fairfield high school, stay with us.
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want to give you some updates on the breaking news in fairfield. a neighborhood is being evacuated because of a four alarm fire.
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in the distance there you can make out some smoke. the wind now also fanning the flames. we'll show you where. santa barbara way right near fairfield high school. you can see that house right there getting some considerable damage. we do have a crew arriving on the scene. we'll have more updates for you on our website and our twitter feed and on our 6:00 newscast. again this sis a four alarm fir in fairfield right next to fairfield high school. >> some good news and bad news. we have tonight's giant game on right here so that's exciting. the season finale of grimm will not air tonight, it will air tomorrow night. you can stick around for us of course right after that giants game as well. >> it should be pretty breezy at the ballpark. >> winds at about 20 miles per hour. that's going to extend through tonight, even including fairfield. so if you're anywhere off to the east of that fire in fairfield, that's where some of those flames could be spreading so watch out for a possible more
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evacuations. >> thanks for join ugh at 5:00. nightly news is next. developing news tonight. emergency at the white house. the secret service opens fire. a man with a gun, the mansion on lockdown and the vice president inside the complex. terrifying final moments of the doomed egyptair jetliner. a rapid burst of alert messages from the plane about smoke, then a cascade of critical warnings, maybe all happening too fast to be just a fire. was it a carefully placed bomb. what mrs. cosby said behind closed doors. her sworn deposition unsealed. the questions she refused to answer about her husband. major changes coming to the way millions of americans count calories. cut the fat, salt and sugar. what you'll notice coming soon to just about everything we eat. "nightly news" begins right now.


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