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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  May 20, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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were damaged. ten homes were under evacuation orders. this is happening near fairfield high school on santa barbara raw way. in fact at some point you could see smoke from interstate 80. here is another look at the fire from the tower camera. this is taken about an hour ago in the distance there, if you can, make out that smoke. here is the good news, though. right now crews say they have stopped the forward-progress and have nearly full containment. no injuries have been reported thus far. again, this is near fairfield high school. we'll keep an eye on this fire and bring you any updates as soon as they come into the newsroom. a live look outside at fremont and emeryville and you could see it there, it is blowing. the flags flying on the left and that is our camera on the right just bouncing up and down. all because of the wind. so causing major headaches for people getting in and out of sfo. the average delay is 90 minutes. and while we're seeing wind, the sierra is getting snow. dangerously so.
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shutting down interstate 80. and jeff is tracking the zaftic change and we've -- drastic change and we've seen everything this week with the snow and the wind. >> it is wild for late season into may to see this. we're getting this area of low pressure dropping across california and dragging down the cold air and then it is also helping to whip up the wind throughout the entire state. now for the bay area, it is out of the west. 15 to 25 miles per hour. these are our top gusts this hour, it is expected to stay at least this windy through tomorrow morning. and that is having an impact on our temperatures. we went from low 90s this week to a wind chill right now of 58 degrees in livermore. it feels like 60 in napa. also san francisco coming in with 59. so where do we go from here tonight, we are tracking the chance here of some rainfall as we head through tomorrow morning's forecast. it is scattered by the afternoon on saturday. the possibility of thunderstorms, cold 60s remaining. and as we look ahead as travel
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conditions, roadways slick and interstate 80 closures and how much in the totals we'll get this hour. >> our app is a good way to stay on top of the changing weather. it is free for apple and android devices. after a major shake-up in the san francisco police department, the interrim chief laid out his plan. you saw this right here as breaking news yesterday when chief greg suhr stepped down. and now acting chief tony chaplain is at the helm of the police department and still in the hot seat. christie smith is tracking the story in san francisco and is live with the new chief's priorities. >> reporter: chaplain does want to mend the communication with the community for the department but among his top priorities are police reforms. he was already responsible for implementing them. >> my priority goesing forward,
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reforms, reforms. >> that is what the new san francisco police chief said is his focus tonight. among body cameras for officers. >> maybe when we get a camera angle that is from the left or the right, it doesn't show the entire incident rolling out, it may help us out in that venue. and our use of force policy, i think that is one of the biggest changes in the san francisco police department in almost 30 years. >> reporter: he met briefly with mayor ed lee surrounded today by the media. he takes over as the department deals with a fall-out of high-profile police shootings and just yesterday when a woman in a stolen car was shot and killed. today he had little to say about the case but did talk about reaching out to the community. >> it is truly, truly want change, you have to sit down and talk with me and come one a strategy where everyone is comfortable. >> reporter: while the search starts for a new permanent chief. >> i think we need a leader.
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i think we do need a reformer. >> reporter: and he said he does plan to release more information on yesterday's shooting, possibly next week. and also meet with members of the community. live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. speaking of the details, the new chief isn't saying much about that deadly shooting but we're getting exclusive details tonight. sources tell our investigate reporter jackson vander becken it started with a confrontation as police found the suspect behind the wheel of a stolen car. tonight we've learned she was 27-year-old jessica nelson. as the officers confronted her, she drove away, crashing into a parked truck a short distance away. that is when the woman began driving forward and backwards, trying to get free of that crash scene. and that is when a sergeant standing near the side of the car opened fire. the unnamed sergeant is a 17-year veteran of sfpd and he said he fired because he feared for his life and the life of his partner. there are reports that jessica
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nelson was pregnant but that is not the case. some in the commune rdismayd by the fourth resignation and they include one man who held the job of police chief. >> is it really what you want to do, focusing on the one man rather than the issues, you know. there is a lot of issues involved in a successful police department. crime control is one of them. we have a high -- a fairly high crime rate now. >> he was police chief in the early 1990s. he is now an assistant professor and director of the criminal justice institute at ucsf. now our coverage continues online at we have multiple stories on the resignation and reaction from those disappointed to see him go. in the south bay, where they are living in slum-like conditions. some of the conditions that apartment dwellers live with. the people who live there say it was almost a year since two children almost died in a fire
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which prompted the city to take action but is san jose doing anything about this. robert honda is in san jose and more than 100 code violations what, is being done. >> many tenants on the apartment complext 1991 story road are angry but progress could be hard to measure when so much needs to be done. it is easy to see the impact of code violations at this san jose apartment complex. tenants pointed out gaping holes ab patch work, both signs of damage and ongoing repair. a representative said the city finally paid attention to their problems after two children had to leap to safety during a fire in june of 2015. she said inspectors then found 109 code violations but in her opinion the code enforcement have not done enough since and has given the owner too much time for compliance without any fines since the fire. the group south bay tenants
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union echoed that complaint. >> and knowing that the focus is on there between tenants and advocates and the media and city council they would have taken care of it but that hasn't been the case. >> reporter: the code compliance department notices the violations and there were violations in almost every unit but soon after the fire they had the owner replace all smoke detector and 22 stoves and later many bathtubs and sinks and a major gas line. now construction is underway on new stairways. >> the property owner has been making progress on correcting any and all violations that we found. work is continuing at this time and we are satisfied with the progress being made. >> reporter: well, despite the progress, the dispute is not over yet since we have learned a number of tenant lawsuits are now being considered. live in san jose. robert handa, nbc news.
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>> a company worth $35 billion selling for less than a tenth of that figure. according to the "wall street journal," would-be buyers are considering bids as low as $2 billion for the company. most of the yahoo value is tied up in real estate and it has taken up in alibaba so a company thinking of buying the core business could pray a fraction of the total -- pay a fraction of the total market value. encouraging news about the bay area jobs and traffic. a lot of jobs means a lot of commuters. scott budman is with us and companies are still hiring in a big way. >> they are. especially the big companies. we have a betteroid yo of how the -- better idea of where the jobs are and jobwise, in california, and not surprisingly the biggest job growth comes from the tech sector. large technology companies like google and facebook are still hiring at a rapid pace. santa clara gained the most
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numbers. the california jobless rate is at 5.3%, down a tick from march. santa clara 3.6 and san francisco 3.1% and job creation up at apple but not all here in the bay area. the cupertino tech giant planning to hire 4,000 people in india as part of a plan to expand the mapping department. apple as we learned today not surprisingly still has the most cash stored up of any company. according to moody's the top five companies in the world according to cash are apple, alphabet and cisco and oracle and apple stash sitting at $215 billion. back to you. >> thank you, scott. and nearly 3 decades after a high school ring is stolen, it is finally given back to its rightful owner. i'm live in concord tonight. i have the unexpected way a local woman finally got her ring
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back. a san jose statue is moved from the original location. coming up, the surprising cost of that move. and good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. a lot colder today. right now dropping to 55 in livermore. currently 58 in the castro valley. we're tracking not only the cool temperatures but a chance of bay area rain and the sierra snow in just a few minutes. >> we go undercover to investigate how people are cashing in on home sharing sites. >> we think air bnb is doing everything they could to remove the posting. >> air bnb is doing everything it can. >> tonight at 11:00 on nbc bay area. we investigate. a piece of san jose history is
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on the move. the city used state grant money to move the statue a piece of san jose history on the move. the city used state grant money to move this statue because it was in the way. david is live in san jose where the move is raising questions, damien. >> that is right. the statue stood right there behind me up until yesterday. so the crews spent all day yesterday moving it right over here, a whopping 90 feet to the corner of julian street and highway 87 and it came with a hefty price tag. this is video of the move given to us by the construction company that had to move a few dozen yards to make way for progress. >> there are new vemtss that are going -- developments coming into the area and as a result, to make room for the new developments, we're going to realign the adjacent street just to make more space out there. >> crews moved the statue roughly 90 feet.
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that 90-foot move cost an estimated $100,000. >> they paid $100,000 to move it from here to there. >> oh, wow! >> reporter: some say it would have been enough for them to pull the plug on a move. >> was it worth $100,000 to move. >> i would have done it cheaper. i would have done it cheaper. >> bring a couple of friends over. >> i even offered -- we offered to pick them up and move them ourselves. >> it depicts captain thomas fallon, raising the american flag in san jose in 1846. >> tom fallon is one of those historic people here in san jose and played a lot in terms of the history and the evolution here in san jose. >> reporter: the statue remains controversial for many because he raised the american flag in the state while california was still part of mexico. it is the reason this statue is not in a more central part of san jose like plaza decaesar chavez but will remain here in the new home in one of the
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gateways of san jose with the taxpayers footing the bill for his move. >> and those were state taxpayers that used state grant money to make the move. each of the horsemen weighs about 5,000 pounds to crews had to use the crane to make the move. who is the second horseman? we don't know. live in san jose, nbc bay area news. >> very interesting. thank you. no one was hurt but 25 people in the east bay are out of a home after the apartment complex caught fire. you could see the charred results. this happened in afternoon in bay point, off of willow pass road. firefighters from contra costa say the building was engulfed when they arrived. a total of eight apartments were damaged. no word yet on what started the fire. a bomb threat interrupted final exams at a san francisco high school. george washington high got a claiming that he was nearby and armed with a bomb. as a precaution, the high school and two nearby schools were locked down for a couple of
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hours. police managed to keep the caller on the line and trying to confirm his mental state of mind and location. sppd said he was not a student. so who set a google mapping car on fire and why would they do it. that is what the tech giant and police are trying to figure out. before 11:00 mt. view firefighters were called to the google cam pass where they -- campus where they found the car damaged. and twoin sindenty air -- two incendiary devices were found and they are asking people who had seen anything to come forward. a old high school gave a woman a phone call and solved a decades-old mystery. >> due to the theft of her jewelry back in 1990 and now one very precious item has been recovered. alise is in concord with the story. >> reporter: joann had given up hope that she would ever get the ring back. she graduated from high school here in 1983. in 1990 it was stolen. and she finally got it back in a
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very unexpected way, yesterday. >> we came home and the door was ajar. >> reporter: the year was 1990. >> no rings. i couldn't wear any rings. i was like -- very swollen. >> reporter: eight months pregnant, joann had just come home from dinner to find her concord home burglarized. >> all that was taken, electronics. >> reporter: her jewelry, including her wedding ring and class ring from concord high school were gone. >> the police had said that everything was probably pawned. and i wouldn't be seeing anything returned to me. >> were you devastated? >> i was. >> reporter: it all changed when she got a call yesterday from concord high saying someone had found her 1983 graduation ring with her name engraved inside. >> my friend works at concord high and she's like, we found your high school ring. and i was like, what? no. it was stolen in 1990. there is no way it could happen.
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>> a elderly woman who lives in this pleasant hill home found is in her garden. we hoped to talk to her ourselves but no one answered the door. there is always a few lingering questions. >> it is odd. >> reporter: but joann said for now she is happy to have a piece of her past back. >> it is a symbol of high school. you don't get that back. but now i do. >> and she does have it back zblfrmgt . >> reporter: we spoke with the elderly woman who found the ring late this afternoon and claim she does not know why she found that and how she found the ring. she said she was actually planting a tomato. live from concord, i'm elyce kirschner, kntv. and should we talk about our weekend? >> i've been ready to talk about the weekend for four days. >> since monday. >> can we talk about our weekend? >> of course. we have the colder temperatures coming our way yet again for tomorrow. and still that possibility of rainfall. i know you also of course felt the wind today. it certainly made things
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blustery as we get a look outside of our microclimate forecast and you see here across the sierra, we are still dealing with snowfall. and that is where we're running into problems on interstate at 80. at last check from chp, interstate 80 is shut down in both directions near apple gate. so you are planning to head up to the sierra tonight, we could still have problems. there is traffic accidents near apple gate. so you want to be aware of that. otherwise, as we get a look at the bay area, we've had a few stray scattered showers on the extreme edge of the north bay but most of this is across the sacramento valley right now but still the possibility of rain coming our way from this area. a low pressure that is pretty far-reaching, the center is getting closer to the bay area right now. but you could see, it is impacting areas up towards montana and canada and for this time of the year, a rare sight. and the storm system is producing more trouble than the east coast storm system right now. so travel delays at our local airports that you want to be aware of.
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as we head through tomorrow morning's forecast, we have the chance of rain for the entire bay area. starting off with a cold 48 in the east bay. san francisco 53 and for the south bay 52. tomorrow we extend the chance of rainfall into the afternoon. maybe an isolated thunderstorm for the north bay and no more 90s as we've been mentioning. 66 for the south bay. tri-valley also in the mid-60s. san francisco 61. we'll have more details on the weekend forecast plus exactly how much sierra snow will pick up in about 25 minutes. >> thank you, jeff. 44 new police officers prepare to hit the streets of oakland during one of the most challenging times for bay area law enforcement. i'm jodi hernandez. i'll have a live report coming up. ==reveal==
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mexico has given the okay for infamous drug lord, joaquin "el happening now on our facebook page, the mexican government has given the okay for the drug lord el chapo guzman to be extradited to the united states. he is wanted in multiple u.s. jurisdictions for charges related to drug trafficking. his lawyers have time to appeal. and tomorrow you could watch nyquist win the preakness. he won the kentucky derby. see it here. depertments in the bay area --
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shake-up's, scandals and budgets have hampered many it is a challenging time for police departments across the area. shake-ups scandals and budget
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cuts have hurt cities. >> but that didn't dampen a new class of officers. jodi hernandez is in oakland with many proud graduates today, jodi? >> reporter: that is right. the new police officers will hit the streets of oakland starting next week. they realize they have a tough job ahead but they say they are ready to make a difference. >> i was born and raised in oakland. oakland defines me. so i want to give back to the community. >> reporter: it is a proud day for this oakland native and the 43 other men and women who graduated this morning from oakland's 174th police academy. but the new officers realize they are starting their crime-fighting careers at a challenging time. bay area police agencies have been rocketed by scandals. and impressional officer-involved shootings and beatings in month. the chief reminded them they'll be held to the highest
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standards. >> i think they've come into it with open eyes. they see what is going on an they pay attention and i'm hoping they are learning lesson as long the way so they don't make the mistakes that people have made before them. >> reporter: the officers have trained hard over the past 27 weeks. the department shared a video of how they prepared for the job ahead. the officers say they are ready. >> it is challenging but it is also a lot of potential for growth. we just have to stay on our toes and remember why we came here in the first place. >> not letting it define us but being the exception and being able to work through it and excel and get to a place where the community can respect us where and we can build the trust with the community. >> reporter: among today's graduating class are nine female officers. that is a record number of women graduating from the academy at one time. today's graduation brings the total number of officers here in oakland to 773. reporting live in oakland, i'm jodi hernandez, nbc bay area
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news. >> jodi, thank you. up next, stolen and then recovered over an over again. the san francisco woman whose car seems to have the thieves swooning and why she said the crime has almost become comical. people in a wheelchair have no place to go. >> we go undercover to expose what may be fuelling skyrocketing rent prices in san francisco.
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looking to earn some extra sh you don't need me to tell that you rent prices are soaring
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in san francisco and people are renting out part of their home on a short-term basis. >> websites like air bnb and other listings are being blamed for hiking up the high cost of living. begat sheban is here to explain. >> reporter: guys, it is hard enough to find an affordable place in san francisco. but now what used to be full-time housing is in some cases being marketed to tourists illegally as short-term rental. that could lead to a big pay day for landlords but less housing and higher prices for the rest of us. and the problem has exploded with thousands breaking the law each day, and getting away with it. elizabeth is used to playing host. just about every week she opens up her san francisco home to a new group of strangers. a couple vacationing from france. this veterinary student from germany. and on this day, susie crosby is
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in her living room. she is visiting from the u.k. and is the latest guest in her spare bedroom which is rented out using air bnb, a popular website that connected hosts from renters from across the globe. >> i certainly met some interesting people. this is a much more personal way to travel. as opposed to just staying in a hotel room. >> reporter: she said hosting helps her pay the bills. she is 71 and retired and in a city that is consistently ranked one of the most expensive in the country. and in the 80s, san francisco banned short-ter rentals to stop landlords from converting residential home news make-shift hotels. but last year the city loosened the restrictions and if residents follow certain rules ab get a permit. >> and you were one of the first people to get registered? >> yes. i have certificate number one. >> reporter: since she got her permit, just over a thousand people have registered. but air bnb said it alone has more than 7,000 hosts, listing
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over 9,000 properties, which doesn't even include other hosting sites. that means in san francisco at least 82% of hosts are breaking the law. >> isn't that pretty much a failing grade? >> i think there is still work to be done and at partly sunny -- ant it is important to get the need out to recommendster. >> reporter: kevin guy oversees the office of short-term rentals. his staff of just six people are trying to make the application process easier while also cracking down on those who operate illegal hotels. over the last year, the city has collected fines for violations at more than 90 properties. ranging from several hundred dollars to several thousand. but members of the san francisco board of supervisors have been critical. >> enforcement is certainly not meeting even basic standards of what you would consider acceptable. >> most people are breaking the law and getting away with it, can you honestly say the system is working?
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>> if there are legislative changes the board feels to make it differently, we'll adopt to the changes in the legislation. >> to weed out illegal rentals they contacted air bnb and craigslist and flip key and brbo. they asked the companies to require hosts in san francisco to include their registration number in their online ad. that was more than four months ago. >> did any of them give you everything you were asking for? >> no. >> air bnb does remove some illeg illegal ads but thousands are still on online. some never got back to us. hosts have to register with the city and live in the home they are trying to rent out. and you could only rent out your home 90 days per year. if guests stay at your place while you are not there. the home has to be your primary residence so by that definition the same person can't rent out
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more than one property. but in san francisco, we discovered those rules are largely ignored. out of a sample of ten properties on air bnb, city records show eight are not registered. including this place. my producer and i went undercover to check on this apartment in the richmond district. >> so this is your place? >> yes. >> but you don't live in the building? >> no. >> this woman's air bnb profile listed four different properties throughout the state. she also had an employee there to show us around. and the woman who said she owned the building admitted to having other short-term rentals. >> so you have other places that you do air bnb with, too. >> yes. [ inaudible ]. >> how many other air bnb places do you have? >> in los angeles, i have two. >> inside of the apartment there weren't many signs someone lived in the home full time and all three bedrooms were numbered, just like a hotel. and we found dozens of other users listing several
6:34 pm
properties, including this profile that posted more than 30 different rentals across the state. three of them are in san francisco. not exactly the homey feel elizabeth offers her guests. >> every day there are literally thousands of people breaking these short-term rental laws that you're obeying. >> this is true. >> and those people are also your competition? >> yep. i believe things have gotten out of hand. people are buying up whole houses and converting them into short-term rental. the people who live and work here have no place to go. >> europe said that people are abusing the short-term rental system and taking away housing stock. >> yeah. yeah. there is no reason for that. >> reporter: air bnb believes the city's process to guest hosts registered is too complicated and it doesn't require users to get a city permit. but a potential new law could change the entire industry for short-term rentals. senior investigative reporter
6:35 pm
vicki nguyen has that story tonight when she sits down with a top executive at air bnb. >> if you have a tip for anyone in the unit call us at 888-996-tips or e-mail at the unit at nbc bay want to get back to the breaking news we've been covering for the last 90 minutes. the four-alarm fire near fairfield high school, some homes have been damaged. now we have a live video feed from the scene. you are taking a look at it right now. we also have nbc bay area cheryl hurd with us in the neighborhood in front of that house on the phone. and cheryl, what is the latest where you are? >> reporter: well, as you could see, this is the home that is heavily damaged. it is -- it is burned totally. the home you see next to it it damaged but you really can't see it from the front. take a look at the tree in front of me. that is kind of the lightning
6:36 pm
rod for damage. [ inaudible ]. >> we lost our feed there. we'll try to get her back on the phone in just a moment. and again, cheryl was saying this is a neighborhood fear fairfield high school on santa barbara raw way. three homes were damaged. and this is video from earlier. but firefighters have contained this fire. it was a four-alarm blaze at one point but now it has been contained. three homes have been damaged. about ten homes in that the area -- residents were asked to evacuate in the last 90 minutes. so far, and this is the good news, no injuries have been reported but that house right there, severely damaged in this fire. we'll try to get cheryl back on the phone if there are updates in the next few minutes. coming up, a change to food labels and what they will look like and why the change is being made.
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(music plays from one way or another )♪♪ ♪ i'm gonna find y♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna win ya ♪ i'm gonna getcha ♪ ♪ getcha getcha getcha ♪ one way or another ♪ ♪ i'm gonna see ya ♪ (inhales cigarette)
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okay, either she's very lucky or unlucky. you decide. a woman in san francisco, her car has been stolen and returned so many times she can't even keep count any more. >> i always come outside and check to make sure it is there. because oftentimes it is not there. >> her friends call it boomerang. >> this is my '97 honda civic. >> her silver honda has been stolen four times but also returned four times. >> it has been stolen and the city of san francisco three times and broken into three or four times i would say. can't even keep count any more. the first time, i was actually pretty upset. >> reporter: this week the '97 civic came back for the fourth time. the police found it less than a mile from her valley home.
6:40 pm
>> now it is funny. it is like mildly inconvenient to find out where it is. >> reporter: the thieves dump it a couple of blocks away without any damage. >> they could be stealing it to joy ride it and tear around town and do donuts and things like that. >> reporter: the bay area has the highest rate of car thefts, especially in the city where more than 1300 cars have been stolen so far this year. thieves usually target the older models because, well, they are easier to break into. >> they are easy cars. all you need is a fork. >> reporter: and officers told micah in order to prevent her car from being stolen a fifth time, simply get a new one. but it is not easy to trade in an old friend. >> i feel like it keeps coming back to me. >> the story of the day. she still uses that club. never let go. sfpd said car thefts are down this year because of smart keys for the newer cars. a new look for the labels at
6:41 pm
the grocery store. the first lady making that announcement at a nutrition summit in washington. she said it is aimed to help you lead healthier lifestyle. everything is being updated, the number of calories in big, large print, nice and bold anda new line for sugar and a realistic serving size on the package and that will be implementing over the next two years. this is only in california story. for months now sheets of mesh in four remote bay area locations have been collecting moisture from fog. i said fog, jeff. the fog water is the core of a special limited edition san francisco vodka. that is for you as well called frog point. it will sell for $125 and all proceeds will go to water conservation. and those behind the project said if skeptics think it is a gimmick, they don't care. there is only 2400 bottles any way. as for the alcohol component, it will come from vintage white
6:42 pm
wine from the santa cruz mountains. a perfect combination. fog and vodka. what to give jeff for a present. >> and it is friday. >> and hey, if you are suggesting it. >> i don't want to go there. it is a cold night tonight if you are heading anywhere tonight, especially out at the ballpark. we have a huge night happening. the yankees at the a's. the first pitch is at 6:35. currently playing under 58 degrees and winds 15-25. but the big game tonight here on nbc bay area at 7:15, 56 degrees and winds could gust as high as 30 mile-per-hour. the full forecast and the chance of weekend rain in a few minutes. rivers stronger now than this time last year. >> and then slowing fast and very cold, we're in yosemite as rescue crews prepare for a busy summer season. a winter of rain is bringing the
6:43 pm
6:44 pm
magic back to the water falls in yosemite national park . its a captivating sight for visirs a winter of rain is bringing back the magic to the water
6:45 pm
falls in yosemite national park and it is a captivatining sight for visitors but as we are shown, it is also a potentially dangerous one, too. >> we had a great year for snow. we've been in a drought. >> reporter: there may be only one thing more beautiful than yosemite national park. that is yosemite national park after a winter of rain and snow. >> it is a rebirth. we've got water falls flowing and the meadows are turning green and we're seeing wildlife. >> reporter: and after several years of drought, the park has river. >> the rivers are considerably stronger than it was at last time last year. >> flowing colder and faster than last years. >> this is snow melt. >> people think of yosemite and the views and the scenery and they don't think about the unthinkable. >> swimming is not where people get in trouble, where people go down to fill a water bottle or
6:46 pm
cool their feet. >> reporter: when someone gets in trouble in the rivers, someone is usually there. >> the 30% of the swims i've done in the last decade are live swims. >> reporter: 70% of the rescues are the kind he doesn't like to dwell on. >> those we are doing practicing and public information for swift-water season. >> reporter: the park swift water rescue team braves the frigid occur of the merced -- current of the merced river. >> they stand next to the river and they fall in and the water is 40 degrees. >> the danger is the river is flowing and it also very deceptive. what attracts people to the water is also what will hurt them. >> reporter: it is a side of yosemite that doesn't make it on to the postcards yet every year as the snow melts the hazards increase. >> people trying to get the right picture are a real hazard. >> there is a lot of risk and we
6:47 pm
practice. >> reporter: but rather than training in seclusion, they make it a public event to remind people that even amid the beauty you have to give nature some space. >> the best stories are the one you get to tell yourself. >> reporter: nbc bay area news. >> it looks beautiful but be careful. if you are heading there. take a look at this. nasa releasing a new photograph of mars today. it was taken last week by the hubble telescope as the planet made its closest approach to earth in a decade. scientists say the detailed image shows polar caps and clouds above the landscape. nasa said the planet will come even closer to earth on may 30th. so that is just a week or two away. >> very interesting. >> you need a hubble telescope to see it. >> i don't have one. but maybe jeff could hook us up. >> a link on nasa. >> that is the hook-up. >> the only power i got on that
6:48 pm
one. in terms of the rainfall, though, we have the power to tell you when we expect the best chance this upcoming weekend to let's get right to the microclimate forecast. and not much in the way of. a few drops. most of the action is across the see air a sierra. you could see stray lightning strikes and rain mixing in. we did have reports this hour of interstate 80 being closed at apple gate in both directions due to car crashes. so if you are heading there over the next couple of howev-- coup hours, watch out for major traffic and we are expecting the snow to continue through tomorrow. as we get a wider look, the source of this is what we've been telling you about all week long. the air of low pressure is -- this area of low pressure dropping in the cold air and the wind. currently temperatures are a far cry from what it was earlier this week. down to 58 in the east bay. south bay 63. san francisco 56 and the north bay at 63. yes, we do have some blue sky
6:49 pm
right now. but there is still a back edge of the storm system that will bring the best possibility for tomorrow. beginning in the morning with a chance here of scattered rain in the south bay and 52. 53 for san francisco. and the north bay starts with 47. so the storm system basically hangs out for the next 36 hours. tomorrow morning the instability starts to arrive with the scattered roifl from santa -- rainfall from santa rosa to san jose. by 11:30 we may see isolated thunderstorms fire up in middletown, calistoga and sonoma and likely see the spotty activity continue into the afternoon. we'll start to clear out by the evening hours. at least dry out. but if you are heading to the era, we could still have snow showers by 10:00 in the evening. so travel is slick all through tomorrow's forecast. in terms of rainfall totals for us. and the microclimate through
6:50 pm
saturday and here are the colder numbers. winds also 5 to 15 miles per hour so still another blustery day. this is putting san jose at 65 degrees. for the peninsula, palo alto 56 and pacifica at 59. save coming in at 62 across the mission so nice for a cup of coffee at the coffee houses in the mission. marina comes in at 60. for the north bay, east bay and also for the tri-valley, the chance of showers and mix of sun and also clouds. a cool day up at the vineyards in vap napa, 64. oakland 65. and the tri-valley, no more shorts weather and 90s, we're at 65 tomorrow in livermore. throughout the weekend we start to see things warm up on sunday. a degree or two. we'll get some sun in here and then by this monday forecast we go up to 70 in the south bay. 69 if the tri-valley and the north bay at 68. check out the totals here for the highest elevations.
6:51 pm
we could see near king veil maybe 11 inches, twin bridges 7 and on average it is 2-3 inches but el nino we have to thank for this in late may. >> so snow in the sierra and wind here in the bay area perfect night for baseball. and big night on both sides of the bay. the a's hosting the yankees in oakland and the giants and cubs at at&t park. we'll check in with jon miller and mike and amy g. on the field next. we are counting down to first
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
okay, it is going to be a match-up. we're counting down first pitch for the giant's game here on nbc
6:54 pm
bay area and it is a showdown. >> this is big-time. the red hot giants who have won eight against the mighty cubs with the best record in baseball. let's head to the ballpark. and we are joined by mike and john in the broadcast booth. >> the giants, after the great road trip and they swept seven in a row on the road. the first unbeaten road trip in 103 years. now back home and facing the team with the best record in the majors, the chicago cubs. >> well, and they are facing probably the best right-hander in all of baseball and that is jake arrieta. and it is a battle of two jakes. two former cy young award winners and if peavy could win this one it would be 149 in his career and it would shock the world. >> indeed it would. and he is coming in after his best start of the year and his last one in phoenix. so we shall see. giants and cubs game one, i'm jon miller and mike krukow, back
6:55 pm
to you. >> thank you, we will be watching for sure. and the giants will have to beat a pitcher who hasn't lost since last july. >> yeah. >> last july. >> that is like ten or 11 months ago. which streak is going to end tonight. here is amy from the field. >> reporter: we have a highly-anticipated series as the giants take on the cubs in game one of a three-game series. you have the hottest team in baseball in your giants gos up against the -- going up against the cubs. the giants very confident. we are riding an eight-game win streak and just wrapped up a seven-game road trips that they went undeeted. the last time that happened, 1913. they need the confidence. they are going up against the best pitcher in baseball, jake arrieta. now how do they get to him tonight? everybody has an answer. i don't know if i have. but they could grind at the plate and get pitches out of arrieta and get the pitch count up and chase him out early.
6:56 pm
and address the timely hitting in the eight wins that they've strung together they are only hitting .197 with runners in scoring position. and the bull pen is rested. only castillea has had work since last sunday and that could come in handy should peavy get into trouble early. and they have been throwing off of the mound and staying familiar with the slope with the long stretch of rest. one thing is for sure, it is electric and fun and going to be a battle. from at&t park, amy gut air, back to you. >> and back to you. and the finale of grimm will hair tomorrow night at 9:00 and watch dateline right after the giants game and then us. stick around for us. >> we'll see you at 11:00. and right now it is orange friday. and amy is decked out in her orange. cubs and giants, here is jon miller and mike krukow.
6:57 pm
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roll. seven straight wins in arizona and san diego marks the first time the orange and black swept the seven-game road trip since 1913. now, they return home to at&t park to take on the reigning cy young award winner jake arrieta and the one with the best record in baseball. game one is next. all roads lead to w


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