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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 20, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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chief and the frisco 5. the protesters who were instrumental in the sfpd shakeup. jean, we're getting more answers but unrest and bitterness still in san francisco. >> reporter: that's right. tonight the police chief is out but protesters say they now have their eyes set on room 200 at city hall. as mayor ed lee was meeting with his newly appointed acting chief tony chaplain, lee's critics were busy taking steps to begin a recall effort, filing a notice of intention to circulate a recall petition with the department of elections this afternoon. christina gutierrez is a hunger striker who fought for the removal of the police chief saying she and supporters will support the recall effort. >> and i would do anything in my power to see that will happen. because he has failed the city of san francisco. >> reporter: mayor lee's critics
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are citing the housing crisis, a worsening homeless crisis, and scandals in the police department as reasons to launch the recall effort. that paperwork filed will have to be reviewed to make sure it meets election code standards. i did reach out to the mayor's office late this evening to find out if they're aware of this recall effort, i have yet to hear back. >> here's what happens next. the paperwork submitted this afternoon at 3:00, san francisco's elections director was not in the office. every petition has to be reviewed to see if it meets election code. fit does, the recall effort could begin. this just in, we know the name of the woman kill in the that deadly police shooting that led to the resignation. san francisco chief medical examiner says 29-year-old jessica williams died at the hospital. williams was shot by san francisco police sergeant in the bay view district yesterday. a source tells us she crashed the car then tried to maneuver it from the crash which the
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officer said he needed to shoot her in order to defend himself. >> oh my god, this is terrible. >> frightening and emotional friday night in fairfield. after being evacuated from their homes, many families are now assessing the damage of this four-alarm fire in a quiet neighborhood near fairfield high school. you can see smoke from i-80. nbc bay area's cheryl hurd is at the scene. wind a big factor in this fire. how severe is the damage? >> reporter: fire crews are still on the scene trying to figure out what started this fire. wind was a big problem in this fire. there's a strong possibility that the fire started here behind these homes but what you're seeing right now is video of the actual fire. crews got the call around 3:45 when they got to santa barbara way they encountered a fire that was raging out of control because of the wind. >> i watched it, recorded it and
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everything. i just -- you saw trees 1ing then it traveled into the houses and backyards. >> a storm front in the area, we had unique wind conditions, swirling winds. we got word it's railing and hailing in dixon up the road. we had high winds and heat in fairfield. we were dealing with unique weather. >> one homeowner tells me tonight that the fire started near his backyard. where the homeless camp out along the path that runs through town. officials are right now looking into the official cause of this fire. >> cheryl mentioned the wind played a big role in that fire. it's not the only trouble it caused. this is new video reserve i don't of a tree that fell onto tower lines around 6:00 tonight and knocked out power to 140 pg&e customers in that area. the wind not the only change in the weather we're tracking. satellite radar shows lots of green which means rain is on the way.
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jeff ranieri has the timeline. jeff, we'll start seeing that this weekend, plan for indoor activities. >> at least for saturday. if you don't want to get with the, that's for sure. we're still holding on to that chance of rainfall. especially for the morning hours. right now we are not seeing much of anything in the bay area when it comes to rainfall. we look to the north and you can see these areas developing right now, about .25 inches per hour. this is our best chance of rainfall coming through tomorrow morning's forecast. the chance of scattered rainfall any time between 4:00 and 8:00 a.m., then a chance here with isolated thunderstorms into the early afternoon. travel will be slick at times throughout the bay area and sierra snow happening across i-80 and highway 50. totals for snow will range anywhere from 2 to 5 inches. for our rainfall totals i'll have details in 15 minutes. now the storm we're waiting on brought snow to the sierra. it was a mess. we're talking about snow in late
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may. ahead the trouble it's causing for drive hoarse may not have brought chains with them. new developments surrounding egypt air flight 804. it crashed in the mediterranean about 180 miles from the egyptian coast. we're learning the aircraft transmitted a message in the final moments showing that sensors detected smoke and problems with the controls. the plane fell off radar shortly after. there are two main theories here. either a sudden fire or electrical failure, or an explosion. as investigators dig for more clues egyptian search teams say they have found the wreckage in terms of seats, body parts and an oil slick in the water. 66 people were on board. the family of a little boy on life support is being given more time to find a hospital willing to treat him. the 2-year-old has been declared brain dead. it's a medical and legal story that will play out over the next 72 hours. chuck coppola is live in the newsroom. we saw a similar case, in this
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case what is the family moving forward with? >> in this case doctors declared 2-year-old israel stinson brain dead after an asthma attack kept his brain from receiving oxygen for 40 minutes. kaiser permanente said the limit to life support would come today. tonight that toddler remains on life support after a san francisco federal appeals court prevented the hospital, kaiser permanent day in roseville, from pulling the plug. parents and supporters have until monday to convince the court they know a hospital willing to treat the 2-year-old. >> it means that we still have more time to pretty much -- they're not going to be in any rush to pull the plug. >> we have until monday to get everything together. it seems like the judge is giving us more time. >> in a statement kaiser pe permanente says, we will continue to work to facilitate the family's request to transfer israel to another facility if another facility placement is identified. advocates for the parent say at
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stake is the process patients in california have to go through when they are declared brain dead. after years of delays and legal maneuvering the trial for sierra lamar's accused killer is scheduled to begin monday. antolin garcia is charged with killing the teen in 2012. she left her home for school but never made it. ed in's start date is also in question. one of the defense attorneys is still on trial in another case so the judge may decide to delay yet again. two burglars got a surprise when they kicked in the front door of a palo alto home. the woman who lived at the house was home. it happened near the corner of dana and lincoln avenues yesterday around 6:00 p.m. the victim heard a crash, went to investigate, and startled the would-be burglars. the men ran away. they're described in their 20s or 30s, close to 6 feet tall,
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250 pounds. two lawsuits might put a damper on next month's san francisco pride celebration. two lawsuits filed to alter the civic center celebration according to "san francisco chronicle." the lawsuits reportedly cite a shooting in 2013 and shootings the year before and the year after. they claim the pride committee has not taken enough action to make that parade safe. lawsuits impact only civic center celebrations and not the parade itself. all these other primaries, but now our turn is almost here. the california primary is june 7th. the deadline to register to vote is this coming monday. you can register online or many cities allow you to register at post offices, libraries or city halls. monday is also the deadline to re-register with a different party. the primary closing in, the presidential candidates will be crisscrossing our state. hillary clinton and former president bill clinton will be in the bay area next week.
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mrs. clinton will be in atherton on wednesday for a fund-raiser. bernie sanders will kick off a campaign swing in southern california tomorrow. he was just in san jose a few days ago. donald trump will rally in san diego on may 27th. >> do you think airbnb is doing everything that it can do help remove these illegal postings? >> airbnb is absolutely working to do everything it can. >> a top executive at airbnb talks about what the company is doing to crack down on illegal rentals. is it enough? i'm vicky nguyen. next how home shares are affecting neighborhoods and the housi housing market. state money used to scooch a south bay statue 90 feet. wait until you hear the price tag. i'm chief meteorologist jeff ranieri tracking more cold weather to are the weekend and a chance of rain. my weekend forecast in a few minutes. hey pal? you ready?
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bucks a night. it's notho imagine living next to a house with 20 beds for rent for 30 bucks a night. it's not a hostel. it could be your neighbor. >> tonight city investigative reporter vicky nguyen has an undercover look at what rentals are doing to neighborhoods and the housing market. >> roughly 9,500 rooms or homes are listed for rent right now on airbnb in san francisco. the company is the city's biggest player in the short-term housing business. but only a fraction of those listings are permitted. neighbors say living next to an illegal rental is a nightmare. cuno and jessica moved to san francisco to start a family. but they called the investigative unit after a rowdy new neighbor brought unexpected baggage. >> first week we noticed a high amount of traffic, random people showing up. we had our car broken into. people randomly showing up all hours of the night, ringing our
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doorbell. got the dog up and the baby. >> reporter: they say this home on hurst became a hostel on airbnb. >> up to 20 people. >> reporter: the house next door is identical to his, roughly 1,000 square feet with two bedrooms. >> bunk beds, a single bed on the floor. >> they're advertising a room this size can sleep three people? >> yes, three people. >> reporter: multiple bunk beds in each room and reviewers warn with up 220 people staying it can be hard to get bathroom time but the price -- hard to beat. >> 30 bucks a night, pack them in tight. >> reporter: it appears to be illegal. we checked and the address was not registered with the city's office of short-term rentals. searches for rooms under $50 a night on airbnb turned up dozens of similar options. >> it's like sharing closets and lockers for these closets. >> some are legal. many are not. including the one we booked on ninth avenue for an undercover look inside.
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>> 14 potential beds and one toilet. and other bathroom with a toilet and shower. clearly a converted living room here. this is not a real bedroom. trying to maximize as much space as they can. hard to believe they fit 14 people in this place. >> reporter: like the rental next to the copelands' this one didn't appear to be someone's primary home, which is required by the city. >> you would not fit in this bed. >> reporter: at $42 a bed and full occupancy this host can rake in more than $17,000 a month. he declined to comment for our sto story. >> our current legislation is very hard to enforce. >> reporter: supervisor peskin is co-sponsoring an amendment to the city's current rules. instead of requiring only the host to register with the city, he wants the hosting platforms like airbnb to verify their hosts are registered, if not, face penalties. >> with how the platform's helping, it is looking for needles in a haystack. they know which individuals are
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renting out multiple units. they can block them from their website. >> reporter: records show since february of 2015, the city has investigated 503 cases involving potentially illegal rentals and assessed roughly $744,000 in penalties. but the bigger financial burden hits renters. peskin says illegal hotels take away from the city's available and affordable housing. >> part of the solution is to make sure that the housing that we have is used under our existing laws and they're not taken off the market. >> vast, vast, vast majority of the people using airbnb are doing it out of their primary house. >> reporter: he's the director of global policy and public affairs for airbnb. people are saying you can do a lot more to crack down on illegal hosting. do you think that's fair? >> we do. over the last year or so we've taken down over 200 properties. >> reporter: he says the city makes it too complicated for people to register and points to this airbnb chart illustrating
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the process. >> the easiest way to enforce the law is to put in place an easy registration system. >> it seems simple enough for airbnb to say to the hosts, place your ad but also put your registration number on it. why isn't airbnb also requiring that? >> i'm not sure it's the right role for a private-sector company to be involved and gained in the enforcement. the city has an enforcement office. >> reporter: he says airbnb has sent e-mails and hosted meetings to encourage hosts to register. >> these are incredibly powerful players. i don't know if you notice but when supervisors and i introduced that legislation, the next day airbnb made over $250,000 in political campaign contributions to individuals who will support their efforts and thwart our law. >> we committed money to two ballot propositions, one to help improve the parks in san francisco, one to help improve
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health care services. >> will airbnb support the amendment? >> i think what we would support is improving the registration system. >> reporter: as for the copelands, they recorded a surprising encounter with george mott, owner of the home next door. >> you're renting i think $30 a night? >> reporter: he told the investigative unit he didn't know his tenant was renting beds in the house. several months after the copelands filed numerous complaints the tenant left. record shows the city didn't issue any fines. the problem temporarily soft. but copelands say they want to see stronger enforcement by the city and the companies who profit from these rentals. >> when you allow companies to play by their own rules and leave the people of san francisco behind, that's where you draw the line. >> reporter: we reached out to mayor ed lee. we wanted to ask if he would support the stricter rules and talk about donations from airbnb. his office never responded. meanwhile, airbnb says it has removed the listing where we went undercover and it is
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investigating. >> if you have a tip for vicki or the investigative unit, call us 888-996-tips or send e-mail to the weekend is here. what's up with the weather? windy here in the bay area. snowy there in the sierra. looks like february. snowy conditions on i-80 headed to lake tahoe and reno. but it's may, not february. many drivers didn't bring chains so at this hour they have to wait it out. a lot of crashes and spin-outs today. >> i don't know, man, this is bad. this is really, really bad out there. >> how bad's the backup? >> i was in backup -- when i first started, the road said i was going to be in reno 3:18. now estimated time 4:50. so i'm turning back around and going back to sac. >> a lot of drivers heading up for the weekend or big rig drivers unprepared and surprised by all this. it was in the forecast as jeff
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has been telling us. tough way to start the weekend heading to the sierra. >> our weather conditions are all over the place. i know you've been saying it's el nino but such a strange pattern for us to be in. >> we see this trough of low pressure across the west right now. it's basically sitting in the same spot it has been the past three days. it's going to stay over california for the next two days. so as we get a look right now, while we haven't seen much in the way of rainfall today, spotty showers in the north bay, we're finally starting to see showers gather strength across the northern coastline and that's where we're going to begin to get showers in the overnight hours here for the bay area. so we still have the possibility of some wet weather in the forecast. as you'll see in that scrolling seven day, it's isolated to saturday. by sunday we'll see drying. tomorrow morning's forecast, it starts off cool in the south bay at 52. east bay 48. san francisco also coming in at 53. let's go ahead and get a look and the storm system lingering the next 36 hours right across the bay area.
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so for tomorrow specifically around 7 c. a.m., we'll begin to see that instability increase. it's going to be scattered in nature. maybe some isolated thunderstorms popping up. the best chance would be up into marin, napa, and sonoma counties. as we head throughout 11:00 a.m., the best chance for the north bay. san jose, a chance of wet weather will continue until about 3:30 in the afternoon. we'll eventually start to dry out by the evening but if you're headed anywhere near the sierra, we still could have on again, off again snow showers right through 8:00 tomorrow night. so please, please take it slow. a lot of folks as we have been hearing about don't have the proper chains in their car. a lot of the cars are going to skid around. extra caution there. overall rainfall totals for the bay area, trace amounts to .05 inches. it is a no brainer tomorrow. everyone dealing with about the same conditions. a chance for showers. temperatures in the 60s across the south bay peninsula, also
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san francisco. for the north bay, east bay, and the tri-valley, also a round of 60s coming your way. take the jacket, might need the up brel ra for a bit. as we round out the weekend forecast, again by sunday we do start to see things dry out. that will continue into monday. raj and jess, a wild week. i hope we get more rainfall into june. just saying. >> all right, thank you very much. up next, on the move. raising eyebrows. the distance and the price to relocate a piece of san jose history. and we have jimmy. >> hey, billy crystal is my guest tonight. plus thank you notes. on our website, the number of pregnant women in the united states with zika virus suddenly tripled today. because a change of how the government is reporting the cases. there are now 157 pregnant women infected with zika. on our facebook page, remembering alan young, he played the straight man to a
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talking horse in the legendary 1960s sitcom "mr. ed." he died yesterday at age 96. more than 200 patients at san
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francisco general are it's going to be delicate move. ever 200 patients at san francisco general are moving tomorrow morning to the hospital's new facility. the patients will be loaded onto gurneys for a trip across the brinlg connecting the old and new facilities. the new hospital is named the priscilla chan and mark zuckerberg san francisco general hospital and trauma center. the powerhouse silicon valley couple donated $75 million to sf general. an historic san jose statue has a new home but the move is
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raising eyebrows because of the price tag. reports say it took roughly $100,000 to move this statue of captain thomas fallon a few yards away to its new perch at the corner of st. james and 87th. we asked people passing by what they thought of the big move. >> $100,000 to move? you know, i would have done it cheaper. i really would have done it cheaper. bring a couple of friends over. i offered. we offered to pick them up and move them ourselves. >> the city needed to make way for a new development. the statue is meant to depict captain fallon raising the american flag in san jose in 1846. up next, the big showdown. giants/cubs. you saw it here on nbc bay area. a major injury though in this game that brought the game to a standstill. ahmed on cam
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the giants came in to friday riding an 8-game win streak, and it's friday night. it's a big night. that means -- when we see ahmed something big is happening. >> hello, the big thing is the cubs are in town. they're good. last time we said that was never. giants came in riding an eight-game winning streak having swept a seven-game road trip for the first time since 1913. but did welcome in the best team in the big leagues.
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at least the best record. giants trying to make it nine wins. jake arrieta, best e.r.a. in majors right now. jake peavy on the mound for the giants. jeremy affeldt said this was the best catch he's never at at&t park. jason heyward, unfortunate news for him, he'd leave the game with abdominal injury but that catch was ridiculous. top second, chris bryant, that could not be caught. deep and gone. three-run home run. cubs snapped the giants' eight-game winning streak. final score 8-1. how about the a's and yankees. sonny gray on the mound for the green and gold. he's has a rough year. e.r.a. over 5. didn't get any better. fourth inning, a's down 3-1. carlos beltran over the head of coco crisp. gives up five runs, four earned in 3 1/3. a's go down 8-3 the final score there. stephen curry took a tumble
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in twam two. good news, swelling in his elbow has gone down. according to steve kerr he is fine. curry wearing a compression sleeve today at practice as a preventive measure. he was a full participant in practice. afterwards he said this. >> it's sore. just because of the impact. but it's -- i guess it doesn't affect the range of motion. i was shoot, dribble. it's uncomfortable but it's good. >> should be good to go. he play wednesday that injury. the people that didn't catch curry getting a lot of flack but in their defense catching a human seems very difficult. >> if you're sitting courtside it's your responsibility to catch the human. >> that is true. especially if it's steph curry, i'll give you that. >> everybody has tried to catch him. protect him at all costs. >> ahmed needs to grow his beard for tomorrow. it's playoff hockey in a big way.
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the sharks, game four against the st. louis blues, tomorrow at shark tank, 4:15 start time here on nbc bay area. exclusively sharks hockey on nbc bay area. they're looking for a 3-1 series advantage. >> at the least he should get a fake beard. up next the unexpected visitor in a bay area neighborhood. vacaville neighborhood this
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morning. take a look. mother nature too close for comfort in vacaville this morning. take a look, that's a black bear just running around. neighbors called police. when police got there they couldn't find the animal. the bear may have been looking for food or water, probably hungry. >> just coming to say hello. the weekend is here, enjoy it. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- billy crystal, beanie feldstein, music guests fla


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