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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 22, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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>>announcer: from nbc bay area, this is today in the bay. your time is 7:00. good sunday morning to you. it is sunday, may 22nd, and take a look at that beautiful sunrise out there, absolutely gorgeous from our cameras on top of communication hill in san jose. good morning, i'm victim coup k -- painting the sky for us. she handed it off to old man winter yesterday. >> it was really gloomy outside. >> we had rain believe it or naught across the bay area, a little more than a 0.1 of an inch in the south bay. waking up to clouds and the clouds are extensive across the entire bay area, as we move
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through the day, we'll see more sunshine. that will warm us up to 69 degrees, staying cool at the coastline, san francisco, 62 today. wine country, fog now, you'll see the sunshine later, 68 degrees there. rain in the forecast for tomorrow, great news, vicky, as we move ahead, getting closer to fire season. we'll talk about that about 15 minutes. an iconic bakery is damaged by flames. crews were busy battling a fire in san jose, shortly before 3:30 this morning. the bakery located on meridian avenue and highway 17th. they got the blaze under control just before 5:00 a.m. a lot of damage, though, there. firefighters still on the scene checking for hot spots. it started inside, but the outside of the building was not damaged and no one was hurt. new this morning, the leader of the taliban has been killed.
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mullah mansour was targeted by a drone strike. president obama authorized the action, and carried out yesterday along the afghanistan-pakistan border. john kerry says mansour posed a threat to afghan civilians. he says the strike sends a clear message that the u.s. is committed to building a secure afghanistan. new details, a man missing for two weeks may be the victim of foul play. two people have been arrested on murder charges following a recent raid in hillsboro. s.w.a.t. team members surrounded the home around 3:30 in the morning. they're not saying who was taken into custody, but we do know green's allege ex-girlfriend, tiffany lee, is in jail, along with another man believed to be her boyfriend. one woman describes waking up to the commotion. >> there were police cars on the
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driveway on the street, police officers in my yard. they had a loud speaker, they were first speaking in english and they switched to i think it was mandarin and they were asking, they said female suspect, come out. >> green was last seen at the milbrae pancake house, and a hiker found his cell phone. a possible homicide in the south bay, police received a call about a body discovered in san jose before 7:00 on friday night. investigators say the man was found on bonita avenue near sunny court, where it meets interstate 680. no word on the identity or cause of death. a house fire left nine people without a place to live. take a look. that house engulfed by flames. this happened yesterday afternoon on sage wood lane this
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neighborhood of san jose. they first noticed smoke in the garage, when they went to check, they discovered the fire. the home is now gutted. the fire also damaged the outside of a neighbor's house. dozens of people out of their homes this morning after a fire at this apartment complex in antioch. it started after 7:00, after many of the residents were sleeping. they saw smoke and pounded on the doors to alert residents and get them out. >> i couldn't believe it. it was like this bright flame. >> everything is gone. because it's all my stuff. all my kids' belongings. >> a child was treated for smoke inhalation and several others devastated after losing their pets in the fire. it is under investigation. continuing coverage of the unrest at city hall in san francisco. days after the resignation of
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the city's police chief, the frisco five were honored during a festival. filipino food and culture, organizers honored the group that gained national recognition for their 17 day hunger strike and getting police chief greg suhr to step down. the strike was in response to a series of high profile deadly officer involved shootings in the city. shur was asked to resign on thursday, after another deadly encounter. >> we won the victory of the people, because we knew if they didn't do anything, they would have real trouble on their hands. >> they say they appreciate the honor and looking ahead to remove mayor ed lee from office as well. they want to see officers involved in the recent deadly shootings to go to trial. turning now to decision 2016. former president bill clinton was in southern california campaigning for his wife. he told a crowd in chula vaista
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they needed to clinch the nomination before july. he scoffed at the notion she is a washington insider, saying she only ran for office after she was asked to. he praised her economic plans. >> she got the best ideas about how to grow the economy with modern infrastructure and making it a clean world, modern we can keep and grow here, starting the banks to make small business loans again. >> the former president did not mention the increasing criticism coming from clinton's democratic rival, bernie sanders. he did make slices at trump, though. calling it destructive to the idea of what it means to be an american. bill clinton is due to hold a rally in fresno. hillary clinton will be in fresno for another fund-raiser. meanwhile, donald trump is
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reaching out to latinos. in a pretaped speech, he promised them he is on their side. christian leadership conference in anaheim. a pretaped speech from clinton was also shown. bernie sanders was in san diego, and several three throughout the next few days. he still has two weeks to try to change people's minds. 475 pledged delegates are up for grabs in california june 7th primary. clinton needs 90 more to clinch the nomination. even if that happens, sanders has promised to stay in the race until the democratic convention in philadelphia in july. and don't forget, time is running out, so register to vote in the primary. the deadline is tomorrow. you can register on the secretary of state website, california's primary once again, june 7th. well, we have much more ahead on today in the bay, so stay with us.
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coming up on the move from an old hospital building to a new one. the delicate procedures of moving patients in san francisco. apple makeover. towards san francisco from
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oakland your time is 7:10. let's give you a live look toward san francisco. check out the amazing skyline, the beautiful clouds there. that's from our cameras in oak lanlds. it is a delicate move that was eight years in the making. about 160 patients at san francisco general moved to the brand new facility on saturday. patients were loaded on to gurneys for a trip across a bridge connecting the old and new buildings. the new hospital is named president si
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presilla chan and mark zuckerberg memorial. it has a lot of features. >> the operating rooms, we have 13 in this building, in the old one, we had ten. so that will help with flow. we have more critical care room in this hospital. the technology is very patient centered. it's just overall, a hospital for the 21st century for san francisco. >> zuckerbergs donated $75 million to sf general for that project. another milestone for apple this weekend, cooper tino company opened its store in downtown san francisco, the 42 foot glass doors opened, it is the site of the old levi store. the plaza, open to the public all day, with free wi-fi, a 50 foot screen wall and live
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accoustic performances. >> that's exactly what union square needs, something from the future. this is the future. >> the store is also powered by 100% renewable energy. up next on today in the bay bay, n , can in addition yan wildfires, we'll show you how they heard about their loss and got involved. >> waking up to more clouds, but more sunshine later this afternoon. another chance of rain tomorrow. we'll talk about that coming up with the full forecast, after this.
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>>announcer: you're watching today in the bay. let's give you a live look outside from san jose, on top of communications hill. it will be a little more sunny than it was yesterday. the gray is going away. an no anthony will be in a while to give you the full forecast.
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a disappointing night for fans at the sap center last night. the sharks lose at home against the st. louis blues, missing the chance to take a lead in the finals. it stands at two games a piece. they go on the road for game five tomorrow night. asp center on wednesday night, if san jose can pull out a win tomorrow, they can go to the sha tank. just happy to be at the game last night, because they understand the difference between losing a game and dealing with a real loss in life. today in the bay's robert handa has a story about someone who lost everything exempt their spirit. >> emotional boost of the foley family, they lost their home in the town of fort mcmurray to the
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wildfires in western canada. the family's main sharks fan, billy, expressed publicly how grateful he was to savage the sharks jersey. the team's general manager heard about the family situation, and arranged a vip trip to the game. >> we were at our lowest low, when it was confirmed that our house was gone. and then we get a call from doug wilson, and it just lyifted our spirits. it gave us something to look forward to. >> as a bonus, they arranged a visit with nolan. then billy and brother daniel got to ride the zambonis. before being able to high-five and fist pump the sharks, as the team took the ice. >> unbelievable. it's making this a lot easier to go through, and keep our mind off things. >> as a community, they've always been strong.
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and we will continue to be strong. >> in san jose, robert handa, bay area news. >> the foleys along with the other families, will likely be allowed to go back into town to assess damage on june 1st. let's get a check of the weather with anthony standing by. you were talking about el niño. >> i was watching a presenter yesterday and how it has affected the wildfires up there. that's some strong air in alberta and usually you won't associate that with el niño. a loud year here across the bay area. >> we're still seeing it in may. >> near average, i've got to say that. we are close to average, in san jose, over 100%, we saw more rainfall this year than we usually see in a given year. let's take a look outside in dublin, clouds this morning, but i do want to recap the rainfall we actually saw just 24 hours ago. look at this, yes, the good
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news, some liquid green out there across the bay area. oakland hills, a quarter of an inch, close to 0.16 of an inch. so the east bay and delta picked up the most from the system and that's great news as we continue to move closer to fire season, getting closer to june and july. we still do have clouds that will continue to move in ahead of the system, off towards the rockies, so not a lot of moisture. more clouds that will continue to move through the skyline today. it will not be overly cloudy but not sunny either. keep in mind, we'll see the mix, ex especially for the peninsula. 62 degrees in san francisco, 69 for the south bay. this area of low pressure will continue to make its way out of the region, but we have a couple of days to deep with it. another shot of rain, futurecast, this is through the
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day today. you'll notice again a good amount of cloud cover, and then by tomorrow, we will a see the clouds really thicken up tomorrow morning, that's when we'll have the best chance of drizzle, and then also by the afternoon, in the north, you may see a stray shower pass by. i don't think it will be much more than 0.10 inch. that's how much they got yesterday, and you can see the futurecast, it only paints 0.01. we may see drizzle and enough to get the ground wet. not overly dry the next couple of days, another shot of rain out of the system as it continues to make its way out. as we move towards tuesday, things will try to start to warm up as the trough moves out. then another one right on the heels of that, wednesday and thursday, and keep things cool towards the upcoming week. extended forecast, temperatures that stay cool over the next few days, kind of like it's been yesterday and today. so 69 for the south bay today.
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70 for tomorrow. east bay valley, 70 for today. low 70s for the upcoming week and by wednesday and thursday, another system as i mentioned to the north, that will keep things cool for wednesday but thursday, it warms back up into the 70s, even in san francisco, cool at the coastline, low 60s, and even by wednesday and thursday, staying cool. so may is here to stay for a couple of more days. and then next weekend it will warm up. thank you. today in the bay returns after this break. up next -- >> i said you will come back in years and kiss my feet. >> a bold declaration, the family story, part of california's history. they stumble on a unique way to share it. it will make you proud.
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>>announcer: you're watching today in the bay.
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not just beautiful, a train ride through california can also be educational if you pick the right train and the right couple as your guide. today in the bay garvin thomas the story of one such couple in this story. >> charlie and patty keefer how they fell in love, sitting next to a party in 1961, an earthquake hit. this he grabbed ahold of each other and haven't let go since. it turns out, it's not the only part of their family history, we're glad they share. when history is on the menu in santa cruz county, one will almost always find a keefer somewhere near the table. >> that tells the history of california. >> charlie, his wife, patty, or more often than not, both. in fact, over the past 25 years, this couple has volunteered for, well, for too many groups to
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list. >> you have not done enough. and we don't have enough time. >> here it comes. >> okay, everybody, we got to wave. >> charlie and patty have had a train to catch. >> we want to welcome everybody aboard. >> they're boarding amtrak's coast starlight in san jose, headed to st. louis. >> you start looking for the mission bells. >> as part of a partnership between amtrak and the national park service called trails and rails, the keifers have been asked to give a presentation about the history along the tracks, a route that mirrors the expedition of 1775. one that brought the first european families to california. including -- >> a los angeles castro, who was my great, great, great grandmother. three greats.
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>> it wasn't until later in his life, charlie learned his true place in california history. it is what has fueled his passion. in museums or now on the rail each bringing to the program, his or her own strength, patty researching and writing out everything she says. >> this is beautiful what you're doing. just beautiful. >> charlie, more of an ad-libber, and tangent taker. >> it is all those things. he can talk, oh, my god, can he talk. >> the days are long on the train for these two. 14 hours door-to-door. still, they say, the work is worth it to keep their family's history alive. >> thank you, all. >> and hopefully keep their fellow travelers entertained. >> in addition to the trails and rails this summer, charlie and patty are working hard to raise money for the state's next historic state park. the castro adobe in watsonville,
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also with a connection to their family's history. garvin thomas, nbc bay area news. if you know of somebody doing something nice for others, garvin would love to hear from you, go to our website and search bay area proud. still to come, sorting through the debris of egyptair plane crash. the key piece investigators still need to find in order to better understand what happened. plus -- >> it's extraordinarily long-lived, once it gets out into the environment, it almost never breaks down. >> a chemical called virtually in d in desstrukable and showing up in california. what you're drinking.
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>>announcer: from nbc bay area,
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this is "today in the bay." good sunday morning. wow, take a look at that gorgeous shot your time is 7:29. it is sunday, may 22nd. can you believe it. a pretty look at san jose from the cameras above communications hill. beautiful flowers. thanks for waking up with us, i'm vicky nguyen, and the micro forecast, sticking around for today in. >> more sunshine today, but then tomorrow, wrap around the same system that will give us another shot of gray skies and sprinkles. a little break today, but hanging on for the gray skies. healdburg, clouds, it is chilly, 50 degrees in the south bay, 47 in the north bay. north bay, up to 68 later on, 62 this afternoon and close to 70 for the south bay, overall, more sunshine this afternoon and then
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as i mentioned, another chance of rain for tomorrow. a brief shot, more so sprinkles and rain, but i'll let you know when it will happen. tomorrow, not today. full forecast in about 15 minutes. >> we need one weekend day when we can get outside and do some things. >> i took about a three hour nap yesterday. >> you know what, it counts. >> sleep, right. >> sleep is the only exercise i feel like i get these days. all right, anthony, thank you. new this morning, an iconic bakery in the south bay, damaged by flames. crews were busy battling a fire at dick's bakery in san jose, breaking out shortly before 3:30. meridian avenue near the medical center. firefighter say they got the blaze under control just before 5:00. they're still on scene checking for hot spots. it started inside. fortunately, no one was hurt.
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the leader of the taliban has been killed. mullah mansour, seen here, killed by a drone strike it was along the afghan/pakistan border. john kerry says he posed a threat to civilians, and sending a clear message the u.s. is committed. the search for answers surrounding the crash of egyptair 804. you're looking at images of debris located yesterday. they have yet to locate the black box. automated messages sent from the plane to the ground in the last few minutes of the flight indicate smoke, problems with the cockpit windows and problems with the controls. experts say there are likely three causes, a fire, an explosion or technical fault. a french navy ship li.
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>> a man shot after he walked up to the white house holding a gun. they identified him as 30-year-old jesse olivvieri. he is from ashland, a community still in disbelief. >> the last thing you would think would be somebody from the ol oliviri. >> he ignored repeated orders to drop his weapon, and when he didn't, an officer shot him. he is still in critical condition. no one else was hurt. washington, d.c. police continue to investigate, but at this point, they say it appears to be an attempted suicide by cop. new details this morning. investigators have found the body of a young father missing for two weeks, and two people are now behind bars in connection to his death.
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they were arrested after a raid in hillsboro. this comes after the body of keith green was found in a field. s.w.a.t. team officers surrounded this home at about 3:30 in the morning. they're not saying who was taken into custody, but we do know green's ex-girlfriend is in jail, along with another man believed to be her boyfriend. one neighbor describes waking up to the commotion. >> there were police cars surrounding their house in their driveway on the street, there were police officers in my yard. they had a loud speaker. they were first speaking in english, and then they switched to i think it was mandarin. and they were asking for the suspect, they said female suspect, come out. >> green was last seen at the milbrae pancake house on april 29dth. a hiker found his cell phone in golden gate park. police are also looking into a possible homicide in the south bay.
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they received a call about a body discovered in san jose before 7:00 on friday night. investigators say the man was found on bonita avenue near sunny court, close to where 101 meets 680. no word on his identity or his cause of death. paying $1.3 million settlement to a san francisco woman to avoid a lengthy court battle. she filed suit saying she was injured by bart police in 2014. bart police say megan sheahan was drunk and argumentative with officers, who found her on a bench inside the station. sheahan says during her arrest, an officer beat her, breaking bones in her face and leaving her bloody and unconscious. video seems to confirm her claims. bart is committed to making sure incidents don't happen in the future. well, it is a toxic chemical that builds up in your blood and almost never disappears.
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the man-made substance has gotten the attention of the government and concerned it is showing up in your drinking water. >> have you ever seen fire fighting foam? it's kept at airports and military basis like the one in the photo from the department of defense. tox toxic economic toxic chemicals have been removed, but they're worried about past use. they're testing for contamination in drinking water, and that fronted us to ask who else used these chemicals and what are regulators doing about it. >> how can you forget the images, after this airplane crashes in 2013. the san francisco fire department keeps special rigs ready at the airport. >> specifically built for airport fire fighting. >> at sjd, they keep stockpiles of foam within reach. >> this is one of our storage facilities that we have for our
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foam that we use. >> it looks like dish soap. >> it looks like bubble bath. >> but when mixed with water, it is a powerful tool to fight fire. >> it takes the oxygen out of the fire and puts it out. >> it's known as aqueous, but for decades, airports, refine refineries and military basis used aaa, known as per flour rated or pfcs. >> it is extraordinarily long-lived. >> he heads the environmental group investigating pfcs. >> once it gets out into the environment, it almost never breaks down. >> it was key ingredients in scotch guard and hundreds of other products, starting to phase it out 15 years ago. but the chemicals have been described as virtually indestructib indestructible, and walker says
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we've all been exposed. >> persistent, it builds up in your blood and used so heavily for so long it is a worldwide problem. >> certain pfcs, decreased fertility, changes to the immune system. >> the epa suggests some are likely to be carcinogenic to humans. the government is becoming increasingly curious about it in water. >> it runs off, washes off, gets into the bay, gets into the drinking water. >> researchers renally found the chemicals in bay area waste water. they say detection at treatment plants are likely related to af afff usage. 85 are in california, including mo moffet and treasure island.
7:38 am
epa requiring large water drinking system to test. initial results, we found nearly 200 water supplies detected it. 28 are in california, including in the city of pleasanton. >> is the city concerned about the detection found in the well? >> absolutely. when we collect she is samples, our hope and expectation is there won't be any contaminants in it. >> one tested positive twice. the city is searching for the source. martin says the chemical was found at low levels, just above the testing limits set by the epa. >> it doesn't automatically mean it is an immediate health impact, but definitely something we're concerned about, and hopefully find the source of it. >> the presence of a contaminant in drinking water doesn't mean there is a health risk associated with it. >> the ground water management,
7:39 am
pfcs were not found. she says the district takes cues from the epa. >> we look to regulatory to see what the safe levels are. >> there was a health advisory, but only a guide. the agency doesn't regulate the chemicals in drinking water. officials tell us they'll tell them how to move forward. >> does the epa data give the full extent of potential contamination here? >> no, absolutely not. we're very concerned that the testing program was not rigorous enough when in fact, if they looked harder, we believe they would find more contamination. >> the epa declined an interview request, but plans to issue a new health advisory by the summer. we got a call from the city of pleasanton, and this time, the results came back clean. to see a map of all the places that detected the chemicals,
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head to our website, nbc bay i'm liz wagner. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, call us or email us. today in the bay is back in two minutes, what the warriors are saying ahead of the game tonight. the sharks have a case of the blues of the western conference finals. sports highlights are next. ♪ hey! ♪ they go ooh ooh.
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♪ hey! ♪ they go oh-ooh-ooooh. ♪ sitting, watching, waiting, wishing. ♪ ♪ i tell you one thing, you never knew it. ♪ ♪ at the back of the bus ♪ there is so much to give, so dream big. ♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪ ♪ all i wanna hear is get down, get down. ♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪ ♪ all i wanna hear is get down, get down. ♪ ♪ get down, get down.
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>>announcer: you're watching today in the bay. the bay area continues to be at the center of the sports universe between the sharnks an warriors, a playoff game everyday of the week. tonight, wa warriors turn in th spotlight, the western conference finals shift to chesapeake energy arena.
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it tips off just after 5:00 tonight, the series tied one game apiece. a very loud and racause crowd as well. >> you have to be locked in from the gait. you don't get a cushion on the road, especially in the playoffs. you don't get a cushion and all of a sudden come back. you have to start from the jump. you have to be ready to, not only match, but go way beyond it. otherwise you lose. san jose entered two wins away from their first of to the stanley cup finals. they're hoping take a commanding three games to lead, however, the blues had other plans. st. louis scored two early goals and never let up. sharks scored three, but too i little too late. the blues go on to win, 6-3. now tied at two games apiece,
7:44 am
game five tomorrow night in st. louis. to baseball now, giants taking on the cubs, bottom of the third, giants up 2-1. buster posy gives them some breathing room. that's his fifth homer of his season. san francisco holds on to win, 5-3. still ahead, the race between hillary clinton and bernie sanders is becoming more heated by the day. but can the bickering become harmful to the democratic and their causes in november. political analyst joining us live in studio, next.
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>>announcer: you're watching "today in the bay." california democrats are showing signs of divisiveness in that may harm their candidates, the increasing tension between hillary clinton and bernie sanders will reach a crashendo.
7:47 am
just as important, the ongoing struggle between state democrats two gun proposals, one in the legislature, and the other likely to go before voters in november. nbc political analyst, larry r gerstin is here. >> we don't always see what's going on. here is a case in point, vicky. state legislators understand the leadership of president protem are tightening gun ownership. background checks on ammunition, magazines limited to ten rounds. so far so good. meanwhile, lieutenant governor supports -- currents in circulation and likely to qualify for the november ballot. this proposal would do almost everything in the senate package, but also require the state to share the list of those prohibited from purchasing guns
7:48 am
in california with the other states, and the federal government. therein lies the rub. >> it sounds like it goes further beyond the lion proposal i should say. infighting over a small difference. is there a backstory. >> there are. it would seem there are perhaps two backstories, vicky. both measures, first of all would add new regulations for guns. we know that, that said, they fear the more ambitious newsome proposal would bring it out in droves who would then vote against democratic candidates in the fall. but initiative pro pl pro-pone >> the leadership, who will take the helm, because a lot of credit if it's your proposal? >> yeah, that's the second backstory, which has to do with leadership. look, it's no secret that
7:49 am
newsome wants to be elected governor in 2018, and taken positions that legislators are attempting to sort out on their own. many democrats view his efforts, newsome that, is as interference with the legislative process, which is tough enough under any circumstances. so angry, so angry is de lione. >> so there is a little history here. >> divisive element and what do we get? >> trouble. look, democrats, they're the majority party. we know that, in the state and in the nation. but these divisions lead one to wonder, whether the party has become so big that its numbers may be offset by internal bickering. if they don't get their house together, that is, the democrats, and together quickly, republicans may have an opportunity to win not only the
7:50 am
presidency, but a series of legislative elections in california that they never anticipated. sometimes a party gets so big that the factions within lead it to its own destruction. you've got to wonder whether that's happening to the democrats in california. >> okay, well, time will help us tell and so will you. >> yep. >> larry, always a pleasure to have you. thank you so much. we're back with more ahead. coming up, a major come back for a beach volleyball champ. some were worried she wouldn't get to the olympics. anthony. we'll see sunshine this afternoon and another chance of rain tomorrow. we're back to break it all down for you, after this.
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welcome back here on this sunday. 7:53 the time. rainfall amounts over the past 24 hours. great news, oakland hills, quarter of an inch, oakley, a little less. vacaville, also. some saw lesser amounts. we do have showers pushing through parts of northern california. at home, though, we're watching the clouds rotate around. you can actually see these clouds across the pacific and they'll roll on in. the clouds will move into the bay area as well and that's eventually when we're going to see a good mix of clouds and the sun.
7:54 am
we're done with the rain for today. the wrap around cloud cover, that will move again for tomorrow and another chance of rain for tomorrow. right now, though, nice and cloudy across the bay area. 55 in san francisco. later on this afternoon, 62. east bay, tri-valley, up to 70. it will be a good mix of sun and clouds as the system continues to spin across parts of the rockies. it won't be out of here today. we're talking about the cool pacific breeze and the cloud cover that will thin out towards the afternoon hours. but look what happens for tomorrow. the clouds rollback in, and we could see a brief shower across part, of the bay area tomorrow afternoon. i think the north bay will have the best chance of seeing that. it won't be an all day rainy vent. it will probably be enough to get the ground wet. lesser amounts as you head to the south bay. next couple of days, as i
7:55 am
mentioned, it will continue to spin across parts of the rockies. heels of that, comes another storm system to the north and keeps things cool as we head toward the next couple of days. extended forecast, san jose, east bay valley, close to 70, low 70s, and as i mentioned, cool air, so it won't be overly warm, kind of like the past couple of days, in fact, even in san francisco, low 60s at the coastline today and tomorrow. so definitely jacket weather, and this is the time of year we get all the tourists start to come to town, thinking they're coming for summer vacation. low 60s at the coastline. wednesday and thursday, temperatures try to rebound, but still in the 60s as we head towards next weekend. memorial day, not the best beach weekend across the bay area. but hey, almost summer in the bay. we know how it goes. we got the may gray, butby july,
7:56 am
it evens out, but even then, gray skies across parts of the coastline. great news for fire season. we don't want 80s and 90s this time of year, then we're talking a fire every other week. >> absolutely. it gets really dry out there. people, you know, maybe now is the time to clear the space we talk about. you anticipating a fairly wet end to this summer? >> it does look like we're continuing to see rain every week, but drying up towards june. >> okay, anthony, thank you so much. >> yep. exaggerate tore has turned the table. >> exaggerate tore takes the preakness in baltimore, ending nyquist's bid, second triple crown in two years. cherry wine finished in second place and nyquist took third. well, she is back. just a few months after shoulder surgery put the olympic game in
7:57 am
doubts. terry walsh jennings is headed to rio. they took home in beach volleyball this past weekend. the archbishop is looking to grab her fourth medal in the games. it is her first without her partner, misty ray trainer after the london olympics. who could forget, one of the classic olympic game duos. we wish her well heading to the olympics. such an exciting and fun time here at nbc. >> that was a good match, too. >> yeah. well, thank you so much for making us apart of your morning. we'll have local news tonight, at 4:30, 6:00 and 11:00. check us out all day at bay area have a great day.
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this sunday, now, it's the democrats who are fighting in public. >> we will have the opportunity to defeat donald trump, we're going to have to defeat secretary clinton. >> this morning, my sitdown with hillary clinton. on bernie sanders. >> het me shea i don't think he has had a single negative ald against him. >> donald trump. >> no evidence he has ideas s about making america great. >> if you listen closely, it appears she has a new slogan. >> we're stronger together. we're stronger together. >> plus, the new findings from our new poll just out this morning. how much is bernie sanders damaging hillary clinton's chances? >> also, donald trump claims he's bringing in countless new voters into the republican


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