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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  May 22, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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more information now about acting chief chaplin and his career in law enforcement. chaplin is a 26-year veteran of the san francisco police department. he worked as a lawsuit in the homicide unit. and most recently before being named acting police chief he headed the department's bureau on community orients polied pol. an article described chaplin as an expert in the field of gangs. he's originally from oklahoma. a child is dead and two more people in the hospital after a tragic early morning house fire in vallejo. they were able to pull out two of the residents and get them to a nearby hospital. but the child that lived in the home did not make it out alive. we spoke with the neighbor who called 911. he says he tried to extinguish the fire and was able to hose down the female burn victim but wishes he could have done more.
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>> i feel a certain grief. i feel like i did what i could but i kind of wish i had another chance to do it at the same time. >> vallejo fire has not released the names of the victims at this point. we also don't know what caused the fire. in south bay an early morning fire scorches a popular bakery there. this is in the willow glenn neighborhood. >> reporter: you can see here the front door to dick's bakery is boarded up and there's a sign on it that says to our wonderful customers, we have suffered a fire. we will be closed until we can repair the damage. there's also a thank you to the san jose fire department. fire broke out shortly after 3:00 this morning in the storage area of the bakery. no one was hurt. dick's bakery is a family owned business which has been around since 1947. the owner says he's had about 50 cake orders to fill. but now he has nowhere to bake
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those cakes. >> they're investigating. it might be arson. i don't know. >> reporter: the owner says the bakery is not a complete loss and he definitely plans to rebuild and reopen. he just doesn't know when that will be. but that is certainly great news for customers who say they have been coming here for years. they come here to get the burnt almond cake. many of them told me they're upset they're not going to be able to get that cake for quite a while. well, the weekend rain, clearing out. let's take a live look now from the bay bridge. lot of traffic out there. never seems to end. but mainly let's take a look at the sky. see some clouds out there. not too bad. rob here now to look at the weather changes for the week ahead. >> the wind moving faster than the cars at the bay bridge toll plaza now. all day winds coming in off the ocean, keeping our temperatures
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cool. the average high in san francisco 65 degrees. we managed some low 60s today. 68 briefly in san jose. still right now around the east bay, especially out towards antioch and brentwood we should be seeing some 80s on the board. this time right now only 70s. san francisco,west wind at 21 miles per hour. also gusty, san jose gusts to 25, west-northwest winds picking up. mostly cloudy around the east bay and tri valley right now. just the northeastern portion of napa county saw a few showers earlier. however, as we get back into the workweek, unsettled pattern continues here. temperatures staying below average. tomorrow, chances of showers on the increase especially for the north bay. even the extended forecast heading toward memorial day weekend looks cooler than
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average. could see sierra snow showers. we'll walk you through the changes coming up a few minutes from now. leaders in egypt have now deployed a submarine to join the search for egyptair flight 804. egypt's president says the investigation into what caused the plane to go down in the mediterranean sea will take time. 66 people were on board that flight. chris jansing has the latest now on today's developments. >> reporter: we're here at the airport where that plane took off. there is an ongoing investigation looking for example at surveillance footage. could anyone have gotten anything through the regular security channels. also continuing to look at anyone who had access to that plane, cleaning crews, maintenance crews, anyone with that level of security clearance who would have had access who could have planted something there. so far absolutely nothing happened here at that would
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indicate terrorism. this is a submarine being septembsent by egypt. >> translator: it's very important to know that there is no scenario that we can confirm yet. >> reporter: there is also a french boat that is on its way there. could still take a couple of days for it to get on location. but on board, internalized equipment that could help. find those black boxes. also a couple of divers who are trained to do this kind of work. finally, cooperation continues with the u.s. government which has been giving cooperation to look at the passenger manifest. nobody who seemed to have any ties to terrorism. but also a plane, a surveillance plane taking off from sicily, a u.s. naval plane that allows them to take a look from the sky to see if they can find any more of the bits of that downed jetliner.
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reporting from paris, i'm chris jansing for nbc news. >> a lot of questions still. >> coming up, a shakeup in the polls. a breakdown of who is leading in the general election according to a recent poll as the crucial state of california, the primary coming up a few weeks away. also, president obama on a visit to vietnam. the important goal the president hopes to accomplish. a shake-up in the polls:
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according to a new n-b-c wall street journal survey turning now to decision 2016, the shakeup in the polls. according to a new nbc "wall street journal" survey the race between hillary clinton and donald trump is getting very close. that same poll shows bernie sanders as the person who could decisively defeat donald trump. jennifer johnson has the story from washington. >> reporter: a hillary clinton/donald trump matchup in november would be a tight race according to a new nbc news wall street journal poll. a big drop from a month ago when clinton held an 11% lead. >> polls this far out mean nothing. >> reporter: that same poll shows bernie sanders beating trump decisively 54-39%. >> i am the stronger candidate because we appeal to independents. people who are not in love with either the democratic or the republican party. >> reporter: trump is now
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hunting for a running mate, meeting monday with tennessee senator bob corker, chairman of the senate foreign relations committee. >> donald trump has said multiple times he would like a republican insider, someone with perhaps congressional experience to help him on the republican ticket. >> reporter: another brash billionaire says he'd consider being trump or clinton's running mate but not run as a third party candidate. >> just to try to wing it, just to shake things up. the law of unintended consequenc consequences tends to create a lot more problems than it solves. >> reporter: jennifer johnson, nbc news, washington. hillary clinton is going to be in the bay area on wednesday. a fund-raiser in athertun. time is running out to register to vote in the california primary. i mean, running out. deadline's tomorrow. you have tomorrow. but only tomorrow. most people can easily register online through the secretary of
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state's website. president obama arrived in vietnam today, the first top stn his week long asian trip. he's the third sitting president to visit vietnam since the end of the war. he was dpregreeted by foreign ministry officials. his mission is to build stronger economic and security ties with allies. president obama will continue his asia trip by heading to japan next. coming up, it's a chemical that's been called virtually indestructible. now it's showing up in california water. >> we reveal the new evidence that has government focused on what you're drinking. and he's known for his role on house of cards, but this actor was also a member of the st. mary's basketball team. coming up, his message to new college grads.
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hitting headlines recently, an it is the season for graduations and commencement speeches have been hitting headlines recently. this is ali born in oakland. you might recognize him as a character from house of cards. he returned yesterday in the pouring rain to give an emotional and also inspiring speech, telling seniors that he owed his blossoming acting career to the teacher at saint
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mary's. >> for the first time in my life i could feel the undertow of the unknown. it was at that moment a professor in the communications department threw me a raft in the form of a card. >> now, ali went onto explain that the professor told him to honor his gift of acting. >> here he is years later and he's made it and he's getting choked up. >> absolutely. very cool. >> your wife went to st. mary's. >> yes. nice day around today. breezy conditions around the bay area. it's that ocean air-conditioning on over drive keeping our temperatures a good five to ten degrees below where they should
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be this time of year. gusts up to 30 miles per hour. 64 degrees right now in oakland. san jose too seeing some gusty winds up to 25 miles per hour. temperatures currently in the mid 60s and over toward livermore right now, 16 miles per hour wind, cool temperatures. average highs should be in the mid 70s. but 63 degrees outside to wrap up the weekend. so the view from sunol. partly cloudy skies and the transition here as skies turn mostly cloudy. we're beginning to see some high clouds sweeping across the bay area here. most off towards the far north bay, lake county, northern napa county and still a few scattered showers over the sierra. easing up a little bit towards tomorrow morning, then once again increasing into the afternoon. jacket weather i think is going to be fine for most of the day, low 50s to start with, mostly
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cloudy skies. even around lunchtime, low to mid 60s. it's going to feel extra cool outside with those winds picking up again. for the north bay tomorrow, watch this area here, northern sonoma county. areas around santa rosa and out towards napa, slight chance of seeing a few mid afternoon showers tomorrow. you can see high temperatures staying below average as we start the week. numbers in the upper 60s around san jose. warmest spot south of downtown. temperatures in the mid 60s. low 60s near san francisco and the north bay. couple of spots to watch, the northern end of sonoma county and napa counties could see a chance of an average shower. here's the low that brought the cool weather this weekend, being replaced by another area of low pressure. settg up just off the central california coast. between now and tuesday afternoon we will see these chances of showers and notice the temperatures.
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for san francisco the average high should be 65. second half of the week we might see numbers starting to come up a little bit toward thursday and friday. highs in the upper 60s to start the week. thursday and friday temperatures in the low 70s. tri valley temperatures just like san jose, cool start to the first half of the week and maybe a slight chance of a showers east of the altamonte pass. the third area of low pressure now drops in for memorial day weekend. earlier the computer models had this east of the sierra. these two are battling out for this memorial day weekend forecast right now. looks like the low will be winning in terms of keeping our temperatures running a little bit below average. stay tuned as we approach monday. there is the chance for the north bay and especially the sierra could see scattered showers and perhaps snow showers
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near 6,500 feet to wrap up the final weekend in may. and as we head into june this pattern will hold on. showers at times for the mountains and maybe still sierra snow showers into early june. no signs of heat. temperatures rising a little bit for the second half of the week. it is a chemical that's been called virtually indestructible. now it is showing up in california water. >> it's extraordinarily long-lived. once it gets out into the environment it almost never breaks down. >> up next, our investigative unit reveals the new evidence that may have your thinking twice about the water you're drinking.
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builds up in your blood and almost never disaps. it's a toxic chemical that builds up in your blood and almost never disappears. >> the man made substance has recently gotten the attention of the u.s. government. now there are concerns it is showing new drinking water. liz wagner from our investigative unit explains. >> have you ever seen firefighting foam. it's kept at airports and military bases. toxic chemicals have been removed from foam but the government is concerned about decades of past use. the military is now testing for contamination in drinking water. that prompts us to ask who else used these chemicals, where are they ending up and what are regulators doing about it? how could you forget the images. firefighters cover the plane in foam after it crashes. the san francisco fire department keeps special riggs
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ready at the airport. at sjc, san jose firefighters keep stockpiles of foam within reach. >> this is one of our storage facilities that we have for our foam that we use. >> it laooks like dish soap. but when mixed with water, foam is a powerful tool to fight fire. >> the foam will smother and kill the fire. >> the fire departments now buy environmentally friendly foam. but for decades they used a triple s that contains toxic chemicals. bill walker heads the bay area office of the environmental working group, a nonprofit that's investigating pfcs. >> once it gets out into the environment, it almost never breaks down. >> pfcs were key ingredients in
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teflon, scotch gouuard and hundreds of other products. the chemicals have been described as virtually indestructible. walker says we've all been exposed the fa exposed. >> the fact that it was used to heavily for so long means it's a really big problem. >> certain pfcs are linked to delays. now scientists and the government are becoming increasingly curious about pfcs in water. >> it eventually runs off it washes off, it get into the bay, it gets into drinking water. >> they say detections at treatment plants near sfo and travis air force base are likely related to the chemical.
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last year the tear started testitest i -- military started testing groundwater. during the past two years the epa required large public drinking water systems to test for the chemical. we found nearly 200 water supplies across the country detected pfcs. 28 are in california including the city of pleasanton. >> when we collect these samples our hope and expectation is there won't be any contaminants in it. >> dan martin says one drinking water well tested positive twice for a pfc linked to foam. the city is searching for the source. the chemical was found at low levels just below the testing limit set by the epa. >> it's definitely something we're concerned about and hopefully can find the source of it. >> the presence of a contaminant
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in drinking water doesn't necessarily mean there's a health risk. >> at current testing levels pfcs were not found in any of the valley's drinking water. >> we look to regulatory agencies to provide guidance in terms of what safe levels are. >> in 2009 the epa issues a health advisory but it's only a guide. the agency doesn't regulate the chemicals in drinking water. officials tell us the test results will help the agency decide how to move forward. >> does the data give the full extent of potential contamination here? >> no, absolutely not. we're very concerned that the testing program was not rigorous enough, when in fact if they looked harder we believe they would find more contamination. >> the epa declined an interview
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question. late this afternoon we got a call from the city of pleasanton. officials retested the water and this time the results came back clean. to see a map of all the places that detected the chemicals, head to our website. now, if you have a tip for our investigative unit give us a call. you can also send us an e-mail to the unit at nbc bay a holocaust survivor fulfilling a lifelong dream in detroit last night. >> a major league baseball team helped her do it. that's coming up. a holocaust survivor fulfilled a
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long-time dream in detroit last night. ==take nats== a holocaust survivor fulfilled a long time dream in detroit last night.
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♪ gave proof through the night >> this is the 89-year-old. she wowed the crowd with her rendition of the national anthem at the detroit tigers tampa blue rays game. >> she was 17 years old when he family was split up and sent to concentration camps. she was liberated in 1945. she says she loves singing the national them. it was on her bucket list to sing it at a tigers game. and she did and they loved it. >> she sounded amazing. >> if you like the weekend weather, you're probably going to like the first half of the week. manufactur more of the same for monday. a slight chance for more showers tomorrow. average high should be 76 in san jose. really not near that as we go through the week into the weekend. temperatures staying mild. you'll notice those numbers,
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upper 60s to low 70s and a chance of mountain showers at times. >> nbc nightly news is next. more local news at 6:00. >> we'll see you then. have a good night. on this sunday night, dead heat. donald trump and hillary clinton now neck and neck, the key results of our new national poll while the feud intensifies between clinton and bernie sanders. search for answers as the victims are remembered. authorities step up the hunt for that doomed egyptair jet and important black boxes. >> terror target. confirmation that the leader of the taliban was killed in a u.s. drone strike as we hear more tonight from a young american who joined isis. call of the wild, with yellowstone's grisly bears back in healthy numbers, the debate grows over whether they should be called threatened. class of 2016, the inspiring story of main who went from college custodian to college grad beginning a whole new chapter at age 54.


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