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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11  NBC  May 22, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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nbc bay area news starts now. right now at 11:00, and the warriors stumble on the road. what the team is promising to do to get their playoff run back on track. then brush fires popping up along the bay area and beyond. firefighters saved homes and power lines. and a divided city. i'm peggy bunker, >> and i'm terry mcsweeney. terry chaplain is pledging to make big changes inside the police department and is reaching out to community leaders to make that clear. >> christie smith is live where
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chaplin spoke at a naacp meeting earlier today. he's got a lot of people waiting to see what he's going to do. >> reporter: yeah, and he says this is just the beginning. he plans to meet with those who supported the police department and those who didn't, just trying to break down walls, and he calls some of the reforms that he's pushing "huge." >> cannot change the past, but we can definitely shape the future. >> reporter: tony chaplin came to a naacp meeting to listen and explain. one of his key issues, police reform. >> with regards to the body cameras, there's a bunch of things on the table right now, and all of them are going to be pushed forward. >> reporter: he was leading department reforms when greg suhr stepped down. following shootings and a texting scandal. >> i'm not going to let anything steer us wrong, and as for
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getting us to a place where we are all happy and understand that the police are here to help you. [ applause ] >> reporter: the crowd applauded, as he spoke for over an hour. a member of the frisco five spoke too. >> we ready and committed to work with you to get the changes we need as long as this police department is ready for it with this community. >> reporter: as chaplin left, he looked at the road ahead. >> i know they're approaching the road with caution, but at the same time you saw opt missic folks in that room as well and we'll get this done. >> reporter: he did tell the group while most officers are out there wanting to do good work for the community, there may be a small minority who are doing things that they shouldn't, and those are the ones that they need to isolate and identify. reporting live in san francisco, christie smith, nbc bay area news. new at 11:00, injured on the job. we learned a santa clara guard had to go to the hospital after
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being assaulted by an inmate. the sheriff's department spokesperson says the guard went to the emergency room for head injuries. he was treated and released. the force tells nbc bay area that the attack involved an inmate who has a history of violence. cal fire crews are battling a stubborn fire east of soledad. it's already grown to more than 3800 acres. nbc bay area's marianne favro joining us with this story. what are firefighters facing there tonight? >> they're facing winds up to 20 miles per hour. the fire is only 20% contained. >> reporter: wind and flames are devouring land, scorching more than 3800 acres. for the 135 firefighters tackling the fire, the journey to containment is slow. >> challenges are, the wind is a
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major factor blowing in the salinas valley as well as the infrastructure and power lines. >> reporter: while the fire is burning mostly oak trees and grass land used for cattle grazing, flames have come near some homes. >> there are some rangelands, ranch houses in the area. >> reporter: their efforts paid off, firefighters saved the homes and protected power lines, preventing major outages. thanks to ground crews and helicopters making dozens of water drops, cal fire crews are making progress. the fire is now more than 20% contained. in contra costa county, firefight earns battled a brush fire in martinez. they had to lug hoses up steep ter ray and worked to protect several homes in the area. firefighters were able to control it to 3 acres by 5:30 tonight. they consider the cause
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suspicious. the cause of the metz fire which is still burning tonight has not been determined. the metz fire is just over six square miles. come morning, fresh crews will relieve them. marianne favro, nbc bay area news. meteorologist rob mayeda is standing by tracking the conditions of the fire burning in monterey county. how serious could this get? >> we are seeing two systems helping, the cloud cover, 53 degrees, winds west-northwest at 7, still gusts at 12 to 15 miles per hour. as we go hour by hour tomorrow, winds relatively light for the morning with patchy low clouds. the humidity level is relatively high. but 4:00 tomorrow when the sea breeze picks up, the wind speeds will increase, 15-20 miles per hour. temperatures below average, only 64 degrees. maybe the good news as we head
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toward tomorrow night, even more marine air spilling into the salinas valley bringing increased humidity levels, cooler temperatures and the wind will back offer tomorrow night. tomorrow afternoon is the time to watch. but gusty winds bringing in cooler humidity and cooler air. a child is dead and two more people are in the hospital after a tragic early morning house fire in vallejo. firefighters arrived at this home about 10:00 this morning. they were able to pull out two of the residents and get them to a hospital, but a 5-year-old child did not make it out alive. the neighbor who called 911 sprung into action when he saw what was happening. >> took the hose and went in the building. and got as far as maybe halfway through the living room. >> that neighbor was able to hose down one burn victim but wishes he could have done more. the cause of that fire is under investigation. four years after her disappearance, her body has yet to be found, but the trial for
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he sierra lamar's killer is set to begin tomorrow. is he charged with kidnapping and killing 15-year-old sierra lamar in 2012. she left for school but never made it to the bus stop. the trial was to begin last month, but attorneys asked for more time for testing. and it's suspected that the trial date could be delayed again. the judge could delay it one more time. in richmond tonight, yet another freeway shooting at 6:00 this evening from interstate 580. crews briefly closed some lanes for bullet casings. this is the latest in a string of shootings, some of them deadly. there does not appear to be a
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victim connected to tonight's shooting. in concord, police are going door to door looking for surveillance video after a drive-by shooting that happened on clayton road. nobody was hurt and doesn't appear to be any damage, but investigators are treating this very seriously, the white vehicle is a four door compact. officers who responded, had to rescue two people and their dogs after a khcoyote cornered them. the coyotes seemed keenly interested in the dogs. they are told to make loud noises and keep dogs on a leash. a huge loss for the warriors. they lost by a lot in game three of the western conference finals. they're now down 2-1 against the
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thunder. col col colin resch tonight. >> reporter: i must worn you, this footage not suitable for anyone. klay thompson passed for a 11-10 lead. thunder in control of 30-18. then the controversy. draymond green fouled by adams, but he kicks him right there, flagrant one on draymond. it would fire up okc. 32-7 outscored. warriors down 25 at the half. third quarter, more of the same. this westbrook bucket, he and durant combined for 63, 133-105 the final. pivotal moment, that draymond a
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was worried about drawing a technical suspension from the league. >> i don't know how anyone could possibly say i did that on purpose, regardless of the way it may look. go being through on the shot i got hit that way, and obviously he gets hit his way if his leg goes up. >> it's not a time to panic for our team. time to get back to the basics and simplify the game and we'll be all right. >> reporter: the warriors came back from a 2-1 deficit twice last year. pride will have to kick in for tuesday night's game four. with the warriors in oklahoma city, nbc bay area. >> you can track the warriors and their chase for a championship with our nbc bay area app. check for updates on twitter and our home page. coming up next, a church group hided to a retreat involved in a terrifying crash that sent nearly two dozen people to the hospital.
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then the san diego men's gay choir says they were snubbed by the padres. the treatment they said they received during this weekend's game, the baseball team is responding tonight. also a real life wild-goose chase. you don't see this every day when police have to step in here. these birds causing a holdup on i-80. and we saw a cool and breezy finish to the weekend. and we begin tomorrow with low clouds to start and higher than average chances of seeing showers over the next seven days. we'll let you know what you can expect when we come right back. a crash that flipped a shuttle
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bus on its side this afternoon in the san bernardino 20 people are hurt after a crash that flipped a shuttle bus on its side in afternoon in the san bernardino mountains. this is chop are video of the aftermath. the crash involved a group going to a retreat in big bear. six people were injuries are serious, the highway is shut down in both directions as that investigation continues. memorials were held today for some of the 66 victims of egyptair 804.
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meanwhile, the search is the mediterranean sea is intensifying. nothing has turned up to help investigators. the search is centered on an area2 hu200 miles off the coast egypt. the seabed is more like a mountain range. finding the flight recorders before their batteries run out is going to be tough. a new poll showing hillary clinton's lead over donald trump could be shrinking. the wall street journal poll shows that the likely democratic nominee leads the presumptive nominee 46-43%, but that is also within the poll's margin of error. a similar poll in april showed clinton had a lead over trump. a hypothetical matchup of sanders versus trump has sanders
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in the lead. trump plans to rally in san diego on friday. and bernie sanders campaigning in california this weekend. today he concluded a two-day swing through san diego county by talking to voters in advice tachlts -- advi -- vista. >> we've dogot a lot of work in front of us. we do not make progress unless we stand together, unless we prevent the donald trumps of the world from dividing us up. >> yesterday sanders made several stops, including one at the u.s./mexico border in tijuana. he toured border state park and talked to people who could only see their loved ones on
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weekends. don't forget, time is running out to register to vote in the california primary. the deadline is monday, tomorrow. you can register online at the secretary of state's website. hidden cash is back. a san francisco real estate investor started hiding envelopes of cash and tweeting out clues. the scavenger thunts are back u and running. >> the cash has been found near the golden gate bridge and a local farmer's market. a wild-goose chase. there it is. very slow moving. that's not a still picture. they're calling it the slowest chase ever. take a look at this new video, posted to oakland's facebook page. a squad car ever so slowly herding baby geese. the geese were eventually led back into the bay safely and
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told not to do it again. >> those goslings in trouble. >> a traffic jam. poor human beings, they were not in any hurry. >> they're pretty darling. >> they're going to end up on animal planet. the weather, perhaps they wanted a coat, like the geese had there. it was breezy and chilly. you're going to want a nice jacket for tomorrow morning. we're talking 40s and low 50s to start the day. and daytime temperatures running fairly cool. if you have a light jacket you should be fine. mid-50s outside. patches of low clouds and still a bit on the windy side. west winds at 13 into oakland. we can show you san francisco, 20-mile-per-hour sea breeze at this hour with low clouds and maybe misty skies over the peninsula for the morning. and san jose has winds at 7 miles per hour. those wind speeds will be one of the reasons why our temperatures are going to stay below average
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for most of the week. there's a chance of showers tomorrow, parts of the coastal range will see a chance of showers. as we approach next weekend, things still unsettled. not like you'd expect to see this time of year. usually you see 80s or low 90s coming up with high pressure, that doesn't appear to be the case over the next seven to ten days. for tomorrow morning, areas of low clouds. the area to watch in terms of showers, areas north of santa rosa and napa. santa cruz mountains, may see a mid-afternoon shower, and the same pattern repeats for tuesday afternoon, especially in northern sonoma county. instability will be increasing across those higher elevations of the coastal range. those elevations having the best chance for adding up rain totals. notice here, heading up to the
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north bay, arias north of santa rosa lake county, that looks like decent amounts of ran fin the first half of the week. mostly 60s across the bay area. low to mid-6 0s from san francisco. and i think the hills around morgan hill may see an isolated shower firing up. and this is the culprit, this area of low pressure hanging out, keeping temperatures down. first half of the week, highs in the low 60s. second half of the week, temperatures try to rebound. san jose maybe some mid-70s. and a subtle warmup as we head towards thursday and friday. next weekend, unsettled. another area of low pressure
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will drop in for memorial day weekend. most of the showers will likely stay east of the bay area, but we're not going to warm up a whole lot under this pattern. mid-70s possible by the time we get to sunday, notice partly cloudy skies. memorial day monday may be the warmest of the next ten. the valleys getting back to the mid-70s, but that's only average, between now and saturday, below average temperature wise, by the beginning of next week, perhaps edging closer to the 70s. coming up, a national anthem controversy. a gay mens choir says they were snubbed by the padres. and a mysterious scare grows even bigger, what products you should be checking. a warning tonight about several
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food recalls in stores across the country. ==vo== a warning tonight about several food recalls in stores across the country. more products containing sunflower seeds are getting pulled from shelves for a possible listeria contamination. it includes planters and sun rich naturals. also a processing plant in the washington state is recalling more than 350 frozen foods such as onions and peaches. all of the affected products have april 26, 2016 and april it 26, 2018. a national anthem
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controversy. the gay mens chorus was supposed to perform, they never did. they said no attempt was made to stop the recording and they received quote, homophobic taunts while they were being escorted off the field. the padres issued an apology saying a mistake was made and that the team fired the contractor who was responsible for the error. commencement speeches have been hitting headlines lately, and one featured a speaker straight from hollywood. he was bourrn in oakland. maybe you recognize him as rehmi. he returned yesterday in the pouring rain to give an
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emotional and inspiring speech. he told seniors he owed his blossoming acting career to the teachers at st. mary's. >> for the first time in my life, i could feel the undertow of the unknown. and it was at that moment a professor in the communications department threw me a raft in the form of a car. >> he went on to explain the professor told him to honor his gift of acting and later ali was accepted into a school of the arts. he's 12 years old and thinking about college. he is already accepted to uc santa cruz and uc davis. he is receiving one of his three community college degrees. he's stacking them up there. he says he plans to become a doctor by age 18.
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he started community college at age 7. he was so young his mother had to attend classes with him. he thinks learning is fun. >> would you go to a doctor who was 18? >> depends on the kind of doctor. maybe brain surgery, probably not. that's amazing. >> 12 years old. coming up. we investigate the housing situation. >> the people who live on welfare have no place to go. >> just ahead. investigative reporter goes undercover to expose what might be fueling those sky rocketing rent prices. and a popular bakery known for burnt almond cake closes down after a fire. francisco.and many people are
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looking to earn some extra cash by renting out part of their home on a short-term basis. rent prices are soaring in
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san francisco. many people are looking to earn a little extra cash by renting out their homes on a temporary basis. airbnb makes it look easy. but the listings are blamed for hiking up the cost of living. >> reporter: guys, it is hard enough to find an affordable place in san francisco, but now what used to be full-time housing is in sometimes being marketed illegally as short-term legal. that means less housing and higher prices for the rest of us. and the problem has exploded, with thousands breaking the law each day and getting away with it. >> this is the living room. >> reporter: elizabeth fromer is used to playing host. just about every week she opens up her san francisco home to a new group of strangers. a couple vacationing from
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france, this vet nary opportunity from germany. this woman is from the u.k. and is the latest guest in fromer's spare gid room rented out using airbnb. >> i've met some interesting, interesting people. this is a much more personal way to travel. as opposed to just staying in a hotel room. >> reporter: fromer says hosting helps her pay the bills. she's 71 and retired in a city that's consistently ranked one of the most expensive in the country. in the '80s, san francisco banned short-term rentals, but last year the city loosened restrictions. if residents follow certain rules and get a permit. you were actually one of the first people to get registered? >> yes, i have certificate number one. yes. >> reporter: since fromer got her permit, just over 1,000 others have registered. but airbnb alone says it has
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over 7,000 hosts, listing over 9,000 properties, that means in san francisco, at least 82% of hosts are breaking the law. >> isn't that pretty much a failing grade? >> i think there is still work to be done. and it's important for us to get the word out about the need to register. >> reporter: kevin guy oversees that process as the director of short-term rental. his staff of six people are trying to make the process easier while cracking down on those who operate illegal hotels. over the past year, they have collected fines for violations at 90 properties, ranging from several hundred dollars to several thousand. >> the enforcement is not meeting even basic standards of what you would consider acceptable. >> most people are breaking the law and getting away with it, can you honestly say the system is working? >> if there are legislative
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changes and the board feels it necessary to make the program work differently, then we'll adapt to the changes in the legislation. >> reporter: to help weed out illegal rentals, the city contacted the internet's biggest home-sharing companies, airbnb, craigslist. they asked that hosts be required to include their registration number in their app. that was more than four months ago. did they give you everything you were asking for? >> no. no. >> reporter: airbnb says it does remove some illegal ads, but thousands are still online. the other home sharing websites never got back to us. by law, hosts in san francisco have to register with the city and actually live in the home they're trying to rent out. and you can only rent out your home 90 days per year if guests stay at your maplace while you' not there. the home has to be your primary residence. so by that definition, a person
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can't rent out more than one property. but as we discovered, those rules are largely ignored. out of a sample of ten properties, city records show eight are not registered. including this place. my producer and i went under cover to check into this apartment in the richmond district. this is your place? >> yes. >> reporter: you don't live in the building. >> no. >> reporter: she lists four different properties around the state and also had an employee there to show us around. and the woman who said she owned the building admitted having other short-term rentals. you have a lot of other places you do airbnb? >> yes. >> reporter: how many other airbnb places do you have? >> los angeles. >> reporter: inside the house there weren't many signs somebody lived there full time. and inside, rooms were numbered like a hotel. and we found others listing
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profiles. three of them are in san francisco. not exactly the homey feel elizabeth fromer offers her guests. every day there are literally thousands of people breaking the short-term rental laws that you're obeying. >> this is true. >> reporter: and those people are also your competition. >> yep. things have gotten out of hand. people are buying up whole houses and converting them into short-term rental. the people who live and work there have no place to go. >> reporter: you're upset that people are abusing the shoort-term rental system and taking away housing. >> yes. yes. there's no reason for that. >> airbnb believes the city's process to get folks registered is too complicated. so it doesn't require its users to get a city permit. but a potential new law could change the entire industry for short-term rental. vickie nguyen has that story
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tonight at 11:00, when she sits down one on one with a top executive with airbnb. back to you. >> if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call or send an e-mail to the unit, a man killed a woman with a truck. the man who was driving is in his 30s and was driving drunk. the truck veered off the roadway in a removes part of santa rosa. it crashed into a concrete barrier and flipped again. >> it was a high-speed. >> the man was taken to the hospital where he was then arrested. police have not released the names of the driver or passenger. a popular san jose bakery is closed after a fire broke out
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there. investigators are trying to figure out how that started. it started in dick's bakery. fire started about 3:00 this morning in the back storage area of the bakery. nobody hurt, dick's bakery is a family-owned business since 1947. the owner has no idea how that fire might have started. >> they're investigating. it might be arson. i don't know. >> dick's has been here forever, for as long as i remember. i love coming here after it, usually in the morning. i'll stop by and get some donuts and my burnt almond cake. >> ironic, the claim to fame. he plans to rebuild and reopen. >> you have to wait to the holidays to get that burnt almond cake if you're out of luck. millennials may not be thinking enough about their future. >> at least that's what a new survey suggests.
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plus -- >> the giants sent their ace to the mound sunday looking to get the series win over the best teams in baseball. the warriors were dominated in okc tonight. reaction from a stunned golden state locker room next in spoorts.
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well, as stunning as tonight's 28-beat down, the warriors want home-court advantage, and that is something they can do if they win tuesday night. we take you to okc, warriors, the series, and draymond green
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goes up, gets fouled and ends up kicking steven adams in the groin. that riled up the okc crowd. kevin durant takes it and was unstoppable. a game high 33 points. moments later, deion waiters. thunder, most points by any team this post season, they win 133-105. >> i didn't have them ready to play, obviously, and i didn't think any of our guys competed at the level, not just in terms of how hard we're playing, but in terms of using our brains and moving the ball and making them work. we didn't do any of that, and we got what we deserved. >> for us, it can't be about
11:41 pm
what the other team's doing. we've got to be ourselves and do the things that have got us to this point a lot better than we did tonight, especially on the offensive end. >> i completely lost my poise, and i can't do that as a leader, so it will be all right. seven game series. we come here and win one game. so we got to do it. you know, it would be great to do that in game four and kind of get home court advantage back. >> to the diamond and the rubber game between the giants. we're going to start in the box. fifth in being, rips a double after kyle hendrix. that will bring in blanco. bumgarner, 26 rbi over the last three seasons. next closest pitcher in baseball has 14. bumgarner strikes out anthony
11:42 pm
rizzo swinging. then in the sixth, bumgarner punches out russell. david ross goes downswing. bumgarner allowing no runs in 7 2/3 innings. cubs are kayaking back to chicago. now across the bay, as trying to avoid the four-game sweep to the yankees. stephen vogt rips it. and the as take a 3- 2 lead on the clutch hit by vogt. but in the sixth, the game tied at 3. castro, one to left center, that's going to bring in the go-ahead run. as go to lose 5-4, who are you looking at bird. even the birds are shocked. don't forget, the sharks back in action tomorrow, game five in st. louis with the western
11:43 pm
conference final tied 2-2. we have complete action on csn california. that will do it for the sports more news after the break.
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millennials, their parents.... and their grandparents.... aren't planning enough for the future. a new survey suggests that millennials, their parents and grandparents aren't planning enough or saving enough for the future, and the future certainly has a way of showing up eventually, and when it does, there's not enough cash to live on. chris clack ham has the story.
11:46 pm
>> reporter: millennials need to look no further than their parents or grandparents, three quarters of those asked in a survey expressed serious regrets over how poorly they've handled their money. >> the biggest financial regret that americans have is that they didn't start saving for retirement early enough. >> reporter: failing to save for retirement is a regret millennials can quickly reverse. >> you are just starting to work. you can give up a couple of lattes and a hulu subscription. >> reporter: they conducted a survey of states that offer the best services for retirees, like health care or nursing homes. >> we looked at living facilities, independent living, assisted living, nursing homes. >> reporter: south dakota, iowa, minnesota currently top their
11:47 pm
liis list of the most desirable places to live in retirement. >> i want people to start thinking about this. i want millennials to start thinking about this. >> reporter: so that they won't have the same financial regrets millions of seniors have today. chris clackham, nbc news. >> you're doing pretty well. >> 401(k) conversation. >> stuff it in the mattress. >> the 401(k) conversation was kind of boring, but this is exciting, the weather. >> we go to a long-range forecast from finance. it's going to be unusual, the weather we're seeing. if you like the weekend forecast, chances are the seven-day forecast just about now scrolling at the bottom of the screen, you'll find that comforting. the cool temperatures will be sticking around for a while. patchy low clouds moving through the bay area. one of the reason is that all
11:48 pm
day long onshore push of marine air, thatjf coupled with cloudst times, shower chances across the north bay, maybe around the santa cruz mountains combine to keep our temperatures down for monday. so a medium to light jacket coming to the afternoon. for the morning low 50s. look at the lunch time temperatures, upper 50s to low 60s, even at noon. so temperatures running cool tomorrow. upper 60s in san jose. instead of the mid to upper 70s we typically see this time of year. north bay, temperatures in the 60s. napa and santa rosa, a few spots have a chance of a few showers tomorrow afternoon and around the tri valley and the interior bay, numbers close to 70 degrees, brentwood one of the warmer spots. this is a reason why temperatures can't warm up a whole lot. area of low pressure,
11:49 pm
increasingivity will around ting lift. you see another area here popping up, maybe around the highway 17 summit for the afternoon. but you see the higher concentration of showers. areas north of santa rosa. and up towards napa, you can see the highest rain totals. lesser totals back into the central bay area. if are' going to head to the high country, south lake tahoe and yosemite. may see high elevation snow at times with some of these systems as we go through the week. look at the daytime high. san francisco low to mid-60s through most of the week. a bit warmer for thursday and friday for all locations, including san jose. as we head toward memorial day
11:50 pm
weekend, here comes another area ofly fre low pressure. high pressure trying too build back inland held at bay by the low pressure. the two canceling each other out for next weekend. even the warming trend finally puts us back to average temperatures around the bay area. so no signs of heat, but ongoing chances of seeing showers in the mountains through the week. back to you. thank you very much. grizzly bears making a big come back. but the very fact that they're thriving could soon put them in danger. how could that be? we'll explain next. a scare out on the ocean.
11:51 pm
11:52 pm
a south florida woman is recovering tonight after being bitteby a big scare for one swimmer in the ocean. a south florida woman recovering after being bitten by a shark. lifeguards say it happened near vero beach. she was swimming when the shark
11:53 pm
bit her leg. lifeguards warning other swimmers not to swim alone. of all the wildlife in this country, none more imposing than the grizzly bear. the population has made a come back in yellowstone national park, and now there's a proposal to take them off the endangered species list. but some believe that will put them at greater risk. >> reporter: yellowstone, home to america's safari and the star attraction the grizzly bear. >> he's going to walk around the trees right about now. >> reporter: after four decades on the endangered species list, grizzly numbers have gone from 136 to more than 700. so the u.s. fish and wildlife service wants to take the bear oof the list. >> there's just not a whole lot more bears. >> reporter: he leads a federal government team that tracks grizzlies. using radio and gps collars and aerial surveys. >> from a biological perspective, i would say that
11:54 pm
the population is secure. >> reporter: some have doubts. they successfully sued to keep the bear on the list when the government tried to remove it in 2007. >> yellowstone is a wild place and a glimpse of the great wild america that once existed. and the grizzly bear embodies all of that. that's a pretty special thing to roll the dice on. >> reporter: critics contend the yellowstone grizzlies are an isolated population. and one of their main food sources, white bark pine trees have been des mated by climate change. scientists say bears are adapting. their menu contains 260 items of all sizes. >> this is a log they rip open to get to the ants and eggs inside. >> reporter: the bears cross an invisible boundary into the greater yellowstone ecosystem,
11:55 pm
spanning msontana, idaho and wyoming. does it mean conservation efforts end? >> intno, certainly not. i think grizzly bears are a conservation-reliant species. >> reporter: they will still need man's help. nbc news, yellowstone. >> very controversial. >> yeah. we'll be right back. the movie "ferris bueller's day
11:56 pm
11:57 pm
off" came to life today in downtown chicago. the film tells the story of ferris bueller and two friends the movie ferris bueller's day off came to life in downtown chicago. the story tells the story of ferris bueller and some friends who decided to see the sights in
11:58 pm
chicago. it came with the song "twist and shout". it marks the 30th anniversary of the film's release. 30 years, great reenact. obviously one of the most famous scenes. >> i didn't feel old until you said 30 years. i love that car. you were begging me not to, but i did it anyway. >> have a great week ahead. >> take care.
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♪ ♪ >> tim: in 2012, today's guest was chosen for the all fenway team as the greatest boston red sox center fielder in history. he was one of baseball's elite players from 1975 to 1983. a five tool, nine time all-star for the boston red sox and angels. from 1975 to 1983. before finishing his career with the orioles, tigers, and padres. often, he's compared with mike trout,ha


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