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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 23, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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now. a very good monday morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> mike will have everyone's favorite morning commute. >> we've got our monday morning faces on here. >> and our forecast looks like the weekend. maybe if you're off today or have a chance to enjoy it, we'll have the same weather continuing. it does start out cool. look at these temperatures in the north bay. 48 degrees in the peninsula and 54 in san francisco with breezy winds and few clouds that are low clouds this morning. then we'll see sunshine today with highs reaching into the upper 60s, low 70s. 63 in san francisco. i'll show you what else to expect as we go through the week. mike is checking in on the tri-valley commute. >> i like that weekend weather. we get over to the tri-valley. the map will show you the only slowing we have way over on the
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right side out of the altamont pass. eastbound we do not have those lanes blocked. nice easy drive. you see no problems on the peninsula. there is one crash near one side. we'll talk about that in the next report. palo alto, more folks using 101. that is a smooth drive into the city. back to you. >> thank you very much. four years later and we could be closer to an answer. the trial for sierra lamar's accused killer set to begin after several delays. kris sanchez joining us live in san jose with what might be decided 2 court today. >> reporter: good morning to you. it has been four years of false starts and false hopes for the family of sierra lamar. justice moves slowly, but when you have a case like this one, where so many people recognize the name and face of the victim, it does put a time stamp on the
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time justice takes. anthony garcia torres is 25 years old charged with kidnapping and killing 15-year-old sierra lamar back in march 2012. she was leaving her home for school the day she disappeared but never made it to the bus stop. the judge granted his attorneys more time to test evidence. now one of those attorneys is in trial on another case so the judge could delay today's beginnings once again. he could face the death penalty if convicted. the utmost care is taken in this case so everything is done by the book. a grass fire burning in monterey county. more than 3,800 acres have been scorched. it's called the metz fire and is in a mostly agricultural area.
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more than 100 firefighters tried to tackle the flames. no structures or homes burned by the fire. firefighters did say the fire is close to some homes. crews also had to protect nearby power lines. >> there are ranch houses in the area. we wanted to protect lives and property. >> hard to see much of anything through that smoke. this morning it appears they are making headway. the fire is now about 20% contained. breezy conditions helping a brushfire spread quickly in martinez. this happened yesterday afternoon. that fire breaking out on a steep hill near shell avenue and harbor view drive. it spread to three acres. firefighters were able to knock the flames down. no structures were damaged. investigators are treating that fire as suspicious. >> a curious coyote corner people and their dogs at a burlingame park over the
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weekend. it happens at mills canyon park yesterday morning. officers who responded had to rescue two people and their dogs after the coyote cornered them. the people say the coyote seemed drawn to their dog. hikers are told to scare off coyotes by making loud noises and keep their dogs on a leash to keep them safe. another freeway shooting being investigated. this time in richmond. it happened 6:00 last night near the regatta boulevard exit. police briefly closed westbound lanes there to search for bullet casings. this is the latest in a string of east bay shootings. last week pittsburgh city council voted to approve $ 00,000 for new cameras along highway 4 to combat that problem. so far a victim has not come forward. 5:04. decision 2016. times running out to register to vote in the california primary. today is the deadline to register or switch your party affiliation.
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most people can easily register through the secretary of state website. stephanie chuang will have a live report in our next half hour. hillary clinton's lead over donald trump in the general election may be shrinking. 46% of voters support clinton and 43% support donald trump. a hypothetical matchup has sanders winning by 15 percentage points. sanders, despite trailing clinton continues to campaign hard. he was in southern california over the weekend. >> we do not make progress unless we stand together and
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prevent the donald trumps of the world dividing us up. >> clinton will be in the bay area again on wednesday and trump plans to rally in san diego on friday. sports now. the sharks about to play a critical game five against the st. louis blues tonight. right now their western conference final is tied two games apiece. the sharks lost saturday 6-3 to the blues. tonight's game starts at 5:00 in st. louis and will air on the nbc sports network. another team at a turning point is the golden state warriors. they have to put yesterday behind them after they were pummeled in game three of the western conference finals. >> oklahoma city provided the thunder yesterday. warriors down 41 points in the second half and lost by 28. thunder leading the series 2-1. >> check for updates on twitter and our home page.
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a new sculpture is supposed to be revealed today in san francisco. the 92-foot stainless steel sculpture venus is the investigation of lawrence average event. >> the trinity place apartments on 8 and market streets next to that new housing development. a crane is supposed to place the head on top of the statue, which is almost as tall as the statue of liberty. kari was telling us they were supposed to do it last week but it was too windy. >> we had high wind gusts friday. a little calmer today. we'll get a mix of sunshine and ouds. if you like the weather from the weekend, it continues today as you head out, this is what you need to know. looking at a beautiful start to the day. sunrise happening in about 50 minutes. we'll have a cool morning with clouds here and there. breezy winds and comfortable temperatures today staying in the 60s and some evidence. cools down quickly. we'll have sunset at 8:17. into the next few days, no major
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changes here. there maybe change for example on the roadway. let's check in with mike, new crash near dublin. >> i showed you traffic coming toward us. looking for any signs of lanes blocked. approaching that dublin interchange, here is the wide look where we have it marked westbound 580. look at our speed sensors. they are showing slowing coming toward our camera. it may be on the eastbound side. that's what the evidence shows. the crash looks like it's off the dublin interchange heading over to livermore. on the peninsula there is a crash. this is highway 84 and 35. major commute spot there is an overnight crash. coming up next, historic announcement from president obama. the move he made this morning that is continuing to thaw out relations between the u.s. and
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vietnam. the fight between taxis and ride sharing companies continue. this time over who is cleaner.
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president obama announced just hours ago he's lifting the long-sta some momentous news out of vietnam. president obama announcing hours ago he is lifting the long-standing arms embargo on the country of vietnam.
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tracie potts live in washington with the controversy surrounding that decision. good morning. >> good morning. that controversy surrounding the fact that even though the united states will now be able to sell military equipment to vietnam, it doesn't mean we are on the same page with them on every front including human rights. despite lingering concerns about human rights, president obama announced the u.s. is lifting its near decades-long embargo with vietnam. >> this will ensure vietnam has access to equipment it needs to defend itself. >> against china claiming disputed islands in theç china sea. he announced new u.s. investment in vietnam. 100 planes from boeing, engines and electricity from general electric, totalling $16 billion and the white house says 60,000 new jobs. >> new companies and new jobs
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being created constantly. so united states wants to be a part of that. >> there are concerns about human rilts abuses in vietnam which the country's president says will be addressed. >> we need to work closely together, expand our dialogue together, and by so doing, we can narrow the gap. >> historic agreements announced today expanding america's reach into one of the fastest growing regions of the world. president obama talked about the tpp this morning, trans pacific partnership he's been trying to get past unsuccessfully here on capitol hill. he says even though it's an election year they might get it done. tracie potts. 5:13. back at home a new bill would purity the brakes on convicted drunk drivers. supporters willgator in sacramento later today. senator jerry hill is pushing a
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bill that would require devices that are small breathalyzer wired into the ignition system. this week the bill gets its second test when it reaches the appropriations committee. the public safety committee had already approved the bill in march. getting a ride is the best thing to do if you had a drink, no question. >> it's not always the cleanest way home. >> it's inevitable someone would do a scientific study what is cleaner, taxis or ubers. ride sharing companies marketed themselves as safer and cleaner than cabs. when it comes to cleaner, cabs win with. cnbc worked with net quote. looking at the rear seat belt, the one you would use, the experiment found ride share services were on average the ge germiest.
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they formed 1 million units. rental cars, you could eat off rental cars, 403 units. the experimenters point out not all germs are bad germs. they tested just for bacteria, not by type. let's check your news before the bell. landon dowdy is live. >> good morning. wall street will try to break out of the doll drums this week. federal reserve could raise rates soon as next month. this week we'll get numbers on housing and gdp. the nasdaq adding 57 to 47.69. >> thank you. >> we don't normally cover the box office but we did bripg this up friday how romeo sunk so much of its fortune into self-funding this movie "angry birds", it was
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number one in the box office bringing in $39 million. it cost $170 million to make. they did release it in europe before they did here. looks like they are going to get their money back. they did not use a distributor so they own all the characters. they think this is the way to make the money. >> i bet your kids might want to see it. >> they want to see it. >> exactly. >> will there be an "angry birds 2?" >> they own the rights. >> they are looking for the money what about you? hidden cash is back. if you recall a san francisco real estate investor started hiding envelopes of cash in 2014 tweeting out clues. the scavenger hunts are back up and running for national pet month. cash has been found near the
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golden gate bridge and a local farmer's market. it was in front of our station once. >> what about looking for the golden googs? we had a wild goose chase. chp officers are calling it their slowest chase ever. we are going to talk very slowly as we watch these geese cross the bridge. that is a s.w.a.t. car slowly p.m. following the geese. they were led back into the bay safely. that ordeal did cause a traffic jam. >> this is causing a lot of laughter. chewbacca mom. if you haven't heard her story, it's going to make you laugh. take a look. >> that laugh creeps me out. >> you've got to see the whole
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thing. it's hilarious. the set up to it. >> i'm the only person on the planet that hasn't seen the entire video. she is a stay-at-home mom in texas. she went to buy a mask from her local kohl's store and keeps laughing and laughing. it has shattered records. it was seen more than 130 million times. the world knows her as chews bacca mom. kohl's gave her $2500 gift card. that mask is sold out. >> it does go on for quite some time. you feel like her friend and you've gotten to know her. she is so funny. >> i feel that is maniacal. >> you need to see the whole thing.
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>> you can't judge. >> right now we are checking in with kari with the latest look and a nice but chilly weekend. >> it was cool at times. we'll see the same thing as we go through the week for most of you hoping for a warm-up and beach weather in time for memorial day, don't hold your breath. we'll see more of this same weather as we take a live look out at san jose. a nice start to the day a few clouds here and there. temperatures are about average. it feels cool in spots. 51 in the south bay and the peninsula at 52. it's 47 in calistoga. a lot of clouds to start out the day. we'll see the clouds slowly clearing as we go through the morning with our temperatures holding steady in the 50s and low 60s.
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more sun as we go into the afternoon. it will be breezy, but not as windy as some of that weather we had over the first part of the weekend. a look at all the microclimates with highs reaching upper 60s, low 70s. 50s in ocean beach. 69 in santa rosa. napa at 72. 73 in concord and livermore. 74. seven-day forecast at the bottom of the screen shows we won't have a major shift in temperatures this week. as we look at that seven-day trend we are below average. we should be at 76. we'll only make it into the upper 60s and low 70s in parts of the south bay. pretty much stays there for the next several days. getting closer by the end of the week. we will have a slight chance of showers for the north bay as this area of low pressure moves in. gives us a fairly strong onshore flow. most of the rain stays away from the bay area. another one will keep us cool. not seeing a major warm-up or
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shift in these temperatures. a look at the weekend forecast. expect highs to reach into the 70s for the north bay as well as tri-valley in the south bay. 60s elsewhere for your memorial day weekend. let's head over to mike now with an update on that crash in dublin. >> i did want to show this beautiful sight on the bay bridge. we did have that crash west 580 at the dublin interchange. eastbound has sensors slowing up for you. thought it might be in the opposite direction. everything cleared up. reports the on ramp might be affected by the crash. our shot into the tri-valley, no shots for the dublin area. altamont pass has typical slowing. all what it over toward 238. san mateo bridge. looking to the north bay.
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there is san rafael. just slight build. back to you. >> picking up out there. what's next for comedian bill cosby? the hearing happening this week that will determine if he is going to go to trial over sexual assault allegations. now to an investigative unit
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exclusive: =ots= the state of california has paid out millions of dollars to citizens who've had run-ins with highway patrol officers during an investigative unit exclusive. the state of california paid out millions to citizens who had
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run-ins. the case of a berkeley man who nearly died after an officer restrained him in handcuffs. he speaks russian but not much english refused to sign an invalid traffic ticket. that's not the only time taxpayers had to pay out after interactions with chp and motorists went wrong. senior investigative reporter sits down with the state's top highway patrol commander to ask why. >> that is a lot of money. it's a lot of taxpayer money where you have to do that. i go back where i started in my speech and said we contacted millions of people. if you multiply that over ten years we are talking about. >> stories like this have prompted new efforts in sacramento to change state law. coming up tonight, hear from law makers and see what other cases your tax dollars have gone to settle. tonight at 11:00. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a
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call. 5:25. bill cosby is scheduled to appear tomorrow mora hearing that will determine whether or not he faces a criminal trial. prosecutors in december charged cosby with sexual assault, but that was only after comments he made during a 2005 deposition became public. in that deposition, cosby alluded to giving drugs and alcohol to women before sex, making secret payments to former lovers. prosecutors initially declined to charge him. the murder for hire trial begins today for a former suburban chicago officer. drew peterson allegedly tried to find a hitman who kill a prosecutor. that prosecutor secured the conviction that sent peterson to prison for murdering his third wife. his cell mate recorded him talking about that plot. his attorneys are trying to get
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that wiretap evidence thrown out. coming up next, a possible step forward today in the sierra lamar murder case. plus -- >> today is the deadline to register to vote if you want to 0 cast your choice in the upcoming primary. >> the new poll that shows shrinking numbers for one candidate. are. >> i'm bob redell. the beautiful lady that will be towering almost 100 feet over the city of san francisco. for joining us.
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i'm sam brock. =laura/4shot= and i'm laura garcia-cannon. =4shot= ad lib toss to weather good monday morning, i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> it's beautiful starting out this day. we'll have more nice weather today. no major concerns here. we'll watch the clouds drifting by this morning and clearing out later on today. as you head out, this is what we have going on. cool temperatures and clouds. sunrise happening in about 23 minutes. as you head out we have clearing skies and breezy winds with comfortable temperatures cooling down quickly with sunset at 8:17. more of the same weather through the week. i'll detail that coming up. mike is tracking the bay bridge and san jose. >> i spy down here some flashing lights.
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chp looks like there is a fender bender blocking the far right cash lane. your metering lights should be on soon at the bay bridge. we are looking at a car fire reported near the off ramp. no lanes blocked. smoke under the vehicle. back to you. we are tracking the election. decision 2016. time is ticking to register to vote here in california. ahead of the june 7th primary. today is the deadline. steph chuang joining us live with the last minute details for people who want to register. new poll numbers reveal how the general election might stack up. >> that's right. good morning, sam. the numbers are not looking good for hillary clinton who seems to be losing her lead over donald trump. an nbc news/"wall street journal" poll shows the likely
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democratic nominee has 46% to 43% lead over the presumptive gop nominee against registered voters. that difference is within the poll's margin of error. a significant drop from the 11 point advantage clinton was projected to hold over trump just last month. the nbc journal poll shows bernie sanders would win by 15 percentage points over trump. >> we do not make progress unless we stand together. unless we present the donald trumps of the world from dividing us up. >> meantime, sanders' supporters are fighting to extend voter registration until the primary election june 7. lawsuits allege some election officials are not making voting rules clear to unaffiliated
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voters, having to include democratic ballot at the poll. independents have to mail a sign form to their county registrar by may 31st, a week from tomorrow. clinton set to be here in the bay area wednesday. rump set to hold a rally friday. san francisco's new acting police chief is pledging to make important changes in the police department. he spelled out his plans during a meeting with the naacp yesterday. he talked about priorities plik reworking use of force policy. >> i'm not going to let anything sway from the path we are on. that is changing things and getting us to a place where we are all happy and understand the police are guardians of the community. >> he was named interim chief last week. chief greg suhr resigned after several controversies and
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another deadly officer-involved shooting last week. injured on the job. a santa clara guard was attacked by an inmate. the guard went to the emergency room for head injuries. he was treated and since released. a source tells nbc the attack involves a violent inmate. sierra lamar's body has yet to be found. answers could be found after the alleged killer's trial is set to begin today. he killed her in march 2012. she left home, headed for school but never made it to the bus stop. garcia torres' trial was supposed to begin last month. there is a chance today's much-anticipated start date could be delayed again.
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one defense attorney is still in trial on another case. the judge may dlat case one more time. three people are in jail with connection of a millbrae father. tiffany lee was arrested saturday at a hillsborough home. she is described as keith green's ex-girlfriend. two other people were arrested over the weekend. green's body was found last week in the north bay. a young boy dead, two others recovering after a house fire in vallejo over the weekend. they were able to pull out two of the residents and get them to a nearby hospital. a 5-year-old boy didn't make it out alive. the neighbor who called 911 sprung into action when he saw what was happening. >> took the hose and went in the building. got as far as maybe halfway through the living room. >> he was able to hose down one burn victim but wishes he could have done more.
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the fire is called suspicious and cause of the fire is under investigation. >> breaks your heart to hear that. a popular san jose bakery is closed after a fire broke out there the fire started in vic's bakery in san jose. fire started in the back storage area of the bakery. nobody was injured but dick's bakery is a long-standing family owned business since 1947. the owner has no idea how it could have started. >> they're investigating. it might be arson. i don't know. >> dick's has been here for as long as i remember. i love coming here after, usually in the morning i'll stop by and get donuts and french almond cake. >> the owner is planning on rebuilding and reopening at some point. >> that's good.
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we love that almond cake. two of the bay's largest agencies moving together to new digs today. the metropolitan transportation commission moving into downtown san francisco. the building and its $258 million price tag did spark critical backlash. the air quality management district is joining those two agencies later in the month. 5:37. finishing touches on a 92 foot stainless steel sculpture of venus will be finished today in san francisco. >> bob redell is there with the time reveal. good morning. yes. in just a couple of hours at 8:00 this morning, venus will get her head. workers will use a crane to hoist the final block of this enormous statue being constructed inside the new
5:38 am
trinity place apartments in market at 8th in san francisco. when complete, she will tower over the central plaza at 92 feet, making her the tallest sculpture here in the city. san francisco's venus will be only slightly shorter than new york's statue of liberty. the denver artist created venus out of stainless steel $1.5 million. fabricated in china and shipped here in 70 different pieces. put together in 11 blocks on site. each block weighing a ton and stacked on top of each other to create this visually stunning form. her head will be hoisted on top later this morning. venus will not be the tallest sculpture in the city for long. according to the chronicle there
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is 110 foot sculpture being constructed here for 2019. bob redell, today in the bay. fine arts all over the city. >> so many great sights. interesting to see that. we have the god of love and beauty and we have our love and beauty. are you rolling your eyes at me? >> i could hear that all the way over here. >> but thank you. as we look at great weather, we have seen the cool temperatures throughout the afternoon. you're feeling it now as you step out the door. mostly clear skies. 54 in san francisco and upper 40s for the north bay. you'll have a slight chance of rain in the hills later this afternoon. mostly sunny. pleasant and breezy winds with a high of 70 in the south bay. no major changes in the forecast. we'll sort it out. mike has a follow-up on that
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crash at the bay bridge. >> as far as we see on the camera, flashing lights cleared. metering lights are on and should be filling in the rest of those lanes any time soon. looking at the map, we don't see a lot of slowing, but dublin interchange. crash off the roadway. slowing past that scene. might be a minor distraction. it's just the build that kicks in now. we take a live look outside. 580 approaching the area. that should flow smoothly. back to you. >> 5:40. the search for clues continues. mounting evidence that might be pointing to a sudden and dramatic catastrophe for the missing egyptair. what is as popular in the bay area as the super bowl? talk about scary....
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security video captures the moment a sinkhole swallows the first of four cars. this happened over the weekend in china. no one was injured. the sinkhole eventually widened to more than 16-feet wide. firefighters and residents actually tied firehoses to the cars to try to "fish" them out. eventually cranes came in to finish the job. ==laura/ots== egypt is sending a submarine to the debris field where egyptair flight 804 crashed into the sea thursday. ==vo==
5:44 am
egypt's president says there is mounting evidence some kind of sudden catastrophe occurred onboard the plane. but will not say it terrorism. it plunged into the mediterranean - killing all 66 people onboard. they will not say if it's terrorism. it plunged into the mediterranean killing all 66 people onboard. researchers recovered parts of the plane including passenger belongings. the flight recorders have not been recovered. the batteries only last about a month. the vietnam war ended in 1975. i am one story ahead here. hold that thought. first president obama is praising the deadly u.s. drone strike on a high level taliban leader. a drone fired on his vehicle saturday. speaking today from vietnam, president obama called it a clear signal to anti-american extremists that the u.s. will protect its people. he also called it an important milestone bringing peace to the country of afghanistan. now speaking from vietnam as we were saying, the war ended in
5:45 am
1975. it's not until now that the u.s. is lifting its ban on arm sales to that country. president obama made the announcement as he is visiting vietnam. his move lifts a decades-long arms embargo. >> sales will need to still meet strict requirements, including those related to human rights. this change will ensure vietnam has access to the equipment it needs to defend itself. >> this marks president obama's 10th trip to asia while in office. he plans to visit hiroshima. he will be the first president to visit there since the u.s. dropped the nuclear bomb in 194567
5:46 am
19456789. we were at the maker faire. it is a gathering of investors and hobbies showing off their robots. the city of san mateo more than doubled in size. a stock to watch today is first data, barron published a very positive article about first data. we wait for a rate hike from the fed. bayer wants to buy the american chemical seed company monsanto for $62 million. looking ahead to san jose city council k, they will take up the issue of google fiber.
5:47 am
they want to bring high-speed internet to san jose. they are about the size of aç shipping container. they are going to go on city property. not in anyone's backyard. we should point out google is the competitor with our parent company comcast. really good competitors. >> would they lease the property? >> these things do not go in front of your house 0. these will be on city property. >> not that noticeable. >> how many cities have google fiber? >> about 10 or 15. it started in kansas city. >> thank you. 5:47. a warning after several food
5:48 am
recalls in stores across the country. more products containing sun flower seeds are getting pulled from shells because of a possible lysteria contamination. they were made between february 1 and april 21st. >> a washington plant in washington state is recalling 50 frozen foods sold in all 50 states also because of lysteria. paneleda express, signature kitchens and trader joe's. they have best buy dates april 2016 and april 26, 2018. lysteria can cause high fever, diarrhea, nausea and in severe cases can be deadly. people are experiencing allergies this season. they are in full swing. over the counter medications may not be enough. they only provide temporary relief. a more effective solution could
5:49 am
be more allergy shots. even with shots, patients eventually become immune to specific allergies. doctors say their goal is to minimize symptoms with less medication. >> what we try to do is desensitize to the point where your symptoms are much less and you can cut down the medication used. >> trying to make things more comfortable for people. if you suffer from severe allergies, doctors remedies cussing treatment options with an allergist. it's tough for people with allergies. >> have you been tracking the pollen counts? it feels like everything is elevated. >> it's really medium. it may depend on what you're allergic to. it's been dry. haven't had a lot of rape. >> ragweed is maybe the culprit. >> there is a lot out there let's look at this dry weather
5:50 am
that continues on to give us some nice comfortable temperatures. we are looking now at the golden gate bridge. a beautiful shot. i think we'll have nice weather throughout the day. 51 in the south bay. we drop in to get a closer look at 49 in silver creek valley. 47 also in campbell. we break it down for oakland today. looking at more clouds. by lunch time the sun starts to peek out and we'll top out in the mid 60s today with a breezy wind. 70 in san jose. 65 in burlingame. mission district 60. we stay in the 60s and 70s. if you go to the giants game, have warm clothes. it will be cool and breezy.
5:51 am
59 at first pitch. 58 by the end of the game. look at this temperature trend for san francisco, into the low 60s today. average is 65. we won't see that until thursday. we keep our temperatures even with a strong onshore flow as this weak area of low pressure moves in. it may be enough to create showers mainly north and east of us. most of the bay area stays dry. there will be another area of low pressure reenforcing this cool air as we head toward the memorial day weekend. high pressure will be just offshore. that will give us warm temperatures well to the north of us. looking at this weekend forecast, it stays in the 60s and 70s here. 64 on saturday. 62 on sunday. 70s for the tri-valley south bay as well as the north bay. let's head over to mike to a couple of crashes. >> looking at better news for that front.
5:52 am
the build, only complications. san mateo bridge, uncomplicated. look at the right side. that's northbound. up into downtown, lighter than we often see. look at your map. oakland looks nice at the top of the screen where metering lights are on. the rest of the bay, pretty smooth drive right now a easing in to the tri-valley. 680 to pleasanttown. slows toward union city. no big deal there. on the peninsula, watching this crash highway 84 at skyline boulevard. still have activity there. one lane blocked. no major injuries. we track that though. looking to san jose. much more traffic slow. not a major concern. south bay build will start in earnest in about 20 minutes.
5:53 am
keeping his eye on things. we are in the middle of a huge affordable housing crisis. >> up to 14 people crammed into a small bay area home. we investigate how folks are illegally cashing in. first, happening right now, a 12-year-old whiz kid receives acceptances from two california universities after receiving his associate's degree at 11 years old. plus, about to fire up our monday morning edition of facebook live. during the commercial breaks. we also want to hear about your weekend. we'll see you on the other side of the break. (scal): good day, m'lady!
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this morning - after a shuttle bus overturned in the san bernardino mountains. 20 people are recovering after a shuttle bus they were riding in overturned in the san bernardino mountains. this happened yesterday afternoon as that bus was coming down from downey from a women's church retreat. happened 60 miles east of los angeles. six hurt have serious injuries. the others are considered minor. the cause of that bus crash is under investigation. 5:56. too baltimore where a judge is expected to decide the fate of one of the six officers charged in the freddie gray case. edward nero is charged with
5:57 am
second degree assault, reckless endangerment and misconduct. he was on bike control when they chased and arrest grade last april. his death sparked riots and protests in baltimore. rooms for rent on airbnb are big business. critics say the lack of regulation is causing headaches. >> vicky nguyen joining us with her report looking at illegal short-term rentals. >> good morning. a san francisco couple reached out to us after a new neighborhood transformed the house next door into an illegal hostel renting out 20 beds a night for $30 each. the home isn't registered with the city. critics say she's short-term rentals are taking away from the availability and affordability of housing. right now roughly 9,500 homes or rooms are listed for rent just
5:58 am
on airbnb in san francisco but only a fraction are registered. we went undercover to see what these illegal hotels are like inside. 14 beds crammed into a single family home. the full capacity, the host collects $17,000 a month. he declined to comment for the story. an amendment would require hosting platforms like airbnb that their hosts are registered with the city or face fines. airbnb will not support that amendment. the company says it has removed nearly 200 questionable listings this year and encourages its hosts to register. go to and click on the investigations tab. >> thank you very much. if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call. san diego gay men's chorus
5:59 am
is criticizing the padres for mishandling their schedule performance. >> the chorus got on the field to sing the national anthem, except it wasn't their voice that came out of the speakers. take a listen. ♪ what so proudly we hailed >> so that's a woman singing, obviously, not the gay men's chorus. what happened was the track was supposed to play along with the men's performance never came out. the men did sing though no one heard it. padres apologized for the error and fired the person responsible for it. there was talk there was something else going on. >> hopefully they bring them back. >>. >> right now 6:00, a dramatic rescue two hours ago as flames
6:00 am
force a woman to jump from a roof into the waiting arms of a police officer below. four years after garcia torres allegedly killed 15-year-old sierra lamar, day one is on the court calendar. a look at the timeline between her disappearance and today. that's a dud for the doves in oklahoma city as thunder hand the warriors one of the worse losses of the season. steve kerr said his team got what it deserved. "today in the bay" continues now. a very good monday morning to you. thank you for joining us. >> at least that game wasn't late so we could get sleep. >> welcome to the w


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