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tv   Today  NBC  May 23, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is today with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hey, everybody, it's funday monday. hope you had an awesome weekend. it was dreary around here. one day is nice but we can take what we can get. that is -- "don't you you need somebody." this is not starting out well. >> featuring enrique iglesias and shaggy. >> a great show today. big couples news.
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why eel find out why eva longoria is celebrating something special. >> and he's been called the justin bieber of scandinavia, 15-year-old isaac elliot. he's toured with one direction and he's about to take the u.s. by storm. really nice kid. >> and she changed her life after seeing vacation photos and crying over her appearance. he was a new dad who couldn't keep up with his kids. together they are our newest club members who have lost 400 lbs. >> and later we'll look at your favorite celebrity tips to make -- if you want kim kardashian eyes we'll have an expert who shows you how it is done. how about that? >> what were you doing over the weekend, hoda? >> well, you know what i couldn't stop thinking about? there was a little girl on friday her name is zia victoria. she came out, she was scared to death to perform. our producers said -- >> she was adorable.
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>> listen to her. >> ♪ this is the last night of my old life and ♪ now it's my new way to brush off what happened yesterday ♪ >> beautiful. it's hard to believe she's 11 years old. >> writes her own songs. and you could see her transforming, getting confidence. so zia victoria. we'll remember her name. and we did something with maria shriver, she has something she calls move for minds and it helps -- i didn't realize it, two-thirds of all alzheimer's disease patients are about women so it's about researching why that is the case. so a bunch of snuneurosurgeons experts came out to have a panel discussion. we did in the new york, maria shriver did in the l.a. she sat with bunch of people. lots of exercising. it's called move for minds. >> love maria. >> she's an awesome woman.
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what were you up to? >> i had a quiet weekend. on thursday evening i stayed in the city which is a rare thing and i went to the christopher awards which are given by the catholic church for excellent in books and television and films celebrating that's good and right about spirit and human hearts. there i am with my best male friend of my life, sam haskell. i gave him the award. he is the executive producer of "coat of many colors," the dolly parton movie that broke records. 16 million people saw that and it was the highest-rated television movie in six years. i'm so -- when your friends do well, things got -- he's got the most integrity of anybody i've ever met in this business. anyway, he's just the real deal and i was so happy for him and his wife mary and his daughter. so i did that and last night the
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weather broke, finally, and i was sitting outside with cody and his girlfriend and my dog psalm be zambino and i just wished everybody a gorgeous sunday evening. >> that was beautiful. on tv last night the billboard music awards. >> and i'm hanging out with cody in the backyard. tell us about it. >> they had explosive performan performances. adele was a big winner. she wasn't there to accept her in person but we got to see her video from the first time. >> didn't she just sign the biggest music deal in all of history. $130 million? >> she's big, big, big. >> isn't that our doug morris? >> doug morris is smart. cha-ching. >> we like him. >> britney spears opened up the whole show. she had a nine-minute medley. she took all of her greatest hits. >> that's her greatest hit. >> here we go. >> both of them. [ laughter ] ♪ you're toxic, i'm slipping
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under, i'm addicted to you ♪ >> so she made quite the splash although there's controversy whether she was lip syncing. >> a.p. said "she's clearly lip syncing." who cares? i do like a purist but there's something about watching her perform which is fun regardless. >> and then pink who does everything beautifully and acrobatally, she's amazing, flew through the air while performing "just like fire." but look at the fire. >> it literally burned up around the clock. and she's just singing like it's normal. >> it is normal for her. but the camera caught justin bieber watching her and apparently bored to death. bored to death during a pink performance. >> maybe they caught him at a moment where he zoned out. we'll talk more about that in buzz. >> there's always fashion excitement. >> the billboards usually bring out people who dress crazier. >> well, the music industry anyway does.
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>> sothe singers didn't have a lot on. britney spears, that's itty-bitty. and zendaya wore calvin klein. >> that's very dem muir and lovely on her, i think. she's a beautiful girl. >> ciara. >> well, the side view of ciara was more interesting than the front. >> rihanna went kind of conservative. >> and i hear she sang fantastically. >> she killed it. jessica alba, this would not have pictured her in. >> more edgy than we normally see her. >> awesome. when a person delights themselves by doing something and laughing hysterically, it's contagious. there's video of this woman named candace payne from texas and she bought a chewbacca mask. she said it was her late birthday present while she was waiting to pick up her kids from school. so she's sitting in the car and she tries it on. >> so you want to see what i
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got? it's so great. okay, here we go. yes! that's not me making that noise, it's the mask! listen. [ chewbacca growling ] i'm such a happy chewbacca! [ laughter ] oh! oh! this is worth every penny! i can't stop! i've got to stop! okay! okay! [ laughing ] oh, my gosh! i kind of want to drive around like this. it's simple joys! [ laughter ] >> she had the perfect hair style for it didn't she? how long was the whole thing?
10:08 am
>> 134 million people watched it. >> people need a good laugh. >> the mask sold out, sales have skyrocketed on amouazon by 1.3 million percent. >> they have to make her the spokes lady. >> if you have the right moment, you can sell something when it's authentic. >> totally authentic. what does one do with a chewbacca -- >> wear it around the house. >> i guess so. they sent her family more "star wars" memorabilia. >> they should send her a lot. >> a big a chick check. >> if you want to feel good. the video we're about to show you is your feel good piece of video for the week, maybe the month. a student in oklahoma had a surprise plan for his classmates when he was graduating. his name is mica mcdade. he was born with cerebral palsy, he's always been in a wheelchair. look at what he did with graduation. he was going to surprise his classmates and walk.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> he's gonna do it. [ cheers and applause ] >> go, mica! let's go, mica! [ cheers and applause ] >> good job, young man. good job, young man. [ cheers and applause ] [ cheers and applause ] >> thank you, jerry.
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>> that was so beautiful. wasn't that amazing? >> and you can tell how much they all love him by the way they're responding. it's really beautiful. all righty. something i did a couple months ago -- i forgot to let everybody know you can see at the movies last monday, one of those fathom events. so this is the second chance to see "i hope you dance." republican that great leanne womack song? a night of hope and healing. it's a national movie theater event. joel osteen is in it, leanne womack, brian wilson, i'm there will in a panel discussion about how -- the power of that song to change lives. so to find out where you can catch it tonight, go to >> if you need a little pick me up. >> few f you leave us now we'll miss a few of our favorite things. >> and if you have a case of the mondays we'll give you a healthy dose of today's buzz to cheer you up. >> right after this.
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let e's get your funday mony started off right with today's buzz. and with us is "entertainment weekly's" still stack. known here lovingly as stackable. let's talk about madonna's tribute to prince ♪ nothing compares, nothing compares to you ♪ ♪ purple rain, purple rain >> what did you think, tim? >> um -- [ laughter ] you know, i love prince so much and i love madonna, i'm a gay, i have to say that i love madonna, i'll be struck down by lightning
10:15 am
in here. that was not awesome. [ laughter ] but she gave it her best. i love stevie wonder, too. she sang "nothing compares to you first" quite a long time and it was kind of like going slowly down these stairs and i thought she was going to fall and there were elements i do not like but she tried her best and obviously prince is a genius and it was great to see him tributed. >> shouldn't there have been a lot of people on the stage? >> why was it juster? again, were they besties? was she heading up to paisley park? i don't know about that. >> celine dion made her first tv appearance. she sang and also accept eed an award, kind of surprised by her son. let's watch that. >> i'm sorry for crying. i want to be so strong for my kids and i didn't want expect that. i'm sorry, i don't want cry in front of you. you make me so happy, thank you. honey, this one is for you.
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the show must go on. [ cheers and applause ] >> now this gal sang. >> she can sing. >> this was a performance. i mean, i was,like, sitting on my couch and i was like smacking my leg. it was crazy. >> and she has been through a lot of loss and that must be hard. >> her husband and her brother died within a week of each other. they just died i think it was a little over a month ago, two months ago but she sang "the show must go on" the queen song because she's back at herve g v residency. >> she won the icon award? >> yes i believe it was the icon award. >> britney spears got the millennial. >> yes. >> so blake and gwen are at it again. they did this on "the voice." >> they're dating. i don't know in you're aware of this. >> i've heard a rumor. here they are again, singing this. >> yeah. they sang this song again
10:17 am
which -- i'm kind of like are you going to take us out to the olive garden next? we keep having -- every part of their romance life is like on camera which i'm like, all right, i get it. >> well, i'm sure not all of it. >> you never know. >> gwen didn't do the red lips. she went muted. >> i kind of like her muted look. they like to stare at each other, man. >> kesha got one of the longest standing os, didn't she? >> is that because of what she's been through? >> yes. obviously kesha has gone through this incredible legal battle with dr. luke and sony that's on going. we weren't sure if she was going to perform because her label didn't want her to perform because they weren't sure if she was going to say something and on friday they allowed her and she chose to do a cover of bob dylan's "it ain't me, babe." >> it was barely recognizable as the same song. >> it was beautiful and emotional and she just did great. it was nice to see her -- she looked good.
10:18 am
her wardrobe was a little crazy. i was kind of like -- i would have workshoped this a little more with the gays but -- >> you've got your little rolled up pants and shirt all the way to the top. >> you know i like an exposed ankle. >> one quick shot of eva longoria and her new husband. >> eva longoria got mare lead the weekend and hola, the u.s. version, got the first version. is that pepe? >> jose. >> well, they call him pepe but she instagrammed their rings and place cards and melanie griffith was there, and victoria beckham designed her dress. it was like a big fandango. get ready to meet the world's newest pop star making the newest debut. >> isaac elliot will sing for us right after this. right after this. ♪ i can't believemastering the t one dark chocolate rises above the rest lindt excellence
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national radio host elvis duran always brings us phenomenal talent but this time around his artist of the month is big. >> big. >> so big he's been called the justin bieber of scandinavia and he's ready to capture the hearts of americans one teenage girl and probably boy at a time. >> let's have a look at singing sensation isac elliot! >> hello, justin bieber scandinavia. >> hello, i'll take it.
10:23 am
he's great. i'm a big fan. >> his grandmother lives in miami, big fan of the show. >> i'm a big fan of the show. >> what's your grandmother's name? >> lana! >> lana! >> how did you discover this wonderful young man? >> well, i didn't discover. it's already built in. he's already a big star in scandinavia. he was selling out huge stadiums and he opened for one direction on tour -- >> oh, so that got the momentum. >> so he's got it built in so i'm not inventing anything. he's got it going on as you'll hear when he sings. >> have you loved singing since you were a little boy? >> oh, yes. i've always been a fan of music. it started out being rock music and i love pop music so it changed a bit. >> you play instruments or you like singing. >> i play the guitar a little bit and then the drums. >> you're adorable. >> grandma, you should be so proud of him! >> isac is so comfortable. you've been doing this a while
10:24 am
noi now -- believe it or not, he's been on national tv and he's on "today" show. >> you don't know how nervous i am? >> are you clammy? >> it's not that bad. >> nice and dry. >> it's very big for me. i'm the first finnish artist ever been on the "today" show. >> really. >> you're right. i can't remember the last one. >> you've been ignoring them. it's making news back at home. >> i bet. >> you know, when i started this, i thought it was going to be big. thought it was maybe going to be big in finland and it got big all over scandinavia and europe and now i'm here with elvis on the "today" show. i'm honored. >> we can't wait to hear you perform. >> you're going to love this song. >> isac will sing his new song called "what about me?" we cannot wait. plus celebrity makeup trips for that flawless face. >> come on isac. >> come on, hoda. ♪ >> go! in-house by a well-trained hand.
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10:27 am
four-year old case surrounding the death of sierra lamar. today the wait may end in the criminal case. take a look at weather and traffic after the break.
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it will be another nice and quiet day across the bay area
10:29 am
with a mix of sun and clouds and cooler than average temperatures. expect a high of 68 degrees. east bay at 65 degrees. in the trivalley some mid-70s. also low 70s for the south bay. north bay, a slight chance of rain there today with some of those showers mainly popping up over the higher elevations. in san francisco look for a high of 63 degrees with breezy winds kicking up to about 25 miles an hour. let's head over to mike now for a look at what's happening on the roadways. >> just happening over here we're looking at westbound commute, we talked about this back up at gilmore. there's a motorcycle crash. you can kind of see it behind that sign. now let's look at your maps. that will slow you the breakdown of the slowdown by golden gate field. that's the worst of it. things quickly improve as you pass by university. the shot we just showed you. as we zoom out, the rest of the east bay looks really good. in fact, the rest of the bay not really any major problems. in the south bay we have a new crash. mt. view expressway. no lanes blocked but activity
10:30 am
and a fire crew on scene. make sure to join us at 11:00 for our next newscast. we'll see you. it's funday monday and wouldn't it be nice if you could wake up looking as flawless as these gorgeous celebrities. >> well, guess what, most of them do not look up that way either. they have a little expert help. >> or a lot. >> so if you want kim k.'s eyes or j. lo's creeks, we have tips from celebrity makeup artist ashley glazer! >> good morning! >> the kim k. eyes seem hard to perfect. >> what we're going talk do is talk about the liner. so kim has such almond exotic shaped eyes i'll show you how everybody can achieve this same look. we've already done one eye. >> you look good, nickie. >> now we'll match her so she can go out for the rest of the day. we'll take a mechanical pencil. just look up.
10:31 am
i like to use a pencil you don't to sharpen. it's really, really smooth and you're going on the inside of the eye. i like to trace it a few times to get dark and go into the inner corner to get the exotic v like kim k. has. just look down for me. then i like to do the inner line which makes the lashes look super thick. >> so you don't do it all the way across. >> you get inside the line. i know it look funny but -- >> looks painful. >> is it painful? >> just a little bit. >> no pain, no gain. >> a good way to do this at home is to look into a hand held mirror so you look down at yourself so you can see the inner rim. >> let's show a little -- we have eye shadow and mascara. >> yep, now, we have a little shadow. i like to mix the neutral. one of the kim k. looks we were doing was a mix of gold and bronze so we get a nice balance so it's not too smokey.
10:32 am
is this more focused on the liner. >> beautiful. >> then coat the mascara. >> lots and lots of mascara. >> everybody wants j. lo's creek bones. candy wants j. lo's cheekbones. what should you do? >> so what we've done is given her a nice warm contour to the skin. i like to use a matte bronzer to give her that warm shadow. >> where do you do the contour? >> i like to do a number three, under the head, along the cheekbones and along the jaw to sculpt the face. >> the problem is if you look too much of that on you can look like a clown. >> that's why i like to keep it to the outside so it looks fresh and natural. and not in the mouth. and then we'll do the blush so my trick for blush is using two fingers away from the nose as your guideline and you'll start applying your blush on the outside of your index finger. let me put this color down.
10:33 am
you can start here on the top apple of your check blending outward so it gives you a uplifted high young fresh cheekbone. >> that looks good. >> and i like to whisk the brush out. you have no end. >> come on down, gorgeous. we need lips, we want kate's lips. >> kate hudson and the color we chose is a beautiful berry lip. lipsticks are a huge trend for spring. all different colors, all different textures. so we've chosen a lovely berry shade for olivia here. and i'm obsessed with using crayons. they're so easy for everyone to do at home. i like to fill in the lip. >> so no lining? >> no lining but you use the pointed tip as your liner. it's cutting down your steps a bit. i am a big fan of liner but for an easy on-the-go focus it's nice to use a crayon. >> then you just -- >> and gloss is making a nice trend for spring. it's making a comeback and we have this beautiful bun so that
10:34 am
way you won't have to worry about the wind ruining your makeup. >> and a little gloss. >> a little gloss, same color. >> thank you. >> thank you all. he's just 15 years old but he's one of europe's biggest pop stars and find out what our joy fit club members did. but first, these messages. >> good job ashley.
10:35 am
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we've met elvis duran's artist of the month now it's time to hear him sing. >> he's the 15-year-old finnish pop star who will hit the road on a u.s. tour -- >> soon. performing his newest single called "what about me." you're going to love him and fans are in the room, too. [ cheers and applause ] >> isac elliot! ♪ i know you're thinking that i'm right here ♪ where you left me patiently waiting ♪ for your call, never imagine that i ever tell you no ♪ because it's never happened
10:40 am
before ♪ if you thought higher of yourself you'll be up in the clouds ♪ here let me help you down so don't tell me you want to start ♪ working it out when it's too late to question now ♪ what about me, what about what i want ♪ want to know what i think, no i didn't think so ♪ i feel like i played the fool in assuming the life ♪ that ain't all about you, oh, no, girl ♪ you think i'm crazy, for not wanting you no more ♪ but how can you blame me when you're ♪ so, so righteous, yeah, your
10:41 am
highness ♪ if you thought higher of yourself you'd be up in the clouds ♪ here let me help you down, so don't tell me ♪ that you want to start working it out when it's too late ♪ to question now what about me, what about what i want ♪ you want to know what i think, no i didn't think so ♪ i feel like i played the fool in assuming the life ♪ that ain't all about you because it's all about you ♪ yeah, it's all about you, all about you ♪ it's all about you, it's all about you, it's all about you ♪ it's all about you, it's all
10:42 am
about you it's all about you ♪ what about me, what about what i want ♪ want to know what i think, no i didn't think so, i feel like i ♪ played the fool in assuming a life that ain't ♪ all about you [ cheers and applause ] ♪ it's all about you, it's all about you, it's all you ♪ it's all about you, it's all about you, it's all about you ♪ all about you thank you! [ cheers and applause ] >> you did it, darling. >> that was awesome! [ cheers and applause ] >> that was awesome! it's over, you did it, we loved.
10:43 am
>> it we have people fainting. they're fainting! >> isac elliot when he heads out on his ten-city u.s. tour next month go to to find out more. so fun. >> they got fed up with their weight and dropped 400 pounds. >> joy fit club members have motivation for you right after this. the worst thing about toilet germs? they don't stay in the toilet. disinfect your bathroom with lysol bathroom trigger... ...lysol power foamer... ...and lysol toilet bowl cleaner. they're approved to kill 50% more types of germs than leading competitors. to clean and disinfect in and out of the toilet... lysol that. fresh bread in the lostore every single hmm. wonder who?
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if you want to lose weight, it doesn't mean you have to stop enjoying food. our two newest members of the joy living fit club are living proof. >> they have lost 200 pounds by exercising more and changing their eating habits. here to share their story is joy bauer, hey, girl. >> we have amazing people today. first up we have 49-year-old beth white from freeport, new york, and she always had a passion for baking. but it got her into trouble. it's a huge hobby of hers and by
10:49 am
the time she was 40 she weighed 345 pounds. she was uncomfortable, insecure, and embarrassed. it wasn't until after she went away on a family vacation and she was viewing the photos they had taken and she just was feeling miserable and decided that was when she was going to make a change. >> good for her. >> so in the before picture she is a size 32. the woman who's about to walk out is a slimming size 8. >> what? >> wow! >> here she comes. >> beth, come join. let's see you. >> whoa! [ cheers and applause ] >> oh, my gosh! >> look at you! you look awesome! >> thank you. >> congratulations! >> you can't even believe it's the same person. >> hard to believe it's the same person. a lot of us when we eat, we eat emotionally, you're not paying attention. is that what was your issue. >> you just ate. i wasn't paying attention and -- >> part of your craft is your baking. >> exactly, i enjoyed baking so
10:50 am
i had a sugar addiction. >> she walks. tell them about that. >> walking is my goal. i walk and now in the fall i'm going to do the avon 39, the challenge to walk 39 miles in two days. >> good for you. >> did you start off with -- i can only imagine short walks and they just got greater and greater? >> my first walk was like ten minutes out the door and ten minutes back, so 20 minutes. yesterday i took a seven and a half mile walk. >> so i think we have -- i know you like baking and you figured out a way to incorporate your baking and still cut the calories. >> did someone say cookies? >> skinny cookies. instead of using oil she has used pumpkin in her cookies. >> there you go. >> just a little tiny bit. >> would you like a quarter size? >> see? she knows how to say no. >> what are the calories in this. >> for one cookie, i estimate about 65 calories so mine were a
10:51 am
bit smaller than that. >> congratulations! not too sweet. amazing. don't leave us, stay here. >> next up, with cookie in my mouth we have 45-year-old philip from garrett, indiana. by his mid-30s he weighed 400 pounds. soon after he was on medication for high blood pressure, high cholesterol and type two diabetes. so after the 2015 super bowl he looked around at the table and everything he had eaten. there were rwrappers for wings and nachos, pizza boxes and he said "enough is enough. i want to be around for my family. so 14 and a half months later he has dropped more than 200 pounds and he's off all of his medication. >> let's see that before picture. all right, why don't you step on out. let's see what we have here. >> ready for this? >> oh, my gosh! [ cheers and applause ] >> boom!
10:52 am
>> oh, my goodness. you look fine. >> he's lost more than half his size. >> that moment joy was describing must have been a life changer when you looked around and said "uncle, enough is enough." >> i knew if i didn't make that change today i wouldn't see another super bowl and i wouldn't be around for my family. >> they must be so thrilled and so proud of you. >> i can play with my daughter. i'm not a bystander in life anymore. >> oh, my gosh! >> and i can interact with my daughter and my wife like i should. >> and how about no pills? >> not giving myself insulin injection shot everyday that i needed just to maintain is the biggest thing. >> and he's also a pizza maker now. so instead of eating the huge supreme pizzas from some of the chains from more than 3,000 calories to eat the whole pie, he makes flat bread pizza now for only 500 calories for the whole pie. are those delicious? >> healthy alternatives. >> delicious. >> congratulations, you guys look awesome.
10:53 am
thank you, joy. >> you're amazing. >> thank you. we'll have both beth's and philip's recipes on our web site. >> our favorite things are next, do ent go away. >> first, this is "today" on nbc.
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right now at 11:00, four years after sierra lamar disappeared, her accused killer showed up in court today and once again today his trial is delayed. the reason the trial will not start for at least another month. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. first, b.a.r.t. trains are not stopping at the embarcadero station. let's go to mike inouye. mike? >> yes. folks over here are going to be affected. the embarcadero station is having a major


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