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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  May 23, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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to their street. he was always outside playing and loved the warriors. >> he always had a smile on his face. he wanted to be like steph curry. he was always outside. >> reporter: neighbors also describe the couple's relationship as stormy. saying they were constantly fighting. dorothy says the boy's mother seeped to know who was responsible when she ran out of the burning house. >> she said, he did this. >> i really hope that whoever did this, that they find them. >> reporter: we're told the boy's 45-year-old mother suffered second and third degree burns. she is still hospitalized tonight. his 13-year-old brother was also burned in the fire but he has been treated and released. reporting live in vallejo, jodi hernandez. two correctional deputies are accused of beating up an inmate. this is another set back for the
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embattled santa clara county jail. now, from the sheriff's office what do we know right now? >> reporter: the two deputies arrived here and came through -- went through those two doors to be arrested. the arrests culminated a long investigation by the sheriff's office and generated a positive yet somewhat skeptical reaction from the man who was allegedly beaten. the santa clara county sheriff's office vowed to crack down on the violence that had made the jail system a focus of public scrutiny and lawsuits. sheriff deputies arrested correctional officers 27-year-old phillip dario and 31-year-old twan lay for the july 23rd, 2015, alleged beating of inmate rubin garcia. two were quiet as they walked into the sheriff's office to be transported to the jail and booked for assault under the color of authority.
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>> they've been on administrative leave. they were ordered in. they will be brought over to the main jail and booked. >> reporter: garcia, in custody, said he filed a lawsuit because they beat him so viciously he suffered a broken jaw and nerve damage. also claimed he heard guards beating tyree the next month. today the attorney said he told his client about the arrests and powell said they both feel some satisfaction and cynicism. >> my client is of course happy about it in some sense. it's not going to be the restitution he really needs for the injured he suffered. >> reporter: in fact, the district attorney's office says the officers face a maximum of three years in jail. coming up at 6:00, more of the details released on what allegedly happened between the guards and garcia. live in san jose, robert handa, nbc bay area news. just into the newsroom, a
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sexual misconduct investigation at the oakland police department involving an under age girl is now expanding to include other law enforcement agencies. the sheriff's office confirms it is looking into that sex scandal. this comes after the facebook account of the woman at the center of it revealed some kind of relationship with an alameda county deputy. oakland put four officers on leave and two have since resigned. nbc bay area sources did tell us the officers had sex with that woman when she was still a minor. >> we have more details from the shake-up. 35 years service and it comes down to two sentences. we got a look at greg ser's final words as chief of police. ser wrote this letter. this letter will confirm my regular ignitiresignation. that letter was submitted just hours after a police sergeant shot and killed 29-year-old jessica williams in
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san francisco last thursday. it was the last in a string of sfpd deadly force incidents in the past two years, all under the watch of greg suhr. protesters have been urging mayor lee to replace suhr. the rain is making a comeback. want to show you a live picture of san francisco. believe it or not, chance of showers tonight. chief meteorologist jeff ranieri has been tracking them. >> the storm system sitting right over california. as we get a closer look, it is hoping to produce a thunderstorm on the east side, away from interstate 5 and patterson getting some heavy rainfall over the next 30 to 45 minutes. for the bay area, some spotty showers at 10:00 p.m. and likely more activity through tomorrow morning. the bottom line on this, chance of some scattered showers through tomorrow morning's forecast and maybe an isolated thunderstorm for tuesday afternoon as well.
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we'll have the full time line on this. that's in about 15 minutes. >> okay, jeff, we'll see you shortly. this is a notable day in california politics. two things in play. the deadline to register to vote and the deadline to switch parties. long lines at the santa clara county registrar of voters. we'll bring in marianne favro to explain. >> reporter: it really is bringing a lot of people in, even here at the last minute, they're trying to get in before the doors close here at 8:00 tonight. so many people are coming to register for the very first time but others say they are actually switching parties so they can vote for the presidential candidate they really want. the line was out the door today. this is the last day to register to vote in the june primary. today, many of these people
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switched parties. because she says she doesn't support donald trump. since january, more than 4,000 people in santa clara county have switched their party affiliation. those who declined to state an affiliation must register with the party if they plan to vote for republican it green party or peace and freedom candidate in the presidential primary. for all other party candidates, you can rekwefrt a crossover ballot at the polls. >> it is important that you look make sure that the list of ed, candidates that you want to vote for so you can make sure your vote does count. >> reporter: more than 1,000 people have mailed their primary ballots in. these people say they're will to wait in line to make sure on june 7th their vote will count too. again, the office here will be open until 8:00 tonight. but you still have another option. you can mail it in as long as it's postmarked by tonight. reporting live in san jose,
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marianne favro, nbc bay area news. here come the clintons. right now in sacramento. former president bill clinton is rallying support for his wife, the democratic front-runner. earlier today, mr. clinton was right there in the central valley in fresno and stockton. here's the schedule. tomorrow, he will attend two bay area fund-raisers including one in freemont. then on wednesday, hillary clinton will join her husband for a private event. mrs. clinton has a dominating lead in the delegate count. bernie sanders continues to rally. today he was near san diego. republican donald trump is in southern california on wednesday. today he announced his support. there are more than 30 candidates looking to replace boxer. the closest rival for the seat, congresswoman loretta sanchez.
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the top two candidates move on to the next general election. the state has paid out millions dollars to citizens who have had run-ins with highway patrol officers during the last decade. steven stock has been digging through public records to piece it all together. what did you find out? >> we found you the taxpayer paid 45 different civil rights lawsuits all before it went to trial. lawsuits filed against cph officers in the last decade. we started asking questions after the state of california settled for $2 million in the case involving a berkeley truck driver. we first told you about three years ago. the man nearly died after an officer restrained him in handcuffs after the truck driver refused to sign an invalid traffic ticket. we found that's not the only time after interactions between chp officers and motorists. i sit down with the state's top highway patrol commander to ask why. >> the state has paid out more
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than $25 million. >> is that too much? >> to the average person that is a lot of money. it's a lot of taxpayer money. but i go back to where i started in my speech today. we contact millions and millions of people. if you multiply that over the ten years we're talking about. >> stories like this have prompted new efforts in sacramento to change state law. to make more accountability, more transparency. hear from those lawmakers. that's all tonight at 11:00. fewer ticket bus safer streets. sfpd has written fewer tickets compared to last year but they say the numbers are up where it matters most. police say it's all a part of a new initiative focusing efforts on the five most dangerous violations, speeding, red light runners failing to yield when turning failing to yield to pedestrians and rolling through
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stop signs. safer street advocates say police staffing is also to blame. >> there isn't enough manpower to be enforcing traffic over and over again. that's why we need automated speed enforcement. >> currently automated speed traps are illegal in california. there's a push to change that with some pedestrian advocates hoping for a new pilot program by next year. i'm michelle roberts along the peninsula where three people are accused of killing a father from milbury. hear latest on the investigation. new movement in the sierra lamar murder case but the trial could be pushed back again. >> it could have done from bad to worse. good news, avoiding suspense. the details coming up. good afternoon, i'm
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meteorologist jeff ranieri. clouds are rolling in now and the possibility of thunderstorms. my forecast in a few minutes. a developing story in monterey
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county. a fire -- east of soledad off metz road. this started yesterday afternoon and the developing story in monterey county. this is off mets road. it started yesterday afternoon and the fans quickly, the wind quickly fanned the flames. it spread to 4,000 acres.
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it's 40% contained. so far, only grass has burned but crews say they are protecting home and power lineser lines er ne nearby. accused of killing the father of her children. investigators arrested her along with another man. all three are believed to be connected to the murder of keith green, a milbury man, first listed as missing several weeks ago. nbc bay area's michelle roberts join us live outside of the county sheriff's department. >> reporter: three people were arrested over the weekend. they're all being held without bail. we're told they're facing murder and conspiracy charges. 27-year-old keith green leaves behind two young kids. his body was found earlier this month near highway 101 in sonoma county. about three weeks after he was reported missing in milbury. >> we do have in custody three people who are being held for murder and conspiracy to murder.
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>> reporter: officially named these three people as murder suspects. tiffany lee is the mother of green's children. this is her current boyfriend. investigators say olivier is a friend of theirs. a s.w.a.t. team entered lee's home in hillsborough before she and bayat were arrested. >> his body was not in good shape and being he was outdoors, we needed dental records to confirm identity. >> reporter: the sheriff's department says the cause of death has been determined but won't say exactly what it was. or whether one of the suspects was the mastermind behind the attack. tomorrow, all three are expected to be arraigned. legal expert dean johnson says if convicted they could face life without the possibility of parole. >> unless would be of the suspects has made some admissions or one of the suspects testified against one of the other suspects this is going to be a circumstantial evidence case. those cases are very complex. but they cab n be very strong.
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>> reporter: i asked an investigator if it's possible more suspects could be arrested. he said it is an open investigation and they're looking into that. there's finally movement in the murder trial. this high-profile case may be moved. defense lawyers for torres revealed they will try to file a chachk venue motion. if the judge agreed, this trial could be moved out of santa clara county and anywhere in california. >> a change of venue is an uphill battle for the defense but when you have a high-stakes murder trial like this, certainly it's something the defense needs to bring to the court's attention. >> the teenager disappeared more than four years ago. her body has never been found. prosecutors say dna evidence does link garcia torres. both sides will be back in court
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in july regarding the change of venue. a driver who lost control of his car and ended up in a canal. authorities say the man had some sort of medical issue which caused him to steer off the road. crews smashed through the window and managed to pull the driver out. that driver was rushed to a nearby hospital where he's undergoing treatment. okay, big news for the warriors. within the past hour, the nba announced drummond green will not bepended for what he did, that kick to the groin, against one of the oklahoma city players. this is a big break for the warriors. yes, green, public enemy number one where you are in the state of oklahoma. >> oh, for sure, rog, yeah, he's a villain, but he welcomes the boos from the fans.
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that flagrant one he was called for has been changed to a flagrant two and he's been fined $25,000. here's the play that is provided all the controversy. second quarter warriors trailing 48-40. the drive creates contact. foul on adas it the kick to the groin. the nba saying in a released statement less than an hour ago, during the game, players at times flail their legs in an attempt to draw a foul but green's actions in this case warranted an additional penalty. here was drummond talking to the media about it this morning. >> i see how somebody can think it was -- nobody can go in my head and say i'm thinking about kicking him. if you watch my reaction, i walked back, turned around and looked like -- my first thought was like all right like last night, i thought it was going to
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get rescinded, not facing a suspensi suspension. >> reporter: so he avoids suspension but he's on thin ice the rest of the playoffs when it comes to technicals and the warriors are down two games to one so there's no room for error. we'll have much more on this developing story coming up tonight at 6:00. live, colin rp esch, nbc bay area. >> we were debating. >> i say it was accidental. clearly accidental been. >> regardless, it's a little painful. no suspension. >> i'm going to stay out of it right now. >> all right. we do have, you know, some changing weather today after some sunshine. we've been hear from a lot of you. that thunderstorm that's visible in the south bay, we to have a view of that in our radar. let's get to our microclimate forecast. you can see, right now, not too much activity happening here. but if you live in the south bay, the peninsula, and you see the east, you see the clouds in the distance. that is from a thunderstorm that
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developed near mt. hamilton. it's moving off to the east, away from the bay area, but it is impacting interstate 5 and possibly some heavier rainfall here from newman to patterson. that instability we're seeing at the very moment is a sign of the chance of some activity for tonight. the clouds are rolling back in. san francisco, 60, with the fog aggressively pushing in. in the south bay, 70 degrees. you can see the thunderstorm looking east towards interstate 5. it's been very impressive. thunderstorm is moving away from us. for tomorrow morning forecast, biggest change is the chance of some spotty showers returning back to the bay area from the south bay, right up to san francisco, also including the north bay, temperatures in the upper 40s and also low 50s. we have this broad trough situation across california.
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basically, we'll see small disturbances locate around this and this will bring us the chance of some showers into tomorrow morning and possibly some isolated thunderstorms. let's take you to the future cast. it's not super impressive. by tomorrow morning, yeah, i mean, we do have some showers coming in, but it's not widespread heavy coverage. just watch out for that. and possibly some drizzle mixed in. by the afternoon, best chance of any thunderstorms will be up towards napa, middletown, santa rosa, then maybe some more activity down towards the south bay. as we take you to total accumulation. trace amounts to maybe 200ths of an inch on average. so a drop here and there. and watch out for some isolated lightning strikes. so let's take you into the microclimate forecast for tuesday. we keep these cooler temperatures with us. this will bring us to 69 at san jose. palo alto, 70. back at the coastline, 10 degrees cooler. san francisco, 62 across the
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mission. for the north bay, east bay and trivalley, best chance of any thunderstorm tomorrow, again in the north bay, which includes san santa rosa. for the trivalley, possibility of a few drops in pleasanton and also livermore. looking ahead to memorial day weekend, temperatures go a lot warmer. 83 on saturday. 82 on sunday. by memorial day next monday, 80 degrees. we'll have more coming up at 6:00 p.m. >> thank you very much, jeff. the zuckerbergs downsizing sort of. the plans he has for the homes around his mansion that has neighbors asking some questions. (scal): good day, m'lady!
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i am sir-can-a-lot, here to save you from another breakfast bore. wake up those eggs with glorious spam! see what spam can! do... at in three separate accidents across the bay area today. two of them have died-- in burlin three people were hit by training in three separate accidents across the bay area today. two of them have died. the full story on our twitter
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feed. a washing from the fda about a nationwide recall of sunflower seeds. listeria contamination in some brands. denver to sfo -- but the virgin
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america flight -- never made it. a "bird strike" is to blame. ===take map=== the "airbus 320" had just left denve denver to sfo flight never made it. a bird strike is to blame. it just left denver international for sfo. take a look. that's when the plane flew into the flock of birds.
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although the planes continued to fly normally, the pilot decided to just return to denver as a precaution. the plane did land safely. all the passengers were put on alternate flights. growing stronger apparently but not bigger. the city posting plans for four of the hopes vournding mark zuckerberg's palo alto's property. the couple filed an application to replace them with houses 20% smaller. the neighborhood foundation said they understand the need for privacy but worry about how the couple will use those four properties. >> what is he going to use them for? to house guests? is he selling them to order families who will then have a home to live in? is he going to house employees there? >> we don't know the answers. zuckerberg and his wife paid $30 million for those four homes vour surrounding their main house. developers are building half a million square feet of office
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space in north san jose. the building is expected to bring 1,800 new jobs. north san jose has become a go to area for big tech companies to build because they're rubb rg out of space along the peninsula. they say they're working to boost public transportation to handle those new workers. >> it's getting crowded. one final touch for the newest skupt chur. a dramatic finishing touch - on
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a sculpture in san francisco a dramatic finish touch on that sculpture in san francisco. take a look. workers hoisted the head of venus on to her shoulders today. the venus sculpture is located at trinity place apartments, a new high-rise, right next to twitter headquarters. it was the de vision of the developer of the property. he's passed on but his family was there to watch the big moment. that's paul. this is the tallest sculpture now in san francisco at about nine stories high. >> wow. >> pretty incredible. >> a beauty as he should be, right. >> you're seeing, talking about even potential rainfall. >> a few scattered showers here and there across the bay area. that chance continues into tomorrow morning with temperatures in the upper 40s
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and low 50s. come up at 6:00, we're track isolated thunderstorms. >> no such thing as a slow weather week. >> thanks for joining us. tonight, dead heat. our new poll showing donald trump getting neck and neck with hillary clinton. and it's getting nasty. trump's scathing new attack on bill clinton's past. not guilty on all charges. the second trial for an officer in the death of freddie gray, again prosecutors fail to get a conviction. the mystery deepens in search of what brought down that doomed egyptair jetliner. what we've just learned about those final moments as they race to find the critical black boxes. death on everest. four climbers killed in four days. an alarming start to the season on the world's highest peak. and home cancer tests. for one of the deadliest kinds. it's survivable if caught early. tonight, the test that could save your life. "nightly news" begins right now.


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