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tv   Early Today  NBC  May 24, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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coming up on "early today." schools in 21 states, bomb threa threats, but that's not all. donald trump using scorched earth. will lines get any shorter? plus almost 140 million views, chewbacca mania has reached hyper drive. get ready for a fire sale and the tradition continues at annapolis. good morning, i'm dara brown. we begin with a parent's worst nightmare, schools across the u.s. and u.k. were evacuated yesterday after receiving calls of what appeared to be coordinated recorded threats of
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violence. according to news reports, many from an electronically disguised voice. none of the threats were known to be credible. the fbi tells nbc news it is aware of the calls and in touch with local law enforcement to provide assistance. a similar wave of threats disrupted classes in new york, l.a. and other cities in december. the fight for the democratic party rages on. sanders continues to push for one final debate before california's primary. but the clinton campaign says the time for debate something over. clinton declined, saying her time is best on the campaign trail and the threat of donald trump presidency. sanders wasn't too thrilled with that response. this is what he said to a packed santa monica crowd. >> i was disturbed, but not surprised to hear a few hours ago that secretary clinton has backed out of the debate.
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i think, i've got to tell you this, it is a little bit insulting to the people of california, our largest state. >> he then told the crowd that he would march his way into the democratic convention. >> i believe that if we do well here in california, we'll march in with momentum and we'll march out with the democratic nomination. >> in an exclusive interview with the associated press, sanders said it could be messy if democrats don't embrace his supporters. >> i think if they make the right choice and open the doors to working class people and young people, create the kind of things that the democratic party needs, it's going to be messy, democracy is not always nice and quiet and gentle. but that is where the democratic should come. >> you think the convention could be messy? >> so what. democracy is messy. everyday, my life is messy. but if you want everything to be quiet and orderly and allow, you
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know, just things to proceed without vigorous debate, that's not what democracy is about. >> sanders notched a win yesterday by taking five key seats on the platform committee. it will decide the party's agenda into the convention and general election. comes as the latest polls believe the sanders/clinton fight is good for the democratic party and 22 peshs feel it is bad. 55% negative view of clinton and sanders has a positive view of 43%. president obama is the only politician polled with 49% of americans approving of his job performance. the lowest rated american politician in our poll, donald trump, with a 58% negative rating compared to a 28% positive rating. it's hillary clinton that's going after him, hitting him for his lack of sympathy for the
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working class. in a new ad out this morning, she goes after trump over the housing crisis, while trump released an instagram video of his own, attacking the clintons for his history with women. the voices of two women who accused bill clinton years ago. >> i was very nervous. no woman should be subjected to it. it was an assault. i tried to pull away from him. >> that video came out after trump drudged up another controversy, a staffer, vincent. it is the one thing with her, whether it is white water or convince foster or benghazi, it's always a mess with hillary. he calls it possible foul play and very serious, and the circumstances of foster's death very fishy.
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he said he had intimate knowledge of what was going on. all of a sudden, he committed suicide. foster's death remains a conspiracy on the internet. the tsa has seen its first casualty over massive security lines and missed flights. kelly hoggan has been removed as security chief. internal memo obtained by nbc news, he has been the focus of congressional inquiries, was reassigned to new duties. part of a series of moves after hundreds of passengers were stranded as their planes took out at chicago's o'hare airport this month. there are new developments in the investigation of the final moments of that doomed egyptair jet last week. they're now refuting data that it swerved before vanishing from radar. tom costello has the latest.
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>> an effort continues to find the plane, authorities contradicting greek military reports about the final moments, insisting the plane never made erratic turns or descended dramatical dramatically, that it remained on course, until going off radar. meanwhile, u.s. navy p-3 planes have found two debris fields of wreckage and passenger clothing. >> the water is a big space and finding small things in the water is extremely difficult. >> egypt civil aviation minister telling bill neely there is no sign of the plane. >> we're far aware from it. >> what caused the crash, no explanation. if it were a bomb, it wouldn't be expected to fly another seven minutes. if it were an electrical fire, perhaps a more gradual decent. >> we do not rule out something nefarious, but we just don't oh know yet. >> the last automated computer
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messages from the plane including overheat and computer failures, putting the focus on the you'avioncs bay. experts say a fire here could take out critical flight control systems or cause the computers to send faulty signals. meanwhile, an urgent search for the black boxes, thought to be amid the wreckage on the seafloor. 10,000 feet down, with a am you haddy, silty bottom that has swallowed up ship wrecks for thousands of years, the size of connecticut. >> tom costello reporting there. law enforcement officials say virginia governor and long time clinton confidant is being investigated by the fbi, whether his 2013 campaign accepted illegal contributions. they've been investigating him for the past several months,
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looking into if there were illegal contributions. they're especially interested in specific contributions from wang lang, a chinese politician and businessman. foreign nationals are barred from donating to campaigns. he maintains he is a permanent u.s. resident governor mcauliffe released this statement. contributions to the campaign from mr. wang were completely lawful. the governor will certainly coop cooperate with the government if he is contacted. he is also a board member of the clinton foundation. the records show over 100 donors contributed to both the campaigns. this is happening in the same state where mcauliffe's predecessor is appealing a two year prison sentence for public corruption. it's going to cost you to be a happy chewbacca. this video went viral less than a week ago, and 140 million
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views, the mask worn is now the hottest selling thing in the country. these masks are fetching upwards of $500 on ebay. the masks retail for about $30 a piece, but after the video went into hyper drive, the prices skyrocketed after supplies ran out at major toy chains. nbc meteorologist is here, bill karins. >> you want to pay for the laugh. it is not the mask. it's her. talking about severe weather, we're in a pattern through the upcoming weekend, the east will get hotter, and in the west, it will be on the cooler side. not, you know, wintertime cool. worst weather is along i-70, hail producing, thunderstorm heading right over you. today, threat maps does have an enhanced risk, not many strong or even high risk this spring.
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we've actually been pretty lucky so far. today won't be horrible outbreak. a few tornados out of this and some pictures of really large hail. on wednesday, we do it again. spread it further to the north to iowa, minnesota, st. louis, if we're going to get a tornado day this week, likely it will be thursday, heading towards the busy highly populated i-35 corridor, watch that come thursday afternoon. today's forecast, many areas of the west remaining in the 60s and 70s, phoenix, cool, comfortable day. warmer in central washington state than any where else, in oregon or idaho. this weather pattern will stay with us until the weekend.
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welcome back. five people died monday morning, when a small skydiving plane caught fire in hawaii. the crash happened under unknown circumstances. the ntsb plans to investigate. veterans administration secretary, bob mcdonald drawing harsh criticism for seeming to compare veteran wait times to theme parks. >> even at disney do they measure the number of hours you wait in line? or the you know, what's important. what's important is what your satisfaction with the experience. >> mcdonald said the va is developing a new measure to accurately reflect veteran's experiences, but the backlash was swift.
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tammy duckworth said it was tone-deaf. paul ryan tweeted, this is not make believe. veterans have died waiting in those lines. the u.s. naval academy, all about tradition and teamwork, cannon blast, 1,000 freshman monument. working together, they successfully cast the stone with an upper classman hat and a tradition that goes back many decades. well, let's get down to business with cnbc landon dowdy. >> hi there. everything must go. sports authority is launching going out of business sales this week. after announcing it will close all of its stores, the chain filed for bankruptcy three months ago, originally planned to close a third of its locations. americans a addicted to its mobile devices, ten gigabytes, more than double than 2014. wireless companies, good news,
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$200 billion last year. big business. facebook is making changes to its trending topics, following backlash from reports saying it suppressed conservative stories. they say they found no evidence of political bias. among the changes, though, they'll drop reliance such as the "wall street journal" and huffington post. back over to you. >> thanks so much. just ahead, the fines add up in the nba, and rewriting the record book, one homer at a time. sports up next. and i know a thing or two about trading. so i trade with e*trade, where true traders trade on a trademarked trade platform that has all the... get off the computer traitor! i won't. (cannon sound) mobility is very important to me. that's why i use e*trade mobile. it's on all my mobile devices, so it suits my mobile lifestyle and it keeps my investments fully mobile... even when i'm on the move. sign up at and get up to six hundred dollars.
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this morning on "today," did high ranking nfl officials try to influence research football and concussions later today. let's get caught up on sports headlines. good morning, betty. >> good morning. the cleveland cavaliers ice cold in toronto, but it was this that set the cavs in check. even a drive to the hoop in the third for the dunk is blocked by byombo. it put the raptors over the top for the win. the series is tied at 2 apiece. the nba has fined draymond green for kicking steven adams in the groin saturday night. warrior fans, green won't be
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suspended for tonight's game four. almost fined, dante jones, has to paid $80.17, punching diambo on sunday. it is less than 1% of $8,800,000 salary. lebron james picking up the fine for his teammate. got help from david wright with this three-run homer in the third. new york managed to beat washington 7-1, as they come within a half game of the first place nationals. hitting the 569th home run of his career. it was a two run shot and enough to put the angels over the rangers for l.a.'s win. 12th on the all time list with rafael palmero. the dodgers pitched a complete game, striking out seven on just 102 pitches,
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retiring 17 batters. 1-0, final. it was quite a game. i'll send it back to you. >> betty, thank you. just ahead, angelina jolie takes on a new role and it isn't acting. find out who orchestrated this? you're watching "early today." get ready... to show your roots. with root touch up from nice'n easy it blends with leading shades, even salon shades. in just 10 minutes. so pick your shade. and show the world your roots...
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finding dory june 17th. ♪ new aquafina sparkling. lightness and refreshment in perfect sync. aquafina sparkling. for happy bodies. and i can't wait to startlanta telling people how switching to geico could save them hundreds of dollars on car insurance. but first, my luggage. ahh, there it is. uh, excuse me, sir? i think you've got the wrong bag. sorry, they all look alike, you know? no worries. well, car's here, i can't save people money chatting at the baggage claim all day. geico®. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. now to entertainment news. disney released the first teaser
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for "beauty and the beast" live action movie. it has racked up almost 3.5 million views. it hits theaters next march. beyonce got a day, may 23, 2016, as the state's official beyonce day. the influence on young women and positive messages as reasons for the honor. gwyneth paltrow, meeting a fan battling cancer, ryan wilcox was diagnosed with leukemia, paltrow took notice and made it happen. angelina jolie will be a visiting professor, teaching a course on center women peace and security. jolie said she is both excited to teach and learn from the students. stephen colbert crunched the numbers with his audience last
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night on the "late show." . >> according to the "washington post," abc news cheesecake factory poll, voters favored donald trump over hillary clinton 46-44%. but how do you feel about it? okay, 46 to 44, if you do the math, that only adds up to 90%, because the final 10% just kept whispering, "kill me." >> i wonder what a cheesecake factory poll. >> like one name of a poll and now we have the dot, dot, dot poll. >> i think maybe that 10% -- >> that would be more interesting if we could do the ice cream desert poll. >> hot fudge sunday, i'm with you. i'm dara brown, this is "early today." incredible bladder protection
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leading the news, "usa today", iraqi forces may face human shields. in liberating the city from the islamic state group, it gets complicated as reports from residents say the terrorist group is using civilians as human shields. from our nbc affiliate, inmate testifies that drew peterson admitted killing his missing wife and wanted the prosecutor killed. the murder for hire trial against drew peterson claimed the former chicago police officer admitted to killing his fourth wife, stacey peterson. he is serving a jail term for killing his third wife, kathleen
4:27 am
savio. he struck a deal to kill the prosecutor. a baltimore police officer charged with the death of fredd freddie gray has been found not guilty. the judge said there was not enough evidence. the gray family attorney applauded the judge's attorney for not bending to public opinion. nero is one of six officers charged and the second to be tried in the freddie gray case. a friendly war has broken out on the streets of new york and gaining global attention, being called the post-it battle and media firms engaged in an epic game of one up manship as they have the most creative ways of communicating. a catch for fishermen, this grouper weighing 347 pounds. they wound the championship for the second time, taking home $10,000 in prize money. that is a huge group errer. an otter is getting a new start.
4:28 am
this six-week old otter, weighing in at two pounds was found abandoned last week. he was covered in ticks and visibly depressed when he was drooped off. he'll be flown to the wildlife center of kentucky until he can survive on his own. >> otters are the stars of youtube. they float on their back. >> i've seen it i love the animal videos. a look ahead, the scripps national spelling bee, written testing begins today and runs begin tomorrow. 285 spellers compete for the title, including $40,000 in cash, and $2,500 savings bond and a trip to new york. happy birthday to priscilla pressley, 71 today. patty lapel, and bob dylan. i'm dara brown, thanks for
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watching "earl a daring rescue in san jose...
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as home with a family inside goes up in flames overnight... we're there live.... sam//vo and breaking news in san francisco... a person shot and killed in soma... the latest on that investigation is ahead... today in the bay starts right now. ==laura//2shot== good morning - and thanks for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. ==sam//2shot== and i'm sam brock. =4shot= ad lib toss to weather ==kari//cu== checking in on oakland...


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