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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 24, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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right. highway 13 and 580 visible. eastbound 580, reports of a small fire right at the off ramp. sounds like there is a little brushfire going on. there may be a crash related to this. more details from chp. fremont looks good. >> another fire to report about this morning. breaking in yous. flames erupted, collapsing the roof of a san jose home while a family of six people were inside. >> it happened overnight. >> we were talking about avenue b and part of east san jose.
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passing by saw smoke on this roof. banged on the door waking the family getting everybody out. the family dog was even to make it out safely before the roof came down. the fire department left. contractors are here boarding things up to keep things safe until the family can figure out how it is they are going to rebuild. again, the family was sleeping when this fire broke out. this passer-by saw the smoke and got them out of that home. one sad details is this is supposed to be a time of celebration for this family. >> saved many lives.
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5:01. more breaking news out of san francisco. a man was shot and killed in so mania overnight. this happened at 6:00 and ministry. police are not releasing any more details at this point. no arrests have been made in this shooting. police are looking for two men who barged in a home last night. it happened around 9:30. detectives believe the thieves followed the people home. one person suffered a minor injury during that break-in. police are still searching for the suspect. >> the search continues this morning for this man considered dangerous by vallejo police. he is accused of killing his 5-year-old son by setting his house on fire. police say he used an accelerant to start the fire sunday morning. firefighters say neighbors managed to put out the raging fire with a garden hose but it was too late for the 5-year-old
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trapped in the master bedroom. police are trying to track down this father. >> i couldn't speak to his motivations or what he was expecting. obviously, that is a dangerous situation. a rational person would expect in the circumstance you could kill or severely injure someone, which is exactly what happened. >> the boy's mother and another son were injured. medical examiners have identified a man found dead after his minivan crashed into a south bay pond last wednesday. he died at the scene. it wound up in a pond. surveillance video showed that van driving fast by a home seconds before the crash. >> investigators have a critical
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clue after a gun fire. a road rage incident led to shots being fired sunday night in richmond near the regatta boulevard. no one was hit by that gun fire. now chp says the shooter crashed his car into a side post on a surface street. left his bumper at the scene with the license plate attached. there you see the number. investigators are looking for a 2005 volvo license plate 7 enk356. so far no arrests have been made. creating a conversation. last night san francisco's new police chief held an invite-only meeting in the bayview. people are infuriated with the department following yet another deadly officer-involved shooting. tony chaplin said he is working hard to fastrack body cameras and hopes to get use of force policies in the city changed.
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>> where is the community? >> genuine dialogue. i'm hopeful but i'm not sold. >> he plans to meet with the justice department for mario woods coalition and frisco 5. >> 5:05. here come the clintons. bill clinton is headed to the bay area today. tomorrow hillary clinton will join her husband. bernie sanders had agreed to a fox news debate but the clinton campaign turned it down saying she is fully focused on the general election. sanders is disappointed. >> i was disturbed but not surprised to hear a few hours
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ago that secretary clinton has backed out of the debate. >> sanders went on to say chint's refusal is insulting to the people of california. clinton's campaign says her time is best spent meeting directly with california voters. clinton leads sanders in delegate count and popular vote. >> the sharks bared their teeth last night. fans can now almost taste the stanley cup finals. all they are looking for is one more win after the sharks convincingly beat the blues last night. captain joe povalski scored two
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goals last night. warriors are hoping to rebound after getting embarrassed the last time out by the thunder on sunday. >> a bit of good news. he was fined $25,000 but not suspended for tonight's game four. >> nobody can go in my head. >> doves trail thunder 2-1. game four is tonight. tipoff set for 6:00 p.m. >> a lot of people uncomfortable seeing someone get kicked where the sun don't shine.ç
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it starts out with fairly cool temperatures but after a cool start we'll have a pleasant afternoon. mix of sun and clouds. here is a mix of your lunchtime temperature. you'll want to take it outside. we'll warm up into the low 70s today for the peninsula and the tri-valley. >> oakland ain't kicking it because the sun's not shining yet. traffic not a problem around the bay. i'll zoom in toward that brushfire. not much of a commute right now. eastbound near seminary we do have reports of a small brushfire on the shoulder. maybe another car in the area.
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we are waiting for chp updates. this is not a major concern. this is 101 by university. after security line in chicago. changes at the top of the tsa. head of security operations ousted. what might be wrong with your kids' lego set?
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new this morning... ==laura/ots== new clues are being reveal in the crash of egyptair fligh804. an egyptian forensic official at 5:12shgs new clues revealed in egyptair crash 804. human remains have been retrieved from the crash site. that seems to suggest there was an explosion onboard that may have brought the plane down. officials personally examined the remains at the cairo morgue. the plane crashed last thursday on its way to cairo from paris. 66 people were onboard and are all presumed dead. a submarine is scouring the crash site in the mediterranean sea in hopes to finding the plane's black box. a shake-up to report at the tsa after long security lines left passengers stranded at airports across the country. the head of security operations is being replaced. today in the bay tracie potts will join us live from washington with more on what led up to this decision.
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you have to think a lot of angry passengers had something to do with it. >> no question about that. good morning. kelly hogan, a name you probably never heard, but he was in charge of security at the tsa. was. because now law makers on the house oversite committee tell us he has been reassigned. where? we don't know. what we know is that the tsa administrator in a memo named the new acting chief of security darby lejoy who had leadership positions at jfk and l.a.x. two of the biggest and busiest airports in the country. they are turning over the leadership at o'hare where we've seen those long lines recently a few days ago there was a big meeting there. they'll get new leadership and new incident command center set up here in headquarters. tsa has been under fire, not only because of these long lines but a long time now because of mismanagement, according to the inspector general's report,
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security lapses where tests showed weapons and explosives getting through security. of course, frustration with people who worked at the agency. many of them signing on and leaving. we'll see what this internal shake-up changes anything. >> republicans will consider impeaching irs commissioner today. he is under fire for not turning over e-mails and other evidence quickly enough as congress investigates past allegations that the tax agency intentionally harassed tea party groups. he wasn't even irs commissioner at the time. in fact, he was brought in to reform the irs. if the house impeaches him, senate leaders told "the new york times" they will not
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convict him. but even the impeachment would make history. that is a guy in norway reading the terms and conditions of various apps and programs you use nonstop live on the internet now. you know the terms and conditions. you click through without reading. this guy is reading them for you. >> futures are higher this morning. fears over possible right hike weighed on investors. the nasdaq down three to 4765. back to you. >> thank you.
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new study says legos are getting more violent. a joint research study between researchers in new england and -- new zealand and england looked at various parts and found 30% of lego kits have pirate swords to jedi light sabers. the study does not say that is necessarily a bad thing. >> when we were kids we would build into a gun. >> inside into the mind of a young mcgrew. thank you. >> a beyonce show gets held up with threat of a show from the sky above. severe thunderstorms forced the temporary evacuation of the
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stadium at university of minnesota where a beyonce concert was supposed to be held last night. the show did go on. more than an hour later. >> big news here. >> no storms in our front? >> just a slight chance. mainly over the sacramento valley. we are looking at some more clouds as we start out this morning and mild temperatures. nice clear start to the day. here is a look from at&t park for san francisco as we get more light in the sky. you can see there are more clouds in the distance. it's now 57 in the east bay and peninsula and san francisco at 56.
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55 in castro valley. 49 in the north bay. a look at microclimates. temperatures in the 60s and 70s. pretty much where we were yesterday. feeling a little bit warmer in a few spots. we'll once again be tracking that slight chance of a pop-up shower or storm like we had yesterday over the north bay, over the higher terrain. farther off to the east. temperatures start out at 62. 59 by the end of the game winds coming from the west. next five days, our temperature trend will trend above average. even today we'll be up to 70 when the average high is 76. we'll be there on thursday with near average temperatures and continuing to warm up as we go into this holiday weekend. maybe beach plans for some. we'll also have mostly cloudy skies throughout the day as this area of low pressure continues
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to track off to the east. another one dropping in may bring in showers for the sierra. you may need to bring in also the umbrella and tire chains for high elevation snow. looking at highs around the 70 degree mark. mike expecting a sizable commute this morning. >> it's a preholiday week. i think today and tomorrow we'll see a good traffic in the morning commute as folks try to finish up their business and take off early thursday and friday. looking to the rest of the bay, dry right now. speed sensors at green except here. coming out of the altamont pass.
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over here looking at road crews. eastbound direction across the bay bridge. giants play tonight. fremont, road work continues to clean up southbound between thornton. coming up next, you might have a fitbit on your wrist but do they work? according to a new lawsuit, no. how the san francisco bay company is responding to the allegations next. "fit-bit" is facing some heat,
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after getting hit with a class-action
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lawsuit. =vo= the lawsuit says the popular heart rate trackers from the san francisco based company -- are highly fitbit facing heat after a class action lawsuit that says the popular heart rate trackers are, quote, highly inaccurate. the suit is backed by research from cal polypomona which show the fitbit miscalculated heart rates in intense workouts. fitbit called that study bias and baseless saying it lacked scientific rigor. >> what happens when a mistake dramatically changes someone's life forever? the medical board was created to investigate doctors. even when doctors are found to have done something wrong, some never face any discipline and continue to treat patients. tonight at 11:00, we'll introduce to you a man who competed on the race course but says his dreams of running again were shattered after his doctor
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misdiagnosed him. >> it takes away your identity, who you are. >> what are those feelings? >> anger. >> the medical board will not comment on specific cases. but says simply following california's law would set the high standard when a doctor deserves to be disciplined. what does it take to punish a doctor? we'll investigate at 11:00 and why that marathon runner may never be able to compete again. it might be more comfortable than the other options.
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a test for colon cancer might be able to be done in your home. a home screening kit comes in the mail. you ship the samples to a lab for testing. colon cancer can be caught early and treated successfully, but millions of americans pass onç having a colonoscopy. >> experts say cologuard is accurate but not perfect. it's covered by about quarter of private insurers. the quick thinking of a good samaritan to save a family of six. i'm bob redell live in vallejo where the hunt is on for an arsonist. the father who set the fire that killed his 5-year-old son.
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i'm stephanie chuang live in san francisco where bill clinton is said to arrive for the first of a couple fund raisers in the bay area this morning. details plus donald trump releasing a brand-new attack ad.
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good morning. thank you for joining us. >> too many days in the low 70s is like a slight breeze and we start to expect perfection. >> see what we have again today. >> i like this weather. >> i love it. >> i'm not complaining. >> it warms up the next several days. we are getting ready for beach weather in some areas. what to expect today in the bay. morning clouds and a pleasant afternoon. look at those lunchtime temperatures. low to mid 60s, feeling nice and up to about 70 again today south bay and north bay. 72. 66 in san francisco. we'll look ahead to that weekend forecast coming up in a few minutes. mike rushing toward the bay bridge just to wait. >> exactly what goes on. these folks just starting to build up over the last 90 seconds.
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not a problem. that was the bay bridge toll plaza. slowing out of the altamont and clear. >> 5:30. a good spareton woke up an east san jose family from their sleep saving them from a burning home near capital expressway. all six members of the family made it out. parents, kids and grandparents. the fire brought down a part of the roof and the home will not be liveable for a while. red cross is on the scene this morning assisting the family. kris sanchez also at the scene and talked to firefighters how the flames spread so quickly and joins us in about a half hour. the hunt continues for the man accused of killing his own
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son by setting his house on fire. >> bob redell live on this developing story this morning. do police have a motive behind this? >> good morning. we believe that vallejo police know the motive but aren't saying what it is. they are trying to catch this man. this is the 53-year-old father of the 5-year-old boy who was killed in this fire on sunday, a man police consider to be dangerous, and who they believe started sunday morning's fire at the home of 800 block in vallejo. the fire investigator with the help of a k-9 did find an indication of an accelerant he used to burn down his house. neighbors did try to put out the fire before the fire department arrived. the 5-year-old son trapped in the master bedroom could not be saved. >> the mom said, my baby, my
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baby is back there. she came out. she was burning. >> i'm going to miss that big smile every day. it's a hard situation to deal with. >> family tells us the boy's mother is being treated for third degree burns. a teenage boy also burned in the fire was treated and released. there is no sign of the father who police are still trying to capture for the alleged arson of his home and murder of his 5-year-old son. live in vallejo, bob redell, today in the bay. >> thank you, bob. 5:32. the three suspects at the center of the murder of a peninsula man set to appear in court. tiffany lee was arrested for conspiracy and murd were her current boyfriend and friend of the couple. investigators say the three conspired to kill keith green the father of these children. his body was found near highway 101. legal experts say if convicted,
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they could face life in prison without the possibility of parole. >> unless one of the suspects made some admissions or one of the suspects testifies against the other suspects, this is going to be a circumstantial evidence case. >> investigators are not releasing information how green died or role of the suspectses. defense attorney in the sierra lamar case want to move it out of the south bay. antonin garcia torres is accused of kidnapping and killing sierra lamar four years ago. two deputies face criminal charges in connection with an alleged inmate beating last summer. they turned themselves in yesterday. each one is accused in a beating that left inmates severely injured. they each face account of felony
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assault. ruben garcia says two guards gave him a fractured jaw and other injuries. he remains skeptical despite yesterday's arrest. >> i'm not too confident about it because they are in a position where a lot of times it gets swept under the rug or they take an extremely lesser charge. >> garcia only came forward after the investigation into the beating death of michael tyree. three other deputies face criminal charges in that case. >> north bay police officer caught on tape pulling a gun on man filming him is being sued. dave rodriguez is facing a federal civil rights lawsuit. you may recall this viral video from last july. rodriguez was patrolling the neighborhood when he saw the man filming him. that's when rodriez drew his weapon. he eventually put that gun away and left. the man behind the camera filed the lawsuit seeking unspecified damages for physical, mental and
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emotional injury. san francisco's board of supervisors will take on the issue of sanctuary city policy. the board will vote on a proposal to update the city's policy. the ordinance, if approved, would keep local law enforcement out of federal deportation. san francisco sanctuary city policy came under scrutiny following the shooting death of an undocumented immigrant. bill clinton is in town campaigning for his wife and current front-runner hillary clinton. >> stephanie chuang joining us live in san francisco where he will be today. all this coming as donald trump releases new accusatory video targeting the clintons. >> we know mr. clinton is set to be here if downtown san francisco some time this morning. there is the tow-away sign from 7:00 to 11:00 this morning.
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>> no woman should be subjected to it. >> it show as clinton of bill clinton with a cigar in his mouth playing audio of women accusing him of sexual assault ending with a clip of hillary clinton laughing maniacally. trump himself said look at the trouble bill clinton got into with something that was totally unimportant and they tried to impeach him, which was nonsense. clintons said out of addressing the attacks directly. clinton said he could bankrupt america like he bankrupted his companies. democratic rival bernie sanders
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last night in santa monica called out clinton for backing out of the california debate he said both campaigns agreed to several months ago. clinton saying her time is better spent with california voters and focus on the general election. her sights are set against trump and boosting her presence in california. plitt is set to be here at the ballroom this morning. heading down to fremont for a lunch fund-raiser. in san francisco, stephanie chuang, today in the bay. 5:37. animal rights advocates want to make sure people don't end up in hot water rescuing overheated pets locked inside hot cars. they will protect people from
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roesking animals. if you've never been to san francisco idol dolores park, you can rent a spot for a fee. they've started taking reservations. it's $33 for groups under 50 people. turn down a $200 security deposit. reservations available from 10ek to 1:00 p.m. and 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. daily. >> a patch of grass for four. take a live look at the beautiful fan. the new bridge behind us or the old version of the old one.
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temperatures building early this week. >> it's been a cool start to this week. it will warm up over the next several days. today we start out with clouds in spots. we'll get more sunshine later this afternoon. mostly cloudy across the bay in the upper 40s for the north bay. upper 50s for the south bay. a high of 72 in the north bay. in san francisco, 66 and 72 for the south bay. we'll take a look ahead to that warmer weather in less than ten minutes. the commute is pushing toward the san mateo bridge. >> that's the typical pattern. here is 92 westbound over my shoulder. we'll show you the maps. that push does happen on your right. looking at west 580 out of the altamont moving across latitude to the dublin interchange and down to 238 and 880. you see that flowing to union city southbound pass. cut over toward the san mateo
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bridge. no slowing yesterday. we'll look to the south bay. live camera shows northbound 101. over the last ten minutes we've seen this slowing and kick in once again about 6:20. 5:40. neighbors fired up in san jose. development up for debate. why they say they don't want it to be near them. >> what's worse than a drone at an airplane? how about three drones and an airplane? a tragic day in hawaii after two plane crashes, one right after the other, including one that killed five impeachment investigation under way.
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two people who survived a small plane crash in hawaii and had to survive the surf after their plane sank yesterday, the pilot had engine trouble approaching honolulu airport. life guards swam to reach a man and woman hanging from the plane's wing. both suffered only minor injury. >> there was a tragic outcome in a separate crash on the island of kauai. a skydiving plane crashed not far from a small airport.
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centers for disease control is monitoring 279 pregnant women infected with zeka who risk having babies because of the virus. concern is that people will get inspected in the u.s. because mosquito season is nearing. >> 5:44 on tuesday morning. cleanup and pricey after 21,000 gallons of oil spilled. this happened when one of shell's pipelines broke last week. some 50 crew members are on side monitoring air, water and boil conditions and focusing cleaning up that soil. shell doesn't know what caused the pipeline to break. san jose neighbors fired up about a new development they say would block their view of a golf course. the land in question is on the
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east side of san jose municipal golf course. it's a little over 1/2 achor in size. a developer plans to build nine three-story homes on the site. people say the new homes would tower over their condos and hurt property values. >> that's two solid buildings of condominiums that are going to lose their view and they are going to be -- people are not going to want to live in a home where your neighbors are constantly looking in your windows. >> the residents are asking city council to stop the project. leaders could approve the development next month. there is mystery in palo alto after a posting tied to mark zuckerberg. this one is a post that appeared yesterday on the palo alto city website surrounding his house. he purchased four neighboring properties for $30 million on hamilton and edgewood drive. zuckerbergs want to tear down the existing homes and rebuild new smaller homes.
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neighbors are trying to connect the dots. >> is he going to house guests? is he going to sell them to ordinary families who will have a home to live in? is he going to house police there? >> some neighbors wonder how the homes are going to be used and whether it might increase what's already a visible security force in that neighborhood? yahoo melissa meyer is the subject of a training cover story. comparing her to jesus? >> it's strange and tacky, and it's real. take a look. this is the cover, according to one of the "variety" executives who tweeted it out. that is an artist depiction of what the yoo-hoo leader looks like with a y-shaped cross. no resurrection in sight. the cover is in poor enough taste and poor enough design we thought it was a fake, but it's
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published to the internet by the editor in chief of "variety" magazine. it's supposed to hit newsstands today. several british newspapers are reporting a lufthansa flight landing in spain had to dodge not one, not two but three planes on approach. it was a british newspaper because the story back reported the plane had to dodge a drone and it was a plastic bag. >> i'm looking for my family. >> holy neptune. >> the deal which takes effect in september was signed in 2012. pixar movies, "star wars"
5:48 am
movies, they will all be on netflix. i bring this up because netflix stock is up in premarket. >> that is finding nemo? >> that's "finding dory." >> it will not be in hbo, not showtime or anything. netflix. >> might say it's going to make a splash. an orphan baby river otter getting a second chance at life. >> the furry mammal was covered in ticks and visibly distressed.
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something disturbed his family and he was left behind. he'll be flown to a wildlife center in kentucky where he will continue to recover. he will be released back into the wild. good news when it comes to the forecast. >> the weather we had recently continues today. we start out with some clouds in spots and peaks of sunshine and others. let's get a look outside to see what you can expect as you head out the door. here is a look at sunol. i think we are seeing some cloudy skies in spots. at the castro, you can see clouds in the horizon, low clouds there and right above that we have clear skies. we can expect a mix of sun and clouds throughout the morning and afternoon with our temperatures now in the upper 40s for the north bay and upper
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50s south of san francisco. let's drop in on san francisco now. it's 53 in the castro. 54 on the embarcadero. that's what you're feeling as you step out the door. we'll be in the low to mid 60s there. 70s for parts of the peninsula. the south bay low to mid 70s there. seven-day forecast at the bottom of our screen. temperatures start to go up each day with 60s and 70s all across the bay area today. going out to the giants game, not a bad forecast. will be cool and breezy by the end of the game. winds coming into the west 10 to 15 miles per hour at at&t park. over the next five days, look how temperatures go up. this is perfect weather for the memorial day weekend. you want it to feel like summer, right? 72 which is slightly cooler than average. we'll see it trending into the
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low 80s by friday and saturday. still this area of low pressure may create spotty showers for the far north bay and east bay. as we go into the weekend, still this area of low pressure that may stir up showers and storms for the sierra. we'll have slight warming along the coast. temperatures for the weekend looking like the mid 80s for the tri-valley. staying in the 60s in san francisco. you have another crash going on? >> yeah over by the caldecott tunnel. here is the bay bridge. metering lights are on. pretty typical pattern. i'm concerned about westbound 24 out of orinda to the caldecott tunnel. minor crash blocking one lane. no injuries are reported.
5:52 am
they should clear this quickly. a tow truck not on the scene. this happened about eight minutes ago. looking at a slower drive. heading to the bay bridge toll plaza, it's a smooth easy drive. the rest of your bay moves smoothly. we'll give you a live look fremont. no major delays. nothing major as far as bridges are concerned. we look to the north. a smooth flow of traffic southbound. slowing in san jose and none north bay. back to you. >> thanks, mike. sad news to pass along for ice cream lovers. >> larry mitchell was 88 years old. mitchell served ice cream at his parlor on san jose avenue since
5:53 am
1953. he opened the store with his older brother. mitchell's ice cream remains one of the most popular ice cream spots in the city. >> you feel like you're lacking tools to do handiwork around the house? do-it-yourselfers of richmond have another option. people with proof of residency will be able to use the richmond tool-lending library. it will offer tools for home repairs. donations helped that library get off the ground. the hope is by providing residents for access for easy home repairs, home values will go higher. you might call this the crowning moment. >> a crane yesterday hoisted the head of a 92-foot stainless steel sculpture. this happened on what is now the tallest sculpture in the city,
5:54 am
the venus." on market and 8th street. it is about nine stories high. you can't miss it. 5:54 right now. next -- >> $25 million we are not spending on education or health care. >> we investigate dozens of disturbing acquisitions of chp abuse. first, happening now, south bay's teenagers don't need to call uber or lyft drivers friday night. some say it's talent you see every 100 years. we introduce you to a 12-year-old child from oakland ranked the number one person in the u.s. for boxing.
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disturbing details on the isis attacks in syria. a hospital was bombed in a coastal city yesterday. it was one of several deadly attacks in the western region of the country which is a strong hold of president bashir assad. 80 people were killed, human rights groups say 150 people were killed. isis claimed responsibility for the attack. president obama is pressing vietnam to allow greater freedoms for its people. the president on a trip to that
5:58 am
country as part of a push for closer ties with vietnam. secretary of state john kerry is also there. he signed an agreement today that establishes the peace corporate program in vietnam for the first time the peace corps will set up english language trading programs in major cities starting next year. an nbc investigation which discovered millions of your tax dollars have gone to settling lawsuits with chp. >> a breakdown where all this money is going. >> we learned 45 different civil rights cases alleging abuse at the hands of california highway patrol officers. suits that were settled or lost in court since 2006. most of the allegations involve physical or verbal abuse by chp officers against people stopped for traffic violation. in some of these cases, the settlements included no admission of liability by the state of california.
5:59 am
we started digging after uncovered the story ofç a berkeley resident. the then 58-year-old russian truck driver was rendered unconscious after a highway patrol office are subdued him when he would not sign an invalid traffic ticket along interstate 80 west of truckee. the state of california settled that civil rights case for more than $2.1 million. then there is the case of the woman beaten about the face along an l.a. freeway. she got $1.5 million. the pregnant woman hog tied along the side of the road got $250,000. to learn more about all these cases and see an exclusive interview, go to our website and click on the investigative unit. back to you. >> you have a tip for our investigative unit give us a call.
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i'm kris sanchez where a family is forced from their home by a fire but saved to the quick thinking of a good samaritan. plus more breaking news. flashing lights and crime scene tapes surrounding a san francisco neighborhood as police continue their search for a killer. >> a father now on the run after he allegedly set fire to his home killing his own son. what police are telling us about a possible motive behind this unthinkable crime. today in the bay continues now. a very good morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. they say there is no such thing as a good thing. we'll put that to a test today. we had a beautiful day yesterday. >> we start out with clouds. we'll see that clearing out with sunshine later on today. our weather on repeat for a litt


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