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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 11AM  NBC  May 24, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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nbc bay area news begins with breaking news. >> that breaking news right at the top at 11:00, scare in the sky for passengers at los angeles international. pictures just into our newsroom out of l.a.x. passengers from an american eagle plane on the tarmac with bomb sniffing dogs, officers in tactical gear and armored police vehicle positioned behind the plane. the plane arrived in l.a. from houston, tsa received a phone call about a possible bomb threat. good morning, thank you for joining us. i'm scott mcgrew. i'm kris sanchez. watching that story and another breaking story. bill cosby will stand trial for allegedly drugging and sexually assaulting a temple university
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employee at his moment 2004. the lone criminal case amid dozen of accusations that he molested women the 78-year-old actor faces up to ten years in prison if convicted. cosby insists this sexual encounter was consensual and she never told him to stop. he has been a free man on million dollars bail since his arrest in december. the montgomery county case is the only criminal case but kosz by's battling defamation, sex assault, insurance lawsuits in other states. cosby's due for arraignment july 20th. we'll follow two breaking stories. download nbc bay area app and our team will send breaking news alerts to your smartphone. at home, top story search for vallejo father accused of setting a home on fire and killing his own son. >> police are asking the public to be on the lookout but also warning that they believe this is a dangerous man. nbc bay area's bob redell
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joining us. what are the neighbors saying? >> reporter: well, good morning to you. three neighbors tell us there had been a number of arguments in recent months at this home here on the 800 block of stella street. police believe it came to a head this past sunday morning. they say he intentionally set the fire at the home that killed his 5-year-old son. one neighbor says she spoke with the boy's mother who came running out during the fire who told her that he locked the door to the room where their son was located. >> she just said he locked the master bedroom, the baby's in my room, he locked the door. i can't get in. please, help somebody help get my baby out. >> reporter: the boy's mother suffered third degree burns in an attempt to save her child. she is still being treated at a local hospital. her 13-year-old son also suffered burns but was treated and released. people who know the family were,
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they left balloons and wrote messages on the walk in front of the home to remember the 5-year-old who couldn't be saved from sunday morning's fire. we have spoken to three neighbors who heard the mother and father. a number of arguments before, including one woman who says that two weeks ago she saw the suspect and boy's mother get into a physical fight outside their home. >> they were pushing each other around, you know, and he smacked her a couple of times and she smack him right back. so it was sad to see that. >> people in the neighborhood is on just tense here, you know, someone like that need to be put all of pman opower on this guy, everything. >> a fire investigator found indications that an accelerant was used to start the fire. again, allegedly started by
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shoemake, police are looking for the 53-year-old who they consider to be dangerous. back here live, you can see we don't know who these people are, if they're neighbors or family friends leaving flowers, stuffed animals and balloons for the 5-year-old boy killed here early sunday. live here in vallejo, bob redell, nbc bay area news. >> hard to make sense of it all. a 15-year-old recovering in the hospital this morning after being shot by police in santa rosa. investigators say they believe that teen intended to commit suicide by having an officer shoot him. it happened around 11:30, where officers were called by people who say they saw a man with a gun. when officers arrived they say the teen abager pointed his gun the officers. one officer opened fire, hitting the teen in the left foot. the teen taken to the hospital. this is the photo of the gun which turned out to be a replica. police say the teen also penned a suicide note.
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the officer's work with body cameras which were activated and did capture that shooting. >> police are investigating a death at golden gate park. this is video from the scene. police say the body was found near the lake off of 8th street. homicide investigators are questioning people as we speak. >> president bill clinton just wrapped up an event in san francisco all part of decision 2016. it is former president bill clinton's first of several bay area stops to help fundraise for his wife's presidential campaign. >> nbc bay area's stephanie chuang live in san francisco. this comes as donald trump is escalating his attacks on the clintons. the latest ad little to do with the clinton running for president. >> reporter: that's right, scott. good morning to you, and to you, crisp mr. clinton, by the way, speaking to supporters inside. security vehicles are here. the clinton largely refused to
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respond directly to the attacks. are focused on drumming up support for hillary clinton here in california. now, the former president arrived around 10:00 after security insured it was safe. mr. clinton got out, waved to people who stopped to take pictures, he said, hi, everybody and made his way into the building up to the ballroom where dozens of donors had been waiting for an hour, some waited two, to hear him speak. also here, local low-income high school students who have a scholarly promise chosen as part of a program to hear president clinton speak in person. >> the youth are not represented as well as the older folks here, so i think it's great we at this age get to hear from his side and her side. >> i hope the bill will difficult future the negativity and the parties against party and push for us to all learn about what our government's about. >> i'm hoping he will say a lot about hillary clinton, what her
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plans are. >> reporter: mr. clinton's bay area visit comes on the heels of donald trump releasing a new attack ad featuring president clinton ending with the sound of hillary clinton laughing almost ma nigh ackley. he called the assault allegations, quote, unimportant, back in 2008. mr. clinton is inside speaking. he's supposed to be out in ten minutes, then head to fremont for a lunch fund-raiser and mrs. clinton will join him here tomorrow in a private event. meantime, senator bernie sanders will not be debating mrs. clinton ahead of the california june 7th primary. the clinton campaign turned down the debate saying she's fully focused on the general election.
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sanders was clearly disappointed. >> i was disturbed but not surprised to hear a few hours ago that secretary clinton backed out of the debate. >> he did go on to say that clinton's refusal is, quote, insulting to the people of california. sanders made comments during a rally in santa monica. clinton's campaign says her time is best spent meeting directly with california voters. clinton leads sanders in delegate and popular vote. >> police officers raided google's headquarters in paris today. a frienench newspaper reported detectives took part in a dawn raid at the paris offices. google's complex tack arrangements have come under increasing scrutiny in europe. >> the san jose family was saved
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from a house fire. the person was driving by that home on avenue b. when they saw smoke, banged on the family's front door, got six family members out of the house. parents, kids grandparents and the family dog. that home is near capitol expressway and the key. the fire did bring down part of the roof of the house, it won't be liveable for a while. the red cross on scene assisting this morning. >> there's not a lot of information after a deadly shooting over ynight in san francisco. south of market. in is happened at 6th around 11:30. police not releasing details. the victim's i didn't hasn't been released either. no arrests have been played in the shooting. in about two hours, 3 murder suspects accused of killing millbrae man will be in court, and one of the suspects is the mother of the victim's children. tiffany lee was arrested for conspiracy and murder along with her current boyfriend, and a friend of the couple.
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investigators say the three conspired to kill keith green, the father of lee's children. green's body was found near highway 101 earlier this month. legal experts say that if convicted, suspects could face life in prison without possibility of parole. >> unless one of the suspects made some admissions or one of the suspects testifies against the other suspects this is going to be a circumstantial evidence case. those cases are complex but they can be very strong. >> investigators are not releasing information about how green died or the role of the suspects. demolition is nearly complete, another section of the old eastern span of the bay bridge is being taken down today. this is new video of the work that is under way now. crews lowering the third 504 -- 504-foot trust span. the trusts each weigh 400
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tonights lowered on the barges to be taken to the port to be d disassembled. the crews might be able to finish the work today. coming up, yahoo!'s ceo makes the cover of a major magazine in a very strange way. take a look. we'll talk about it coming up, next. >> also, vations not just for the white tablecloth crowd in san francisco. why the city wants you to reserve your next picnic spock at delores park. >> i'm metrologist kari hall. clouds across the south bay and other parts of the bay area with peaks of sunshine today. warming trend coming up. wel.
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it's a great day on the markets. with some confetti. dow industrials up better than 200 points. the nasdaq doing very well. home depot, goldman sachs pushing the markets higher. a magazine cover featuring ceo marissa mayers compares the tech leader to jesus. take a look. this is the cover according to one of the executives to tweeted it out. the end is nigh and that is an artist depekz of what the yahoy! chief looks like um at the bottom, no resurrection in site. the cover is in poor enough taste and design we thought it was a fake but it was published to the internet by the editor in chief of "variety" and it will hit newsstands today. self-british newspapers reporting that a lufthansa
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flight landing in spain had to dodge not one but three drones on approach. we are hoping for independent investigations into this. a british newspaper also reported some time back a plane had to dodge a drone near heathrow, turned out to be a plastic bag. looking for my family. >> are you crazy? it's too dangerous. >> mommy in. >> holy neptune. >> netflix blocking about its deal with disney for exclusive access to upcoming movies. the deal which takes effect in september was signed way back in 2012. pixar movies, "star wars," marvel, superhero movies all on netflix own to start, not hbo. netflix stock is up 5% this morning. we think it's because of this news. the truth is, this deal got signed years ago. netflix happened to mention it.
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yeah, but people don't buy mother's day cards until saturday. it just didn't register. >> changes are coming to twitter. the social media service says, in the coming months, photos, videos, will no longer count in its 140-character limit. a person's twitter handle also will no the count against the limit either. twitter's hoping the changes reignite user growth. now to an investigative unit exclusive. we all make mistakes at work but what happens when that mistake dramatically changes somebody's life forever. the state medical board created to investigation and discipline doctors accused of mistreating patient but was we descovered even when doctors are found to have done something wrong, some never face dismennary action and get to continue treating patients. tonight, we will introduce you it a man who spent his life
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competing on the race course, but he says his dreams of running again were shattered after his doctor misdiagnosed him. >> devastating. it takes away your identity, who you are. >> what are those feelings? >> anger. anger. >> that word is anger. the medical board will not comment on specific cases, but says it simply follows california law which sets a high standard for when a doctor deserves to be disciplined. so, what does it take for the state to actually punish a doctor? we investigate tonight at 11:00. we explain why that marathon runner may never be able to compete again. if you have a tip for investigative unit, give us a call 888 ht 996-tips or the
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unit. fitbit facing a class action lawsuit that says its wearable health monitors aren't accurate and now the court may see some hard evidence. lawyers are to the plaintiffs paid for a research study by cal poly pomona that shows fitbits miscalculate heart rates during intense workouts. fitbit called the study biassed and baseless and says it lack the scientific rigor. firefighters making good progress on the mets' fire burning near sole dad in monterey county. the fir, burned through 4,000 acres, is now 70% contained. the fire started sunday, the cause is under investigation. >> animal rights activists want to make sure that people don't end up in hot water rescuing overheated pets stranded inside locked cars. the humane society is organizing a gathering in sacramento today and supporters meet with lawmakers about the bill that would protect citizens from criminal and civil penaltieses
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for damaging and entering cars if trying to rescue animals. three other states already have similar law. san francisco's delores park has brought back the reservation program for large groups. >> this comes as the park reopened after renovation. talking 33 for groups under 50 people which is far less than what other cities charge. san jose, for example, charges upwards $150. to picnic at delores you have to pointny up 250 deposit. the parks should be free for everyone always. >> of course, if you're going to sit down on a blanket, that's still free. >> if you're trucking in -- >> 55 other people -- >> i don't think you're sitting. probably snacking. is it a good day to bring every single one of your friends to the park? >> yeah, why not? it's gorgeous. this is the kind of weather we've had past couple of days and there's no change as we go into the next couple of days looking at a mix of sun and
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clouds to start out the day and more sun into the afternoon. here's a live look at golden gate bridge. we have breaks in sun peeking through. it's comfortable. temperatures have been running cooler than average. as we get a look from sunol. you see more of the same. the clouds are lifting and we are getting some sun starting to come on through. temperaturewise, 67, one of the warmer spots in palo alto. san jose, 64, and upper 50s for san francisco. and we will see a mix of sun and clouds and a pleasant afternoon. your lunchtime temperatures will be in the 60s. and as you drive home from work, low 70s in spots like the north bay, as well as the south bay. and san francisco up to 66 degrees. winds are coming in on shore. it will be quite breezy later on. winds coming in from west at 10, 15 miles an hour and it does start to come down as we go into toernts. we'll do it all over with the
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same weather with highs reaching into the 60s along the coast, low to mid-70s for the south bay, and san francisco, a high of 66 degrees on the embarcadero. low 70s for santa rosa, and concord, 73 degrees. livermore, about the same, as you head out for the giants game this evening, it will be a nice evening out at at&t park. temperatures will be dropping down into the upper 50s. and it will feel cool with breezy winds kicking in from the west once again at 10, 15 miles an hour. we have had a cool start to the week, and looking at where we should be in livermore, the average is 76 degrees. up to 72 degrees, still cooler than average for the end of may for wednesday. and then the rest of the week it starts to warm up and looking like a nice weekend as this area of low pressure continues to move inland. we'll also have a slight chance of pop-up showers and thunderstorms, mainly over the north bay, and farer off to the east. we saw that yesterday. still a slight chance of rain
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today. another low dropping in as we go into the rest of the week and that could spark off showers are to the sierra and high elevat n elevations snow. put that in the plan as you head for the memorial day weekend. in the bay area, temperatures warming up as high pressure nudges in from the west. highs will be reaching into the 70s for the peninsula as well as east bay. 60s for san francisco. north bay as well as the tri-valley and the south bay. seeing highs making it into the low to mid-80s. feeling definitely like summer. as we have an uninitial start of summer happening this weekend. the microclimate forecost coming up later. what will you pay for privacy? mark zuckerberg is dropping serious cash. the price he's paying for properties around his home. first, happening now, reason arc park man is suing a man and police officer for pulling a gun on him taking a video in front of his house. he claims his freedom of speech
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and right to assemble were violated. see the whole encounter on our facebook page. we're tweeting about sports authority's decision to close all of its stores nationwide. the final going out of business sale expected to start this weekend. we're back in two minutes. sleepiq technology give you
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save $500 on the memorial day special edition mattress with sleepiq technology. only at a sleep number store.
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welcome. san jose neighbors worried a condo development will block their view of the golf course. a developer plans to build nine three-story town homes east of the municipal golf course in san jose. people say the new homes would tower over their own and hurt the property value. >> two solid condominiums will lose their view. people will not want to live in a home where neighbors are constantly looking in your windows. >> the residents are now asking the city council to stop that project. city leaders could approve the development as early as next month. how much would you pay for your privacy? for mark zuckerberg, the answer was $30 million. that's what the facebook ceo -- cofounder spent to buy up four homes surrounding his palo alto property. this morning we know what he's going to do with all of those homes. and nbc bay area's peggy bunker has more. >> what is he going to use them
11:27 am
for? >> reporter: muck zzuckerberg's neighbors say they understand the privacy concerns. but when they spent several million spending buying homes they did worry how it would impact the neighborhood. plans were posted that show the zuckerbergs want to tear down four existing homes and rebuild new ones. new homes that are smaller, not bigger, than the old ones. >> what is going to use them to houseguests? sell to ordinary family whether will have a home to live? is he going to house employee there's? >> the president of the neighborhood association says, how the new properties are used could increase the already vis ibl security in the neighborhood. >> the omni presence of a large security force is somewhat strange. >> reporter: peggy bunker, nbc bay area news. we need accountability of all levels of law enforcement. >> calls for accountability
11:28 am
after we find taxpayers shelling out millions of dollars to settle civil rights cases against chp officers. we investigate where your money's being spent and talk to the state's top chp commissioner to see what he's doing about it. ♪ hey!
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♪ they go ooh ooh. ♪ hey! ♪ they go oh-ooh-ooooh. ♪ sitting, watching, waiting, wishing. ♪ ♪ i tell you one thing, you never knew it. ♪ ♪ at the back of the bus ♪ there is so much to give, so dream big. ♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪ ♪ all i wanna hear is get down, get down. ♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪ ♪ all i wanna hear is get down, get down. ♪ ♪ get down, get down.
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a man sent to the hospital after a chp officer physically subdued him will not been getting nearly $2 million from state of california. >> we first exposed the incident and the fact that the officer involved remains on the job. but it's what we discovered after about that financial payout that is upsetting a lot of people. senior investigative reporter stephen stock has the inside
11:31 am
story. >> chris single case prompted us to ask more questions. we wanted to know, how many civil rights lawsuits like this had been settled by the chp. and how many of your tax dollars were involved. we sat down with a man in charge of california's highway patrol to get some answers. we want to warn you, some of the pick doors in the story can be hard to watch. >> reporter: these photos show the aftermath of a traffic stop on a remote stretch of i-80 west of trugicking. they show the 58-year-old russian truck driver unconscious, hands cuffed behind his back during a traffic stop. after he stopped breathing he had to be flown to a level i trauma center because he refused to sign invalid traffic ticket. even two years after the near-fatal incident, the berkeley resident still could not talk about it.
11:32 am
but public records speak to what happened. after four years of litigation, the state recently settled out of court, costing taxpayers more than $2.1 million, $1.7 million going to the family. but that's not all. we reviewed state records for similar lawsuits alleging mistreatment at hand of highway patrol officers. in the last ten years, there were a total of 45 cases costing taxpayers more than 25 million. some of those settlements included no admission of liability by the state of california. >> [ bleep ]. >> my gosh. >> reporter: $1.5 million to this woman seen on cell phone camera video apparently being beaten in her head and face next to a los angeles freeway. >> get off the phone. >> reporter: another $250,000 to this woman who was two months pregnant when officers hog tied her on the side of the road. >> it indicates we're wasting taxpayers' money. >> reporter: the state senator reports the east bay.
11:33 am
as chairman of the state public committee, she's been raising the issue for years. >> think of what it says about the impact on that truck driver's life. he will never be the same. >> reporter: our investigation found that the officer in the case still remains with chp, as do, according to state employees' salary data for 2015, 33 of the 53 highway patrol officers named in the settlements we found. >> one of the most important jobs in america, perhaps the world, is that of the law enforcement profession. >> reporter: chp commissioner joseph ferrell acknowledges a rift between many communities and law enforcement. it's a gap, he says, chp is working to close. >> the more information i provide, i think, the better off we are at the very end of the day. >> reporter: the commander says dramatic decline in citizens' complaints demonstrates progress. >> everything we do should be to the best of our ability, should not have bad days while on the
11:34 am
california highway patrol. >> the state paid out more than $25 million. is that too much? >> to the ample person, that is a lot of money. it's a lot of taxpayer money for you to do that. we contact millions and millions of people. if you multiply that over the ten years we're talking about, do you learn from these mistakes? do you change training? >> i think you may assume nothing was done, no training, no lessons learned. and i don't think that's true at all. >> reporter: how do you convince the public when they don't know, when they're not told? >> within our organization, i think a lot of things are being done there's a lot of training conducted and that's important for people to understand. one doesn't always see the end result. you can't assume nothing is done. >> reporter: we have to take commissioner pharaoh's word for it because the way the law currently reads in california, all disciplined, retraining, even firings, remain secret. blacked out from public scrutiny. >> we need accountability at all levels of law enforcement.
11:35 am
>> reporter: that's what most bothers critics such as the caclu's mckayla davis. the public can't find out whether the officers were investigated internally. >> the department must have had serious concerns with the officer's behavior in that case. what we need to do is make sure the public is able to see what action the department took to correct that behavior and to punish that officer. >> to know nothing is to breathe suspicion. >> reporter: that's exactly why state senator mark leno wants the records made public. you think $25 million is a lot. >> $25 million that we're not spending on education or health care. >> reporter: senator leno is sponsoring a bill to release all records about sustained complaints about police officers to the public. >> we've got to make changes. more information is better. transparency is a positive thing and results in greater safety,
11:36 am
greater trust, better communities. >> although similar attempts to change the law have failed before, senator leno believes the time is right now to pass these reforms. the son told me his father still struggles to cope and the son does not believe the $1.75 million civil settlement that the family got is enough. the son believes criminal charges should have been filed against the officer involved and the officer should no longer be working the streets. as or the officer, he's declined our offers about the case. >> where the state pays out and the officer is disciplined we can't see that that's happened? >> at all, we have -- >> the state paid out. >> exactly right. that's what senator leno wants to change, so we can have transparency here. and this is just the ones they paid out. there are other lawsuits alleging civil rights violations still being litigated in court.
11:37 am
that's the big question, the se cre secrecy, we don't know when they were fired, given a day off, given sensitivity training. >> you would think the chp say we can't do that. but other state dozen it differently. >> texas, florida, north carolina, ohio, pennsylvania, lots of state dozen this. >> it's not armageddon. >> and it's transparent. these are great questions. and the fact of the matter is, there are a lot of law enforcement officers that tell me we want this because when there's a few bad apples they're hidden away, and nobody knows what happens to them. >> thank you. >> if you have a tip, give us a call 888-996-tips or e-mail to the unit@nbc bay area dorm. more trouble for deputies at santa clara couldn't 0ty jail. two more deputies facing charges with an inmate beating last
11:38 am
summer. the two turned themselves in yesterday. each is accused in a beating last july that left an inmate severely injured. the former inmate ruben garcia says two guards gave him a fractured jaw and other injuries. both face one count of felony assault. garcia only qacame forward afte beating death that left three other krecorrectional deputies facing criminal charges. the family of a bear area man who died during an arrest -- james grier pulled over driving erratically after they took two steps back and then the officers attackled him. >> he got shocked and was concerned when he realized how many officers were on scene. he was told to complete the sobriety test, took two steps back, questioned what was going on and quickly wrestled to the ground. i'm want police held accountable for what they've done and the
11:39 am
part they took in his death. >> officers used a taser on degree self-times. he died at a hospital. family says officers used excessive force. you see the tackle. the county coroner says he died of pcp intoxication combined with physical exertion. creating a conversation between law enforcement and the community. last night san francisco. new police chief held an invitation-only meeting in the bayview. people in the community are angry with the department following another deadly officer-involved shooting. the acting police chief told the crowd last week's shooting is still under investigation and he's working hard to fas-trak body cameras. he hopes he can get use of force policies changed. some were grateful, others say invitation-only meeting isn't a good start. >> where is the community. >> genuine dialogue.
11:40 am
i'm hopeful but i'm not sold. >> chaplain plans to meet with justice for mario woods coalition and the frisco five. >> investigators have a critical clue after the latest gunfire on an east bay freeway. road rage led to shots being fired near theo regatta exit. nobody hurt. but the shooter crashed his car into a traffic sign and left his bumper at the scene with the license plate attached. investigators looking for this. it's 2005 volvo sedan. no arrests have been made. fighting zika at the pool. we break down whether insect repellents work. >> get ready for warmer temperatures as we head toward the end of the week and we'll get more sunshine. i'll detail that coming up in the microclimate forecast.
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there are new questions about the level of protection that those popular mosquito repellants provide to you and your family. many of the most popular repellants provided an hour or less of protection. >> that is experts warn zika
11:44 am
could come to the continental united states. nbc's tom costello reports. >> reporter: the warning this morning from health experts mosquitoes potentially carrying the zika virus could be months or weeks away from spreading on the u.s. mainland. >> they can complete development in as little as a bottle cap full of watt. i've raised 250 mosquitoes in this frisbee. >> reporter: university of maryland bug expert michael ropp is warning mosquitoes could appear across florida, gulf coast, the american heartland. >> this is a problem we must face. puerto rico is already having a significant problem. >> reporter: the advice from experts especially with women who are or could become pregnant, cover up or wear bug repellant. 16 popular repellants to the test, many wore off west nile carrying deer ticks, more than a third tested an hour or less against mosquitos that could
11:45 am
spread zika. four provided a half hour of protection on average. overall testing found plant-based bug sprays whose all natural appeal makes them popular with pregnant women were not as effective. >> in you wanted to go with a natural product, oil lemon eucalyptus is the best choice. >> reporter: "consumer reports" says most effective repellants it tested including ben's 30% deet tick. experts recommend 15 to 30% deet in any repellant a level safe for pregnant women. professor ropp has advice for the backyard. >> dump the wheelbarrow, dump the bird bath twice a week. get rid of flowerpots, train that gutter. >> tom costello reporting. your honey-do list got really long. the best way to stop zika through stop of mosquitoes,
11:46 am
eliminating standing water. mosquito bites, both during day and at night, inside and out. protect yourself at all times. for vaccine, researchers are months away from a trial vaccine and a wide rollout could be two years away. >> i hadn't thought of the flowerpot. bird baths but you can see that gathering -- >> it could be a little -- the saucer, the area of the saucer. >> we don't have that much standing water all around. it's been a while since we've had a good downpour. and i don't think it will happen with any time soon. >> sprinklers. >> you have to worry about that, too. some things to keep in mind. as we head into the next several days, we're all heading outside a little bit more, we are taking a live look now at sunol. you see the clouds dotting the sky and it's a beautiful day, we've in. >> reporter: enjoyed nice weather. microclimates, the mix of sun
11:47 am
and clouds and temperatures that feel cooler than average, we're still in the mid-60s and highs today reaching 70 in the peninsula. and 72 degrees in the south bay. east bay up to 68 degrees and 70 in the tri-valley. we are watching for the potential of a spotty shower or storm mainly farther to the north and to the east. that's what we have yesterday. we'll have to see if any drifts into the bay area. as we break it down, going hour by hour, we'll be in the upper 60s to low 70s through the afternoon. once again we see the sun peeking through the clouds. we head down into the 50s. high of 76 degrees expected in gilroy. upper 60s along the coast. and in the san francisco. 70 mill valley, hayward and also 70 today in pdublin. our temperatures will be going up. looking at the south bay, 70 degrees today. average high is 76 degrees. we will not meet that until
11:48 am
thursday. to warm up for the next several days, friday, up to 78 degrees. 83 degrees on saturday. you can see the seven-day forecast at bottom of the screen. not a lot of rain in there. even though we have this area of low pressure, that is just along the coast, starting to move inland, that may be once again just enough energy to spark off a few showers to the north and to the east of the bay area. and if you're traveling outside of here, you'll most likely during the afternoon encounter some activity over the sierras. it's been going over the past couple of days with pop-up showers and storms, high elevation, light snow and then as we go into the weekend, that continues. bay area warming up as high pressure starts to nudge in. looking at weekend forecast, we get ready for the memorial day holiday weekend we'll be in the 60 in san francisco. 69 on saturday in san francisco there. 75 in the peninsula. and some low 80s for the north
11:49 am
bay as well as tri-valley and south bay. warmer and sunny weather continues with no significant rain chances anywhere in this forecast. we'll keep an eye on that for you and also help make within plans. make sure you keep checking in on that. back to you. coming up, president obama making history in vietnam on his trip. the big change for the peace corporation.
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that's a pair of plane crashes in hawaii. one of accidents leaving five people dead. happened monday. >> nbc's miguel almaguer has the
11:52 am
report. >> reporter: when rescue teams reached the first accident, a small single engine plane, it was scattered in pieces near the portalen airport. four victims pronounced dead at the scene. a fifth person rushed to the hospital, did not survive. the plane was carrying two skydive instructors, two jumpers, and a pilot. billowing smoke could be seen for miles as locals rushed to the scene. this morning it's unclear why the cessna suddenly went down. >> most tragic thing is a loss of life. five people lost their life today and of course we're hoping that we can get as much information as we can off to the families. >> reporter: two hours later, off the shore of oahu, a second small plane gets into trouble, a beechcraft sun downer, reporting engine problems before plunging into the ocean. the pilot and passenger not seriously injured, rescued by
11:53 am
scrambling lifeguards not far from honolulu. two small planes, two accidents, separated by two hours. this morning ntsb is investigating. mickell almaguer, nbc news. president obama is pressing vietnam to allow greater freedoms for its people. the president is on a trip to vietnam for part of a push for closer ties with the country. john kerry is also there, he signed an agreement today establishing the peace corporation program in vietnam for the first time. the peace corps will set up english language training.
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could corporate logos appear in our national park? the park service is considering a plan that would allow donors to discretely display logos on portions of park properties. the move that would boost the agency's tight budget. some groups calling the plan a dangerous intrusion of private interests on the public land. the national park service oversees more than 400 sites around the country. i don't know, a nice lincoln car logo at the bottom of president lincoln, no? >> what about a gun manufacturer at yellowstone, hunting? >> i don't know, but where do you draw the line? where do advertisements stop? >> what's tasteful or discrete?
11:57 am
who decides? >> we'll have to see. >> maybe they think avaya stadium. >> talk about avaya. check in with and cari. >> the giants game, logos all over the park there. and advertisements. first pitch 62 degrees cool and breezy. clouds moving in by the end of the game. we also have a lot going on all across the bay area, mix of sun and clouds and the sun peeking out as we go through the day. looking at oakland, we'll see once again the same pattern, morning clouds, sunshine, and clouds move back in as temperatures drop back into the 50s later this evening. >> thanks. >> thanks for joining us. next newscast tonight at 5:00. >> latest information all day >> a good day.
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♪ so raw and emotional. >> nile nails it again with a stunning contemporary dance. welcome to "access hollywood live." >> did you see the peta move. she


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