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tv   Early Today  NBC  May 25, 2016 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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it's wednesday, may 25th. coming up on "early today," donald trump rally in new mexico brought them out in force. is this a sign of things to come? massive tornado ripped through the midwest, spawned by severe thunderstorms. america's one time dad turned defendant, and facing a possible prison sentence if convicted. plus, muscle cars put to the test. which one is the safest? newly crowned winner of "the voice." "early today" starts right now. good morning, i'm dara brown. a violent overtook the streets of in albuquerque new mexico, set fires, threw rocks outside
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of a donald trump rally there. police officers responded in force, tossing smoke canisters and spray to try to disburse them. officers are being treated for injuries. at least one protester has been arrested. here is what some protesters told nbc's hallie jackson. >> donald trump cannot come to our city after calling us racists, lies. he is not in the spirit of people, and spirit of democracy and spirit of the promise. we all have certain ailable rights, and he acts like they only belong to the people who support him. >> what we're protesting is the hate from donald trump and anything in his policy. manning muslims, hating immigrants, hating women, calling mexicans rapists. you're in new mexico, and what do you expect the mexican community to act like. >> a trump senior advisor
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responded, punks in albuquerque on route to california, they don't eep know what they're protesting. it should be noted the governor was not at last night's rally, saying in a statement, she was too busy to attend. all of that as trump remains delegate as way from officials taking the nomination. he won the washington primary last night. and while clinton is poised to also win washington's primary, it won't give her any delegates. they already awarded their delegates based on the caucuses in march. it comes as clinton and trump with new mud slinging. trump saying the clintons were involved in the suicide of vince foster. clinton released this new ad going after trump for the housing crisis. >> i sort of hope that happens,
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because then people like me would go in and buy. if there is i bubble burst as they call it, you know, you could make a lot of money. >> clinton is expected to double down on trump's housing record at campaign events today, but not before she enlisted the help of senator elizabeth warren who went after him on the housing issue. >> donald trump was drooling over the idea of a housing meltdown, because it meant he could buy up more property on the cheap. what kind of a man does that? what kind of a man roots for people to get thrown out of their house. a small, insecure, money grubber, who doesn't care who gets hurt so long as he makes a profit off of it. >> as clinton and trump wage their war of words, bernie sanders made steps to try to take the june 7th california primary. sanders campaign advisor, tad devine says the campaign is releasing a barrage of ads
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throughout the state, costing $1.5 million, set to air this morning. now to some extreme weather in the plains. severe thunderstorms that spawned several tornados in western kansas. authorities say two people were critically injured tuesday when it struck near dodge city. storm chasers captured it on video, including the moment one started pulling apart a home. >> hold up. it's falling apart. >> oh, no. >> there is no word on the extent of the damage to that structure. the national weather service warned resident as head of time to take cover. meanwhile, they got two toward each other. it caused significant damage to a landfill building and other homes and structures. meanwhile, about an inch of large hail coated streets in the denver area tuesday. nbc meteorologist bill karins
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will have more in just a few minutes. bill cosby's slow motion fall from grace under sexual allegations took a more serious turn tuesday. he is ordered to stand trial on criminal sexual assault charges. the icon is facg s date. >> reporter: cosby is fighting criminal charges that he sexually assaulted former temple university employee andrea constand in his pennsylvania home. in court, a former detective read a statement she gave police in 2005, detailing what she said happened the night of the assault. cosby invited her over for
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dinner, according to the statement. offering her wine and unspecified pills. he urged me to take them. constand told detectives it made her dizzy. i got scared and i thought i was having a bad reaction to something. i had no strength in my legs. cosby then started to inappropriately touch her under her shirt and pants as she slipped in and out of con shunness. she told detectives that when she came to, my bra was up by my neck. cosby gave to police a statement in 2005, he admitted sexual contact occurred, but said it was consensual. his defense attorney called constand's story inconsistent. >> the evidence presented in a montgomery county courtroom oh confirms william cosby is not guilty. >> reporter: it is the only criminal case against cosby, but multiple lawsuits. more than 55 women accused him
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of sexual misconduct. cosby has repeatedly denied them all. some of those accusers could potentially be called to testify in the andrea constand case. >> this case could be won or lost based on if other women are allowed to speak at this trial. >> reporter: heidi thomas could be one of them. >> this is our case. i don't get a chance to face him in court for me. so andrea constand is doing it for all of us. myself included. >> reporte >> the judge has set an arrangement date for the 20th. muscle cars, the first time ever, the insurance safety top selling through a series of crash test. 2016 chevy camaro, ford mustang and dodge challenger, none of them earned a poor rating, none performed well enough to earn a top safety pick rating, either.
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the ford mustang did the best. 52 years in prison facing, after a daring highway escape caught on camera. watch, as she throws her car into reverse and plows into a police cruiser. deputies stopped and planned to impound her car, because she lacked a license and insurance. she injured her mother and two deputies. she now faces five felony charges and decade bess hind bars. nbc meteorologist bill karins is here with more. >> how about those tornados, western kansas, they did a little damage, but could have been a whole lost worst. they're all dissipate and now we're waiting strong storms in arkansas and oklahoma. some of those storms all the way north up into minnesota. it will weaken and then another round later today. here is where the threat map
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looks. 17 million people at risk from minnesota to texas, the heart of that area, right here in the central plains from kansas city, wichita through missouri and then upwards through des moines, one of those areas that could get hit hard. not a lot of tornados, thankfully, not like yesterday. we're going to do it all over again. we reload and another storm system into thursday. out here in areas of kansas and western oklahoma. the other story, the incredible warmth out there across the east. this was a very cool spring. now up in the 80s and 90s throughout the region. first taste of the summer heat. you had the warm spring, but now the cool weather is with you. temperatures in the 60s, san
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tuesday afternoon. the train they were riding lost power when electrical cable broke. riders were eventually led to the elevated track where they walked to buses. a little higher and definitely not afraid. the navy's blue angels, tight formations and hair pin turns. it is sure to be a breathtaking sight. papal co founder is reported to finance hulk hogan's against gawker media. briefed on the arrangement, forbes report that the billionaire is the ex wrestler's legal funds. he has an animosity, who outed him as gay from 2007. he won $140 million lawsuit for invasion of privacy. in st. petersburg, florida, he smashes a quartering game
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losing several times. he grabs the coins and walks out. they're looking for the sore loser. let's get down to business, good morning, landon. >> hi, dara, good morning to you. toyota is taking a ride with uber. they're investing an unspecified amount with the popular ride sharing service. $100 million, the companies will let them lease cars with monthly payments with some of the money they earn through uber. apple is working on a powered speaker with compete with amazon's echo, creating apps. advantage over echo, in that it is multi lingo, and echo can do a lot, too. building on tuesday's rally, raising 200 points, market jumping on a rebound in tech and bank stocks.
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this morning on "today,"
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jeff rossen investigating pot candy, children ingesting left with in reach. let's over to betty nguyen. good morning. >> good morning, dara. after a record setting 73 wins in the regular season, the golden state warriors are a single game away from being eliminated from the playoffs. oklahoma city wins to an easy win, 118-94. three games to one lead. russell westbrook led the way, game five is tomorrow night in oakland. perfect 8-0, washington crushed matt harvey and the mets with the help of five homers. final in d.c., 7-4. seattle now, one man on, here is the pitch. >> fly ball! go, go, go!
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there it is! there it is. >> nine run, game winner. also consecutive hit streak to nine. will be the recipient , battlin lieu ke leukemia. fans wore the special brightly colored socks in his honor at last night's warrior/thunder game. of course, dara, we want to wish craig steiger all the best. >> thanks so much. "the voice" crowning a winner. crew baka -- chewbacca, up next. . tomorrow is not a given.
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and chicken. at panera. food as it should be. now to entertainment news, the voice crowned its winner last night, allison porter took home the big win. chewbacca masked mom, isn't that awesome, she stopped by yesterday to hang out with a real life chewbacca. the video is the most watched facebook live video of all time. >> can you see her on jimmy
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fallon? >> she's not done yet. 36-year-old ryan collins pleaded guilty to a hacking gays, he wgay. he hacked the accounts of several female celebrities, including jennifer lawrence and kate upton. he remains in custody and could face five years in federal prison. paul mccartney taking a approach for his new project. it will be marketed with six virtual reality documentaries. it will be released on june 10th. i like that he is staying innovative. jimmy fallon took bralake shelton out for the first time to try sushi. >> i can't do it. i can't do it.
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>> come on, you don't want to be that guy. >> that was delicious. >> now, that was a shot with a live fish, right? >> i don't know. sea urchens. >> i'll do the mahi. >> no, not good. i'm with jimmy on that one. i'm dara brown, and this is "early today." 'kay, babe, i think we should head north, past the park. 'kay. oh, hit up jimmy's for some chicken and waffles. oh, and those truffle fries. truffle so good. it's less than a mile. come on, we can do better than that.
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leading the news on nbc donald trump rally turning violent. protesters burning flags and throwing rocks. several officers injured, and one arrest was made. smoke and what appears to be pepper spray was used to push back the crowds. usa today, five arrested in irs impersonation scams, living in the miami area. allegedly responsible for almost $2 million in fraud schemes, affecting more than 1,500 people. the search continues for more suspects in the nationwide scam. the justice department announced that it will seek the death penalty against dylan roof. nine people killed last year at
4:27 am
the church in charleston, south carolina. he faces a 33 indictment, including nine murders, three attempted murders, as well as hate and religious crimes. the trial is set to begin next january. prosecutors say they'll pursue the death penalty. cdc says 15% of americans smoke. it has been on the decline for decades. nearly half a million americans die from it each year. experts say the decline is due to increased public awareness. these tweets are from students and parents outraged at a plan to ban skinny jeans. the proposal is linked to larger girls getting bullied for wearing tight jeans, but many are asking why the school system won't focus on anti-bullying tactics instead. the dallas zoo celebrating the arrival of a new african elephant. the male calf is one rescued in march, and it is standing 3 feet tall.
4:28 am
it's so cute. >> look at the mom. >> yes, 175 pounds. she has been nursing and vocalizing as expected. he doesn't have a nim yet. the zoo hopes to reflect his african heritage. >> they take the first steps, you know, they are a little lighter. elephant has girth to them. >> they do. but they take the little wobbly steps. really cute. looking ahead, tsa shake-up, facing a grilling this morning by the house homeland security committee. peter neffenger will be fielding questions about the long lines and his decision to reassign and not fire. octavia spencer, 46, and mike meyers of wayne's world and snl fame turns 53 today. i'm dara brown, along with bill
4:29 am
karins. thanks for watching. i hope you have great wednesday. where a fire rips through
4:30 am
several stores at a strip m ==laura /team coverage== let's get right to our live t breaking news in santa kara where a fire rips lou several stores at a strip mall. >> let's get right to our team coverage this morning of that fire, today in the bay chris sanchez is at the mall, what is the very latest? >> reporter: good morning to you, lawyer. >> reporter: -- laura. >> reporter: you see behind me the huge flames earlier are gone. we keep hearing the sound of the building collapsing inside. right now we can count, one, two, three, four, five water st


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