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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 25, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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where a fire rips through several stores at a strip mall... ==laura /team coverage== let's get right to our live team coverage of that fire this morning... today in the bay's kris sanchez is at that mall... kris, what's the latest. == kris/live== take vo == kris/live== ==kris tosses to mike== ==mike//traffic h set== . >> laura sanchez is livety scene of the fire. >> reporter: if you look straight behind me, this is what started in an l-shaped building that houses about 12 businesses here. the four appears to be out in the middle building where the fire started and to the left in the indian restaurant next door.
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if you go to the right-hand side, will you see the corner unit there because the fire did pred spo that apex there of the l. so the fire has now pred to that l-shaped middle part of the building. you will see firefight errors on top of the buildings on the other side of the l. they are venting the rooftops there, so the fire has no place else to go attacking the fire with hoses from the ground. certainly you see that dousing the ladders are pouring on back of that this morning. this is one main building. luckily the fire did not injure anybody at this point it appears, if fire captain or chief says firefighters arrived at 3:00, they made sure nobody was inside the building. they did defensive firefighting. then they stepped outside and
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tried to take on that firefight. >> we got the crews in officially to look at the scene of the fire and possibly of rescue. there was nobody inside, the fire started to quick, we had to get firefighters outside the structure ever since. the fire is so bad here, it was hard to tell what kind of business where the fire org fated. we do know there was a restaurant next store there are 12 marquees, a dance studio, a dentist, pizza, a foot spa place. a lot of businesses affected. this will affect the commute. el camino real is shut down for quite some while. >> for folks familiar with the area.
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we will give you the 3400 blocks of el camino. you saw the live picture. let's take you out to the maps this is a major surface street. a california state route. 82. it's east of lawrence expressway on the left side of your screen. i've circled the area where the fire is located on the 3400 block. that's between there is a jack in the box for local landmarks there. >> that stretch is likely closed off for all traffic because there are so many crews out there grenada should have you take you over the scene. we are tracking the specifics. look at the live scene. they're getting that fire out by the time you get there, the crews the cleanup all the water
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will cause that local jam. the rest of the bay is a smooth drive. back to you. >> firefighters will stay out there some time mopping up as well, you got breaking news alerts, download our nbc bay area app. now to developing news, and yet another freeway shooting in contra kosta county to report. this happening at about 9:00 right by the exit in hercules. chp says one person was shot in the leg. we don't know the condition of the victim. the heater is was driving a car with tinted windows. there have been more than 20 shootings just since move. bob redell will join us live at 5:00. we have bob right now, what can you tell us? >> reporter: well, sam, all
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lanes of highway idea have been reopened after the shooting took place right now a victim not clear if he was the driver or passenger in that car. just after he passed over highway 4 someone opened fire on his vehicle one bullet hit him in the leg. no injuries to the people inside a black chevy. they den know if this was gang related or something else. there have been five shootings, at least two deadly, in fact it's gotten so bad law enforcement set up a task force from stopping people from opening fire. last night there were two
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eastbound lanes of highway 80 and all four of westbound 80 were shut down. i believe i'm in hercules, bob redell "today in the bay." a follow-up now r. a few deal, supervisors agreed to the compromise, it bars law enforcement from notifying feds when an undocumented immigrant is released from custody. it's gives the new sheriff wider discrepancy to notify people about immigration stus. >> it's not a factor. >> critics point out the new law would not have kept last year's shooting suspect from being released. the mayor ed lee has to sign off on the agreement for it to
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become law. an explosive night on the campaign trail for donald trump. protesters rushing past a barricade set up outside of a trump event. last night in albuquerque, new mexico. that forced police to block the entrance, later variety were throwing bottles and rocks at police in riot gear. they responded by releasing smoke cannisters and pepper spray. those riots came hours before trump landed right here in california. today he is holding a ramally in anaheim. as for the democratic side, hillary clinton won last night and didn't pittsburgh up dem gather because washington state has already held its caucuses in march. it awarded most of those delegates to bernie sanders. the voters did pick clinton as their choice last night.
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you talk about hillary clinton, he's in northern california today, headed first for salinas and then in san jose thursday. her cameras caught her pubd bill clinton former president campaigning in san francisco yesterday. he also held a rally in fremont. several tornado warnings went off throughout >> take a look at that. certainly not the sounds you want to hear or sights you want to see. several tornado warnings went off through the the mid-west yesterday, as many as nine were reported in western kansas. take a look at some of the damage there. reports of home damage in tulsa, oklahoma. the region could get another round of storms tomorrow. california is getting money to fight the habitat and wildfires. giving $1 million to nevada and
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california to protect a bimpltd the stage graphs on the border. tear population is rebounding. the money will go towards safe guarding the region. it's 5:0rk9s right now. hopefully we will see the sun. >> we have the same pattern every day. then we see the sun coming out during the afternoon. overall, our temperatures are staying the same as well, let's get a look outside, it's 55 degrees in the peninsula and the north bay. highs today will top out in the 60s for san francisco, upper 60s for the east bay and the peninsula and low 70s for the forth bay and south bay and this weather starts to warm up over the next several day, heading into the holiday weekend. i'll show you that in less than ten minutes. mike has an update on the dublin crash. >> here's a live look over my shoulder.
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we are talking about no problems at the dublin interchange. the triyale, slow out of the altamonte pass him we are talking about that closure, still, el camino over there east of the lawrence expressway for the fire. the fire crews continue to fight that scene. we will send it back to you. >> that fire is burning in santa clara, coming up, tough questions for top tsa administrator, what he is facing today on capitol hill. plus apple gets into the gym of the personal home assistant. we will tell you why coming up in business. today a top administrator for
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the t-s-a will be in the hot seat. >> it's hard to believe summer is almost upon us, today top administrators for the tsa will be in the hot space. >> a lot of questions people want answered. "today in the bay" tracy potts is joining us, there will be a homeland security enraging passengers all over the country crazy. >> people in line for hours missing their flights because tsa has been so slow. what's behind all that? lawmakers want to get to the top of all that. they will hear from tsa administrator about what they calm long lines and short patience. did they cut too many screeners when more people are traveling. why kelly hogan the head of
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security was reassigned and not fired while the agency was under fire for low morale, retaliation and getting explosives and mock weapons through security. why was he still making the big bonuses? answers likely to come with the head of tsa here in washington in the hot seat. >> they better get moving. villeho leaders, later this month will vote on an exclusive deal to develop a new electric car plant at the naval ship plant on merit island. so far the company has built no cars. it's based in southern california and bank rolled by a chinese billionaire.
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if the deal comes to pass, it might bring us hundreds of millions of dollars there is talk a billionaire was behind the gawker paying the legal fees. >> teal has a grudge against gawker. >> he does, gawker published a personal information about teal a number of years ago. the kind of information traditional organizations would have kept quiet. forbes and the "new york times" says he's the one who financially backed wrestleer hulk hogan in his lawsuit against gawker. in that case, gawker published details of -- gawker lost that case to the state of the union of -- gawker has ceo marissa meyer after she bought this back
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yard playhouse in an auction to support low income families. let's check the rest of the news before the bell. good morning, landon. >> reporter: hi there, scott, wall street rallies, more than 200 points. a higher open today and the markets jumping on a rebound in tech and bank stocks. oil prices are trading above $49 barrel on reports of a dig big decline in u.s. energy supplies. they're closing up 213 points. the nasdaq rising 95 to 4861. scott. back to you. >> landon, thank you. does the news blog information says apple will make its own home personal assistant. you will recall google announced it would make a home assistant as well, making that announcement in mountain view last week.
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the information says it will open its device. that's the key part. >> that makes the a himson echo so valuable. can you use it to ask for spotify or a pizza from dominos or lower the temperature on your the thermostat. a apple tends to build those in the devices. >> change of strategy if apple does that. >> it's a copy cat of a copy cat. everybody loves these new devices. >> i need a home assistant, that makes dinner, lunch for kids, a little more. >> they call that mom i'm pretty sure. you need a mom. >> speaking of mom, facebook's biggest sensation, along with a furry friend. we are talking about a
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chew-bacca mom, all the way from texas. yeah, with chew-bacca, of course. >> [ laughter ] . >> the chew portfolio baca mask video, it became facebook live vulnerable video seen by hundreds of millions over the past week. in fact, we've lost count, there were so many people out laughing along with it. >> follow her around. >> facebook live as well. no match. >> did you see last night at the warrior's game, there was one behind in the second row. >> how we can explain how badly they play. >> they were storm tracker 2000ed. yes, we'll blame it on that. >> we hope the weather will distract us enough. >> we start out with clouds. then we see that sun breaking out.
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here's a live look over san jose, it is cloudy. now it's 56 degrees in san francisco. we lo drop in, it's 54 reese in silver creek valley and sunny veil. going hour by hour this time, pam loal t-- palo alto. 63 degrees at 11:00. temperatures topping out in the upper 60, right in time for that evening commute, the winds will start to pick up. our temperatures will be dropping with more clouds moving in. it's 71 in san jose. 72 in palo alto, the mission district. mount 60s for petaluma, 73 in
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pittsburgh. a high of 71 degrees. as we get a closer look at livermore and the tri-valley and the temperature trend, by tomorrow, up to 77 degrees and that is slightly above average, to the low '80s so as we get ready for the unofficial start of summer, it will be in the low 70s there upper 70s for the peninsula and the east bay, tri-valley looking at highs in the mid-80s. it will definitely feel like summertime. it looks like that continues into monday as we do have many celebrations for memorial day. i'll have another look at the forecast coming up. let's head over to mike now at the bay bridge. >> we have a breaking news situation as well. that's in the south bay. we will start with the south bay, of course, in the morning, no major issues right now. there are most of your bay area
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freeways. we focus on the breaking news and zoom in towards santa clara. el camino real. there is a closure of that roadway. because of a fire, a mar josh cease-fire i fire on scene, grenada to the south. you probably have to jog north to get back on to that expressway. let's get you a live look out there they're getting ahead on a fire, a five alarm fire there is watt, there is cleanup before that gets clear avoid that, the north bay, san rafael, they are like this, the early commute on this wednesday. >> mike, thank you very much. coming up, bank skin my jeans, why some north carolina school administrators do not want kids wearing them at tear school. -- tear school.
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their school. a teen girl says she was
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ually abused by her stepfather for years. she finally founthe co right now to an investigative unit exclusive, a teen girl says she was sexually abused by her stepfather for years. she finally found the courage to report it. finally with no action from her abuseer, she turned to investigators for help. startling details how this case and others move through the
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justice system. an ad mission from the santa clara district attorney's office, this case was mishandled. >> it didn't seem like no one cared. it seemed like no one was going to help me. >> a tremendous apology, i apologize to her. >> tonight at 11:00. hear about why their investigation took 11 months and the troern explains what it's now doing to make sure no other sexual abuse cases suffer the same kind of delays. we hold them accountable tonight at 11:00. you have a tip, give us a call. . mistakes in recent years led to dozens of inmates we leased later than they should have been. >> that is a report from an issue by the justice department watchdog group. the report found over five years
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between 2009 and 2014 more than 150 inmates spent one extra year behind bars due to staff errors. over the same periods, mistakes led to a year earlier than they should have been. a new set of debate might be brewing over how sexual assault cases get prosecuted. two seniors are considering reintroducing a bill in decide, sex acasualty cases within tear ranks. they argue protocol might bring about much needed reform and higher rates of conviction, a similar effort failed years ago. one north carolina school system is considering telling the students, leave the skin my jeans at home or else. some argue they show off a little too much. now the school district in north carolina is proposing banning leggings and skin my jeans,
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unless they accompany tops covers the posterior. it's a president posed revision. some argue it singled out girls morning boys. coming up next, breaking news out of the sioux bay, a major fire breaking out at a strip mall. chris sanchez will bring us the very latest. >> reporter: i'm chris sanchez at that fire here at the strip mall, it is still burning, it is not out. we will give you an update on the firefight. >> reporter: i am live in san carlos, police are still looking for the people who stole guns after smashing a car into the front entrance. details coming up in a live report, when "today in the bay" returns. morning..
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flames enrupt at a south bay strip mall-- tearing ro >> welcome to "today in the bay" this is breaking news we have been following since we came on air at 4:30, a massive strip mall tearing through several businesses. it is an active scene, firefighters remain there, steel inside the heart of that building. there are 12 businesses in the strip mall. it's about 60-years-old. "today in the bay" chris sanchez getting extra information. good morning to you. thank you for joining us. >> we will get right back to breaking news in a second. 1st we turn it over to tracy hall. people are thinking about
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cookouts and pool. >> yes, it will be an inland areas. we start off with cool temperatures we will see visibility. it's now going to top out at 72 degrees in the south bay, 73 in the north bay. san francisco today in the lower 60s mike is tracking the impact of the fire in accident that kara. >> our breaking news is on the track because of the major roadway, let's take you out to the maps. the freeways, not the major concern. el camino real is closed between pomeroy and lawrence expressway. for drivers you can use grenada to where you need to go.
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getting back on to lawrence will be an issue chris, this involves a dozen businesses. >> there are several businesses here the firefight continues here in what is the center building. firefighters on the roof to the right. to the left. >> that fire badly burned the building to the left that one is also destroyed. but the fire chief says as soon as firefighters bought the to the scene at ten minutes until 4:00, this is what they found, massive flames shooting into the sky and the fire chief says
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luckily it appears no one was hurt. >> we sent crews in, initially, to get to the scene of the fire and look for possibly of rescue. there is no one inside the fire was advancing quickly. we had to pull firefighters out. we have been battling it ever since. >> the fire is under control. it's not out right now. as the five alarm fire. we just saw one of the captains from the san jose fire department to assist. it appears there is also a lot of water and ladders still. an active scene here. we will keep monitoring this for you and check in with you in just a bit. >> now more developing news, another freeway shooting in contra kosta county.
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>> this happened in hercules. they say one person was shot in the leg. we don't know the condition of that victim. investigators say the shooter was driving a chevy with tinted windows. there have been more than 20 shootings since november. we are gathering the latest information. he will join us coming up in about an hour. right now the hundred is the on for the thieves who drove through the front door of a store on a peninsula and made off as you see with numerous firearms. "today in the bay" is live there now stephanie chuang with more on how this happened. >> reporter: authorities are looking for the thieves behind this smash-n-grab. that's where the car went into the front here of this gun store the sign there on the door reading opened here on el camino real. san mateo sheriff county
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investigators say it happened around 5:20 sunday morning. it's the only day the store was closed. they have not shown under surveillance footage, but describe one clip as sewing three masked people wearing gloves and hoodies jumping out of a black four door sedan, grabbing guns and leaving in the back car. the sheriffs office has not released how many guns were stolen. investigators saying it happened quickly. deputies arriving in two minutes, because there is a substation three-quarters of a mile from here. you might remember this store, it was in the news in 2006. that's when a man grabbed a gun and ran outside before shooting and killings himself. the concern now, of course, investigators hoping anyone in this area, el camino real on
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sunday morning may have seen a black car speeding. >> thank you very much. san jose police are investigating the 20th homicide of the year. now investigators have ruled it a crime scene. the cause of death is still unknown. a mother and daughter killed when an amtrak train slammed into a small suv as a railroad crossing yesterday afternoon. the collision happened near chapman road. police say the train hit the small suv and pushed it along the train tracks about a quarter mile before it was eventually able to stop. we spoke to the woman another brother if law. he says she was on her way to pick up her son who is autistic. >> she a hard working housewife
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and a jehovah's witness. >> she may have been in heavy traffic and stuck between the rail crossing orms be every that crash. right now, newly released dash-cam video shows the moments leading up to a deadly shooting in palo alto. this video shows the man charging at police holding a knife. two officers opened fire, killing william raff. it happened christmas day outside a mental health facility. the determination says he attacked the officers. he tried 28 before. his family is now suing the city of palo alto for wrongful death. >> this young person without a history of violence ends up getting killed. he's only holding a butter
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knife. >> a staff member said he had a butter knife and he was not a threat. san francisco public defenders will be holding an events at the mine library near the u.n. plaza. seating is limited. san francisco supervisors are looking to strip away some of the mayor ed lee's responsibilities. he introduced a measure that would do that last night. it would create an advocate charged -- the biggest game in history hours away after 25 years, san jose is on the brink of its first ever stanley cup finals now tonight game six will
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get under way, if the sharks win, they go for the final for the first time in history. they're on the way of doing great things, the warriors on the brink of losing. >> surprisingly, it's unfamiliar territory. the doves on the brink of elick nation for the first time since two seasons ago. >> they're in a biepd. somewhere along the line, the warriors lost their mojo. now dove nation is wondering how they can get it back. the warriors on the end of another blowout in oklahoma city. they were schooled last night. down 19 points at half. despite a valiant effort by clay thompson, the only one who seemed to be performing close to his abilities t. doves never could close the gap. the final score 118-94. >> it's a terrible feeling once again fought stepping up, not being ourselves and playing our
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game. but i think we're a special team that this isn't how we will go out. we will figure out how we can take care of the next 34 minutes on thursday. >> the dove versus fight in them left. it comes down to tomorrow night, an elimination game at oracle arena. if the warriors lose this magical season and all 73 wins is over. if they win, they force a became the six on saturday back in oklahoma city. >> let's hope it happens. let's check the forecast. >> it will be a nice day. we start out with cloud. we get sunshine later on this afternoon. the same weather pattern continues with slightly cooler than average transportation, especially later today. it is fairly mild as you step out the doctor now, mostly cloudy skies, lunchtime temperatures already in the low 70s for the north bay and san francisco 62 degrees. expect a drive home to be also comfortable with 60s and 70s all
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across the bay mike is track the backup at the bay bridge. >> we want to talk about this. the metering lights are on. look at your map. we see the approach at the east bay, no problems to the north. a little slowing and a few crash at 880 and 92. look at fremont into south bay. those headlights starting to building remember in el camino because of that huge fire we are following, back to you. >> coming up, alive, thanks to a stranger who helped a family from a burning house. >> plus science wants more dumb fis, we'll take a look at uber coming up. ad lib live pictures
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>> welcome back. we continue to follow breaking news, a like look from our chopper at a strip mall in santa kara, where a fire erupted at 315, initially a four alarm fire upgraded to a five alarm fire. you can see from that perspective, so many businesses have been affected. chris sanchez is reporting from the scene. >> that is a five alarm fire.
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we will have a live report coming up. >> alive, thanks to oa stranger who came to a family's rescue after an overnight fire erupted tear home. you may remember, this is breaking news, several members of a family were pulled out of their home, everyone inside was sleeping. but jeff ray a stranger happened to be driving by and saw smoke. >> i got close and could see under the eaves. i started pounding on doors as loud as i could. >> thank you, you didn't have to stop. you could have kept driving by, they stoppedch because of them everyone is alive. >> the family lived in that home. ray scarce for his elderly parents says he happened to be in the right place at the right time. he missed a turn and drove a
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block too far. the university of oregon is doing damage control literally right now. this after a part of lake shasta got trashed over the weekend from a party hosted by a frat house. po nos taken on slaughterhouse island, show the after math, sleeping bags, about 90 tents strewn everywhere. the school says the party was an unsanctioned event. university leaders have issued and apology and say an investigation is now being launched. that fraternity is now suspended. we are talking about summer travel news. tsa is already on the hot seat. today a top tsa administrator is set to testify before the house about long lines enraging airline passengers nationwide. this week the agency announced the replacement of the head of security and created a command team. major airlines are still
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encouraging passengers to arrive at the airport at least two hours before a flight and three hours for international travel. president obama's approval ratings keep going up. >> is he ready to drop the mic or picking it up? he seems to be having more fun. check out what he did when he met a rapper during his trip to vietnam. >> why don't you give my a little rapch let's see what you got. come on. do you need like a little beat? >> yes, i do, actually. >> come on. >> too much time with a guy in hamilton, he is becoming inspired. she did go on to rap in viet namese. the president didn't understand but it looks look he still enjoyed it. president obama has rapid up his trip to vietnam. he landed in japan overnight. here's a sign of the times, crash test scientists are changing the way they test cars because of uber. >> they are using dummys.
5:48 am
>> we mean dummys in the nicest of ways. videos from the institute of muscle cars. they were testing those earlier this week. probably you don't see many muscle cars as ubers. when you do get into an uber, you tend to sit in the back seat, generally crash tests don't account for adults in the back seat. nor do they publish safety ratings for adults in the back seat. so the government crash testers, the national highway traffic safety commission says they'll start putting adult dummys in the back starting in 2019. meg whitman's company keeps getting smaller. thachls her idea and then she became the ceo of hp enterprise, this morning, that is selling much of its business to a company computer sciences. so her power keeps getting smaller. but her decisions are definitely bringing value to shareholders.
5:49 am
microsoft will reportedly lay off thousands of workers for the phone decision. mostly they come in europe. microsoft bought nokia for $8 billion. cook says you notice anything about the gentleman on the right? >> is he on his iphone? >> cook is in amsterdam talking at a conference. he happened to notice this in the museum. he said remember hey, wait a machine. the title is creatively mick hands a woman a letter. so it's possible it's not an iphone. >> the recall days of communication. >> maybe letters changed over time.
5:50 am
>> scott mcgrew, thank you very much. a delicate rescue operation ends with a success in san lorenzo, the subject is animal week right now. four wayward ducklynx get caught in a storm drain. the rescuers, alameda firefighters, their mission to climb through a storm drain. so the ending here is nothing to quack up about after being rescued yesterday. those ducklynx this morning are said to be doing just fine. >> you got to love that. firefighters making a difference in so many different ways. >> cats, ducks, dogs, you got it all. >> we have a little of everything in our forecast recently. we are about to move into warmer weather. >> i think a lot of people welcome it. we are headed into the official start of summer, memorial day weekend. you want beach weather or pool weather at least. we look outside, not heading to the pool just yet. we look at the golden gate
5:51 am
bridge. a lot of clouds overhead. these clouds will stay with us a few more hours before clearing out. seeing more of the same at the outer sunset now temperature wise, this is about average in the mid- to upper-50s as you step out the door as we drop in on the east bay to get a closer look from all of our weather underground sites, pleasanton is at 56 degrees. we have 55 degrees now in brentwood and the north bay, more of the same. with highs today reaching 70 degrees t. mission district, expect a high of 66 in petaluma, low 70s for the tri-valley. the area of low pressure that brought us spotty showers, continues to move away high pressure will be to the west of us, expanding, giving us a northerly show. not an on shore flow. >> that will heat up.
5:52 am
looking at that weekend forecast as you make some plans, it will be in the 70s for the peninsula and parts of the east bay. san francisco up to 71 degrees on saturday. it will be warm in the north bay on sunday as well as the rest of the weekend. some of the memorial day ceremonies going on, at 10 checkpoint 30 in the morning, 60 degrees, warming up to 70 degrees. we will have another look at the forecast, let's head over to mike now, tracking the effects on the roads of the fire in santa clara. >> that's right. we have a major fire. the freeway backs up, right on schedule, another major state route. this is our shot from the chopper. santa clara on el camino real. state route 72, you see the fire is still inside these buildings here. this is a strip mall. fire crews on the roof.
5:53 am
the fire knits here. you see the burnt out shell of the building. all the fire crews, five alarms, all the water and cleanup that's necessary causes a closure. that's undoubtedly affecting the traffic. we are waiting for that bus and calling for rides earlier this morning this is east of the lawrence expressway. you will use grenada avenue. that's one route, it gets you back onto the roadway, the expressway. the rest is silicon valley the crash in hayward cleared to the shoulder. back to you. >> thank you, mike. >> coming up next. >> he ended up leaving the hospital as a multiple amputee. >> you depend on your doctor to give you the best care.
5:54 am
>> happening now, newsrooms are breaking news, fire that ripped through a santa clara strip mall about 3:15 this morning. mike showed you, it's still burning. plus a woman's his terrics wearing a chew-bacca mask. we know you've seen it. we are back in two minutes. veterans.. the long wait for
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health care services. but the v-a hospital in palo alto has launched a pilot >> at 5:56. it is a well documented problem for military veterans. the long way for health care services. but the va hospital in palo alto has launched a pilot program to speed things up. the va hospital is teaming up with cvs mini clinics. they will now take veterans. we stopped by where vets are already getting hair. >> how is it going to work? how are they going to work how to see my records, things like that. it looks like they have it all figured out. i'm excited to see how it works. >> the program was launched yesterday. vets can get immediate advice and medicine seven days a week all billed to the va. >> an investigative unit explosive, a miszeeg notifies could lead to serious complications that might even
5:58 am
threaten your life. >> atate agency was put together to purely examine these mistakes. it does not mean the doctor is going to get punished. good morning, guy, medical experts tell us compared to other states, california has an incredibly high tolerance for what kind of mistakes doctors can make before they're legally ever in danger of facing disciplinary action, 45-year-old mario guzman competed his entire life. he says missed diagnosis left him wheelchair bound, thought to be a sprained ankle and the flu turned out to be signs of a bacteria infection he believes could have been easily treated with antibiotics. he filed a complaint, that was created to investigate and discipline physicians. well, that agency determined in the case of guzman's doctor,
5:59 am
treatment did fall below the standard of care. the medical board referred it to potentially revoke the license. the office dropped the case citing a lack of evidence. we found out no other details are given to patients when the ag's office strides i deciddecie case. the medical board says that happens in about 6% of cases it refers's office may have come over new information that forced the lawyers to drop the case. the attorney general general's office says in a statement every case is conducted on its own merits. the agency refused to make anyone available on camera for an interview. guy, back to you. >> thank you, if you have a tip, give us a calm or send us an e-mail to the unit at nbc bay
6:00 am we have been following news since 4:30 this morning, this is a live look at the scene. still plenty of smoke. as you can see, firefighters still busy sprays water on hot spots. on the wright side of your screen there, that's the difference than when the fire broke out around 3:15. kussai the flames shooting through the building. chris sanchez got an update on the scene. she will join us in moments. >> the good news there, no one was injured. >> it is having an impact on traffic we have a look at your forecas forecast. we have clouds this morning. this afternoon, cooler than average. overall, a nice comfortable day. temperatures in theid


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