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tv   Today  NBC  May 25, 2016 7:00am-10:01am PDT

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73 in the north bay. >> warming just in time for that extended week. >> we will bring you upstaits dates in a half hour. have a great day. oes tear through the heartland. one person killed. on the east coast, after a long cold spring, summer-like temperatures finally arrive.
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fighting back, bill cosby's attorney defiant as his client is ordered to stand trial on sex assault charges. >> this case should end immediately. >> but could the evidence and cosby's own words put the disgraced behind bars for the next ten years. in the hot seat, the tsa chief heads back to capitol hill to face a grilling over those long screening lines. "today," may 25th, 2016. good morning, everyone. we start today talking billion politics and protests. >> absolutely. breaking news overnight out of new mexico. >> it is our top story. a chaotic scene outside of one of donald trump's rallies in albuquerque, new mexico. demonstrator clashing with
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police even as the presumptive nominee inches even closer to the magic delegate number. we have complete coverage beginning with hallie jackson who is in albuquerque. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. new this morning, police in albuquerque say several officers are receiving treatment for injuries after being hit by rocks. one protester was arrested after peaceful protests turns chaotic. pepper spray from police. this tense clash unfolding overnight in albuquerque. demonstrators jumping on cop cars, starting fires, smashing windows. somage taters, some protesting with a purpose. >> we are here today because the people of albuquerque do not want donald trump in our city. >> we're not going to tolerate his hate and speech. we don't support what he stands for. >> all of it escalating after
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trump's rally ended, his supporters streaming out watching as police barricaded a shattered door at the convention center, stopping protesters outside from getting in. nearby smoke from spinning burn-outs adding to the chaos. it's not uncommon to see protests at trump rallies. some have turned violent before. like in chicago and california. demonstrates against the controversial candidate often beginning hours beforehand like in albuquerque, where protesters surrounded some attendees on their way in, in a so-called walk of shame. trump, unfazed. his campaign, dismissive. a top aide tweeting, watching thugs and punches. they don't even know what they are protesting. >> does it help to come out and have a scene? >> it's self-defense. donald trump cannot come to our city after calling us racists --
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rapists. >> in new mexico, home to a large latino community, many of the protesters originally mobilized against trump's immigration positions and rhetoric. he heads to a rally today in orange county, california. police are warning demonstrators violence will not be tolerated. >> thank you very much, hallie. despite those protests, trump used the stage last night to launch new attack against hillary clinton. he also picked up another primary win. peter alexander has that part of the story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. you said it. donald trump easily won the washington state primary last night, pulling within 30 delegates of clinching the republican nomination, but the night is also giving us an early preview of the general election campaign ahead with trump fighting back, as hillary clinton and her allies try to paint him as a greedy businessman out for his own gain. >> donald trump taking aim at this clinton campaign video. >> if there is a bubble burst as
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they call it, you could make a lot of money. attacking the billionaire for rooting for the housing market to crash. >> i see this low life. she puts up this ad. donald trump is a terrible person and he wanted to buy housing when it was at a low point. who the hell doesn't? >> hillary clinton in california standing firm. >> and the fact is that donald trump thought he could make money off of people's misery. >> last night senator elizabeth warren with her own blistering critique. >> what kind of a man roots for people to get thrown out of their house. it is a man who cares about no one but himself. a small, insecure, money-grubber, who doesn't care who gets hurt, so long as he makes a profit off it. >> missing from trump's rally, the country's first latina
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governor, suzanna martinez. >> trump critical of the governor. >> your governor has got to do a better job. she's not doing the job. hey, maybe i'll run for governor of new mexico. i'll get this place going. >> later this response. the governor will not be bull ooid into supporting a candidate until she's convinced that candidate will find for new mexi mexico. trump's escalating attacks on the clintons come in stark contrast to comments at the height of the monica lewinsky scandal. expressing scorn for one accuser. >> paula jones is a loser. >> and comparing his treatment of women to bill clinton. >> can you imagine how controversial i would be? you talk about him with the women. me with the women, can you imagine
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? saying the monica lewinsky scandal was overblown. >> they tried to impeach him which was nonsense. >> this morning, there are published reports that the trump campaign aides say paul ryan will endorse trump. as of now, it has no update about any possible endorsement. all right. peert to you. >> morning. >> are we starting to see the contours of a general election battle, where hillary clinton focuses on the shady part of donald trump's business past and he focuses on what he considers the shady part of clintons' past? >> i think it's two ways of going about it. donald trump is -- i'm comparing it, the new york post cover versus the "new york times" cover. the "new york times" may have more substantive hits. it may have a whole train they're going to do, a series of events, that they're going to
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make this long case that donald trump is a phony, not who he says he is. no one day is going to feel like a bang. trump is all new york post. every day, it's going to be the bang, the big headline. it may not have a point to it in three months. there may not be a to b to c. >> for trump's strategy. >> but it'll shake things up every day. >> how does he defend against the idea that he says whatever he wants to say, given the circumstance, how does he defend against two decades of praising the clintons, saying the allegations against bill clinton were nonsense. they were trumped up. pardon the expression. and he supported him. how does he say, the guy is a bad guy? >> honestly, i don't know. i don't know why people give him a pass on this. i mean, i asked him. i said, what trump do we believe? what you said about hillary clinton five years ago or what you say now? he said, whatever i said before, i was trying to be nice with
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people. when i'm focused, this is what i do. >> trying to support a friend. >> or a politician in office who may help me. i sit there and throw up my hands. i don't know. he has contradicted every attack he's made on the clintons. you can find sound to contradict it. it doesn't touch him. i think he's counting on this: that the clintons don't want to engage. he thinks he has free reign to do it because the clinton campaign doesn't want to get involved in it. >> the textbook way to go after a politician is on contradictions, and people like donald trump because he's not a politician -- >> he's a walking contradiction. >> honestly, it looks like a lot of people don't care. >> i do think though, at some point, if she can make the case that, you know what? he's just like every other politician, that is the most dangerous description you can have if you're donald trump. it just hasn't taken hold. >> on putting out, that he was licking his chops as the housing bubble was about to burst, i'm not sure people don't say, wait a minute, that's smart business.
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buy low and sell high. when we're negotiating contracts throughout the next four years, that's exactly what i want a president to do. >> look at the strategy, everyday when they go about laying this predicate, it doesn't -- if you can sit there and undermine it. by the way, trump said that basically made that case in responding to this yesterday. hey, i was just being smart. maybe that's what we need in government. but what the clinton campaign is counting on, in the long run, there are six or seven of these, if trump has his own 47% moment, same with obama, every thing they said for six months becomes believed by the voters. >> or hurts them dramatically in florida, ohio and places that were dramatically hit by that bubble. >> by the real estate bubble. >> lots to talk about. thank you very much. now to severe weather in the heartland, at least one person killed two ores injured overnight as tornados tore through kansas and oklahoma. here is nbc gabe gutierrez.
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>> reporter: in america's heartland, nature's fury on full display. >> oh, no. >> reporter: this morning's residents near dodge city, kansas are cleaning up after a tornado yanked its home off its foundation. they captured this another funnel cloud forming just miles away. >> oh my god! >> reporter: traffic paralyzed as the tornados barrelled down streets. some drivers cut off by heavy debris lifting in the air, swirling around the twister and dropped to the ground. >> this is about to be an accident. >> i don't like this. >> reporter: one car too close for comfort heading straight towards disaster. across four states 26 possible tornados reported tuesday. on social media, pictures of supercells and dark skies poured in. after hail had pounded colorado earlier in the day. in oklahoma, possible tornados tore through homes just outside of the tulsa.
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>> we had looked out our front window and boy those trees was just doing this number and this number. >> reporter: while in arkansas, the problems wasn't wild winds but furious flooding. high water swept away a 13-year-old boy in jonesboro and sucked him into a drainage pipe. incredibly first responders found him alive with only minor injuries. a happy ending for one family, parts of the midwest now expect more storms this week. for "today" gabe gutierrez, nbc news. >> we see this severe weather threat lingering today, al. >> it will go right into friday unfortunately. this is a very potent storm system and we got a lot going on right now. in fact, heavy storms from the dakotas all the way down into arkansas and they're going to continue to fire up today. we got a very strong jet stream more moist unstable air. we have a risk of strong storms today. 17 million people at risk today from minneapolis all the way down to del rio, texas.
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hail, damaging winds. we don't expect as large as outbreak of tornados today. but tomorrow, look at this, 23 million people at risk. tornadoes likely from nebraska all the way down to the texas/oklahoma border, just to the west of oklahoma city. and friday, the risk stretches from central oklahoma all the way down into southern texas. 58 miles per hour wind gusts or more. tornados likely and look at the rainfall amounts. flooding will be an issue, too, from del rio up to kansas city, we could be looking at up to 6 to 8 more inches of rain in some of these areas until friday. then we finally start to see it calm down as we get into the weekend. >> al, thank you very much. the man who runs the tsa is back in the hot seat on capitol hill today for another hearing into the debacle at airport security check points nationwide. in some cases lines backed up for hours. it comes just a day after a major shakeup at the agency. nbc's tom costello is at reagan
7:14 am
national airport for us. tom, good morning to you. >> reporter: hi, matt, good morning. just a few days now until memorial day weekend. the unofficial kickoff to the summer. this morning we have triple box cameras to show you, a live view of the tsa check points in chicago, atlanta as well as here in washington. you know, the tsa is really feeling the pressure in many cases losing the confidence of members of confidence, airports and of the traveling public. from newark, atlanta to chicago, those miserably long tsa lines turned many travelers against the very agency created to protect them. >> we're here three hours early and still concerned we may be late for our flight. >> they need better trained people. >> reporter: the anger and frustration boiling over in the airports and on capitol hill. >> that's not acceptable. it may happen, but if that becomes routine, that just doesn't -- now we're going to get real public resistance. >> it's a huge failing government program and it will fail. >> reporter: this week the man
7:15 am
who ran the tsa eex check point operations, kelly hoggan was demote mded. he received $90,000 in bonuses while tsa screeners were failing to catch undercover agents, smuggling mock weapons through check points. >> if you asked any tso how do they feel when a senior executive gets $90,000 in bonuses and they don't get bonuses after they processed millions of passengers a year, they get pretty irate with that uneven standard. >> reporter: a tso is a screening officer. in recreant years, the tsa cut the number of officers by 5,000. now it's urgently trying to staff up. >> can't keep bleeding all those personnel out the door and expect any sort of consistency. >> reporter: meanwhile, chicago o'ha o'hare, where they stretched 2 two 3 hours last week, the leadership team has been replaced. >> team that identified immediate staffing and operations adjustments, have
7:16 am
accelerated planned increases to front line staff and canine teams. >> reporter: this week, travelers report shorter lines at o'hare. back out live, we'll take another look now at the tsa check points in chicago and atlanta and in washington. both long but slowly in chicago and atlanta a little bit better here in washington. the tsa chief so far has gotten bipartisan support for turning around an agency he inherited but patience is wearing thin not just with congress but members of the traveling public. by the way, now the union representing all those tsa officers are calling on congress to spend the money now to hire another 6,000 officers immediately. guys, back to you. >> tom, thank you very much. by the way, we should mention that after that testimonial on capitol hill, tsa administrator peter nef enjer will sit down with us live for an exclusive interview. this morning a judge in pennsylvania ruled that actor and comedian bill cosby will
7:17 am
face trial on sexual assault charges. that comes just his accuser is a former temple university andrea constand. on a visit to cosby's home, he gave her bills that incapacitated her and sexually molested her. cosby said that encounter was consensu consensual. his lawyer spoke briefly outside of court. >> there was no crime committed here. no evidence of a crime. the inconsistencies plagued the investigation at the beginning and continue now. it should end immediately. thank you. let's talk to ari melber. msnbc chief legal correspondent. ari, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> to get to a trial yesterday, the prosecution had to get over a low bar, right? how does it change now? >> as they go to the criminal trial, they basically have to prove there was sexual contact and it was unwanted. on a separate offense, prove
7:18 am
the same plus prove that bill cosby explicitly, deliberately drugged ms. constand. >> the standard of proof is higher at a criminal trial. they have to have proof beyond a reasonable doubt. we've seen the defense go aggressively after the accuser. tried and true method. is there reasonable doubt in this case? >> there certainly could be reasonable doubt. what we saw at the preliminary hearing yesterday was bill cosby's lawyer say the woman was, quote, lying. that's early. we'll see that attack. i think the question will be what other evidence can the prosecution marshall for such an old case. >> in terms of what other evidence, quickly if you will, some 50 other women have come forward alleging there were sexual abuse on the part of bill cosby with them. what are the chances their stories make it into this trial? >> that's the key trial in the case. will this be a he said/she said, or he said/they said? if a jury hears from multiple women, three, five, ten, they may bring a very different view. there's a doctrine in the law
7:19 am
called bad acts. you can sometimes bring in other allegations because they prove a pattern of practice. the idea that bill cosby may have been a bad person generally, that doesn't come in. if you can prove a pattern, for example, drugging people and trying to take advantage of them, a judge might allow some of that and that could make all the difference. >> ari, thank you. let's turn to al now and get the rest of his forecast. hey, al. >> okay, guys. we're looking at a beautiful day along the eastern seaboard. plenty of sunshine. we have the wide area of strong storms in the midsection of the country. get out west, temperatures actually cooler than usual. we see a little bit of a flip-flop today. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds.
7:20 am
>> good morning, i'm meteorologist carrie hall, temperatures are in the mid- to upper-50s, we'll see that the next several hours. later on today peaks of sunshine, san francisco expect a high of 63 degrees and low 70s him we will continues on with dry weather and warming up the rest of the workweek. >> all right, al. thanks. ahead, a new rossen reports warning. hot laced candy and treats. being sold in stores and, yes, it is very enticing to kids. co ur childre the difference? could you? plus, fact or fiction. the conspiracy theories that donald trump is talking about on the campaign trail, and how
7:21 am
they're impacting this race. first, this is "today" on nbc. rst, this is "today" on nbc.
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==anim== a developing story... ==topvo== firefighters are still at the scene of a massive fire that >> a very good morning to you. it's 7:26. a developing story. a massive fire at the south bay strip mall. firefighters say it started at 3:00 a.m. it happened on el camino real east of lawrence egg pressway. no one was injured. at least six businesses have been destroyed or damaged. firefighters don't know yet how it started. once they got an upper hands on it, crews flew a drone over the scene to try to guess the clues. the businesses impacted include a vegetarian restaurant and a massage parlor. traffic still certainly feeling the effect. for that, let's check in with mike right now. it could be some time before firefighters clear that up.
7:27 am
>> that's right, laura. the hoses are coming across both directions. they had to close it there. keep that in mind. lawrence expressway axis is okay from what we understand. the rest of the southboy, they are rerouted a few blocks. the area crashes are clearing up there. the bay bridge, in fact, there may be clearing in treasure island. >> we have clouds. we are looking at the view over mount hamilton, a nice start to the day. temperatures in the mid- to upper-50s, headed into the 60s and 70s today. we get a lot more sunshine later on this afternoon. a high of 66 degrees, to be expected in petaluma and dublin. 72 degrees, our temperatures warm over the next several days, heating up into the mid-80s for
7:28 am
this weekend holiday weekend, laura. >> it should beifies, thanks so much. another local news update in half an hour. see you then.
7:29 am
7:30 am
♪ 7:30 now. 25th, 2016. now, you've heard about this post-it note war between rival office buildings here in manhattan. this morning, big news, the war has come here to 30 rock. we'll show you what these post-it geniuses are creating for us in just a minute. >> we'll find out what the creation is. several large tornados ripped through the plains stated overnight. in oklahoma one person died when a car was swept off a road. at least two people were injured
7:31 am
in dodge city, kansas. >> a suspect is in custody following a string of shootings on a highway overnight in phoenix. two people were injured. there was a chaotic scene outside of a donald trump rally in albuquerque, new mexico overnight. police clashing with demonstrators after they rushed past the barricade trying to get inside. several officers were injured. smoke grenades were used. trump kept up his attacks on hillary clinton. haley jackson -- hallie jackson albuquerque. >> reporter: not the first time he's talked about discredited theories and something that's prompted our look at his history with them. >> look at this crowd. >> reporter: donald trump's latest foray into the fringe, questioning the 1993 death of
7:32 am
president clinton's aide vince foster. trump calling widely debunked theories of foul play very series. foster's death ruled suicide by an independent investigation. this, far from the first time trump has dabbled in the discredited. >> it's a logical continuation of the kinds of things donald trump has been talking about for years. >> reporter: remember his birther claims against president obama? trump led the movement in 2011 that prompted the president to release his long firm birth certificate. >> he can finally get back to focusing on the issues that matter, like did we wake the moon landing? >> the problem for donald trump that now as the gop nominee he needs to win over a broader swath of the electorate.
7:33 am
this is simply speaking to the converted. >> reporter: as candidate trump he's only turned up the volume, making mainstream theories other politicians don't touch. when ted cruz was in the race, up the speculated about a tabloid rumor linking cruz's father to jfk's assassination. >> the fact a picture was taken of him and lee harvey oswald. >> reporter: typical for trump. raising the question, letting it hang for someone else to answer. >> let's be clear. this is nuts. yes, my dad killed jfk, he is secretly elvis and jimmy hoffa is buried in his back yard. >> i say they found a pillow on his face, which is a pretty unusual place to find a pillow. i can't give you an answer. >> reporter: officials say scalia died of natural causes.
7:34 am
even after they're debunked, conspiracy theories can dominate headlines for days like when trump said this last year about the reaction of muslims to 9/11. >> i watched in jersey city, new jersey, where thousands of people were cheering as that building was coming down. >> reporter: independent fact checkers say that's just not true. but that's not stopping trump. trump, now under fire from some democratic opponents for that conspiracy theory talk. he has argued in the past he's only responding to questions posed by others and doesn't bring it up on the campaign trail. >> thank you. let's get a check of the weather from this guy, mr. roker. >> you like the 80s? >> i love the 80s. i thought you meant the decade. >> let's take a look for example here in the northeast. what about the 80s? 80 degree days this month for
7:35 am
new york, one. one in boston. one in pittsburgh. one in washington, d.c. this weekend we're going to see tons of the 80s. except for boston, but you're still going to be pretty warm. now we're going to take a look in the midwest. it's been pretty chilly. one in detroit. it is going to warm up nicely. >> we've had a lot of '80s in the bay area. now we have a mostly cloudy sky, temperatures in the upper 50s, it will be into the upper 60s today in the east bay, low 70s for the tri-valley, south bay and forth bay. we get a lot of sunshine and the
7:36 am
warming trend gets under way. >> like your forecast for the memorial day weekend around here. coming up next, a warning that all parents need to see. >> reporter: coming up, doctor's nationwide reporting more and more kids ending up in the hospital poisoned by pot. how is that happening? i have two lollipops here. one of them a regular lollipop, the other laced with marijuana. could you tell the difference?
7:37 am
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we're back at 7:41. this morning on rossen reports, candy that could send your child to the hospital. >> "today" national investigative correspondent jeff rossen is here with a story that parents need to see. jeff, good morning. >> this is an important one. guys, good morning to you. if i showed these to your kids right here, right here, would your kids eat them? mine would. they're lollipops. now, there is a potentially dangerous version of these spreading across the country. pure, concentrated marijuana made to look like kids' candy. kids keep eating it by accident. they see it laying around at home or at a friends' house. even at public. doctors nationwide are reporting a spike in children rushed to the er, poisoned by pot. this morning, police are issuing an urgent warning. >> reporter: all kinds of candy. >> it looks yummy.
7:42 am
>> reporter: even baked goods. >> i love brownies. >> reporter: they look so good but -- >> this one is actually edible marijuana. >> oh, wow. >> reporter: it's the latest craze. edible marijuana that looks identical to candy. just look at these, side by side. can you see the difference? that's real sugary candy on the right, and that's pot on the left. marijuana, now legal for recreational or medical use in 24 states and d.c. the product is spreading everywhere. children hurt from california to new york. last year alone, poison controls across the country reporting over 4,000 kids and teens exposed to marijuana. >> cookie and i eat it. >> reporter: this 8-year-old boy rushed to the hospital after finding a pot cookie at the park. >> i felt like i was vibrating up and down. everything looked like it wasn't real. >> reporter: in michigan, two children sent to the er after
7:43 am
getting into this man's gummie stash. >> we could siee seizures, hallucinations, loss of consciousness. this is very serious. >> reporter: it's not easy to guess. >> do you have cookies or brownies? >> reporter: a rossen reports team going shopping in denver. >> looks like candy. >> for sure. >> reporter: then i hit the streets. can these kids spot the pot? >> what does this look like? >> gummie bears. >> do you like them? >> it looks yummy. >> what looks yummy about it? >> it has sugar on it. >> reporter: this 3-year-old, so enticed, watch. >> would you eat this? >> yeah. >> no, you can't touch that. >> even older kids, confused. >> would you eat these? >> yeah. >> why? >> because they're cookies. >> reporter: parents, they're puzzled, too. >> up close, can you tell the difference? >> i can't, no. not at all. >> looks like a regular gummie bear to you?
7:44 am
>> absolutely. you can kind of smell it, maybe. maybe now that you told me. >> you wouldn't know otherwise? >> no. >> reporter: now police are issuing an urgent warning to parents. >> you have little kids that accidentally get into this stuff, don't know better. or a babysitter might give a child something out of the pantry, not realizing what it is. the accidental issues are on the rise, and it's a big problem. >> should pot candy will banned? >> kids will want to get into this. banning is the only way to deal with it. >> here's the other fear, that kids will bring the candy to school and share it with friends. in fact, it just happened at a school in florida. excuse me, getting over a cold here. four kids. >> reporter: hospitfour kids we hospitalized after eating the gummies. >> that's why we say don't take candy from strangers. >> we'll test these out in the 8:00 hour of the show. >> we'll test it in our office. thanks. history made on "the voice"
7:45 am
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we're back at 7:49. let us get to the post-it battle that has arrived here in 30 rock. >> finally. >> finally, it's made it here. we've been watching this for more than two weeks. social media users have seen this post-it war break out in lower manhattan. each window creation outdoing the next. they are here. members of horizon media, one of the ad agencies involved in the battle, brought post-its to our plaza. they've been working on a custom
7:50 am
creation across the street. nice to have you here. >> thank you. >> we have your artwork behind me. how much worke you actually done the last couple of weeks, for your actual job? >> oh, very little. >> i didn't think there was a whole lot of that going on. one of the building's landlords said all the artwork has to come down at the end of the month. we're running out of time. your competitors at havas worldwide made this as their grand finale. it was a mic drop. we invited them to compete live with you guys but they weren't able to make it. do you think what you've been working on this morning will compete with this? >> we call it a war, but everybody won in this situation. it's obviously epic. what we did for you is equally epic. we're excited to do this next year, too. >> we have a big reveal. we've been waiting for it. drum roll, please. let's see what you've all been up to. i love it! the skyline of new york.
7:51 am
this officially is the end of the battle, or you have a couple more days, is there anything else we can expect? >> i think it's probably time for everyone to get back to actual work, unfortunately. we're looking forward, like i said, to picking this up next may. >> okay, good. the landlord can get mad again. >> exactly. >> it's been fun to watch. thank you very much. >> thanks so much. >> just confused. the landlord will let you do it again next may, is that true? >> we ask efor forgiveness. >> not permission. everybody wins. no one more than post-its. just ahead, the campers who woke up to some very thirsty lions at their door. and whole foods getting more affordable? the popular ♪ ♪ ♪
7:52 am
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wx toss to traffic traffic toss traffic ck traffic maps >> good morning, i'm meteorologist kari hall. a live look from san francisco. we will see these clouds slowly clearing out throughout the rest of the morning. temperaturewise, we're in the mid- to upper-60, heading into san francisco, 62 degrees, 72 in palo alto. also 72 in napa. '80s for tomorrow. that continues tomorrow, temperatures warming up, we head into the memorial day holiday weekend. let's head over to mike now with a okay of what's happening on the freeways. >> an earlier crash, we might see some repair work later on. the toll plaza lights are on. across the stan mateo bridge.
7:57 am
>> that dun ba toll plaza. it builds light overthere there is a fire there, we will talk more about that in a second. we have benson as your alternate, local drivers getting to or from the expressway area. meanwhile, it continues to build and push on. north 101, a few crash. we do see slowing. speaking of that fire, i hand it off to you. >> firefighters are at the scene of that early morning strip mall fire, several businesses are destroyed. crews are still on the scene, posting updates. a car smashed into a gun store. details for a smash-n-grab on our facebook page. a runner had an ankle injury, leads a multiple amptee.
7:58 am
another update in half an hour. okay, ready? whoa! [ explosion ]
7:59 am
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8:00 am
♪ it's 8:00 on today, coming up arc whole lot of changes. health conscious supermarket whole foods are changing to more affordable items. we'll have an inside look at the new store opening today. >> plus, kings of the campout. tourists caught offguard when two lions approach their tent and then start licking it in an evidence to quench their thirst. it's caught on video from only inches away. and making a difference. jack black takes on a serious cause for our red nose day initiative. >> check this out. fully transformed. >> he'll talk to us about the experiences that motivated him to change the lives of children
8:01 am
all around the world. >> thank you! >> today, wednesday, may 25th, 2016. ♪ >> good morning! >> good morning! >> hey to our family and friends back in texas! woo! ♪ >> having a great time in new york city. >> hi mamie. >> good morning alabama. >> holy toledo, it's our first time in new york city. woo! we're back now. on a wednesday morning. it's the 25th may of may, 2016. it's another keeper here in new york city. brilliant blue skies. no wind.
8:02 am
nice temperatures. nice people. what have i missed? >> the great smell of smoke. >> exactly. >> the good kind of smoke. >> charcoal. >> that's right we're going to have the abcs of grilling this morning. why charcoal is the way to go and other secrets you need to know to make your summer cookout better than the rest. we'll got to that. we mentioned that jack black is going to be talking about an event that helped change his perspective. all part of red nose day. tomorrow here in the plaza we're all going to get on stationery bikes and people across the country are going to join us trying to raise awareness. last year i rode from boston to new york. i didn't have to be doing that this year. we hope you will join us tomorrow for red nose day. first let's go inside. tamarin has the headlines. >> the donald trump campaign is brushing off protesters who clashed with police at a rally
8:03 am
in new mexico overnight. halle jackson is in albuquerque with the latest. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. new this morning, police say several officers have been treated fore injuries after being hit by rocks. at least one person arrested after what started as peaceful protests quickly turned chaotic. demonstrators throwing rocks and bottles at police, at one point igniting fires. officers used pepper spray to clear the people from the streets and restaurants blocking doors blocking doors from inside to prevent people from coming into trump's rally. one turn of trump's rallyings turned violent last month in california, where 17 people were arrested. that is where donald trump is headed today. now this morning, a new warning from the police chief in anaheim ahead of that rally that violence will not be tolerated. president obama arrived in japan this morning as part of a
8:04 am
trip that will include the first visit to hiroshima by a sitting president. earlier he completed a three-day trip to vita unanimous with a town hall meeting in hooe ho which i minicity, which led to an impromptu performance by a rapper. ♪ >> my name is sue borg by the way. >> that was good. >> the meeting involved 800 young adults taking efforts to strengthen ties between the u.s. and southeast asia. >> the head of the tsa is on capitol hill today. peter neffenger being asked if and how the long lines can be reduced during the summer travel
8:05 am
season. meanwhile, the zboft being asked to approve the hiring of 600 more screeners immediately. at least one did he tell blamed on violent weather that swept across the heartland overnight. millions of people are bracing for more storms like the ones that damaged homes in kansas and oklahoma overnight. traffic came to a halt as debris swirled through the air. two people were critically injured. two dozen possible tornadoes were reported in four states. the storms also caused dangerous flash flooding. how is this one for a wake up call of the wild. tourists on an african safari woke up to find a pair of lions pressed against the mesh screen of their tent. listen closely. the lions were thirsting, the sound is licking. they were licking to raindrops that clung to the tent walls overnight. although the tent door was open, the lions never came in.
8:06 am
i can barely read that without gulping. they never came in. the door was open. they just wanted a lick you. >> know what they say, you don't have to run faster than lions, you only have to run faster than him. >> if you are in the tent -- >> you play dead. >> i would not have to play. >> get your cell phone out and shoot the tape. >> thank you. up next, whole foods for the masses. we get a first look inside the new store that makes going organic a little bit more affordable. plus, how willing are you to help a stranger. the surprising results of a new study. and you have got to hear christina aguilera and ariana grande's duet from last night's season finale of the voice. right after this.
8:07 am
8:08 am
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we're back at 8:10. whole foods study. and you have got to hear it has a reputation for being on the pricey side. the country has a new plan to bring it to the masses starting with a new store that is opening today. scotty swartz got a sneak peek. >> organic food on the shelves everywhere. from safeway to target. much of the trend traces back to whole foods, the counter culture market turned health food giant that helped take sustainable eating mainstream but some will tell you at a price.
8:11 am
>> reporter: when you think whole foods -- >> expensive, whole paycheck is what my mom says. >> high-end, good quality. >> pricey. >> reporter: whole food costs have been the butt of late night jokes. $6. water is free and a pound of asparagus from whole foods costs $5. >> reporter: even the cartoon south park taking jabs. >> congratulations, you have your whole foods. >> reporter: now they are firing back with a new store called 365 opening in the l.a. hipster neighborhood of silver lake. >> walking in here, this looks nothing like whole foods. >> no, no, it looks a lot different. we worked really hard on having it be open, really light feel, intuitive. >> reporter: inside, everything is designed to take the sticker shock out of shopping. >> we do want to reach a wider audience. >> reporter: the costs are much lower and so are the shelves with less space for premium
8:12 am
items and more for the affordable. >> we have done a lot of work on our prices and looked very close at selecting the mix. >> reporter: even the labels are digital to cut down on man hours and pass the savings to a grocery bill. >> everywhere you look, there is do it yourself technology. >> the lesser advice, the smaller size, it equates into having lower prices. >> reporter: we put the prices to the test around los angeles and found 365 cost equal to or sometimes less than trader joe's or kroger brands. >> quality is there and so are the prices. >> reporter: now, there are plans to open stores in states like washington, oregon, texas and ohio. trying to create a new image of high quality at affordable prices. a concept that's already worked in retail before, but not with food. think the gap, branching out with old navy, saks fifth avenue opening saks off 5th. or nordstrom launching nordstrom
8:13 am
rack. whole foods fighting to stay competitive in a health food industry it helped create. for "today", gadi schwartz, nbc news, los angeles. >> sparked a discussion here during that piece. >> it did. >> wondering why they can't get the prices down lower in all the stores. >> right. >> kale for everyone. >> not today. time for what's trending today. >> how far would you go to help, or even please, a total stranger? >> depends on what they want. >> bha what do they want? >> let's say this, researchers from cornell set out to answer the question. they found that people tend to underestimate the willingness of total strangers to lend a hand. here's one experiment. volunteers walked up to total strangers on the street and said, may i borrow your cell phone? what would you do if someone said that? >> oh, no. it's a scam. you're probably going to make long distance calls. >> i'd probably say yes, unless it was a creeper. >> i'd say no. >> if it was jeff rossen.
8:14 am
>> el creepo. >> no. >> the expectation is it would take ten people before you'd find one person who would say yes. in reality, volunteers got yeses after only six people. >> wow. >> little different experiment now. volunteers were asked to vandalize a library book by writing the word "pickle" in it. >> what? >> the expectation was about 25% would agree to do it. guess what the actual percentage was? >> surely, no one would agree. >> not going to vandalize a book. >> 64% of people vandalized the book by writing "pickle" in it. >> what? >> the conclusion is you can get total strangers to do things, even if you don't think you can. >> wait a minute, what does that say about humanity? you can't borrow my phone, but i'll vandalize a library book? >> where was this study when we were in college? >> weird. speaking of influencing people, matt, i don't want you to ever doubt your power and
8:15 am
influence, okay? >> this is more of an hour power thing. >> i think of you. something called spaghetti pie, you raved about. take a look. >> best thing i've had in a month on this show. this is fantastic. >> it was. >> last august, adam brought us spaghetti pie. we all raved, but no one more than matt. >> i started salivating. i love that stuff. >> get this, are you sitting down? >> yeah. >> olive garden -- are you sitting? olive garden says that starting this week, it is adding spaghetti pie to its menu. >> olive garden! >> can we get a round of applause? >> the power of lauer, baby. >> deep dish pie, a tasty xwoe of cheese and pasta, baked in a pie crust, one version. al, brace yourself -- comes with bacon. if you're saying, what's my legacy? what did i leave behind? >> i still get tweets from people saying, i made the spaghetti pie last night and it was great.
8:16 am
in between the nasty comments. look at this, hover boards, the hot toy this year, right? >> yeah. >> they can be a little tricky to ride. here's proof. one girl learned that the hard way. she went spinning uncontrollably on the hoverboard. she begged her sister to help her. the sister gives up and goes in the other direction. >> oh, man! >> no, she eventually helps her. then the hover board stops spinning and goes into what they call a loop. watch this. now, we're entering the loop phase. >> oh, no. >> come on! >> wait, wait, wait. yes. >> was she okay? >> i think she was okay. >> we wouldn't run it if she wasn't okay. >> i don't know about that. >> oh, my. >> so the rule here is, help when you're in the spin phase. don't let it get to the loop phase. >> exactly. >> i think the sister set her up. >> and you hear the thud. >> hands over her head.
8:17 am
>> how many times do you have to ask for help? you can hear the mom, i told you to help her. >> send it to "america's funniest home video." now, to the history-making winner on "the voice" team up for an inved i believe diva duet. >> history was made on the season finale of season 10. the final two contestants, adam bakefield from team blake and the season's front-runner, allison porter from team christina. the winner was alisan porter, making christina aguilera the first female coach to win. alisan started her career playing curly sue, and backstage, she said she waited 30 years for this moment. by the way, alisan will join us live tomorrow here on "today". congratulations to her. and here's another moment from "the voice" that has people talking. the duet between christina aguilera and ariana grande.
8:18 am
the powerhouse vocalists singing ariana's song "dangerous woman." ♪ ♪ ♪ you make me feel like a dangerous woman ♪ >> man, they are good. ariana, dazzling in an all white ensemble, while christina opted for all black. the diva duo getting praise across social media. that was fun to catch. >> it was, and good to listen to. >> dylan, thank you. mr. roker, check of the weather? >> let's show you what we've got. >> announcer: today's city weather is brought to you by maui jim sunglasses. color clarity, detail, maui jim. let's start out with our pick city.
8:19 am
kaanapali, maui. showers today and tomorrow. friday, tropical sunshine. temperature about 83 degrees. as you look now, we've got sunshine along the east coast, sunshine out west. from bismarck down to tennessee, we are looking at showers and thunderstorms. it'll be firing up today. temperatures will be in the 70s, 80s, 90 into southern florida. good chunk of 90s from the we have clouds all across the bay area right now. some mild temperatures and we will see these clouds clearing up later on today. some breaks in the clouds to give us a little more in the way of sunshine. high temperatures today reaching the upper 60s for the east bay, peninsula and the low 70s for tri-valley as well as the north bay. san francisco, 63 degrees with mostly sunny skies and a breezy
8:20 am
wind. temperatures will be warming over the next couple of days. and this weekend looks like we could have the mid-80s inland. latest weather. >> announcer: the new middle age is created from our sponsor, aarp. real possibilities. >> al, thank you very much. this morning, we are wrapping up our special series, the new middle age today. >> that's right. this morning, joan lunden is here again. this time, looking at ageism and how often it goes overlooked, even when it happens before our eyes, joan. >> which is more often than we think. hi, guys. it's been said that age is an issue of mind over matter. if you don't mind, it doesn't matter. i think that's great advice. now as a growing number of americans are living longer and healthier lives, many are questioning the definition of midlife and how aging is perceived. >> reporter: what does your face say about your age? what does your age say about who you are? >> getting older every day is a positive thing.
8:21 am
>> experience and talent will always trump age. >> people are living younger, styling themselves younger. >> people are maybe a little bit quick to dismiss some of my opinions. >> we're not afraid of our age. we hold on to it and embrace it. >> reporter: we set out to challenge perceptions about aging, working with aarp. we gathered a panel of different ages to talk about ageism. we began by showing them a hidden camera video, produced by aarp, staged at a food truck with help from an actress. >> one question. you're not over 40, are you? >> no. >> perfect. great. >> there's an age limit? >> you're not over 40, are you? if you're under 40. >> no. >> older people don't fit into our culture. >> reporter: aarp created this social experiment as a metaphor for what many in midlife and older experience in their day to day encounters. our panel watched as the phony food truck promotion confused
8:22 am
and confounded. >> we're trying to look for a young, hip vibe. >> that's fine. i'm 28. >> as long as you're not eating it. >> no. >> i believe you. >> can you have your mom step away? it gives the wrong impression. >> reporter: the video made an impression on our panel. >> what's your reaction to seeing that? >> i hate to see it, but then i like to see it. because now, we have to talk about it. >> to be so overt about it, and the one woman, walk away from the truck. your old age, we don't want it to rub off on the truck. >> old age? wait a second, 40, hello. you're 42, right? >> yeah, 42. >> do you think you've hit middle age? >> i do. i'm okay with it. i've accomplished a lot of great things, but now it's like, what can i do for myself? >> here's what i want to know. right around the bend here, when does middle age start? >> i am not middle-aged, and may
8:23 am
not hit it until maybe i can't do a push up. >> i think you're only as old as you feel. who is society to put a number of on that? >> because people are living longer, i would say at least mid 60s, i would consider middle age. >> there can be a 32-year-old who is a deadweight, and you can have an 84-year-old who is spunky and moxy and you want to spend the day with them. >> ever feel like somebody treated you differently because you weren't still 20 something or 30 something? >> in my heart, i am. >> oh, i like that. >> reporter: according to our new survey, 27% of r participants admit to judging people because of their age. it's an issue that aarp's ceo says needs to be exposed. >> is ageism kind of accepted? >> unfortunately, yes. i think what we're trying to do, in calling this out, is to say, it's time we stop allowing
8:24 am
ageism to exist in this country. >> reporter: according to our survey, 30% of participants say they've been passed over for a job because they were too old. >> it does bring up a certain ageism, where the generations clash. while you don't want to be, you know, seen as like, i'm too old to do this job, then you've got all these young people coming in and trying to go for the same job as the older person. >> people in the work force are being more productive when there are inner generational work teams working together, the young and the old. extend the middle-aged period. better solutions are coming out of the different workplaces. >> so the question is, if we're now 50 to 70 is middle age, what do we call ourselves? >> you asked people online. >> i asked online. everyone definitively said, do not call us seniors. goldens, thrivers, seasoned. masters was one of my favorite. there's no negative connotation
8:25 am
to that. >> no. >> seasoned sounds like a steak. >> and golden is like golden years. that's the 80s and 90s now. >> i like masters. that's good. >> nice ring. >> fun series. thanks, joan. dylan has a little more. >> hey, with definition of middle age changing by the day, we're working with aarp and their #disrupt aging to see how people are defying age stereotypes. let's take a look. suzy writes, i completed a 200-hour yoga teacher training at 52 and teach yoga at our local, rural library. kim writes, just at beyonce's concert last night with my daughter-in-law, ripped jeans and all. mary writes, never felt better and content with me. 51 and going strong. keep sharing what the new middle age looks like to you on the "today" show facebook page or #disrupt ages. coming up, hoda introduces us to a remarkable guy who is defying the odds in a huge way.
8:26 am
we'll have that story. by the way, it came out of a graduation speech she gave down at tulane.i'm ... ==anim== a developing story... ==topvo== firefighters are still at the scene of a massive fire that destroyed part of a south bay strip mall. firefighters say it started some a good wednesday morning at 8:26. firefighters are on the scene of a fire that destroyed part of a strip mall. firefighters say it started at 3:00 this morning and eventually was upgraded to a five-alarm fire. that's video from when it first broke out. all this happening on el cimino real in the 3400 block. despite the flames, nobody was injured but half a dozen businesses have been destroyed or damaged. firefighters don't know how the fire started yet. but once they got the upper hand, crews flew a drone over the scene to try to gather some clues. the businesses impacted include a vegetarian indian restaurant and massage parlor.
8:27 am
as far as the traffic impact, we saw things impacted this morning and mike inouye has more. we still have the fire line ross both directions of el cimino. benton will keep you clear of the distraction whether or not the lanes have reopened. there's the earlier crashes clearing up. everything is moving better. a late crash on west 92 across the san mateo bridge. here's the toll plaza moving. that will do it for us. see you in a half hour.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
good morning, everyone. it's wednesday morning. you're watching "today". it's 8:30 in the morning. it is an absolutely spectacular day on our plaza, and we have a spectacular crowd joining us, as well. it'll get down right hot tomorrow, and everybody will be complaining about the weather. dierks bentley will be on our stage. and that's why it'll be hot
8:31 am
tomorrow. >> i thought you said his name was hubba-hubba. >> that's right. dierks bentley. >> by the way, it'll be hot on the plaza for another reason. we're gearing up for tomorrow's return of red nose day. how you can get involved. also, we'll hear from one of the supporters of the cause, jack black. plus, can you smell it? >> yeah. >> smell it, everybody? we are grilling. we're going to show you how to set it up, clean it up, how you can make the best use of a barbecuer's best friend. what is that, other than al roker? >> i think it's charcoal, right? >> adam is a fan of charcoal. >> i prefer it. >> seems complicated. >> we'll learn to do it. >> can we do a shout out of impressive women of "today"? the gracie awards were handed out, and we took in a haul. >> who is counting, but three awards overall.
8:32 am
kathie lee won. ms. natalie morales. and weekend "today" producers. all honored and looking good. so proud of them. >> congratulations. al, check of the weather? >> let's show you what we have going on. starting with today, we are looking at unseasonably high temperatures today in the eastern 1/3 of the country. i mean, wichita, 14 degrees above average at 93. new york city will be near 90. charlotte, 85. tomorrow, look at the temperatures, almost 90 in washington, d.c. memph memphis, 90. out west, you can see temperatures much cooler. look at that. san francisco, flag staff, denver, salt lake, billings and portland, all below average. that we have a lot of clouds over san francisco right now. and much of the bay area. we will slowly start to see this clearing out as we go through the day. it is now 58 degrees in concord.
8:33 am
59 in palo alto. and 257 in oakland. also the upper 60s along the cost and low 70s along the peninsula. in san francisco, 62 degrees in the mission district. 66 degrees in petaloma. father's day. we're calling it, "today"'s funniest dad. if you dream of being a comedian -- and don't we all -- we're going to give you the opportunity to make that dream come true. head to submit your best original joke or story about fatherhood. you could have a chance to perform stand-up live here on "today". but wait, there's more. my good buddy jim gaffigan, star of "the jim gaffigan" show and author, is going to be here, as
8:34 am
well. he sent us a message. >> hi, it's jim gaffigan here. i've been informed that al roker has tricked me into judging the funniest dad concert, which is going to be pretty interesting. we all know the funniest and the best dad ever is my dad, al roker. see you in a couple weeks. >> i love you, son. i really do. all you have to do is submit your entry at you could become "today"'s funniest dad. >> i love how we're playing the funniest dad music. red nose day is a big deal. it's a celebrity fundraiser raising money for children in poverty. >> for the second year in a row, jack black is one of the big names helping out with red nose day. this time around, he has good news about a young boy who had a profound impact on the comedian. >> reporter: when jack black visited a slum in uganda last
8:35 am
year, such a solemn setting seemed out of place for such a funny guy. >> i'm a little kind of shocked at how it affected me. i didn't think -- >> people were very moved and also a little shocked to see me in that kind of context. usually, i'm just, you know, clowning around and making people laugh. >> what about your mother and your father, where do they live? >> my mummy died. >> reporter: his most powerful memory, spending a night with a homeless boy named felix. >> it's unfathomable. this is not a place for a 12-year-old boy to be sleeping alone. this is his life. this is where he lays his head at night. you don't want to what? >> stay in the streets. >> you don't want to stay in the streets? >> i want to i don't think i can take you home. i don't think it's allowed.
8:36 am
>> reporter: a year has passed, and black still reflects often on what he saw. he's relieved to know felix got help through a program that benefits from red nose day. the boy now lives with a foster family and is pursuing his dream of getting an education. >> to know that felix is on the right path, how does that feel for you? >> it feels great. it feels great to be a small part of not just felix's life, but you know, a lot of kids that are feeling the recovery efforts of red nose day. >> i just started sponsoring a 10-year-old kid from the mountains of chili. >> reporter: jack has another video that'll air tomorrow. >> i have to read this. it's his first e-mail. >> little lighter, little happier this year? >> yeah, that's what i asked. can i just be funny this year? no more tears, please. >> what is it you're doing this year? >> little comedic switcheroo.
8:37 am
you'll see. no spoilers. >> reporter: motivation that leads to action. >> one of the things you can do to help out on red nose day is buy one of these. these sweet babies. by the way, great gift. great stocking stuffer. check this out. fully transformed. >> a little more about felix. when he first left the streets, he was placed in a program where he could get counseling. then when he was ready, he moved in with a foster family. now even has brothers and sisters. his favorite subjects are math and english. outside of school, he loves music, and that's how he and jack bonded last year, was their love of music with each other. >> and the power was to see a guy who is used to being only funny, be so moved by that situation. >> exactly. >> joe, thank you very much. you can help other kids like e felix by donating.
8:38 am call 1-800-500-4373. or donate $10 right now by texting key word "today" to 80077. >> for every dollar donated through "today", the bill and melinda gates foundation will contribute $2. up to $500,000. good time to get more out of your money. let's go to dylan in the orange room. >> announcer: tour de red nose is sponsored by walgreens. get your red nose to help kids in need. >> time is running out to get your red nose. hurry to walgreens and pick one up. we want you to share with us your red nose selfie, using #red nose. i'll pop this on. i'll snap my selfie. great, i swear. watch the prime time special tomorrow night at 9:00/8:00 central here on nbc. the rest of the day, you'll
8:39 am
sound like this. >> dylan, thank you. coming up next, some very simple tricks to save you time every day. making the bed to folding towels and something to do with the toilet, too. we have it all. first, this is "today" on nbc. ♪ hey! ♪ they go ooh ooh. ♪ hey! ♪ they go oh-ooh-ooooh. ♪ sitting, watching, waiting, wishing. ♪ ♪ i tell you one thing, you never knew it. ♪ ♪ at the back of the bus ♪ there is so much to give, so dream big. ♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪ ♪ all i wanna hear is get down, get down. ♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪ ♪ all i wanna hear is get down, get down. ♪ ♪ get down, get down.
8:40 am
8:41 am
we are back at 8:41. we've got more on our ongoing series, one small thing. simple, smart changes to improve your every day life. this morning, much-needed help if you're tired of spending your free time making beds and picking up wet towels, otherwise known as my house. elizabeth, good morning. >> morning. >> ready to change lives this morning? >> i am. >> nthis prevents the nagging. >> yeah. >> for those of us who have messy partners and see the towels or the bed not made, these are easy things, to strip it down and make your life better. >> okay. the bed is my favorite thing.
8:42 am
i don't make that bed that often. >> this is the easiest way to make a bed. do away with the flat screen he the blanket. you have a duvet cover you can pull up, fold down and presto, in two seconds, your bed can be made. if you were on that side, i'd have you fix that. >> easy. >> college students do this because it's easier. the other big tip about duvet covers, these do go in the wash, just like sheets. look for ones with zippers. i like -- a lot of them have buttons. >> they take forever. >> this is actually at the wrong end, but this is a zipper compartment. when you put it in the wash, zip it, too, so stuff isn't caught inside. >> curtains, a lot of people have the shades, rolling up and all that. >> in the bedroom, do away with them. not only do they break but often times, they don't block out all the light. think of a hotel room.
8:43 am
it's nicer to have curtains that you go like this, and they're dark. there are plaqblackout shades. it's good for them to go to the floor. it makes the window look bigger. >> can it brush across the floor a bit? >> sometimes you have a puddle on the floor. it's an aesthetic decision. don't cut them off here. >> gotcha. welcome to my bathroom. towels on the floor. >> first thing about towels, i say buy all the same towels for your house. don't have different sets in different colors. it makes laundry more complicated and sorting it more come plated. also, do away with the towel bar. they're a pain. not only does it take time, i mean, what kid is going to fold it all? replace it with hooks.hygienic. >> it can air out. >> as opposed to folding it on itself. when you're putting towels in the wash, do not use fabric
8:44 am
softener. it destroys them. >> really? >> little side bar. >> okay. >> my favorite tip. i do not understand who invented this. the springy toilet paper makes no sense to me. the way to go is a single arm toilet paper holder. my kids never replace it. here in the nbc bathrooms, you see toilet paper sitting on top of it. >> i'm sorry i left it that way. >> it's disgusting. anybody can do that. i say if you're redoing the bathroom, get rid of the springg thi -- springy things. roll to the top, not the hygien >> you've changed our lived this morning. if you want more tips, sign up for the one small thing newsletter. delivered to your inbox, easy as pie. small thing to sign up. coming up, hoda catches up with a man whose remarkable story inspired her for decades.
8:45 am
first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:46 am
8:47 am
we are back. it's 8:47. graduation season. as we mentioned, hoda recently gave the commencement address at tulane university. >> in her speech, she honored an inspiring alum making his mark on the world, despite odds. hoda has more on his story. >> he's incredible, you guys. i got to share ten life lessons with the graduates. one was about a man gamed derek edwards. we worked 20 years ago when i worked in new orleans. not only after, a freak accident on a high school football field started him on the most improbable of journeys. i hadn't seen derek in years. when i heard what he had been up to, i had to share his story with the grads and all you. >> reporter: derek edwards was only 17 when his life changed forever during a high school football game. >> as i was running down the
8:48 am
field, i collided with a player. when i fell backwards, i tried to get up and i tried to get up and i tried to get up. i couldn't get up. >> reporter: derek had broken his neck and would never walk again. >> i didn't want to live. >> reporter: but this very field -- >> it's very emotional. it's the last place that i actually stepped foot. >> reporter: -- would become the start of a road where derek repeatedly defied the odds. he spent six months in the hospital, two in intensive care. his lungs collapsed several times, but he survived. when doctors said he would need 24-hour care and would be better off in an institutional setting, his mother would not have it. >> she said, if god didn't take him tonight of his injury, i'm taking him home with me. >> reporter: a single mom and schoolteacher raising three boys. she didn't have the money to make their home wheelchair accessible, so she would stand on the street corner, asking
8:49 am
drivers for whatever they could spare. >> i had a sign, football player paralyzed. please help him. >> reporter: derek found the will to carry on, and carry on he did. he graduated with his high school class on schedule. he earned a bachelor's degree from tulane, a masters degree in accounting, and then a law degree at loyola. >> derek edwards. >> reporter: today, putting the law degree to use as a practicing attorney. >> words of encouragement from many people have actually pushed me and encouraged me to keep going. >> reporter: derek got encouragement from so many, and i was surprised to find that a little of that came from me. >> i'm hoda kotb. >> reporter: and a conversation we had while i was a reporter in new orleans. >> hoda encouraged me, motivated me. she indicated to me that, you know, just never give up in life. i've always remembered what hoda told me. >> reporter: that was more than
8:50 am
two decades ago. when i was asked to speak at tulane's graduation, i couldn't wait to see derek again. >> lesson number nine is sitting right here in front of me. his name is derek edwards. do you know what derek edwards is doing today? derek edwards in the front row is running for the united states senate. lesson number nine. >> reporter: you heard that right. he's not done yet. derek launched a u.s. senate bid. >> i can't tell you what it meant seeing you. it meant the world. >> i appreciate everything you've done. >> every time your son accomplished something, does he continue to amaze you or do you expect it from him because he's that guy? >> i am shocked. >> if anyone is going to encourage the kids, it ain't going to be on stage, it's going to be what you've done with your life. how did you keep the spirit alive? >> if you have faith, because of god, all things are possible. believe in yourself. work hard. there's nothing you can't accomplish. >> strong faith and his mom have helped him through so many
8:51 am
things. he speaks to groups and hospitals around. can you believe this guy? >> wow. >> incredible. >> what an inspiration. >> will they let me vote in texas or louisiana? >> like to. >> hoda, thank you. up next, some grilling tips to get you ready for memorial day, and all the summer cookouts. first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:52 am
8:53 am
back now with today food. this week, all about burgers and barbecue because memorial day is almost here. adam rapoport is here to take us back to the basics with the abcs of charcoal grilling. adam, good morning. >> good morning, matt. >> you love these chimney things. >> best $15 you'll spend all summer. >> really? first of all, you like charcoal over gas. >> you get a more intense heat. >> get yourself one of those chimneys. put the coals in there. >> newspaper. print isn't dead. >> exactly. >> light it and within ten minutes, it's flaming and smoking. as soon as the smoke stops, dump the charcoal? >> what we're going to do is talk about what you cook on high heat grills and what you cook on medium heat grills. you think you should have two separate areas. >> if you were doing things like steaks or burgers, you want the crispy sear on the outside but maybe medium, medium-rare on the inside, you want high heat. we have a little steak.
8:54 am
if you like fajitas, and who doesn't, skirt steak. >> once you've distributed the coals in your grill, how long do you let them go before you call that a high heat grill? >> when you dump it, you'll see a lot of flame. they'll be orange. let the flame die down. after you dump it, wait about ten minutes. a nice glow is high heat. don't mess with it. put it on and let it sear. >> people fool around with it too much. >> no, no. unless there is flare-ups. >> for meat, burgers, things like that, you want high heat. >> you don't press the burger down, right? >> never. it takes the juice out. >> thank you. not his first rodeo. >> what do you cool on a medium heat? >> you didn't see that. the "today" show dog will get that. things you want to cook evenly. pork chops. nobody wants medium-rare
8:55 am
chicken. you want things to cook through all the way. want the fat to slowly render. pork chops, no medium-rare. >> anything you've marinated. if you put it on high heat, it'll burn. >> they often have a lot of sugar. also, marinade in a resealable bag. >> what if you don't have time to marinade overnight? >> you read the recipe and it says, marinate over night. increase the acid and it'll penetrate the meat more quickly. >> after we've cooked up a memorial day feast, now we have the grill with all the crud on it. >> this is my actual grate. i didn't clean it the last time i grilled. after you grill, always clean it. get a wire brush and really get in there over heat. let the heat burn off some. clean it so two weeks later when you grill again, you have a clean grill. take vegetable oil on a paper towel, clean it up. >> people don't do this because
8:56 am
they're rushing to eat the food and afterwards, they're too tired to go back to the grill. >> steak rests five to ten minutes afterwards anyway. >> adam, good to see you. for more tips and tricks and to get the steak and the wing s recipe, head to we're back after your local news and a checka developing st ==topvo== firefighters are still at the scene of a devestating fire at a south bay strip mall. it started at ad a good wednesday morning. i'm sam brock. firefighters are on the scene of a devastating fire at a south bay strip mall. this broke out at 3:00 this morning and was eventually upgraded to a five-alarm response. it happened on el cimino real in santa clara. six businesses have been destroyed or damaged. firefighters don't know how the fire broke out or where it started. but once they got the upper hand
8:57 am
on the flames, crews were able to fly a drone over the scene to gather some clues. the businesses impacted included a vegetarian restaurant and massage parlor. el cimino real is still feeling the effects approaching the 9:00 hour. happening right now, bob riddell is there with a live report for our midday newscast. and you can find the latest information in our twitter feed. and authorities are investigating another freeway shooting in the same east bay corridor where other sheetings have happened recently. more on the man the police are looking for on our web page. we'll see you in 30. parents are the children's most important teachers. every day you can make a huge
8:58 am
ability in your child's success by reading to your kids, even from the moment they're born. you will help them build a better future. the more you know. >> the more you know is brought to you by first 5 california. talk, read, sing. it changes everything. learn more at
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9:00 am
this morning on "today's take," emmy winner sean hayes is here to talk about his sinfully funny new role. champagne wishes and caviar dreams. inside the secret lives of the super rich. plus, the celebrity who is hitchhiking across the country and wants you to pick him up. coming up now. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today". it's a wednesday morning, may 25th, 2016. man, is it going to be a beautiful day here in new york city. you know what, it already is outside on our plaza. >> it is. no jackets this morning. >> no jacket required. aisle wi
9:01 am
i'm willie alongside tamron and dylan. natalie on assignment, and al had to skip out a little early. morning jam, "we used to wait" by arcade fire. >> turn it up. >> you want to know why this song? >> why? >> when they e-mail you and want to know, i go to the as and arcade fire. i don't make it to the bs. >> have you heard this song before? >> oh, it's a great song. >> it's on your itunes, right? >> yeah. i start at the as, adele. >> you're only at a-r? i feel they ask for a song every day. >> it was just the first screen. >> if i had to guess, i would have guessed you conferred with lucy and george geist, the lovely children in your home, who are the hippest little people i know, outside of the hip people in my family. >> they're pretty cool. it was this morning. >> no emotional attachment. >> what is the most surprising artist on your phone? >> i have my kids' music on this. this is the family one.
9:02 am
the wiggles are on there. >> that would surprise me. the most surprising artist, i don't have any surprises. i'm an open book. >> yes, you do. >> who is yours? >> buddy holly. i'm a huge fan. >> i would have guessed that. i can see that. >> it's like i'm going for a run and it's a mix of flo-rida and buddy holly. >> it's great, nice variety. >> i love when you put the music on shuffle and then it pops up with buddy holly and something else. i like it. i'll look through this. you have something to tell us about? >> in honor of it being 90 degrees today finally in new york city, we haven't hit 80 yet, we're going for 90, we're going to make frozen drinks. >> great. >> with or without alcohol? >> i think these are without alcohol. >> okay. >> we'll keep it calm on a wednesday morning. we have our producer alex, and we put him to work.
9:03 am
we are using the zoku slush and shake maker. it's like your own slurpee machine. >> what is the liquid? >> orange soda and coke and grape soda. you can use whatever you'd like. >> i'm a grape soda gal. >> i gotcha. i'm going to stir every 60 seconds. down the line like this. in about seven or eight minutes, we're all have slushes. >> it's nice. >> he doesn't know anything. >> i'm just going with it here. >> you have to stir for seven minutes? once a minute for a total of seven minutes? >> that's something to have the kids do. >> it's a reason to have a child. >> or an alex. >> it's $20. get it at bed, ba bath and beyo williams and sanoma.
9:04 am
>> tell us about the chemical reaction that takes place. >> the science behind it, alex. >> it's looking great, looking good. >> he was on andy cohen's show serving up beverages, with the alcohol kind. >> yesterday, you were dressed in a curious george costume. >> the man with the yellow man. >> remember the time you were dressed as the easter bunny and punched me in the head? >> i was convinced i was going to be fired. >> he cracked an egg on my ed. >> there's nothing i'll say no to. i also jumped in a pool with dogs for you. >> now you're stirring. >> downhill. >> could we have timed this so right now, we'd be drinking? >> at the end of this segment, they'll be ready. >> i probably messed up already. there are real ones backstage, just in case. >> television imaginic magic, h finished product. >> not as fun as watching alex stir. >> you know what goes good with
9:05 am
slushies? sushi. bla blake shelton revealed on jimmy fallon's show he's never tried sushi. because he travels the world, his girlfriend is gwen stefani, queen of california, you'd think she'd be like, baby, try a california roll. it never happened. jimmy fallon did say, baby, try a california roll, and here's what happened. >> have you dressed the fresh ginger? >> i wouldn't know fresh ginger from old. >> what do you think about this? >> kind of has the texture of pre-chewed gum. >> can we get the next course, please? just take half of this. it's good. >> i don't like that. >> oh, come on. >> i don't like that.
9:06 am
>> try it. >> oh, man. can we get some more of that rice wine? >> gonads sea -- >> gonads? >> i can't do it. >> i can't do it. >> can we have some wine? >> did it. come on. you don't want to be that guy. >> delicious. >> how about a high-five. >> this is why country boys are so cool. >> i love that jimmy brings him, and he forces jimmy to take a
9:07 am
shot. >> he did try one piece of sushi that he liked. we cut that out. the wine, by was saki. >> love that guy. traffic jams are bad in new york. >> i ride my bike every day. it's too much. >> an elevated bus. that's not the real thing. it's a mold del at a tech expo china. it's a bus that drives over the top of other cars. it runs on a rail, so a cross between a bus and a tram, you could say. the first tests are scheduled for later this year. this was in china at this expo. they think they could build it cheaply and quickly, and that it will be like a subway aboveground, basically. >> it's a great idea. do they realize cars are merging and changing lanes? now you have to look for a bus.
9:08 am
>> two options here. should be like the track, when you have your race cars and they stay in line. did you see the movie "finding nemo," where they were picked up by the stingray for school in the morning? >> it does look like that. >> impressive. >> nemo. >> coming to a city near you. good luck with that. >> when is that happening? between now and never. grab your nose. >> red nose. >> tomorrow is red nose day. of course, it is raising money for children living in poverty around the world. it started in the uk. they brought it to the u.s. last year for the first time, and it was a huge success. matt rode his bike from -- he didn't need that bus thing. he rode his bike from boston to new york. we called it the tour de red nose. this year, our goal is to cycle 10,000 miles. not individually. you'd never see us again. >> not happening. >> 10,000 miles, you kidding me?
9:09 am
>> ridiculous. >> as a team. team "today" family, we'll be on the plaza cycling. with our without our red noses on. >> it would be hard to breathe. >> we're cycling, they told us in an e-mail. how long? >> an hour. >> i delete thad e-mad that e-m. i was like, i didn't get it. abort. i didn't get it. >> i'm not a good cycling. >> stationary bike? how can you not be good at a stationary bike? >> it hurts. >> i told her where it hurts. >> i'm trying to stay upright and i can't reach. >> lower back. >> it hurts your bum. >> we're doing it for a great cause. >> yeah. >> there is a difference in stationary bike and one on a real bike. one, you can fall off of, like you and sheinelle. >> we fell off the tandem bike. >> you can watch the special that airs tomorrow night,
9:10 am
9:00/1 9:00/9:00 9:00/9:00/ 9:00/8:00 central. no complaining tomorrow. we're on the plaza, grinding it out. >> are you doing it? >> yeah. what's going on over here? >> this is a reflection on me and not zoku. the orange one is great. enjoy. >> was this from the back or you? >> from me. >> seven minutes. >> that's what they're supposed to -- alex, this is what they're supposed to look like. >> serve it right out of the zoku. >> we didn't give you enough time either. >> orange worked out. >> jerry's worked out in every color. >> i'll have my own then. >> delicious. i also just love orange soda. it's great as a slushy. >> i'm going to buy this for everyone i know. >> i'll do it for you at home. >> does it come with an alex if you buy it? >> no. >> sit there and stir it. >> this is good.
9:11 am
>> legitimately good. >> legit, and i was spectacle. >> you're welcome. cheers to 90 degrees in the northeast. you're going to want a slushy on a day like today. through the central plains, this is where we need to keep an eye out or storms. nothing severe now, but cloud-to-ground lightning in eastern oklahoma. focus on that area for now. with the dip in the jet stream digging into the central plains, we'll start to see the perfect setup with the warm, moist airstreai air streaming from the south. texas, we could see large hail. tomorrow is where the whole area expands and right in through the orange area, including central kansas, up into south central nebraska and oklahoma, we could see large hail, damaging wind gusts and we have to watch out for torn we have mostly cloudy skies across san francisco. we will see the clouds parting
9:12 am
and giving us sunshine later today. 57 degrees there and 59 in concord and napa 56. we will see the highs warming into the 60s and 70s. very comfortable with a mix of sun and clouds. the embarcadero at 63 and 63 at half moon bay. 73 in oakland and 67 and low 70s for the trivalley and warmer weather on the way. >> that's your latest weather. >> good slushy, right? >> i'm cold now. >> delicious. >> i have goosebumps. up next, sean hayes. he'll tell us about the "act of god" that brought him to broadway and brought him to us. >> so smooth. >> we tried to make one for
9:13 am
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♪ one♪coat, yes! one coat guaranteed marquee interior. behr's most advanced paint. come find our top rated paints, only at the home depot. ♪ ♪ whatcha gonna do when you get outta here? ♪ ♪ i'm gonna have some fun! ♪ ♪ what do you consider fun? ♪ fun, natural fun. ♪ yeah, we rocking right now. ♪ ♪ it's a party over here. ♪ hey! ♪ i'm in heaven! ♪ ♪ owww. sean hayes burst on to the scene of "will and grace."
9:16 am
he was jack mcfarland, a role that brought him an emmy and many other awards. >> now, sean is bringing his act to broadway in "act of god." he's playing the big man. >> after a long night out, you had an interesting, late evening, you said. >> that was off camera. >> you can't say anything off camera. >> professional obligations. >> i did the andy cohen show. you go to bed at 2:00 in the morning. here, people got me up at 6:00. no, happy to be here. tamron, willie and dylan sounds like the best law firm ever. >> call us when you're in trouble. we'll work on that. >> we're here for you. >> meanwhile, congratulations to you on this show. >> thanks. yeah, i'm here in town doing "an act of god." i did it in los angeles and san francisco before that. now we're on broadway. god inhabits the body of sean
9:17 am
hayes, the actor, so thank god i was available. >> thank yourself that you were available. >> very good. thank me that i'm available. and he's grown weary, god has grown weary of the ten commandments so creates ten new commandments to bring to the world. it's at booth theatre. >> i saw jim parsons in the show last year. he was on stage for nearly an hour and a half by himself. that has to be hard. it's like a monologue. >> i was only there ten minutes. >> it's essentially a one-person show. >> we call it a one-god show. there are two angels in it. they go to the audience and ask questions that have been on everybody's minds for centuries. it's clever, thought provoking. written by david javerbaum, the
9:18 am
head writer of "the daily show." i thought it was an important show that brings up things we've all been thinking about. to me, i had the option to do it on broadway or not, but i think it's an important show to see while still being entertaining. >> i know you've memorized lines for an hour, but do you sometimes forget and roll with it? >> you guys have prompters. >> this is all ad lib. it's magic. nobody scripts a word we say. >> what did you ask me, little dylan? >> is this donald trump? >> little dylan. >> i'll take little dylan. i like it. when you're up there, do you ever -- shoot. i forgot my line. and make something else up? >> is that the end of your question, dylan? >> sorry. that's it. >> that was a long one. >> dylan is a guest host. she's visiting.
9:19 am
>> i'm joking. >> be nice. >> i'm very nice. she's adorable. we're going on that date after this, right? no, she's -- where has this gone? you know -- >> it was a good question to begin with. >> you're doing so well. parents are going to be proud. they're dvring it right now. the show is constructed in a way you can ad lib if something goes wrong. one night, i said, what's the line, and pretended it was the virgin mary off stage giving me the line. dylan, what is this, a tick tack? i was going to say, why didn't you put me on that side? >> technically, one commandment you would add? >> thou shalt drive better. >> that's it? >> what's one you would have? >> eat burger every day. >> wow. >> that was fast. >> sean, thank you so much for being here. >> oh, that's it?
9:20 am
>> you were amazing. >> i don't want to ask any more questions. "an act of god" begins may 28th at the booth theatre. up next, a celebrity who wants you to pick him up as he hitchhikes across the country. >> when your type 2 diabetes numbers aren't moving in the right direction, it can be a burden. but what if you could wake up to lower blood sugar? imagine loving your numbers. discover once-daily invokana®. with over 7 million prescriptions and counting, it's the #1 prescribed sglt2 inhibitor that works to lower a1c. in fact, it's been proven to be more effective at lowering a1c than januvia®. invokana® is used along with diet and exercise to significantly lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. it's a once-daily pill that works around the clock. here's how: invokana® reduces the amount of sugar
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the line in the club was so long. i spilled my drink and everything. don't you hate when that happens at a nightclub? it's hump day. amy schumer shutting down online haters. captioning a swim suit photo on ins ins instagram. amy wrote, i hope you find joys in your lives and not writing unkind things in a stranger that triggers something in you that makes you powerful and alone. this is how i look. i feel happy and look strong and healthy. people in the comment section were not the nicest. amy is enjoining a hawaiian get away with that boyfriend of hers, ben. the two celebrate add six-month anniversary a few days ago. i love six-month anniversary. shia labeouf is hitting the
9:24 am
road. he been gan a 30-day trip hitchhiking as part of an art piece commissioned by a colorado museum. anyone can find shia by following their coordinates on twitter and the take me anywhere website. if you pick them up, you can literally drive anywhere in the country. on monday, a group of fans found shia in colorado. they got to enjoy lunch with him. they described him as more humble than you can ever imagine. shia's last performance art piece involved him watching every movie he's ever made during a continuous marathon. i think we should do that. "the take" should do it. i'll hitchhike. you take me anywhere you want to take me. so rob kardashian and blac chyna. the baby is not born yet, but the bundle of joy is already on instagram and famous. the newest kardashian debuted on social media monday night. a shot of the ultrasound.
9:25 am
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and seafood lovers lasagna. all with our unlimited salad and breadsticks. and all starting at $11.99. olive garden. ==anim== a developing story... ==topvo== firefighters are still at the scene of a devestating fire a good wednesday morning. a developing story right now and firefighters still on scene of a devastating fire of a south bay strip mall. it started around 3:00 this morning and was upgraded to a five-alarm response. you see that black smoke in there. nobody was injured despite the flame. at least six businesses have been destroyed or damaged. firefighters don't know how the fire started, but once they got the upper hand, crews started to fly a drone over the scene to gather clues. the businesses impacted were an indian vegetarian restaurant and massage parlor.
9:27 am
mike will have an update momentarily. >> a change of plans. the parks and rec department is cancelling the option at dolores park. they draw thousands of people and as we reported the parks department floated with the idea of launching a reservation program. thousands complained online about the system so the parks department is abandoning the reservation plan. it will be nice enough weather for the rest of the week. we will have traffic and weather after this.
9:28 am
traffic ck traffic maps >> a lot of clouds across the bay area and temperatures in the mid- to upper 50s. we will get sun later today even though it will be a gradual transition. highs in the upper 60s in the east bay and peninsula. south bay with a high of 72 and high pressure starts to nudge in from the west that will warm up the temperatures into the
9:29 am
memorial day weekend and we will see highs in the inland areas in the 80s. let's go for a look at the commute. >> it calmed down towards the bay bridge toll plaza. that caused traffic to jam up over the last half hour and five minutes we have seen recovery. it being looks like it's close to the center divide. the southbound side. northbound routes still slow. may have another crash at oakland road. over here in santa clara, the fire still has el camino closed. back to you. >> more updates to come. thanks so much.
9:30 am
taking a look at the headlines. for the first time ever, the cost of providing health care has topped $25,000 a year for a family of four. covered by an employer sponsored health plan. that's triple what the cost was 15 years ago. there may be a new tool coming in the fight against obesity. a study found small balloons that can be swallowed and filled with gas can be effective in helping people lose weight. those who got the balloons and weight loss counseling lost 7% of their body weight after six months. they're not approved by the fda, but a water-filled version is already available. a new study is raising questions about the accuracy of fit bit heart rate monitors. researchers tested the heart rates of 43 healthy adults using fit bit surge and charge hr
9:31 am
wristbands. then hooked up the same adults to an ekg. the devices were off by as many as 20 heart beats per minute. the study was commissioned by a law firm now heading up a class action lawsuit against fit bit trackers. fit bit calls the study bias and baseless. for the first time ever, 1/3 of millenials live at home. an analysis shows that in 2014, more 18 to 34-year-old adults lived at home with their parents than were living with a spouse, partner or roommate on their own. it's not just economic factors behind it. another reason, according to researchers, is that more adults than before are either postponing marriage or not getting married at all. call it a wakeup call of the wild. tourists on an african safari woke up to find a pair of lions pressed against the mesh screen on their tent. the lions were licking rain drops off the tent walls. although the tent door was open, the lions apparently polite.
9:32 am
they didn't come inside, which is a good thing. let's get a check of the weather from dylan. >> we want them on the outside. looking at the weather across the country today, it'll be warm up and down the east coast. temperatures in the upper 80s and low 90s. scattered storms across the middle of the country with the best chance across southwestern texas. large hail, damaging wind gusts and isolated tornadoes possible. today isn't the big threat. that's tomorrow where we'll see this threat expand from basically southern texas all the way up to south central minnesota. it's in this zone through the plains, including most of central kansas and stretching down to central oklahoma, where we could see a chance of large hail and tornadoes. that's something across parts of the bay area, we are taking a live look
9:33 am
now. our temperatures are in the upper 50s and 57 in livermore and 58 degrees in san jose. it will be a mild one. much more comfortable later. up to 72 degrees in los gatos. 71 in foster city and low 60s in san francisco. 70s for the north bay and trivalley. >> that's your latest forecast. imagine being so rich, you have a hard time finding how to spend your money. >> every week, cnbc's "secret lives of the super rich" takes you inside the world of success and status. the most, robert frank, is here with a look at some of the wealthiest people in the world and how they spend the cash. >> good morning. >> we're glad you're back. we love this segment. let's start with an underground mansion. why underground? >> this is just outside of l.a. on the outside looks like a one-story house. underground is a palace with a
9:34 am
turkish spa. it's own massage room, hot stone room and a swimming pool. there it is. underneath that is a full-sized, two-story tennis court that doubles as a ballroom for 350 of your closest friends. >> do they not like the sun? why underground? >> you can only build one story there. they said, okay, we want a giant palace and we'll build it underground. there's so much concrete in the house, you could build a road from san francisco to l.a., just with the concrete they used for that house. >> and you point out the underground tennis court costs $14 million. the tennis court alone. >> expensive hobby. >> let's swing to las vegas. this is a tribute to fashion designer labels. what are we looking at here? >> this is a house in the most exclusive street in las vegas. this house is owned by two people that really love fashion. there's a closet that is modelled after the first coco
9:35 am
chanel boutique. his closet is modelled after a versachi store. >> i can't afford the actual designer labels but they're decorating their house wit. outside, they've thrown in trees from other countries? >> $1 million in palm trees. 2,400 rose bushes. >> the most expensive property in las vegas. how do they let you in these places? >> we ring the bell as many times astoys. apparently for the super rich, you have to have a personal submarine? >> you don't have one? >> this is the $1.5 million deep flight dragon. it's modelled after a drone in a formula 1 car. electric engine. the super rich who have yachts,
9:36 am
you want a submarine to drop off the yacht and head underwater. >> is there a market for this? >> big market. there was a previous model that richard branson bought, founder of red bull. this is the newest one. people like this stuff. >> they look like fun. >> we'll save up. we'll have it in a million years. this guy loves his lamborghinis and wanted a boat to watch the car. >> $650,000 lamborghini. what i need for that is a speedboat to match. $1.3 million race boat. the race boat goes 190. the car goes 216. >> racing there? >> i was driving the boat. that's me driving the boat. that's the owner driving the car. i won the race because he got pulled over by the cops in miami. >> did he so? >> lucky for me, no police in the water. >> you were driving the boat? >> i went over 120 miles an hour in the boat. that was probably the scariest thing i've ever done. >> incredible.
9:37 am
>> you have to watch this. "secret lives of the super rich," wednesday nights at 10:00 eastern pacific on cnbc. >> thanks, robert. the kitchen gadgets that will make your then we wad it up to make it nice and soft. but grandma, we use charmin ultra soft so we don't have to wad to get clean. mmm, cushiony...and we can use less. charmin ultra soft gets you clean without the wasteful wadding. it has comfort cushions you can see that are softer... ...and more absorbent, and you can use up to 4 times less. remember, that's charmin in there... no wasteful wadding! we all go. why not enjoy the go with charmin. your insurance company won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says, "you picked the wrong insurance plan." no, i picked the wrong insurance company. with new car replacement, we'll replace the full value of your car plus depreciation. liberty mutual insurance.
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you never believed in fairytales. knights in shining armor or happily ever after. but you believed when the right one came along, you'd be ready. time to shine. orbit. people who love to cook love new kitchen toys. host of "america's test kitchen" is showing us the unique gadgets around. >> i'm a kitchen toy? >> you are. >> i've always aspired to be a kitchen toy. >> what are we starting with? >> this is about $13. you can cook eggs in here, shellfish or vegetables. put it in the mesh, cook it and take it out. it's simple to get things out. if you wanted, for example, to flavor a stock or soup, you could put herbs in here or other things. >> great for that. you can cook vegetables and put
9:42 am
them in the basket. >> broccoli florets. this is the burger master, for shaping burgers. i've gone through lots of these. people say, why don't you shape them? this is cool. you take two pounds of meat. there are eight quarter pounders in here. >> flatten it out and put nit there? >> put it in the freezer, which is kind of cool. you turn it upside down and it comes out like that. >> no way! >> pop them out one at a time. these go right on the grill frozen. >> really? >> it's like the frozen steak, you can do the same thing. you can use one or eight. any number you want. >> i'd really like this. >> it's really cool. the stupidest idea that's a good idea. >> genius. >> this is really silly. these are $8 for four. $25, by the way, for that one. made of silicone. this is one of those deals where you can have your dip. this is what to do with a
9:43 am
wineglass and the plate. this is what to do with the dip and the plate. >> instead of putting it on the plate. >> it works. >> i like that one. otherwise, it gets all over the place. >> if you've had too much to drink, they're great, too. >> is this okay to flip to a paper plate? >> if it's a lighter plate, use two. >> okay. >> this is $5. the jarware fruit infusion lid. it has a basket so the fruit doesn't get in there. i'll use my hands because that's the kind of person i am. >> oh, right in the jar? >> the frozen fruit is great because it keeps it cold. put the top on and you can drink out of it. it's $5. >> the basket isn't what you put the fruit in. it filters out things. >> you can put little fruit. no. >> it wasn't going to fit much. >> al drinks these mint and ginger drinks and just gets ginger. >> the key word is drinks.
9:44 am
what's in al's drink is what we want to know. >> i want to get to this quick because i'm obsessed with ice cream. >> $10 or $11. you can't put this in the dishwasher. it goes through really nicely and makes a perfect scoop. >> this is great. i love the gadgets. cottonelle asked real people about cleaning... their bums. what? (laughs) (laughs) what does cleanripple texture do? catches all the stuff that you want to get out. this is really nice. this one is, like, it goes the extra step. it gets it all clean. how does being clean feel? kind of sassy. uh, breezy. hands up. weeeeeee. my bum is saying, "thank you very much." cleanripple texture is designed to clean better. go cottonelle, go commando.
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goodbye counting calories, hello paying attention to what really counts. join for free. hurry! offer ends may 30th. may is national mental health awareness month. according to the national institutes of health, about 21% of women in the united states suffer from some sort of mental illness. >> many feel they have to keep their diagnosis a secret because of the stigma. "women's health" tackled this issue head on, speaking to dozens of women hoping to break the misconception and stereotypes. here are a few of their stories. >> i actually noticed symptoms of anxiety while i was pregnant. the anxiety continued once i got home with my son from the hospital. i was embarrassed for feeling the feelings i had. wishing i had never had a son. wanting to leave my family and get on a plane with a one-way ticket and not come back, just running away from it. it felt like the biggest mistake
9:49 am
i'd ever made. i couldn't share those feelings. they were too intense, and they were too horrible. i knew i had to get help, and i needed to talk to somebody. with medication and therapy, i was finally able to love myself again and to love my son. >> it wasn't until my psychiatry rotation in med school and i read about patients who suffered from depression that i finally diagnosed myself with depression. realized that i had actually been suffering from this for quite a while. >> the depression felt like a lot of sadness, hopelessness and, eventually, when it was in its most severe state, suicidal thoughts. i just didn't have the right coping skills to deal with life. when i was finally diagnosed, it was a relief because it finally brought some clarity to the way i had been feeling for so long. >> i was deployed to the northern most base in
9:50 am
afghanistan for eight months. when i came home, i didn't have the interest in things in my life anymore. i would just go from feeling numb to just really angry all of a sudden. i was really afraid to tell my family, to tell my friends. they really embraced me. whenever they finally heard it, they just wanted to support me. >> it gets better. it does get better. you do feel better. you do learn again how to love yourself. >> don't be afraid of the person you are. to deny your feelings is to deny yourself. >> don't judge these people. don't judge me. embrace these people. they're not weak because they're getting help. they're so much stronger. >> amy is editor in chief of "women's health" magazine and recently opened up about her own struggle with ocd in the may issue. and dr. varma, a psychiatrist.
9:51 am
thank you for joining us. >> thank you. >> to hear you're not alone and share your story, to tell the people at home they're not alone, how important was that for you? >> i mean, that was the whole point of the story. we didn't just want to report a bunch of stats. in a vacuum. we wanted to show real people. we didn't just want to be talking at our readers, we wanted to talk with them. i felt it was obvious for me to participate. i think to show that people who have mental illness are not necessarily the stereotypical people you have in your mind. it's your sister, your co-worker, the celeb on instagram. by showing these women, we hope people will see, oh, you know, this is just something that happens to people. it's a diagnosis like any other kind of medical diagnosis. diabetes, you'd talk about it and see a doctor. we want that to be the same take away people have with mental illness. >> you've treated patients with depression, anxiety, things like that. what's the one thing that jumps out at you that you need from
9:52 am
the people around them? >> yeah, it's so important to realize that stigma is about thinking that somebody is deviating from a social norm. when 30% to 40% of people are going to have a mental health symptom in their lifetime, it is the norm. it's no longer the exception. there's so many safe and effective treatments available. psychotherapy, medication, exercise, yoga, mindfulness. when you talk about your symptoms, you are creating a society, a community of support, and you're also giving back. these two things are the hallmark of psychological resillian si. >> whether a man or woman, being able to talk about it adds a safe zone and adds to the healing. for mothers -- and we heard the woman say, i couldn't love my child until i could love myself -- that's an extra guilt and all kinds of other emotions, i imagine, that go along with it. >> exactly. part of the stigma is self-stigma. you wonder, why is this happening to me? did i do something wrong? no. most is a biological thing that's happened genetically. that's why we have this #who not
9:53 am
what. we want people to embrace, i'm a whole person, not a diagnosis. >> congratulations on your bravery and you educating people about the struggles so many face. thank you again. for more resources and information on mental health, go to we are back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. (scal): good day, m'lady!
9:54 am
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look who is here. >> oh! >> hey, beautiful. >> guess who we have. >> who? >> i see the spaghetti pie there. >> boy george. >> do you want to hurt me? do you really want to make me cry? >> no. >> makeovers. >> we have a lot of stuff, guys. it's worth trt: 31
9:56 am
=trx at ck= ck bay bridge 12:45 game
9:57 am
a high of 63. we will continue to warm up over the next couple of daying and see 80 for the weekend. now let's get a look at what is happening on the roadway. >> the toll plaza down to the windy city. the traffic moves well and looking good. there is the south bay and north 101 and west 237. over at santa clara, we have westbound, but eastbound is still closed. we will hand it back to you. >> we are tracking the fire and firefighters continue to battle the early morning strip fire. the crews are still at the scene. we will have the latest on our midday news. thieves used a car to smash into a gun store and steal a lot of
9:58 am
weapons. we will have more on the smash and grab on our facebook page. a runner went to the hospital with an ankle injury. how this did not have to happen.
9:59 am
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