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tv   Today  NBC  May 25, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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nd this guy has collaborated with sheryl crow, he's written songs for "gray's anatomy," he's open for elton john and this irish musician, foy vance is going to be singing. just remember his name and you'll say, oh, who was that great singer they had on the "today" show, foye vance. >> and the shocking story of one young woman struck by a terrible head pain during a run. little did she know, she was having a stroke, she was only 27 at the time so we'll hear her story. >> so surprising when you hear that from such a young person. we'll also have dr. natalie azar to talk about that. >> would you like words of wisdom on this fine day? >> why not? >> here we go. picture a picture of a little girl and a puppy. now here's the quote, that was
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right underneath it. "no symphony orchestra ever played music like a two-year-old girl laughing with a puppy." it's by bern williams. >> i love that and it's so true. >> when you hear mila cracking up -- >> but also we have this video with my little niece chase on easter and i said do you want to hear the best smound the whole world and it's to hear a little baby laugh and my niece was like, yeah, that's an okay sound. there's better ones. >> so congratulations to kathie lee gifford. the reason she isn't here today is because she was in l.a. last night winning a gracie award named after gracie allen, it's a big deal, for on-air talent. natalie morales won the news series category and kathie lee won for host so congrats. >> talk about two awesome women. there she is. >> and there's a picture of frank and kathie lee. we'll play part of her speech tomorrow when she comes back. >> i'll tune in. >> and i love how kath left for the airport and she had her dress slung over her shoulder.
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>> sounds like us. normally she's more organized than that. i'm shocked. okay, there's other exciting news. >> we need to show what we have in front of us. muy importante. >> olive garden has a dish, who knew spaghetti had a baby with a thing called pie. spaghetti pie. >> if you were to hold it, it's so heavy like a normal plate of spaghetti, this is dense. >> it's a weight. i'm kind of scared to eat it, i have to say, i'm wearing white. >> it's got meat balls -- >> i'm not scared of what's in it, i'm scared of what it looks like on a white dress. >> just so you know, the calorie count, should we say it? >> let's not worry. nobody wants to be that girl in the restaurant. >> but you know they're required to put it on there. so if you were to go to the olive garden -- >> you'll see it. >> -- and look you'll learn one of these plates -- >> one of the things i have to say about this. i think it will be delicious but i just imagine -- i went for italian for my first date with
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my husband and i remember thinking like -- >> try it. 1500 calories for the whole plate. is that crazy? 1500. deep dish. >> it's good. >> here are the ingredients. spaghetti, seven cheeses. good to know. >> does yours have cheese in it? >> i don't know. >> i won't be seeing you later. italian bacon. what is italian bacon. >> delicious. >> and a flaky crust. pancetta. meat balls and homemade meat sauce. it's something you share with the table so they're unvailing new bread stick sandwiches. it hits restaurants on may 30. >> fun. delicious. you had the best story. tell us about derek edwards. >> i went to give tulane's commencement, that was a couple weeks ago and derek edwards was a guy who i met in new orleans many, many years ago. he was in a football accident. he was playing on the field, had a regular day, somebody hit him and he was paralyzed from the neck down. derek edwards was one of those guys who just does everything right. he graduated from high school
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with his class on time, he went to tulane, and he ended up getting his degree. then he got his master's from tulane. then he got his law degree. now derek edwards is running for senate and he happened to have been at that tulane graduation because he's one of the -- he's on the board there and i was just -- >> you met him years ago, right? >> i met him years ago and it was so interesting to see him and his mom. i have to tell you, that mom, when you think about how this man ended up where he is, you look at his mom. because they didn't have any money when he got hurt and the doctors said to his mother "you know what? you should probably just put him in an institutional setting because you don't have the capability to care for him." and she said "if god did not take my son, he's coming home with me." and she brought him home and cared for him and now he's running for senate. it shows you a mother's love. >> and his dedication, too, to survive. people were watching it upstairs while you were doing your thing
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and you should have seen their reaction. everybody said what do we have to complain about? what are our excuses. put your excuses away and think about derek. >> you're right. congrats to our good friend derek. >> so if you were at home watching "the voice," there were four. each coast had one contestant in it. >> it never happens that way. >> never. so the winner is -- curley sue! >> look at christina. she's so happy. a woman has never won. a woman judge has never had a contestant go all the way. >> it's always blake and adam and they keep switching out. and there's usually one girl on the panel anyway. >> curley sue w-- curly sue was of my favorite things in the '90s. >> i didn't know she could single in amanda unearthed one of these clips. >> take it away. let's see it. ♪ o, say does that star spangled
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banner yet wave ♪ o 'er the land of the free, and the home of the brave ♪ >> oh, my gosh! >> so cute! i remember that scene. >> i cannot -- >> she had it. >> i remembered the thing, i don't remember how beautiful her voice was. she got to sing, by the way, with jennifer nettles last night so take a look at that. ♪ i wish i knew how, i can't unlove you ♪ but come love me for now [ cheers and applause ] >> chills. >> she deserved it. 100% deserved it. another highlight was christina aguilera had a duet with ariana
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grande. did you watch this? >> let's check it. i want to hear a little. ♪ i'm going take it, no what i'm doing ♪ on your knees >> some voices, right? >> wow! >> powerhouse. >> that was awesome. so last night also on tv at the same time was the "dancing with the stars" finale, all kinds of finales last night. the winner was crowned last night and it's this guy named nile demarco. if you have been keeping up with him, he was best known as last year's winner of america's top model. the thing that made him unique is he's deaf and he can not hear, he can not even feel the music because it's so loud in that auditorium and he just -- his partner touches him to the beat and that's how he dances
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and he -- >> can you imagine? he never could hear the rhythm in the music. he danced and he was incredible. >> she just says all he wants to do is inspire other which is he's doing. people are inspired by your actions. oh, my -- >> why did we stop delight? that's the best part! can we go back? no. well, it was nice. that was a lovely moment. >> it was beautiful so he says he plans on returning to modeling and he'll work on his foundation so congratulations. >> nyle. we have a big show, if you love the '80s, we have exciting news. we're telling you about boy george is going to share it with us. us. >> rig this is 100% useful for a 100% fresh mouth.. what's it like to not feel 100% fresh? we don't know. we swish listerine®. as do listerine® users. the very people we studied in the study of bold. people who are statistically more likely
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think fixing your windshield is a big hassle? not with safelite. this family needed their windshield replaced, but they're daughters heart was set on going to the zoo. so we said if you need safelite to come to the zoo we'll come to the zoo! only safelite can fix your windshield anywhere in the us. with our exclusive mobileglassshops. and our one of a kind trueseal technology, for a reliable bond. service that fits your schedule. that's another safelite advantage. ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ if you grew up in the '80s you know the words to their songs by hearts, hits like "karma chameleon" "do you really want to hurt me"? >> and i did grow up in the '80s. we're talking about culture club
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with its iconic grammy winning frontman boy george. >> and you're going to love this. the band is getting back together with a 50-city world tour kicking off next week and a brand new album and guess who's here to tell us about it. hi! >> me! hi, how are you? >> how are you? >> good, very good. >> what made you want to go back on the road. >> well, i love touring because you know it's like having a proper job. once you're on the road nobody can bother you. i like the kind of regularity of it. you know what you're doing everyday, you don't have to think too much. >> do you get a big rush on stage like you used to? >> it's much better now. back in the old days when you come to a city like new york or l.a. you think "i'll have to deal with snotty new yorkers." but our audience is so full of warmth because everyone's grown up with us so there's none of that hard work. >> and are they singing along? can't you imagine them singing along to every song? >> they're great. and we get like really, really
10:14 am
old, like really old -- lots of old ladies like me for some reason. >> they like us, too. >> no, i'm talking about proper. i'm talking about 80-year-old ladies, it's amazing. >> what's their favorite song. >> they like the balds but they also like a bit of tumbling. and then you've got the young kids as well like sometimes influenced by their parent get a lot of governments, people that wear makeup. >> we've been singing all morning. >> we love your songs so we were all betting what color you were going to wear today. >> no color. i went black. and shoulder pads are back. >> they are back. boy george says so. so you're also in addition to going on this tour you and cyndi lauper are teaming up, right? >> we're playing tonight at the beacon, tonight and the beacon >> then atlantic city, pittsburgh, washington. >> are you old friends? >> we've known each other for a hundred years but we never worked together and i did a
10:15 am
charity thing for her at christmas and it was such fun i said "we should go on the road." >> there was a rumor about a reality show. what is a boy george reality show look like? >> i feel like i spent the last 40 years avoiding reality, you know? it's kind of an interesting concept but it hasn't been -- it hasn't been decided yet. we're not sure. i'm not sure. >> but celeb tcelebt tt tt tt t apprentice is a done deal." >> you won? >> no, i wish. >> we're not allowed to ask. >> the fun thing was when i got the idea, the idea of boy george and arnold schwarzenegger, i loved him, he was really good. he's very funny. >> is he? >> yeah, a lot of really good one-liners. he comes back and he's got good banter. >> who were the other contestants? >> there were a few.
10:16 am
my favorite was carson kressley, laila ali, john lovitz, the funniest man in the world and his dog. quite a few sports people. rickey williamson, lisa leslie. >> you're on the move. you could be relaxing and chilling but it sounds like you're on a full on sprint with these projects. >> i'm having a bit of a renaissance. [ laughter ] >> do we have time for spin the -- let's just sing. >> what's our favorite one? not the slow one, the faster one. >> i wanted him to sing -- >> how about, ready, karma, ready? okay, one, two, three. ♪ karma, karma, karma, karma chameleon, you come and go nose no -- ♪ you come and go >> oh, good, you got that bit. >> we don't really have it but we love you. >> she was healthy, athletic, only in her 20s and then something happened. >> but she survived and she's going to tell you what might
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may is stroke awareness month and there has been a sharp increase of strokes among young adults. >> and one of the those victims was emily wellborn, running a race in rochester, new york, when the unthinkable happened. >> three years ago i laced up my shoes for a three and a half mile race. i was in the best shape i'd ever been but at the one mile marker i felt a sudden piercing unbearable pain near my eyebrow. as a runner, i trained myself to run through aches and pains and thought "i can't stop now. just one more step." but the pain extended from my eye across the top of my head to the back of my neck. i eventually finished the race but after crossing the finish line i couldn't move my left
10:21 am
hand and couldn't even open a water bottle. i fell when i tried to do a simple stretch. my face was lopsided and by this time i was 100% paralyzed on my left side. a doctor at the race told me i was having a stroke and was immediately rushed to the hospital. i wondered if i would ever run again, if i would ever see my parents again. i was 27 years old and i didn't want my life to end. >> emily is here with us along with nbc news medical contributor dr. natalie azar. wow, emily. watching your story, did you have any idea what was happening to you while this was going on? >> i had no idea at all. at age 27, the last thing you think of. there were some bystanders nearby who recognized signs and symptoms which i didn't know i was having. took me to a medical tent and a physician assessed my symptoms and said "i'm going to raise your arms in front of you and
10:22 am
when i let go keep them both raised." and my left arm fell and that was the minute i knew something was wrong. it was terrifying. >> talk about your road to recovery. you're running again but talk about how you got healthy again. >> i went from living independently as a 27-year-old to moving in with my parents and spending most of the days on -- sleeping on the couch going to physical and occupational therapy. about three months after my stroke i ran for the first time on a treadmill. about half the pace i normally used to but ran for a mile and then worked up to running a half marathon 11 months after my stroke. >> dr. azar, the first thing you think of when you look at emily, how does a young girl get an a stroke? >> the reasons for younger people do differ and the reasons in older people. in older people it's uncontrolled hypertension, diabetes, cholesterol issues. in the younger population, the etiology is different. there can be cardiogenic causes.
10:23 am
structural problems in the heart, use of birth control, smoking is still a risk factor in younger people, of course. migraine. and another thing called a dissection which is when part of the artery wall splits and blood can get in there, it can form a clot and dislodge. that's one of the main causes actually of stroke in younger people. >> did you ever find out why or what happened? >> so i had what's called a cryptogenic stroke. i've seen three different neurology teams in three different states and none have come to an agreement on exactly what happened. there are a few different things being thrown out there but -- >> when you think about being 27, i'm 35, i would never think about this. what are warning signs for people watching? >> so the simple, simple acronym to remember is something called fast. we'll put it up on the screen. fast stands for if you see somebody's face is drooping or your notice your face is droop, immediate. the arm thing emily mentioned, you can do it to yourself, raise
10:24 am
both arms, if one of them falls you could be having a stroke. speech for s, slurred speech, and time. i cannot emphasize this enough. in order for the clot buster drugs to be given, they have to be given within three hours of symptom onset otherwise the risk cans outweigh the benefit. >> that was difficult for you. in your opinion the hospital and they were like do you want this drug and the drug could have adverse effects, too, right? >> exactly. so i received the drug two hours after the onset of my stroke symptoms and, you know, largely credit my being here today with receiving this drug and people got me care. >> so now is it a second lease? >> i'm definitely living a second life. i went from running races to raise money for stroke awareness to becoming a spokeswoman for go red for women and now i work for the american heart association. >> good girl! thanks emily and natalie. coming up, bobbie thomas gives a surprise to a woman and
10:25 am
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choose to shine. revlon colorstay gel envy with diamond top coat. our toughest top coat yet features exclusive diamondflex technology for chip-resistant wear and multifaceted shine. colorstay gel envy diamond top coat. only from revlon. scene of a devestating fire at south ba p mall. happening now. firefighters are still at the scene of a devastating fire in a south bay strip mall. at least a half dozen businesses are damaged or destroyed. bob is there talking to people feeling the impact. story. bob will have a live report in our midday newscast. you can find the latest updates
10:27 am
on our twitter feed as well. authorities are investigating another freeway shooting where several other shootings have happened recently. on our home page, details of the man police are now looking for. we'll take a look at weather and traffic coming up after the break. trt:
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the clouds will slowly start to break up after we go through the rest of the day and sunshine this afternoon.
10:29 am
we'll see high temperatures still running a little cooler than average in the south bay with a high of 72 degrees. 71 degrees in the embarcadero into the lower 60s. mid-60s for petaluma. while pittsburg is at 73. oakland, 67. pleasa pleasanton a high of 7 1 degrees and expect a warming trend for the rest of the week after starting out the week with cooler than average temperatures. how is it looking on the roads, mike? >> things were great until a few moments ago. we're looking at the jam-up on 237 getting to el camino. at el camino where it turns to grant road, reports of power lines down. the thing that folks are forced onto southbound 85. i think there should be a turnout there where you can cut past one of the dealerships into a residential area and that can get to you el camino jogging over a couple blocks. that's the latest from the details i've been given. meanwhile, the rest of the bay looking well. the bay bridge toll plaza, expecting more traffic as people head to san francisco for the midday giants game, so be
10:30 am
prepared. be prepared for our next newscast at 11:00. chris and i will see you then. . it's winesday wednesday and i'm jenna bush hager filling in for kathie lee and we're ready to play our weekly trivia game "who knew." with millions of americans hitting the road this weekend and with the 25th anniversary of my favorite, "thelma and louise" we thought it would be fun to test your knowledge of famous movie road trips. hoda is across the street with $100 for anyone who answers the questions correctly. and for those of you who don't, you're still a winner. you get one of her wonderful signed books. here is gray drake, the senior editor at rotten tomatoes. "thelma and louise" 25 years. can you believe it? >> 25 years we've had the gift of seeing those awesome woman -- spoiler alert, they drive off a cliff, sorry.
10:31 am
>> pretty sure 25 years later people know that. >> fair enough. >> hoda, who do we have? >> what's your name? >> ann marie from new jersey. >> here's your question. ready. brad pitt played jd, the sexy exconvict in 1991's thelma and louise. what what future a-lister also auditioned for the role. george clooney, johnny depp or alec baldwin. >> george clooney. r r[ bell ringing ] >> you're right! you win! >> i don't know if i would have known that. >> i didn't either but when brad pitt got the role he only got $6,000. >> whoa. >> the best $6,000 hollywood ever sent. >> seriously. that. that image right there. shirtless. brad pitt. >> hello old friend. >> hoda, who is across the street. >>? >> he was so cute. we deal a picture clue. what's your name? >> eric. >> where are you from? >> indiana. >> identify this oscar-winning 2006 movie where a family takes a cross-country tip from in
10:32 am
their vw van. >> "little miss sunshine." >> "little miss sunshine!" we have all winners. one of those great movies. >> one what a fantastic film. and abigail breslin who plays the main character, she's the only little girl in the movie who wasn't a true pageant girl? >> really? love it! >> the movie is stacked with them. >> hoda? >> hi! i'm so excited. what's your name? >> jimi jean from tyler, texas. >> come on, jenna, we have tyler, texas in the house. are you ready? [ cheers and applause ] all right, jimi, here we go. ready in? this supermodel made her film debut in the 1983 movie "national lampoon's vacation." was it tyra banks, cindy crawford or christie brinkley? >> b? >> she says b. [ buzzer sounding ] >> wait, wait, wait! [ cheers and applause ] >> oh, jimi is still a winner, she got one of hoda's books.
10:33 am
>> you're darn right. christie brinkley was not supposed to be in the movie. that was supposed to be a role for a younger woman, if you can imagine that. >> she was young then! >> i know, it was supposed to be a love interest for chevy chase's son then they were like get christie brinkley in that far ferrari. >> that was smart. hoda, one more. >> what's your name? >> erin from -- georgia? >> what part of georgia? >> atlanta, ga. >> the south is so well represented. i love it. here we go. you'll like it. this is a video cue. >> okay. >> finish the lyric to tlc's "waterfalls" as sung by jennifer aniston and her co-stars in "we were the millers." >> don't change it, i love this sung. >> me, too. >> what? >> i even liked this song when it was popular. ♪ don't go chasing waterfalls, stick to the rivers and the lake
10:34 am
♪ that you're used to, i know ♪ you're going to to have it your way or nothing it al all ♪ but i think you're move too fast ♪ [ bell ringing ] >> isn't that an anthem for ages? >> yes, that's why it was chosen, he loves hip-hop and he loves that song. >> and he's probably close to our age, 30-something, you remember doing the dance? >> i remember it like it was yesterday because it actually was yesterday. >> you're the cutest. coming up, bobbie thomas hits the road to give one family a fresh start with surprise bedroom makeovers right after this. what's it like to be in good hands? like finding new ways to be taken care of. home, car, life insurance obviously, ohhh... but with added tches you can't get everywhere else, like claim free rewards... or safe driving bonus checks. even a claim satisfaction guaranteeeeeeeeeee!
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now to a story that will warm your heart. we teamed up with
10:39 am
sherwin-williams and our girl bobbie thomas to give one very deserving family a fresh start. >> tell us what you did, bobbie. >> i fell in love with this family the moment i met them. seven-year-old jayden has had more medical issues than any one child should ever face. born with down syndrome, he spent 500 days in the neonatal intensive care unit in the first two years of his life. his wonderful mom christine has been with him every single emotional step of the way. so when we heard christine wanted a fresh start, we decided to give her and jayden and helping hand. watch. >> my name is christine. i'm a single mother, i have a son who is seven years old and he has down syndrome. he was born with an affected heart and he's had three open heart surgeries. jayden was four years old when his father passed away and his father was a great dad i just woke up that morning and i was like, oh, my gosh, what am i going to do? i just kept going.
10:40 am
can i have a big kiss and a hug? >> yes, mommy, mommy. >> i love you. >> i'm living my life over again through him and it's just amazing. it just -- it's incredible to watch him everyday and watch him grow and see the things he's achieving. >> that was awesome! >> hi! are you jayden? hey, buddy! >> i am here because we heard about your amazing story and i'm going to give you a room makeover. how does that sound? >> good. >> wow! you have a cool room! what's your favorite color? >> blue. >> blue. well i think i have to do something about that. mom's room. i think we'll have to give mom a surprise, too. hmm. okay, so i brought in my inspiration, mom loves red and this bedding i think will be a
10:41 am
hit so i would love to use the app you have to color match, making sure my picks are on target. >> absolutely. >> snap a pic, there's positive red and that's one of the choices that you made. that's awesome. we'll put positive red on the wall. it looks like you were spot on. >> fantastic. >> maybe a white and then a red stripe right near the ceiling. is so this is mom's room, that's beige. she has no idea but let's give her a fun pop of color. it looks great. what do you say bobby the bear? time to surprise jayden? i think so. don't look, close your eyes. >> i love it! >> you love it? >> yeah, i do. >> mom, what do you think?
10:42 am
>> oh, my goodness, it's absolutely beautiful. it's gorgeous. >> take a look up at the top of your wall. do you see that? >> yeah, i love it. >> awesome. that's a stripe. do you see your letter j on the wall right here? >> look at that! >> yes, that's my name jayden! >> what does that remind you of, who is your favorite baseball team? go -- >> go fiphillies! >> close your eyes. close them, honey. so. >> so we wanted to do something to surprise you because you are so selfless. >> open your eyes, look! look! >> oh, my gosh! it's gorgeous. it's absolutely gorgeous. >> we wanted to brighten things up with a light duvet because you have a dark cozy bedroom and
10:43 am
then we've got these great pillows and we wanted to give you some art work. >> thank you. thank you so much. >> would you have ever thought this could work in here? >> never, ever. i never would have thought this could work in here. i'm sorry, i'm overwhelmed. i can't say thank you enough. >> oh! >> and look who's with us. >> yeah! >> we're so honored that you're here because you are a fantastic human being, somebody i am in awe of and you are my new boyfriend. miles has competition. thanks to the director of color marketing for sherwin-williams for the help, especially with that sporty stripe, jayden. >> you look good on tv. [ laughter ] >> what do you think about your room? >> let's look at your room again, the picture. >> do you love it? >> i love it. >> it used to be purple because
10:44 am
they moved in and they wanted something more sporty. >> one thumb or two thumb's up? >> two! >> and would you show everyone your spidey tattoo? >> and do you have another surprise? >> we do. remember how we talked about that sporty stripe? who's your favorite team. >> go phillies! >> well, sherwin-williams and the phillies want to surprise you. they want you to have this special jersey. >> yes. >> and they want to invite you to a game so you can meet the fanatics, this is their mascot. and your favorite players. >> good job, buddy! >> you're going to go to the game and meet the fanatics. >> you love your mama? >> yes. >> do you like the treat for your mom, the room, too? >> you're an awesome human being. thanks for sharing your son with us, too. >> thank you for having us. >> irish singer/songwriter foy vance is going to
10:45 am
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10:50 am
he may not be a household name just yet in the u.s. but he has a sound that will stick in your head. >> we're talking about irish singer songwriter foy vance who's out with his first album since singing to ed sheeran -- since signing ed sheeran's record label. >> it's called "the wild swan" and foy will sing his song called "she burns. you're going on tour with elton. >> yes, i am. >> cheers! and what's your name? >> hemi. >> all right, we're going to take this away so you can sing.
10:51 am
♪ note she is a little explosion of hope ♪ never turns the lights down low ♪ she can go there if you want to, though ♪ there are no markings on her country roads ♪ no signs that show the way back home ♪ but when you get there, you won't wanna go ♪ i've frozen over my desires, covered up in virgin snow ♪ but when i stand beside her, she burns ♪ yeah, she burns like petrol soaked paper and fireworks ♪ and i'm burning, yeah, i'm burning ♪ i'm burning so deep that just
10:52 am
breathing hurts ♪ i'm melting, darling, i can't let go ♪ ♪ she likes to lay under the covers, oh, ♪ pretend that everywhere's our home ♪ keeps me warm right to my very soul ♪ we get so tangled up, it's hard to know ♪ what is hers and what's my own, ♪ vines at the bottom of an olive grove ♪ i've frozen over my desires, covered up in virgin snow ♪ but when i stand beside her, she burns, yeah ♪ she burns like petrol soaked
10:53 am
paper and fireworks ♪ and i'm burning, yeah, i'm burning ♪ i'm burning so deep that just breathing hurts, i'm melting ♪ darling, i can't let go, i'm melting, darling ♪ i can't let go, i'm melting darling ♪ i can't let go ♪ i -- ♪ i've frozen over my desires, covered up in virgin snow ♪ but when i stand beside her, she burns yeah, she burns ♪ like petrol soaked paper and
10:54 am
fireworks ♪ and i'm burning, yeah, i'm burning ♪ i'm burning so deep that just breathing hurts ♪ i'm melting, darling, i can't let go ♪ i'm melting, darling, i can't let go ♪ i'm melting, darling, i can't let go ♪ [ applause ] >> whoo! >> wow! so good. >> was here's the beer? [ laughter ] where's the beer. >> foy vance, you'll know that. >> really, really good. >> beautiful. you're so
10:55 am
10:56 am
10:57 am
that was a fun day, i want
10:58 am
to thank jennifer for being here today. tomorrow bathing suit bloggers, what? is that why you're not comin the flames could be seen for
10:59 am
11:00 am
miles. now shop owners are assessing right now at 11:00, those are flames that could be seen for miles and now shop owners are assessing the damage after a destructive fire tore through a south bay trip mall. good morning. i'm kris sanchez. >> and i'm scott mcgrew. the fire broke out around 3:00 this morning. within minutes, it was burning through several businesses. crews are still on the scene looking for hot spots. >> i was there for the early-morning hours but bob redell took over for this noon-time hour and is joining us now. what is now, bob? >> reporter: well, for the past several hours, kris and scott, shop owners had the heartbreaking task to find out


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