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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  May 25, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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there's now a push to get the governors involved. the mayors of five securities want the states to pay for security cameras. this is what has happened since november. more than two dozen shootings on interstate 80 and highway 4. gang related or not most everybody uses these free ways. peggy bunker has more. >> they're trying to solve the latest problem. the latest shooting was in hercules. the hercules mayor will join the other mayors shown here on this map in a meeting tomorrow. they're expected to ask the governor for surveillance cameras. they want caltrans to update its existing live camera network. that's so they'll have the ability to record video should they need it for an investigation. right now there have been 20 shootings on highway 80 and four
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on highway 4 since november, all of them gang related. earlier the hercules mayor spoke about the gang violence. >> these are young men that that have no value for life. i would consider this a public safety issue. >> one city has taken an action on its own. last week pittsburgh voted to spend $100,000 to install cameras on a stretch of whooi 4 in that city. there's a special task force investigating the freeway violence. they believe it's the work of several different gangs. they say making arrests have been difficult because victims or witnesses have then refused to cooperate. we'll have more on this story and the plans for cameras tonight at 11:00. >> thank you very much, peggy. decision 2016.
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hillary clinton back in the bay area for a fund-raiser. people are paying thousands of dollars to see her. it comes on the same day a state department audit says she violated rules. nbc's michelle roberts joins us live in atherton with more. >> reporter: the motorcade just arrived. a lot of the kids inside. it's a family-friendly event. $1,000 for a parent and child to get in, but $10,000 to get a picture with hillary clinton. hillary clinton rallied a crowd in southern california this morning two weeks before california voters head to the polls. according to a new state wide field poll out today, likely voters rank jobs and the economy as the most important issues when choosing a presidential candidate. and in the bay area, voters also rank education and health care as top priorities.
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today mrs. clinton criticized donald trump's questionable criticism toward women and she took aim at his economic plan. >> he doesn't seem to actually care about making america great so much as he seems to care about making himself look great. >> reporter: the former secretary of state has not commented on the state department audit released today. it determined that the former sec of state violated federal rules by using her private e-mail server for official business. : ton's campaign notes there's no evidence of a breach of the serve and she has denied any wrongdoing. today her message to california voters in buena park and salinas was a promise to bring the country together. >> so instead of dividing americans, we need to unite americans. >> reporter: tomorrow mrs. clinton will have two public events, one in san jose, one in san francisco. meanwhile donald trump is in l.a. today and he has another appearance scheduled in fresno later this week.
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reporting live in atherton tonight, i'm michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> thank you. bernie sanders spet the day in the coachella valley down south. he again predicted victory over mrs. clinton in the california primary and promises to surge ahead as the democratic nominee for president. senator sanders will be in l.a. on friday. you're looking at a video in anaheim where they faced protesters outside of donald trump's rally today. there were several arrests but no repeat of last night. a chaotic scene in new mexico when protesters threw rocks and bottles at officers. on friday donald trump will have his cam pate stops in fresno. we have more go. to our decision 2016 section. you'll find out why house speaker paul ryan won't give a
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time line on a possible endorsement for donald trump. an unsettling discovery in the bay. a human torso found washed up on the rocks in west oakland. i want zwloi where the body was found this afternoon off burma road near the eastern span of the bridge. pete suratos has more. what have they found? >> a person in the area was having lunch, taking a picture and they stumbled across the headless torso right over here where you're looking on the rocks and investigators are trying to determine how the body got there in the first place. oakland police examining what's left of a human body found washed onto rocks in the bay bridge. >> there's many currents that could carry a torso from other areas within the bay. >> the torso was found just off of burma road by someone who was
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taking pictures during their lunch break. they believe it's of a young male. it appears it may have been in the water for a long time. >> it appears the body may have been in the water for at least a month, if not longer, possibly the rocks for a number of days. >> reporter: the coroner will examine the body in hopes of getting answers to some of the biggest questions. >> we're going to determine whether someone had an accident maybe through boating, if we possibly had a suicide or a missing person or if it's connected to a crime. >> reporter: now, investigators hope to have more information on the identity of that body in the next few days. we're live in oak lachbltd pete sur rah toews. we have an active shooting situation happening right now in nevada. we just learned there are multiple people shot and police are telling residents to shelter
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in place. this is happening on fairway drive next to the morin country club. we have calls out to the morin sheriff's department and the novato police. details coming up as soon as we get them for you. a new lawsuit claims the company used false advertising and deceptive marketing. at issue, a surgical mesh product implanted in women that we first told you about in february. senior investigative reporter vicki nguyen looked into the product. >> it's called trance vaginal mesh and more than 3,000 women across the country have filed complaints with the fda about serious health problems linked to this mesh. tens of thousands more are involved in lawsuits saying it should be taken off the market. we first introduced you to three bay area women who say they
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suffered from debilitating pain, chronic infections an painful pain. it eat to help with incontinue nens and pelvic organ prolapse. they investigated and now the attorneys general from california and washington are suing one of the largest mesh makers, johnson & johnson. the california attorney said they put millions of women at risk by failing to provide critical information to doctors and patients about its surgical mesh products. they misrepresented the safety of these devices, concealing the possibility of serious and irreversible complications and that the company knew about the potential risks and side effects but omitted that information from educational and marketing materials. >> they should pay the medical bills of these women. they should help the women out that they injured. >> it really is a crime against women that they've done. if this was hundreds of
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thousands of men who couldn't use reproductive organ, there would be more noise about it. johnson & johnson says that they acted appropriately and spopsably in the marketing of our pelvic mesh products. >> now according to the attorney general, johnson & johnson sold more than 42,000 mesh products in california from 2008 to 2014 and worldwide more than 2 million women have been implanted with these mesh products. back to you. >> it impacts a lot of people. if you have a tip for vicky nguyen or anyone else, give us a call. 888-996-tips or send us a message directly to the unit. the ban on shark fin sales stays in place. the supreme court refused to hear an appeal. the ban has been in place since governor brown signed it into law in 2011. shark fin is used in a popular chinese zwriesk new at 6:00,
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more construction at san francisco but this new project is to improve the city. mayor ed lee announcing a $411 million spending spree, the biggest chunk of money, more than a fourth of that, will go into repaving san francisco streets. the rest of it will pay for infrastructure upgrades to park, police, and fire stations. well, assessing the damage. flames shoot dozens of feet into the air, destroying businesses at a south bay strip mall. owners are wondering if they'll ever be able to rebuild. i'm jodi hernandez in solano county where police say a father accused of deliberately setting a house on fire with his own little boy inside is behind bars. i'll have a live report coming up. good evening. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri. follow hanging on across the coastline of san francisco, but sunnier skies inland. we're talking a warmup for everyone. details in just a few minutes.
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we're following on breaking news we told you about a few minutes ago. our nbc chopper heading to the shooting in novato. this is in the north bay. a shelter is in place. we're going to have an update right after this break. we wanna update you on the
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breaking news in the north bay. ===ots=== our nbc chopper -- flying to the scene of an active shooting situation in novato. police are saying multiple people were shot. i'm going to update you. our nbc chopper flying to the scene of an active shooting
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situation in novato. police are telling us multiple people were shot. this is happening on fairway drive right next to the morin country club. police are asking residents to shelter in place and not leave your home and if you're heading home in that area, just to hang and not to go. stay away from this area. this is in morin country club in novato. a shooting situation with multiple people wounded. we'll have an update as soon as it comes into our newsroom. a man is in custody tonight. the police say the man turned himself in to richmond police this morning four days after the deadly fire. nbc's jodi hernandez broke this news on twitter. she joins us now with more. jodie. >> reporter: jessica, the 53-year-old father has been booked on charges with murder, attempted murder and arson after police say he turned himself in this morning. tonight neighbors are calling the surrender a blessing.
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>> it hurts me to see a kid -- 5-year-old not living his life and he's going to die, and he died. that hurts. >> reporter:s say they're feeling a measure of relief tonight. they say he sitset a house fire that killed a 5-year-old little boy is in custody. the 53-year-old, the boy's own father turned himself in in nearby richmond. >> about 11:34 the suspect contacted our dispatch, indicated he wanted to turn himself in. >> reporter: richmond say they don't know what brought him there but he surrendered on a street corner after calling dispatchers. >> he did sound despondent, made a couple of comments about suicide but we were able to get there and take him in custody. >> reporter: neighbors are thankful. they say he deserves justice.
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>> he was a beautiful kid. he got along with everybody over here. >> that was their son. whatever him and his wife had going on, that was between him and his wife. it had nothing to do with the son. >> reporter: now the boy's 13-year-old brother and his mother also suffered some injuries. they received severe burns. the mother is hospitalized in critical condition. tonight the search for the suspect is over. he's behind bars in the solano county jail. reporting live, in vallejo, i ee jodi hernandez. a five-alarm fire this morning in santa clara. it leveled more than half of a strip mall. tonight still no word on how it started. flames erupted at the rancho shopping center. it happened right before 4:00 a.m. it appears that at least seven
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of the dozen businesses there were either severely damaged or destroyed. our nbc chopper with some of the flames. the investigators say it appears the fire started near an indian restaurant in that complex following a fireball as the flames spread. the fire chief says there are no apparent circumstances. >> it's very difficult when the roof collapses inside the building and there's a lot of fire damage. of course, the fire-fighting itself. >> the round hill dance studio was one of the businesses spared. late this afternoon the owner and her students were able to retrieve some of the equipment and belongings inside. calling for change, they focus on sfpd's use of force. it comes after the latest officer involved shooting. this officers stepped down thereafter deadly police. tony chapman said one of his top
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priorities for the department is to review the department's force policy. ditch the car and take the bus, shuttle, or ride share. that's the reminder this evening for anyone headed to the golden gate bridge for this holiday weekend. looks beautiful tonight. drivers will be restricted from using the welcome center park at the southern end and north end to prevented traffic backups because during holiday weekends everyone likes to check it out. it's from 5:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. calabres calabrese-c-a-l-a-, calabrese. >> she got it. unfortunately she didn't make it to the final round, but rude
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vick is one of those who did survive. he's a seventh grader. one of his words s bariolage, b-a-r-i ts b-a-r-i-o-l-a-g-e. >> it took many a long time to spell. >> r-a-n itds-e-r-i. >> it took me a long time. there's a possibility of some 90s. you can see across the outer sunset. we still have fog. temperatures in the low 50s, but the sun's trying to break out right now and that's a sign of changes to come our way. i think a lot of us will notice those changes as we head through tomorrow morning's forecast. not nearly as cloudy. a little bit of fog in san
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francisco, 53. sunny start for the east bay and a few clouds and patchy fog for peninsula and 54. for the afternoon on your thursday fravgts temperatures warm up 3 to 6 degrees. that will put us at 78 in the south bay. still a cool 65 in san francisco. but the north bay, some of our warmest weather tomorrow, right up to 79 degrees. here's the deal. we have high pressure off shore. hotter air associated. it's going to stay with it all the way through memorial day weekend and it looks like we're going to see a huge surge. and check out what we've done to the forecast. by next monday, 87 in the south bay, 08 in peninsula, 72 in san francisco, 81 in east bay. vial more in my full forecast
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coming up. raj and jess? >> thank you, jeff. >> they're on their way to college. i'm damian trujillo live at the high school graduation. their story is coming up next. ==reveal==
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whole foods, opened its first, lower-priced "365 store" in los angeles today. the new store also has a different look than typical happening on twitter page, whole foods open its lower priced store, 365. that's the name of the store. on our facebook page netflix has
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scored a big deal. they'll start streaming disney moves this fall. more news after the break. and for a handful of high school
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students in san jose, the moment they "cross the stage" will be extra special. well, it's graduation season and for a handful of high school students in san jose, the moment they cross the stage will be extra sneeshl you see they went from at-risk to college bound all thanks to program that put them on the right pachlgt nbc bay area's damian trujillo is there to tell us more. >> reporter: jessica, this is a big moment for those at this high school. in that crowd there are 18 students all wearing those blue sashes around their nets. they were wasn't either truants, getting fs or dropping out as freshmen. instead, they're now on their way to college.
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the stage is set for them. the big stage for the falcons at andrew hill high. among them will be these two seniors who if you believe the statistics should not have even made it that far. >> i started off with at least three ifs freshmen year, sophomore year down to two. >> my freshman year, i slacked off so much, so many fs. >> reporter: no interest in school, on the brink of disaster. >> they're on the verge of what? >> dropping out. on the verge of getting caught up in the system. >> reporter: he brought the students in along with 40 others for a program run by the firehouse program. the criteria you have to be a student with multiple fs, truancy, and behavioral problems. you can get confidence when someone believes in you.
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>> today 18 of those initial 40 student have beat the odds and are graduating. they're not on the dean's list but they certainly earned a diploma. >> it's exciting. >> it's like now i'm going to college. >> reporter: college, an illusion four years ago, now a group willing to believe in these kids even when the kids didn't believe in themselves. one of those students tonight, i'm told his name is andrew and he obtained oar earned actually six fs as a freshman. tonight he graduates at andrew hill with a 3.9 gpa. he ended up leaving the hospital as a multiple amputee. >> this marathon runner now need as wheelchair to get around and he says his doctor is to blame. why some doctors are able to escape punishment even when their mistakes lead to
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devastating injuries. our breaking news in the north
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bay. ===live=== our nbc chopper -- in novato. an active shootier situation. police are saying multiple people were shot. this is happening on fairway drive near saint andrews drive we want to get back to the scene. down below, police say multiple people were shot. this is near st. andrews's drive and the morin country club. residents are being asked to shelter in place. police are combing the area
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looking for suspects. again, an active shooting situation in novato as we speak. multiple people are wounded. we're going to continue to follow the situation and look for any updates coming from novato from the morin country club. we'll continue to follow this throughout our newscat and on our twitter page. cows construction have played a role in a deadly train crash. it killed a mother and daughter in the east bay. tonight police are trying to figure out exactly what happened in the moments leading up to that deadly crash. >> the mother and daughter were killed when an amtrak train barrelled into their suv when it was stopped on the tracks in san leand leandro. scott budman has more. >> reporter: traffic cones have been removed today along this stretch of washington avenue. they were out yesterday taking two lanes and squeezing it into one. we're not sure if that led to a fatal accident along these train tracks. and san leandro police say they're still looking into what
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may have led to the accident. >> there was traffic construction in the area yesterday. >> reporter: a pg&e project approved by the city slow thing down and caused congestion near the tracks. >> we're working with amtrak very closely with them right now not only to get video from their train but also to get their compute tade ta that would be downloaded from the engine itself to show not only the speed but when the brakes to the train. >> reporter: trains come in at up to 70 miles an hour. >> the conductor said, please tell me they were out of the vehicle. >> reporter: weston witnessed the crash. he returned to the scene today say i saying what police were saying. >> anyone who stops at the edge of the railroad track, not giving two or three feet when you're looking out your window, that is danger. >> reporter: a sobering reminder
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when you're driving along and near train tracks. >> okay, thank you, scott. so what happens if your doctor makes a mistake and the care you or a loved one receives actually makes things worse, not better? >> california has an entire agency devoted to it. even if a state determines your doctor did something wrong there's a good chance the doctor won't be punished. bigad shaban has more. >> california has an incredibly high tolerance for what kind of tolerance doctors can make even if their care led to serious injuries or even someone's death. we're about to share what that means for one family. and a warning, some of the images are graphic. >> if there was a race to run,
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mario would run it. >> how many races have you competed in. >> >> i lost track. at least 50. >> half marathons, full marathons. even triathlons heechls an engineer by trade but running is his passion. guzman said that all changed after a doctor misdiagnosed him after what was thought to be a sprained ankle and a flu turned out to be signs of a common bacterial infection that guzman believes could have easily been treated with antibiotic bus his doctor at the kaiser permanente medical center failed to get him the care he needed which allowed the infection to spread. he checked into the emergency room three days after hig diagnosis. he was in septic shock which turned his skin black since it cut off blood flow. >> reporter: mia is his wife.
6:34 pm
>> your husband twoemt the hospital with pain in his ankle. how did he leave the hospital? >> he ended up leaving as a multiple amputee. aquatry plea jinl. his right foot and left and two fingers and all the toes on his left foot. mario is now confined to a wheelchair. >> it's devastating. it takes away your identity, who you are. >> what are those feelings? >> anger. >> guzman and his wife tried going after kaiser for medical damage but lost when an arbitrator ruled they were unable to prove the doctor ice treatment fell below the standard of care. the care provided was appropriate. the family then turned to the california medical board.
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the state's consumer protection agency that was created to investigation and discipline physicians and investigators determined in the case of guzman's doctor treatment did fall below the standard of care. >> we were right all along. >> reporter: the california medical board is responsible for making those determination but it hires the state's attorney general office to approve disciplianary action for doctors like suspending their license or revoking it all together. >> what did they do? >> nothing. they did not. >> they submitted a one-payment letter, the matter is closed with insufficient end evidence. his doctor still has a clean disciplinary record and continues to see other patients. >> this is life and death. >> reporter: ed howard is with the public service law which serves as a wash dog.
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he says state agencies require lawyers from the ag's office to work alongside to see who should be referred to the ag's office for possible disciplinary action. therefore the prosecutor's office should prosecute every case. >> do you have disagreements of what kinds of cases are worth bringing, that by definition means that there is something screwed up. >> there can always be improvement and we believe there should be some in this model. >> reporter: kimberly kirkmyer heads the board. she think s they should undergo more training. >> can you see how a patient in that kind of situation might think the system is broke snn. >> absolutely. >> but she says the ag office rarely drops cases that her office recommends. last year more than 8,000
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patients submitted complaints about their doctor. the medical board only referred 471 cases to the attorney general's office, but for 27 of those, doctors never faced any kind of discipline. >> we do push back on cases. a lot of times what happens is additional information was received. >> your office may push back, but the attorney general's office still turns you down. >> they can, yes. >> kirkmyer says california's high threshold for when doctors can legally be disciplined. >> our burp according to the law is clear and convincing evidence. >> a doctor very well may have done something wrong but it doesn't mean that it's enough to actually get them disciplined. >> it doesn't rise to the level, right. >> the specific reasons are kept confidential so guzman has no way of knowing what stopped the attorney general's office from prosecuting his case. >> my philosophy is that you for get, but you don't forget.
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>> the attorney general's office wouldn't comment on specific cases but in a statement told us every case is conducted on its own merits. we wanted to interview someone at the ag's office but the agency said it couldn't meet our deadline, so we extended our deadline and then a spokesperson told us no one would be available to speak with us on camera about this topic ever. we certainly hope that changes in the future, but we'll keep everyone informed. >> you certainly touched a nerve. if you have a story, call 1-888-996-tips or send it to us directly. the fight over money just beginning, exclusive details on a new lawsuit. if yuo can afford it -- this is
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home buying season . big prices --and bigumbers. ===vidbox=== new home sales in the u-s jumped to the highest level in more than eight years. sales rose more than 16% last month. if you can afford it, it's home buying season. the new home sales jumped. they rose more than 16% last month. real estate analysts say more jobs and low mortgage rates are fueling the construction boom. okay. they're moving forward to build a car plant that could create hundreds of jobs for the city. they'll going to vote on starting with an electric car company. they want to build a factory on the navy ship island. it would be a competitor to tesla. it hasn't built any cars yet but if vallejo strikes the deal, it could bring millions of dollars to that city. well, they're adorerable, fluffy, and little. they're closing a stretch of a beach in morin county.
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now is the nesting season for the snowy plover. they'll protect the baby birds. the three-mile stretch of land will be off to people. this way the chicks and older breeding chicks and mommies and daddies will get privacy that they need to bond and have their little feathered family. >> somewhere is a new story or movie for pixar. >> good idea. we're going to sell that idea. >> we're going to sell it. we just named it. jeff, we have a three-day weekend coming up. >> we've ratcheted it up. it's going to get hot with a possibility of 90s. you can see in san francisco from weather underground it was foggy at 11:00 a.m. but watch what happens when we hit the afternoon by 3:30. the fog flattened out.
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it's high pressure aloft. we'll talk about how it will bring 0s in a few minutes. >> only on nbc bay area, insights, new details on caltrans and the contractor that many say is responsible for the problems on the new span of the bay bridge. stay with us. the new span of the bay bridge
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may be finished, but the legal war over the construction -- has just begun. raj/2shot a lot of finger pointing. the new span of the bay bridge may be finished but the legal war over the construction is jeff begin ing beginning. what's happening there? what's the issue? >> well, you've got two issues. basically the rods that famously snapped at the eastern oej f the span in 2003.
6:46 pm
then we have rods at the base of the tower. now you've got issues there, too, and caltrans is now about to go into war with the contractor. >> they're blaming caltrans. is this a hail mary or does caltrans have a legitimate case here? >> caltrans seems to think they don't have much of a case, but the contractor believes this is basically caltrans' fault. they made decisions in this project that put this project at risk. they decided to use material that didn't meet specifications and they fell through on caltrans' orders essentially. >> what kind of cash are we talking here and how does it get resolved? >> this is going to the arbitration board. this is the complaint. we're talking $50 million on a project that is, you know, worth billions, but on the other hand they're run 1g $00 million in debt. so this is a pretty good chunk of that. >> and a big chunk as well. thank you, jackson. cooler temperatures are
6:47 pm
expected to help firefighters to contain that wildfire in monterey county. this started sunday afternoon near the city of soledad. this is south of salinas and 101. thankfully no homes or buildings have been damaged but a total of 6 square miles have burned. like we said, the cool temperatures are expected to help the fire fights. >> the pictures don't look when you see how yellow and smoky that fire is. >> we've had the hills green for so long but it's a drastic change to the dryer conditions we're under and by this weekend, 90s coming on back. we've been tracking the sky camera all along. it's completely fogged in, but with high pressure building offshore, it's already starting to move in this drier air, which is helping to evaporate the go and that's why we have a stunning sun set. coy incidentally one of the foggiest places throughout san
6:48 pm
francisco. as we get a look outside the rest of the bay area, east bay coming in with 64, blue sky and 68 across the south bay. as we head across the forecast with conditions already to clear out, this will signal a sunnier start. so we're going to begin here at 52 in the south bay. bright conditions in the east bay with 50. 53 in san francisco. still some patchy fog. chilly 49. we've had this area of low pressure for all of the start of the weak. it's now kicking off toward the east. currently across new mexico, colorado, and novato and it's making way for the high pressure as we're mentioning offshore. the bottom of the screen, we're good for at least a 10-degree warmup by saturday, sunday, and also into memorial day. with the dry temperatures coming our way, i thought it was note worthy. the strength of our el nino on some parameters rivalled 1997,
6:49 pm
1998, we certainly did not see as much rainfall as that epic el nino. 90% of average for the rainfall so far in santa rosa. san francisco will finish out with 99 and likely popping out with 100% of average and 103 in san jose. we did so well for the south bay because a lot of those storms influenced by el nino have a trajectory. that's why it was beneficial for us there. as we take a look at your microclimate forecast, you can see how beautiful it is in the south bay. sunny sky. that continues to san jose with 78. for peninsula rngs we stay cool in pacifica but we should have more sunshine tomorrow. for palo alto, 68 and pail low ail toe. 66. wre'll have sunny skies in the financial district and 66. for the north bay, east bay, and the try valley, we'll see a large rebound up in pleasanton
6:50 pm
with 79. for the east bay. long creek, 77 as well and oakland, we can expect 77 degrees. by this weekend we talk about the heat that's building into the forecast and here's what we've done. we've raised things from 3 degrees to 5 degrees on what we anticipated. all in all, it's going get hotter here, 87 expected saturday. by memorial day, the south bay is on track for 90 degrees. this would also put san francisco next monday at 70 and for the try valley, 90 as well. a lot hotter weatheri coming ou way. just a little bit too soon for me. i don't want to click on the ac just yet. >> thank you. up next, the warriors find themselves in an unusual spot. win tomorrow or the season is over. stay with us. at the shark tank tonight...
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that's james hetfield... the lead singer of metalica., this is biggets night in the 25 years history of the sharks. a lot of cheering and screaming. look. that's the lead singer of metallica. this is the biggest night in the 25-year history of the sharks. he had the honor of opening the dressing room door. >> that's so cool. >> that is cool. he's leading them onto the ice. when they got onto the ice, big news. sharks and st. louis blues. here's the skinny. take a look at this. the team captain for the early goal. they would advance for the first time in history. right now they're off to a great
6:54 pm
start. it's 1-0 at the first intermission. right now, 1-0, sharks ore the blues. if they win, they go on to the stanley cup final. >> that's so exciting. well, as for the warriors they're on the outside looking in unfortunately. >> yeah. one more loss and this historic season is over. the team remains confident. >> we had 40 assists. that's a positive, but -- is that right? 15, never mind. sheesh. way off. >> that's what they were in oklahoma city, way off in just about every statistical category. 2 of 16 shooting in the warriors blowout losses here. >> i know i've got to be better
6:55 pm
in game five. it's all or nothing. we put too much work in to go out like this. i would. be able to live with myself all summer. i'm not sure what it is, but whatever it is, i'll do it. >> reporter: it's not just draymond. it's their league mvp. in the 118-94 game loss, the head coach steve kerr asked about the health of his head star. >> he's not injured. he's coming back from the knee, but he's not in injured. tough night. >> i know we'll show up. obviously it's a long ways.
6:56 pm
>> we're going to figure out how to take care of these minutes and talk again. >> colin resch, nbc bay area. >> let's home they make a comeback. tonight we follow up on the breaking news in morin county. three men considered arm and darryns after the apparent shooting and stabbing near the country club in novato. there are multiple victims. neighbors are being asked to shelter in place. we have a crew right there. we'll bring you the latest at 11:00. a quick look outside. >> a lot less in the way of fog. sunny skies am little bit of cover for the south bay and still patchy fog for san francisco and 53 by the afternoon on thursday. that puts us up at 68. 79 for the north bay. by then, possibility of 90s. >> that's amazing. >> we're barbecuing at jess's
6:57 pm
house. >> it will be hot enough. >> thanks for joining us. >> bye-bye. stars" baby news.
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>> hours after helping nile win the mirror ball trophy, is peta pregnant with maks' baby now on "extra." ♪ ♪ ♪ >> nile and peta! >> the brand new dance champs celebrating their win. >> nile and peta! >> peta celebrating a secret pregnancy with bad boy maks? reports erin andrews accidentally let the cat out of the bag. >> we're all over the dance finale with dance pro tony dove lanny. >> winning this is for the deaf people in this world. >> when trump's ex, marla and tiffany in danger? >> how


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