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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 26, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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>>. >> developing news. novato high schools have to stay home as police search for three suspects in a deadly shooting considered armed and dangerous. sharks swimming into the history book eyeing the stanley cup. >> thank you for joining us, i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. did you hear that crowd? >> they woke me up in the middle of the night.
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>> it's going to be another nice day. we start out with clouds again this morning. you'll notice today it will be a little bit warmer than yesterday. as we start out at 56 in san francisco and 57 in the east bay with highs today topping out in the upper 70s for the south bay and north bay as well as the tri-valley and 66 in san francisco. we'll take a look ahead to this holiday weekend coming up. you have a look at the bay bridge. >> want to talk about some of the cash lanes not getting through right now. you can see lots of green. things are flowing smoothly. you do have that slow backup starting to form at the bay bridge toll plaza. no huge issues. it is still early. authorities in the north bay on the hunt for three people involved in a deadly shooting.
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novato school superintendent says students were involved in wednesday's shooting. it happened about 5:00 p.m. yesterday at the end of fairway drive near the marin county country club in novato. that person is expected to survive. a second victim was found shot to death. authorities have not identified either victim but classes have been canceled at novato high school. steph chuang is in marin and will have a live report. developing news out of vallejo. a 15-year-old girl missing. police say she may be hurt. she never arrived to school yesterday. investigators believe this man may be connected to her disappearance. 19-year-old fernando castro was reportedly pulling tinson along an i-780 overcross yesterday morning. castro was carrying a gun.
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if you have information, give them a call. new details on a disturbing fire. the father accused of killing his own 5-year-old son and severely injurying the boy's mother is in jail. shumake has been on the run after detectives say he caused this deadly fire. the mother is still in critical condition. officers say he was despondent and made comments about due side. enough is enough. mayors from these five contra costa county systems wanting cameras installed on free waist. two days ago a man was shot in a leg and a woman got her window shattered by a stray bullet. she said she is lucky it wasn't worse. >> i can't believe it's lodged
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in the roof of my car. that is close. it could have hit me or my dog. >> the mayors hope governor brown will grant them money and access to cameras that are already there and controlled by caltrans. oh, yeah. that is the stanley cup there. the sharks eliminate the st. louis blues winning the western conference finals heading to the stanley cup finals. >> so exciting. kris sanchez at the shark tank this morning. the team partied all night long. it look quiet now at least. >> it is calm right now. sam said all the cheering, roaring, excitement woke him up. maybe he shouldn't have gone to bed early because this one was super exciting. we let the girls stay up and watch the end of the game. the shark tank was rocking all through the game last night.
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that game ended with that 4-2 score. the blues pulling their goalie to get five players playing offensively, aiming to score. it wasn't enough. it's clear before it was over. they were celebrated inside and outside. some folks honking their horn. some folks setting off fireworks in downtown san jose. for 25 years these fans have rooted for the sharks even when they didn't make it all the way. >> 25 years. that's a lot of beers. >> i think drowning his sorrows over not making it to the stanley cup. now that is in celebration. an added bonus for these very loyal fans of team teal. first game is here at home at
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the shark tank on monday. now the big question is between now and monday, do you wash the jersey, do you not wash the jersey? all that excitement has been building up in that jersey, but is it bad luck to put it in the laundry? >> it depends on how many beers are on it. >> i think we're safe. >> we are celebrating like we won it already. clearing up on the streets. clearing up eventually today as all these clouds are going to give way to nice temperatures. good morning. >> good morning. yes, we will see another day with morning clouds and afternoon sunshine. we are feeling milder weather as you step out the door this morning. let's get a look at what to expect today. here is a look at your lunchtime temperature.
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70 in the peninsula. 68 with a high of 73 there. 66 in san francisco. up to 79 today in the north bay. this warming trend continues into the weekend. i'll have a peek at that in a few minutes. >> things are moving good along dublin. we are starting to see the backup build here. it's not all that bad. keep in mind it's early this morning. want to show you a quick glance of the rest of the bay area. we are not finding any problems. i do want to take you closer to that one spot in livermore. the dublin interchange, you can see that yellow and red tint near altamont. that traffic is starting to build just a little bit. back to you. >> thanks, anthony. it's 4:37. a human torso found near the bay bridge. how long investigators think that part of body was in the
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water. >> strip mall fire in the south bay. where investigators say that fire might have started.
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a gruesome scene near the bay bridge where a human body was found on rocks. investigators believe it might have been in the water almost a month. >> this torresa was discovered yesterday. police say it belongs to a young male. the fact it was in the water for weeks is probably how the body
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lost its limb. >> there are many currents in the bay that could carry a torso from other areas in the bay. investigators will try to identify the person that torso belonged to and how it ended up where they found it. >> the man convicted of shooting and killing 8-year-old alaysha carradine is expected to speak during his sentencing today. he was found guilty earlier this month. she was killed when bullets came flying into an oakland apartment three years ago. williams faces the death penalty or life in prison. two deputies seen in this video are expected to be arraigned later today. the car theft suspect was seen beaten in that video.
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the deputies chased him from alameda county to san francisco last november. dating back to a story we first brought you yesterday morning when we came on air, that five-alarm fire that ripped through a santa clara strip mall started near an indian restaurant in the mall. investigators are trying to pinpoint exactly how the fire broke out. we brought this as breaking news at 4:30. itç appears seven of the dozen businesses in the mall were severely damaged or destroyed. warriors playing a crucial must-win game tonight.
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now it's the warriors' turn. a live look at oracle arena where it is all or nothing. they must win tonight or their historic season is over. they go head-to-head with oklahoma city thunder. hopefully they can bounce back. tonight's game is at 6:00 at oracle. i'm excited. >> it's all or nothing. tonight is the night. >> let's do it, right? >> i'm dressed for sunshine. >> a great meteorologist. >> it's going to be great today. here is a look at the shark tank. we are still seeing a little bit
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of some excitement in the air and clouds, too. as we take a look at the current temperatures now, it is 54 in livermore and san jose. 51 in palo alto. oakland waking up to 57. as we break it down for san jose today, there will be a few clouds during the early morning hours. then look at the sun. it comes out by 9:00 and temperatures will be warming up throughout the afternoon, eventually hitting the upper 70s. 79 in los gatos. foster city 73. ocean beach in the upper 50s there. it will be warmer for those inland areas. brentwood 81. 70 oakland. dublin 76. we have high pressure to the west of us. we'll see temperatures warming up the next several days. it starts to ram many up tomorrow. 84 in the north bay tomorrow.
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78 in the east bay. some upper 70s for the end of the weekend. also for some of those ceremonies on monday. it will be at 63 in the presidio. danville 88 by the end of the ceremony. another look at the microclimate forecast. >> it's cool and breezy right now. looking pretty good. this is the bay bridge toll plaza. we were starting to see a little bit of a backup. as the minutes continue to roll on through, we get through to that 5:00 hour, we are starting to see traffic is starting to fan out. this is dublin. just a little bit as we switch over to the maps, i'll see
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traffic come through. seeing congestion coming through altamont and livermore. slowing down near sunol. you see lots of grain on the map. things moving without any problems this morning. back to you. >> it is 4:48. time for decision 2016. democratic presidential front-runner hillary clinton will be in the bay area today and meet with supporters in san jose this afternoon. tonight she'll be in san francisco. >> she's been a frequent visitor the last few weeks. the clinton campaign is dismissing yesterday's inspector general report about her personal e-mail practices during her time as secretary of state. that report finds clinton, "disregarded guidelines for avoidi avoiding cyber security risk." there was no real precedent before her time in office. >> the race between hillary
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clinton and bernie sanders is getting tight in california. a new survey of likely democratic voters chose 46% favor clinton while 44% favor sanders. in march clinton had a seven-point lead over sanders. the survey was done by the public policy institute of california. that same poll asked all likely voters whether or not they wanted a wall between the golden state and mexico. a majority surveyed said no to the wall. >> 65% of likely republican democrat independent voters say no to the wall. republican presidential nominee donald trump's campaign is pushing the construction of a wall between the border and deporgt undocumented immigrants. in business news, investors are hoping stocks will rally. american's personal financial situation is said to be improving. many still can't cover emergency expenses. >> that rainy day fund.
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we turn to landon dowdy live at cnbc world headquarters. >> good morning. wall street looks to add to wednesday's gains. futures are higher and stocks rallying a second day as royal prices rise. brent crude topping $50 a barrel for the first time this year. it is showing a drop in u.s. oil supplies. we have a ton of data today including unemployment, durable goods and pending home sales. the dow ended at 1781. nasdaq adding 33 to 4894. allstate will offer insurance for airbnb hosts. it could better protect owners who rent out their homes for brief periods. it would cover unexpected out-of-pocket expenses such as broken furniture and stolen
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electronics. >> most americans say their household finances improved, but nearly half say they struggle to cover a $400 expense and emergency. >> thank you very much. 4:51. bernie sanders goes to disney. he attacks the company over worker pay. the ceo is firing back. >> the search for three suspects after a deadly shooting involving students at novato high school. the school is closed for today. steph chuang is at that school. we are tracking weather for the memorial weekend.
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while disney pays its workers wages that are very hard for their workers to live on, but somehow have enough money to pay $42 million to its ceo. >> bernie sanders speaking in southern california now going after disney ceo bob iger. he says disney makes its merchandise in china. >> mr. iger responding. here is what he wrote. to bernie sanders, we created 11,000 new jobs at disneyland in the past decade. he asked, how many jobs have you created switching gears, sign to ditch the car, take the bus, shuttle or the ride? >> that is a reminder for anyone
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headed to the golden gate bridge this long holiday weekend. they are restricting cars in the vista point parking lot to prevent traffic backups on the bridge. they are friday through monday from 11:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. these adorable birds are the reason a stretch of beach in marin county is closing. >> right now through labor day, it's nesting season for the snowy plover. that is a threatened species. each summer weekend, rangers are going to close a small stretch of the stretch of sand. >> look how tiny. >> it will be off limits to people. the chicks and breeding adults will get privacy they need to thrive. >> you will have to excuse nasa right now workers. they are pumped up today.
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>> crews at the international space station slowly pumping up an inflatable room and delivered their last month by spacex capsule. that is a set-up animation of the room being blown up to full capacity. the pod will grow to four times its volume over an hour. crew members will wait till next week to venture inside. today marks the return of a comedy telethon when it comes to helping people out. >> it's all for a good cause if you see people walking around with red noses, it's red nose day. a drive to lift children out of comedy. jack black is involved. some of the world's best known comics taking it seriously. craig ferguson. you can watch the whole thing tonight at 9:00 p.m.
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>> i've seen the red noses for sale at walgreens if you want to grab one. they are 99 cents. >> i already bought one. let's check in with kari and a look at our forecast. >> it is looking great today and warmer for the weekend. a lot of events going on. we'll talk about that and how you should plan. >> tracking the bay bridge toll plaza. we'll check the other breezes. >> the celebrations in the bay area sharks headed to the stanley cup final. a live report on the game and the celebrations after the break.
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investigators still looking for three suspected gunmen who shot two men, killing one in novato 0. i'll have the connection to a high school closed for today. number one thing i think in government is public safety. >> over a string of sheooting, move by several mayors in an attempt to stop the crime spree. >> the san jose sharks are headed to the stanley cup finals! >> history made finally. it's finally sinking in this morning. sharks are going to the stanley cup finals for the first time in the franchise's existence.
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the excitement boiling over in the south bayç overnight comin up. "today in the bay" starts right now. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. the forecast for today with kari. >> it's looking good. this will be that last warm day with comfortable weather before that heat starts to ramp up in time for the holiday weekend. it is 53 in the peninsula and south bay. and low clouds overhead. that will clear out to give us more sunshine. up to 73 in the peninsula. upper 70s for the tri-valley while san francisco is at 66. it will warm up this weekend. those numbers coming up. >> things looking good here. i want to check in and show you what's happening on the other bridges here. we talk about the bay bridge and how things are moving good. the san mateo bridge looking


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