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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 26, 2016 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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the excitement boiling over in the south bayç overnight comin up. "today in the bay" starts right now. good morning. thank you for joining us. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. the forecast for today with kari. >> it's looking good. this will be that last warm day with comfortable weather before that heat starts to ramp up in time for the holiday weekend. it is 53 in the peninsula and south bay. and low clouds overhead. that will clear out to give us more sunshine. up to 73 in the peninsula. upper 70s for the tri-valley while san francisco is at 66. it will warm up this weekend. those numbers coming up. >> things looking good here. i want to check in and show you what's happening on the other bridges here. we talk about the bay bridge and how things are moving good. the san mateo bridge looking
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good. no issues. want to show you what's happening at the golden gate bridge. no fog this morning. wide open lanes. lots of green on my map. thank you very much. now to a developing story. school closed and a neighborhood on edge. police continue to canvas local streets in novato in search of three suspected gunmen. all this unfolding near the marin county country club after a deadly shooting last night. >> steph, police believe high school students could be involved in this? >> that's right. that's what we learned in a letter to parents from the superintendent and novato high school principal. they didn't specify the connections. school is closed today to ensure the safety of both students as well as staff here. both marin county sheriffs and
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novato police, a man called 911 to report he had been shot and stabbed by three hispanic males. when they went farther into the preserve, they found a second victim in the ditch who had been shot. he died at the scene. there have been no arrests, but investigators are working with good leads. >> we did have a report there might have been a white sedan seen driving away from the area. we don't have more details. reaching out to the community about any information. >> flies did secure the scene overnight. crews will be back when it's light out this morning to process both scenes with 40 search and rescue team members as well as k-9s. set out to look for weapons and evidence. novato high school is closed today. students are not set to return until tuesday after the memorial
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day holiday. there are supposed to be school psychologists and counselors to give help to anybody who needs it. 5:03. developing news out of vallejo. a 15-year-old girl is missing. police say she may be hurt. authorities say pearl pinson never arrived to school yesterday. investigators believe this man may be connected to her disappearance. 19-year-old fernando castro was reportedly seen pulling her along an i-780 overcross tomorrow morning. >> there was some altercation that happened there. there was one shot heard in that area around that time. a witness saw a female being drug away that had blood on her face. we are very concerned. >> witnesses told police castro was carrying a gun. if you have information, vallejo police want you to give them a call. mayors say enough is enough. we are talking about mayors from five different contra costa
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county cities joining forces to ask governor brown to install surveillance cameras on local freeways there. this is after 28 shootings in two bay area counties since november last year. a woman had a window shattered by a stray bullet. >> i can't believe it is lodged in the roof of my car. that is close. it could have hit me or my daughter. >> mayors hope governor brown will grant them money and access to cameras that are there but controlled by caltrans. turning to decision 2016, presidential hopeful hillary clinton is hosting events in the bay area today. live pictures from downtown san jose where she will be this
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afternoon. the focus on california comes in the midst of controversy for clinton. state department inspector genre leased a report saying the former secretary of state violat violated cyber security guidelines using personal e-mail. political analysts say the timing of the report is not good for clinton. >> for clinton, it's a chance to put sanders away. this has become the turning point of the primary season. >> bernie sanders also been aggressively campaigning in california. in southern california, tactical police face off with protesters outside donald trump's rally in anaheim yesterday. several arrests were made but no repeat of the night before when protesters threw rocks and bottles at officers. trump himself made news when jimmy kimmel asked if he would debate bernie sanders.
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>> if we come out with the democratic nomination, donald trump is toast. >> hillary clinton already said no to a california debate with sanders. the first time in history, the san jose sharks will advance to the stanley cup finals. it's pandemonium. >> you know who else is toast? the st. louis blues. gonzo, done. pure pandemonium inside the shark tank as the team advances to the stanley cup finals for the first time in franchise history. team teal sent them home with a 5-2 win. fans waited a long time for this. >> yes, yes! >> unbelievable, her second game ever. she doesn't know anything but winning! let's keep doing this.
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>> never in my life have i seen this. it's so exciting. >> it sure is. sharks will travel to pittsburgh or host tampa bay. you can watch the game. game one right here on nbc bay area. monday at 5:00 p.m. >> you had young and old all celebrating at the same time. >> tonight is all or nothing. warriors have to win tonight or their historic season will end. they go head-to-head against oklahoma city. hopefully they can bounce back after getting crushed in back-to-back games. tonight's event is at 6:00 at oracle arena. >> get out there and enjoy the day to be back to watch the warriors tonight. >> we'll be glued to our tubes tonight. >> we have great weather.
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it will are hard to stay inside. we'll see high temperatures reaching into the 70s. it will be a little warmer. we start out with clouds and mild temperatures and a look at lunchtime temperatures today in the peninsula. already in the low 70s in spots and reaching into the upper 70s in the south bay, north bay as well as tri-valley. i'll have a look ahead to that warmer air coming up in a few minutes. let's head over to anthony with the morning commute. >> fremont, things are starting to slow down. you can see here, not impacting traffic all that much. you can see lots of green. i want to to show you that one spot where we have an accident. we'll track it for you. next, living on the edge.
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lands a man in handcuffs. drama unfolding in southern california on top of one of the most famous signs. >> why don't young people like little blue boxes? >> i must be old. i like those little blue boxes. disaster striking in the midwest. a tornado whipping through kansas.
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a massive tornado rips its way through kansas damaging more
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than two dozen homes in the process. that twister was on the ground about 1 1/2 hours last night. this morning, emergency crews will survey the damage left behind despite the destructive nature of the tornado, there were no injuries reported. a tornado watch remains in effect overnight in parts of kansas and oklahoma. at 5:12, a developing story in new york city where authorities are investigating a deadly shooting during a crowded rap concert. chaos unfolded last night near union square right before rapper ti was scheduled to hit the stage. one man died. shots sent everyone in the crowd running for cover. police have made no arrests and there is no word on a possible motive. busted for standing on one of the most famous signs in the world. self-proclaimed youtube prankster climbed on to the hollywood sign yesterday and waving a flag that read "i'm
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back." it's unclear what that refers to. lapd promptly arrested him with another man. >> a judge in florida told gawker that the case against it will stand. it will have to pay hulk hogan $140 million. >> which will bankrupt the company. >> gawker gave it one last appeal in florida and lost. gawker published clips of a sex tape featuring hulk hogan. as we reported, the case had a silicon valley connection because it was paid for by palo alto billionaire peter teal. today we can confirm it was teal. he admitted he was behind the funding to the "new york times." thiel is supporting hogan and attacking gawker because gawker
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published invasive stories about thiel, as well. that led some in the journalism industry to worry whether thiel is quashing the free press. many nonbillionaires are camping outside mcdonald's in suburban chicago, demanding a $15 minimum wage nationwide as mcdonald's conducts its shareholder meeting inside. california passed a $15 law. fast food companies warn they will replace workers with technology if wages get too high. let's check the rest of the news before the bell. landon dowdy is live at cnbc world headquarters. >> good morning to you. wall street looks to add to wednesday's gains. futures are higher. stocks rallying for a second day as oil prices rise. brent crude global benchmark crossing $50 a barrel for the
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first time this year. showing a drop in u.s. oil supplies. nasdaq adding 3 to 4894. >> i know you think sharks when i say teal, but what about tiffany. fewer women seem to know or care what's in those little blue box? >> according to who? >> the company itself. it says it's having a hard time connecting to millennials. it says it's not able to sell to young people. not that young people aren't buying jewelry because they are. they're not buying tiffany. even if tiffany begins to lower prices. you've got the silver stuff that is cheaper as well. it's just not working.
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millennials don't see tiffany, they see it as an old 0er person's brand. stella and dots is replacing tiffany. >> that would be a little lower end. >> laura will accept tiffany. >> any day of the week. >> right here, right now. give me a call. >> hans and frans have nothing on the nasa workers. they are going to pump you up. crews are slowly pumping up an inflatable room designed by nasa engineers and delivered by spacex capsule. the pod will grow to four times its volume over one hour. crew members plan to wait until
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next week to go and venture inside. we'll have to wait to head to a certain beach. these adorable birds are the reason a stretch of beach in marin county is closing. each summer weekend rangers will close a small stretch. it's a three mile stretch of sand that will be off limits to people. the chicks and breeding adults will have privacy to thrive at a critical time. officials are restricting cars to the welcome center
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parking lot. also to that vista point parking lot where you can get the views of the city to prevent traffic backups on the bridge. restrictions take place friday through monday from 11:00 a.m. friday to 5:00 p.m. on your holiday.ç >> we are going to have warmer weather, but it will still be comfortable in san francisco warming up for those inland areas. they will clear out as we go through the day. temperatures starting to feel better, too. we have a cool start. this is about average. north bay 48. let's drop to get a closer look. 46 in yuntville. san rafael 52.
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as we go into tonight, we will have temperatures at 70 in time for the warriors game. it will be very nice. 78 in san jose. 66 in the mission district. seven-day forecast bottom of the screen shows our temperatures ramping up after today. looks like it stays warm for a while. up to 70 in oakland and livermore. the high pressure clockwise gives us a northerly wind. it will be very warm heading into the next several days. looking to this weekend, it will be warmer than the way we started this week. we will be cooler than average an trending well above average like the tri-valley as well as south bay and north bay. if you're heading out somewhere,
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check out big sur. it will be in the mid 70s there all weekend long. santa barbara along the coast in the low 80s tomorrow. 70s for the weekend. >> fremont, you have an accident. this is 880 southbound. you can see where traffic is starting to slow just a little bit. it's not all that bad. maps do tell the story. you can see as we zoom in here that red building across parts of fremont. we have one southbound creating some slowing. in the south bay 280 southbound
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keeping things slow. two lanes blocked there. >> incredible night for our sharks. >> last night, jimmy fallon was poking fun at our team. >> from san jose, mirko mueller. come on. he was voted most likely to sign a three-year deal with puberty. >> i did not think he was going to sign. >> hockey players usually have thick beards. he just happens to be the exception to the rule. >> which makes him look more young. the trend with the beard. 5:21. bay area fire is getting federal
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approval to operate drones.
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heartbreaking news we learned yesterday morning. that deadly train crash that willed a mother and child earlier in the week. construction zone may have caused the mother's car to get trapped on the tracks. 30-year-old vanessa and her
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3-year-old daughter were killed. they were stopped on the tracks when an amtrak barrelled into the car. >> we are working with amtrak not only to get video from their train but computer data that would be downloaded from the engine to show not only the speed but when the brakes are applied. >> there is construction taking place causing congestion to the tracks. the mother may have been caught in heavy traffic. a bay area fire emergency got approval to operate drones. the faa authorized its firefighters to use a manned drone. the department can use the drone above 400 feet. the team will be available for
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large-scale responses. >> the drone operators were amateur volunteers working alongside the department. if you see a grass fire near dublin, turns out it's a training exercise. it will be carried out by the alameda county fire department. that will take place on 6th street this morning at 8:00. when it comes to bees, the buzz gets no bigger than tonight. we are talking spelling bees. tonight's final round of the national spelling bee. >> yesterday one of the two bay area participants bowed out. a second speller is one of 45 spellers who did survive the first round. he is a 7th grader and advanced on spelling.
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he spelled bariolage. >> good for him. the hunt for three suspected gunmen in novato, a high school shut down as police investigate. the bay area airport leading the country for security breaches. san jose sharks make history here at hoechl as they advance to the stanley cup finals the first time in franchise history. we'll show you the fans celebrating and where you can watch game one. the south bay is a buzz this
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morning-- a live look at s-a-p cent after a storic game fthe se sharks.. the team is going to the nley cup final for the first the south bay alive this morning. the team is going to the stanley cup finals for the first time in franchise history. kris sanchez has more on the shining moment for san jose coming up. thank you for joining us on this thursday morning. i'm sam brock. >> i'm laura garcia-cannon. it's going to be a warm one. >> it's a holiday weekend. we refer to this as the unofficial start to summer. it's going to feel like summer. cool start to the day in the north bay. 48. highs reaching the upper 70s.
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the south bay as well as the tri-valley. san francisco up to 66. we'll take a look ahead to that warmer air rolling in for the next several days. even into next week. >> we have a couple of accidents. three of them. this is 880. you can see all the cars filing in here. accidents are off in the distance. 880 southbound. you can see a better view on the map. 880 southbound. there is a sig-alert issue. two lanes are blocked and only two lanes getting through. that is a slow go this morning. rest of the bay area starting to see a few accidents pile up.
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5:31. to a developing story we continue to follow this morning. north bay neighborhood certainly on edge. it all happened in novato near the marin country club. >> more on the investigation and the reason the school is shut down. there is concern high school students might be involved. good morning. >> that's right. good morning. that is what was said in a letter written by the school district superintendent and principal. parents say students were involved in last night's shootings. they didn't say if they were victims or suspects. they decided to close school today just in case to ensure safety for everyone. last night responding to a 911 call from a man who said he had been shot and stabbed by three
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hispanic males. the deputies found a second victim who had been shot lying in a ditch. they tried giving him first aid but he died at the scene. >> i won't send my daughters up there. i used to allow them to go up there with friends. as long as there are multiple people, go take a hike. now? i don't know. scary. it's hard to look for evidence. there have been no arrests. investigators are working with good leads including one report of a white sedan driving away from the scene. there was a scheduled closure for tomorrow with the memorial day holiday. students won't be back until tuesday morning. there will be counselors and
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psychologists to give support to those who need it. >> an 18-year-old man was shot near guthrie park in brentwood. the victim's injuries were not life-threatening, but that happened after two groups got into an argument while playing basketball. police are looking for the shooter. >> new details on a disturbing fire in vallejo. the father accused of killing his own 5-year-old son and severely injuring the boy's mother is in jail. he turned himself into police last night. shuemake has been on the run several days after detectives say he caused this deadly fire. >> gasoline on the female victim then lit her on fire. then the gasoline spilled into the room and that's what ignited
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the house on fire. >> the mother is still in critical condition. officers say he was despondent and made comments about suicide. a fairfield high school student brought a gun to high school. they found an unloaded gun hidden. they found a 14-year-old student with a bullet. the student bought a 380 caliber semi automatic on campus and hid the weapon. the student hid a gun magazine with two bullets in someone else's bag. the student has been arrested. the gun belonged to a relative. 5:35. two alameda county deputies seen beating a suspect are arraigned today. they will appear in a san francisco courtroom this afternoon. the car theft suspect that was seen being beaten in the video says he suffered serious injuries. the deputies chased him from alameda county to san francisco
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last november. sfo insisted it had no breaches of people getting over fences or going through gates. associated press found at least three such breaches did happen last year. sfo did not provide a.p. with further details. did say none of the cases should be considered security breaches. aç separate investigation show it has more perimeter breaches than any other u.s. airport. b.a.r.t. wants to give passengers more options to hold on. at a meeting this morning, they will consider dedicating more than $300,000 to new hanging hand straps in the cars. right now there are 30 per car. the proposal would increase that number to 80.
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>> a wild scene after a historic win for the san jose sharks. they are heading to the stanley cup finals. >> a live look at sap center this morning. the place to be last night. kris sanchez is live with more on what is next for our sharks. good morning, kris. >> i hope you like beards because those playoff beards are not going anywhere. the san jose sharks head into game one of the stanley cup finals. it is excitement you can hear anywhere in san jose. the fireworks were nearly drowned out by the fans leaving
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the sap center. though it wasn't a nail-biting ending, some fans may not have nails left after 25 years rooting for team teal. >> 25 years, drinking a lot of beers. >> the final score into an empty goal with less than 20 seconds left. you can watch game one of the stanley cup finals here on nbc bay area monday night. if the pittsburgh penguins win because it will start in pittsburgh. if tampa wins, the series starts
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here at the shark tank. that will be decided tonight between penguins and lightning. we are going to root for tampa so the sharks can start here. kris sanchez, today in the bay. >> i don't think any of the people from last night celebrating are up this early in the morning. if you're getting the day started, we start out with clouds and mild cements. it will be a touch warmer today. not as warm as the weather we'll have over the weekend. 64 at lunchtime in san francisco. tri-valley 70. 78, upper 70s for inland areas. we'll take a look ahead to the weekend forecast. how are the roads?
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this is near fremont. we do have three accidents in this area. i want to take you to the maps. you can see that red area near fremont. the bay bridge metering lights are on. >> lots of new friends. hillary clinton is back in the bay area again at the same time a stinging news report unveiling new details about her personal e-mail account. >> a huge mistake walgreens made. =live=
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a live look at the tech museum in san jose this morning-- ahead of hillary clinton's visit here in the bay area.. =topvo= thpr >> decision 2016. a live look at the tech museum ahead of hillary clinton's visit in the bay area. her trip coming as the state department released that new report. >> tracie potts live in washington, d.c. with more on the controversy surrounding both front runners this morning. >> good morning. for hillary clinton, pails and for donald trump more protests at his rallies, this time in
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california. rate night host jimmy kimmel asked if he would debate bernie sanders. >> if it was for my charity, i would love to do that. >> sanders replied, game on. >> if we come out with the democratic nomination, donald trump is toast. >> this is not a reality tv show. you can't say if you disagree with them, you're fired. >> trump is getting along with house speaker paul ryan. multiple reports suggest ryan may endorse trump today. no endorsement from new mexico governor martinez. trump accused her of not doing
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her job. >> i can tell you i am not going to vote for hillary clinton. >> clinton faces a report that says she violated federal law by not turning over all her e-mails before she left office. she is responding in an interview with univision saying there is nothing new in that report. a new poll asked all likely voters whether or not they wanted a wall between the golden state and mexico. >> 60% said no for a wall. republican presidential presumptive nominee trump pushed the construction of a wall between the border of california and mexico as well as preventing undocumented immigrants moving into the country. it is 5:45.
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a possible solution to long airport security lines. the administrator to tsa announced 768 new screeners will be added to busiest airports. the new screeners will start mid june. a new report sheds light on the grim topic of military suicides. more than half of those who tried to take their lives were still in their first years of service. that suggested maybe times of transition that stress military members the most as opposed to actual combat. california will likely take hit on its bottom line due to lower demand for its pollution credit c program. results show only about 1/10 of the credits were sold and that could add up to a shortfall in the hundreds of millions of
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dollars. some money is allocated for the state's high-speed rail project. a fight between a palo alto mobile home park owner and the city of palo alto heads to court today. the owner of the home park wants to sell the property. city approved the bid but ordered the owner to pay $8 million in fees to help relocate people that live there. the owner sued the city saying that fee is a staggering financial demand. >> how about a monthly utility bill of $10? sign us up. >> it's a renovated house in oakland. students built the energy efficient home with supervision of the group passive house california. walgreens relationship with theranos has been a huge embarrassment for the drug store
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chain. >> they put theranos in its stores without testing the science itself. scott mcgrew, it's hard to believe. >> walgreens was so eager, it didn't ask any of the right questions of elizabeth holmes. holmes under investigation along with her blood testing company as medical reports say her super secret blood testing machine she claimed to event don't work properly. the fed may bar her from entering her own silicon valley laboratories. "the journal" says walgreens own scientist asked for a theranos machine to test out but never received one. theranos claimed it could test for a myriad of problems with a single drop of blood using super
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advanced technology it wouldn't show to experts. they say the machine did work. the company would dilute blood samples with sterile water, run it on traditional machines which would give inaccurate results. alibaba sells items online. stock fell 7% on the news. it pulled yahoo stock lower. yahoo has a big investment in alibaba. this is not news yahoo needed this minute. other companies are bidding onnia hoochlt.
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this is an unusual find. workers unearthed a shipwreck from the 1800s. teams uncovered it where a new highrise is being built. they don't know about the history 5069-foot ship other than it was carrying line used for construction. it likely burned before it sank in an area later filled up with earth. this is the first time a shipwreck has been found in that part of the city. you believe in ghost stories. do you believe in pirate stories? >> you would have to be brave to go inside the water right now. >> it's gold. it will warm up in time for the weekend.
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>> as we get a look at the forecast, we'll start to see temperatures warming up. a look outside in sunol. clouds start out the day. this will clear out quickly and we'll start out with cool air. here is a look at temperatures now in the south bay. 51 and 56 in san francisco. a closer look at the south bay we have 53 in morgan hill. oakland, you're walking out the door to 47. definitely a jacket needed. highs today will have you taking your jacket back off. up to 79 in los gatos. palo alto 76. 66 in san francisco. low 70s for the north bay. oakland 70. 76 today in dublin. what's happening here? we'll have a very stagnant weather pattern setting up. that will allow temperatures to warm up as this high pressure builds and gives us a northerly wind.
5:52 am
mostly clear skies and warm afternoons. inland temperatures making it into the mid to upper 80s in the tri-valley and south bay as well as north bay. peninsula looking at a high of 81 on sunday. 72 on saturday and sunday up to 69. santa cruz for the long board surfing contest 70 in the afternoon saturday. how does it look on the roads? >> if you are traveling through the east bay, looks slow. we have an accident. a sig-alert has been issued. you can see the cars trickling in here.
5:53 am
you can see on the map we have that accident. backup goes all the way past the dunbarton bridge almost towards the san mateo bridge. our chopper launched. there is 880 southbound. only two lanes are getting through here. it is southbound 880 slows. if you've got to use that route, this is what it looks like. the arrest being made after we called. was that just a coincidence? >> i can't speak to that. >> we investigate a troubling case of abuse and ask why it took almost two years to make an arrest. happening now on our digital platform, the search for three
5:54 am
suspects after a deadly shooting involving students at a novato high school. the school is closed today.ç mayors are asking for state funding to install surveillance cameras on freeway on ramps and off ramps. outcue: winds trt: 4
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==laura/cont vo== listen to that wind... a massive tornado whipped through kansas-- damaging more listen to that. a massive tornado whipping through kansas damaging more than two dozen homes. meteorologists say the twister was on the ground for about 1 1/2 hours last night. this morning, emergency crews will survey the damage left behind. despite how destructive the tornado was, there are no injuries reported. a tornado watch remained in effect for parts of kansas and oklahoma. >> happening today, we are expecting an update on zika virus on centers of disease. the virus is spreading through latin america and more than 150 pregnant women in the continental u.s. tested positive for infection. warmer summer weather is expected to help the virus spread here in the states. a teenage girl found the courage to report sexual abuse
5:58 am
she said she had to endure since she was a second grader. >> after waiting two years, she turned to the investigative unit for help. vicky nguyen shows us what she uncovered. >> good morning. our investigation spurred arrest, rare apology and stunning admission from the district attorney's office. she told us she was molested for years starting when she was 7, the accused her step father. when she was 14 she found the courage to tell her brother then her mom. they went to san jose police who took 11 months to investigate the case. the department sent that case to the santa clara d.a. where it sat for seven months. we called in late march to ask about michelle's case. two days later the office issued an arrest warrant for her step father. he is facing multiple felony accounts. the assistant d.a. says a prosecutor in her office lost the file. she apologized and promised this case of justice delayed won't be
5:59 am
justice denied. san jose p.d. says it stands by the length of time it took to investigate this case. many more details about this case and others and how they move through the justice system is on our website. go to click on the investigations tab. good morning. i'm stephanie chuang at novato high school. closed because officials say students were involved in a deadly double shooting last night. a 15-year-old girl missing and police say she could be hurt. what witnesses say they saw moments before this teenager vanished. coming together to crack down on freeway shootings plaguing the bay area. the steps several local mayors are taking to keep us safe on
6:00 am
the roadways. today on the bay continues. a very good thursday morning to you. thank you for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> we are rolling through our week. we are almost at the weekend. >> it's going to look nice for the warmer air moving in giving us more of a summer feel for the unofficial start of summer. mild and cloudy this morning. there will be a touch warmer this afternoon. lunchtime temperatures feel being nice in the upper 60s to low 70s. upper 70s to the south bay, north bay as well as tri-valley. a look ahead to the warmer air in the forecast. let's see the approach to the bay bridge. >> this is slow going. this is what it looks like every day at 6:00. you can see for yourself, it is stop and go. the other area stop and go is the east bay. a couple


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