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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  May 26, 2016 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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possibly associated to fernando castro. >> reporter: officers say castro was seen dragging the girl across a pedestrian overcrossing in south vallejo at about 7:00 yesterday morning. this afternoon the chp spotted the car in santa barbara county, setting off a chase. it is unclear if pearl is inside. >> she always was there for me, whenever people were picking on me she would always have my back even though it would cause her drama and stuff. she's always had my back and she was always nice, and she just like to help other people each if it means not helping herself. >> that is a high school friend of pearl pinson. pinson is a freshman high school student at jesse bethel high school in vallejo. her friends and family are plastering these flyers all around vallejo. a prayer vigils set to take place at 6:30 tonight.
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a lot of concern and the solano county sheriff's department is confirming what's going on and they'll be out shortly to give us an update. reporting live in fairfield, jodi hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> we've been tracking breaking news on this amber alert all day. we'll constantly be updating the story throughout the evening, stay in touch on our website, facebook and twitter. another story developing at this hour. the death of a high school student in novato. the pictures are from the nbc bay area chopper and they just came into the newsroom in the past hour. they showed police raiding a home in novato. peter er iserruratos is live. >> reporter: they just said two folks were taken into cost dee and they are minors and there were staples from the surviving victim as well as information
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from folks in the area and then you have the first arrest on roland boulevard and you have the latest one on lee foot drive. >> marin county search and rescue team out on foot searching for any piece of evidence after one nevada high student was found dead yesterday from gunshot wounds and on this hillside near marin country club. another student was shot and stabbed and was able to get away and called 911. the surviving victim told the sheriff's department that a trio of suspects attacked him upon high school is closed as a result. students came to express their grief. >> i'm shocked about what happened. >> this is marin country club and no one expects this kind of stuff to happen. >> things took a turn this afternoon when the sheriff's department executing a search warrant near roland and nevada boulevards. one person in connected to the shootings was arrested inside a home on the block. a neighbor describing to me what
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she awe. >> all of a sudden guys came out with their hands -- with their guns drawn and they kept saying anybody in the house please come out with your hands up. we have a search warrant. >> reporter: the sheriff's deputy tells me they'll continue to canvass this area on lee foot drive. more information to find the third suspect as for students in nevada high. school was closed today and it will be closed tomorrow for teacher training and they'll resume classes on tuesday. pete suratos. nbc, bay area news. two accused of pleading a car theft suspect pleaded not guilty to all charges today. veteran deputy luis santamaria and paul wieber did not speak to reporters, but attorneys for one of the deputies say while the video of the attack is disturbing, it doesn't mean the deputies broke the law. the deputies used extreme force because they feared for their lives. prosecutors contend that they repeatedly struck stanislav
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petrov after a car chase that began in alameda county, last november. public defender jeff adacchi called it the most savage beatings he's ever seen. we have several new details about the unreleased body camera footage of this confrontation. again, it's coming up tonight at 6:00. democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton is in the bay area right now stumping for votes. mrs. clinton holding a rally in san francisco this evening. before that she fired up supporters in the south bay. nbc bay area's michelle roberts is tracking former secretary clinton today and she's live in san jose with more on clinton's appearance. michelle? >> there was a really big crowd today, and i think she surprised some people in the audience when she started her speech by actually supporting bernie sanders saying they share many of the same values and it's time to unite the party and she did criticize donald trump calling
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him a loose canon. hillary clinton asked 2,000 people in san jose for their vote on june 7th. mrs. clinton fired against the presumptive nominee, donald trump. >> make sure that donald trump, this loose canon never gets close to the white house! >> reporter: the former secretary of state says she'll invest in clean energy with plans to deploy half a billion more solar panels across the country in her first term. >> i've never seen hillary before. it was fantastic. i'm so excited. >> in spite of yesterday's federal audit, finding the former secretary of state violated federal rules by using her private, mail server, many of her supporters vow she's the woman for the job. >> if you vote for me i will work my heart out to give you the future we deserve.
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>> mrs. clinton will be in san francisco tonight for another public rally and tomorrow morning she'll head to the east coast where she has a scheduled event with her daughter in new york. reporting live in san jose. i'm michelle roberts, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, michelle. donald trump today clinched the republican presidential nomination putting him over the magic number of 1237 delegates. trump celebrated the news by taunting his rival, hillary clinton. >> here i am watching hillary fight, and she can't close the deal. i'd love to debate bernie, tilly. the problem with debating bernie, these going to lose. president obama in japan today said world leaders are watching elections here closely. >> and for good reason. >> we'll have great relationships with these countries, but if they're rattled in a friendly way that's a good thing. >> trump went on to say the money raised in the televised debate with sanders would go to charity for women's health. both sides are still working on a deal tonight.
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could the oracle arena actually be hosting its final warriors game of the season? say it ain't so. the warriors found themselves in a spot they'd never thought they'd be in facing elimination. >> they play tonight and how do they do that? how do they beat oklahoma city? nbc's colin rausch is courtside and it must be buzzing with a lot of fingers crossed. >> people are coming into oracle arena and you can take the cliche for this one. do or die, a must-win. they all apply. i'm going to step out of frame real quick. we'll zoom in on most state. >> fans are hoping this isn't the last time we get to watch the likes of mo warm up pre-game. the fans i talked to leaving nothing to chance tonight. whether it's a superstition and a good luck charm and whatever they think will help in any way, like cesar reyes. the magic hat has provided some
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magic when he wore it this season. >> the 24th straight win, the 73rd win. it has aren't been here for a loss this season, i'm hoping? >> no, he hasn't been. this is a good luck charm? >> yvp, it is. so we're going to win tonight and we'll win the championship, as well. >> positivity may be a little league recognition will motivate the warriors, as well. steph curry named all-nba, and dray monday green second team and clay thompson third team. got to get a win and it's all over and we'll be at 6:00 with more fans and their insights into tonight's game five. live at oracle arena, colin resch. >> this comes after the team in teal made it into the stanley cup final for the first time ever with a big win last night and outside the s.a.p. center fans lined up for a chance to buy tickets to the final and they say pricey tickets are well
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worth it. >> my son is graduating college tomorrow and this is a graduation present. he's been down in l.a. for four years and during the kings. >> game one of the stanley cup final can be seen right here on nbc bay area on monday night and that will be free for you. if the penguins win tonight's game against the lightning it will be in pittsburgh. if tampa bay wins it will be in san jose. i'm scott budman, a big travel weekend has people worried about long security lines. coming up, can a piece of technology make your trip faster? >> also ahead, new surveillance images could be the key in solving the mysterious killing of a peninsula scientist. it's a prank that's gone viral. what one did at an art gallery that has a lot of people turning heads. good afternoon. i'm meteorologist jeff ranieri and fog clearing out on the coastline with the sun and warmer temperatures and we're tracking the possibility of 90s. my full forecast in just a few
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minutes. >> we just received new information on the breaking news on the search for the missing vallejo teen. we'll be back with an update in a moment. new details tonight in the
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mysterious killing of scientist - in oakland. ==take vo== brian bole was shot and killed just steps from his home in new details tonight on the mysterious killing of the scientist in oakland. brian boel was shot and killed steps from his home in oakland and since then investigators have been working with the fbi and poring over hours of
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surveillance video. today they released images of these two people who may have key information about the case. >> we have footage, video footage of persons of interest that may come in contact just prior to him being tragically murdered on richmond boulevard. >> police released photos of the silver honda accord in the area. authorities have raised the reward to $30,000. a bitter courtroom loss for an east bay man who blamed the ford motor company for his wife's death. she was one of five women killed in the limousine fire on the bridge. it claimed they knew there were suspension problems with the converted lincoln town car. ford was not responsible and instead blaming limo stop, the san jose company that owned the limo. the jurors did assign a $6 million value, but it's money he can't collect. other relatives and survivors
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have reached out-of-court settlements with limo stop. bay area airports will be very busy over the next few days as we head to memorial day holiday. nbc bay area scott budman here with the problem and a possible solution. >> here's the number of the day and american airlines says 70,000 people missed flights this year because of long ts aligns and that's part of the reason airline leaders testified in washington and why so many people are trying to get tsa pre-check. you've seen them, long security lines in the bay area and just about everywhere else in the country. that's why tsa was on capitol hill today hearing testimony from transportation officials and the airlines themselves about the slowdown. >> all of these factors combined caused a systemic slowdown in passenger processing at security checkpoints resulting in delays and missed plates. >> a possible solution to the slowdown might be tsa pre-check. it's biometric technology that identifies you and lets you bypass the line. it costs $85, it's faster
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because your shoes, belts and jackets stay on. >> it's just like you're at the grocery store. you see the line for 15 items or fewer and it will go much quicker than the line with someone with a huge basket of groceries. >> reporter: tsa says 15,000 people are signing up for pre-check each day. if you're interested start at the website, and go to an enrollment center and it's available to u.s. citizens and permanent citizens. continued frustration over the tsa lines continues on nbc "nightly news." tonight, it's a little different story. >> it's two people doing something nice for each other. nbc bay area's garvinhomas joins us now with the story about their unlikely alliance. >> terry, christine boshaun, they're different races and very different background, but what they see in each other are all
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of the ways in which they are similar, the most important of which, the desire to help others in their own way. >> i'm sorry. we didn't have that story ready for you right now. let's send it back to terry and hopefully we can get it back for you later. >> we'll see you in a little bit. sometimes we have technical issues and we want to see that story. >> i'll bet it was a story worth waiting for. >> beautiful afternoon, we're tracking a warm-up for the upcoming holiday weekend. >> chief meteorologist jeff ranieri now, heated up. >> it will not only go into the '80s, you guys. we are tracking the possibility of '90s as we head into the upcoming memorial day weekend and you can see across the sky-cam ra network and the microclimate is in effect for most of the bay area and we are seeing temperatures increase except in san francisco and we
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still have a cold breeze and 60 right now. for the north bay, 74 and for the east bay 76 and coming in at 77. if we head through tomorrow morning's forecast. the biggest change for us is we'll have quite a bit less fog and sunny skies and 54 degrees and also sunshine for the east bay and 51 and we will be tracking fog in san francisco in 53 and the north bay at 50. the change we started to see today is certainly the much hotter temperatures beginning to build inland. you can see concord running eight degrees warmer. and livermore ten degrees hotter and we're in for at least another ten-degree warm-up once we look ahead toward this upcoming weekend and it's all getting sparked off by this area of low pressure that's building across the pacific right now, but it really looks like this area of high pressure will kick into high gear once we hit saturday, sunday and monday's forecast. here's what's going to happen. the area of high pressure will
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keep the storm track to the north. it's really going to start to surge in the heat once we hit sunday and also for memorial day. take a look at that scrolling seven-day forecast with the bottom of the screen and this will be responsible for the low 90s in the forecast once we hit memorial day. let's take a look at the microclimate forecast and tomorrow, sunny skies in san jose and 84 degrees. cupertino, 86. for the peninsula, a decent surge, as well. sunny skies in pallo alto and still a cool 65 in pacifica. the financial district, a sunny 70 degrees. for the east bay and the trivalley, some of the warmest weather tomorrow. right up here toward wine country, nap a 85 and back toward mill valley, 81 for the for the east bay, fremont comes in at 84 and 77 degrees. let's give you a detailed look at how this upcoming weekend
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will play out for us. by saturday, south bay now at 89 degrees. by sunday, 90 and by memorial day, 92. it will also put 82 in the east bay by memorial day and we're tracking more of the forecast. i'll have details coming up at 6:00 p.m. >> jeff, thanks a lot. the new list of california's bad beaches is out. once again, a local one is at the top. it's in santa cruz right there by the whatever. the environmental group heal the bay says for the third year in a row, cal beach has the worst water quality for any beach in the entire state. other, you have sunnydale cove and it's in eighth place. philip point harbor in half moon bay coming in at number nine. the rankings are based on fecal bacteria in the water and that's from animal waste including bird droppings and runoff that make
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everyone else sick. >> from the worst to the best in people. let's take you back to garvin thomas of people being nice to each other. >> thanks for your patience. this is the story of christine boshun and a leah bomani, two people that are very different and get together on one idea, helping others. >> christine says she's not a religious person, though she does believe in a higher power which explains why after finishing her commute to her job in oakland one day last december christine wasn't at all fazed by what happened next. >> i was at work, and i got this real quiet voice inside my head that said you need to take a walk. i said okay, right now? yes. you need to take a walk. >> she now knows it wasn't fresh air she was meant to get. there was a person she was meant to meet. >> i see this woman in front of me. >> good morning. >> talia is a fixture on the streets of downtown oakland.
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so much so, perhaps many professionals on their lunch breaks might look right past her, but not christine, and certainly not on that day. >> so i turned my head and said hello, and it was talia, and so we are both the type of people that see people. it was a chancechancencounter t sparked an alliance between the office worker and the gospel singer, each uphelping the othe >> her passion is to become a life coach and was actually on the lookout for someone whose dreams she could help make true. >> god is giving me -- >> and talia, who writes and things her own gospel music was looking for someone to help her bring it to a wider audience. people who talia believes need her message of faith. >> talia and i are very similar
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in the sense that we both have this -- this thing that keeps us up at night. this thing that wakes up in the morning and the thing we think about that we take an awake breath. we're similar in the sense that we both have this -- this thing that keeps us up at night and this thing that we think about in the morning the first time we take a breath, an awake breath and that is helping people. >> christine has spent some of her own money to help talia make a video and is trying to raise more so she can record her very own album. >> it's a warm feeling. it makes me feel very warm. >> yep. >> it is the kind of story that can only happen in a big city like oakland. two people from very different backgrounds, yet each the answer to the other's prayers. >> christine has donated some of her own money. she's running a go fund me campaign to help talia record
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some of her music. >> it's beautiful when they see more of the things they have in common than the things they don't. >> and the kind of people that saw a stranger on the street and made a connection, a special one. >> i'm left with the question, where does he find these stories? >> coming up next at 5:00, the latest in the inhome gadgets might be breaking the law. why those virtual assistants could lead to fines for big tech companies. ==reveal==
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fall asleep in san francisco -- and wake up in l-a. "sleep bus" is a new company that promises to transport passengers up and down the coas d >> happening now, falling asleep in san francisco, waying ke up l.a. they have bunk beds and privacy screen and access to wireless internet. the cost for a one-way trip $the 8 and coming together to help children in poverty and join us today on nbc for the red nose day special. ==terry/vo==
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back to our breaking news. we've confirmed that the suspect wanted in connection with a missing girl from vallejo is dead. the solano cou back to our breaking news, we have news that the suspect wanted for the missing girl, of vallejo is dead. he had earlier been identified as 19-year-old fernando castro of vallejo. he was chased through the central coast city of solvang. the suspect is dead, still no sign of that missing girl. swifrping gears here.
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if you have a virtual assistant from amazon, apple or google, you may have to hush your kids. according to an investigation in the guardian. the cyvirtual assistants that order things from the internet may violate the children's online privacy protection act, how companies can get personal information from children under 13. if they're listening they may be violating your children's privacy. >> back in a moment with the eye-opening prank at a local art museum. ==anim==
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==take vo== we'll introduce you to thstanfod coming up tonight at 6:00, the stanford grad headed to rio. the olympic race she's about to set course on. we'll have that for you coming up tonight at 6:00. >> a prank by a san jose student has made its way around the world. his friends put a pair of glasses on the floor. there it is. they couldn't believe their reactions. probably something you're hearing from these two. visitors took got owes of the glasses. he posted pictures of the stunt on twitter, quickly getting tens of thousands of retweets and some observed that t.j. himself
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is a post-modern artist, since art is not what you see, but what you make others see. >> an eye-opening exhibit. we'll see you tonight at 6:00. tonight, a relentless outbreak of tornados demolishing neighborhoods again. tens of millions on alert as new twisters touchdown right now. tonight a rare look at the power from inside a tornado. the sex assault scandal rocking baylor mishandling years of acquisitions against football players. the football coach fired. the university president ken star, the formeremesis demoted. the nightmare super bug that hospitals have been fearing is here and our most powerful drugs can't stop it. let's get it on, donald trump says he'll debate bernie sanders then demands $10 million to charity to make it happen. are we in for an epic clash?


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