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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 6  NBC  May 26, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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time, and she was yelling for help as a man with a gun dragged her away. this is the man the investigators believe kidnapped her. late this afternoon, authorities spotted castro in santa barbara county, driving south on 101 and he was cornered in a town 30 norths of santa barbara and here is new video, down south, we learned that castro killed in a shootout with deputies. still, no word on where that girl is? >> reporter: that's right, no word at all, jessica. investigators confirm that the suspect, a 19-year-old man from vallejo is debt following a shootout with officers in santa barbara county. they believe his car was spotted thanks to a statewide amber alert that was issued this afternoon. but tonight the search continues for 15-year-old pearl.
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>> the vehicle we believe to be involved in the amber alert was spotted in santa barbara county and the pursuit ensued. >> reporter: they say that the car believed to be driven by kidnapping suspect fernando castro, led officers on a chase and shootout in santa barbara county late today. >> he drove a ways and got us -- got out of the car and shot at the deputies and fire was returned. he is dead. >> while he has been located and killed, so far, no sign of the missing 15-year-old. investigators believe that she was kidnapped at gunpoint as she walked to the school bus yesterday morning. witnesses saw 19-year-old castro dragging her across a pedestrian over-crossing as she screamed for help. tonight, the big question, remains. >> where is pearl? and that's with a we are doing our best to find her. >> and investigators say they
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are using every worthy source to find the missing girl. two detectives from solano county are in route to santa barbara county right now, they are going to make every effort to find her and now the search area is growing. meanwhile, her friends and family are highly emotional tonight, following the news of castro's killing, but they are still very confident that she will be found alive. a prayer vigil is set to take place in the hour. reporting live in fairfield, i'm jody hernandez, nbc bay area news. >> we are tracking the news on the -- >> stay in touch with us on facebook or twitter. >> almeida county deputies accused of beating a car thief
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pleaded not guilty, this is the first time we have seen the deputies since they were arrested. here is the story. >> reporter: yeah, terry, you know, attorneys for those deputies said that their client felt like they were dealing with a suspect who was not complaint at least in the car. they were concerned about his hand movements in the car and whether or not he might have had a weapon. still the public defender is saying no way he deserved to be treated like that. >> deputies paul weber did not speak outside court and plead guilty -- it shows the deputies repeatedly striking a car theft suspect with batons in a san francisco alley, even as he lay on the ground. >> my take on the video is it it's always disturbing. police use of force is disturbing, and when it's captured it's disturbing. that doesn't make it illegal. >> deputies can use whatever
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force is necessary to bring the man under control as with any person who is resifting. and that's what they did in this case. >> reporter: the police were led on a chase and then the confrontation happened. the video grabbed national attention. the deputies feared for their safety and mentioned his previous run ins with the law. >> they knew none of it, this is the reason you need these people off the street. and this man was not giving up. and we will be able to show that. >> this is one of the most savage beatings in police misconduct. >> reporter: the video was brought forward. >> the defense will be that mr. petrov is a bad person, what we have to remember, in the american justice system, the police are not the judge and jury. >> reporter: another court appearance for the men is set for july 19th. reporting live, christy smith.
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nbc bay area news. >> one of the key pieces of evidence in the case is newly discovered body camera video from one of the deputies at the scene. both sides have called it revealing and one of the deputy attorneys were asked about it today, and he said that it can be deceiving. >> it's the reality today of police work anyway, when police force is captured people say that looks terrible. and it's hard to argue with that. the question is, when you take a reasoned look at video and you slow it down, and you listen to commands that are being given, as strikes are being delivered, the fact of the matter is, the force may well be lawful. >> okay, so, a key piece to all of this is more than 80 pages of information about the case just released within the fast few hours. we have been going through them
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and found stunning details that do appear to paint a darker picture potentially the actions of those deputies. >> we have what prosecutors claim the video shows. they were saying that he was trying to surrender and was apologizing as he was being beaten? >> reporter: well, he actually apologized and he also said help me during, as it's been said, it appeared that the officers claimed they were in fear for their lives and he was going to ambush them. but there's video that tells another story, and there's audio that shows he is saying help me. and i'm sorry. and he is basically on the ground with his hand covering his head as the blows keep coming. >> all right, let's -- >> it's -- go ahead. >> let's talk about what the deputies, the audio is revealing when you hear what the deputies are saying with sounds that are
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aggressive and the orders are confusing to petrov. >> well, they are telling him to get down on the ground and to stand up, and he would be on all fours and then he would be struck again. and an expert, the prosecutors brought in to analyze the tape said that petrov was being complaint, and yet the blows continued. >> all right, what conclusion did the use of force expert come to with regards to that body cam video? >> well, he looked at the camera, and it's a confusing, there's alternate video and the body camera video, and the body camera video is continuous, and the audio shows that petrov is apparently complaint and he is saying things like i'm sorry. even as he is being struck. >> so, did they decide that they -- was it determined that it was not excessive force?
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>> the expert determined it was grossly excessive. but there was kind of a dispute early on, other people looked at the videotape and concluded that the officers were frustrated and exhausted and in fear, and acted out, while they were breaking rules, they were not in a criminal assault. but the expert said that the findings were not reflected in the tape. he saw what he considered gross excessive force. >> and so the debate will go on with the case as it continues in court as well. edition 2016, hilary clinton just wrapped up a speech. we have been tracking former secretary clinton today, we have the message from her for the voters in california. >> reporter: yeah, she had a large crowd, a lot of people excited to see her in person.
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she started her speech which lasted 30 minutes by talking about bernie sanders saying that she actually supported him and they had many shared values and said, now is the time to unite the party and she did take aim at donald trump and called him a loose cannon. hilary clinton asked nearly 2,000 people for their rotes on june 7th. the crowd cheered when mrs. clinton fired against donald trump. she criticized his foreign relations and the comments about women and the muslim community and called on him to release his tax returns. >> and to make sure that donald trump, this loose cannon, never gets close to the white house. >> the former secretary of state said that as president, she will do it in her first term.nd will >> i never saw hilary before, it was fantastic. >> in spite of the federal
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audit, finding the former secretary of state violented federal rules by using her private e-mail server, supporters trust she is the woman for the job. >> if you vote for me, california, i will work my heart out to give you the future that we deserve. thank you. and god bless you! >> and coming up tonight at 11:00, we will have more on the second rally of the day, she just wrapped up in san francisco, tomorrow, mrs. clinton will head to the east coast, where she has events planned with her daughter. nbc bay area news. >> thanks very much, donald trump today clinched the republican presidential nomination. the declaration was made after delegates formally pledged their support. that put trump over the magic number of 1237 needed to secure the party nomination. he will not become the official nominee until he accepts the nomination in july in cleveland.
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>> coming up, getting amped up for the cup. fans getting their gear and tickets as the san jose sharks head for if first stanley cup final in franchise history. >> two minors arrested today in connection to those shootings of two nevada high students. we will have all the details coming up in a live report. >> and good evening, i'm meteorologist jeff reniere, blue skies in san jose and 68, and we are clearing out right to the coast line, a beautiful shot here of point reyes, my full forecast and the possibility of 90s in a few minutes. new video just into our newsroom
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-- of one of the two people who connection witth new video just in to our newsroom of one of the two people who have been taken in to custody in conclusion with the deadly shooting of a high school student? novado, we blurred the person's face because he is believed to be a minor. the arrest came in the last two hours. we are live near the home right now, and pete, it's an active seen. >> reporter: it's still an active investigation, and the sheriff's department made two arrests, they are both minors. they had one down the block and another one not too long ago, and they are still looking for the third suspect. the sheriff's department search and rescue team out in full force. searching for any piece of evidence after a novato high student was found dead yesterday
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from gunshot wounds. the sheriff's office said that another student was shot and stabbed in the area, and was able to get away and call 9-1-1 the surviving victim said a trio of suspects attacked him, the high school was closed as a result today, and some students came to the scene to express their grief. >> this is the country club, and nobody expects this stuff to has been. >> reporter: but things took a turn this afternoon when the sheriff's department executed a search warrant near nolan boulevard. one connection to the shooting was arrested inside a home on the block. a neighbor described to me what she saw. >> all of a sudden, eight guys came out with their hands, with their guns drawn and they kept saying, you know, anybody in the house, please come out with your hands up, we have a search warrant. >> reporter: as for the students at the high school, there's not going to be class tomorrow, there's a teacher training, so they will resume class on
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tuesday. we are live in novato. >> all right, pete, thank you very much. depending on who you ask, sfo is either air tight or something less than that when it comes to airport perimeter breeches. the airport insists that no one jumped over fences and gates last year. but the associated press did its own digging and found three such breeches. sfo did not provide the ap on further details on the incidents and did say none of the cases should be considered security breeches. a separate ap investigation reported sfo with more perimeter breeching than any other u.s. airport. >> okay, it is a first for san jose, the sharks going to the stanley cup final and fans, have been out in force all day, buying team merchandise and tickets to the game that will be played in san jose. we are outside the shark tank with more. damian? >> the phones inside the shark tank have been ringing all day, fans wanting to be season ticket holders the day after the sharks make it to the stanley cup
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playoff finals for the first time in team history and now the fans are opening up their wallets. the cash registers were buzzing at the sharks store. >> it's worth it. it's the sharks first time ever. got to be worth it. >> fans say it was worth waiting 20 minutes to pay. >> it's been a 25 year wait actually, not 20 minutes. >> some of the merchandise ran out. the store is putting up what they have of western conference champions shirts. we are still waiting for the stanley cup final merchandise to come in. >> stanley cup finals, baby! >> reporter: fans were playing as much as $300 a ticket to witness history in the tank. >> game one, i don't know what seats they are. it doesn't matter. we are there. >> and glad to see them there are the folks at the many downtown merchants ready to cash in. >> it's amazing, it will set us up for a fantastic summer. >> reporter: this afternoon the sharks spread out of the
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clarence bowl given to the western conference champions. they hope it's a down payment for the stanley cup. >> the first game of the stanley cup finals is on monday and, it will be carried live right here on nbc bay area. we are at the shark tank, nbc bay area news. >> thank you, damian. right now, let's get on to jeff right now. for your latest microclimate forecast. heating up. >> yeah, we have a hotter weekend coming your way, you will see on the seven-day forecast, it's populating by saturday, sunday, also on monday, some isolated 90s. right now, it's hazy from bell vary de vary -- belveder, tomorrow morning's forecast will start sunnier here. clear for the south bay and east bay 51, a bit of patchy fog in san francisco with 53. tomorrow, we are expecting another 3 to 6 degrees of warming. that puts the south bay at 85
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and sunny skies. san francisco, not breaking in to the 70s quite yet. if you have plans as we head through the memorial day weekend, again, it's going to be getting hotter with the area of high pressure. let's take a closer look at the temperatures and what you will see here, sunday's forecast, 90 expected in the south bay and by memorial day, 92. looking at 92 for the tri-value and i 90 in the north bay. so, specifically if you are doing anything involving water around the bay area, just remember, if you are sailing in the bay, it will stay cool. temperatures in 60s and winds 10 to 20 miles per lawyer. if you are going surfing, waves 2-4 feet. monday will be the warmest day on the beaches. if you are going boating, 92 by memorial day. and a uv index of 9, this weekend, it will take 15 minutes or less to get burned.
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make sure to have your spf, more in 25 minutes. >> thank you very much. now, it seemed like the olympics were always in her blood. >> going for gold, we will introduce you to a stanford graduate heading to rio for a new olympic race. ==reveal==
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investigators say signals have been picked up from an emergency transmitter on egypt air flight 804. search vessels are now focusing on a 3-mile area in the happening on the home beige, authorities say that signals have been picked up on egyptair.
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they are looking for wreckage, 66 people on board and the crash happened eight days ago. requested r >> red nose day is going to occur again this year. the summer olympics in rio de
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janeiro just 71-days away and new corruption allegations are surfacing. brazilian investigators today revealed they are expanding well the summer olympics just 71 days away now, and new corruption allegations are surfacing. investigators are expanding the investigation to olympic construction projects including olympic park and other venues for the games. the olympics were meant to show case as brazil's rise as a global power. but they have a suspended president, the outbreak of the zika virus, and money to clean up the sewage may have been misspent. there's a brand new sport that
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will take place, it's women's high performance skiff sailing. and a stanford graduate will be one of the first american women to take it on. helen is headed to rio to compete in what looks more like a high wire act than a sailboat race. a harness and some wire are all that keeps this olympic sailing duo from hitting ocean water. >> it's called trapezing and we are a foot off the surface. >> they spend three hours a day, suspended like this. >> only our toes are touching the boat. it's super dynamic. always changing. and adrenalin. >> it's the first time that the women's 49er fx will be part of the game. >> i think people thought that women were not interested, because it was so high performance. >> but the challenge was what attracted her to the sport and kept the 23-year-old going despite adversity. the seattle native was sailing at world championships when a
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competitor's boat hit her in her rib. >> i broke my spine and two ribs and i lacerated my left kidney, so a lot of internal bleeding. >> somehow she only needed a few months to rest. no surgery necessary. had her quick recovery and then qualifying for the games were no surprise to her coaches. >> seemed like the olympics were in her glove. >> it was a huge sigh of relief. we were the front-runners which is where we wanted to be. that comes with a lot of pressure. >> still, she doesn't want to be distracted by pressure or what is in the water. >> sailing is one event that puts athletes close to the polluted waters. >> we are more focused on understanding the krun and the winds and the way it wraps around the hills. so we feel lucky to be working together and having fun and chasing a goal. >> they are hanging off that boat. well, they are not medal favorites but they are not letting up, she said that because of the unpredictable waves and the currents outside
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of rio, it is anyone's game. and yes, 71 days to games. >> if you have a virtual assistant, they order things, may violent the children's online privacy protection act. it regulates how companies can gather information from kids under the age of 18. since they are always listening they could be violating your children's privacy. >> i just couldn't take it anymore. >> she said that she told police she was molested but it took nearly two years for authorities to arrest the accused abuser. up next. a stunning admission from the district attorney's office about what happened and why the da is now apologizing. weekend, many of us will also be
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waiting a long time okay, we have seen long lines around the country, you may have been in one, but this weekend, many of us will be waiting in the long, long lines at the tsa. but there may be a way to go a little faster. we are going in to memorial day weekend and bay area airports will be busy. >> with the problem of long waiting times getting attention, a he piece of technology could p your next trip. here is a possible solution. >> yeah, possible. this is how serious things have become, american airlines said that 70,000 people missed a flight because of long tsa
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lines. which is why they were testifying in washington and they are trying get tsa precheck. you likely spent time in one of these long lines, and they are why tsa was on capitol hill today. hearing from testimony from the transportation officials about the slow down. >> all of the factors combined cause a systematic slow down at security check points resulting in delays and missed flights. >> here is a possible solution, pre-check, a bit of bio metric technology that identifies you and lets you by-pass the line. it costs $85 and it's faster partly because your shoes, belts and jacket stay on. >> it's just like you are at the grocery store, you see the line, 15 items or fewer, that will go quicker than the line with somebody with a huge basket of groceries. >> no surprise here, tsa said that 15,000 people a day are now signing up for precheck. if you are interested, you start
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at the website, and go to the enrollingment center, it's available for citizens. >> a training mission goes terribly wrong off the coast of north carolina. four crew members were rescued after two fighter jets went down. they reported that they crashed in to each or initially, but now they are not sure if that is what happened. all four air men only ended up with scratches and bruises. >> a teen girl found the courage to report sexual abuse she said that she endured since being a second grader. >> after waiting two years with her alleged abuser on the street, she turned to the investigative unit for help. vicki? >> well, tonight, you will meet a young woman with tenacity,
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resolve and determination. you will hear how she reported the molestation that she survived, the report spurred an apology from the da. she said that she was just seven years old the first time it happened. >> we were playing hide and go seek. i went to go hide under the bed. >> the accused her stepfather. when he found me, he was touching me on top of my clothes. from then on, like had this happened every day. >> michelle said that she was molested too many times to count. >> why go on with life? like what did i do do deserve all this? and for seven years i hid all this. >> scared that her abuser would carry out his threat to hurt her mother and deport her family. >> so, if i would tell, we would have nowhere to go. >> but at 14, michelle said, she
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could no longer keep his secret. >> translator: i felt i was going to die, i believed her right away. >> they went to the san jose police where michelle said that detectives interviewed her for hours and listened to phone messages that her stepfather left begging not to be reported. that was july, 2014. 11 months later, san jose police filed their case with the santa clara county district attorney, the da asked for an additional interview. the case was resubmitted, 13 months after the initial report. >> i don't know why they took so long. >> she finally contacted the investigative unit after reporting her stepfather tried
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to confront her in person. >> i went down to the police station the day he stopped me at the school. he tried to get me to talk to him. they didn't do anything. >> in late march, we called the santa clara da to ask about michelle's case, two days later the da issued an arrest warrant. the stepfather plead not guilty to 11 felony counts of lude acts with a child. >> it was human error. >> she is the assistant district attorney. a tremendous apology is owed to the victim. i apologize to her. >> she said that san jose police reminded her department about the case in february. seven months after it was filed. >> it was either misplaced or misfiled or lost. >> when they followed up in february, and you realized you did not have the file, why didn't you expedite that and then make the arrest some time in that month? >> i don't know that i have an
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answer for that. >> and then as far as the arrest being made after we called, are you saying that was a coincidence? >> i cannot speak to that. >> the investigative unit reviewed records for the past three years of child molestation cases submitted to the district attorney, we found on average, the da files charges within a month of receiving a case. but at least 19 cases, took anywhere from six months to more than three years before the da took action. >> how confident are you that there are no other cases that have been mishandled or lost in this system? >> i'm confident in the quality of the people that work in this office. >> i don't think that we dropped the ball on this case. >> lieutenant jason ta is in charge of the sexual assault investigation unit at the san jose pd, he personally reviewed the case after we raised questions in the 11-month investigation. >> the detectives did a very good interview on everyone
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involved in the case. and it's a good case. >> and you don't think it took too long? >> no. >> so we tried to find out on average, how long it takes san jose pd and every other police agency in the county to investigate a report of child molestation. most agencies keep track of that information. san jose does not. why doesn't yours of track how long it takes to investigate the cases? >> we don't track the time because the time is really not a priority for us. i mean, we do a thorough investigation. >> it's disappointing that it took that long. >> how important is it for survivors to have their cases resolved and have the cases resolved as quickly as possible? >> it's about having their voice heard. especially if molestation happens when they are very young, children don't really have a voice. >> for michelle, reclaiming her voice has given her back power.
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after her trust in the stepfather, the police and the justice system took it away. >> as soon as i spoke about this, i felt relieved. i know there's girls and people that have been through it, you can speak up any day. you are not alone. you have a voice. >> now, michelle is relieved that her stepfather is behind bars and is seeking counciling with the support of her family. meanwhile, the district attorney's office is reviewing 50 active sexual assault cases, they want to make sure no other cases are lost like michelle's was. >> there's good that has come of it that she allowed people to see that she is a survivor and been able to figure out a way to maybe speed up the other cases. >> remarkable young woman, her story really prompted changes in the da's office, they say they have done sort of a top to bottom review of their cases, how they are handled. so for her to speak out and make a difference, was for herself and everyone else. >> and you helped to give her a voice, that needed to be done.
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>> thank you, vicki. >> well, if you have a tip for vicki or anybody in the investigative unit. send us an e-mail or call. >> hard at work, volunteers are putting the finishing touches on a new memorial in heyward, the bay area man behind the memorial and his close connection to 9/11. >> and a south bay student makes it to the finals of the spelling bee, we will give you an update on his progress, next. elon musk's space-x called off
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tonight's falcon-9 launch. today's mission was to launch a satellite and land it on a ship at sea. but a glitch forced the crew to elon space-x called off tonight agency falcon-9 launch, a glitch forced the crew to call it off, it's part of the effort
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to reuse rockets to slash the cost of space flight. >> minutes ago, san jose's 7th grader was eliminated in the tenth round. he had been doing so great all week. tonight, the word betiny tripped him up. it's a kind of herb, congratulations to him for doing so well in the competition. did better than most of us could. >> can't afford an ipad? borrow one. college libraries have been loaning them for years. but the libraries are adding the devices too. today, redwood city's fair oaks branch launched a ipad lending service. you can check them out for up to a week. they are preloaded for educational apps for young children and they are free with a library card. >> just in time for memorial day, new lists of bad beaches is out and again, a local one has
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the worst score. it's by the wharf, for the third year in a row, cal beaches that worst water quality of any public beach in the state. other local beaches in the top ten, which is a bad list. sunnydale, and the pillar point harbor is number 9. the rankings are based on fecal bacteria from animal waste in the water. that include bird droppings and storm run off water. if swallowed the water has a potential to make swimmers and surfers sick. it's going to be sunny. it's easy, stay out of the water. >> i go to cal beach, it's going to be beautiful. yeah. >> this is the optimist we have been looking for. >> we do have 90s coming our way in the forecast and to take a live look outside right now, that sun is starting to break out here across the bay area. a cool 67 in sonoma and we are tracking 90s this weekend. i did not know the beach story
6:43 pm
was coming up, i'm calling st stan -- i'm calling santa cruz the best beach weather. i'm back with the full forecast in you a few minutes. >> the world changed after 9/11 and i don't want anyone to forget. >> we will show you the work that volunteers are put engine -- are putting in to a new bay area memorial.
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this memorial day, the city of hayward will dedicate a new memorial. >> it honors the victims of the 9/11 attacks. we will see who created it and the connections to one of the men honored. >> he was a wonderful guy. warm and loving. >> there's few days -- >> i think we still think of jason daily. >> when he does not think of his brother-in-law jason dahl. >> we could not listen to his favorite songs. >> he was a commercial pilot. >> if you were ever in trouble in an airplane, you wanted him
6:46 pm
flying. his last journey was at the helm of flight 93, it crashed in to a pennsylvania field september 11th, 2001. >> we just couldn't believe it. he was snatched away so quickly. >> there's memorialor dahl and the other victims in pennsylvania. and there's his grave. in san jose's oak hill cemetery. miles from where he grew up and just below -- >> we are in the fly-over for san jose airport right here. >> and soon his memory will be part of a new bay area tribute. and the east bay city of hayward. >> go super high this time. >> they installed a monument to the victims of 9/11. >> it's something that we can't forget about. it was designed by michael emerson, a gulf war veteran that recently built a memorial to
6:47 pm
flight 93. >> the world changed after 9/11 and i don't want anybody to forget. >> the city of hayward donated the land, emerson, and other volunteers donate today money, the labor and the will. >> good to give back to the community. >> the site pays tribute to the city's lost police officers, firefighters and war veterans but the center piece is the four ten-foot black monolyth. >> it represents the planes that were crashed and used as weapons of mass destruction. >> among the images, the brick paying tribute to pilot jason dahl, 15 years since the attack and his memory still looms large. >> time heals all wounds. i'm not so sure, i think they just change. still a big loss. >> for jessica's favorite story of a night, a prank by a san jose high school student has gone viral and made news worldwide. t.j. and his friends put a pair of glasses on the floor at sf
6:48 pm
moma on monday. visitors pondered the glasses as if they were a part of an exhibit. he posted pictures of the stunt on twitter. getting 10s of thousands of retweets. he is a post modern artist as one famed artist said, it's not what you see, but what you make others see. >> looking at life threw a new lens, see? i'm going to write it. i don't know what i'm talking about. all right, let's talk about the weather. >> if you are not going to the museum this weekend, it will be a beautiful weekend to be out. >> most certainly. the temperatures will continue to warm up as we go through the next couple of days. we are tracking the possibility of 90s as well. let's go ahead and take a look at the microclimate forecast. you will see here, right across san francisco, we do have sunny skies in the outer sunset that fog has started to clear out and as we get a look across the bay
6:49 pm
area, coolest temperatures in san francisco as we have a westerly wind, 10 to 15 miles per hour. for the interior valley holding on to a mild 70 on the east bay. and 72 for the south bay. through tomorrow morning, the fog will continue to diminish and it will start off with sunnier skies to start on your friday morning, 54 and sunny for the south bay. fog in san francisco and 53. so the biggest change again today, certainly has been the warmer weather for the interior valleys. right now, running six to seven degrees hotter here from livermore, up toward concord, that is all due to the area of high pressure that is building in right now. it's situated just off shore and just starting to inch in here to california. we really think that it's going to start to have impacts once we hit saturday, sunday, and also on monday. specifically sunday and monday, some of the hottest air from the area of high pressure moving in from the south and you will see in the scrolling seven day forecast, for the interior
6:50 pm
valleys that will mean the chance of isolated 90s coming our way, sunday and monday. >> not quite that hot for tomorrow. as you will see in the micro climate forecast, numbers go up. 3 to 6 degrees, that will put us in san jose at 84, and mid 80s as well. for the peninsula, cool at the beaches and 65, and we will get at least partly cloudy skies. and a sunny 74 in san matteo. and atherton, 80 and sunny. for san francisco, warmest micro climate financial district and 70 and back toward the marina, cooler wind will keep you down to 66 and if you clear clouds near the golden gate bridge. for the north bay, east bay and tri-valley, a nice warm up tomorrow, here for danville, 86 degrees, pleasanton 83. for the east bay, 77 in oakland and now let's go to oakland on 24 back to walnut creek, 86 expected tomorrow. you have a four-day weekend coming your way. friday through monday, we will
6:51 pm
start off with mid 80s for tomorrow and mill valley expecting 81. as we push toward the extended weekend forecast again. hotter weather back in the mix. this will on saturday put us at 88 in the tri-valley, by sunday, 90 and by memorial day, 92 in the tri-valley, and it will mean 90 in the north bay on next monday and 92 for the south bay as well. now, beyond this sunny forecast it's still looking like forecast models are holding on to the possibility of rain in early june, the way it looks now, may be the third through the fifth, we could have scattered rainfall moving through the bay area, early indications show a tenth to a quarter inch rainfall, we are continuing to track it in the days ahead. right now, smooth sailing in to the weekend. terry and jess, back to you. >> thank you, jeff. well, win or go home time for the dubs. warriors trying to keep their championship hopes alive. we will get the update next, coming up in sports. all the accolades... it can end
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
tonight if the warriors don't win. terry/2shot okay, a record setting season, all the joy, and hype, and it could end tonight if the warriors don't win. we are not going to think like that, jessica. >> okay. >> instead, the warriors win tonight, when they win tonight, their season will continue and their hope for a second straight championship remains alive. we have spent time with die-hard fans that still believe. >> the warriors are down three games to one, let's remember the last time that the two teams played here at oracle arena. golden state won by 27 pointsful they will have to find that sort of mojo tonight. and they have a packed house full of believers. these fans with full confidence in their warriors despite being on the brink of elimination.
6:55 pm
i love this get up, you have the blue hair and glasses and the championship trophy, i'm assuming you are bringing this to bring the team good luck. this is the ultimate goal. >> this has been the good luck charm all season long. every time the trophy has been here, they have won. i'm hoping that, i'm pulling all the subb superstitions and it w work tonight. >> this family looks typical fans, but they are coming in from new york, and this is a graduation present for their son. >> he wanted to see a warriors game for steph curry. we flew in, so he has to win tonight. go warriors. >> so curry better have a big night. >> a huge day, kd and westbrook have been playing well, but the warriors, they make their shots they win. >> on a night like this, the warrior-s will take support wherever they can find it. steph curry first team, and
6:56 pm
draymond green second team and klay thompson, third team. we will talk about highlights and reaction from game five. >> all right, as for the sharks they are waiting to find out who they will play in the stanley cup finals. they will play the winner of tonight's game between pittsburgh and tampa bay. if the penguins win, the sharks will play game one in pittsburgh. if the lightning win, the sharks will host game one. that is played on monday. and you can see it here on nbc bay area, at 5:00 p.m. right now, pittsburgh is leading 2-1 in the second intermission. >> if it's played here, it will be challenging to do the ice, because it will be so hot out. >> thank you very much, and thank you for watching nbc bay area news at 6:00, we hope to see you tonight at 11:00. bye-bye.
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johnny depp's $400 million divorce. the clues before the split. the prenup shocker. >> now, on "extra." the first photo of amber heard after filing for divorce from johnny. his ex vanessa paradis rushing to his side today. why amber wanted out. did his family hate her? and johnny's own "extra" confession, questioning the meaning of marriage. >> i never found myself needing that piece of paper. then, the donald and mario. >> my new interview with mr. trump, and he's answering all my questions. i'm latino. there was some harsh rhetoric. from the controversies, to the clin


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