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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 27, 2016 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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ng >>. >> it's friday may 27th. earlier today, barack obama becomes the first sitting president to visit hiroshima, japan. the best beaches in america. early today starts right now. good morning. today president obama makes history becoming the first sitting u.s. commander in chief
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to visit hiroshima. the president called for redugs the world's nuclear stock piles of weapons. of his remarks during that historic ceremony. >> the scientific revolution that led to the splitting an atom requires a moral revolution as well. that is why we come to this place. we stand here in the middle of this city and force ourselves to imagine the moment the bomb fell. we forced ourselves to feel the dread of children, confused by what they see. >> back in the u.s., donald trump is now officially the republican nominee for president. after racking up new unbound
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delegates in north carolina, pennsylvania, while laying out his general election in an energy speech yesterday, the debate between trump and sanders is making news. hallie jackson has more. >> boy, oh boy. >> with his presidental bid making history, he is ready to make more. >> i would love to debate bernie. he is a dream. >> hoping to make a deep with democratic bernie sanders for an unpresident success dent unpreside unprecedented debate, sanders, eager to do it in the biggest stadium possible. >> it's important that somebody hold him to task for his outrageously bigoted remarks. >> the first of its kind in modern political history, up
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against the likely losing candidate. but just like it is in sanders' interest to soak up the spotlight, it is in trump's interest to keep sanders relevant. >> debating sanders, trump has never really delivered a stellar debate. >> trump opening the door to debate elizabeth warren, one of his dogged attackers. trump's nickname, pocahontas. >> who, pocahontas? >> look, look, she is a -- >> very offensive. >> oh, i'm pocahontas, is that that you said. >> another controversial moment, who didn't back down from his muslim ban, some international
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allies. >> they are not sure how seriously to take some of his pronouncements, but they're rattled by him. >> the president's comments come on the heels of a new global poll of citizens from france, germany, u.k., mexico and japan, finding 71% of respondents saying the views are having a bad impact for the global economy. 74% negative view of america, and 78% political views make the world less safe. jumping off the poll numbers, hillary clinton is now slamming trump as an urgent threat. speaking to mmsnbc, she cast doubt on whether a debate will happen. >> they went back and forth on it, and they seem to be saying it's some kind of joke, trump doesn't sound very serious. >> clinton remains in damage control after the scathing
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inspector general report accused her of breaking federal e-mail policies. andr andrea mitchell has the details. >> reporter: firestorm over the e-mail server growing, clinton down-playing the report. clinton saying what she did was allowed. >> the use of personal e-mail was a practice by other secretaries of state. >> but the report says clinton did break the rules, not preserving her e-mails, not asking for permission to exclusively use a private server, which would have been refused. >> nobody else had a private server in the basement of their home. >> as for her e-mail, saying she didn't want the personal being accessible, phone anything to chuck todd. >> what were you worried about accessible by whom? >> nobody wants their personal e-mails made public, you know, that is i think a very common. it's not unanimous feeling among people. >> another investigation that will be far more important to
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clinton. the ongoing fbi investigation, reportedly at issue, was there any mishandling of information on her home server. the f.b.i. confiscated it with a thumb drive last august. cheryl hills and huma abedin will be investigated. >> bad judgment. >> clinton trying to get the focus back on trump. >> donald trump is an urgent threat to our rights and to our country. >> what she needs to do more than anything to try to fix her problem on the question of honesty and trustworthiness is to get it behind her. >> and we have a t.i.e. at the scripps national spelling bee, this year's champion. he is the younger brother of the 2014 champion. nihar is the youngest winning on
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record and actually spelled two words, but both times, followed up with a miss of his own. both winners will get a trophy and $45,000 in cash and prizes. this is the third straight year co-champs have been crowned. i used to win and i never got apprise. happy to support you guys. we have a more serious story about zika. continues to stall in congress. they a began talks to the $1.9 billion request. cdc director tom friedan had this to say about it. >> imagine you see someone standing by and you see someone drowning and you have the ability to stop them from drawning, but you can't. now, multiply that by 1,000, or
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100,000. that's what it feels like to know how to change the course of an epidemic, and not be able to do it. >> nearly 600 cases of zika reported in the u.s., 270 are pregnant women at risk of having babies with birth defect. a super bug by medical professionals has been found in the u.s. doctors have confirmed an antibiotic resistant strain of e e-co e-coli. the antibiotic of last resort of no help. the potentially deadly super bug was found seven months ago in pigs, an spread to a small number of china, africa and canada, and now to the us. the cdc is investigating how the woman may have contracted the bacteria. she did not travel outside the
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u.s. extreme weather continues to pummel much of the country. this monster tornado in brian, texas, more than two dozen homes damaged. wood lands texas, one driver got caught in a like than a highway. that driver was luckily than other folks who's cars wound of struck and stranded. meteorologist bill karins is here, more severe weather? >> memorial day weekend won't be as ack sievtive. the story this morning is what happened down in south texas about a half hour, hour outside of houston, this brenham, texas, 9 to 12 inches, few spots, even more than that, some areas, i would say about 16 to 14 inches, one of the accumulations, 13.6, very impressive in 12 to 24
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hours. flash flood emergency issued for this area. finally, it has cleared out, more towards waco and dallas, but not as heavy as you head to the south. how does memorial look. pretty good. saturday no problems whatsoever. getting warm and toasty today and tomorrow. all the stormy weather there in the north. southeast coast lines, nasty beach problems, north carolina to northeast florida. sunday, okay, just a stray shower in california, temperatures look nice through good friday morning. we are tracking warm 80s inland today but check out the extended weekend ahead. possibly 90 for the south bay on sunday. 92 on memorial day. mid 90s in yuma and phoenix. some of the best weather will be found in the west over memorial day weekend. >> all right, to those
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our toughest top coat yet features exclusive diamondflex technology for chip-resistant wear and multifaceted shine. colorstay gel envy diamond top coat. only from revlon. early this morning in japan, a terrifying site. smoke billowed from the air of a jet, all 3302 passengers and 17 crew evacuated. they doused the jet with foam, no injuries reported. investigators are looking into the cause of the engine fire. dramatic images from the migrant crisis, as a boat cap sizes in the mediterranean due to overcrowding. 500 people were rescued. more than 4,000 people were rescued during 22 different operations in the mediterranean thursday. one of the biggest days of the migrant crisis. 22 people died trying to reach
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europe. in kentucky, floodwaters rove, 19 college students and tour guides were in the came, a flash flood swept in and the group pushed back to an attic that has a higher ceiling. after several hours, they were able to make their way out. no atms safe. caught a thief, whacks away at the machine, pulls it out to a dolly and locals it into a van. police are searching for this well prepared crook. thousands all over america will be hitting the beach this memorial day weekend. hopefully you'll be one of them. do you know where america's best beaches are? coastal expert, dr. beach, here is this year's list. number three, maui, hawaii, far way for us. siesta beach in florida. hawaii again, humaba bay in
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hawaii. marine life, looking pretty gorgeous. landon dowdy crunches the numbers for us this morning. good morning. >> good morning to you. happy friday. let's start with retail sales, 14% of americans are likely to take advantage of memorial day sales where shoppers can expect discounts of up to 90%. this is a great chance to score deals on big ticket items, and this year in particular, clothing will be steeply discounted because of the retail environment. it wouldn't be memorial day weekend without a barbecue. offering up to 70% discounts on outdoor cooking supplies in may. so what can you expect if you're getting away from the long weekend. 39% plan to travel with 2.6 million expected to fly and 89% hitting the roads. if you're getting behind the wheels, you may save extra
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this morning on "today," dierks bentley performing live on the plaza. you're not going to want to miss that. time for sports and betty nguyen. good morning. >> good morning, gigi. warriors aren't going away just yet. they survived elimination and kevin durant and russell west broom, combined 79 points to force a game six. steph curry led the way, 31 points. they head back to oklahoma city. heading to the stanley cup finals, beating tampa bay in game seven. penguins first game since 2009. they face the sharks. game one is monday, 8:00 right here on nbc. pga invitational. look at this. 158 yards, and right on the money. he dunks it for the eagle. don't we all wish it was that
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easy. that would be nice. wouldn't it? just ahead, justin bieber hit with another lawsuit. plus, a fund-raiser of epic proportions. how much we raised at the red nose day special. great cause. ♪ ♪ it's time to get seriously silly, people. ♪ join red nose day to do some serious good to help fight kids' poverty. ♪ it's simple: just get your red nose, only at walgreens, and get your silly on, seriously. time is running out. get your red nose today at walgreens. ♪ snack patrol, saving the snack world. ♪ whoa, whoa, whoa... ma'am, we can smell the bland snack all over you. but, it's just a... whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa...yeah. yeah. new hershey and reese's snack mix, with chocolate, nuts and pretzels. it's snack justice.
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craig ferguson hosted the event, lift children out of poverty. by the end of the night, the grand total reached $30 million, and donations are still being accepted at red nose sound familiar? singer suing justin bieber over it. the hit single "sorry." representatives have not officially commented on that. >> that's going to be a close one. khloe kardashian has filed from divorce from odum she called after the first after substance abuse problems. they married in 2009. ninth installment of the x men, staring jennifer lawrence, james
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mcvoy. facing off with alice through the looking glass, staring johnny depp, important information there. steven spielberg giving harvard commencement address yesterday, giving inspirational advice to the graduates. >> i've imagined many possible futures, but you will determine the actual future and i hope it is filled with justice and peace and finally, i wish you all a true hollywood style happy ending. i hope you outrun the t-rex, catch the criminal and for your parents' sake, every now and then, go home. this is "early today." earast to begin visibly clearing up skin in as little as 12 hours. and acne won't last forever. just like your mom, won't walk in on you forever.
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today, student leader with leukem barred from graduation walk. he received a bone marrow transplant, returning his senior year, but he was two and a half credits short of graduation. his school facing backlash making him watch from the bleachers. really? >> let him walk. >> he is expected to graduate in december. new york times hate crime laws to protect a new group, police. under the law, those who target first responders could face up to five years in jail. the legislation has sparked criticism from civil rights group, saying it dilutes the meaning of hate crimes and undermines the movement against
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police brutality. extra long tsa lines, one of the busiest travel days could turn into a nightmare. jeff rossen has some simple tips. >> the lines, the outrage. >> are you kidding me? >> do you want to skip ahead? the tsa is doubling down on the precheck program. saying it is the solution. shorter lines, keep your shoes on. and laptop packed. but to sign up, it will cost you, $85, your fingerprint, and an f.b.i. background check. so is it worth it? >> i'm going try an experiment. i have the precheck, so i'm going to go through that line, josh will go through the regular tsa line, and we'll see who get there is faster. if i win, by how much? >> we took an evening flight out of miami, the best time to travel, off-peak. >> you can see the line, it is really long right now. it is going to take a long time to get through. >>pre check it wide open, i'm flying around here, and just
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like that. end of game. >> what about josh? >> this the missing vallejo teen...
4:59 am
5:00 am
after the man suspected of taking her is shot and killed by officers. =sam/vo= plus-- a firefighter is injured as flames engulf an the search intensifies for the missing vallejo teenager. firefighter injured. the reason crews struggled to contain that fire and reach the person inside. >> the hunt for a suspected killer. new details we are learning about a double shooting and stabbing in novato as the neighborhood remains on edge "today in the bay" starts right now. good friday morning. i'm kris sanchez in for lau garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. a mild start to your friday morning. the key is friday. >> holiday weekend. temperatures are going to warm


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