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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 27, 2016 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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home. warriors stave off elimination forcing game six in oklahoma city on saturday night. "today in the bay" continues right now. good morning. thanks for joining us. i'm kris sanchez in for laura this morning. >> i'm sam brock. clutch performance. >> he was pounding his chest. >> a lot of emotion out there we are pounding our chest for nice warm weather. >> you might be wiping your forehead before the weekend is over. it's going to be a hot weekend. get ready for 80s and 90s. a shot from belvedere this morning. you can barely make out alcatraz but it's in there. you may encounter haze. 45 there. 53 in san francisco. later on, close to 70 in san francisco. mid 80s from the inland valley then 90s tomorrow. the complete holiday weekend forecast coming up in a bit. what are you talking about right now? >> talking about a couple of
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things. one thing not there is the backup at the bay bridge. no metering lights this preholiday friday. not a lot of slowing. that's why it's important we point out this unusual slowdown southbound 880 jammed up out of oakland through san leandro approaching washington. no lanes blocked. they did close the off ramp as you are getting off. you cannot exit at washington. notice also on the right, very smoothly so that's different for the traffic flow. look at the san mateo bridge. that is showing a nice easy drive away from us into the haze and clear peninsula. new developments in the disappearance of 15-year-old pearl pinson. this comes as her family and friends hold out hope she will return home alive.
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>> reporter: good morning. this is a very emotional scene right now. you can see behind me, friends and family have put up balloons and flowers to ask for a safe return for pearl pinson. this is where the candlelight vigil. witnesses saw the suspect take her away from here at gun point. there was an amber alert for pearl pinson. she had a bloody face when he pulled her into the car. the car was spotted and led to a chase and shootout in santa barbara county where authorities say the suspect fired shots at them and they fired back. killing 19-year-old fernando castro. last night the community held a candlelight vigil. >> she is going to come back, i promise. we'll keep going until she comes
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back. >> you need to come home. find a way home. i know you can. >> the sheriff's department says it will be searching through the car of the suspect fernando castro. he was an acquaintance of pinson's. the community wants pinson to come home. sharon katsuda. a live look at the scene of an early morning fire in alameda that left one firefighter injured. this is not far from lincoln park. firefighters say it started after midnight. a firefighter suffered a nonlife threatening injury. she did have to be transported to the hospital. they are only saying the firefighter suffered some bone fracture in her foot.
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the woman who lived in that home did make it out safely. firefighters call that house a total loss. laura is on the scene and will have a live report in our next half hour. tensions remain high as police try to track down a homicide suspect who is still on the loose this morning. two suspects, both novato high school students are in custody after a series of raids. police are trying to find one more suspect. all of them are accused of shooting and stabbing two students wednesday night. one of whom died. a 13-year-old who saw the s.w.a.t. team in her neighborhood yesterday said students feel uneasy. >> made me feel unsafe and didn't want to get out of the car. if something happened, maybe i would get hurt. >> my heart was pounding. i was telling them, get out of there. >> marin county sheriff's department searched a hillside
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area looking for evidence. they won't say why the teens were attacked and there are no classes again today because of a previously planned staff development day. burglars hit two homes in one san bruno neighborhood thursday. it happened in the ringwood elementary neighborhood near skyline boulevard. the homes are a mile apart and hit between 2:00 and 4:00 in the afternoon. police searching for the thieves. give them a call if you have information. police need your help catching a car thief in the tri-valley. investigators in pleasanton say this ford f-250 truck is linked to several stolen vehicle cases. it has a light decal in the middle of its rear window. the theft happened two weeks ago. if you some he that trushgs you are urged to call police. san francisco unified school district leaders will join the call across the country to make the state schools safer for transgender students.
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district officials will partner with transgender students and otherses at mission high school later this morning. they are calling on all schools to promote dignity, safety and respect for all students. this is coming on the heels of the obama administration's guidance for all american schools to do the same thing. fireworks light up the sky outside oracle arena as doves live to play another day. >> never had no doubt, never. sgrshgs i was in oklahoma, i would be worried for game seven. >> flew from florida to see them play. i am more than stoked right now. >> fans beyond pumped as the warriors held off the thunder last night. it wasn't easy. it was close till the end. they had just enough in the tank
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to take down oklahoma city 120-111, still trailing the series 3-2. >> there is no real sense of accomplishment. we know what we have to do going forward. we did take advantage of the opportunity at home to stay alive and force game six. >> game six is saturday night in oklahoma city. if the warriors win then, they will force that decisive win game seven which is back here in oakland on memorial day. warriors back on track. sharks getting started. >> now we know sharks will be on the road for games one and two inburg taking on the penguins. >> the sharks and their fans are not the only ones winning right now. san jose businesses standing to score big time.
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sports bars are swimming in bonus business. >> it was unreal. it was crowded. everyone was screaming in the air, inside, outside it was packed. >> how much more do you make on a night like that? >> definitely in the hundreds. >> talking about the celebration during and after the sharks' final clinching win. the western conference finals. pittsburgh on monday and you can watch it right here on nbc bay area. >> saw hashtag bay area united trending after that win. she was wearing a warriors' t-shirt working in a sports bar. this is a great town. >> san francisco, you know how it is some days.
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let's take a shot in castro. looking at clear skies. no fog this morning. mother nature peeling back that coastal marine layer. this afternoon we are headed to highs near 70 in san francisco. nice and comfortable there. it will be toasty for places like tri-valley, the south bay and north bay headed to the mid 80s today. we'll talk about that in the next report. >> you talked about the great places. the a's a great team here. there is haze but not smoke. i am watching that car fire south of there. connector southbound was blocked a few minutes. they had to move that car on to a flatbed. that is a slower drive but they reopened part of that connector, hopefully reopening both lanes
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soon. that is the slowest part of the bay. look at the rest of the bay. no problems. a live look shows you northbound 101. very light traffic. at 6:10, we don't have lights or backup at the bay bridge toll plaza. thank you. a potentially deadly superbug reaches the u.s. where it was found and the reason health experts nationwide say they are extremely concerned. a challenge, a gauntlet thrown down for peter theil. (scal): good day, m'lady!
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feared to be a 'superbug' is now in the united states. =vo= 6:13. a drug resistant bacteria, a superbug, is in the united states. a pennsylvania woman has a strain of the potentially deadly superbug. they don't know how she got it because she never traveled abroad which is where the bug has been before. the superbug was first discovered seven months ago in china. doctors are extremely concerned because this bacteria is resistant to the strongest antibiotic. why does a package of a
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dozen pink disposable razors cost 1.79 more than blue razors? the state senate approved a bill prohibiting different prices for similar goods on the basis of gender. i just say let's buy the blue ones then. let's not give up our power. >> they lost in court. head of gawker is challenging silicon valley billionaire peter theil. >> it's a smart move by nick denton because it distracts you from what happened.
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gawker lost a massive lawsuit brought by hulk hogan after the online gossip blog ran clips of hogan's sex tape. the lawsuit is funded by pay pal founder peter theil. some raise the concern of free speech and first amendment. can someone with money destroy a news organization because he doesn't like the content which is where we get to this morning's challenge over free speech debate. keep in mind, the courts themselves said what gawker did wasn't protected by free speech. gawker lost its free speech case. denton in his challenge does threaten theil if he doesn't agree to this debate saying, "you too will be subject to a dose of transparency, however philanthropic your intention, details of your involvement will be gruesome."
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another consideration in all this is theil is a board member at facebook. facebook is trying to attack media and arguably has become a news media outlet itself. jeff bezos owns "the washington post" says he is ready to launch another rocket. bezos' fund blue origin had successful origins and landings. they are going to make things gç wrong intentionally, including messing with the capsule's parachute so that it will crash land. the reason being they said we figured out how to do it right. let's figure out how to do it wrong and how we would react. >> success is a terrible teacher, right? >> if you're not failing, you're not trying hard. anyone can do it when it's blue
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skies. you want to test out the possible outcomes. from the if at first you don't succeed files, nasa plans to take a second stab creating an inflatable room today. astronauts won't drop in until next week at the earliest. 6:17. weather and traffic. mike's got something. >> inflatable in space, right? where there is limited air they are going to use what to fill that up? >> helium. >> we'll see. >> it's going to be a great weekend. mother nature is in control. we've got clear skies waking up to nothing but sunshine.
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we are looking at 50s across the day with the exception of 45 degrees. look at highs this afternoon. nice. close to 08 in the east bay. peninsula at 77. those 80s for the north bay, south bay and for the tri-valley, those will be the warm spots tomorrow. 80s will go back into the 90s. a toasty weekend. the stretch of warm weather will be with us. we'll be dry at home. if you're doing any traveling perhaps to lake tahoe down towards yosemite, you may run into thunderstorms. same deal for tomorrow afternoon. for us at home, it's going to stay dry. temperatures are going to warm up, especially by the time we get into monday. today, if you're traveling, keep in mind thunderstorms are possible for yosemite.
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up to 62 there. again nice and comfortable here at home. close to 70 in san francisco. l.a., close to 70. palm springs nice and toasty at 96. 90s move into the bay area by sunday. south bay at 92 for monday. peninsula in 80s starting off tomorrow. san francisco will be the cool spot. temperatures in the low 70s through the entire weekend. north bay up to 90 on monday. east shore 80 for sunday. again 90 and across most of the bay area by sunday and monday. if you're head to presidio, by 1:00, 70s are expected. 80s and 90s expected for those inland locations. in danville, going to be toasty.
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remember that water and spf. we are tracking the bay bridge approach. look at the light just changed angle. this is confusing here. we have the maze. the maze of freeways. these folks here making their way over the bay bridge. if you're carpooling, none of them have slowing up across the bridge. look at your map. an easy drive through this area. we have an a's game tonight. keep that in mind. we'll see more crowds arriving from the golden gate bridge. more slowing in the middle of the day. this slowdown looks like it's starting to clear up.
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transition from south 880 to 230 toward castro valley, that is clearing up. the earlier car fire has been addressed. we'll zoom out and show you the rest of your bay and nice easy flow of traffic through the area. keep in mind that although folks are getting over toward the sierra, it's spread out. sunday will be a nightmare getting back into the area. allow a lot of extra time. we'll show you the san mateo bridge. no problem. easy drive. sun at your back. eastbound sun is in your face. back to you. >> you're on vacation. let the wind go through your hair. unless you're on b.a.r.t., there is no wind. b.a.r.t. riders have to contend with track closures over the weekend. they affect the san leandro and bayfair stations. crews are finishing work on a
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rail replacement project. that is supposed to start at midnight tonight and wrap up over the holiday weekend. >> president obama is doing something no other sitting president has done before. the reason behind this historic trip to the japanese city of hi hiroshima. the unofficial start of summer is here. traffic on the roads, airports to the beaches and al's forecast. >> plus special things planned to honor our friends in the military today. country superstar dierks bentley live in concert on our plaza. in central kentucky--
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flash flooding trapped more than a dozen people in a cave. =vo= it happened at the hidden river cavin in central kentucky flash flooding trapped more than a dozen students in a cave. it happened at the hidden river cave in a small town 90 minutes of louisianaville. a sudden downpour trapped students in the cave. a tour director and guide did go inside. they waded through the rising water and got the students out to safety. president obama is in hiroshima. he is the first sitting president to visit that city after the u.s. dropped an atomic back in 1945. >> tracie potts is live in
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washington, d.c. obviously, not everybody is happy about this historic moment. >> interestingly, some people were frustrated that it took the president so long to make this visit. others were concerned about the u.s. president coming when the u.s. dropped that bomb 71 years ago. there were people children then who the president had a chance to greet today as senior citizens who lived through this nightmare. the president talked about it after laying a wreather toing the area with japan's prime minister. he described it as a day when death fell from the sky. the white house made it clear this was not an apology tour. the president would not be second-guessing harry truman's decision. they were looking forward. the president talked about the fact it's amazing that the u.s. and japan are beyond allies, they're friends and now have a shared responsibility to make sure something like that never happens again. today means dealing with nuclear weapons and keeping them out of
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the wrong hands. next on "today in the bay," flames ripped through an east bay home overnight sending one firefighter to the hospital. >>. >> the giants are looking to keep their winning streak alive on the road in colorado tonight. catch all the action right here on nbc bay area. joining us.
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i'm kris sanchez, in for laura garcia cannon. =sam/4shot= and i'm sam brock good friday morning. thanks for joining us, i'm kris sanchez in for laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. beach bums will be happy with what you have to say. >> yes. if only i wasn't working. but if you have the weekend off, get out and enjoy the sunshine. >> think of me. >> keep me in mind. have a margarita for me. can we say margarita 6:30 in the morning on a friday? it's friday. come on. here is a look at the sunshine coming through. waking up to a bright start in san francisco. no fog. hazy. 85 later on in wine country. san francisco, up to 69. 79 for the east bay. south bay up to 85. under plenty of sunshine. it gets warmer the next couple of days. we'll talk about 90s in our future. mike is getting you to your future. >> you can say margarita in the
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morning. one of my friends is margarita. good morning. easy drive. look at your map. this is how easy it is all around the bay. one key spot, it's not the bay bridge. it is here. san leandro southbound 880 still throw down to 238. recovering a bit. there was a car fire there. that has one lane cleared. it may clear both lanes shortly. northbound shows tiny slowing out of castro valley. fremont, we have haze but no slowing. back to you. >> thank you very much. a firefighter hurt while trying to put out flames at this home in alameda. >> laura is live at that home. there was someone inside at the time. she is okay. they had a hard time getting to her. >> they did i am told that firefighter is expected to be okay. she suffered a possible
6:32 am
fracture. firefighters wouldn't get specific. she was taken to a hospital for treatment. firefighters haven't determined if this house is a total loss but you can see the roof caved in and see where the flames spread to the attic. the windows are broken and the house charred. the fire broke out just before 12:30 this morning. one woman got herself out safely before firefighters arrived. they pulled a second alarm and oakland came out to assist. seven engines, three trucks and three ambulances and three fire chiefs were out here. firefighters are investigating the cause of the fire but say it started in the front of the house and was hard to get to because a lot of items were stored in the house. here what is firefighters have to say. >> there were access issues. there was a heavy load in the
6:33 am
house, fire load. crews had a hard time getting in. >> firefighters are out here right now keeping an eye on the house making sure the fire doesn't start back up again. good news is, i'm told that firefighter is expected to be okay. the homeowner is fine. she spent the night at a neighbor's house. >> thank youç very much. 6:33. not guilty. that is the judgment on two alameda county deputies. both men were facing felony charges that includes assault with a deadly weapon. this surveillance video captured the last november beating in san francisco. >> it is one of the most savage
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beatings. >> it is always disturbing. police use of force is disturbing. when it's captured, it's disturbing. that doesn't make it illegal. >> those deputies were put on paid leave and are scheduled to be back in court in july. >> new detail on the mysterious killing of a scientist in oakland. investigators are working with the fbi and pouring over hours of surveillance video. they released images of three people who may have key information about this case. brian boyle was shot and killed steps from his home in oakland last month. >> we have video footage of persons of interest that may have come in contact with brian just prior to him being tragically murdered. >> a police officer released photos of this silver honda accord they say was in the area at the time. authorities have raised the reward to $30,000 now.
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decision 2016. hillary clinton has one more stop before she leaves the bay area. she is going to attend chicken and waffles in oakland. she wrapped up a day of public events. this rally in san francisco yesterday. lieutenant governor gavin newsom introduced clinton to the large crowd inside the newly remodelled building. clinton called for democratic unity during her speech. >> senator sanders and i, our supporters together have so much more in common than we do with donald trump. >> earlier in the day, the former secretary of state spoke to about 2,000 people in the south bay. she made an appearance in downtown san jose. clinton laid on her intentions to pass reforms on immigration and gun safety and promised to lower cost and help improve the affordable care act.
6:36 am
bernie sanders' supporters are expected to file a sweeping injunction to extend california's voter registration for the june primary. they hired attorneys to file that emergency request. the registration deadline was this past monday. san francisco city attorney says this is unfortunate sanders' supporters want to inject uncertainty into an election under way already for weeks. supporters argue that california's primary process is confusing. >> donald trump in california. he will be in the central valley in fresno later today. yesterday trump got through that magic number securing 1,237 delegates which is enough to officially secure the republican nomination. previously uncommitted delegates are putting their support behind his candidacy. 99% of people living in san francisco are within a ten minute walk of a park.
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that fact is one of the reaps the san francisco park system is ranked fifth best in the nation. number one is minneapolis. >> some of the world's best known musical artists are in wine country this weekend. they are providing a serious taste of great music. >> bottle rock napa valley music festival gets under way at the napa expo. it's sold out. the event runs through sunday. stevie wonder closes festivities tonight. lenny kravitz will perform. florence and the machine plays tomorrow and the festival closes out sunday with the red hot chili peppers. the lead singer had to be hospitalized recently while on tour after he suffered complications from the flu. we are going to give it away now.
6:38 am
he is back in business. he returned to the stage last weekend to close out a music festival in ohio. i can't take credit for that. that was our writer rob. >> you pulled it off. you are going on sunday. i didn't have you pegged for a red hot chili peppers. >> i'm excited about that. >> huge names. >> it's going to be hot. >> it's going to be warm. get light colored clothing and loose-fitting clothing. water, spf. remember at night, it gets chilly. here is a shot in belvedere. a little haze over alcatraz. no fog this morning. in south bay we've got a little bit of cloud cover. 85 later on for the south bay.
6:39 am
69 for san francisco. mid 80s for wine country. mid to upper 70s around the inner bay. we'll talk about 80s and 90s in my next report. mike, you're tracking slowing at the san mateo bridge? >> a little bit of slowing. we have a nice easy drive. it is slowing because of that volume. there is haze in the air. green all over the bay. we have no major problems. we have a sweeper truck north 880. this has been around a long time. south bound 880. looking at no other slowing there. there is a live look at san jose. very, very easy drive here. bay bridge toll plaza, lighter than this. no backup, no metering lights.
6:40 am
back to you. you're a prankster. that leads to a spectacle. >> more recalls because of defective air bags. what you need to know before you get behind the wheel. new concern over the connection between cell phones and cancer. >> plus a live look at the big board. ==sam/2shot==
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by ground or by sky... millions oamecans are travelg this long memorial day holiday weekend. ==kris/boxes== let's hope the t-s-a is ready foav millions of americans are traveling during the long memorial day holiday weekend. >> let's hope tsa is ready for those travelers. kerry sanders live at the atlanta international airport. those long lines are a bit of a concern. >> they go in waves. this is not one of the busiest. it is the busiest in the world. at 4:00 a.m. the lines left the terminal. this time of the morning, people
6:44 am
are just moving along easily. she is yawning, maybe she is here early for her flight, but she will make it on time. how many hours early are you for your flight? >> three hours early. he will probably get through this line because of the time of day in about 10, 15 minutes. one of the things they have done at the airport here because they know things can get anxious for people, they brought in a musician. to calm the folks, soothe the savage beast, make people feel calmer what they go through what is always a stressful, hectic day. people are just walking in, calmly heading in through an interestingly separate entrance on the other side of the airport here. less than 15 minutes. could you imagine on today, the fourth busiest travel day? they have a separate entrance for tsa. we put a stop watch this morning with one of the passengers. she got through in 3:32.
6:45 am
remarkable. everybody is prepared. everybody is coming early. right now everything is running smoothly at this airport. as i check with my colleagues across the country, also things running smoothly there, as well. back to you. >> i'm sure if that changes we'll hear about it on social media and tonight on "nightly news." >> the government is posting details on the expanded recall of takata air bags. the latest recalls involve half 17 automakers including what is in the largest recall on record. the new list covers passenger air bags in older models now and covers cars along the gulf coast where there is a higher amount of heat and humidity which are factors in the malfunction. alarming news about cell phones and cancer. scientists working for the u.s.
6:46 am
government say they may found more. >> good morning to you. there are a lot of reasons to pay attention to this study. it was done by u.s. government scientists. it's one of the most expensive studies ever. it was peer reviewed and it does show a connection between cell phone radiation and cancer. scientists overseen by the national institutes of health exposed rats to the radio frequencies commonly used by cell phones. they did it underground, isolating the experiment for most other radiation and found instances where male rats developed cancer in their brains and hearts. there have been other studies just as scientifically valid that don't show a connection between cell phones and cancer. do keep in mind when talking about cell phone radiation that's different than the actual scary radiation you get from x-rays or nuclear bombs.
6:47 am
reuters talked to capitol hill insiders and they say cell phone encryption bill sponsored by dianne feinstein is dead in the water. she wanted a law requiring back doors in cell phones allowing police to decrypt those phones if necessary. the bill will not be brought up for a vote. >> the high-tech communications firm twilio filed paperwork for an ipo yesterday. they want to trade on the nyse. taking a look at wall street, dow industrials up ever so slightly about 24 points. nasdaq gaining 11. there is no trading monday. lending club in san francisco up 14%. it will probably sign a deal to loan out more money to its business. if you bought it on the low,
6:48 am
pretty good move. >> the art of deal making. listen to this. this is a prank by san jose high school student going viral. t.j. and his friends put a pair of glasses on the floor at moma monday. visitors pondering what are glasses about? some were taking pictures. t.j. graduated from evergreen valley high school, quickly got tens of thousands. t.j. himself is a post modern artist. >> everyone can make their own art. we wanted to try it. we put our glasses down. we can call this art and see what people think. it was more of a prank or social experiment. that's how it turned out. >> t.j. says he tried putting a jacket and hat on the ground in an attempt to get people to check it and that didn't go as
6:49 am
well. >> fool me once, shame on you. fool me twice. >> you are in a museum. sometimes i look at the emergency pull. is that art? >> can you spell tie? >> t-i-e. the scripps national spelling bee ended in a deadlock. we have 11-year-old janga of texas. the other side 13-year-old hathwar of new york, both finishing in first. they will each take home $40,000 in cash, trophies and other prizes, a total of 284 contestants battling it out this year. >> one was a san jose 7th grader
6:50 am
eliminated in the tenth round. got tripped up on the word betony, a kind of herb. >> it's going to be hot. especially sunday and monday. then we'll see temperatures cool off as we head towards the unofficial kick-off of summer. once we kick off summer, it will feel like spring. bear with us a couple of days. tuesday will be cooler. look at san francisco. nice and clear. that's the way we are looking to the rest of the bay area a little bit of haze. frost the rest of the bay today. temperatures nice. 77 for the peninsula. 79 for the east bay. warm spots will be the south bay, tri-valley and north bay. that is where we are expecting temperatures in the mid to upper 80s today. san francisco will be comfortable at 69. if you are doing any traveling
6:51 am
across the state çtoday, getti out of town, keep in mind traveling by road or your final destination, your destination leads you to yosemite park, 62 there. we are expecting thunderstorms in that location. i want to show you the next couple of days. 60s at the coastline. 70s for the inner bay. those things go off the coast line. 74 tomorrow. widespread 80s tomorrow from the inner bay. 90s creeping in sunday and monday. that will be the warmest day. 90 for the south bay, 92 for monday. mid 80s for the peninsula. san francisco low 70s. that will be the cool spot. north bay up to 90 monday and 92 for the tri-valley monday. while things will be getting hot, they cool off after monday.
6:52 am
there is no rain in sight. we'll talk about more events happening across the bay area you can find out all morning long. >> morning commute is great. midday, afternoon and evening tough around the bay. we are looking over toward oakland. nothing big going on by the coliseum. look at your map. a's are playing this evening. there will be traffic and slowing as you make your way to the parking lot. the shift now. over the last ten minutes, this sector route southbound 880 reopened no problems to the castro valley. this lightened toward the san mateo bridge. easy flow of traffic. same thing for the tri-valley. will be eastbound 580 heading to the sierra that will build. yesterday's commute was bad in
6:53 am
the evening. okay now. no metering lights or backup. look at that appropriate halo effect. a nice flow of traffic. we'll look out for the golden gate bridge. as we talked about with folks coming into the holiday weekend, i'll have slowing in areas like the golden gate bridge. popular and getting out of san francisco, slowing will start toward the bay bridge and golden gate bridge as early as 1:00 p.m. >>. >> desperate search for a missing girl. 15-year-old pearl pinson was last seen being dragged by an overpass. latest in the search after the man accused of taking her is shot and killed. happening on our digital platform, you can stay a night or two in the 500-year-old mansion princess diana grew up in. family is opening the house to raise money for orphanages. it's going to cost you a lot. >> remember the 107-year-old
6:54 am
woman dancing at the white house with the president and first lady? she is at it again. you can't keep her down. she showed her move during a nats game in d.c. ♪ hey! ♪ they go ooh ooh. ♪ hey! ♪ they go oh-ooh-ooooh. ♪ sitting, watching, waiting, wishing. ♪ ♪ i tell you one thing, you never knew it. ♪
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♪ at the back of the bus ♪ there is so much to give, so dream big. ♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪ ♪ all i wanna hear is get down, get down. ♪ ♪ yeah. ♪ and when they screaming get out, get out. ♪ ♪ all i wanna hear is get down, get down. ♪ ♪ get down, get down.
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here are the top stories on nbc bay area... ==sam/anim== first - a developst
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welcome back. before you head out the door, here are the top stories on nbc bay area. >> a developing story with yet another twist in the disturbing disappearance of a 15-year-old girl from vallejo. new evidence is being revealed. good morning. >> that's right. you can see here that people have tied balloons and flowers and posters to this overpass where she was last seen two days ago. witnesses say they saw the suspect take her away at gun point. we do see blood in this area the sheriff's department issued an amber alert for pearl pinson and the suspect's car. witnesses heard a gun shot and loud screams. she had a bloody face when he pulled her into the car. the car led to a chase and shootout where authorities say the suspect fired shots at them and they fired back killing 19-year-old fernando castro. pinson was not in the car.
6:58 am
last night the community held a candlelight vigil for her and balloons and flowers remain here this morning. the sheriff's department says it will be searching through the car driven by castro today. pinson was last seen wearing a gray sweater, black leggings and had a black and turquoise backpack on when last seen. if you have information, call the sheriff's department. >> no doubt that community trying to stay strong. thank you. new this morning, one firefighter injured while battling a house fire. this is on fountain street not far from lincoln park. the fire started after midnight and firefighter suffered a nonlife threatening injury trying to get inside. they are only saying it was a bone fracture. here is a live look at the scene this morning. the woman who lived in that house did make it out safely.
6:59 am
firefighters call the house a total loss. anthony slaughter has been forecasting very hot temperatures. we are waking up to beautiful sunrise. had a pink sun rides in san francisco. lots of clear skies. waking up to a few clouds in the south bay. we are going to see a nice, comfortable day at the coastline. toasty for inland valleys today. making it up to the mid 80s. 90s are on tap for the weekend. >> your maps are super red. mike, you're looking at green maps. >> we are talking about the roads. very easy drive right now. we'll zoom in north of the bay bridge. same thing just a little slowing at that richmond center toll plaza. look. that's the bay bridge toll plaza. live picture, no metering lights. things will get crowded starting
7:00 am
about 10:00. a lot more traffic through the weekend. >> thank you for joining us. we'll be back at 7:25. good morning. historic visit. president obama becomes the first sitting u.s. president to travel to hiroshima. site of the devastating atomic bombing. laying a wreath to remember the 140,000 who died. >> 71 years ago, on a bright, cloudless morning, death fell from the sky, and the world was changed. >> but stopping short of an apology. violent new outbreak. more tornadoes, more hail, more flooding, more havoc across the midwest and south. 11 million people at risk today. game on? donald trump said he'd love to debate bernie sanders, even though he is unlikely to be the democratic nominee. sanderys


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