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tv   Today  NBC  May 27, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. let's listen a second. can we crank it? >> song of the summer! >> hoda agree on this. it's a great song and he's so talented. justin timberlake. it's friday, may 27, and memorial day weekend for me means the start of summer. >> it's definitely the start of it and this is a three-day weekend. some big blockbuster summer
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movies are going to hit the theater today and we're going to get a his and her take on those movies opening up in a couple weeks. so we'll see what the boys like and what the girls like. if you're in need of a good laugh, and who isn't, david alan greer can go from funny man to serious man without missing a beat. we're going to talk about his show in its second season, and we're going to take a walk down memory lane with one of your favorite tv families. >> and after all the exercise and trying to eat right, it's time to give our summer slimdown ladies their final report because they've been working for a long time, and this is it for them. our finds will have you carrying around the latest summer trends. to the beach, baby!
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>> so the national con affect n up with new sweets. >> they have to. >> they have to. look at this. twix bars with white chocolate. what are they talking about? how do you eat a twix? >> are there different ways? one end to the other. you know you're finished when the other end gets there and you swallow it. sorry i said that. just lost my appetite. amazing. that's how you do it? >> i like to take off all -- >> that's just wrong on every level. >> don't judge me. i love to enjoy that and then bite the cookie. >> let me watch you bite it. >> this is getting weird and gross. anyway -- this is a limited edition. >> you know you want to. sideways? >> i don't want to get it on all my front teeth. delicious.
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mm, mm. >> i could watch her all day. all righty. it's one dollar to be released in the fall. what do you mean it's one dollar? >> one dollar per twix? oh, the little packaging. then this is what, hoda? >> that is bark. it is pistachio -- russell stover pistachio bark. have you ever tried a pepper bar? this is a pistachio bar. >> that's available for around $4. >> i don't even love dark chocolate. >> finally, 24k gold licks of luxury lollipops, champagne flavored with 24 karats of gold flecks inside the lollipop. who wants that?
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lick that. >> all righty. >> i'll give you all day. >> speaking of this, we're going to play a game. it's called "name that laugh." remember the chewbacca lady who was so funny? >> that was funny. >> she had the best laugh. >> i'm such a happy chewbacca! >> i love your laugh. when you guffaw, i'm the happiest on the planet when you're laughing that hard. >> you had me laughing yesterday with that hat on, okay? that is something that's unforgettable. we're going to play the game of "guess the laugh," all right? >> okay. >> here's the first one. [ laughing ] >> gross. that's like someone getting the
10:05 am
heimlich. is it a seal? >> it sounds like ftriumph of te dog. >> who is it? tom hanks? >> i don't believe that. >> it's from "the money pit." let's do number two. [ laughing ] >> that is he heddie murphy. >> don't you love when you played the donkey in "shrek"? loved him. [ laughing ] >> i'm scared of it. >> who is it, anthony? that's not fran drescher. no, no, she's got a muz zzle on
10:06 am
her face. >> you do it. that's fran. next one. [ laughing ] >> anthony? jack nicholson. anthony! >> anthony, how do you know these? >> anthony, you've wasted your life if you know all these. >> anthony is hiding. this is your moment, anthony. this is the last one. >> we're going to give you all this fat stuff to take home, okay? [ laughter ] >> you got it, anthony. and go. [ laughing ] >> that's hoda. >> that's not me. >> julia roberts? >> is that a joke? >> anthony, come on out here, baby. come out here and get your stuff. >> give him a lollipop. >> yep, yep.
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>> can i lick it? >> yes, you can. goodbye. >> there you go, baby. we're so impressed. we love you, anthony. >> anthony! that was good. >> sorry, i broke some things. >> on to social cues. >> which we have none. >> when you go to a dinner party, and often they have seating lined up for you, right? >> assigned seating. >> assigned seating. and sometimes you're at a table where you don't know anybody, sometimes they split couples up because they think you guys have been sitting together for a long time, so why not split you up. >> because joe and i don't live together, i like when we have an evening, and i don't like to go to an event where he's sitting at one table and i'm sitting at another table. so i -- >> you do that. that's a whole other issue. >> but you have to. because then what? >> we would arrive at a party and if somebody had separated the two of us, frank would say
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let's go home. he hated it, hated it. >> i don't think people mean to be offensive, i think they do it because it's like they think you'll have conversation with different people. >> you can still do that with people on the other side of you. >> fill from social cues said if you plan a dinner with assigned seats, the person who rsvp'd and said, i'll try and come for just an hour. >> so the guest of honor was worried it would leave a hole at one of the tables. she thought it was rude and wanted to say something. it was suggested she call the guests and say it was a sit-down dinner, to come for dessert when the night was winding down, but that could be at 11:00 at night. if you can't come, it's a serious sit-down dinner, come
10:09 am
for the cocktail hour. come before dinner and leave. >> that's what i would do. okay, i can't wait for this moment. >> pay attention. >> whose laugh was that? >> i don't know. an elderly lady went to the doctor for a checkup, and as she was leaving she nervously asked the doctor, doctor, i was wondering, is there a way to make my husband more passionate? the doctor smiled and said, sure. i can give him something. the lady fround awned and said might take the prescription, but she doubted she could actually convince him to take the pill, saying, i can't hardly get him to take aspirin when he has a headache. how about this, said the doctor. crush the pill into a powder and put it right into his coffee right away and he won't notice a thing. weeks later the old lady returned and the doctor asked, how did it go with the pills? was your husband more passionate?
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oh, doctor, it was terrible, the woman replied. >> what happened? asked the doctor. i did just what you said and a few seconds later he jumped up, ripped off his clothes and we had an amazing time right there on the table. it's the most passionate we've been in 25 years. then what's the problem, asked the doctor. well, i can never show my face in starbuck's again. >> by the way, you sold that. you sold that. that was one of your best ones. coming up, it's a guy, a girl and the movies. >> it's one of the big blockbusters hitting theaters today, after this. ♪ ♪
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hi! >> i was going to sit -- we'll sit here. there's a guy in front of you. big hair. >> memorial day weekend, which means people will start to pile into movie theaters for the summer blockbusters. did you silence your phone? got your snacks? >> there's so much coming into theaters, there's "teenage mutant ninja turtles." >> who wouldn't want to see
10:15 am
turtles fly into action? me. >> according to the reviews, girls and guys alike will like this movie. >> the beginning of the summer season for the blockbusters. they save them until this time, right? >> it really is. it kicks off the blockbuster season. >> let's start with "x-men." we have the girl version and boit version. let's start with the boy version. the guys will go crazy over this, huh? >> this is like the culmination of six "x-men" movies that go back to 2000. if you haven't seen any of the "x-men" movies before, you can come into this and get enough of what's happening. >> she says no. >> don't listen to him, because if you like mindless action with not much of an interesting story, then you should see this movie. but i was so disappointed by this one because after days of future past, which i thought was pretty clever, they could have done anything with the story.
10:16 am
instead they do the same thing. it's the big purplish villain who wants to save the world. >> it's a comic movie. if you like comics, you'll like it. it is the new ones that come into it. i think they really make the film. >> it's a new franchise, aren't they, with the new one? >> how about johnny depp's movie? >> no. i'm not a fan of "alyce through the looking glass." it took six years. >> it's almost like peter pan. it's enough. we've seen the story a zillion times with reincarnations. >> there is no story with this film. >> i think that they improved on the first one. there is a lot more humor, and
10:17 am
as someone with girl power ka too -- tattooed on her, i thought alice was great. what? >> an australian reference of some sort. >> who is going to win the box office, "x-men" or johnny depp? >> "x-men." >> what about "game of thrones"? >> we have amelia clock. i love this book. "me before you" was a fantastic book. >> i devoured it in a weekend, and unfortunately her character has been stripped of any edge, so now she's just this manic dream girl, but it is passionate. >> we watched "room" together
10:18 am
with brie larson. i whimpered. this is more like a teary-eyed. i am a cryer. i am a man who will admit to being a cryer. she's got a heart of stone. >> did you like that one? >> i liked "me before you." it's got this infectious spirit about it. you're laughing, and if you read the book, there were women who were crying in the open credits. they know what's coming. >> all right, kids. eric davis and lisa malone are part of fandango. lilliana reveals her luxe after this. after this. can you actually love wearing powerful sunscreen? yes! neutrogena® ultra sheer. no other sunscreen
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lilliana's luxe for less is brought to you by garnie garnier nutrisse. lilliana! are you dressed? we love beach season. >> this is the best time of the year, not just for fashion, but also for accessories. of course, everyone is starting to go to the pool or to the beach, so we found amazing beach bag/pool bag options that are all under $15. this is one of my favorites. this is only $34.99 from
10:23 am of course, straw is a classic bag. you can have it for years and years, but for $34.99 -- >> that's a great price for that. >> aiit's a mom-size bag for carrying toys and snacks. and this is from, my favorite website. straw bags are always lightweight so you can load them up with your stuff. and this is from a company called straw studios and they put fun sayings on them. this is where i'm going this weekend. >> another huge trend right now is this kind of global-inspired bag. >> be careful what you wear with this. >> you don't want to wear this with a mixed print, wear solids. $41, really lightweight, and it feels like you got it somewhere really exotic on vacation even though you just got it on line.
10:24 am
this is from i love this because they don't get that dirty because they've got that grittier texture. these are probably my favorite beach bags for the summer. >> why? >> because it's all about the pom-poms! these are both from they have some amazing finds. they're one of a kind so you won't have what everyone else on the beach has. this one is from these are pom-poms, too. for under $40, you can't go wrong with this one. >> i like this one. >> it's navy. >> i like the big straps you can put on your whole arm. you want to carry that beach bag! the old school dad always has an opinion on his show. >> we're going to sit down with
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i'm lika small boxer. ring. you don't expect much... and then, wham! i hit 'em with huge creamy goodness! alright round two! bring it, girlfriend! rich, creamy, 100% natural cheese. mini babybel. snack a little bigger. ask sherwin-williams during the national painting week sale! save 30% on paints and stains may 22nd through the 30th. visit to find the store nearest you. happening now, the search continues for a 15-year-old vallejo girl who investigators say was kidnapped at gun point. authorities yesterday shot and killed her suspected abductor in southern california. we are with investigators in the north bay. we'll have a live report in our
10:27 am
midday newscast or look for updates on twitter. hilary clinton has one more bay area campaign stop this morning. today she appears in oakland. on her facebook page, what her local supporters are saying about that ongoing e-mail controversy. we'll take a look at weather and traffic coming up after the break.
10:28 am
good morning. we're waking up to bright sunshine here on this friday morning. no clouds in sight except for parts of the north and south bay
10:29 am
where we have a few clouds. as we go flu the day, some very warm air is heading our way. we're talking mid 80s for the south bay, mid 70s for the peninsula, close to 80 for the east bay today. mid 80s for the tri-valley and nice and comfortable in san francisco today, 69 degrees. now, it stays toestdy over the next couple of days, the south bay and peninsula will be in the 80s and 90s. san francisco this weekend into the 70s. but everywhere else it will be nice and hot. so govern yourselves accordingly. let's go to mike and see how the morning commute is shaping up. pre-holiday friday a lighter flow of traffic across the bay. want to zoom in a couple of spots. northbound 101 a crash appears to have just cleared just shy of 92. slowing out of redwood city and hillsdale. southbound side was zraktsed by the crash. a lighter build and no problem as cross the san mateo bridge. but we will look at the closure going on, broadway embarcadero.
10:30 am
back to you. join us for the 11:00 newscast. we'll show you some highlights. chris and i will see you then. . it's try-day friday. we're here with david alan grier, performer and actor who has mastered the stage and the screen. >> it was his sketch in "in living color" where he really got the laughs. >> now he's on nbc's "the carmichael show" and as patriarch of the family he might be a tad confused about social etiquettes. >> it's 2016, bobby. men and women should be treated equally? >> do men and women really want to be treated equally? there is this guy at work, we call him big mike. there is a woman at work even bigger than mike.
10:31 am
one day i called her big sheri and almost lost my job. >> oh, i wonder who it could be. it's david alan grier! >> what's up, ladies? >> held lorks swelo, sweetheart. >> look at this audience. hi, everybody. you watch this show on tv. i think the kids at home, they got to know there is like a floor section and there's two balconies back there. >> don't forget the rafters. >> i know. it's like a rock concert. >> it is so exciting around here. >> where is the wine? >> do you want white or red? we can make that happen. >> i'll take -- decisions, it's all alcohol! mix them and we'll have rose. a glass of white wine. >> cookie, what's going on? the second season and you're picked up for a third. >> third season. it's so great. i'm usually not on that show.
10:32 am
i'm usually on the show where it was great working with you. we don't need to be picked up to be successful, you know, that kind of stuff. >> you're not defined by success. >> exactly. what time does the softball game start? >> what is it about this show that made it get picked up for a third season? >> i think a lot of it is ju girard's point of view. he created the show. it's based on his family. sometimes we do two sets. scenes go like a conversation, so it's not just two pages. it's elongated and our point of view. sometimes we don't know what our point of view is. >> and you've got some very devout, religious people. >> yes. >> you've got a couple that are living together that the mama is not happy about. what are some of the other dynamics? >> well, joe is religious -- he's a religious opportunisoppo.
10:33 am
he lives with this woman, so he's got to be kind of on board, okay? he can't be a heathen. so he's as religious as is necessary. >> all right! look what you got! >> hey, ladies. ♪ still got the high notes! i can get up there properly lubricated. >> is broadway your first love? >> it is, but you know what's most fun is walking into the theatre. it's such a small group. you would think when i was a young actor, broadway was huge. when you get here, it's a small group of theatres -- >> same people. just a bunch of theatres and we all leave one show and go to a different one. >> who would you love, love, love to work with? >> right now? >> in the theatre. >> my real dream was to work
10:34 am
with audra mcdonald, which was so great. >> she's pregnant now. you'll have to wait a while. >> she is. back to work, audra. my second ex-wife worked until a week before our beautiful daughter was born. that relationship didn't stick. >> a little audra bashing. >> i didn't really know what the point of that story was, but it was fun to tell it. like right now. i would love to work with, like, morgan freeman, you know what i mean? you're a liar! no, you're a liar! >> did you see "hamilton," by the way? >> i saw "hamilton." i held it together and i walked out and the house manager said, would you like to meet the cast, they know you're here. cool, cool. i go to the first actor and i said, this is david alan grier, thank you so much! i went around the room, and it
10:35 am
was so moving. >> you fell apart or he did? >> i did. the second i entered, they were pulling back going, get him out, get him out, please. get him out. >> liked it that much. >> it was great. it was amazing and wonderful. everybody around us. have you guys seen it? >> i've seen it. i loved it. >> what's going on? >> i'm a little busy. >> you need to change your life, girl. >> i can't think of anything more fun. >> it is amazing. it is amazing. >> we have to run, no game. >> no game? >> you were a great guest and we wish you all the best in "the carmichael show." >> can i get a go cup? >> as long as you're not driving. "the carmichael show" airs sunday night on nbc. our ladies ready to graduate
10:36 am
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kraft natural cheese: we make cheese for how you love cheese. it's our final week of our summer slimdown and two of our viewers have dropped serious pound age. >> natalie berstrom and author of 365 fitness hacks are here to talk about shedding their weight. >> and we have b.b. and joann rosetti who have been following this for seven weeks. congratulations, ladies. >> come on, graduates, how are you? b.b., why don't you come to us first. >> this is a solemn occasion, isn't it? >> you all right? >> i'm good. >> should we look at your numbers? >> yes. >> this is b.b.'s before number.
10:41 am
and this is the after. down eight pounds! >> that's fantastic, sweetheart. >> we're going to show a before shot of you. this is when b.b. came to us how you looked, and you sent us a picture and you're wearing the exact same outfit now, right? here's the before picture. that's just a picture of the dress. why don't you take off your graduation gown and let's take a look. >> oh, yeah! >> i'm sorry, very nice! that's adorable. >> thank you. >> do you feel better? >> i feel so much better. sexy. >> we also have a little report card of how they were doing, because there's so many things we changed. when we had to grade b.b., her first report card was mindful eating, which that's been the biggest change. a-plus for that. she thinks about everything going into her mouth. where she gets an a is tame her sweet tooth. that was a huge problem for her. finally in the eating, it's also her portion control, which she
10:42 am
struggled with for a while, a solid b, but room for improvement and she's making great strides. >> what about the workout? >> she's going from a walker to a runner, and she actually loves it. she's incorporating strength training which is going to shape that body, as you can see, and help with weight loss down the road. >> come to us, jamie. are you ready? >> ready. >> here's joann before. down 13.4 pounds. >> wow, girl! let's take a look at your earlier outfit so we can remember back in the day. now why don't you show us what you've got. oh, my gosh, the jeans are buttoned. it looks cute. good job. >> so we have another report card for joann because she did such a great job and she had different issues. so in her report card, one thing that was hugely important is she eliminated her pasta. she's italian, she loves it, she loves macaroni.
10:43 am
a-plus. she cut it down but did not eliminate it, which is important. she stopped skipping meals. she found she would get overhungry and get out of whack, so she found some replacements. >> for cardio, she went from a walker to a power walker and she's finding more ways to incorporate cardio on top of the walking. and for strength and flexibility, she got a b for that. she's going to try to get to the gym, she's going to work out outside, and that's really going to help with those long hi-term weight loss goals. >> joann, why don't you come over here. we have some products. >> congratulations, congratulations. >> thanks. >> what do you think of your students? >> they're fantastic. >> amazing. >> they have a new attitude and they're in it for life. that's why it's called a lifestyle. >> we're going to check in with you in six months and see if you've continued with it, okay? >> okay. thank you!
10:44 am
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actor sam waterston was a winning actor on the long-running tv series "law and order." >> now he's a different kind of actor who plays sambe bergerste whose relationship hits a rough patch. >> you barge in here behind closed doors and mess with people trying to run a business. >> we have no choice but to barge in. >> exactly, yes. >> but if you barge in, you
10:50 am
force the other party to talk before they might be ready. >> that's because we've been given no indication of when the other party might possibly be ready. >> sometimes you don't get to control when the other party is ready. >> sometimes the other party is just a big stupid man, maybe. >> how much fun did you have shooting that? >> well, we have fun every single day. we come in and start laughing, and we laugh until it's time to go home. >> congratulations with the success of it. >> it's a wonderful success, and it's wonderful it reaches across all ages that you would think that only old geezers would be interested in watching us old geezers, but that's not true. >> it's the writing that's so good and put it into the hands of such capable actors -- >> there is a wedding coming up, right? you're getting married finally? >> right. it is out on the air. >> just in case, people may have
10:51 am
not checked out the whole thing. there is a wedding, right? >> yes. under different circumstances. >> under a different kind of circumstances than the last time you got married. >> you mean me personally? >> yes. i know personally you've been married 40 years. >> very different from that. >> what does your wife of 40 years think about this character you're playing now? >> she loves it. she kind of put me up to it. she loves to say "have a good time with martin today." it's nothing but fun. >> were you friends before shooting this? >> we were. we made a movie together a long, long time ago which i played an indian, an american indian, and martin played a greenhorn in the west in the 1800s. >> and you bonded. >> we bonded. we tried to steal -- we stole a horseba back and forth for the whole movie. that was the story of the movie. i'm not going to tell you how it turned out. >> have you worked with the
10:52 am
ladies, too, i imagine? >> jane -- yes, we did "the newsroom" together, we had a wonderful tim and i had known her before that. but lily i had never met before, and she is just a pure delight. >> that's the word. >> there are iconic things about this guy. you're very well known for those brows. >> i have eyebrows. >> we're going to play a game, okay? we're going to play "guess the eyebrows" because -- >> and you're going to guess. >> we're all going to guess. >> as if i have any idea. >> here's the big screen. that is -- oh, martin scorcese. >> martin scorcese. >> sam got it. who is number two. >> levy. eugene levy. >> wow, good for you. >> what hit you on that one? >> he was just here. >> who is next? >> that's cheating. >> oh, it's like somebody from --
10:53 am
>> is that gene shallot? >> who is it? who? it's a kid from -- huh? oh, frida kahlo. >> we were expecting a man. >> season 2 of "grace and frankie." >> you were going to cheat a little with a woman being put in there? >> i thought it was about men, but that's okay. we got a lot in about your show. don't you ever change anything. we love you exactly the way you are. >> god bless you. thank you very, very much. >> give our love to the cast. they're amazing. this is "today" on nbc. >> what she said. >> whatever.
10:54 am
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10:56 am
that does it for us as we head into this three-day
10:57 am
weekend. next week, billy ray cyrus. >> keenan thompson and actress danica keller. >> and a performance by 4 east! i'm so excited. it's a woman. >> thank you for joining us, everybody. have a happy memorial day. right now at 11: investigators
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hope a trail of blood along a highway overpass will lead to a missing 15-year old girl from vallejo... whose alleged kidnapper can not reveal will lead to this 15-year-old sanc from vallejo whose alleged illed per cannot reveal where polics because he was shot dead yesterday. i'm kris sanchez. l pinson'm scott mcgrew. on katleged killer was killed in a shootout in santa barbara unityy and then the search for the 15-year-old continues. >> family and friends are gathering to ask the community to keep looking for the 15-year-old as law enforcement is doing the same, sharon. >> reporter: kris and scott, i


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